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2014届高三英语一轮复习 Book 2 Unit 3 Computers强化练习 新人教版

Unit 3


Ⅰ.单项填空 1.So many people around the world are learning or using English,so it is considered as a(n)________language. A. universal 答案 A B. logical C. artificial D. regular

解析 考查形容词辨析。句意为:全世界那么多人都在学习或使用英语,因而英语被认 为是一种通用语。 universal 普遍的, 通用的; logical 合情理的, 合逻辑的; artificial 人造 的;regular 规则的,常规的。 2.Einstein was thought to be a student of poor________when he began his school and was asked to leave. A. power 答案 D B. technology C. character D. intelligence

解析 考查名词辨析。intelligence 智力,聪明;power 权力;technology 科技,技术; character 性格。 3 . Don’t worry ! We are well prepared to deal with all of the problems that may________. A.rise 答案 B B.arise C.raise D.arouse

解析 句意为:别担心!我们做好了充分准备以应对可能出现的各种问题。arise 出现, 符合句意。 4.Some are laughing at him for his failure, but I’m with him.________he had the courage to try. A.After all C.In other words 答案 解析 A after all 毕竟;as a result 结果;in other words 换句话说;as usual 像往 B.As a result D.As usual


析句意,after all 符合上下文意思。 5.Only those who can________and learn from failures can reach the top of the hill. A.deal with C.carry on 答案 A B.depend on D.go with

解析 考查动词短语辨析。deal with 处置,处理;depend on 依赖,依靠;carry on 进行 下去,继续开展,坚持下去;go with 伴随,与??相配,与??持同一看法。句意为: 只有能够对付失败并从中学习的人才能到达顶峰。 6.Martin Smith who,at 22,is one of the male nannies(保姆) admits that it will be some time________male nannies are totally accepted. A.since 答案 C B.until C.before D.after

解析 考查时间状语从句连词辨析。It will be some time before...为固定句型,意 思是:要 过??才??。这里表达的意思是:??需要一段时间男保姆才能被社会完全地接受。 7.He had his camera ready ________ he saw something that would make a good picture. (2011·山东,28) A.even if C.in case 答案 C B.if only D.so that

解析 句意为:他准备好了相机,以便他看到好的东西就随时拍下来。even if 即使, 引 导让步状语从句;if only 如果??就好了,引导虚拟条件句;so that 引导目的和结果 状 语从句,均不符合句意。由句意可知应选 in case,意为“以防万一”。 8.China is no longer________a production base;it is also one of the most important consumer markets. A.partly 答案 B B.merely C.shortly D.totally

解析 句意为: 中国不再仅仅是个加工基地了。 它也是最重要的消费市场之一。 merely 仅 仅;partly 部分地;shortly 迅速地;totally 总共。

9.______ should be paid to our study,and only in this way can we make more progress. A.Heart 答案 D B.Mind C.Notice D.Attention

解析 四个选项中和 pay...to 搭配的只有 attention,其他不符合习语搭配。 10.He proved himself a true gentleman and the beauty of his________was seen at its best when he worked with others. A.advantage C.qualification 答案 D B.appearance D.character

解析 考查名词词义辨析。句意为:他证明了自己是一个真正的绅士,他的人格魅力在 与他人合作时表现得最佳。 advantage 优点, 长处; appearance 外表, 外貌; qualification 资格;character 品质,性格。 11.When I was at college, I________three foreign languages but I________all except a few words of each. A.spoke;had forgotten C.spoke;have forgotten 答案 C B.had spoken;had forgotten D.had spoken;have forgotten

解析 考查时态。句意为:我在上大学的时候,能说三种外语,但是现在(当时会说的每 种语言)除了几个词汇外,都已经忘记了。第一空强调的是过去的动作,用过去时;第二 空强调的是过去的动作的结果,用现在完成时。 12.You needn’t have taken a taxi.Why didn’t you catch the last bus ________I told you? A.as 答案 A 解析 考查状语从句。句意为:你本不必坐出租车的。为什么不听我的话赶乘末班公 共汽车呢?as 在此引导方式状语从句,意思是“如同,依照”。 13.The successful launch of Tiangong?1 on Sept.29th________a significant step in China’s plan to build a space station. A.signaled 答案 B B.marked C.signed D.proved B.because C.when D.until

