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第一章 名词 一、基础练习 1、There are only twelve ______ in the hospital. A.woman doctors B.women doctors C.women doctor D.woman doctor 2、Mr Smith has two _______ , both of whom are teachers in a school. A.brothers-in-law B.brother-in-laws C.brothers-in-laws D.brothers-in law 3、——How many ______ does a cow have? ——Four. A.stomaches B.stomach C.stomachs D.stomachies 4、Some ______ visited our school last Wednesday. A.German B.Germen C.Germans D.Germens 5、The _______ of the building are covered with lots of . A.roofs; leaves B.rooves; leafs C.roof; leaf D.roofs; leafs 6、When the farmer returned home he found three _______ missing. A.sheeps B.sheepes C.sheep D.sheepies 7、That was a fifty _______ engine. A.horse power B.horses power C.horse powers D.horses powers 8、My father often gives me ______ . A.many advice B.much advice C.a lot of advices D.a few advice 9、Mary broke a ______ while she was washing up. A.tea cup B.a cup of tea C.tea‘s cup D.cup tea 10、Can you give us some ______ about the writer? A.informations B.information C.piece of informations D.pieces information 11、I had a cup of _____ and two pieces of _____ this morning. A.teas; bread B.teas; breads C.tea; breads D.tea; bread 12、As is known to us all, ______ travels much faster than ______ . A.lights; sounds B.light; sound C.sound; light D.sounds; lights 13、She told him of all her ___ and ____ . A.hope; fear B.hopes; fear C.hopes; fears D.hope; fears 14、The rising _____ did a lot of ____ to the crops. A.water; harm B.water; harms C.waters; harm D.waters; harms 15、How far away is it from here to your school? It‘s about ______ . A.half an hour‘s drive B.half hours drives C.half an hour drives D.half an hour drive 16、The shirt isn‘t mine. It‘s _____ . A.Mrs Smith B.Mrs‘ Smith C.Mrs Smiths‘ D.Mrs Smith‘s 17、Miss Johnson is a friend of _______ .

A.Mary‘s mother B.Mary‘s mothers‘ C.Mary mother‘s D.Mary‘s mother‘s 18、Last week I called at my _____ . A.aunt B.aunts C.aunt‘s D.auntes‘ 19、The beach is a ______ throw. A.stone B.stones C.stones‘ D.stone‘s 20、I can hardly imagine ____ sailing across the Atlantic Ocean in five days. A.Peter‘ B.Peter C.Peters D.Peters 二、提高练习 1. It won‘t make much ________ whether you agree or not. A. difficulty B. trouble C. difference D. matter 2. No one has yet succeeded in explaining the ________ of how life began. A. cause B. problem C. reason D. puzzle 3. You must get there within an hour. There should be no ___ in sending this information to him. A. question B. problem C. quarrel D. delay 4. I can‘t give you the card without Smith‘s ________. A. agreement B. allowing C. permission D. perfomance 5. What impressed me most was that they never lost ________. A. hearts B. heart C. their heart D. their hearts 6. Though I spoke to him many times, he never took any ________ of what I said. A. remark B. observation C. attention D. notice 7. I went to buy a ________ of China Daily. A. piece B. sheet C. lot

D. copy 8. Shelly had prepared carefully for her English examination so that she could be sure of passing it on her first ________. A. intention B. purpose C. attempt D. desire 9. There are usually at least two ________ of looking at every question. A. means B. directions C. views D. ways 10. We have worked out the plan and now we must put it into ________. A. fact B. reality C. practice D. deed 11. She is young for the job, but on the other ________, she is well trained. A. way B. situation C. chance D. hand 12. The most important________ of his speech was that we should all work whole-heartedly for the people. A. point B. sense C. spot D. view 13. --- I‘d like ________ information about the management of your hotel, please. --- Well, you could have ________ word with the manager. He might be helpful. A. some; a B. an; some C. some; some D. an; a 14. He told me he had been offered a very well-paid ________. A. business B. service C. work D. position 15. Each player must obey ________, who is the leader of the team. A. captain B. a captain C. the captain D. captains

16. It was ________ that he had to ask for help. A. such big a work B. a so big job C. a so big work D. such a big job 17. He dropped the ________ and broke it. A. cup of coffee B. coffee‘s cup C. cup for coffee D. coffee cup 18. What ________! Where did you get them? A. big fish B. a big fish C. a piece of big fish D. big a fish 19. He left ________ with my secretary that he would call again in the afternoon. He said he would keep ________. A. words; his words B. word; his word C. word; word D. the word; his words 20. The new law will come into ________ on the day it is passed. A. effect B. use C. service D. existence 21. We held a party in ________ of our Australian teacher, Meggi. A. prize B. honor C. praise D. pride 22. --- Tom, will you boys play soldiers outside? There‘s not enough ________ for you boys here. --- But we can play in the next ________, can‘t we? A. places; place B. room; room C. rooms; space D. house; rooms 23. --- Is this bridge made of ________? --- Yes, it is made of 2300 huge ________. A. stone; stone B. stones; stones C. stone; stones D. stones; stone

24. --- Mum, I‘m going to visit my aunt. What about a week? --- A week is too long. Try to be back in a ________ of days. A. number B. dozen C. few D. couple 25. Mrs. Green tried hard to find a job but she had no ________. A. luck B. time C. hope D. chance 26. His daughter is always shy in ________ and she never dares to make a speech to ________. A. the public; the public B. public; the public C. the public; public D. public; public 27. Fast-food restaurants are ________ to us all. A. of many helps B. a great help C. great helps D. much help 28. These young people are now making an active ________ to beautify (美化) our city. A. part B. effort C. decision D. plan 29. --- What you like may not be what I like. --- Yes, one man‘s meal is another man‘s ________. A. poison B. medicine C. meal D. food 30. He said that two ________ would come to our school the next day. A. woman scientist B. women scientist C. woman scientists D. women scientists 31. My ________ all ________ hard for the people. A. family; work B. family; works C. families; work D. families; works 32. Dr. Jones ordered ________ for the laboratory.

A. two equipments B. two pieces of equipments C. two pieces of equipment D. two equipment pieces 33. --- Where have you been? --- I‘ve been to________. A. the Turners B. the Turner's C. Mr. Turners' D. the Turners' 34. Many children have to see the films for________. A. grown-up B. growns-up C. grown-ups D. growns-ups 35. I told about some of the terrible ________ I had had in the war. A. experience B. experiences C. experiencing D. experienced things 36. The table is only ________ high. A. two-foot B. two foot C. two-feet D. two feet 37. These days I employed two ________ in my house. A. man-servants B. men-servant C. man-servant D. men-servants 38. That' s________. A. James and Charles father B. James and Charles's father

C. James's and Charles's father D. James's and Charles father 39. ________ is published daily. A. Time B. Times C. The Time D. The Times 40. There are many ________ in big ________. A. ladies driver; citys B. lady drivers; cities C. ladies drivers, cities D. ladies driver; city 参考答案: 一、 1、B 2、A 3、C stomach(胃)虽是―ch‖结尾,但其发音为[k],所以加―s‖,不用加―es‖。 4、C 5、A roof, chief, gulf, belief 等词的复数形式,直接加―s‖。 6、C 7、A 名词作定语一般不用复数。8、B 9、A 根据句意,打破的应是杯子,而不是茶;名词作定语表类别不用加―‘s‖。 10、B 11、D 12、B 13、C 14、C 15、A 16、D 根据上句,此处应是史密斯太太的衬衫。 17、D 18、C 19、D a stone‘s throw 是固定短语,意为―近在咫尺‖。 20、B 此句中 Peter 作动名词 sailing 的所有格,本应用 Peter‘s,但因其在动词后作宾语, 所以可用宾格,因此 B 为正确答案。 二、1~20: CADCB DDCDC DAADC DDABA 21~40: BBCDA BBBAD ACDCB DABDB 第二章 代词 一、基础练习 1.—— Which of the two dictionaries will you borrow ? ——I‘ll borrow _____ , for the different uses. A.all B.both C.either D.neither

2._____ of them knew about the plan because it was kept a secret. A.Each B.Any C.No one D.None 3.We couldn‘t eat in a restaurant because _____ of us had _____ money on us. A.all ;no B.any ;no C.none ;any D.no one ;any 4.They were all very tired ,but _____ of them would stop to take a rest. A.neither B.none C.some D.any 5.There is a No.2 trolleybus and a No.24 bus ;_____ will take you there. A.both B.either C.all D.any 6.As we were asleep ,_____ of us heard the sound. A.both B.none C.either D.any 7.—— Which of the five may I use ? —— Oh , ____. A.any one B.anyone C.anything D.nothing 8.——Are the two answers correct ? ——No ,_____ correct. A.no one is B.both are not C.neither is D.either is not 9.I asked him for some oil ,but he hadn‘t _____. A.any B.some C.no D.anything 10.You have three English dictionaries ,but I have only two _____. A.ones B.不填 C.the one D.the ones 11.I have a colour TV set.I want to sell ____. A.one B.the one C.that D.it 12.This film is not so good as _____ we saw last week. A.that B.it C.the one D.one 13._____ of us must go there and help him out. A.One or other B.One by one C.One or the other D.One or another 14.We all felt _____ to be the highest praise. A.it B.that C.that one D.the one 15.Haven‘t you read _____ English storices ?Please tell us an interesting one. A.any B.all C.either D.some 16.—— Would you like _____ dumplings ? —— No,thanks. A.some B.another C.any D.all 17.If there is _____ chance ,I will try another. A.one B.any C.some D.all 18.—— Are _____ here to take the college entrance exam ? —— Yes ,we _____. A.all you ;are all B.you all ;all are C.all of you ;are all D.you of all ;all are 19.Mr Green gave the textbooks to all the pupils except _____ who had already taken them. A.one B.the ones C.some D.the others 20.—— Have you ever seen a snake alive ? —— Yes , I‘ve seen _____. A.that B.so C.one D.it 21.— Lily , do you have an umbrella ?It is raining outside. —Yes ,but it‘s _____. A.small one B.small umbrella C. only a small one D.that one 22.Tom‘s mother kept telling him that he should work hard ,but _____ didn‘ t help

A.this B.which C.any D.it 23.—— Have you got _____ red ink ? —— Sorry ,I haven‘t got _____. A.some ;some B.any ;many C.some ;any D.any ;some 24.I prefer a street in a small town to _____ in such a large city as Shanghai. A.that B.it C.this D.one 25.Sarad has read a lot of stories by American writers.Now she would like to read _____ stories by writers from _____ countries. A.some ;any B.other ;some C.some ;other D.other ;other 26.—— Is _____ here ?—— No ,Bob and Tim have asked for leave. A.anybody B.somebody C.everybody D.nobody 27.Our headmaster advised us that in order to succeed in life ,one has to be honest with _____ friends. D.our A.their B.her C.one‘s 28.I borrowed some books _____ myself ,but when I was going to read them ,the lamp went out _____ itself and I had to sit in the dark _____ myself. A.不填;for;by B.by;for;of C.for;of;by D.of;不填;by 29.When I first saw the old farmer ,I could hardly imagine _____ invented the machine to pick cotton. A.himself B.he himself C.he for himself D.he by himself 30.It is impossible for all the people to get the job ,because _____ of them are not fit for it. A.all of B.none of C.each of D.every one of 二、提高练习 1. Let _____ promise not to quarrel about such an unimportant matter any more. A. you and I B. I and you C. yours and me D. you and me 2. ___ is ___ family that the villagers all admire it. A. It, such an united B. His, such a united C. Her‘s, so united a Theirs, so an united 3. --- Are you going to buy the blue shoes? --- No, I like ___ red ones over there. A. these B. those C. this D. their 4. --- I feel a bit hungry? --- Why don‘t you have ___ bread? A. any B. little C. some D. a 5. --- Have you a color TV? --- Yes, I have a good ___. A. it B. one C. that D. ones 6. --- I dislike ____ when others laugh at me in public or speak ill of me behind. --- So do I. A. them B. those C. it D. that 7. Is this skirt ___ she likes best? A. one B. that C. the one D. which 8. --- How many elephants did you see? --- ________. A. None B. No one C. Not many ones D. No many 9. I‘d rather ride a bike as bike riding has ____ of the trouble of taking buses. A. much B. all C. neither D. none 10. She was left alone, with ___ to look after her. A. someone B. anyone C. not one D. no one


11. ___ of us knows the reason why winter is colder than summer. A. Every one B. Everyone C. Someone D. All 12. Some people are against the plan, but ___ support it. A. many more B. much more C. no more D. any more 13. Mary and Jones have arrived, but ____ students in the class aren‘t here yet. A. other B. the other C. the others D. others 14. The street is beautiful, for there are trees on ___. A. neither side B. either side C. both side D. all sides 15. --- Which of the two Italian films do you like better? --- ____, because they are meaningless. A. Both B. Either C. None D. Neither 16. The thieves fled the town separately, ____ carrying a bag. A. all B. each C. every D. either 17. ____ an English Chinese dictionary. A. The students each have B. The students each has C. Each the student has D. Each of the student has 18. He comes to see his aunt ___ three weeks. A. every B. each C. any D. per 19. Where shall we be in _____ ten years? A. other B. that C. another D. nothing 20. Was it during the Second World War __ he died? A. that B. while C. in which D. then 21. Canada is larger than ____ country in Asia. A. any B. any other C. other D. another 22. Does ___ matter if he can‘t finish the job on time? A. this B. that C. he D. it 23. ___ wrong going in by the back door. A. I‘m B. It‘s C. That‘s D. We‘re 24. We played several matches against the visitors, but unfortunately lost ____. A. one‘s B. every one C. everyone D. someone 25. I bought them _____. A. an each ice cream B. an every ice cream C. each an ice cream D. each ice cream 26. I don‘t know which book is better, I shall read ___. A. all B. both C. more D. none 27. New English-Chinese Dictionary has been republished several times, ____ more up to date than the last edition. A. any B. everyone C. either D. each 28. After paying 1,000 dollars ____, you‘ll all become full members of our club. A. each B. all C. every D. both 29. ____ was her cruelty that we all hated her. A. It B. What C. That D. Such 30. Mary has been ill in bed for a week. I wonder if she is ____ better now. A. much B. some C. any D. very

31. — Which of these two ties will you take? — I don't like these. Do you have any_____? A. one B. other C. ones D. others 32. I need some blue ink today but there is ____ at hand. A. not B. nothing C. a little D. none 33. — Shall we introduce ____ fire-fighting equipment from abroad? — Go ahead, if necessary. A. other B. a few more C. another D. some other 34. I've just seen no more than one copy of Gone with the Wind in the bookshop opposite. Tom, go and buy ____ back. A. one B. any C. it D. some 35. Cut the apple into halves so that the twins may each get ____ half. A. every B. each C. another D. either 36. The children were catching butterflies in the garden. Some caught a lot, and others caught ____ at all. A. nothing B. none C. no one D. neither 37. — Is he content to accept our offered price? — Yes. He cares more about the quality. Money is ____ to him. A. everything B. anything C. nothing D. something 38. — I love you more than her, child. — You mean more than ___ love her or more than she loves ____ ? A. you, me B. I. you C. you, you D. I, me 39. Surely it's ___ with the big nose you mean, not ____! A. he, I B. him, me C. him, I D. he, me 40. ___ of us can do everything, but all of us can do ___ . A. None, something B. Some, everything C. Few, something D. Few, nothing 参考答案:一、1-5 B D C B B 6-10 B A C A B 11-15 D C A B D 16-20 A B B B C 21-25 C D C D C 26-30 C C C B A 二、1-10: DBBCB CCADD 11-20: AABBD BAACA 21-30: ADBBC BDADC 31-40: DDDCD BCABA

第三章 形容词和副词 一、基础练习 1. If I had___, I‘d visit Europe, stopping at all the small interesting places. A. a long enough holiday B. an enough long holiday C. a holiday enough long D. a long holiday enough 2. These oranges taste___. A. good B. well C. to be good D. to be well 3. How beautifully she sings! I have never heard___. A. the better voice B. a good voice C. the best voice D. a better voice 4. I‘d be___, if you could give me an early reply. A. pleasant B. grateful C. satisfied D. helpful 5. Those T-shirts are usually $35 each, but today they have a (an)___price of $19 in the shopping center.

A. regular B. special C. cheap D. ordinary 6. Mr Smith bought a___purse for his wife. A. small black leather B. black leather small C. small leather black D. black small leather 7. —— How was your job interview? —— Oh, I couldn‘t feel___. I hardly found proper answers to most of the questions they asked. A. better B. easier C. worse D. happier 8. Longjing tea, Jasmine tea and Wuyi tea are all famous,but which do you think____ _? A. tastes best B. smells most C. sounds best D. drinks mostly 9. —— Can Li Hua help me with my English? —— I regret to tell you her English is_____yours. A. as good as B. no more than C. no better than D. as much as 10. Although he sometimes loses his temper, his students like him_____for it. A. not so much B. not so little C. no more D. no less 11. When they came in, Mr Harris______like a baby. Nobody would like to wake him from a good dream,because he needed rest. A. fell asleep B. was sound asleep C. got asleep D. went to sleep 12. This year they have produced___ grain ___they did last year. A. as less; as B. as few; as C. less; than D. fewer; than 13. —— Can I help you? —— Well, I‘m afraid the box is___heavy for you,but thank you all the same. A. so B. much C. very D. too 14. —— How did you find your visit to the museum? —— I thoroughly enjoy it. It was_____than I expected. A. far more interesting B. even much interesting C. so far interesting D. a lot much interesting 15. —— Would you like some wine?—— Yes, just_____. A. little B. very little C. a little D. little bit 16. It takes a long time to go there by train; it‘s ____by road. A. quick B. the quickest C. much quick D. quicker 17. If there were no examinations, we should have___at school. A. the happiest time B. a more happier timeC. much happiest time D. a much happier time 18. I‘m surprised that you should have been fooled by such a(an)_____trick. A. ordinary B. easy C. smart D. simple 19. The salesman showed her several bags and she chose___one as she didn‘t want to spend too much money on it. A. the less expensive B. less expensive C. the least expensive D. least expensive 20. _____box cannot be lifted by a boy of five. A. So a heavy B. So heavy a C. A such heavy D. Such heavy a 21. If the manager had to choose between the two, he would say John was ___choice. A. good B. the best C. better D. the better 22. It was_____late to catch a bus after the party, there fore we called a taxi.

