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II---1 Cultural relics
一、知识点 2. rare and valuable 珍贵稀有 It is rare to find such a genius nowadays. 这样的天才现在很少见。 The flaw in this vase makes it less valuable. 这个花瓶因为有点缺陷,不那么值钱了。

4. in the fancy style 以别致的风格 in … style/ in the style of ……以……风格 These clothes are too fancy for me, I prefer plainer ones. 这些衣服对我来说有些花哨,我还是 喜欢素净些的。 6. …a treasure decorated with gold and jewels, which took the country’s best artists about ten years to make. 用金银珠宝装饰起来的珍品,一批国家最优秀的艺术家用了大约十年的时间 才把它完成。 decorate with 以...装饰 7. be designed for …为……而设计 by design 故意地 My brother designs to be an engineer. 我弟弟立志要当工程师。 This room was originally designed to be my study. 这间屋子原预定做我的书房。 His parents designed him for the army, but he preferred the navy. 他父母打算要他当陆军,但是 他却喜欢当海军。 。 9. in return 作为回报/报答/交换 in turn 依次地,轮流的;转而,反过来 14. Later,Catherine II had the Amber Room moved to a palace outside St Petersburg where she spent her summers. 后来, 叶卡捷琳娜二世派人把琥珀屋搬到圣彼得堡郊外她避暑的宫殿中。 have sth done 请/让别人做某事,使得,蒙受某种损失 We had the machine repaired. 我们请人把机器修好了。 15. In 1770 the room was completed the way she wanted. 1770 年,这间琥珀屋按照她的要求完 成了。 ( I was never allowed to do things the way /that/ in which I wanted. 我从来不允许按照自 己的想法去做事情。) 16. Sadly, although the Amber Room was considered one of the wonders of the world, it is missing. 可悲的是,尽管琥珀屋被认为是世界上的一大奇迹之一,可是现在它却消失了。

a couple of words missing 缺的两三个字 There is a page missing. 缺少一页。 Police are combing the woods for the missing children.警察搜遍树林以寻找失踪的孩子. 18. remove some furture and small art objects 把一些家具和小件艺术品搬走 He removed the mud from his shoes. 他去掉鞋上的泥。 This old table is a valuable piece of furniture. 这张旧桌子是一件很珍贵的家具。 20. There is no doubt that the boxes were then put on a train for… 毫无疑问, 这些箱子后来被装 上了运往……的火车。 There is no doubt that she will keep her word.毫无疑问她会遵守诺言的. There is no doubt that Taiwan belongs to China. 这是毫无疑问的,台湾属于中国。 There is no doubt that she is capable of the job.她能胜任这个工作,这是毫无疑问的. 21. After that, what happened to the Amber Room remains a mystery. 从那以后,琥珀屋的去处 便成了一个谜。 it remains to be seen 尚待分晓 The fact remains to be proved.事实尚待证明? remain in 呆在家里 remain out 呆在外面, 留在户外 These matters remain in doubt. 这些事情仍然值得怀疑 He's determined to remain loyal to the team whatever comes his way. 他决心不管发生什么事都 忠于球队。 Peter became a judge but John remained a fisherman. 彼得当了法官,但约翰仍然是个渔民。 24. without doubt 无疑地,确实地 He is without doubt the cleverest student I've ever taught. 他确实是我所教过的学生中最聪明的. 25. the UN peace-keeping force 联合国维和部队 26. The old man saw some Germans taking apart the Amber Room and receiving it. 那位老人看见一些德国人把琥珀屋拆开搬走了。 take apart 拆卸,拆开 Take apart the pieces before putting the toys away. 玩具拿开前先将它拆成一件件的。 27. In a trial, a judge must decide which eyewitnesses to believe and which not to believe. 在审讯 中,法官必须确定哪些目击者可信哪些不可信。 31. To my surprise the entrance to the mine was closed 使我感到惊奇的是矿口被封闭了。……. 32. I think highly of those who are searching for the Ambe Room. 我认为那些在找寻琥珀屋的 人们很了不起。 33. Nor do I think they should give it to any government. 我也不认为他们会把它交给任何政 府。 35. take notes of 记录,把……记下来 Please take notes of the important while you read. 请边读边把重要的事情记下来。

36. Read the information that is provided for the visitors. 阅读一下为参观者提供的信息。 They provide us with food. 他们供给我们食物。 We provided food for the hungry children. 我们为饥饿的孩子们提供食物。 It's wise to save some money and provide for the future. "积蓄点钱,为将来使用作些准备是明智 的。" He has a wife and seven children to provide for. 他需要赡养妻子和七个孩子。 37. It will not only give you a chance of practising your English but also of developing an interest in local history at the same time.它不仅给你了练习英语的机会而且在同时也给你了培养对当 地历史感兴趣的机会。 38. for fun 为了消遣,为了开心 He plays violin just for fun. 他拉小提琴只是为了自娱自乐。

二、练习 一)填写单词 1. By definition the capital is the political and c_______ center of a country. 2.Though he recovered from his illness, he r__________ weak. 3.The house b_________ to the old man was built hundreds of years ago. 4.Heavily as it rained, we were still out in s________ of the missing boy. 5. The school building was d_________ by a famous professor in Beijing, whose s_________ many people prefer. 6. I sent her a bike as his birthday g________, and she gave me an mp3 in r_________. 7. She stared at herself in the m________ and lost in thought. 8. They are twins. No w________ I can not tell them apart. 9. He was c_________ to be honest. In fact, the e_________he gave p______ to be false. 10. We mustn't _____ to know what we don't know. Please raise your questions if any. 二)请根据中文意思完成下列句子。 1. 长城是世界一大奇迹。 The Great Wall is one of the _______ in the world. 2. 请考虑一下我的建议。Please ____________ my suggestion. 3.仅几名士兵没有战死。 Only a few soldiers ____________ the battle. 4.我偶然在那书店里见到这本珍贵的书。I came across the _____ book in the shop. 5.他的绘画受到世界上一些专家的好评。Some experts of the world _______ his paintings. 6. 他给我们如此多的帮助我想为他做些事作为报答。 has given us so much help that I really He wanted to do something for him ____ _________. 7. 有很多人出席了这次会议, 其中三分之二都是同一个学校的。 There are many people present _______ ___

at the meeting, two thirds of whom _________ _______ the same school. 8.我们认为他说的不重要。We ___________ what he said unimportant. 9.那些男孩去找吃的东西去了。The boy went ___ ________ ___ something to eat. 10. He is a student who has a ____ for music. 他是个对音乐有天赋的学生。 三)单项选择 1. When I left, he _____ me that I should take my recorder to his birthday party. a. remembered b. reminded c. was remained d. asked