解析 考查动词辨析。mark 标志。句意为:9 月 29 日天宫一号的成功发射标志着中国

在太空站建设的计划中迈出了重要的一步。signal 发信号;sign 签署,示意;prove 证明 14.—When did the Asian Games________? —I remember that people held the first Asian Games in 1951. A.come into power C.come true 答案 B 解析 考查短语辨析。问句句意为:亚运会是何时开始举办的?come into being 产生, 形成,符合题意。come into power 当权,执政;come true 实现;come out 出版,发 表。 15.—He ought to have been warned of the danger. —________, but he wouldn’t listen to me. A.Yes,he ought to C.So it was with him 答案 D 解析 根 据答语后半句可知空处表示他确实被警告了,因此选 D 项。 16.Top players must have excellent ball control,but it is not just________ they do with their feet________ counts. A.how;that C.what;that 答案 C 解析 第一空表示“如何处理”,与 do with 搭配,用 what;第二空为强调句,强调 主 语 not just what they do with their feet,故用 that。 17.________ the right leadership of the CPC,all the Chinese people can enjoy equal rights and a peaceful life now. A.Thanks to C.For 答案 A 解析 根据句意“多亏有党的正确领导??”可知答案为 A 项。thanks to 幸亏,符合 句意。 18.I’ll never forget Mr.Smith,________help we had made great progress. A.with his B.with whose

B.come into being D.come out

B.So he did D.So he was

考查特殊句式。“so+主语+助动词/be 动词/情态动词”表示“确实如此”。

B.that;what D.whether;what

B.Because D.Thank for

C.his 答案 B 解析 人的


本题既考查介词短语又考查定语从句的关系词。with sb.’s help 意为“在某

帮助下”,句中缺少引导词,故用 with whose help 来表达。 19.—Would you like me to help you with the heavy luggage? —I can manage it myself.Thank you________. A.however C.anyway 答案 C 解析 句意为:——要我帮忙搬那些沉沉的行李吗?——不用了,我自己能行。不管怎 样我还是要谢谢你。根据题意,anyway 表示“无论如何,不管怎样”之意。A 项用于前 后文意义转折的语境中;B 项意为“从某种意义上说”;D 项意为“顺便说”。 20.________ the questions put forward,he felt very happy. A.Solved C.Solving 答案 B 解析 主语和 solve 之间为主谓关系。 Ⅱ.阅读理解 Have you ever heard of Florida pompano(鲳参鱼)?It’s a flat,silvery fish and very delicious!In fact,people who know a lot about fish say it’s one of the best?tasting kinds of fish in the world to eat.Maybe that’s one reason why it costs so much to buy pompano at the fish market or at a restaurant. Agricultural Research Service scientists in Florida are discovering many new and important secrets about this tasty fish.It lives in the warm waters off the Atlantic and Gulf coasts. The scientists are studying pompano.Because they want fish farmers to be able to grow them in big tanks,somewhat the same way trout and catfish are grown in big outdoor ponds. Raising pompano in big tanks inland could help everyone be sure that there will always be lots of wild pompano in the sea.People could buy them from the fish farm instead of mostly only being able to buy pompano caught from the sea. Sometimes,if a fish is too popular,a problem called “overfishing” can happen.The fish could become harder and harder to find in the ocean.The fish might

B.in a sense D.by the way

B.Having solved D.To solve

even disappear completely. The trouble with pompano is that no one really knows very much about how to grow big,healthy pompano in big tanks at a fish farm. That’s why scientists are trying to learn as much as they can about pompano.Maybe someday soon it will be easy to buy and eat pompano raised at fish farms,instead of pompano fished from the sea.When that happens,you may remember this story about these scientists who helped find out how to raise delicious pompano in a new,earth?friendly way. 1.Pompano costs so much to buy maybe because ________. A.it remains a secret for the scientists B.it cannot be raised in big tanks inland C.it’s the best?tasting kind of fish in the world D.it lives warmly off the Atlantic and Gulf coasts 答案 B