A. too very B.much too C. too much D. far 23. Greenland, _____island in the world, covers even two million square kilometers. A. it is the largest B. that is the largest C. is the largest D. the largest 24. —— Mum, I think I‘m _____ to get back to school. —— Not really, my dear. You‘d better stay at home for another day or two. A. so well B. so good C. well enough D. good enough 25. Dracula and Frankenstein are_____film characters. A. frighten B. frightened C. frightening D. frightenly 26. When they heard the bad news, they all looked__at the master and felt quite__. A. sad; sad B. sadly; sadly C. sad; sadly D. sadly; sad 27. The storm kept me_____all through the night. A. awake B. awoke C. awaked D.awoken 28. —— What do you think of the concert?—— Oh, it was_____success. A. a very B. quite a C .so D. really 29. My_____brother is two years_____than I. A. older; older B. elder; older C. older; elder D. elder; elder 30. I haven‘t seen_____this since I collected stamps. A. as old a stamp as B. so an old stamp as C. stamp as old as D. as an old stamp as 二、提高练习 1. To plant the tree, we must dig _____. A. a three feet deep hole B. three-foot-deep a hole C. a hole three feet deep D. a three-feet-deep hole 2. I think he is one of the best men you've ____ found. A, never B. already C. ever D. once 3. ____ the boy‘s grown! He is almost ___ his father. A. What, as tall as B. What, taller than C. How, as tall as D. How, taller than 4. I haven‘t got ____ nails to mend the cupboard. I need another three of them. A. enough big B. big enough C. much bigger D. many enough 5. Henry knows little of physics _________ of chemistry. A. as well as B. no less than C. and still more D. and still less 6. — The dish is delicious! — Well, at least it's ___ the one I cooked yesterday. A. as bad as B. no worse than C. as well as D. no better than 7. — Do you think the weather is good enough for a picnic? — Yes. You couldn't hope for ____ at this time of the year. A. a nice day B. the nice day C. a nicer day D. the nicest day 8. It makes Thomas no better, and it makes you ____ A. best B. good C. well D. worse 9. With the help of the new equipment, our factories produced ___ VCD players in 2000 as the year before. A. as many as twice B. twice more than C. as twice many D. twice as many 10. I had invited 50 guests to the party, but actually twice ____ came.

A. more than B. as many C. as much D. less than 11. — Why didn't you go to the cinema last night? — It was something ____ interesting. A. far less B. more or less C. much more D. any further 12. The population of many Alaskan cities has _____ doubled in the past five years. A. larger than B. more than C. as greatly as D. as much as 13. — This is a good place for a picnic. — Yes, it couldn't be ____ . A. better B. best C. worst D. worse 14. — How do you like your teacher of English? — Well, no one teaches _____ here. A. well B. poorly C. best D. better 15. In the poor parts of America's big cities there is a lot of crime, _____ . A. and much of it is serious B. much of it is serious C. and many more is serious D. more of it is serious 16. — Do you like cats? — Of course. They are ____ a kind of pet. They can do much good for their masters. A. better than B. more than C. no more than D. no better than 17. The newly-built theatre is ____ the old one. A. as twice big as B. twice more bigger than C. twice the size of D. twice so big as 18. I'm afraid that your conclusion is ____ from correct. A. far B. free C. different D. short 19. Thank you very much. It's ____ of you. A. kindest B. a most kind C. the most kind D. most kind 20. Whoever is never _____ with the progress he has made will be a success. A. content B. proud C. praised D. enough 21. My teacher has three brothers, all _____ than he. George, _____, is an officer. A. elder, the eldest B. old, the oldest C. elder, the old one D. older, the eldest 22. You shouldn't be too ___ about things you are not supposed to know. A. strange B. amusing C. curious D. conscious 23. The new research team was led by the ____ engineer. A. main B. major C. chief D. primary 24. These T-shirts are usually $ 35 each but today they have a ___ price of $19 in the shopping centre. A. regular B. special C. cheap D. particular 25. It is a good way for us to memorize new words by seeing them_____. A. properly B. repeatedly C. clearly D. usually 26. — Why did she spend so much time searching shop after shop for a blouse? — Oh, she was very ____ about her clothes, A. special B. particular C. especial D. unusual 27. Football fans are _____ young people between the ages of fifteen and twenty. A. most B. almost C. mostly D. at most

28. It‘s very _____ to let the old have seats on the bus. A. thoughtful B. useful C. careful D. funny 29. — Mr. Zhang, can I talk to you ____ about my composition? — Sure. How about Thursday afternoon? A. somewhere B. somehow C. sometime D. sometimes 30. The early train is ____ to leave at five in the morning. A. possible B. due C. probable D. sure 31. He enjoys a cup of coffee sometimes, but ____ he drinks tea. A. most B. almost C. nearly D. mostly 32. It‘s _____ necessary for people to know the importance of protecting all the wildlife. A. very B. rather C. quite D. too 33. These plastic flowers look so ___ that many people think they are real. A. natural B. similar C. splendid D. fresh 34. — How can I get to the island? — You can' t get there ___ by swimming. A. more than B. other than C. rather than D. less than 35. Of the two pictures, the left one looks ______ at a distance. A. the better B. the best C. a little good D. better 36. If you wish to study hard, you must see films _____. A. more often B. oftener C. less often D. fewer often 37. — Let's take a walk before lunch. — Oh, I think it's _____ for walking. A. much too hot B. too much hot C. very much hot D. very much heat 38. I bought a _____ table the day before yesterday. A. small round wooden B. small wooden round C. round wooden small D. round small wooden 39. It was a wonder that _____ little food saved _____ many lives during the war. A. so, such B. such, so C. so, so D. such, such 40. Nurses are required to look after _____. A. sick and wound B. sick and wounded C. the sick and wound D. the sick and wounded 参考答案: 一、1.A2.A 3.D4.B5.B6.A7.C8.A9.C10.D 11.B12.C13.D14.A 15.C。用 a little 表示―少许‖。 16.D。题意为―乘火车去那儿要花很长时间;乘汽车更快些。‖ 17.D。题意为―假如没有考试的话,我们在学校就会更快乐。‖暗含比较的意味,故选 D。 18.D。题意为―你竟然被这么一个简单的花招所骗,真令我吃惊。‖trick―计谋,花招, 诡计‖。 19.C。题意为―因为她不想花太多的钱买袋子,故挑了一个最便宜的。‖ 20.B。表示―如此重的箱子‖可以用―so heavy a box‖或―such a heavy box‖。 21.D。两者中较好的一个应用 the+better。 22.B。本题为―too...to‖ 结构;much too 修饰形容词、副词,而 too much 修饰不可数 名词或单独使用。

23.D。the largest island in the world 为 Greenland 的同位语。 24.C。表示―身体健康的‖用 well。 25.C。 表示―令人感到恐怖的‖, frightening; 用 表示― (人) 感到恐怖的‖, frightened。 用 26.D。修饰 look at 用 sadly;feel 为系动词,用 sad 作表语。 27.A。awake 是形容词作宾补。 28.B。quite a , quite some 用以指人或物不寻常,如 We had quite a party.(我们的聚 会不一般。)It must be quite some car.(那辆车可不比寻常。) 29.B。指兄弟姐妹中―年长的、年龄较大的‖用 elder;而表示―年龄比……大‖则用 older。 30.A。表示―象这么旧的邮票‖可用以 下形式表达:as old a stamp as this; a stamp as old as this; 否定句中前一个 as 可用 so。 二、1-10: CCCAD BCDDB 11-20: ABADA BCADA 21-30: DCCBB 第四章 数词 选择填空 1. 265 is ____________. A.two hundreds and sixty – five B.two hundred and sixty – five C.two and sixty – five D.two hundreds sixty five 2. ______ , there will be _______ on the streets, taking part in the celebration. A.October1; millions people B.In October first; millions people C.On October the first; millions of people D.On October one; million people 3. He has been here for _______. A.one and a half months B.one and the half months C.one and a half month D.one and a half of month 4. The red shoes cost ___________. A.one pound and a half of pound B.one and a half pound C.one pound and a half D.one pound and half a pound 5. This took place in ______. A. a 1030‘s B. 1930s C. the 1930s‘ D. the 1930s 6. The hero of the story is an artist in his ______. A. thirtieth B. thirty C. thirty‘s D. thirties 7. After the new technique was introduced, the factory produced _______ tractors in 1988 as the year before. A.as twice many B.as many twice C.twice as many D.twice many as 8. This river is _____ that one. A.as three times long as B.the third time as C.three times the length of D.three times longer 9. We arrived in London on _____. A.June seventeen B.June the seventeen C.The seventeenth of June D.seventeenth of June 10. We are to take up (开始学习) ______ to day. A.the Eleventh Lesson C.The Lesson Eleven 11. We are going to learn ________ next week. B.Eleventh Lesson D.Lesson the Eleven BCACB 31-40: DCABA CAACD

A.Lesson Twelve B.Lesson Twelfth C.Twelfth Lesson D.The Lesson Twelfth 12. _______ were blown down in the storm. A.Score of tree B.Scores of trees C.Score of trees D.Scores of tree 13. He sold _____ of the magazine this afternoon. A.three dozen copy B.three dozens copy C.three dozen copies D.three dozens copies 14. The librarian asked him to return the book _______. A.in one day or two B.for one or two days C.within one day or two days D.in a day or two 15. We heard that he could swim ______ under the water. A.one minute or two B.one or two minutes C.two minutes or one D.two or one minute 16. Two _____ died of cold last winter. A.hundreds old people B.hundred old people C.hundreds old peoples D.hundred old peoples 17. --―How many chairs are there in the room?‖ --―_______‖ A.Are four B.Are five chairs there C.There‘s one D.There‘s a chair 19. He is a student of _______. A.Class First B.the Class One C.Class One D.First Class 20. About ______ of the workers in the steel workers are young people. A.third – fifths B.three – fifths C.three – fives D.three – fifth 21. ―The ______ Night‖ is a well – known play by Shakespeare. A.Twelve B.Twelveth C.Twelfth D.Twelvth 22. Oct.1,1989 is ______ anniversary (周年纪念) of the founding of the People‘s Republic of China. A.the forth B.the fourtieth C.the fortieth D.fourty 23. One – fourth of an hour is ______. A.25. minutes B.15 minute C.30 minutes D.a quarter 24. Three – fourths of the surface of the earth ______ sea. A. is B. are C.were D. has been 25. About eleven percent of the population in the United States _____ black. A. is B. are C. were D. will be 26. Several ______ ago, our country was covered by thick forestes. A.million of year B.million year C.millions years D.millions of years 27. There were seven ______ Negroes working on the farm. A.hundreds B.hundred of C.hundreds of D.hundred 28. A new ____ building will be completed soon. A.twenty – storey‘s B.twenty – storeys‘ C.twenty – stories D.twenty – storeyed 29. My grandpa is studying Japanese, though he is ______. A.in his eighty B.over eighty C.more than eighties D.in eighties 30. Are there seats for us ____? A. the third B. three C. third D. the three 31. I suppose you‘ll have to do it a ______ time.

A. three B. the third C. third D. three 32. Have you ever been to that ______ book- store? A.a second – hand B.two – hand C.the second – hand D.second – hand 33. Beijing is ____ largest city in China. A. the second B. a second C. second D. the two 34. This is a ____ factory. A.five – hundred – worker B.five – hundred – workers C.five – hundreds – workers D.five – hundred – worker‘s 35. My son‘s birthday is in ______ time. A.three – weeds B.three week‘s C.three-week D.three weeks‘ 36. He made a _____ table. A.four leg‘s B.four – leg C.four – legged D.four – leggs 37. I don‘t know _______ number of his house is. A. how much B. how many C. how D. what 38. ______ is five times four? A.How much B.How many C.What D.How 39. If you want to go to the post office, take _______. A.Bus Number the Six B.Bus Number Six C.Number Six Bus D.Six Number Bus 40. I‘ve seen it _______. A.hundred times B.hundreds of time C.hundreds of times D.hundred of times 41. 1/18 written in English is ________. A.one – eighteens B.one – eighteenth C.eighteenths – one D.oneeighteenths 42. There are ______ students in our class. A.fortieth B.fourty C.fiftieth D.fifty 43. Choose the wrong one: A.a four – hour trip B.two five – year planC.a four – act play D.a million – pound note 44. Choose the wrong one: A.every two days B.every second days C.every few days D.every other day 45. ______ work has been done to improve the people‘s living standard. A.Many B.A great many C.A large number of D.A great deal of 46. We‘ve ______ of time to do the work. A. very much B. enough C. great deal D. plenty 47. Squirrels have _____ secret food for the winter. They hide ______ nuts inside trees. A.lots of ; plenty of B.a large number of; many C.a large amount of ; a great deal of D.quantities of ; much 48. You can‘t have him go to the party with you. He has ______ things to do. A. good many B. a lot C. many a D. a good

many 49. I‘ve acquired (获得) ______ knowledge from this reference book. A.much B.many of D.lot of 50. He has been waiting for his mother for _______. A. an hour and a half B. one and a half hour C. one and half an hour D. one and half hours 答 案 : 1~5 BCACD 6~10 DCCCA ABCDB 16~20 21~25 CCDAB DDDBB 31~35 41~45 BDBBD 第五章 情态动词 一、基础练习 1.He ___ have completed his work; otherwise, he wouldn't be enjoying himself by the seaside. A. should B. must C. wouldn't D. can't 2. I _____ have been more than six years old when the accident happened. A. shouldn't B. couldn't C. mustn't D. needn't 3. This cake is very sweet. You ____ a lot of sugar in it. A. should put B. could have put C. might put D. must have put 4. He paid for a seat, when he ____ have entered free. A. could B. would C. must D. need 5. I was on the highway when his car went past followed by a police car. They ____ at least 150 kilometers an hour. A. should have been doing B. must have been doing C. could have done D. would have done 6. - Tom is never late for work. Why is he absent today? -- Something __________ to him. A. must happen B. should have happened C. could have happened D. must have happened 7. - Do you know where David is? I couldn't find him anywhere. -- Well. He _______ have gone far-his coat is still here. A. shouldn't B. mustn't C. can't D. wouldn't 8. -Lucy doesn't mind lending you her dictionary. -- She __________. I've already borrowed one. A. can't B. mustn't C. needn't D. shouldn't 9. --- Catherine, I have cleaned the room for you. --- Thanks. You _____ it. I could manage it myself. A. needn't do B. needn't have done C. mustn't do D. shouldn't have done 10. There________ be any difficulty in passing the road test since you have practised a lot in the driving school. BCACB 26~30 CDAAD 36~40 46~50 DADAA CDABC C.a great number


A. mustn't B. shan't C. shouldn't D. needn't 11. ---- The woman biologist stayed in Africa studying wild animals for 13 years before she returned. ----Oh, dear! She ________ a lot of difficulties! A. may go though B. might go through C. ought to have gone through D. must have gone though 12. ----I've taken someone else's green sweater by mistake. ----It ______ Harry's. He always wears green. A. has to be B. will be C. mustn't be D. could be 13. Helen _______ go on the trip with us, but she isn't quite sure yet. A. shall B. must C. may D. can 14. If I ________ plan to do anything I wanted to, I'd like to go to Tibet and travel through as much of it as possible. A. would B. could C have to D. ought to 15. You might just as well tell the manufacturer that male customers_____ not like the design of the furniture. A. must B. shall C. may D. need 16. ----Who is the girl standing over there? ---- Well, if you ______ know, her name is Mabel. A. may B. can C. must D. shall 17. Children under 12 years of age in that country______ be under adult supervision when in a public library. A. must B. may C. can D. need 18. "The interest ______ be divided into five parts, according to the agreement made by both sides," declared the judge. A. may B. should C. must D. shall 19. ---- I'll tell Mary about her new job tomorrow. ----You _______ her last week. A. ought to tell B. would have told C. must tell D. should have told 20. I ______ pay Tom a visit, but I'm not sure whether I will have time this Sunday. A. should B. might C. would D. could 21. ----I don't mind telling you what I know. ----You ________. I'm not asking you for it. A. mustn't B. may not C. can't D. needn't 22. ----Excuse me, but I want to use your computer to type a report. ----You________ have my computer if you don't take care of it. A. shan't B. might not C. needn't D. shouldn't 23. ----Excuse me. Is that the right way to the Summer Palace? ----Sorry, I'm not sure, but it ______ be. A. might B. will C. must D. can 24. ----Mum, I've been studying English since 8 o'clock. ________ I go out and play with Tom for a while? ----No, I'm afraid not. Besides, it's raining outside now.

A. can't B. wouldn't C. may not D. won't 25. I often see lights in that empty house. Do you think I _____report it to the police? A. should B. may C. will D. can 26. Mr. White_______ at 8:30 for the meeting, but he didn't show up. A. should have arrived B. should arrive C. should have had arrived D. should be arriving 27. You ________ be tired-you've only been working for an hour. A. must not B. won't C. can't D. may not 二、提高练习 1.--- Shall I tell John about it? --- No, you ______. I‘ve told him already. A. needn‘t B. wouldn‘t C. mustn‘t D. shouldn‘t 2. --- There were already five people in the car, but they managed to take me as well. --- It ______ a comfortable journey. A. can‘t be B. shouldn‘t be C. mustn‘t have been D. couldn‘t have been 3. --- Why didn‘t you come to see me? --- I ______, but I was too busy yesterday. A. like to B. should like to C. would like to have D. am going to 4. You can‘t imagine that a well-behaved gentleman ______ be so rude to a lady. A. might B. need C. should D. would 5. There was plenty of time; she ______. A. mustn‘t have hurried B. needn‘t have hurried C. may not have hurried D. wouldn‘t have hurried 6. --- Is John coming by air? --- He should, but ______ not. He likes taking trains. A. must B. can C. need D. may 7. --- ______ it be Li Ping who broke the glass? --- No. It ______ be Wang Hai who did it. A. Could; may B. Can; can C. May; must D. Can; must 8. When the old man was alive, he ______ sit for hours at the door. A. would B. could C. must D. might 9. Jack, you ______ play with the knife; you ______ hurt yourself. A. won‘t; can‘t B. mustn‘t; may C. shouldn‘t; must D. can‘t; should 10. I‘ve decided to take the job and I ______ change my mind. A. mustn‘t B. can‘t C. won‘t D. may not 11. She ______ into the thick forest alone on such a dark night. A. dares not go B. dares not to go C. dare not to go D. doesn‘t dare to go 12. My parents never remember my telephone number, and they always ______ look it up. A. must B. can C. should D. have to 13. --- Where is Jack? I can‘t find him anywhere.