2. ______ his wife, his daughter also went to see him. a. Besides b. Beside c. Except d. Except for

3. A working party has been set up to ______ this matter. a. look up b. look for c. look into d. look through 4. The had a good preparation for the project, so they had little _____ all the work. a. troubles to finish b. trouble to finish c. difficulty in finishing d.difficulties to finish

5. That dress is such a good _____ that it will be fashionable for years. a. manner b. style c. sort d. model

6. This photo _____ me __________ my childhood. a. reminded; of b. remembered; in c. recalled; in d. remained; into

7. A year later, his friend was appointed as a sales manager, but he _____ a salesman. a. reminded b. still c. worked d. remained 8. Since 1949, the people’s living standard ____ , causing a big ____ in population. A.has been raised; rise B.has been rose; raise C.has raised; rise D.has raised; rose 9. As I felt so much better, my doctor ______ me to take a holiday by the sea. a. suggested b. advised c. considered d. insisted

10. ______ decision is made, you must ______ . a. Once; carry it out b. when; carry out it c. As soon as; work out it d.After; carry it on 11. I am very grateful for your assistance, and hope that one day I may be albe to do something for you ______ . a. in turns b. in case c. in return d. in use 12. When you are in ______ about the meaning of the word, you can look it up in a dictionary. a. idea b. talk c. wonder d. doubt 13. I’ve ______ invitation, but I don’t think I’ll______ it. a. accepted; received b. received; receive c. taken; accept d. received; accept

(一) 1. cultural 2. remains 3. belonging 4. search 5. designed, style6. gift, return

7. mirror 8. wonder 9. considered, evidence, proved 10. pretend


1. wonders 2. consider 3. survied 4. rare 5. thought highly of 6. in trturn 7. belong to 8. consider 9. in search of 10. gift


II---II The Olympic Games
一、知识点 1. the ancient Olympic Games 古代奥运会 2. compete in …compete with other countries for world market 与其它国家竞争国际市场 compete in a race 参加赛跑 compete with [against] sb. for sth. 与某人竞争而获得某物 Our Greek cities used to compete against each other just for the honour of winning.我们希腊各个 城市之间曾经为了荣誉而彼此之间相互竞争。 3. take part in 参加 We all had to take part in the training run, with nobody excepted. 我们大家都得参加跑步训练, 无人例外. 4. What do the five rings on the Olympic flag stand for? 奥运旗帜上的五环代表什么? stand for 代表;表示;主张;支持;拥护;容忍;允许 What does "ESL" stand for? "ESL"代表什么? I won't stand for his insults any longer. 我再不能容忍他的污辱了。 5. the official mascots for the Beijing Olympics 北京奥运会吉祥物 Fuwa,the Official Mascots of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, carry a message of friendship ,peace and good wishes from China to children all over the world. 福娃是北京 2008 年第 29 届奥运会吉祥物, 它们向世界的孩子们传达友谊、 和平和良好的祝 福。 6. come on a magical journey 做梦幻之游 come on (表劝说,鼓励等)来吧,走吧;开始 His French has come on a lot since he joined the conversation class.

他自从参加了会话班,法语取得了很大进步。 7. (a) volunteer for (……志愿者)志愿做…… Don't volunteer for more than you can handle. 别做力不能及的事情。 I want to be a volunteer for 2008 Beijing Olympics. 我想成为 2008 年北京奥运会的志愿者。 8. I lived in what you call “Ancient Greece” and used to write about the Olympics a long time ago 我生活在你们所说的“古希腊”,我曾经写过很久以前奥林匹克运动会的情况。 We used to keep in touch with each other by writing letters.我们过去常写信联系对方。 I am used to reading stories to my daughter every night and she enjoys it.我习惯了每天给女儿讲 故事,她也非常喜欢这样做。 Wood can be used to make furniture. 木头能用来做家具。 There used to be a temple at the place where our school stands now.在我们学校所在之处过去有 一座庙。 9. …and both are held every four years on a regular basis. 两个都是定期每四年举行一次。 on a regular basis 定期地 He comes to visit us on a regular basis.他定期来看望我们。 10. Only atheletes who have reached the agreed standard for their event will be admitted as competitors. 只有达到他们各自项目统一标准的运动员才会被接受参见奥运会。 I am sure that he will be admitted to Beijing University this summer. 我肯定他今年夏天将被北 京大学录取。 This ticket admits two people to the football match. 这张票可供两人入场看足球赛。 The cinema admits about 2000 people.这座电影院大约可坐 2000 人。 The rules and regulations admit of no other explanation.这些规章制度不容许有其他解释。 His illness admits of no delay.他的病不容拖延。 He never admits that he is wrong. 他从不承认自己错了。 John has admitted breaking the window. 约翰已承认打碎了窗子。 11. It is in the Summer Olympics that you have the running races, together with swimming, sailing, and all the team sports.跑步、游泳、划船和所有团队项目是在夏季奥运会上进行的。 12. No other counries could join in, nor could slaves or women. 别的国家不能参加, 奴隶和妇女 也不能参加。 13. Women are not only allowed, but play a very important role in gymnastics…妇女不仅允许参 加,而且她们还在体操比赛项目中起着非常重要的作用。 14. as well 也;又;同样 as well as (除...之外)也,既...又 conj. 以及,又 I write my own songs and I play the guitar as well. 我唱自己谱曲的歌,也弹吉他。

