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Unit 16 单元测试题 2

Unit 16 单元练习题
Ⅰ.单词拼写(根据首写字母填入所缺的词) 1.Having been kept in prison for more than twenty years,he became m 2.A g person is a person who always wants a lot but gives little. on TV while a lot of people marched through his birth place disturbed.

3.Millions watched his f in honour of him. 4.I prefer the f

alternative to the latter. . all the difficulties.

5.It is a good way to teach children by d 6.If you want to succeed,you must try to o 7.On my a

in Beijing,I got in touch with my friends and relatives. .

8.When business is depressed,there is usually an increase in u Ⅱ.单句改错(每句只有一处错误) 1.Finally came the day which I began to learn in Beijing University. 2.If the sun does not rise tomorrow,what would we do? 3.Would you mind to open the window? 4.I want to have my TV set to be repaired. 5.Walk home from school,we saw an old friend in the street. 6.Since she didn’t come to school yesterday,she must be ill at home. 7.The price of living things has been gone up all the time.

8.I didn’t mind their coming late to the lecture,but I objected their making so much noise. 9.The young mother saw her baby fall to the ground,it brought her heart to her mouth. 10.Having not been there before,he simply had no idea about the place,which everyone says is worth visiting. 大练 Ⅰ.单项填空 1.I feel it is you as well as your wife that A.are to blame C.are to be blamed 2.Actually,girls can be for your son’s bad performance at school. B.is going to blame D.is to be blamed they want to be just like boys,whether it is a pilot,an

astronaut,or a general manager. A.wherever B.however C.whatever you D.whoever a careful driver. D.think;were

3.I don’t understand how you got a ticket.I always A.think;are B.am thinking;are


4.—Would you hold the ladder for a moment? — . B.It’s a pleasure ,it still C.My pleasure where I D.For pleasure

A.With pleasure 5.The camera isn’t A.missed;lies;lay C.gone;lay;laid 6.

it a month ago.

B.missing;lies;laid D.lost;lays;lay

to his research work,the professor cared little about any other things. B.Devoting C.Having devoted D.To devote


7.—How would you like your coffee? — . B.Very nice.Thank you D.The stronger,the better his spare time his English has improved a lot. C.made in;that D.found in;as

A.It’s well done C.One cup.That’s enough 8.Such good use has been A.made of;that

B.made of;as

9.—What did the doctor say yesterday afternoon? —He said,“ A.Taking 10.They are said completed next year. A.to be building Ⅱ.完形填空 “?She was married to an officer in India,long ago in India;and she had a life of physical adventure as exciting as her poetry(诗).Her husband could cross rivers using crocodiles(鳄鱼) as stepping stones.He died when she was only 39.Unwilling to exist without him,she took her life,leaving a son in England. I stared at the paper, 1 reading and couldn’t help thinking. B.building C.to be built D.build on time,this medicine will be quite effective.” B.Being taken C.Taken D.Having taken

an office building now on the other side of the river,which will be

Crocodiles are lazy animals as a rule,but they can to.And they don’t mind hurrying 3


like lightning when they want

they’re hungry.There used to be lots in Indian 4 a fifteen-foot crocodile?They ate 5 ,or

rivers,living on fish mostly;but what’s a little fish

people,fishermen or anyone else delicious enough to get too near;women doing the children playing at the water’s a gunshot.A big fellow can 8 6 .A hungry cro’s mouth in a man in two bites. 9

7 over a meal with a sound like

That woman’s husband crossed rivers be done 10

from one cro’s back to the next.I believe it.It had to 11 a brave,active

before the creature could see what was happening.It wasn’t 12

man;and no doubt he improved with practice.He could never look The wife used to watch him—I felt 15 16 13

while crossing. 14 the adventure,the

of that.She lived

excitement of it all.Their real life was with tigers,snakes.It’s no wonder she wrote poetry. 17 .I imagined how she felt.Was there another man 18 19 him in India,in ,too,” she said

Then he

the world?She was still young,hardly a sitting-room widow(寡妇). “I must to herself.So she did what she felt she had to do.A 20

probably,to her head.

But her young son,their son?Was her love for him nothing compared to her husband?Well, what do you think? 1.A.started 2.A.run 3.A.whenever 4.A.in 5.A.shopping 6.A.border 7.A.looks 8.A.go 9.A.jumping 10.A.immediately 11.A.over 12.A.up 13.A.afraid B.began B.move B.when B.on B.washing B.end B.sends B.take B.running B.directly B.for B.down B.sure C.finished C.walk C.because C.to C.cooking C.side C.shuts C.eat C.walking C.quickly C.behind C.back C.shameful D.stopped D.roll D.as D.for D.cleaning D.edge D.turns D.catch D.marching D.hurriedly D.beyond D.right D.foolish