--- He ______ his homework upstairs. A. might have done B. must have done C. might be doing D. must do 14. He ______ you more help, even though he was very busy. A. might have given B. might give C. may have given D. may give 15. --- If he ______, he ______ that food. --- Luckily he was sent to the hospital immediately. A. was warned; would not take B. had been warned; would not have taken C. would be warned; had not taken D. would have been warned; had not taken 16. --- I hear you've got a set of valuable Australian coins. ____I have a look ? --- Yes, certainly. A. Do B. May C. Shall D. Should 17. — When can I come for the photos? I need them tomorrow afternoon. — They be ready by 12:00. A. can B. should C. might D. need 18. I___ such a mistake again. A. will never make B. shall never make C. can never do D. need never do 19. He began to write two hours ago. He ______ have finished the article now. A. must B. ought C. would D. had to 20. Looking at my determined face, the big boy ______ pick up the fight. A. dares not B. dare not C. doesn't dare D. dares not to 21. — You know that you were driving 100 km an hour, don't you? — No officer, I ____. This car doesn't do more than 80. A. may not have been B. couldn't have been C. mustn't have been D. shouldn't have been 22. I think he could have joined us, but he ____ A. doesn't B. did C. didn't D. couldn't 23. — Why ____ it rain now? I ____ go to the concert at 7. — What a pity! A. can, might not B. should, needn't C. must, can't D. need, mustn't 24. He was caught in the rain last night. That _____ his cold. A. can bring about B. ought to bring about C. should have brought about D. may have brought about 25. — Did you visit the famous museum? — No, we ___, but we spent too much time shopping. A. could have visited B. must have visited C. can' t have visited D. shouldn't have visited 26. — You must phone us every week. — Yes, I _____. A. must B. have to C. will D. should

27. Don't throw the bottles away. They ____ in the future. A. may need B. are needed C. can be needing D. might be needed 28. English is a language that many people around the world ____ not speak perfectly but ___ at least understand. A. may, can B. would, might C. will, must D. could, might 29. — I wonder why Mr. Wang didn't attend the lecture. — He ____ another one. A. could have B. must have C. might have had D. should have had 30. He was taken away by the police. He ___ for a robber. A. must be mistaken B. was being mistaken C. must mistake D. must have been mistaken 31. — I wonder if I ____ smoke here. — No, you _______. Could you see the sign "No Smoking" there? A. can, needn't B. shall, won‘t C. must, can't D. may, mustn't 32. — I haven't seen Mr. White for weeks. — What _____ to him? A. must have happened B. may have happened C. can have happened D. may happen 33. — I didn't go to work yesterday afternoon because my car broke down. — You ________ mine. I wasn't using it. A. might borrow B. could have borrowed C. can have borrowed D. ought to borrow 34. — A man answered the phone. I suppose it was her husband. — It ___ her husband. He has been dead for ages. A. mustn't be B. couldn't have been C. may not have been D. mustn't have been 35. Considering that Tom always did well in all his subjects, he ____ in the final exam. A. mustn't fail B. couldn't have failed C. ought not to fail D. mustn't have failed 36. She ___ the hospital so soon, for she has not yet recovered. A. wouldn't have left B. shouldn't have left C. mustn't have left D. didn't have to leave 37. — I promise her daughter ____ get a nice present on her birthday. — Will it be a big surprise to her? A. should B. must C. would D. shall 38. — What's wrong with your pen'? — The ink ____ come out. A. can't B. doesn't C. hasn't D. won' t 39. "Whatever you want, you _____ have it on condition that you get the best result." said the boss. A. would B. ought to C. shall D. could 40. Tom, you are so lazy! This work ___ hours ago. A. should finish B. must have finished C. should have been finished D. might have finished

参考答案: 一、1-5 BBDAB 16-20 CADDA 二、 1 – 20: ADCCB 21 – 40: BCCDA



第六章 动词的时态 用所给单词的适当时态形式填空 1. He __________ back a month ago. (come) 2. My mother often tells me __________ in bed. (not read) 3. I must take it back the day after tomorrow. You can only __________ it for 24 hours. (保 存) 4. Why have you kept me __________ here for so long a time? (wait) 5. Please come to our meeting if you __________ free tomorrow. (be) 6. She __________ to the Great Wall several times. (goes) 7. In his letter, he said that he __________ us very much. (miss) 8. The film __________ for nearly fifteen minutes when I got to the cinema. (be) 9. He said he became __________ in physics. (interest) 10. This film is worth __________. (see) 11. He went to school instead of __________ home. (go) 12. In the old days it was difficult for the poor to __________ a job. (找) 13. It's cold outside, so you'd better __________ your coat. (穿上) 14. He is hungry. Please give him something __________. (eat) 15. Please don't waste time __________ TV every evening. You should word hard at English. (watch) 16. We found the window __________. (break) 17. You have dropped your pencil. __________. (拾起来) 18. Mother often tells me __________ too late. (not come home) 19. You had better __________ by bus, or you will be late. (go) 20. I will __________ Li Ming the good news as soon as I see him. (告诉) 21. Great changes __________ in our country since 1978. (take place) 22. I __________ my daughter since last month. (hear from) 23. It __________ me two days to write the article. (花费) 24. Don't touch that __________ child. (sleep) 25. Every time he tried to start the car, the wheels __________ deepersintosthe mud. (sink) 26. When I got home, I found that my room __________ breaksintosand a lot of things __________. (steal) 27. If I had arrived there earlier, I __________ him. (meet) 28. I didn't remember __________ her the book before. (give) 29. He called at every door, __________ people the exciting news. (tell) 30. Yesterday Mary couldn't finish her homework, so she has to go on __________ it this

afternoon. (do) 31. We __________ football when it began to rain. We had to stop and go home. (play) 32. Xiao Lin __________ from here for about two hours. (be away) 33.swheres__________? Can you find your birth place on the map? Sorry, I can't. (be born) 34. Last night we __________ back home until the teacher left school. (not go) 35. Comrade Li Dazhao __________ in prison in 1927. (put) 36.swheresis professor Lee? He __________ to the library. He'll come back soon. (go) 37. We could not help __________ after we heard the story. (laugh) 38. Would you please __________ me an English-Chinese dictionary when you come? (bring) 39. He told me that he __________ the Great Wall the year before. (visit) 40. I'll tell him the news as soon as he __________ back. (come) 41. The boy __________ by the door is my brother. (stand) 42. Do you remember __________ the film last year? (see) 43. There __________ a physics test next Monday. (be) 44. __________ I finish my homework in class? (必须) No, you needn't. 45. I'm sorry you've missed the last bus. It __________ ten minutes ago. (leave) 46. Wei Fang is heard __________ English every morning. (hear) 47. John stopped __________ a rest (have) because he __________ for three hours. (work) 48. I'm sorry to have kept you __________. (wait) 49. A new theatre __________ now. (build) 50. The boys __________ basketball on the playground are my classmates. (play) 51. I regretted answering like that, I was sorry __________ so. (do) 52. Can't you see I'm busy __________? (cook) 53. He __________ worried when comingsintosthe teacher's office. (look) 54. __________ some beef! (随便吃点) 55. It's a great shame for me __________ in front of so many people. (laugh at) 答案:1. came 2. not to read 3. keep 4. waiting 5. are 6. has been 7. missed 8. had been on 9. interested 10. seeing 11. going 12. find 13. put on 14. to eat 15. watching 16. broken 17. Pick it up 18. not to come home 19. go 20. tell 21. have taken place 22. have heard from 23. took 24. sleeping 25. sank 26. had been broken in to / stolen 27. would have met 28. giving /shavingsgiven 29. telling 30. doing 31. were playing 32. has been away 33. were you born 34. didn't go 35. was put 36. has gone 37. laughing 38. bring 39. had visited 40. comes 41. standing 42. seeing 43. is going to be 44. Must 45. left 46. to read 47. to have…had worked 48. waiting 49. is being built 50. playing 51. to do / to have done 52. cooking 53. looked 54. Help yourself to 55. to be laughed at

第七章 动词的语态 一、基础练习 1. If city noises ____ from increasing,people ____ shout to be heard even at dinner. A. are not kept;will have to B. are not kept;have C. do not keep;will have to D. do not keep;have to 2. The fifth generation computers, with artificial intelligence, are ____and perfected now. A. developed B. have developed C. are being developed D. will have been developed 3. --- ____ the sports meet might be put off.--- Yes,it all depends on the weather. A. I've been told B. I've told C. I'm told D. I told 4. I need one more stamp before my collection ___. A. has completed B. completes C. has been completed D. is completed 5. Rainforests ___ and burned at such a speed that they will disappear from the earth in the near future. A. cut B. are cut C. are being cut D. had been cut 6. The new suspension bridge ___ by the end of last month. A. has been designed B. had been designed C. was designed D. would be designed 7. When a pencil is partly in a glass of water, it looks as if it ____. A. breaks B. has broken C. was broken D. had been broken 8. Great changes ___ in the city, and a lot of factories ___. A. have been taken place; have been set up B. have taken place; have been set up C. have taken place; have set up D. were taken place; were set up 9. That suit __ over 60 dollars. A. had costed B. costed C. is costed D. cost 10. - Look! Everything here is under construction.- What‘s the pretty small house that __ for? A. is being built B. has been built C. is built D. is building 11.--- Do you like the material? --- Yes, it ___ very soft. A. is feeling B. felt C. feels D. is felt 12. It is difficult for a foreigner ____ Chinese. A. write B. to write C. to be written D. written 13. I have no more letters ____ ,thank you. A. to type B. typing C. to be typed D. typed 14. Take care! Don‘t drop the ink on your shirt, for it __ easily. A. won‘t wash out B. won‘t be washed out C. isn‘t washed out D. isn‘t washing out 15. Nobody noticed the thief slip into the house because the lights happened to ___. A. be put up B. give in C. be turned on D. go out 16. The computers on the table ___ Professor Smith. A. belongs B. are belonged to C. belongs to D. belong to 17. --- What do you think of the book? ---Oh, excellent. It‘s worth ___ a second time. A. to read B. to be read C. reading D. being read 18. The squirrel was lucky that it just missed ___. A. catching B. to be caught C. being caught D. to catch

19. This page needed ___ again. A. being checked B. checked C. to check D. to be checked 20. ___ many times, the boy still didn‘t know how to do the exercises A. Having taught B. Having been taught C. taught D. Teaching 二、时态、语态通练 1.The maths problem can be______. A.easy worked out B.easy to be worked out C.easily worked out D.easily to work out 2.Every possible means______,but none proves successful. A.has been tried B.tried C.is being tried D.has tried 3.The girl is to______a rich man. A.marry with B.be married C.marry to D.be married to 4.He received a telegram that______―Mother sick‖. A.wrote B.says C.reads D.read 5.Who can you imagine______to his wedding party? A.inviting B.being invited C.was invited D.to be invited 6.I______ten minutes to decide whether I should reject the offer.(NMET) A.gave B.was given C.was giving D.had given 7.——Will somebody go and get Dr.White? ——He?s already been______.(NMET) A.asked for B.sent for C.called for D.looked for 8.A conductor______to keep us in time in the singing yesterday. A.needs B.is needing C.was needed D.has been needed 9.When and where to build the new factory______yet. A.is not decided B.are not decided C.has not decided D.have not decided 10.Ways______to stop pollution by now. A.must find B.will be found C.are found D.have been found 11.I?t want anything______about it. don A.to say B.said C.saying D.having said 12.——______that the sports meet might be put off.——Yes,it all depends on the weather. ve been?ve told C.I? A.I m told D.I told?told B.I 13.A library with five thousand books______to the nation as a gift.(NMET) A.is offered B.has offered C.are offered D.have offered 14.Betty has never been heard _______ill of others. A.speak B.spoken C.to speak D.was said 15.Tom______to have delivered the speech in their theatre room. A.said B.says C.is said D.was said 16.——What do you think of the book? ——Oh,excellent.It? s worth______a second time.(NMET) A.to read B.to be read C.reading D.being read 17.Little Jim should love______to the theatre this evening.(NMET) A.to be taken B.to take C.being taken D.taking. 18.______more attention,the trees could have grown better.(NMET) A.Given B.to give C.Giving D.Having given

19.——where______the book?I can‘t see it anywhere. ——I______it right here but now it‘s gone. A.did you put;have put B.have you put;put C.had you put;was putting D.were you putting;have put 20.He would not fail so long as he______hard the next term. A.studied B.would study C.had studied D.studies 21.How long______the English party______? A.has;been lasted B.did;last C.was;lasted D.will;be lasted 22.What______you______this time next Friday? A.will;do B.have;been doing C.are;doing D.will;be doing 23.Hardly______the bell______when the teacher came in. A.did;ring B.would;ring C.has;rung D.had;rung 24.It______and the streets were still wet. A.had been raining B.rained C.had been rained D.would rain 25.The book______on the ground for ten minutes but no noe has picked it up. A.is lying B.has lain C.lay D.has been lying 26.We______there when it______to rain. A.were getting;would begin B.were about to get;began C.had got;had begun D.would get;began 27.The teacher said we______ten lessons by the end of this term. A.should have studied B.were going to study C.have studied D.should study 28.——she told me she had met you in London last year.——______you______her since? A.Had;met B.Did;see C.Would;meet D.Have;seen 29.——When______again? ——When he______,I‘ll let you know. A.will he come;will come B.will he come;come C.he comes;comes D.will he come;comes 30.Tom______for more than a week. A.has left B.had gone away C.went away D.has been away 31.——What happened to her teeth?——She______the apple more than she could chew. A.has bitten B.bit C.had been bitting D.bites 32.Shakespeare was said______37 famous plays in his lifetime. A.finishing writing B.to finish writing C.having written D.to have written 33. ——You‘ve agreed to go.So why aren‘t you getting ready? ——But I______that you______me to start at once. A.don‘t realize;want B.don‘t realize;wanted C.haven‘t realized;want D.didn‘t realize;wanted 34. ——I missed the lecture last night. ——Oh,what a pity!I wish______. A.you heared it B.you had heard it C.you never heard it D.you hadn‘t heard it 35.I‘ll return the book to the library as soon as I______it. A.finished B.am going to finish C.will finish D.have finished 36. ——Your phone number again?I______quite catch it.——It‘s 9586442.(NMET)

A.didn‘t B.couldn‘t C.don‘t D.can‘t 37. ——I‘m sorry to keep you waiting. ——Oh,not at all.I______here only a few minutes. A.have been B.had been C.was D.will be 38.When I was at college.I______three foreign languages,but I______all except a few words of each. A.spoke;had forgotten B.spoke;have forgotten C.had spoedn;had forgotten D.had spoken;have forgotten 39.The new secretary is supposed to report to the manager as soon as she______. A.will arrive B.arrives C.is going to arrive D.is arriving (NMET) 40. ——Who is Jerry Cooper? ——______?I saw you shaking hands with him at the meeting.(NMET) A.Don‘t you meet him yet B.Hadn‘t you met him yet C.Didn‘t you meet him yet D.Haven‘t you met him yet 41. ——We could have walked to the station.It was so near. ——Yes,a taxi______at all necessary.(NMET) A.wasn‘t B.hadn‘t been C.wouldn‘t be D.won‘t be 42.We haven‘t heard from Jane for a long time.What do you suppose______to her?(NEMT) A.was happening B.to happen C.has haqqend D.having happened 43.On Saturday afternoon,Mrs Green went to the market,______some bananas and visited her cousin.(NMET) A.bought B.buying C.to buy D.buy 44.As she______the newspaper,Granny______asleep.(NMET) A.read;was falling B.was reading;fell C.was reading;was falling D.read;fell 45.I______the bad cold for a week,still I can‘t get rid of it. A.caught B.have caught C.have D.have had 46.I______the time______so quickly. A.didn‘t realize;had passed B.don‘t realize;passed C.haven‘t realized;passed D.hadn‘t realized;had passed 47.——My watch______twelve o‘clock.It‘s so late. ——Let‘s hurry up. A.is said B.says C.is told D.tells 48.Helen______her key in the office so she had to wait her husband_____home.(NMET) A.has left;comes B.left;had come C.had left;came D.had left;would come 49.The pen I______I______is on my desk,right under my nose.(NMET) A.think;lost B.thought;had lost C.think;had lost D.thought;have lost 50.——Jane has just arrived. ——I didn‘t know she______. A.is coming B.was coming C.had been coming D.will come 三、提高练习 1. I can guess you were in a hurry. You __ your sweater inside out. A. had worn B. wore C. were wearing D. are wearing 2. — We __ that you would fix the TV set this week. — I‘m sorry. I __ to, but I‘ve been too busy. A. had expected; had intended B. are expecting; had intended C. expect; intend D. expected; intend

3. He will stop showing off, if no notice __ of him. A. is taken B. will be taken C. takes 4. — It is said that another new car factory__now. — Yeah. It __one and a half years. A. is building; takes B. is being built; will take C. is built; will take D. is being built; takes 5. — I‘m sorry, but I shouldn‘t have been so rude to you. — You __ your temper but that‘s OK. A. have lost B. had lost C. did lose 6. — Why? Tom, your shirt is so dirty! — Mum, I __ my storeroom downstairs。 D. were losing D. has taken