A teacher should entertain as well as teach.教师不仅要教书,也要激起学生的兴趣。 15 There is as much competition among countries to host the Olympics as to win Olympic medals. 国与国之间争取奥运会承办权的竞争就跟争夺奥运奖牌一样地激烈。 16. So even the olive wreath has been replaced. 就连橄榄枝花环也被取代了。 David will replace Mike in next week’s tennis competition. 大卫将代替迈克参加下周的网球 赛。 The broken parts of the machine must be replaced, otherwise we can’t continue our work. 这些损 害的机器部件必须得换,否则我们无法继续工作。 I have owned my car for almost ten years. This year I’ll replace it with a new one. 我的汽车用了 差不多十年了,今年我要换一辆新车。 Would you replace the magazine after reading it? 读完杂志后把它放回原处好么? 17. Put forward your ideas and give reasons for your choice. 提出你的观点并给出你选择的原 因。put forward 呈上;提出;提前;拨快(钟表)

Two advices of design are put forward. 提出了两点设计建议。 The reason for this is that this plane is also a bicycle. 其原因是,这架飞机又是一辆自行车。 reason with sb. for [against] sth. 因赞成[反对]...同某人讲道理[辩论] reason sb. out of his prejudice 说服某人消除成见 reason sb. into accepting a proposal 说服某人接受建议 18. be in/under sb’s charge 管理 in charge of 负责 These books were left in your charge. 这些书由你管理。 The chief engineer was in charge of directing the building of the subway. 主任工程师负责指挥 地铁的建造工程。 I was in charge of my sister. 我在照看我妹妹。 This ward is in [under]the charge of Dr Green. 这间病房是由格林大夫负责的。 How much did he charge you for repairing the bicycle? 他修理自行车收了你多少钱? Do you charge for the use of the office telephone at off-duty time? 下班时间打办公电话你们收 不收费? The boy charged into the room. 男孩冲进屋里。 Suddenly the wild animal charged at us. 突然那头野兽朝我们冲过来。 Those young men were charged by the police with causing a disturbance in the neighbourhood. 警察指控那些青年人在这一带犯了扰乱治安罪。

She charged me to look after her daughter. 她要我负责看管她的女儿。 19. physical exercise 体育锻炼 Physical fitness is having a strong healthy body. 身体健康就是有一个强壮健康的身体。 physical change 物理变化 physical education 体育 20. rise to one’s feet 站起来,立起。 21. She was in front in her race when another competitor pushed her on purpose so that she fell down. 她在比赛中跑在前面,突然另外一个运动员故意推了她一下,结果她摔倒了。 22. take responsibility for…对……负有责任,负起对……的责任 23. If you are discovered, you will be fined. 如果被发现,你将被罚款。 He was fined 200 dollars for violation of traffic regulation. 他因违反交通规则被罚款 200 美元。 24. win glory for sb. 为某人赢得荣誉 We must try to win glory for our school!我们必须设法为母校争光。 25. make a bargain with sb. 与某人成交 26. promise to do sth. 答应做某事 He has promised to behave better henceforth. 他答应从今以后要表现得好些。 She promised her brother that she would write to him. 她答应弟弟将给他写信。 This year promises to be another good one for harvests. 今年看来又是个丰收年。 Remember to carry out your promise . 记住要履行诺言。 He broke his promise and did not come to see me. 他不遵守诺言,没来看我。 The news brings little promise of peace. 这消息使和平无望。 27. She practised running to compete in the Olympic Games. 为了参加奥运会她练习跑步。 28. Atlanta married him and lived happily ever after. Atlanta 和他结了婚, 从那以后幸福地生活。 29. one after another 一个接一个地 Difficulties arise one after another.困难相继出现. 30. deserve to do sth 理应做,值得做 deserve attention [sympathy] 值得注意[同情] deserve to be rewarded [punished] 该奖[罚] If you do wrong, you deserve punishment. 你如做错事, 应当受罚。 31. Apart from playing at school I go to sports school every weekend. 除了在学校踢球之外,我 每周末都去体校。 She keeps herself apart from (ie does not mix with) other people. 她与别人保持距离(不与别人 混在一起). It's a good piece of work, apart from a few slight faults. 除了一些小缺点之外,这不失为一件漂 亮的工作。

32. I especially like playing on the wing like Beckham but being a striker is good as well. 我尤其 喜欢像贝克汉姆一样踢边锋,但是当一名射球手一样好。 Dance and sing, Time's on the wing.跳吧,唱吧,光阴似箭。 33. be active in 积极于 34. This is important because the more you speak English, the better your English will become.这 很重要因为你说英语越多,你的英语水平就会变得越好。 35. Don’t be shy about making mistakes.别害怕犯错误。 36. In this way you will become confident in speaking English. 这样你就会对说英语充满信心。 One has to be confident in himself. 一个人一定要对自己有信心。

二、练习 一)单词拼写 1.He is h_______, and he never tells lies. 2.In a________times, women were not allowed to c________ in the Olympics. 3.Before writing the report, he decided to i________ some people first. 4.When asked, he a_______ stealing the necklace. 5.There is a s_______ being built in our city. 6. The g________ being built in our school will be finished next month. 7. He is such a person that nobody can r_______ him. 8. At the beginning of each term, we will have a p________ examination. 9. I cannot r______ what he did to what he said. 10. To improve the sale of their product, they a________ them in the newspapers and on TV. 11. No one can be so f_______ to do such a thing, except that he is a fool. 12. Father p_______ to buy me a computer if I do well in the final examination. 13. At the sports meeting, all the a_______ tried their best to get the g______ m______. 二)请根据中文意思完成下列句子。 1.他已经答应给我买辆汽车。 He has ________ me to buy me a car. 2.没有什么东西能取代母爱的。 Nothing can _________ a mother’s love. 3. 我们英语老师对我们既亲切又友好。Our English teacher is friendly ____ _______ _____ kind to us. 4. 昨天他参加比赛了。He _________ ____ the game yesterday. 5.我们吵架是很愚蠢的。 It would be __________ for us to quarrel. 6.老实说,你并没有尽力。— ——— —————, you didn’t do your best.

7.在那书架上有一套鲁迅的小说。 There was ___ ______ _______ Lu Xun’s novels on the shelf. 8. 他承认做错了事。 He_______ having done wrong. 9.他参加了罢工。He ______ ______ ____ the strike. 10.他和他的父母将要去度假。 He ____ _____ _____ his parent was going out for a holiday. 11.学生一个接着一个走出教室。 The students went out of the classroom _____ _______ _____________. 三)单项选择 1. -----It is said that the famous cyclist_________his parents is to visit our city next week. ------I heard the news _________. A.and; too. B as well as; as well. C as well as; as well as; D with; either 2. Would you like to_______the 2008 Olympic Games______in Beijing? A. join; hold. B. join in; will be held.