14.A.without 15.A.lively 16.A.angry 17.A.wrote 18.A.like 19.A.go 20.A.pen Ⅲ.阅读理解

B.till B.friendly B.exciting B.fled B.as B.practise B.gun

C.for C.deadly C.sad C.disappeared C.with C.jump C.comb

D.on D.lovely D.interesting D.died D.before D.shoot D.flower

A When Jim and Cathy Malupa came to the United States from the Philippines,they lived in an apartment in the center of Chicago.Cathy worked as an accountant in a downtown bank. After looking for a long time,Jim and Cathy bought a house in the suburbs. One morning,Mrs Gray,the Malupas’ next door neighbour,stopped by to meet Cathy. “Welcome to the neighborhood.We’d like to invite you and your husband to our home this Friday evening.We want you to meet all the other neighbours.” On Friday evening,at 7 o’clock Jim and Cathy walked to the Grays’ home.A lot of people were at the party.Several people congratulated Cathy and Jim on their new home. At about 8:30,Jim walked over to Cathy and asked,“When will the dinner be served?I’m really hungry.” “I don’t know,”Cathy answered.“I’m hungry,as well.Maybe they like to eat late.” At 9:15,everyone was still standing,talking and enjoying the refreshments(点心).Jim was so hungry that he was feeling weak.Cathy brought Jim a bowl of crackers and some cheese.By 10 o’clock,Peter was sick of crackers.And he was still very hungry. Some guests started to leave.Jim and Cathy were very surprised.One guest said to Mr Gray, “Thanks for inviting us to the party.We had a good time.” Then Cathy realized her mistake.She whispered to Jim,“This is a neighborhood party,not a dinner party.I made a mistake.All the other guests had dinner before they came here.” Jim and Cathy quickly thanked the Grays for the party.They fetched their coats and left.They walked back home,got into their car and drove to a nearby shopping center.The Italian restaurant was closed and the Chinese restaurant was also closed.“What are we going to do?”Peter asked.

1.“Looking”in“After looking for a long time,”means“ A.looking for a good job C.looking for a good neighbor


B.looking for a proper house D.looking for something lost

2.Why did Mrs Gray invite the Malupas to her home? A.To have dinner. B.To meet all the other neighbors. C.To attend a ball. D.To congratulate them on their new work. 3.What did the Malupas think they would have at the party? A.A good dinner. B.Crackers. . B.in the middle of the party D.after they returned home . C.Tea. D.Cheese.

4.Cathy realized her mistake A.at the beginning of the party C.at the end of the party

5.After they left the neighborhood party,they went to a shopping center A.to have dinner C.to enjoy the night sense B B.to buy goods D.to buy refreshments

Wild Bill Donovan would have loved the Internet.The spymaster who built the Office of Strategic Service in World War Ⅱ and later laid the roots for the CIA(美国中央情报局)was very interested in information.Donovan believed in using whatever tools came to hand in the “great name” of discovering information—spying as a“profession”(职业).These days the Net,which has already re-made such everyday pastimes as buying books and sending mail,is reshaping Donovan’s job as well. The latest revolution isn’t simply a matter of gentlemen reading other gentlemen’s e-mail.That kind of electronic spying has been going on for decades.In the past three or four years the World Wide Web has given birth to a whole industry of point-and-click spying.The spies call it “open-source intelligence(情报),and as the Net grows ,it is becoming increasingly to affect people’s lives.In 1995 the CIA held a contest to see who could collected the most facts about Burundi.The winner was a tiny Virginia company called open source solutions,whose clear advantage was its mastery of the electronic world. Among the firms making the biggest splash in this new world is Straitford,Inc,a private

intelligence-analysis(情报分析)firm based in Austin,Texas.Straitford makes money by selling the results of spying (covering nations from Chile to Russia ) to corporations like energy-services firm McDermott International.people may find its forecasts online at. Straitford president George Friedman says he sees the online world as a kind of tool for both collecting and giving out information,a spymaster’s dream.Last week his firm was busy searching for information from the far corners of the world and saying there would be a crisis(危机)in Ukraine.“As soon as that report runs ,we’ll suddenly get 500 new Internet sign-ups from Ukraine,” says Friedman,a former political science professor. “And we’ll hear back from some of them.” Open-source spying does have its risks,of course,since it can be difficult to tell good information from bad.That’s where Straitford earns its keep. Friedman relies on only 20 people in Austin.Several of his staff members have military-intelligence(军事情报) backgrounds.He sees the firm’s outsider position as the key to its success.Straitford’s brief don’t sound like the usual Washington back-and-forth,by which people avoid dramatic declarations on the chance they might be wrong.Straitford,says Friedman ,takes pride in its independent voice. 1.The Internet has .