A. cleaned B. have worked C. was cleaning D. have been cleaning 7. They won‘t buy new clothes because they__money to buy a color TV set. A. save B. are saving C. has saved D. were saving 8. Good heavens! There you are! We__anxious about you, and we __you back throughout the night. A. are; expect B. were; had expected C. have been;were expecting D. are; were expecting 9. I‘ve finally finished my paper and it __ me an entire month. A. takes B. took C. was taken 10. The traffic in our city is already good and it __even better. A. gets B. got C. has got 11. — Has Jack finished his homework yet? — I have no idea;he __it this morning. D. had taken D. is getting

A. was doing B. had been doing C. has done D. did 12. — I will come to attend your lecture at 10:00 tomorrow. — I‘m sorry, by then my lecture will have ended and I__my guests in my office. A. is being met B. will meet C. will be meeting 13. — Alice came back home the day before yesterday. — Really ? Where __ ? D. will have met

A. has she been B. had she been C. has she gone D. had she gone 14. John and I _ _ friends for eight years. We first got to know each other at a Christmas party. But we__ each other a couple of times before that. A. had been; have met B. have been; have met C. had been; had met D. have been; had met 15. I __ ping-pong quite well, but I haven‘t had time to play since the new year. A. will play B. have played C. played 16. I‘ve won a holiday for two to Florida. I __ my mum. D. play

A. take B. am taking C. have taken D. will have taken 17. — You haven‘t said a word about my new coat, Brenda. Do you like it? — I‘ m sorry I __ anything about it sooner. I certainly think it‘s pretty on you. A. wasn‘t saying B. don‘t say C. won‘t say D. didn‘t say

18. — Where __? — I got stuck in the heavy traffic. I __ here earlier. A. did you go; had arrived B. have you been; would have been C. were you; would come D. are you; was 19. I know Mr Brown;we __ to each other at an international conference. A. are introduced B. have been introduced C. were introduced D. had been introduced 20. —Where do you think__he__the computer? — Sorry. I have no idea. A. has ; bought B./ ; bought bought 21. — I__to a party, but I‘ve got nothing to wear. — Why don‘t you have a dress made for the party? A. was asked B. will ask C. have asked D. have been asked 22. I didn‘t like Aunt Lucy, who__without warning and bringing us presents. A. always turned up B. has always turned up C. was always turning up D. was always turned up 23. — What do you think of this kind of TV set, which __ in Shanghai? — Well, I don‘t care such things. A. was made B. is made C. has been made 24. — Tom, did Mr. Li join you in your discussion? — No, he__, but he happened to have fallen ill. A. would like to B. will C. was to have 25. — Did he notice you enter the room? — I don‘t think so. He__to the radio with his eyes shut. D. had been made C. did ; buy D. had ;

D. was going to join

A. listened B. was listening C. has listened D. had listened 26. The plane __ at 7:00 p.m., so I have to be at the airport by 6:40 at the latest. A. has left B. is to leave C. will have left D. leaves 27. The train _____ at the present speed until it reaches the foot of the mountain at about nine o‘clock tonight. A. went B. is going C. goes D. will be going 28. Look at this! I__some magazines and__this letter. A. was looking through; found B. am looking through; find C. looked through; had found D. had looked through; finding 29. — __you __ the editor at the airport? — No, he __ away before my arrival. A. Have...met; has driven B. Had...met; was driven C. Did...meet; had been driven D. Have...met; had driven 30. — Can you give me the right answer? — Sorry, I __.Would you repeat that question? A. hadn‘t listened B. haven‘t listened C. don‘t listen listening 31. I used to drink a lot of tea but these days I __coffee. A. prefer B. preferred C. have preferred D. wasn‘t

D. am

preferring 32. — Was the driving pleasant when you went to Mexico last summer? — No, it __ for four days when we arrived, so the roads were very muddy. A. was raining B. had been raining C. would be raining 33. The vegetables didn‘t taste very good. They__too long. A. had been cooked B. were cooked 34. — Remember the first time we met, Jim? — Of course I do. You __ in the library. C. had cooked D. rained D. cooked

A. were reading B. had read C. have read D. read 35. I want to buy that kind of cloth because I __ the cloth __ well. A. have told; washes B. have been told; washes C. was told; washed D. have been told; is washed 36. — What were you up to when your parents came in? — I__for a while and__some reading. A. was playing; was going to do B. played; did C. had played; was going to do D. had played; did 37. — Sorry, I forget to post the letter for you. — Never mind, __ it myself tonight. A. I‘m going to post B. I‘ve decided to post C. I‘ll post post 38. I should very much like to have gone to that party of theirs, but __. D. I‘d rather

A. I‘m not invited B. I was not invited C. I have not been invited D. I had not been invited 39. — Is Tom still smoking? — No. By next Saturday he __ for a whole month without smoking a single cigarette. A. will go B. will have gone C. will have been D. has been going 40. All but one __ take part in the conference __ tomorrow. A. is going to; that is to take place B. are going to; that is about to take place C. are going to; that is to be taken place D. are going to; which is to be held 41. — Are you a visitor here? — That‘s right. I__round the world and now my dream of coming to China__true. A. have traveled; has come B. was traveling; had been come C. am traveling; has come D. have traveled; has been come 42. — __ Betty this morning? — Not yet, but she is sure to be here before noon. A. Have you seen B. Will you see C. Do you see D. Did you see 43. Jim talked for about half an hour yesterday. Never__ him talk so much. A. I heard B. did I hear C. I had heard D. had I heard 44. The children __very quiet;I wonder what they __up to. A. were; are being B. are being;are C. are;do D. are being;do 45. — Look at the black clouds. It __ soon. — Sure. If only we __out. A. is raining; didn‘t come B. is to rain; won‘t start C. will rain; haven‘t started D. is going to rain; hadn‘t come

46. He __articles for our wall-newspaper these three years, and he __about forty articles. A. has been writing; has written B. has been writing; wrote C. is writing; has been writing D. has written; has written 47. She __ to the office than she got down to writing the report. A. has no sooner got B. had hardly got C. no sooner got D. had no sooner got 48. When he was alive, the old scientist used to say that knowledge __from practice and he gained his experience by doing a lot of practical work. A. was coming B. had come C. comes D. would come 49. In this experiment, they are woken up several times during the night, and asked to report what they__. A. had just been dreaming B. are just dreaming C. have just been dreaming D. had just dreamt 50. — What‘s the matter? — The shoes don‘t fit properly. They____my feet. A. are hurting B. will hurt C. have hurt D. are hurt

参考答案: 一、key 1--5 ACADC 二、 1-5 CADDC 21-25 B D D A D 41-45 A C A B D 三、1 ~ 20: DAABC

6--10 BCBDA

11--15 CBCAD 16--20 DCCDB

6-10 B B C A D 11-15 B A A C C 16-20 C A A B A 26-30 B A D D D 31-35 B D D B D 36-40 A A B B D 46-50 A B C B B DBCBD ACBDD BDBCB ABAAB CCBBD

21 ~ 40: DCBCB DDACD 41 ~ 50: CADBD ADCCA 第八章 动词的语气 一、基础练习

1. ---I‘ve bought a box of chocolates for our daughter. ---Oh, how good a dad! But she doesn‘t like sweet things, _____that? A. Don‘t you know B. Haven‘t you known C. Didn‘t you know D. Hadn‘t you known 2. ---Have you decided already?---Yes, I ____at once. A. have decided B. decided C. will decide D. had decided 3. Glad to see you back. How long _____in Russia? A. did you stay B. have you stayed C. were you staying D. have you been staying 4. He works in a factory now, but he _____ on a farm for 20 years. A. worked B. has worked C. had worked D. had been working 5. Where on earth have you been? We _____ you back much earlier. A. were expecting B. are expecting C. had expected D. expect

6. ---I beg your pardon!---Oh, you _____ to me carefully. (just now) A. didn‘t B. haven‘t listened C. don‘t listen D. weren‘t listening 7. ---Mr. White didn‘t come last night, did he?---No. We ______ . A. had waited B. have been waiting C. were waiting D, had been waiting 8. ---Could you take a message for Mr. Green? ---Certainly. I _____ him about something at any case, so it _____ may other. A. may see; isn‘t B. see; won‘t be C. will see; isn‘t D. will be seeing; won‘t be 9. ---Who is the old man talking with your teacher? ---I don‘t know. I _____ him before. A. was never seeing B. had never seen C. never saw D. wouldn‘t see 10. I can guess you were in a hurry. You ______ your sweater inside out. A. had worn B. wore C. are wearing D. were wearing 11. Going out for tea with friends _____ increasingly popular during the past twenty years. A. becomes B. became C. has become D. had become 12. As far as we know, Tom spends at least as much time watching TV as he ______ . A. does writing B. writes C. writing D. does to write 13. ---I hope you enjoyed the film last night. ---How on earth do you know I went to a film? I ______ you. A. won‘t tell B. didn‘t C. haven‘t told D. don‘t tell 14. Turn off the tap please. The water _______ . A. was wasted B. wastes C. is wasting D. is wasted 15. ---I thought I asked you to fix the radio. ---Oh, I‘m sorry. I ______ it right away. A. am to do B. will do C. was about to do D. am going to do. 16. ---The farmer president was caught at last. ---Really? Where _____ himself? A. had hidden B. has he hidden C. was he hidden D. has he been hiding 二、提高练习 1.Were it not for the snowy weather, we __________all right. A. would be B. would have been C. were D. may be 2. ________more careful, his ship would not have sunk. A. If the captain were B. Had the captain been C. Should the captain be D. If the captain would have been 3. If he _________ me tomorrow, I would let him know. A. should call B. should not have been able C. were not able D. are not able 4. If you asked your father, you ______________ permission. A. may get B. might get C. should have called D. maybe get 5. _____________today, he would get there by Friday. A. Would he leave B. Was he leaving C. Were he to leave D. If he leaves 6. ______I you, I would go with him to the party. A. Was B. Had been C. Will be D. Were 7. Had Paul received six more votes in the last election, he ____________our chairman now. A. must have been B. would have been C. were D. would be

8. ____________ the English examination I would have gone to the concert last Sunday A. In spite of B. But for C. Because of D. As for 9. Look at the terrible situation I am in! If only I _____________your advice A. follow B. would follow C. had followed D. have followed 10. If the horse won today, it _____________ thirty races in five years. A. would have won B. won C. must have won D. did have won 11. There is a real possibility that these animals could be frightened, _______a sudden loud noise. A. being there B. should there be C. there was D. there having been 12. If you hadn‘t taken such a long time to get dressed, we‘d______________ there by now. A. be B. circles C. is circling D. be circling 13. I wish I ___________ with her. A. would be B. am C. was D. were 14. The picture exhibition bored me to death. I wish I_______________ to it. A. had not gone B. have not gone C. did not go D. can not have gone 15. George would certainly have attended the meeting, ____________________ . A. if he didn‘t get a flat tire B. if the flat tire hadn‘t happened C. had he not had a flat tire D. had the tire not flattened itself 16. The teacher suggested that her students _____________ experiences with ESP. A. write a composition on their B. to write composition about the C. wrote some compositions of his or her D. had written any compositions for his 17. He speaks Chinese as fluently as if he ______________a Chinese. A. were B. had been C. is D. has been 18. Looking round the town, he felt as though he ______________ away for ages. A. has been B. was C. is D. had been 19. Most insurance agents would rather you ___________ anything about collecting claims until they investigate the situation. A. do B. don‘t C. didn‘t D. didn‘t do 20. It is important that the TOEFL office ________ your registration. A. will confirm B. confirm C. confirms D. must confirm 21. Without electronic computers, much of today‘s advanced technology __________. A. will not have been achieved B. have not been achieved C. would not have been achieved D. had not been achieved 22. He speaks Chinese as fluently as if he ____________a Chinese. A. were B. had been C. is D. has been 23. It is time that the government ______________measures to protect the rare birds and animals. A. takes B. took C. has taken D. taking 24. Some people are too particular about school records, insisting that every applicant ________ all diplomas from elementary school to university. A. has B. will have C. should have D. must have

25. He was very busy yesterday, otherwise he _____ to the meeting. A. would come B. came C. would have come D. had come 26. If I had seen the movie, I ______________ you all about it now. A. would tell B. will tell C. have told D. would have told 27. I had hoped that John _______ a year in Africa, but he stayed there only for three months. A. spends B. spent C. would spend D. will spend 28. It‘s high time they____________ this road. A. mend B. mended C. must have mended D. will mend 29. It‘s about time people______ notice of what women did during the war. A. take B. took C. have taken D. will take 30. He‘s working hard for fear that he_____________ . A. should fall behind B. fell behind C. may fall behind D. would fall behind 31. In the past men generally preferred that their wives_______________ in the home. A. worked B. would work C. work D. were working 32. For a child to give up his less mature idea for a more mature one, it requires that the child _____ psychologically ready for the new idea. A. is B. were C. be D. would be 33. Your advice that_____________ till next week is reasonable. A. she waits B. she wait C. wait she D. she waited 34. It was essential that we lease before the end of the month. A. sing B. singed C. had signed D. were signing 35. I advised that the sick child ________ a hospital as soon as possible. A. should send to B. should be sent C. be went to D. must be sent to 36. The workers in the factory demanded that their pay ________ be 20 percent. A. be raised B. would be raised C. raised D. raise 37. The guard at the gate insisted that everybody ________ the rules. A. obeys B. obey C. will obey D. would obey 38. My suggestion is that she ________ more exercise, which will do a lot of good to her. A. takes B. must take C. take D. took 39. If only I ________ driving before. A. learn B. learned C. had learned D. would learn 40. ________ she ________ yesterday, she would meet the famous singer today. A. If, didn‘t leave B. Had not, left C. Hadn‘t, left D. Didn‘t, leave 答案 一、1---5 CBAAC 6---10 DDDCC CABCBA 二、1 ~ 20: ABABC DDBCA BADAC AADDB 21 ~ 40: CDBCC ACBBA CCBAC ABCCC

第九章 冠词 一、基础练习 1. He takes___ active part in____ sports. A. the; the B. the;/ C. an;/ D./;the 2. The teacher came into the classroom, ______dictionary under_____ arm. A. a; a B. an; a C. the; the D./;/ 3. A doctor told me to take ____medicine three times a day, stay in ___bed, then I would be better soon. A. a; the B. a; / C. the; / D. /; a 4. The southerners usually have _____rice for_____ lunch. A. the;the B. /; a C. /; / D. the;/ 5. ______Einsteins did manage to send ______Einstein to a technical school. A. /;/ B. An; an C. The; / D. The; an 6. ______snow is white. The snow that covers the top of the mountain is _____ beautiful sight. A. The; the B. /; / C. /; a D. /; the 7. We'll wait for you at the gate of ____school on _____National Day. A. the; the B. the;/ C. a; / D. a; a 8. ______students in our school are mostly from_____ north. A. The; / B. The; a C./; the D. The; the 9. The overseas Chinese have _____great love for______ their motherland. A. a; the B. an; / C. the; / D. a; / 10. We walked together ____arm in______ arm. A. a; a B. an; an C. the; the D. /; / 11. ____singer and _____dancer has accepted the invitation. A. A; a B. The; the C. The; a D. The; / 12. You can write a letter in _____ink or______ pencil. A. /; a B. /; / C. a;/ D. an; a 13. They used to go swimming in the sea in ____summer, but during ___summer of 2004 they were too busy to go swimming at all. A. the;/ B. /; the C./;/ D. the; the 14. They had to work from morning till ____night in order to pay off ___ debts. A. the; the B. the;/ C./;the D./;/ 15. _____Yellow River is the pride of _____People's Republic off China. A. The; a B. A; a C. The; the D./; the 16. All of ____sudden, we were caught in _____rain. A. /; / B. a; the C. /;the D. a; a 17. ___had been committed was not realized until later. A. How serious a crime B. How serious crime C. How a serious crime D. How crime serious 18.We have never seen ______man. A. so handsome B. so handsome a C. a so handsome D. so a handsome 19. You can hardly hope to succeed where _____ has failed. A. many greater man B. a many greater man

C. many a greater man D. many greater a man 20. How did you pay the workers? As a rule, they were paid ______. A. by an hour B. by hours C. by a hour D. by the hour 21. It's ____great pleasure to go to ___cinema after a week's hard work. A. a; the B. the; a C. a. a D. the; the 22. As ____unemployment is very high at the moment, it's very difficult for people to find _____work. A. the;/ B./;/ C. the; a D. an; the 23. -Do you like your school life? -It's hard to say. If there were no ____examinations, I should have ____much happier time at school. A. an; a B. /; a C. a; the D./;/ 24. A serious accident happened at ___crossroad, not far from _____New World Supermarket. A. /;the B. a; a C. the;/ D. a; the 25. Mr. Smith told us that _____gold medal his son had got was considered ____great honor to the whole family. A. the; / B. a; a C. the; a D. a; the 26. _____computer is really _____most useful invention in the twentieth century. A. The; a B. The; / C. A; / D. /; a 27. All these changes will lead to _____stronger and powerful China, ____country that can surprise and enrich our planet. A. a; a B. a; the C. the; a D. the; the 28.-Really? Who will give _____lecture? What is it about? -Professor Chen, ____president of Beijing University. About pollution. A. the; a B. the;/ C. a; the D. a; / 29. -Hey, Mr. Smith, you are wanted on ______phone. -who is calling? - ____Mr. Green. I don't know who he is. A. /; A B. the;/ C. the; A D. /; / 30. As is known to all,______ tiger is in ______danger of dying out. A. a; a B. the;/ C. a; / D .the; the 二、提高练习 1. Jumping out of ________ airplane at ten thousand feet is quite ________ exciting experience. A./; the B./; an C.an; an D.the; the 2. There‘s ________ dictionary on ________ desk by your side. A.a; the B.a; a C.the; a D.the; the 3. An accident happened at ________ crossroads a few meters away from ________ bank. A.a; a B./; a C./; the D.the; / 4.The warmth of ________ sweater will of course be determined by the sort of ________ wool used. A.the; the B.the; / C./; the D./; / 5.Mr.Li will give us ________ talk.________ talk will begin at 8:00. A.a; The B.the; A C./; / D.a; A