C. take part in; which will hold. D. take part in; which will be held. 3. I go to visit Mr Li who is living in the country every_______weeks. A. other; B. fourth; C. a few; D. few.

4. He plays football_________, if not better than John. A. as well; B. as well as; C. so well; D. so well as. 5. Sandy could do nothing but ________to his teacher that he was wrong. A. admit. B. admitted C. admitting. D. to admit 6. I finally got the job I dreamed about. Never in all my life _______so happy! A. did I feel; B. I felt. C. I had felt. D. had I felt. 7. I was ______by the _____news of George’s sudden death. A. amazed; amazing. B. amazing; amazed. C. upset; surprised. D. surprised; upset.

8.It was lucky for him to be admitted______the dream university he had longed for. A. as B. to. C. with. D. for

9. The headmaster, as well as some teachers and students_________to visit the sick students in hospital this afternoon. A. is going. B are going. C. had gone. D. have gone 10. The girl is ______jobs for she is not satisfied with the present one. A. advertising. B. advertising for. C. advertising in D. advertising to 11. I’m sure he______in the new kindergarten. A. will be taken good care. B. will be taken good care of C. will take care D. will take care of.

12. Hundreds of jobs ________if the factory closes. A. lose. B. will be lost. C. are lost. D. will lose

13. ----Nancy is not coming again----But she_________ A. promises. B promised; C. will promise. D. had promised

14. She reached the top of the hill and stopped_____on a big rock by the side of the path. A. to have rested. B. resting. C. to rest. D. rest 15. My uncle____until he was forty-five. A. married. B. didn’t marry. C.was not marrying. D. would marry. 16 ----. How long_____you ____? ------For five years. We _______ in 2001 A. have; been married; got married. B. did; marry; got married; C. have got married; married. D. were; married; married.

17. _________straight on and you’ll see a church.. You won’t miss it. A. Go. B. Going. C. If you go. D. When going 18. They will celebrate their _______ wedding anniversary next Laber Day. A. gold. B. golden. C. goldfish. D. gold rush.

19. ----Do you know Jim quarrelled with his brother? -------- I don’t know, __________. A. nor don’t I care. B. nor do I care. C. I don’t care neither. D. I don’t care also.

20. They are _____ clever children that they can do it by themselves A. so B. such. C. as D. too.

(一) 1. honest 2. ancient,. compete 5. stadium 6gymnasium 7. replace 11. foolish (二) 12. promised 8. physical

3. interview

4. admitted

9. relate 10. advertise

13. athletes, gold, medals

1. promised 2. replace 3. as well as 4. competed in 6. foolish 7. a set of 8. admitted 9. took part in 10.as well as 11. one after another (三)


II---III Computers
一、知识点 1. In pairs discuss what they have in common. 两人一组讨论一下他们有哪些共同之处。

in common 共同的 We have very much/a lot /nothing /little /something in common.我们有很多/ 没有/几乎没有/有一些相似之处。 You know, Mary, you and I have one thing in common.玛丽,你知道,我俩有一个共同点。 2. Can you put them in an order according to the time when they appared?你能按照他们现世的 时间顺序把他们排列成序么? in order 按照顺序; 挨次整齐; 整洁恰当, 正确; 符合程序 out of order 次序紊乱(机器等)失灵; 出故障有病;违反议事规则 3. Over time I have been changed quite a lot.经过一段时间我变化了很多。 4. as a calculating machine 作为一台计算机器 calculate on: depend on 指望 We are calculating on fine weather for the sports meeting.我们指 望着运动会有好天气。 5. …it nearly took two hundred years before I was built as an analytical machine…差不多到了 200 年之后我才被做成分析机 6. the start of “artificial intelligence”人工智能的开始 7.From then on, I grew rapidly both in size and in brainpower. 从那时起,我在体积和脑容量方 面迅速成长。 8.As time went by, I was made smaller. 随着时间的推移,我被弄得越来越小。 9.As a result I totally changed my shape. 结果,我已经改变了我完全的形状。 They come from totally different culture. 他们来自完全不同的文化。 10.And my memory became so large that even I couldn’t believe it!我的存储容量变得如此巨大 连我自己都不能相信。 11. Since the 1970s many new applications have been found for me.从二十世纪七十年代起,我 又被开发出来了很多新的用途。 12. Anyhow, my goal is to provide humans with a life of high quality.不管怎样, 我的目标是给人 类提供高质量的生活。 13. I am now truly filled with happiness that I am a devoted friend and helper of the human race. 现在我充满了幸福感,因为我是人类的忠实朋友并时时给他们提供帮助。 14. He used to download information from the Internet and make good use of it. 他常从因特网上 下载信息并充分利用这些信息。 15. …but in reality he has a long way to go.但事实上他任重而道远。 16. be crazy about…非常喜爱,醉心于 She's crazy about dancing. 她热衷于跳舞。 17. do research into … 进行…的研究 18. come true 实现,达到 19. From then on, I worked hard to get into university. 从那时起,我努力学校考大学。 20. As I grow older I realize how much my life has been connected with my interest in radios.随着 年龄的增长,我意识到我的生活和我对无线电的兴趣联系地有多密切。