A.received support from fans like Donovan B.reshaping the intelligence services C.offered people more chances to enjoy many common pastimes D.made spying a job respected by people 2.Donovan’s story is mentioned in the text to A.introduce the topic of online spying C.give us an example of the information war . B.show how he fought for the U.S. D.honor his special services to the CIA

3.The underlined phrase “ making the biggest splash ” (Line 1,Para.3)most probably means . B.making the greatest effort D.enjoying the widest popularity .

A.causing the biggest trouble C.achieving the greatest success 4.It can be learned from Para.4 that

A.what Straitford said about Ukraine has proved true B.Straitford can promise that all its information is true

C.Straitford cam never prove the truthfulness of its information D.Straitford is able to provide fairly reliable information 5.Straitford is most proud of its A.independent outsiders C.working staff Ⅳ.短文改错 In America,that labour costs are so high, “do it yourself”is a way of its life.Many people repair their own cars,their own house and so on. Soon they may also be writing for their own books.In Hollywood there is a company that publishes children’s books at the help of computers.However other book companies all publish that way,this particular company is very usual. It“personalizes”the book by having the computers made the readers the main characters in its story. Ⅴ.书面表达 下面是关于美国心脏病发病率和年龄性别关系的柱型图表。 请根据图表内容, 用英语写 一篇 120 词左右的短文。文章的开头结尾已经给出。
Heart Attacks per year,USA 500 424 440 374 Men Women 123 3 29 44 45 64 Age-Group 65+ 136

. B.outsider position D.military background

1. 2. 3.______ 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.


400 300 200 100 0

Heart Attacks by Age and Gender The graph shows how age and gender influence the frequency of heart attacks in the US.

In conclusion,men are more likely to be the victims of heart attacks at all ages,but women are increasingly likely over the age of 65.

参 考 答 案 小练 Ⅰ.单词拼写(根据首写字母填入所缺的词) 1.mentally 2.greedy 3.funeral 4.former 5.demonstration 6.overcome 7.arrival

8.unemployment Ⅱ.单句改错 1.which→when 2.does→did 3.to open→opening 4.去掉 to be 5.Walk→Walking 6.must be → must have been 7. 去 掉 been 8.objected 后 加 to 9.it → which 或 it 前 加 and

10.Having not→Not having 大练 Ⅰ.单项填空 1~5 ACCAB Ⅱ.完形填空 1~5 DBADB Ⅲ.阅读理解 A.1~5 BBACA Ⅳ.短文改错 1.that→ where 2. 去掉 its 3.house → houses 4. 去掉 for 5. √ 6.at→ with 7.However → B.1~5 BACDB 6~10 DCBAC 11~15 DCBCC 16~20 BDAAB 6~10 ADACA

Though/Although 8.usual→unusual 9.made→make 10.its→the Ⅴ.书面表达 Heart Attacks by Age and Gender The graph shows how age and gender influence the frequency of heart attacks in the US. Less than 6% of all heart attacks occur in the 29~44 age group.The number of women who suffer heart attacks in this group is negligible—only 3000 per year,compared to 123 000 men. However the proportion of men and women with heart attacks rises dramatically between 45 and 64,with over half a million per year.Over 420 000 men a year in this age group have heart

attacks.The incidence among women increases—women have one heart attack for every three men in this age group. Over the age of 65,the number of men suffering heart attacks only increases slightly.However there is a huge increase in the number of women with heart attacks—they comprise over 40% of all victims. In conclusion,men are more likely to be the victims of heart attacks at all ages,but women are increasingly likely over the age of 65.

附相关高考试题链接 1.(2004 湖北)There was A.a;that 2.(2004 江苏)Tom owns our class. A.the;/ 3.(NMET 1996) A.If B.a;/ C.a;the D./;the B.a;when time I hated to go to school. C.the;that D.the;when books than any other student in

larger collection of

we’ll go camping tomorrow depends on the weather. B.Whether C.That D.Where

4.(NMET 2001)A new cinema A.will be built 5.(NMET 1993) —If he B.is built ,he

here.They hope to finish it next month. C.has been built that food. D.is being built

—Luckily he was sent to the hospital immediately. A.was warned;would not take B.had been warned;would not have taken C.would be warned;had not taken D.would have been warned;had not taken 6.(NMET 2004 全国卷Ⅰ)Roses need special care A.because B.so that C.even if they can live through winter. D.as

7.(NMET2004 全国卷Ⅱ)—Has Sam finished his homework today? — I have no idea.He A.did it this morning. B.has done C.was doing D.had done

8.(2004 上海卷)According to a recent U.S.survey,children spent up to 25 hours a week TV. A.to watch B.to watching C.watching D.watch

9.(NMET 2004 全国卷Ⅲ)To enjoy the scenery,Irene would rather spend long hours on the train A.as travel by air. B.to C.than D.while known for

10.(NMET 1998)Professor White has written some short stories,but he is his plays. A.the best B.more C.better 参 考 答 案 1.B 2.B 3.B 4.D 5.B 6.B 7.C 8.C 9.C 10.C

D.the most


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