6.The sun gives us ________ heat and ________ light. A.the; the B.a; a C.a; the D./; / 7.—What do you need in dinner? —I need ________. A.a knife and a fork B.a knife and fork C.the knife and fork D.the knife and the fork 8.________ Mrs.Smith is waiting for you in your office. A.The B.A C.One D./ 9.She‘s on ________ People‘s Daily. A.the B.an C.a D./ 10._____ Einsteins could not pay for _____ advanced education that young Albert needed. A.The; the B.A; a C.An; the D.The; an 11.She is ________ newcomer to ________ chemistry but she has already made some important discoveries. A.the; the B.the; a C.a; / D.a; the 12.—Where is Jack? —I think he is still in ________ bed,but he might be in ________ bathroom. A./; / B.the; the C.the; / D./; the 13.I don‘t like talking on ________ telephone; I prefer writing ________ letters. A.a; the B.a; / C.the; the D.the; / 14.Many people are still in ________ habit of writing silly things in ________ public places. A.the; the B./; / C.the; / D./; the 15.—If you don‘t like the red coat,take the blue one. —OK,but do you have ________ size in blue? This one is a bit tight for me. A.a big B.a bigger C.the big D.the bigger 16.I heard somebody playing ________ piano in ________ next room. A.a; a B.the; the C.a; the D.the; an 17.________ Pacific Ocean is ________ largest of all. A.the; a B./; the C.the; the D.a; / 18.Great changes have taken place in ________ 1990‘s. A./ B.a C.the D.an 19.Wouldn‘t it be ____ wonderful world if all nations lived in _____ peace with one another? A.a; / B.the; / C.a; the D.the; the 20.Alexander Graham Bell invented ________ telephone in 1876. A./ B.a C.the D.one 21.In 1864,Lincoln was elected _____ President of ____ United States for the second time. A.the; the B.a; a C./; the D./; / 22.John is ________ university student. A./ B.any C.a D.an 23.The table is made of ____. A.a wood B.some wood C.the wood D.wood 24.We are going to learn ________ next week. A.Twelfth Lesson B.The Twelfth Lesson C.Twelve Lesson D.The Twelve Lesson 25.—I‘d like ________ information about the management of your hotel,please. —Well,you could have ________ word with the manager. He might be helpful. A.some; a B.an; some C.some; some D.an;

a 26.Paper money was in _______ use in China when Marco Polo visited the country in ______ thirteenth century. A.the; / B.the; the C./; the D./; / 27.Most animals have little connection with ________ animals of ________ different kind unless they kill them for food. A.the; a B./; a C.the; the D./; the 28.Alice is fond of playing _____ piano while Henry is interested in listening to _____ music. A./; the B./; / C.the; / D.the; the 29.Oh,John.________ you gave us! A.How a pleasant surprise B.How pleasant surprise C.What a pleasant surprise D.What pleasant surprise 30.________ terrible weather we‘ve been having these days! A.How a B.What a C.How D.What 31.Many people agree that _____ knowledge of English is a must in ____ international trade today. A.a; / B.the; an C.the; the D./; the 32.Beyond ________ stars,the astronaut saw nothing but ________ space. A.the; / B./; the / D.the; the 33.—Have you seen ________ pen? I left it here this morning. —Is it ________ black one? I think I saw it some where. A.a; the B.the; the a D.the; a 34.After watching ________ TV,she played ________ violin for an hour. A./; / B.the; the / D./; the 35.—Are you sure to help me find ________ bed for my new house? —Sure,but not now. I‘m heading for ________ bed and a good sleep. C./;



A.a; / B.a; a C.the; a D.the; / 36.Charlie Chaplin was considered one of the greatest actors in ___ history of ___ cinema. A./; / B.a; the C.the; the D.the; a 37.—What about ________ book? —It‘s too difficult ________ book. A.a; a B.a; the C.the; the D.the; a 38.Towards ________ evening ________ cold rain began to fall. A.an; the B.the; a C.the; / D./; a 39.She always plays ________ football after ________ school. A.a; the B.the; the C./; a D./; /

40._____ wheel is thought to be _____ invention of _____ first importance in human history. A.A; the; the B.The; an; the C.A; an; the D.A; an; / 41.I felt someone patted me on ________ shoulder. A.a B.the C.my D./ 42.—So you are running ________ restaurant? —Yes,but I don‘t want to make it ________ restaurant only for rich people. A.the; / B.the; the C.a; the D.a; a 43.Xi‘an was ________ starting point of ________ world famous―Silk Road‖. A./;/ B.a; a C.the; / D.the; the 44.It is ten o‘clock in the morning but he is still ________. A.in the bed B.at the bed C.in bed D.on bed 45.More than half of ________ water used for drinking,washing and irrigating crops comes from under ________ ground. A.the; / B./; the C./; / D.the; the 46.At noon we reached ________ small village ________ east of ________ Summer Palace. A.the; the; the B.a; /; the C.a; the; the D.a; /; / 47.The child had only ________ slight temperature,but the doctor regarded ________ illness as serious enough for ________ hospital treatment. A./; /; the B.a; /; / C.a; the; / D./; the; the 48.I had ________ lunch at a friend‘s house yesterday.________ food was good. A.the; / B./; / C.the; the D./; The 49.—What is Jack going to do with all his money? —He says he has always dreamed of taking ________ trip around ________ world. A.a; the B.the; the C.a; / D.a; a 50.Qingdao is ________ most beautiful city in summer. A.the B./ C.a D.one 51.Just now you said you always got to work on _______ 8 o‘clock train. But would _______ later train get you to work on time? A.a; a B.a; the C.the; the D.the; a 52.The building was completed in ______ September of 1956 not in ______ October,1955. A./; the B.the; the C./;/ D.the; / 53.I would like to have _______ room, _______ window of which opens to _______ south. A.a; the; a B.a; the; the C.a; /; / D.a; the; / 54.There is _______ house in the picture.There is _______ old woman near _______ house. A.an; a; the B.a; an; the C.the; a; an D.a; the; an 55.________ Europe and ________ America are separated by ________ Atlantic Ocean. A./; /; the B.the; the; the C./; /; / D.the; the; / 56.There is ________―h‖ in the word―honest‖. A.a B.the C./ D.an 57.________ terrible life people in the small island lived at that time! A.What B.How C.What a D.How a 58.Father often says to me,―Be _____ honest boy today and _____ useful man tomorrow.‖ A.a; a B.an; an C.a; an D.an; a

59.Things of ______ kind come together; people of _____ kind fall into _____ same group. A.the; the; the B.a; a; the C.the; the; a D.a; the; the 60.________ Suez Canal brought ________ east and ________ west closer. A.The; the; the B./; the; the C.The; /; / D./; /; /

参考答案 一、 1. C 2. D 3. C 4. C 5. C 6.C 7. B 8.D 9.D 10. D 11. D 12. B 13. B 14. C 15. C 16. B 17. A 18.B 19. C 20.D 21. A 22.B 23. B 24.D 25. C 26.A 27.A 28.B 29. C 30.B 二、 1~5 CAABA 21~25 CCDBA AACDA 41~45 BDDCD DDBBA 6~10 DBBAA 36~40 CDDDB 46~50 56~60 DCDBA BCDAC 51~55 11~15 CDDCB 26~30 CBCCD 16~20 BCCAC 31~35

第十章 介词 一、基础练习 1. Henry, ___ Mary and Tom, is coming to China for a visit? Which is WRONG? A. together with B. like C. besides D. but in addition to 2. His father will be back from London____a few days. A. since B. in C. on D. after 3. He usually goes to work on time ______. A. except for raining days B. besides it rains C. but that it rains D. except on rainy days 4. Did you have trouble _______ the post office? A. to have found B. with finding C. to find D. in finding 5. If you keep on, you‘ll succeed ________. A. in time B. at one time C. at the same time D. on time 6. The train leaves___6:00 pm, so I have to be at the station___5:40 pm at the latest? A. at; until B. for; after C. at; by D. before; around 7. ___the gate and you‘ll find the entrance___the park___the other side. A. Through; to; on B. Along; of; on C. Down; to; at D. Up; of; by 8. One___ five will have the chance to join in thegame. A. within B. among C. in D. from 9. —— Do you go there ___bus?—— No, we go there ___a train. A. in; on B. on; on C. by; in D. by; with 10. I made the coat ___my own hands. It was made___hand, not with a machine. A. in; in B. in; with C. with; by D. with; with 11. The trees ___front of the house are ___the charge of Mr. Li. A. in; in B. at; in C. in; by D. from; in 12. The old man died______ cold _______ a cold night.

A. from; at B. of; in C. of; on D. for; during 13. My uncle lives____116 Changhe Street. His room is ____the sixth floor. A. at; on B. to; at C. on; in D. of; to 14. I don‘t think you can work out the maths problem____her help. A. since B. unless C. with D. without 15. He is running__the wind towards the station__Tom running __the right. A. down; and; on B. against; with; on C. for; with; in D. with; while; to 16. In Hangzhou Mr. Black was so struck__the beauty of nature that he stayed__ another night. A. at; on B. with; at C. for; in D. by; for 17. —— How long has the bookshop been in business? —— ______1987. A. After B. In C. From D. Since 18. We offered him our congratulations_____his passing the college entrance exams. A. at B. on C. for D. of 19. Guangdong lies___the south of China and Fujian is___the east of it. Hainan is __the coast of the mainland. A. in; in; on B. in; on; off C. on; to; on D. in; to; away 20. The student, _ whom all the teachers are pleased,is very strict _ himself _ everything. A. to; with; in B. with; with; in C. with; at; with D. at; with; at 21. Some doctors were sent t?the front where medical workers were ___. A. in great need B. in great need of C. needed great D. needed in 22. _____hearing the good news, they jumped with joy. A. For B. To C. On D. At 23. She is well-known____her poems and she is also famous ___an actress. A. for; for B. as; for C. for; as D. by; for 24. He climbed silently______seizing the thief______. A. in the purpose; by surprise B. with purpose of; surprisingly C. with purpose of; surprisedly D. with the purpose of; by surprise 25. The touch they had both kept in ___many years broke. A. for B. on C. into D. with 26. The pianist began to play and the girl in red began to sing ____the music. A. with B. along C. through D. to 27. He divided the sweets___the children who were divided ___three groups. A. in; in B. into; into C. between; in D. among; into 28. Early ___the morning of May 1, we started off___the mountain village. A. in; for B. in; t? C. on; / D. on; for 29. Ted has been absent_____class for quite some time. A. for B. with C. of D. from 30. The railway was opened______traffic_______ April 4, 1985. A. to; on B. to; in C. by; on D. for; on 答案及简析 1.D。―名词+介词短语‖作主语时,谓语动词要与前面的名词保持一致。D 项表达错误。 2.B。表示―从现在起多长时间之后‖用 in。 3.D。except 后接动词不定式可与 but 连用,但 except 后还可接 that, when, where 等从句

或介词短语,在表示对细节加以纠正之意时用 except for。 4.D。have trouble/difficulty in doing sth./with sth.是一个习惯用法,表示―做某事吃力、 费劲‖。 5.A。in time 除平时熟悉的―及时‖之意外,还有―迟早‖的意思,相当于 sooner or later。6.C。 具体时间即点时间前常用介词 at, 表示―到……为止‖用 by。 7.A。through 指―从某事物的内部空间穿过‖;entrance 后习惯接 to;表示―在……边‖用 on。 8.C。―one in five‖指―五人中有一个‖,即―one out of five‖。 9.C。―乘坐交通工具‖时,用 by+抽象名词(无冠词的名词)或用 in/on 加冠词再加交通工 具。 10.C。―由手工制作‖用固定词组 with one‘s hands 或 by hand。 11.A。in front of 表示―在……前面‖;in the charge of 表示―在……掌管/控制下‖。 12.C。die of 用于疾病、情感、饥饿、寒冷等原因造成的死亡,die from 指除了疾病、情感、 饥饿、寒冷以外的原因造成的死亡,on a cold night 为特定时间。 13.A。在相对小的地点或门牌前用 at;房间―在第几层‖用―on... floor‖。 14.D。―在……帮助下‖用 with,―没有……帮助‖用 without。 15.B。―逆/顶风而跑‖用 against;―with +宾+宾补‖表示伴随;表示―在左/右边‖用 on。 16.D。―be struck by‖意为―被……迷住/打动‖,stay for the night 表示―留下来过夜‖。 17.D。since 常与现在完成时连用。 18.B。offer sb. congratulations on sth. or doing sth.=congratulate sb. on sth. or doing sth. 19.B。in the south 表示在―一个范围之内的南部‖,on the east 表示―在东边接壤‖,off the coast 表示―离开海岸‖。 20.B。表示―对……感到满意‖,用 be pleased with。此句为定语从句; 主句中用了 be strict with sb. in sth.句型。 21.A。如果选 C,great 应改为 greatly。 22.C。on (one‘s) doing 意为―当……时‖,相当于 when 引导的时间状语从句。如:On (my) asking for information, I heard a loud noise outside. 23.C。 well-known/famous for 意为―因……而著名‖, well-known/famous as 意为―作 be be 为……而著名‖。 24.D。with the purpose of 是一个固定词组,意为―怀着……意图‖;by surprise 相当于 suddenly。 25.A。keep in touch 为固定短语,for...表示一段时间。 26.D。sing to the music 意为―伴随着音乐而唱‖。 27.D。介词 between 指―两者之间‖;among 用于―三者或三者以上之间‖。根据定语从句可 知 children 应是三者以上。 28.D。 表示在―某一天的早晨‖常说―on the morning of...‖; 后面用 for 表示去的目的地。 29.D。 be absent from 是一个固定短语,意思是―缺席‖。 30.A。be opened to traffic 的意思是―通车‖;在具体的某一天之前通常用 on。 二、提高练习 1. The speech by the mayor of Shanghai before the final voting for Expo 2010 is strongly impressed _______ my memory. A. to B. over C. by D. on 2. The trees in that thick forest are so dose together that there is hardly any room to move ______ them. A. between B. in C. among D. across 3. So far, several ships have been reported missing _____ the coast of Bermuda Island. A. off B. along C. on D. around

4. It was easier to move about ______ the fringe of the crowd. A. at B. in C. on D. to 5. For miles around me there is nothing but a desert, without a single plant of tree _____. A. in sight B. on the earth C. at a distance D. in a place 6. I wanted two seats ______ Madame Gurie for Friday night, so I rang the cinema to seeif I could book two tickets. A. of B. about C. to D. for 7. ---Has the train arrived? ---No, it all will be late ______ half an hour. A. at B. for C. in D. by 8. I like traveling by sea ______ it is not rough. A. unless B. in case C. as long as D. although 9. ---Poor Tom! He will have to work all the next month. ---Luckily, _______ the basketball games are held. A. except B. except that C. except when D. except for 10. ______ sick or well, my grandfather is always cheerful. A. Either B. No matter C. Even if D. whether 11. The oil must be used up, _______ the light went out. A. for B. because C. since D. as 12. The two countries were ______ between 1989 and 1992. A. peace B. at no war C. at peace D. at peaceful 13. The bridge is 1000 meters _______ length. A. with B. in C. at D. on 14. Look out _______ the traffic when crossing the road. A. at B. of C. for D. with 15. We often call Martin Luther King M.L.King _______ . A. in short B. for short C. at short D. to short 16. ______ the end of last term, every student in the school, I think, has taken at least five maths tests. A. By B. Since C. From D. In 17. ---How can I get to the island you mentioned?---You can‘t get there _____ by swimming. A. other than B. more than C. rather than D. less than 18. ---I find reading comprehension the hardest in learning a foreign language. ---Well, ______ you‘d better practise reading short passage every day. A. so that B. now that C. for that D. with that 19. ---Do you like coffee or milk?---Both. But I prefer coffee ______ milk. A. to B. for C. with D. from 20. Spider was up and standing at the door, with every hair of her body _____ . A. stood up B. on its end C. on end D. on the end 答案:1---5 DBACA 6---10 DDCCD 11---15 ACBCB 16---20 BACCC 第十一章 连词 选择填空 1.—The place s a bit too crowded.?t too bad, is it?—______ it?isn A.No, but B.Yes, though C.No, because D.Yes, yet 2.Five minutes earlier,_____ we could have caught the last train.

A.but B.and C.so D.or 3.They may go to London, but they are not certain______. A.still B.yet C.already D.however 4.This word may be used both as a noun_____as a verb. A.as well as B.nor C.and D.or 5.I have read one of his plays______a lot of his poems. A.but B.while C.as well as t see air, ______,it does exist.?6.We can D.as well

A.and B.but C.however D.still 7.Do what you have been told,____ you will be punished. A.and B.but C.or t come.?8.She was ill,_____she can D.after all

A.for B.therefore C.but D.or 9.—I thought he hated TV. —You are right,_____he still watches the program. A.besides B.also 10._____you are dismissed. C.then D.yet

A.Either you go or B.Whether you go or C.Both you go and D.Not only you go but also 11.It is strange, ______ it is true. A.if B.or C.so D.and 12.I asked her to stay for tea,_____ I had something to tell her. A.but B.for C.or D.and 13.I remember_____ this used to he a quiet village. (NMET) A.when B.how C.where 14.It will be hours______ she comes back. A.before B.since C.after 15.I had no idea about it______ he told me. A.until B.there C.that 16.Air to us is _____ water to fish. D.what D.by D.where

A.what B.that C.which D.of which d better make a mark____ you have?17.When you read the book, you questions. A.where B.at which C.at where D.the place where 18.I had no idea where he had been_____ he told me. A.when B.until C.except D.because 19._____,Mother will wait for him to have dinner together. (NMET) A.However late is he B.However he is late C.However D.However late he is 20.It worried her a bit_____ her hair was turning gray. (NMET) A.while B.that C.if D.for t doubt_____ he can?21.I don pass the entrance examination. A.whether B.when C.that D.how 22.Never believe anything____ any other person has believed it.Use your own mind. A.that B.when C.because D.nor t?23.Don t understand.?stop_____you meet with a word you don

A.at that time B.each time C.sometimes 24.Take an umbrella______ it rains. A.in case B.in any case C.because D.for 25._____the teacher found goodness, he praised it.