21. The company has given its computers away to a local school. 这家公司把它的电脑赠送给了 当地的一所学校。 22. consist of 由……组成(be made up of) His job consists of helping old people who live alone. 他的工作包括帮助无人照顾的独居老人。 The beauty of the plan consists in its simplicity. 这个计划妙就妙在简明扼要。 Theory should consist with practice. 理论应与实践相一致。 23. About once a year we are allowed to get together … 每年大约一次我们可以获准聚在一 起…… get together 聚会 When can we get together? 我们什么时候聚会? 24. On the football team I am a striker …我在球队中是前锋,…… 25… have a good shot for a goal. 好好地射一个球 26. We are determined to ceate an even better system. 我们决心创造一个跟好的系统。 27. In a way our programmer is like our coach. 从某种程度上说,我们的程序就像是我们的教 练。 I fell on the way to school. 我在上学的路上跌倒了。 In this way, he was able to solve the mystery.循着这一线索,他解答了这个奥秘。 Some like the older ways of doing things. 有些女性喜欢处理事务的老办法。 By the way, what happened to the money? 顺便问一句,那笔钱后来怎么样了? by way of London 途经伦敦 In a way, you're right.从某一点上看你是对的 in the way 挡住路, 妨碍, 多余的 lose one's way 迷路, 迷失方向; 误入歧途 28. After all, with the help of my electronic brain which never forgets anything, using my intelligence is what I am all about.不管怎样,在我过目不忘的电子脑的帮助下,运用智能就是 我的一切。 29. deal with 处理,对付;论述,涉及 How do we deal with feelings? 如何处理情感和感受? do with 利用, 忍受, 需要, 乐意做 What do they do with the coin? 他们是怎样处理这枚硬币的? 30. watch over 看守,照管,监视 I am his best friend, and I will always watch over him.我是他的好朋友。我将永远照看他。 31. make full use of…充分利用……

make use of 利用,使用 of use 有用 out of use 不再使用了 use up 用完,用光 32. what’s more 更重要的是,而且,另外 What's more, it was snowing outside.此外,外面下雪。

一)单词拼写 1.We have a lot in c________, so we often have a lot to talk about. 2.Many of the students take their c_________ into the classroom to help them do some maths work, which is not preferred by the teachers. 3.Once he was considered to be s__________, for he couldn’t work out the simplest numbers. 4. Robots can also be called a________ i____________. 5. Everything has it's a_________ and d___________. 6. A good c_______ when facing difficulties is to stay calm. 7. P________, I d________ with you on your plan. 8. I need some m________ to make a dress. 9. Once he was the c_______ of our football team. 10.It's dangerous for a young lady w________ in the street late at night. 11. would you please find a m_______ to sweep the floor? It’s too dirty. 12.Use your b_______, and you will have a way.

二)选择填空 1. Though he had often made his little sister_____, today he was made _____ by his little sister. A. cry; to cry B. crying; crying. C. cry; cry D. to cry;cry

2. The surface of the table _____________. A. feels soft; B. feels softly; C. is felt soft; D. is felt softly.

3. __________ that Marie was able to set up new branches elsewhere. A. So successful her business was; B. So successful was her business. C. So her business was successful; D. So has her successful business. 4. As time__________, she became more and more anxious about her son’s safety. A. passing. B. going by. C. passed. D. goes by.

5. ----How many elephants have you seen? ----- ____________. A. No one. B. None. C. Not many ones. D. Not many.

6. __________ many old people, he likes this kind of dance. A. Instead of . B. In spite of. C. In common with . D. Instead. 7. There was _______ time ______ I hated to go to school. A. a; that; B. a; when. C. the; that. D. the; when.

8. Last summer I took a course on _______ poisonous gases. A. how to deal with ; B. what to deal with ; C. how to be deal with ; D. what to be deal with; 9. Three years _________ without our knowing it. A. went by; B. passes by; C. went on ; D. passed on;

10. Great changes__________ in the city, and a lot of factories ___________. A. have been taken place; have been set up; B. have taken place; have been set up; C. have taken place; have set up; D. were taken place; were set up;

11 ----Why does Mary look so unhappy? -----She has________ by her classmates. A. laughed; B. laughed at ; C. been laughed; D. been laughed at

12. Both my brothers work at the power station that _______ in 1996. A. has set up; B. has been set up; C. was set up; D. is set up. 13. A library with five thorsand books _______ to the nation as a gift. A. has been offered B. has offered; C. are offered; D. have offered; 14. The poor man had no choice but __________ his wife the truth. A. to telling; B. tell; C. to tell; D. told;

15. -----I think he is taking an active part in social work. -----I agree with you ________. A. in a way; B. on the way; C. by the way; D. in the way;

16. I don’t like the way _________ you laughed at her. A. which B. that; C. in that; D. what;

17. I’d like to buy a house------modern, comfortable, and _______ in a quiet neighborhood. A. in all; B. above all; C. after all; D. at all; 18 I’ll never forget Mr Smith, _______ help we had made great progress. A. with his B. with whose C. his D. who;

19. You must not play near the house today; you’ll get _______ of the workers; A. in this way; B. in the way; C. on the way; D. by the way;

20. -----I’m afraid Mr. Wood can’ t see you until 4 o’clock;------Oh, ______ I won’t wait. A. no doubt; B. after all; C.in that case; D. in this way; 21 The audience was __________ very young children. A. made of ; B made from; C. made in ; D made up of . 22. You are saying that everyone should be equal, and this is _________ I disagree.

A. why;

B. where; C. what; D. how;

三)请根据中文意思完成下列句子。 1. 在我看来,这食物不够。_____ ______ ________, the food is not enough. 2.昨天他参加了智力考试。 Yesterday, he took an i________________ test. 3. 他不知道该怎么对付他那顽皮的儿子。 He don’t know how to ______ ________ his naughty son. 4.你的胃痛并不令人惊奇,毕竟你吃得太多了。 It’s not surprising you’ve got stomachache. _____ ______ you have eaten too much. 5.他们彼此毫无共同点。 They have nothing in ________ with one another. 6.在我电脑的帮助下我可以及时完成的我工作。______ _____ ______ my computer, I could finish my job in time. 7.在某种程度上,你所说的有道理。___ ___ ____, what you said is reasonable. (一) 1. common 2. calculators 3. simple-minded 4. artificial, intelligence

5. advantages, disadvantages 8. materials 9. coach (二)

6. choice 7. Personally, disgree .