解析 细节理解题。根据题干中“costs so much to buy”定位到第一段的最后一句, 得知 其中一个原因可能是 pompano 是最好吃的鱼“之一”,可知 C 项错。因此答案只能在后 文,A、D 两项都是文中的事实,却不是造成鱼贵的原因。而无法进行人工养殖最有可 能是造成鱼贵的原因,故 B 项为最佳答案。其中 D 项的干扰性可能比较大。 2.Paragraph 4 mainly tells us raising pompano at fish farms ________. A.makes it easier to buy and eat the pompano B.prevents people catching pompano from the sea C.stops people buying pompano caught from the sea D.helps make sure wild pompano will remain in the sea 答案 D

解析 段落大意题。本段主要说明人工养殖 pompano 的必要性,它可以方便人们购买, 但最重要的是它可以避免因过度捕捞而灭绝。 根据 instead of 可知其后所说的才是重点, 故 A 项所描述的只是事实细节。 3.The underlined word “overfishing” in Paragraph 5 means ________ in Chinese. A.过度捕捞 答案 A B.太受欢迎 C.完全消失 D.难以搜寻

解析 词义猜测题。 思路 1: 根据 a problem called “overfishing” 可知 overfishing 是一 种问题,它会导致鱼类大量减少,甚至彻底消失。思路 2:over?前缀表示比较程度及差

别关系时意为“超过,过度,太”;fish 是捕鱼,人类的行为。 4.What’s the trouble of raising the big fish? A.Scientists are still working on it. B.It’s almost a secret to farm the fish. C.It’s impossible to keep the fish healthy. D.No one knows the way of raising the fish. 答案 B

解析 细节理解题。根据倒数第二段可知没有人真正对人工养殖出健康的 pompano 的方 式有很好的了解。它强调的是对如何养殖了解不多。A 项是 the trouble 带来的一个结 果; C、D 两项都过于肯定。 5.The best title of the passage may be ________. A.Pompano:the tasty fish B.Secrets of the big fish C.A challenge:growing the big fish D.The way of raising the big fish 答案 C

解析 标题归纳题。综合全文可知从第三段起直到文章结束都在讲述这种鱼的人工养殖 问题。 Ⅲ.概括大意题 A.Encourage Creativity and Experimentation B.Motivate,Inspire and Recognize Achievements C.Build Teams and Promote Teamwork,Balance Diversity D.Help People Connect Their Personal Goals to Business Goals E.Coach and Train Your People to Greatness F.Encourage Risk Taking “Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you want done

because he wants to do it.”
—Dwight D.Eisenhower Do you want to encourage extraordinary performance from your people?If yes, then you must create an inspiring corporate culture that inspires,enables and motivates them. 1.________ Develop staff and create a corporation climate that encourages rule?breakers

and outside?the?box thinkers.Experimentation by definition is a trial?and?error process,but experimentation is also the key to discovery.Without action,you cannot know whether or not your new ideas will actually work. 2.________ You must train your people to improve their learning ability and

performance.Coaching is the key to unlocking the potential of your people,your organization,and yourself.It increases your effectiveness as a leader.As a coach, you must help your people grow and achieve more by inspiring them,asking effective questions and providing comments. 3.________ Teamwork is essential for competing in today’s global market.Build a star team, not a team of stars.The diversity of thought,perception,background and experience improves creativity and innovation.A team should not just be diverse;it has to make the most of it.Challenge people from different disciplines and cultures to come up with something better together and achieve creative breakthroughs. 4.________ Financial rewards do encourage people to produce results.But what really generates energy is not financial. It is emotional.Set goals that are flexible—they energize people.As a leader, become a positive,encouraging person.Give people a sense of responsibility and make them feel that their actions make a difference.Communicate with people frequently and praise them. 5.________ Making mistakes is essential to innovation and organizational growth,as long as systems are developed to learn from failures and to avoid making the same mistake twice.Let people try different things and allow honest mistakes.The more people fail,the more they succeed.Treat failures as learning opportunities.Develop a tolerance for mistakes and give your people freedom to fail,learn from failures, and start again more intelligently. People do what they have to do for a manager ; they do their best for an inspirational leader.Inspirational leaders create “can?do” attitude and make business fun.They unlock inner power of their people and sustain their commitment.They inspire,enable and move people.They build corporation communities in which people feel valued, clever, confident and strong.They offer a sense of common

purpose beyond the day?to?day tasks,making work exciting. 答案 1.A 2.E 3.C 4.B 5.F



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