A.Wherever B.However C.As D.Because 答案:1-5 A B B C C 6-10 C C B D A 11-15 D B A A A 16-20 B A B D B 21-25 C C B A A 第十二章 非谓语动词 一、基础练习 1.The headmaster wanted the new classroom building___as soon as pos-sible. A.to put up B.to be put up C.to have been put up D.being put up 2.At the shopping-centre,he didn‘t know what____and____with an empty bag. A.to buy;leave B.to be bought C.to buy;left D.was so buy;leave 3.The policeman put down the phone,____with a smile on his face. A.satisfied B.satisfying C.to be satisfied D.having satisfied 4.____,your composition is full of mistakes. A.Writing carelessly B.Written carelessly C.Having written carelessly D.Being written carelessly 5.She made a candle_____us light. A.give B.gave C.to give D.given 6.The stranger you saw_____with a big travelling-bag stayed in Room 104 yesterday. A.to come in B.come in C.has come in D.who came in 7.——What do you suppose made her worried? ——_____a gold ring. A.Lose B.Lost C.Losing D.Because of losing 8.He feft a stone____his back. A.hitting B.hit C.hitted D.to hit 9.I know it‘s not important,but I can‘t help_____about it. A.to think B.and think C.thinking D.being thought 10._____several times the young scientist still kept on making his experi-ments. A.Having been failed B.Having failed C.Though failed D.Because of failure 11.In Australia,he made a lot of friends____a very practical knowledge of the English language. A.get B.go get C.getting D.got 12.——What did you mean by saying that? ——I mean no harm.I only____. A.meant heping B.want to help C.meant of help D.want helping 13.I never expected the shoes_____. A.wearing out B.to be worn out C.to have worn out D.being worn out 14.You must learn_____. A.that your time needs a wise use B.how to make lest of your time C.to make wise use of your time D.wise ways to use your time 15._____is better_____one‘s life than_____one‘s spirit. A. That; lost; you lose B. It; to lose; lose

C.This ; losing ; losing D. It; to lose ; to lose 16. Peter wanted his TV______,but his wife would rather have it______off. A. fixed; thrown B. to be fixed ; be thrown C.fixed ; throwing D.fixing ; throwing 17. _____the news of his father's death, he burst into tears. A. After hearing B. On hearing C. Having heard D. While hearing 18. Most of the artists______to the party were from South Africa. A. invited B. to invite C. being invited D. had been invited 19. Tom kept quiet about the accident_______lose his job. A. so not as to B. so as not to C. so as to not D. not so as to 20. She searched the top of the hill and stopped______on a big rock by the side of the path. A. to have rested B. resting C. to rest D. rest 21. Last summer I took a course on_______. A. how to make dress B. how dress be made C. how to be made dress D. how dress to be made 22. The secretary worded late into the night,______a long speech for the president. A. to prepare B. preparing C. prepared D. was preparing 23. She's upstairs_______letters. A. writes B. is writing C. write D. writing 24. The speaker raised his voice but still couldn't make himself______. A. hear B. to hear C. hearing D. heard 25. The murderer was brought in ,with his hands______behind his back. A. being tied B. having tied C. to be tied D. tied 26. On Saturday afternoon, Mr Green went to the market,_____some ba-nanas and visited his cousin .A. bought B. buying C. to buy D. buy 27. Jane was made______the truck for a week as a punishment. A. to wash B. washing C. wash D. to be washing 28. Mr Smith warned his daughter _____after drinking. A. never to drive B. to never drive C. never driving D. never drive 29. ——The light in the office is still on. ——Oh, I forgot _______. A. turning it off B. turn it off C. to turn it off D. having turned it off 30. I can hardly imagine Peter ______across the Atlantic Ocean in five days. A. sail B. to sail C. sailing D. to have sailed 31. ——Shall we go skating or stay at home? ——Which____do yourself? A. do you rather B. would you rather C. will you rather D. should you rather 32. ____a reply, he decided to write again. A. Not receiving B. Receiving not C. Not having received D. Having not received 33. The salesman scolded the girl caught______and let her off. A. to have stolen B. to be stealing C. to steal D. stealing 34. Little Jim should love_____to the theatre this evening. A. to be taken B. to take C. being taken D. taking 35. ——I usually go there by train. ——Why not____by boat for a change?

A. to try going B. trying to go C. to try and go D. try going 36. I would appreciate______back this afternoon. A. you to call B. you call C. your calling D. you're calling 37. _____is a good form of exercise for both young and old. A. The walk B. Walking C. To walk D. Walk 38. "Can't you read?"Mary said_____to the notice. A. angrily pointing B. and point angrily C. angrily pointed D. an angrily pointing 39. The computer centre,______last year, is very popular among the students in this school. A. open B. opening C.having opened D. opened 40. Charles Babbage is generally considered______the first computer. A. to invent B. inventing C. to have invented D. having invented 41. How about the two of us_____a walk down the garden? A. to take B. take C. taking D. to be taking 42. ______down the radio —the baby's asleep in the next room. A. Turning B. To turn C. Turned D. Turn 43. The visiting Minister expressed his satisfaction with his talks,______that he had enjoyed his stay here.A. having added B. to add C. adding D. added 44. The first textbooks ______for teaching English as a foreign language came out in the 16th century. A. having written B. to be written C. being written D. and arrived 45. She set out soon after dark _____ home an hour later. A. arriving B. to arrive C. having arrived D. and arrived 46. The missing boys were last seen ______near the river. A. playing B. to be playing C. play D. to play 47. Rather than ______ on a crowded bus ,he always prefers ______ a bicy-cle. A. ride; ride B. riding ; ride C. ride ; to ride D. to ride; riding 48. ——I must apologize for _____ ahead to time. —— That's all right. A. letting you not know B. not letting you know C. letting you know not D. letting not you know 49. Paul doesn't have to be made _____. He always works hard. A. learn B. to learn C. learned D. learning 50. We agreed _____here but so far she hasn't turned up yet. A. having met B. meeting C. to meet D. to have met 51. ——You were brave enough to raise objections at the meeting. ——Well,now I regret ______that. A. to do B. to be doing C. to have done D. having done 52. The boy wanted to ride his bicycle in the street ,but his mother told him _____. A. not to B. not to do C. not do it D. do not to 53. ______in thought, he almost ran into the car in front of him. A. Losing B. Having lost C. Lost D. To lose 54. The patient was warned _____oily food after the operation. A. to eat not B. eating not C. going D. having gone 55. I would love _____to the party last night but I had to work extra hours to finish a

report. A. to go B. to have gone C. going D. to be first playing 56. The Olympic Games, ______in 776 B. C. , did not include women players until 1912. A. first playing B. to be first played C. first played D. to be first playing 57. _____is know to all, China will be an_____and powerful country in 20 or 30 years' time. A. That;advancing B. This;advanced C. As; advanced D. It ; advancing 58. ——Do you feel like _____there or shall we take a bus? ——I'd like to walk. But since there isn't much time left. I 'd rather we _____a taxi. A. walking; hire B. to walk; hire C. to walk ; hired D. walking; hired 【试题解析】 1、选 B。want 一词表示―打算,想要‖,通常构成 want to do 与 want sb. /sth. to do 两种 形式,因为 building 与 put up 之间逻辑上是被动关系,故 want 复合宾语中的不定式使用了 被动式。该句的含义是―校长打算让这座新教学楼尽快建成‖。 2、选 C。注意该题中 buy 和 leave 不是两个并列动作,而是说―他在购物中的不知道该买什 么,就带着空兜子离开了‖。What to buy 作 didn't know 的宾语,left 与 didn't know 并列。 3、选 A。satisfy 意为―满……,使……满意‖,既然人作了主语则用它的过去分词形式作状语。 该句的含义是―警察放下了电话,脸上露出满意的笑容‖。 4、选 B。该句主语 your composition 是 write 这一动作的承受者,故 write 应用过去分词。 该句的含义为―因为写的太粗心了,你的作文到处是错误‖。该句中过去分词短语作状语,相 当于 Your composition is full of mistakes because it is written carelessly. 5、选 C。不定式 to give us light 作目的状语。该句的含义是―她做了一个蜡烛来照明‖。 6、选 B。 7、选 C。该题的前者问―你认为什么使他着急?‖该题的答句是个省略句,这部分应在句中 充当主语,故用名词或动名词。该句的完整形式是:Losing a gold ring made her worried (丢失一枚金戒子使她着急),故 C 为正确答案。 8、选 B。该句中 feel 后面接的是一个宾语从句。hit 应使用一般过去时,又因为 hit 过去式 与原形相同,故 B 为正确答案。该句的含义是―他感到有块石头打在他后背上‖。 9、选 C。can't help doing sth. 意为―忍不住,禁不住做某事‖。该句的含义为―我知道这并 不重要,但我忍不住总去想它‖。 10、选 B。 11、选 B。该句的含义是―在澳大利亚他交了许多朋友,学到了英语语言的实用知识‖。不定 式 to get a very practical knowledge of the English language 在该句中作结果状语。 12、选 C。高中学生应该知道 mean 的两个常见词义。该题问句中的 mean 表示―意思……, 含……意思‖,后面要接名词或动名词,答句中的 mean 表示―意欲,意指,企图‖,后面要接 不定式。该句的含义是―你那么说什么意思?‖―我没有什么恶意,我只是想帮忙‖。再如: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt her. 对不起,我没想伤害她(但事实上已造了伤害)。 13、选 B。expect 意为―预料,想到‖,常形成 expect sb./sth.to do 结构,因为 shoes 与 wear our 为被动关系,所以作为宾语补足语的不定式要用被动形式。该句的含义是―我没想到这 双鞋会穿破‖。 14、选 C。learn to do sth. 意为―学会做某事‖。该句的含义为―你必须学会聪明地利用时间‖。 make use of 意为―利用,使用‖。 15、 D。 选 该句中 it 作形式主语, lose one's life 不仅作 it 的真正主语, to 而且与 to lose one's spirit 并列。该句的含义是一个人失去生命总比失去灵魂强‖。 16、选 A。

17、选 B。On hearing the news of his father's death…意为 As soon as he heard the news of his father's death…。该题也可以用现在分词的一般式 hearing 作状语,但不可以用现在 分词的完成式(C 项),因为―他突然哭了‖这一动作与―听到爸爸去世‖这一动作几乎是同时 发生的。 18、选 A。句中的 Most of the artists 与 invite 之间为被动关系,而且表示的是完成的动作, 所以答案应选择 A。句子的意思是:―应邀参加晚会的大多数艺术家均来自于南非。过去分 词 invited 在句子中作定语,其作用相当于 Most of the artists that were invited to the party were from South Africa. 19、选 B。so as to 相当于 in order to,它的否定式应放在不定式 to 之前。注意:so as to 不 用于句首。 20、 C。 选 stop to do sth. =stop and do sth.是停下来正在做的事而去做另一件事。 stop doing 是停止做某事。 21、选 A。疑问词 how 加不定式,可作介词的宾语。 22、选 B。用现在分词作伴随状语。A 项是不定式,可以做目的状语,但目的状语前不用逗 号。C、D 项属语法错误。 23、选 D 24、选 D。make oneself done 是惯用法。在本句中的意思是:―使自己的声音被别人听到。‖ 25、选 D。在 with 结构中,hands 与 tie 之间的关系是被动关系,故排除 B 项。tied 不仅 表示被动,还表示动作已完成,故排除 A、C 项。 26、选 A。 27、选 A。make sb. do 这一句型变成被动语态时为:be made to do sth. 28、选 A。warn sb. not(never) to do sth.是惯用法。 29、选 C。forget to do sth. 是―忘记去做某事‖。forget 与 remember 的用法类似。 30、选 C。imagine 后接动名词作宾语。Peter 是 sailing 的逻辑主语,也可写成 Peter's,它们 合起来称为动名词的复合结构。 31、答案选 B。would rather do sth. 是惯用法,变问句时,把 would 提前。 32、选 C。receive 与主句的主语 he 之间有逻辑上的主谓关系。故用现在分词,但主句中 的 again 又暗示考生, 分词的动作发生在主句谓语动词之前, 因此用现在分词的完成式。 not 必须置于分词之前。 此句可理解为: As/Since he hadn't received a reply, he decided to write again. 33、 D。 选 考生如果掌握 catch sb. doing(发现某人正在做某事)这一短语, 便可知 girl 与 catch 之间是被动关系,因此用 catch 的过去分词形式作后置定语,相当于 a girl who was caught stealing. 34、选 A。should love to=would like to,句子 Jim 与 take 之间是被动关系。 35、选 D。抓住原题中的 for a change 便知 why not +do 表示一种建议,而 try to do 是―尽 力设法做某事,try doing 是―试着做‖。 36、选 C。appreciate 需要动名词作宾语,your calling 是动名词的复合结构。 37、选 B。动名词作主语通常表示习惯性、泛指经常性、不具体的动作。而不定式作主语则 表示一次性、特指、未来、具体的动作。原题中的 a good form 又暗示考生,这个动作是泛 指的,经常性的。 38、选 A。―生气地‖是用来说明说话时的表情,应放在被修饰词 said 的后面,选 A 或 C; ―指 着‖这一动作的逻辑主语是 Mary, 应该用现在分词作伴随状语。 全句意思是: ―你不会看吗?‖ 玛丽指着布告生气地说。 39、选 D。opened 是过去分词作非限定性定语,与先行词 the computer cen-tre 之间是被

动关系,相当于 which was opened last year,意思是:―去年开业的‖。 40、选 C。 41、选 C。what/how about +doing sth.是―做某事怎样‖,而 the two of us 是动名词的逻辑 主语,它们合起来构成动名词的复合结构。 42、选 D。这是一个祈使句,意思是:―请把收音机的音量调小些。‖原题中的破折号相当于 一个连接词 for,说明音量调小的原因。 43、选 C。现在分词作伴随状语。句子的意思是:―来访的部长对其双方会谈的结果表示满 意,并补充到在逗留期间感到很愉快。‖ 44、选 D。―课本‖被―写出‖,此空白应该用表示被动的非谓语动词作定语,可排除 A; to be written 表示即将发生,与题意不符;being written 强调正在进行时,与题意不符;written 表示已完成的动作。全句的意思是:―把英语作为外语来教的第一批课本,是在十六世纪出 版的。‖ 45、选 D。 46、选 A。 47、选 C。prefer 后可接不定式,也可接动名词,接动词不定式时通常与 rather than 连用, 表示否定。 故该题的正确答案为 C。 即正常语序是: al-ways prefers to ride a bicycle rather He than ride on a crowded bus.该句还可以这样来表达:He always prefers riding a bicycle to riding on a crowed bus.即 prefer 后接动名词时,常与介词 to 连用,表示否定,意为:―喜 欢做……而不喜欢做……。‖ 48、选 B。letting 是现在分词短语作介词 for 的宾语,且否定时,not 置于动名词之前。 49、选 B。 50、选 C。 51、选 D。regret 后接不定式表示没有发生的动作;接动名词则表示后悔做过某事。根据题 意:―后悔提出了反对意见‖,故答案选动名词的完成时。 52、选 A。 53、选 C。句中的主语 he 和 lose 之间为被动关系。所以应用过去分词短语作状语。 54、选 C。 55、 B。 选 would love to have done 表示―本想去做, 而没做‖。 从下文―but I had to work extra hours to finish a report‖可知事情没有做。 56、选 C。 57、选 C。 58、选 D。该题问句中的 feel like doing sth. 表示―愿意,打算‖,like 为介词;答句中 would rather 后面接的宾语从句中谓语动词要用一般过去时。该句的含义是―你愿意步行去还是乘 车?‖―我想步行去,但既然没有多少时间了,我们就叫辆出租车吧。‖ 二、提高练习 1.______the house on fire, he dialed 119. A. To see B. Seeing C. Having seen D. Being seen 2. I fell down and broke three of my teeth. I wonder how many times I have to come here and get my false teeth . A. fix B. fixing C. fixed D. to fix 3. We're _________ to listen to her ________ voice. It's _________ to hear her sing. A. pleased; pleasing; pleasure B. pleased; pleasant; a pleasure C. pleasing; pleased; a pleasure D. pleasing; pleasant; pleasure 4. _____ a post office, I stopped _____ some stamps.