10. wandering 11. mop

12. brains


1. In my opinion 2. intelligence 3. deal with 4. After all 5.common 6. with the help of 7. In a way

II---IV Wildlife protection
一、知识点 1. If their habitat is threatened or they can’t find enough food, their numbers may decrease. 如果 他们的栖息地受到威胁或者他们找不到足够的食物,他们的数目就可能减少。 The number of children in the school has decreased this year. 今年在校的儿童人数减少了。 There was a decrease in the number of children in school. 在校的儿童人数有所减少。 decrease in number 数目减少 2. As a result these endangered animals may even die out.结果,这些濒临危险的动物可能会灭

绝。 The polluted air in the city is badly endangering the health of the residents. 城里被污染的空气正严重地危及居民的健康。 an endangered species; an endangered culture. 濒临绝种的生物种类;濒临绝传的文化 die out 逐渐消失,灭绝 die off 相继死去 die away 逐渐停止,逐渐消失 die down 逐渐减弱,逐渐模糊 3. There has been some progress in saving endangered wildlife in China.在中国拯救濒临绝种的 动植物工作已经取得了一些进步。 4.loss of bamboo growing areas 竹子生长区的损失 His unfortunate death was a great loss to the firm. 他的不幸去世对他的商行来说是个重大损 失。 Their company suffered loss on loss in business last year. 他们公司去年在生意上接二连三地亏 本。 at a loss 亏本;不知所措 sold the merchandise at a loss. 赔本卖出货物 I am at a loss to understand those remarks. 我不理解那些话 5.a nature reserve 自然保护区 I have reserved a room for you at the hotel. 我已在旅馆为你预订了一个房间。 reserve of food 食物储备 I believe your story without reserve. 我毫无保留地相信你说的。

8. in peace 安详地 The two communities live together in peace (with one another). 这两个社区和平相处. Please let me do my work in peace.请让我安静地工作。 9. in danger of 有……的危险;受到……的威胁 He was in danger of losing his life.他有失去生命的危险。 10….longed to help endangered species of wildlife. 渴望帮助那些濒临灭绝的野生动植物。

I longed for a bicycle. 我特想要辆自行车。 These young lads are longing to go to watch the football match. 这几个小伙子极想去观看足球赛。 11. respond I offered him a drink but he didn't respond. 我请他喝酒,但他未作回答。 The patient did not respond to treatment.病人经治疗後未见起色 How to respond to a greeting? 怎样回答别人的问候? respond by a nod 点头答应 respond with a smile 以微笑表示回答 respond in damages 赔偿损失 12. …take me to a distant land…带我到遥远的地方 The foreign visitors came from a distant country. 外国游客来自一个遥远的国度。 13. We are being killed for the wool beneath our stomachs. 为了取得我们肚皮底下的羊毛,我 们正在被屠杀。 Shall we rest in the shade beneath these trees? 我们在树下荫凉处休息一下好吗? The earth lay beneath a blanket of snow. 大地被厚厚的白雪覆盖 15. In relief he burst into laughter. 他如释重负,突然笑了起来。 16. Farmers hunted us without mercy. 农民总是惨无人道地捕杀我们。 25. run after 追逐 27. hunt for 寻找,搜寻 28. be related to 与……有关

36. …how it might have become extinct 它可能是怎样灭绝的 an extinct species 已灭绝的物种 an extinct volcano 死火山 All hope was extinct. 一切希望都破灭了。 37. tell the truth 说实话 tell a lie 撒谎

all told 总共;合计 tell the time 看钟;报时 tell a secret 泄露秘密; tell fortunes.占卜 38. It’s a pity that …真遗憾……It's a pity that you have to go so soon. 真遗憾你这么快就得走 了。feel pity for sb. 同情某人... have / take pity on sb.可怜某人 What a pity! 多么可惜[遗憾]! out of pity 出于怜悯[同情] 39. I intend/mean/ plan to … 我打算…… I intend to go home.我想回家。The book is intended for beginners.本书是为初学者编写的。 We intend this news report as teaching material for freshmen. 我们打算把这篇新闻报道作为新生教材。You intended that she go. 你计划让她去 I mean what I say.我说到做到。 I meant to give you this book today, but I forgot. 我本来打算今天给你这本书的,可是我忘了。Missing the last bus means walking home 错过 最后一班车就意味着步行回家。 41. I feel like 摸起来象;[口]想要, 愿意;有...的感觉 What do you feel like doing today? 你今天想做什么? feel one's heart beat 感觉到心跳 feel one's way 摸索前进 I feel it my duty to do so.我认为这样做是我的责任。 43. to teach them a lesson 教训某人 45. a start and an ending 开头和结尾

47. write your draft 打草稿 48. swap your writing with …和某人交换作文

51. formal start/ending to the letter 书信的正式开头/结尾

二、练习 一)单词拼写 1.Almost all the animals have their special ways to p_______ themselves from their e_________.

2.As is known to all, a cow has four s________(胃). 3.If you want to set up a company, first you must a_______ to the g________ for p__________. 4.What he said s________ that he wasn’t satisfied with what we had done. 5. The hotel bill c_________ every fee, i__________ the broken glass. 6. M___________ are the kind of i______ which can be easily found in summer. 7. He was a_______ by the story of the hero. 8. While reading, please pay much a__________ to your pronunciation. 9. Many rare animals are in d________, because they are being hunted for. 10. In a way, knowledge is a kind of p_________ arm.

二)请根据中文意思完成下列句子 1. 你知道宇宙如何形成的吗? Do you know how did the world _______ ______ __________ ? 2.在冬天你应该盖上东西保护那些植物不要冻坏。In winter, you should cover something to _________ the plants ______ the cold. 3.他处于极度危险中。 He is _____ great ______. 4.他没有努力学习,因此他就在考试中失败了。 He didn’t work hard. ____ ___ ______, he failed in the exam. 5.当你驾驶的时候你应该注意标志。You should ____ _______ ________ the signs when you are driving. 6.我一家人相处融洽。My family lives _______ ________. 7. 恐龙在几万年前就灭绝了。 Dinosaurs ______ ______ millions of years ago. 8.他写信申请那份工作。He wrote a letter to _____ _______ the job. 9. 那暴风雨对庄稼有很坏的影响 The storm _____ a bad _______ _____ the crops.。 三)单项选择 1. It seemed that he was______ losing his life. Luckily, he was______ in the end. A. in the danger of; out of danger B. in danger of; out of danger; C. in the danger; out of the danger; D. in danger of ; out of the danger; 2. More attention should be ___ equipment in our factory so that we can increase our production A. paid to improving; B paid to improve; C taked to improve D. taken to improving; 3. He was at a ______ what to say to the teacher’s question----obviously he was _____ in thought just now. A. loss; losing; B. loss; ;lost; C losing; lost; D. lost; loss;

4. Have a good rest, and you need to _____ your energy for the tennis match this afternoon. A. leave; B. reserve; C. hold; D. get; 5. Two thirds of the area______ with green grass or tall trees.

