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Book2 Unit2 The Olympic Games

Book2 Unit2 The Olympic Games
Period 3 Grammar — the Future Passive Voice
Learning aims: 1.通过教师创设的例句, 观察并正确概括一般将来时被动语态的结构和用法。 2. 自主学习, 合作探究, 练习巩固,掌握一般将来时被动语态应用时需注意的问 题。 Learning imp

ortant points: 1. 学习一般将来时被动语态的结构和用法。 2. 使用一般将来时被动语态需要注意的几个问题 Learning difficult points: 在具体语境中使用一般将来时被动语态。 Learning guide(方法引导): 1. 15 分钟:理解观察每个例句,对用法再加以提炼,完成相关的同步练习,不 明白的地方,用红笔标出, 准备质疑讨论。 2. 10 分钟:合作探究学案上的难例句、不明白的地方、该语法以上四个方面的 框架用法和跟踪练习。 3. 5 分钟:点评质疑提升。 4. 5 分钟:巩固落实。 5. 5 分钟:达标检测。 【课前预习】
Do the following exercises and review the knowledge learned.. ( 做习题,回顾已学知识) 1、The Chinese food _____ to be the healthiest in the world. A. considers C. is considered B. is considering D. has considered B. had punished D. was punished B. were lost C. are died

2、John ___ , for he went swimming yesterday without permission. A. would punished C. punished A. have been died B. are lost

3. Fires are very dangerous. Every year hundreds of lives ________ in the fires in that countries.

学生总结:一般现在时被动语态的结构______________________________________ 一般过去时被动语态的结构______________________________________

【自主学习】 StepⅠ: 观察思考 Read the following sentences and summarize the usage of the Future Passive Voice. (方法指导:先翻译句子,再指出现在进行时被动语态的用法) 1. A new hospital will be built in our city. 2. The classroom will be cleaned by Lilei tomorrow.


3. Thousands of trees are planted on the hill next year. 4. In class you will not be allowed to leave. 5. This letter will not be posted tomorrow. 6. When will your homework be finished? 7. What will be learnt in next week? 8. Who will be sent to America to study when you come back? StepⅡ:归纳规则 Summarize the usage and structure of the Future Passive Voice. (方法指导: 通过观察 上面的例句,我们可把一般将来时被动语态构成和用法归纳如下) 1、一般将来时被动语态构成: (1) 肯定式: 主语+_____ /______ + be +过去分词 Some of us will be asked to speak at the meeting. (2) 否定式: 主语+ shall/will not + _______+过去分词 He will not be punished for it. (3) 一般疑问式: _______________________________ Will the house be painted next month? (4) 特殊疑问式: 特殊疑问词+_______/_______ +主语+be +过去分词 Where will the cinema be built? 2、一般将来时被动语态的用法 (1)表示根据计划或安排在_______时间发生的被动性动作。 ① Those books will be punished next month. ② The work will be finished tomorrow. (2)表示有固定性___________,就有规律性的被动结果。 ① you speak in class, you will be punished. If ② you are discovered smoking, you will be fined. If 3、一般将来时的其他几种被动语态形式: 例句:① Chinese is going to be taught in te school. ② The machine is to be repaired tomorrow. 总结:一般将来时的其他被动语态形式: ① _________________ + be +过去分词 ② _________________ + be +过去分词 同步练习:用被动语态对下列句子画线部分提问 ① They will build many new sport venues for the Beijing Olympic Games. ② Millions of people will watch the final match on TV. ③ John will carry the Canadian flag at the opening of the Olympic Games.

④They will make all the flags by hand. ⑤Mrs. Jones will take care of your pet dog while you are away on holiday. 4、使用一般将来时的被动语态,应注意以下三点: (1) 例句: ① When the dam is completed, the Changjiang River will be controlled. ② the room is cleaned, I will let you leave. If 总结:在时间、条件状语从句中,应使用_________时的被动语态表示将来 时的被动语态。 (2)使用一般将来时被动语态时,勿遗漏被动式中的 be。例如: 【误】A new film will shown at the cinema next week. 【正】A new film will be shown at the cinema next week. 【误】Is this bridge going to completed before the end of this year? 【正】Is this bridge going to be completed before the end of this year? (3) 例句:① They will put up a notice on the wall. → A notice will be .put up on the wall. ② will take good care of the children there. We → The children there will be taken good care of. 总结:短语动词变被动时不能漏掉_______词、______词。 【合作探究】 1、该语法以上四个方面的框架用法。 2、标注出来的难例句或不明白的地方。 3. 完成下列跟踪练习题 1)主动句变被动句: ①We shall discuss the question at the next meeting. ② I shall give you the book tomorrow. ③The chairman will ask us to attend the meeting. ④They will show the new film in ten minutes. ⑤ If the weather permits, we will complete the works on time. 2)单句改错 ⑥ Tell me how many guests will invite to the party. ⑦ Will the headmaster be planned to give us a report? ⑧ When do you know this river will be digging?


⑨ will be helped you if you ask him. He ⑩ think our teacher will be praised liu fang for her great progress. I 【达标检测】 用适当的形式填空 More and more students will study in our school, so it _________(become) much larger. The engineers ____________(design) a project now. a new building ___________(set) up. The playground _______________(rebuild). New equipment ___________(buy) When the project _______________(finish). More books ____________(keep) in the library. We can _______(enjoy) reading in the bright reading room. There ________(be)many trees and flowers in the school. We ___________(see) a beautiful and modern school next year. 课堂活动小组评价表 姓名 与人合作次数 小组发言次数 提出问题个数 解决问题个数 总体评价 备注

由组长负责,组织小组反思,填写行为评价表,并存入小组 学习档案。

Summing up: In this period, we mainly talked about the grammar item—the Future Passive Voice from several aspects: its usage, its structure , the problems we should pay attention to and so on. And we also finished the exercises to consolidate the knowledge we learned. You all did very good jobs. Please review the grammar item carefully after class. Homework: 1. 必做题: ①Finish Ex.1, 2 on page 50 in the workbook. ②Preview the passage The Story of Atlanta on page14, find the sentences in which the present future passive voice is used, and try your best to put them into the active voice. 2. 选做题: Finish Ex.3 on page 50 in the workbook: work in groups and create some proverbs of your own.


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