A. Passed, buying B. Passing, to buy C. Having passed, buy D. Pass, to buy 5. _____ with the size of the whole earth, the highest mountain does not seem high at all. A. Comparing B. To compare C. Compared D. Having compared 6. Here are some new computer programs _________ for home buildings. A. designing B. design C. designed D. to design 7. _____ a little money, Jimmy was able to buy his mother a lovely new lamp A. To save B. Saving C. Saved D. Having saved 8. The teacher came into the classroom _____ by his students. A. following B. to be following C. followed D. having followed 9. With the money ___ , he couldn't buy any ticket. A. to lose B. losing C. lost D. has lost 10. There was so much noise in the room that the speaker couldn't make himself _____. A. being heard B. hearing C. heard D. hear 11. The result of the test was rather _____ . A. disappointed B. disappointing C. being disappointed D. disappoint 12. I've never heard the word _____ in spoken English. A. use B. used C. using D. useing 13. ____ how to do the homework, I went to ask my teacher for help. A. Not to know B. Not knowing C. Knowing not D. Not known 14. Deeply _____ , I thanked her again and again. A. being moving B. moved C. moving D. to be moved 15. With winter ____ on, it's time to buy warm clothes. A. came B. comes C. come D. coming 16. ____ the office, the foreign visitors were shown round the teaching building. A. Having shown B. Showing C. Has shown D. Having been shown 17. He went from door to door, ____ waste papers and magazines. A. gathering B. gathered C. gather D. being gathered 18. The student corrected his paper carefully, ____ the professor's suggestions. A. follow B. following C. followed D. being followed 19. The ____ price will save you one dollar for each dozen. A. reduce B. reducing C. reduced D. reduces 20. People ____ in the city do not know the pleasure of country life. A. live B. to live C. lived D. living 21. The foreigner tried his best, but he still couldn't make his point ____ . A. understand B. understanding C. to understand D. understood

22. The scientists were waiting to see the problem ____ . A. settle B. settled C. to settle D. settling 23. The library's study room is full of students ____ for the exam. A. busily prepared B. busy preparing C. busyly prepare D. are busily preparing 24. The ground is____ with ____ leaves. A. covering, falling B. covered, falling C. covered, fallen D. covering, fallen 25. Lessons ____ easily were soon forgotten. A. to learn B. learn C. learned D. learning 26. The wallet ____ several days ago was found____ in the dustbin outside the building. A. stolen, hidden B. stealing, hiding C. stealing, hidden D. stolen, hiding 27. A person ____ a foreign language must be able to use the foreign language ____ all about his own. A. to learn, to forget B. learning, to forget C. to learn, forgetting D. learning, forgetting 28. ____ different kinds of pianos, the workers farther improved their quality A. To produce B. Being produced C. Produced D. Having produced 29. The students in the university are all taking courses____ a degree. A. coming to B. going to C. leading to D. turning to 30. Many things i____ mpossible in the past are very common today. A. consider B. considering C. considered D. be considered 31. ____ many times, he still couldn't understand. A. Having been told B. Having told C. He having been told D. Telling 32. The old sick lady entered the hospital, ____ her two sons. A. to support B. supporting C. supported by D. having supported 33. China is one of the largest countries in the world, ____ 9.6 million square (平方) kilometres. A. to cover B. covered C. covers D. covering 34. "We must keep a secret of the things ____ here", the general said, ____ at the man in charge of the information office. A. discussed, stared seriously B. being discussed, seriously staring C. to be discussed, seriously stared D. discussed, stared 35. The visiting Minister expressed his satisfaction with the talks, t____ hat he had enjoyed his stay here. A. having added B. to add C. adding D. added 36. "Can you read?" Mary said ____ to the notice.

A. angrily pointing B. and point angrily C. angrily pointed D. and angrily pointing 37. ____ the composition, John handed it to the teacher and went out of the room A. Writing B. Having written C. Written D. Being written 38. Were you ____ when you saw that wild animal? A. fright B. frightening C. frightened D. frighten 39. Properly ____ with numbers, the books can be easily found. A. marked B. mark C. to mark D. marking 40. The child sat in the dentist's chair ____ . A. tremble B. trembling C. trembled D. to trembled 41. At this moment the bell rang ____ the end of class. A. announce B. announcing C. announced D. to announce 42. He walked down the hills, ____ softly to himself. A. sing B. singing C. sung D. to sing 43. I had to shout to make myself ____ above the noise. A. heared B. hearing C. heard D. to hear 44. The graduating students are busy ____ material for their reports. A. collect B. to collect C. collected D. collecting 45. The cars ____ in Beijing are as good as those ____ in Shanghai. A. produce, produce B. produced, produced C. produced, producing D. producing, producing 46. When I came in, I saw Dr. Li ____ a patient. A. examine B. examining C. to examine D. examined 47. ____ a satisfactory operation, the patient recovered from illness very quickly. A. Having been given B. Having given C. Giving D. Being given 48 . ____ a satisfactory operation, the doctor believed the patient would recover from his illness very soon. A. Having been given B. Having given C. Giving D. Being given 49. He wrote a letter to me ____ that his trip to Japan had been put off because of the bad weather A. inform B. informing C. informed D. being informed 50. He reads newspapers every day to keep himself ____ about what's going on in the world. A. inform B. informing C. informed D. being informed

Keys:1~20: BCBBC CDCCC BBBBD DABCD 21~40: DBBCC ADDCC ACDBC ABCAB 41~50: BBCDB BABBC 第十三章 主谓一致 一、基础练习 1.The league Secretary and monitor ______ asked to make a speech at the meeting. A.is B.are C.has D.were 2.Each man and each woman ______ asked to attend. A.are B.is C.has D.were 3.Many a student ______ seen this painting. A.has B.have C.is seen D.sees 4.Tom as well as two of his classmates ______ invited to the party. A.Was B.were C.has D.have 5.Half of the apples ______ good. A.Is B.are C.was D.be 6.―All______ present and all______ going on well.‖our monitor said. A.is , is B.are, are C.is, are D.are, is 7.Mary as well as her sisters______ Chinese in China. A.are studying B.have studied C.studies D.study 8.I, who_______ your teacher, will try my best to help you with your study. A.be B.am, C.are D.is 9.The rich______ not always happy. A.are B.is C.has D.have 10.He is the only one of the students who______ elected. A.are B.have C.has D.is 11.Chairman Mao‘s works______ published. A.has been B.have been C.was D.is 12.Ten thousand dollars______ more than I can afford. A.has been B.have been C.is D.are keys: 1.A 2.B 3.A 4.A 5.B 6.D 7.C 8.B 9.A 10.D 11.A 12.C 二、提高练习 1.Nobody but Jane ____ the secret. (86) A.know B.knows C.have known D.is known 2.All but one _____ here just now. (87) A.is B.was C.has been D.were 3.Not only I but also Jane and Mary ____ tired of having one examination after another. (89) A.is B.are C.am D.be 4.A library with five thousnd books _______ to the nation as a gift. (90)

A.is offered B.have offered C.are offered D.has offered 5.When and where to build the new factory _____ yet. (91) A.is not decided B.are not decided C.has not decided D.have not decided 6.The number of people invited ______ fifty, but a number of them ____ absent for different reasons. (96) A.were , was B.was , was C.was , were D.were , were 7._____ of the land in that district _____ covered with trees and grass. (2000) A.Two fifth , is B.Two fifth , are C.Two fifths , is D.Two fifths , are 8.This is one of the most interesting questions that ____ asked. A.have B.has C.have been D.has been 9.Between then two rows of trees _____ the teaching building. A.stand B.stands C.standing D.are 10.All that can be done______. A.has been done B.has done C.have done D.were done 11.They each _____ a new dictionary. A.has B.have C.is D.are 12.The singer and the dancer ______ come to the meeting. A.has B.have C.are D.is 13.I have finished a large part of the book ; the rest _____more difficult. A.is B.are C.was D.were 14.The wounded _______ by the hospital. A.have been taken in C.has been taken in C.have taken in D.has taken in 答案: 1-5 BDBAA 6-10 CCCBA 11-14 BBAA 第十四章 反意疑问句及倒装句 1. It‘s the third time that John has been late, ____? A. hasn‘t he B. isn‘t he C. isn‘t it D. hasn‘t it 2. Let‘s take a rest, ___________. A. will we B. shall we C. shan‘t we D. won‘t we 3. Let us pass, _________? A. shan‘t we B. shall we C. won‘t we D. will you 4. Wait a minute, __________? A. shall you B. will you C. do you D. don‘t you 5. The suit‘s finished, __________? A. doesn‘t it B. isn‘t it C. haven‘t you D. hasn‘t it 6. He‘s posted the letter, _________he? A. isn‘t B. doesn‘t C. hasn‘t D. wasn‘t 7. They‘d go with us, __________? A. wouldn‘t they B. didn‘t they C. hadn‘t they D. couldn‘t they 8. What fresh air, ________? A. is it B. does it C. isn‘t it D. doesn‘t it 9. The Emperor‘s clothes became the talk of the whole city, _________? A. did it B. didn‘t it C. did they D. didn‘t they

10. Mr. And Mrs. Turner work in this hospital, ________? A. are they B. aren‘t they C. do they D. don‘t they 11. She has breakfast at six every day, ________? A. has she B. hasn‘t she C. does she D. doesn‘t she 12. Nothing seems to please her, _________? A. does it B. doesn‘t it C. is it D. isn‘t it 13. She never tells a lie, ________? A. does she B. doesn‘t she C. is it D. isn‘t it 14. You hardly know each other, _________? A. do you B. don‘t you C. have you D. didn‘t you 15. The man in blue must be your brother, _____? A. mustn‘t he B. needn‘t he C. isn‘t he D. is he 16. I don‘t think he will come to our party, _____? A. will he B. won‘t he C. does he D. do I 17. I suppose he‘s serious, ___________? A. do IB. don‘t IC. is he D. isn‘t he 18. Wang said that he was not there then, _____? A. did he B. didn‘t he C. was he D. wasn‘t he 19. You daren‘t say that to him, _________? A. dare you B. do you C. daren‘t you D. don‘t you 20. You must have read about Dickens long ago, __________? A. mustn‘t you B. haven‘t you C. can‘t you D. didn‘t you 21. You‘d better not smoke here, ________? A. will you B. shall you C. have you D. had you 22. There isn‘t going to be a volleyball match next week, __________? A. is it B. isn‘t it C. is there D. isn‘t there 23. There used to be a church behind the cemetery,_____________? A. didn‘t there B. used there C. usedn‘t It D. didn‘t it 24. What a lovely day, _________? A. doesn‘t it B. hasn‘t it C. won‘t D. isn‘t it 25. You must have been there, ____________? A. have you B. did you C. haven‘t you D. didn‘t you 26. That is your school, ___________? A. isn‘t that B. mustn‘t it C. isn‘t it D. won‘t it 27. She dislikes this skirt, _________________? A. doesn‘t she B. does she C. isn‘t she D. is she 28. No one can stop us from going there, ______? A. can‘t it B. can they C. can‘t they D. can one 29.--- Where is your father? --- Oh, __________ . A.here comes he B.here does he come C.he here comes D.here he comes 30.Look, _________ . A.here the bus comes B.here is the bus coming C.here comes the bus D.here the bus is coming

31.________ , I would have phoned you. A.If I knew it B.Had I known it C.If I know it D.Did I know it 32._________ in the river yesterday, the boy _________ . A.Were Mr Black not; would not be drowned B.Were Mr Black ; would be drowned C.Had Mr Black not been; would have been drowned D.Hadn't Mr Black been; would have drowned 33.--- It was cold yesterday.--- __________ . Which of the following is wrong? A.So it was B.So is it today C.So was it the day before D.So it did 34.--- She's passed the entrance examination. --- ____ . A.So am I B.So have I C.So I have D.Also I have 35.________ that he found it difficult to stop at the red light. A.So fast he was driving B.So fast he drove C.So fast was he drivingD.So fast drive he 36.Hardly ___________ the railway station when the train started. A.did reach B.had I reached C.I reached .I had reached 37.No sooner _________ asleep than she heard a knock at the door. A.she had fallen B.had she fallen C.she had fell D.had she fell 38.Only after his death __________ considered correct. A.was his theory B.his theory was C.did his theory D.had his theory 39._________ his appearance that no one could recognize him. A.So was strange B.Was so strange C.So strange was D.Strange so was 40.__________ about her illness and still worked very hard. A.She knows little B.Little did she know C.Little does she know D.She didn't know something 41.Only when the line was fixed _________ from floating away from the spaceship. A.could he keep B.he could keep C.he could be kept D.could he be kept 42.__________ , she wanted to buy her husband a Christmas gift. A.As she was short of money B.Though money is short C.She was short of money D.Short of money as she was 43._________ about the universe up till now. A.We know quite a lotB.Only little we have known C.Very little have we knownD.So much we do know 44._________ , she was very brave. A.Girl as she was B.As she was a girlC.A girl as she was D.Girl as was she 45.Such _________ the results of the experiments. A.is B.was C.are D.as be 46.Albert Einstein cared little for money. ___________ Professor Wang. A.Either did B.So was C.So did D.Neither did 47.____ there no gravity, there would be no human beings on the earth. A.If B.If was C.If not D.Were 48.Only when ________ the painting _________ decide whether the painting is worth buying.

A.the sees; he can B.does he see; can he C.he sees; can he D.sees he; he can 49.On the wall ___________ two large portraits. A.hangs B.hang C.hanged D.are hanging 50._________ it rain tomorrow, we would have to put off the visit to the Yang pu Bridge. A.Were B.Should C.Would D.Will 参考答案: 1~20: CBDBB CACDD DAAAC ADBAD 21~40: DCADC CABDC BCDBC BBACB 41~50: DDCAC DDCBB 第十五章 名词性从句 1. Go and get your coat. It's _______ you left it. A. there B. where C. there were D. where there 2. _______ the sports meet will be held depends on the weather. A. Whenever B. If C. Whether D. That 3. The problem is_______ he has enough time. A. if B. whether C./ D. that 4. He made a promise_______ he would help me. A. what B. when C. that D. which 5. I remember_______ this used to be a quiet village. A. how B. when C. where D. what 6. They lost their way in the forest and _____ made matters worse was that night began to fall. A. that B. this C. what D. which 7. He told me the news ____ the Queen would visit China the next month. A. that B. which C. when D. when 8. When the holidays were drawing near, I asked my American friends ___ was the best way to travel in the United States. A. that B. what C. such D. that 9. He was lucky enough to sell his car for exactly ______. A. where he had paid for it B. what he had paid for it C. what he was paid for it D. which he had paid for it 10. Sometimes we are asked ______ we think the likely result of an action will be. A. that B. what C. which D. whether 11. They have not made any decision on ______ they are going to do to deal with the waste and control pollution. A. that B. which C. if D. what 12. --- Do you know him? --- Yes, but I can‘t remember ________I met him for the first time. A. where B. what C that D. if 13. --- Do you know _____ Mr. Black‘s address is. --- He may live at No. 18 or No. 19 of Bridge Street. I'm not sure of _____. A. what; which B. where; which C. where ; what D. what; where 14. This old computer must have been of great use to _______ did the scientific research.

A. those B. when C. whoever D. whomever 15. _______ all the inventions have in common is _____they have succeeded. A. What; what B. That; that C. What; that D That; what 16. --- I rang you at about ten, but there was no reply. --- Oh, that was probably ____ I was seeing the doctor. A. when B. why C. what D. that 17. Maria has to baby-sit. That‘s______ she can't come with us. A. why B. how C. when D. what 18. ____ surprised me most was ______ they had finished it so quickly. A. What, what B. That, that C. What, that D. That, what 19. The reason why she couldn‘t come to the meeting was_____ she had not been invited. A. because B. which C. that D. why 20. In some countries, ____ is called "equality" does not really mean equal rights for all people. A. which B. that C. what D. one 21. Although he knew little about the work done in the field of physics, he succeeded ______other experienced experts failed. A. which B. that C. what D. where 22. Father made a promise _______ I passed the examination he would buy me a bicycle. A. that B. if C. whether D. that if 23. What I want to know is ______ he likes the gift given by us. A. that B. if C. whether D.不填 24. He wanted to make sure __________. A. how we went there by bus B. where did we go C. what did we go there D. when we went there 25. _____ they won the game was ______ we had expected. A. That; which B. Whether; that C. What; that D. That; what 26. I really don't mind much ________ they came to visit me or not. A. because B. why C. when D. whether 27. The question came up at the meeting _____ we had not enough money to do the research. A. whether B. that C. if D. what 28. ____ we can't get seems better than _____ we have. A. What; what B. What; that C. That; that D. That; what 29. ___ surprised me most was ____ he was too late for the important meeting, for he was chairman of it. A. What; why B. That; how C. What; how D. That; why 30. Although most of them have no doubt ____ he will pass the exam, I still think there is something about _____ he has really got everything ready. A. whether; that B. that; whether C. that; that D. whether; whether

31. _______ beat Xiao Wang black and blue is not known. A. Whom B. Whoever C. Who D. What 32. It is generally considered unwise to give a child_______ he or she wants. A. however B. whatever C. whichever D. wherever 33. He was never satisfied with or proud of ____ he had achieved. A. what B. that C. which D. all which 34. Can you tell me ____ get to the railway station? A. how can I B. what I can C. how I can D. where I can 35. We don‘t know ______. A. this is whose dictionary B. whose dictionary is this C. whose dictionary this is D. whose is this dictionary 36. The problem is ____ we can finish the work within such a short time. A. that B. why C. how D. when 37. ___ the boy didn‘t take the medicine made his mother very angry. A. That B. What C. How D. Which 38. Each blind man believed ____ he knew just ____ the elephant looked like. A. that; what B. what; that C. that; that D. what; what 39. It was by the roadside ____ the six blind men sat quarrelling about the elephant. A. when B. which C. on which D. that 40. They have no idea at all ____. A. where he has gone B. where did he go C. which place had he gone D. where has he gone 41. Do you know ____ your parents are pleased ____ you‘ve done? A. why; for what B. how; with what C. that; with which D. how; for what 42. The reason ____ he hasn‘t come is ____ he has to look after his father. A. that; because B. why; because C. why; that D. which; because 43. ______ is unfit for the office. A. It seems to me that B. It seems to me that he C. That seems he D. That seems to him that 44. That is ____ paper came into use in China. A. how B. that C. what D. which 45. It looks ____ we shall have to do the work ourselves. A. that B. like C. seeming D. as though 46. ____ is not known yet. A. When she has gone B. Where she has gone C. How did she leave D. Why did she go 47. His suggestion ____ to see the exhibition interested everyone of us. A. that we go B. which we should go C. that we would go D. when we should go 48. I‘ve got to make ____ he told a lie. A. that clear B. it clear that C. quite clear D. this clear that 49. Word came ____his poem won the first prize. A. that B. whether C. as D. because

50. Some people believe ___ is easier for small countries to become strong and rich than for large____. A. that; country B. it; one C. that; countries D. it; ones Keys: 1~20: BCBCB CABBB DAACC AACCC 21~40: DDCDD DBAAB CBACC CAADA 41~50: BCBAD BABAB