A. is covered;

B. are covered; C. is covering; D. are covering;

6. Has the doctor suggested _______ close attention to your own health? A you paying; B your pay; C. you paid; D. you to pay; 7. Lucy had to call a taxi because the box was _______ to carry all the way home. A.. much too heavy; B. too much heavy; C. heavy too much; D. too heavy much; 8. We can’t figure out the reason for more and more animals _____. A are dying out; B. died out; C. are died out; D. dying out

9. The winter of 1990 was extremely bad. _______, most people say it was the worst winter of their lives. A. At last; B. In fact; C. In a word; D. As a result; 10. ----Why have you come to work on foot today? -----Well, my bike ______ and I hate taking a crowded bus. A.has been repaired; B is repairing; C, will be repaired; D. is being repaired; 11. ---Have you moved into the new house? ---Not yet. The rooms _______.

A. are being painting; B. are painting; C. are painted; D. are being painted; 12. This is Ted’s photo. We miss him a lot. He ___when trying to save a child in an earthquake A. killed; B is killed C, was killed; D, was killing

13. Mary’s pale face suggested that she ___ ill and her parents suggested she ___ a doctor. A. should be; should see; B, was ; see; C,. be; seeing; D. was; would see 14. A new cinema ______ here. They hope to finish it next month. A. will be built; B. is built; C, has been built; D. is being built 15 -----Is it ____ that the China will host the 2008 Olympic games in Beijing? -----Yes, that’s for_____. A. sure; certain; B, certain; sure; C, made sure; certain; D. made certain; sure 16. He made a mistake, but then he corrected the situation ____ it got worse. A. until B. when; C. before. D. as;

17. -----Will you give this message to Mr. White please?------Sorry, I can’t. He ______. A. doesn’t any more work here. C. doesn’t work any more here B.does’t work longer here; D. doesn’t work here any longer;

18. I would love ____ to the party last night but I had an unexpected guest. A. to go; B to have gone; C, going; D. having gone

(一) 1. protect, enemies 2. stomachs 3. apply, government, permission 5. contains, including 6. Mosquitos, insect 7. affected 8. attention 10. powerful 4. suggested 9. danger

(二) 1. come into being 2. protect, from 3. in, danger 4. As a result 5. pay attention to 6. in peace 7. died out 8. apply for 9. had, effect on (三)



必修 II---Unit 5 知识点

II---V Music
一、知识点 1. match with 与……相匹配 2. Have you ever dreamt of playing in front of thousands of people at a concert, at which everyone is clapping and appreciating your music? 你是否梦想过在音乐会上面对成千上万的观众演唱, 观众欣赏你的歌为你鼓掌么? 3. To be honest, a lot of people attach great importance to becoming rich and famous. 说实在的, 很多人把名和利看地很重。 To be honest, I can hardly wait.老实说,我已经等不及了。 attach attach a document to a letter 将文件附在信中 We should attach primary importance to the development of economy. 我们要把发展经济的工作放在第一位。 be attached to 连在...上, 附属于;热爱, 依恋 I am attached to my family. 我对我的家依依不舍 The hospital is attached to that university. 这医院附属于那所大学。 4. Sometimes they may play to passers-by in the street or subway so that they can earn some extra money for themselves or to pay for their instruments.有时他们可能在街上或地铁里为过路人演 奏,这样他们可以为自己或自己要买的乐器多挣一些钱。 extra allowance 特别津贴 extra hand 临时雇工 extra train 加(班火)车 extra edition 特号, 临时增刊 Then he smiled and told me I would receive an extra $100 a year!

"然后,他微笑着告诉我,我每年将得到一百镑额外收益。" "Dinner costs $80, and wine is extra." "饭菜是八十美元,酒费另收。" Children were extra glad to see the foreign visitors. 孩子们见到外国客人高兴极了。 5. give performances 演出 6. be paid in cash 得到现金 7. The musicians were to play jokes on each other as well as play music, most of which was based loosely on the Beatles. 音乐人演奏音乐还彼此打趣逗笑, 这些玩笑和音乐大多都在模仿“甲壳 虫”乐队。 8. rely on 依靠 9. during the broadcasts 在播出的时候 He will appear on tomorrow's broadcast. 他明天将在广播中出现。 live television broadcast 实况电视广播, 现场电视广播 10.They were so popular that their fans formed clubs in order to get familiar with them. 他们非常 走红使得歌迷们为了更加熟悉他们而成立了俱乐部。 be familiar to 为…所熟悉 be familiar with

熟悉, 通晓, 精通 Are you familiar with the rules of baseball? 你熟悉棒球规则吗? He is familiar with Chinese ancient history. 他通晓中国古代史。 The things are familiar to us. 那些事为我们所熟悉。 11. a year or so 大约一年 12. break up 解散,打碎, 破碎, 分裂, 结束, 衰落, 分解, 变坏, 驱散 The crowd started to break up when the night fell. 天快黑时人群开始散开了。 The ice will break up when the warm weather comes. 天气转暖,冰层就会破裂。 Their marriage broke up. 他们的婚姻破裂了。 13. They produced a new record in 1996, with which they celebrated their former time as a real band. 在 1996 年,他们推出了一张新的专辑,像真正的乐队一样以此来庆祝他们以往的时 光。 We celebrated the New Year with a dance party. 我们举行跳舞晚会庆祝新年。 Lu Xun will be for ever celebrated as the glorious harbinger of a new Chinese cultural movement. 鲁迅将永远作为中国新文化运动的光辉先驱受人歌颂。 14. go over 视察;查看;查阅;复习