第十六章 定语从句 1. We should learn from those ______ are always ready to help others. A. who B. whom C. they D. that 2. Mr. Herpin is one of the foreign experts who ____ in China. A.works B. is working C. are working D. has been working 3 Tom is the only one of the students who ______ to Shanghai. . A.have gone B. have been C. has been D. had gon 4. I, ______ your good friend, will try my best to help you out. A. who is B. who am C. that is D. which am 5. The old man has two sons, ______ are lawyers. A.both of them B. both of who C. both of whom D. both of they 6. He is a man of great knowledge, ____ much can be learned. A. in whom B. about whom C. from whom D. of whom 7 Do you know the man ______ just now? A. to who I nodded B. I nodded to C.whom I noddedD.Whom I nodded to him. 8. The man ____ has gone to Japan. A.whom I told you B. that I told you C. whom I told you about him D. I told you about 9. Please pass me the dictionary ______ cover is black. A. which B. its C. whose D. which of 10. The radio set ______ last week has been out of order. A.I bought B. I bought it C. which I bought it D. what I bought 11. All the apples ______ fell down from the tree were eaten up by the pigs. A. which B. / C. that D. they 12. I can tell you ______ he told me last week. A. all which B. all what C. that all D. all that 13. This is the biggest lab ______ we have ever built in our university. A. which B. what C. that D. where 14. Is oxygen the only gas ______ helps fire burn? A. that B. / C. which D. what 15. Air, ______ we breathe every day, is around us all the time. A. that B. / C. which D. it 16. This is the museum ______ we saw an exhibition the other day. A. that B. which C. where D. in that 17. This museum is ______ you visited the other day. A. that B. which C. where D. the one

18. This is the museum ______ you saw the other day. A. that B. where C. in which D. in that 19. It is the third time __ late this month. A.that you arrived B.when you arrived C. that you‘ve arrived D. when you‘ve arrived 20. It was in 1969 ___ the American astronaut succeeded in landing on the moon. A. that B. which C. in which D. when 21. We often think of the days ______ we spent together on the island. A. when B. which C. in which D. during which 22. Have you ever been to Shanghai, ______ I left ten years ago? A. where B. which C. that D. when 23. He has left Beijing, ______ a meeting is to be held. A. when B. where C. as D. which 24. This is the very place ______ I‘m wishing to live in. A. where B. which C. that D. in which 25. Is it in that factory ______ ―Red Flag‖ cars are made? A. in which B. where C. that D. which 26. I have bought the same dress ______ she is wearing. A. as B. that C. which D. than 27. Can you solve such problems ______ raised by the audience? A. what were B. as were C. that were D. which were 28. The reason ______ he didn‘t come was __ he was injured. A.that, because B. why, that C.why, because D. that, that 29. He must be from Africa, ______ can be seen from his skin. A. that B. as C. it D. what 30. His father died last year, ______ made it impossible for him to go abroad. A. when B. which C. as D. that 31. ______ is natural, he married Mary. A. It B. What C. Which D. As 32. The buses,__were already full, were surrounded by an angry crowd. A.most of them B. most of whichC. which most D. that most 33. All ______ is needed is a supply of oil. A. the thing B. that C. what D. which 34. He paid the boy 10 dollars for washing ten windows, most of ______ had not been cleaned for years. A. these B. those C. that D. which 35. She heard a terrible noise, ______ brought her heart into her mouth. A. it B. which C. this D. that 36. In the dark street, there wasn‘t a single person ______ she could turn for help. A. that B. who C. from whom D. to whom 37. This is one of the means ______ the electric energy is conducted from one place to another. A. by which B. by that C. through which D. through that 38. The place ______ you are going to visit is the ruin of a place. A. in which B. at which C. where D. which 39. The last river ______ they crossed is two miles wide. A. where B. which C. that D. in which

40. The Summer Palace is one of the most beautiful parks ______ built in the Qing Dynasty. A. where were B. where was C. that were D. which was 41. The factory ______ I am going to is the place ______ my mother used to work many years ago. A. where, where B. where, which C. which, where D. that, which 42. Don‘t trust such men ______ over praise you to your face. A. as B. that C. who D. which 43. The professor has two sons, ______ are teaching in the same university. A. neither of them B. either of them C. both of them D. both of whom 44. Don‘t do such things ______ you are not sure about. A. that B. which C. as D. what 45. Rober is good at language, ______ we all know. A. because B. for C. as D. since 46. China has hundreds of islands, ______ we all know. A.in which B. at whichC. of which D. which 47. She wrote a letter to her father, ______ she made her secret known. A. which B. that C. in which D. where 48. Oxygen is a kind of gas, ______ we couldn‘t live. A.without itB. without that C. without which D. if not 49. Matter is anything ______ A.hat take up space and have weight B. which take up space and have weight C. that takes up space and has weight D. those take up space and have weight 50. I have many books, the best ______ was borrowed by Mary. A. about them B. of which C. among them D. in which 51. She showed me the dictionary ____ she paid a lot of money. A. by which B. to which C. for which D. on which 52. Abraham Lincoln is a man ______ I have the greatest respect. A. who B. to whom C. whom D. for whom 53. Edison had one suit ______ very little money, and which he wore until it was thin. A. which cost B. which costs C. which was cost D. which has costed 54. The people ______ in the paper did not like it, but other readers liked it very much. A. who was written B. who were written C. who were written about D. whom were written about 55. Finally, the thief handed everything ______ he had stolen to the police. A. which B. what C. whatever D. that 56. His parents wouldn‘t let him marry anyone ______ family was poor. A. of whom B. whom C.of whose D. whose 57. Mayor will make an inspection of our school on Monday, ______ you can tell him how hard the situation we are in. A. where B. which C. when D. that 58. I‘ll show you the magazine ______ I bought the other day. A. who B. that C. what D. where 59. The person ______ talking to the shop assistant is an engineer.

A.who isB.what isC.whom is D.who you are 60. That is the office ______ Lincoln once worked in. A. where B. which C. what D. in which 61. The girl ______ aunt is a famous singer is fond of music. A. who B. whom C. that D. whose 62. The skirt is Ann‘s, ______ color is blue.A. it‘s B. whose C. who‘s D. that 63. The washing machine ______ last Wednesday works well. A. I bought B. I bought it C. which I buy D. that I bought it 64. The college students asked the soldier everything ______ he saw at the front. A. that B. which C. what D. all what 65.Last year we visited the Summer Palace,_is one of the most beautiful places in Beijing. A.whereB. which C. in which D. that 66. Shanghai is the very place ______ the foreigners are eager to visit. A. where B. in which C. that D. whose 67. The doctor___is going to Europe next year. A.which the manager is talking to B.who the manager is talking C.the manager is talking to him D. the manager is talking to 68. Do you have anything ___I can do for you? A. which B. what C. else D. when 69. All ______ you must do now is to lend us ten dollars, because we haven?t brought any money with us at the moment. A. that B. what C. which D. things 70. Those are model workers, some ______ are young fellows. A. of that B. of whom C. of whoD. of whose 71. The Science Building is very beautiful, behind ______ there is an orchard. A. which B. what C. this D. these 72. Joan is one of the best writers who ______ published a lot of books. A. has B. have C. have been D. are 73. When they met again, the two friends talked about lots of things and persons ______ we could remember in the school. A. who B. whom C. that D. which 74. He is ______ everyone respects. A. the person B. the one which C. whom D. who 75. This is the modern hotel_____ the guests can enjoy the most comfortable things. A. where B. which C. that D. in that 76. July 27, 1989 is the day ______ I will never forget, when we had a wonderful time. A. on which B. when C. whom D. that 77. Both of them will remember the months and the years ______ they spent in the army. A. which B. when C. in which D. what 78. It is the factory ______ produces all kinds of TV sets. A. in which B. which C. what D. where 79. The sun is bigger than the earth, ______ even a child knows. A. that B. who C. as D. what 80. Miss Zhang devoted herself to the development of education, ______ led to her final

success. A. that B. which C. so that D. so 81. Everything___should be__be done right now. A.that, done must B. that, must done C. which, done should D. that, should 82. Is that the lab _____we did physics experiments in during our middle school days. A. what B. where C. which D. the one 83. Is the lab _the foreigners visited yesterday? A. that B. where C. in which D. the one 84.I have the same book_you bought just now. A. which B. that C. as D. whose 85. I‘d like to borrow _____ typewriter as was used yesterday. A. as B. the same C. the other D. same 86. I,__one of the sports-lovers, often spend some time on training in the stadium. A.who am B. who is C. that am D. whom is 87. Let‘s discuss ______ questions ______ are about the future of the youth. A. so, as B. as, that C. such, that D. such, as 88. The man ______ talked to you just now is an engineer. A. who B. whose C. which D. what 89. In fact the Swede did not understand the three questions ___were asked in French. A. where B. who C. in which D. which 90. These books ______ he read some were written by Lu Xun. A.which B. among which C. of which D. with which 91. I can still remember the sitting-room _____ my mother and I used to sit in the evening. A. which B. what C. that D. where 92. Recently I bought an ancient Chinese vase, ______ was very reasonable. (2000) A.which price B. the price of which C. its price D. the price of whose 93. Is this the house ______ he was born? A. at where B. which C. in which D. at which 94. A child ______ parents are dead is called an orphan. A. which B. his C. whose D. with 95. The watch he ______ went wrong again. A. had to be mended B. has mended C. had had mended D. had been mended 96. To get the job started, ______ I need is your permission. A. only whatB. all what C. all that D. only that 97. All ______ is needed is a cup of tea. A. the thing B. that C. what D. which 98. The doctor ______ is leaving for Africa next month. A.the nurse is talking to him B.whom the nurse is talking C.the nurse is talking to D. who the nurse is talking 99. He met my mother, from ______ he got the news of my marriage. A. who B. whom C. which D. her 100. After graduation he asked to be sent to the place ______ A.where he is most needed B.where he need C.where he is mostly needed D. where is he mostly needed. 参考答案: 1—5 ACCBC 6—10 CBDCA 11—15 CDCAC 16—20 CDACA

21—25 41—45 61—65 81—85


26—30 46—50 66—70 86—90

ABBBB 31—35 DBBDB 36—40 DADCC CCCCB 51—55 CDACD 56—60 DCBAB CDCAB 71—75 ABCAA 76—80 DABCB ADADC 91—95 DBCCC 96 —100 CBCBA

第十七章 状语从句 1. After the war,a new school building was put up ________ there had once been a theatre. A. that B. where C. which D. when 2. ____ he took part in the competition, he won a second prize. A. For the first time B. At a time C. At one time D. The first time 3. I would appreciate it _______ you call back this afternoon for the doctor‘s appointment. A. until B. if C. when D. that 4. I had just started back for the house to change my clothes _____ I heard the voices. A. as B. after C. while D. when 5. The class went on with the story _____ they had left it before the holiday. A. where B. which C. in which D. when 6. The company has a free long-distance telephone number _____ customers may call with any questions they have about its products. A. although B. as C. even if D. so that 7. --- Is Mr. Smith in the office? --- Yes,________ he is in charge of the office,he must be there. A. since B. however C. whether D. for 8. Someone called me up in the middle of the night,but they hung up ________ I could answer the phone. A. as B. since C. until D. before 9. --- Don‘t look down upon Bob. He has his own advantages. --- Oh, yes. ________ others are weak, he is strong. A. If B. When C. Where D. Though 10. The day must be breaking, _____ the birds have begun singing. A. because B. as C. for D. since 11. John may phone tonight. I don‘t want to go out ________ he phones. A. as long as B. in order to C. in case D. so that 12. ____others say, the expert is sure that his theory is correct A. No matter B. It doesn‘t matter C. Whatever D. What 13. Many places are flooded by heavy rainfalls, so they can‘t walk _______ they like these days. A. when B. whenever C. where D. wherever 14. His father began to work ______ his childhood. A. since B. before C. as early as D. while 15. The roof fell _____ he had time to dash into the room to save his baby. A. before B. as C. after D. until 16. --- The thread of my kite broke and it flew away.

--- I had told you it would easily break ________it was the weakest A. when B. where C. unless D. since 17. The crowd started cheering ______ he rose to speak. A. as B. since C. till D. where 18. I had worked here ______ you came here. But I shall leave for England ______. A. before long, before long B. before long; long before C. long before, before long D. long before; long before 19. Scientists say it may be five or ten years _____ it is possible to test this medicine on human patients. A. since B. before C. after D. when 20. ___ the Internet is bringing the distance between people, it may also be breaking some homes or will cause other family problems. A. When B. If C. As D. While 21. Though he is in his sixties, ______ he works as hard as a young man A. yet B. but C. and D. and yet 22. The two girls look ____ much alike ____ no one can tell them apart. A. so, that B. so, and C. as, that D. such, that 23. John shut everybody out of the kitchen _________ he could prepare his grand surprise for the party. A. which B. when C. so that D. as if 24. Beijing is larger than ____ city in Africa A. any B. other C. each D. any other 25. We must hurry up ________ catch the last train. A. that B. so that to C. in order that D. in order to 26. No matter________ hard it may be,I will carry it out. A. what B. whatever C. how D. however 27. ________ you may do,you must do it well. A. Which B. Whenever C. Whatever D. When 28. --- Are you thinking about going to New York for the holiday? --- No. But if I ________ the time,I would definitely go. A. have B. had C. have had D. would have 29. ________ you are so weak,you‘d better stay at home. A. Since B. For C. Because D. Though 30. English and French are taught here. You can choose ________ you like. A. no matter which B. whichever C. which D. whatever 31. I saw Mr. Smith last Sunday. We had not seen each other ________ I left London. A. as B. before C. since D. till 32. I‘ll be back before you ________. A. will leave B. will have left C. leave D. would leave 33. The problem won‘t be settled until we ________ a chance to discuss it thoroughly. A. have had B. will have C. will have had D. would have 34. If you ________ this experiment,you will understand the theory better. A. will be doing B. have done C. will have done 35. They went on working ________ it was late at night. D. would do

A. even if B. as if C. however D. as though 36. I hurried ________ I wouldn‘t be late for class. A. since B. so that C. as if D. unless 37. ________ you talk to someone or write a message,you show your skills to others. A. At times B. Some time C. By the time 38. Although he is considered a great writer,________. D. Every time

A. however his works are not widely read B. but his works are not widely read C. his works are not widely read D. still his works are not widely read 39. We should finish the important job,________. A. long it takes however B. it takes however long C. long however it takes D. however long it takes 40. ________ comes to the party will receive a gift. A. No matter who B. Who C. Which one D. Whoever 41. She is willing to help you, ________ busy she is. A. what B. how C. however D. whatever 42. No matter ________ hard it may be,I‘ll carry it out. A. what B. whatever C. how D. however 43. Why do you want to find a new job ________ you‘ve got such a good one already? A. that B. where C. which D. when 44.________he is, he will be thinking of you. A. Wherever B. Where C. Now that D. As soon as 45. You should make it a rule to leave things ________ you can find them again. A. when B. where C. then D. there 46. He got excited at the news,________ I was calm. A. when B. while C. because D. after 47. --- Shall Brown come and play computer games? --- No,________ he has finished his homework. A. when B. if C. unless D. once 48. Hardly had he arrived in Hongkong ________ she rang me up. A. when B. than C. that D. and 49. ________ they heard the shout for help,they rushed out. A. Immediately B. The moment C. The while D. All the above 50. ________,he never seems able to do the work beautifully. A. Try as he may B. as he tries C. Try as does he 51. If ________,I would have gone with him. D. As he does try D. he would tell

A. had he told me B. he had told me C. he has told me me 52. --- Alice is moving to her new apartment next Saturday. --- I would be glad to help her,________ need some help. A. should she B. if she will C. if she D. if she might 53. We will never give in ________ they might do or say about our plan. A. no matter how B. how C. whatever D. although 54. I wonder if I ________ time. If I ________ time,I‘ll go with you. A. have;have B. will have;will have

C. have;will have D. will have;have 55. By the time you ________ back,the supper ________ ready. A. will get;will be B. get;was C. get;will be D. will get;is 56. ________ I live,I will never give in to the enemy. A. As far as B. As long as C. As well as D. As soon as 57. I really wonder ________ he has posted me many packages ________ we worked together. A. how;after B. why;when C. when;before D. why;since 58. Please pronounce the word ________ I did. A. by the way B. the way C. the moment D. like 59. I was about to leave my house ________ the phone rang. A. while B. when C. as D. after 60. I had cut the meat into pieces ________ Mother started cooking. A. when B. as soon as C. after D. while 参考答案: 1~20: BDBDA DADCC CCDDA BACBD 21~40: AACAD CCBAB CCABA BDCDD 41~60: CCDAB BCADA BACDC BDBBA 第十八章 独立主格结构 1. ______ no bus, we had to walk home. A. There was B. There being C. Because there being D.There were 2. ____, I'll go there with you tomorrow afternoon. A. Time permits B. If time permitting C. Time permitting D. Time's permitting 3._____, we all went home happily. A. Goodbye was said B. Goodbye had been said C. Goodbye said D. When goodbye said 4. _____, we all went swimming in high spirits. A. It being fine weather B. It fine weather C. It was fine weather D. It being a fine weather 5. ____, the bus started at once. A. The signal was given B. The signal giving C. The signal given D. When the signal given 6. She stood there, _____ from her cheeks. A. tears' rolling down B. tears rolled down C. with tears rolled down D. tears rolling down 7. ____, the leaves are turning green. A. When spring coming on B. Spring coming on C. Spring came on D. Spring being come on 8. _____, I had to buy a new one. A. My dictionary losing B. My dictionary having been lost C. My dictionary had been lost D. Because my dictionary lost 9. I used to sleep with the window _____. A. opened B. open C. opening D to open 10. ____, the hunter went into the forest.

A. A gun on shoulder B. A gun was on his shoulder C. Gun on shoulder D. A gun being on shoulder 11. ____ production up by 60%, the company has had another excellent year. A. As B. For C. With D. Through 12. With a lot of work ____, I have to sit up tonight. A. do B. doing C. done D. to do 13. He stood there silently, his lips_____. A. trembling B. trembled C. were trembling D. were trembling 14. _____, her suggestion is of greater value than yours. A. All things considering B. All things considered C. All things were considered D. With all things were considered 15. ______, we will surely succeed. A. The teacher helping us B. The teacher to help us C. The teacher will help us D. With the teacher helping 答案: 1-5 BCCAC 6-10 DBBBC 11-15 CDABB



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