15. go away in different directions 向不同的方向走开 go away 离去, 带走, 拐逃(with) 16. in addition 另外,加之,此外 in addition to…除…之外还 In addition, they do not match very much. 除此之外,他们两人并不十分般配。 He speaks French in addition to English. 他除了英语之外,也会说法语。 17. have a good knowledge of …通晓,对……很熟悉 I have a good knowledge of the Chinese culture.我对中华文化有很好的了解。 18. send out radio programmes 传送无线电节目 send out 发送 Radio Beijing sends the news all over the world.北京广播电台向全世界播送新闻。 Send my regards to ... for me.代我问候. 19. The regulars there were very kind to us. 那儿的老主顾对我们很友好。 20. They suggested we go to record our songs in a studio.他们建议我们去录音棚灌制我们的歌 曲。 It is suggested that ... 有人提议... I suggest that ... 我觉得[认为] He suggested going out for a walk. 他建议出去走走。 21. be humorous to each other 相互之间很幽默 22. to our great surprise 使我们感到惊奇的是 Don't tell him about the present -- it's a surprise. 不要告诉他礼物的事,这是件意想不到的礼 物。 I looked at him in surprise - I didn't expect to see him again. 我惊奇地看他,没想到又见到他 了。 He was so surprised at being discovered that he did not even try to run away. 他由于被发现而非常吃惊,甚至都没有想起逃跑。 lt's nothing to be surprised about[at]. 这事不值得大惊小怪。 23. Sort out the following messages that are mixed up to make complete sentences containing attributive clauses.选出被混在一起的信息造包含定语从句的完整的句子

sort out 分类(整理,选出,解决,惩罚,把...分类)

We need to sort out the garbage. 我们需要做垃圾分类。 mix up 搅匀(拌和,混淆,搞乱)

Don't mix up this pair of synonyms. 别把这两个同义词混淆了。 The speech contained some interesting ideas. 这个讲演包括一些有趣的思想。 24. make up 弥补, 虚构, 缝制, 整理, 包装, 和解, 编辑, 化妆;补足,拼凑 She made up her face to look prettier. 她把脸化了妆以便看上去漂亮些。 The boy made up a story; it was not true. 男孩编了个故事,这故事不是真的。 25. be confident about 对……有信心 But in the long run, you've got to be confident about your economy.但从长期来看,我们应该对 经济充满信心。 26. on a brief tour 短暂的巡演 27. Then things went wrong. 然后,事情出错了。 28. ask him for advice on how to make your band successful 就如何使你的乐队成功征求他的 建议 29.I’m honoured that…很荣幸… I am honoured that you would ask me for advice.很荣幸你能征 求我的建议。 30. in a very unusual way 以不一般的方式 31. come up with 赶上, 提出,拿出 They might come up with a plan.他们有可能想出一个计划了。 32. stick to 坚持,忠于,信守 We don't want to hear your opinions; stick to the facts!我们不想听你的想法, 只讲事实! 33.Above all, just have fun! 首先,就玩得开心! 34. Music is more than just sound. It is a way of thinking. 音乐不仅仅是声音。它是一种思维方 式。 35. While singing a song, you are learning English grammar and vocabulary. 在唱歌的时候,你 就是在学习英语语法和词汇。 36. Try to use them in your everyday English conversations when it is suitable. 适当的话在你每 天的英语交谈中尽量地运用它们。

二、练习 一)请根据中文意思完成下列句子 1.我偶然在街上遇见一位老朋友。I met an old friend in the street _____ __________. 2. 你一旦下了决心, 你应该坚持下去。 Once you make up your mind, you should _______ ____ it. 3. 当我是个小孩的时候我梦想成为一名伟大的科学家。 I ______ _____ being a great scientist when I was a child. 4. 我花了整整一个上午把我的书归类好。I spent a whole morning _____ _____ my books. 5. 开别人的玩笑是不礼貌的。It is impolite to _______ ______ _____ others. 6.他大约六点到。He will arrive at six o’clock _____ ____. 7.首先你应该为你学习制订好计划。______ ____, you should make a plan for your study. 8.我们应该对我们的父母诚实。 We should _____ ______ _____ our parents. 9. 那个俱乐部去年解散了。The club ____ ____ last year. 二)请根据首字母完成下列句子 1. Many people don’t like a________, especially when you are watching a good play. 2. The song was a h_____ at once and its recording tape rose to No.1 on the bestseller list.. 3. A plan began to f______ in his mind. 4. Guilin is an a_________ city, which attracts losts of tourists. 5. Two p____________ vitnessed the accident. 6. How much money did you e____ last month? 7. We need an e_____ day to do the job, for we can’t finish it on time. 8. Liu Dehua is a well-- known a______. 9. He has the a______ to speak four languages. 10. His father is a famous m________, who writes many songs. 三)单项选择 1.He admitted __ he had said was really true. A.what B.all what C.which D.that

2.The two words have something ______with each other. A.in difference B.in ordinary C.in common D.in same

3.His talk had ______ me. A.a big effect in B.a deep effect for C.a deep effect on D.a deep affect on

4.This question is easy ________ . A.to answer for B.to answer C.to be answered D.to answer it

5.Since 1949, the people’s living standad ____ , causing a big ____ in population. A.has been raised; rise B.has been rose; raise C.has raised; rise D.has raised; rose 6.Some people like to stay at home on Sunday, but ___ like to go to the cinema.

A.other one




7.His glasses, _____ he was like a blind man, were missing. A.with which B.with it C.without which D.without it

8.Teacher’s words and deeds ___a great effect _____ their students. A.have; on B.give; to C.make;in D.take;to

9.There is a mountain _____the top is always covered with snow. A.of that B.of which C.of it D.that

10.Her husband joined her __ her search ___ this unknown radiation. A.in;in B.in;for C.in;of D.for;for

11.The number of people who ____ English as a foreign language ____ more than 750 million. A. learns; is B. learn; are C. learns; are D. learn; is

12.He_____ home once a week, but after entering middle school, he ____ home once a month. A. was used to go, was used to go B. used to go, was used to go C. was used to go, used to D used to go, was used to going

13. He came here _____ to see me. A especially B specially C especial D special 14. I’m sorry you don’t like the skirt, ____ A specially, specially because he bought it___ for you.

B especially, specially

C particularly, especially D specially, especially (一) 1. by chance 2. stick to 3. dreamt of 4. sorting out 5. play jokes on 6. or so 7. Above all 8. be honest with 9. broke up (二) 1. advertisements 2. hit 3. form 4. attractive 5. passers—by 6. earn 7. extra 8. actor 9. ability 10. musician (三) 1___5 ACCBA ` 6___10 DCABB 11__15 DDBBC



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