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【创新设计】(新课标)2014年高中英语 Unit 3 Celebration单元测试 北师大版必修1

Unit 3
第一部分:听力(共两节,满分 30 分)


第一节(共 5 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 7.5 分) 听下面 5 段对话。 每段对话后有一个小题, 从题中所给的 A、 B、 C 三个选项中选出最佳选项。 听完每段对话后,你都有 10 秒钟的时间来回答有关小题和阅读下一小

题。每段对话仅读一 遍。 1.What can we infer about the film City of Life and Death? A.Lu Chuan played a role in it. B.It’s about China’s ancient history. C.It’s about Japan’s invasion to China. Text 1 M:Will you go to see the film City of Life and Death by director Lu Chuan? W:Sure.We should never forget the miserable history when Japan invaded our country. 答案:C 2.Who will live in the house? A.No one. B.Grandpa. C.George and his brother. Text 2 W:George and his brother are going to live in your old family house. M:But no one’s been there since Grandpa died. 答案:C 3.How old is the woman’s school now? A.3 years old. Text 3 M:Your school seems quite new.How old is it? W:Well,this building was built 3 years ago,but our school was founded 50 years ago. 答案:B 4.What can we learn from the conversation? A.Peter will go to see the man. B.The woman will inform Peter of the news. C.The woman hasn’t seen Peter recently. B.50 years old. C.53 years old.

Text 4 M:I haven’t seen Peter for a long time.Will you tell him that I want to see him? W:All right.I’ll tell him as soon as I see him. 答案:B 5.Where is the man going? A.The theater. B.The airport.

C.The railway station. Text 5 W:Would you like to go to the theater with me? M:I’d love to.But I have to meet my aunt.Her train is due at 10 o’clock. 答案:C 第二节(共 15 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 22.5 分) 听下面 5 段对话或独白。每段对话或独白后有几个小题,从题中所给的 A、B、C 三个选项中 选出最佳选项。听每段对话或独白前,你将有时间阅读各个小题,每小题 5 秒钟;听完后, 每小题将给出 5 秒钟的作答时间。每段对话或独白读两遍。 听第 6 段材料,回答第 6 至 7 题。 6.Why does the man make this phone call? A.To buy a table. C.To sell a table. 7.At what time did Mr.Miller want to go at first? A.At 7:00. Text 6 W:Red House Restaurant.May I help you? M:I’d like to book a table. W:For how many? M:Just two. W:For what time? M:8:00. W:I’m sorry,there aren’t any tables left for 8:00,but we can give you one for 7:00 or 9:00. M:All right.9:00 then. W:May I have your name,please? M:Miller. W:A table for two at 9:00 for Mr.Miller. B.At 9:00. C.At 8:00. B.To reserve a table.

M:Thank you. 答案:6.B 7.C

听第 7 段材料,回答第 8 至 10 题。 8.What are they talking about? A.Thanksgiving. B.New Year. C.Christmas.

9.Who will the two speakers invite? A.The man’s sister and her family. B.The woman’s sister and her family. C.Their friend’s family. 10.What are they going to buy? A.Sandwich. Text 7 W:Do you realize it’s November already?Thanksgiving Day will come. M:Gee,you’re right.It’s time we decided what we are going to do this year.Do you feel like inviting your sister and her family over? W:Sure.After all,they invited us last year. M:Good.That’s settled.Why don’t you give them a call and see if they can come? W:Sure.Randy,can you help me with the shopping?We need to get a turkey. M:Right.Let’s get a nice big one. 答案:8.A 9.B 10.C B.Chicken. C.Turkey.

听第 8 段材料,回答第 11 至 13 题。 11.Why has the woman been studying a lot recently? A.Because she failed her last exam. B.Because she wants to complete her homework. C.Because she has to prepare for the exams. 12.What has the man just finished doing? A.Swimming. B.Taking an exam. C.Eating dinner.

13.What will happen tomorrow according to the conversation? A.The man will have an exam. B.The man and the woman will study together. C.The man and the woman will have lunch together. Text 8 M:Hey?Linda!I haven’t seen you for a while.What have you been doing? W:Oh,hi,David.I’ve been studying a lot lately for my exams.All of my classes

seem to have exams during the same week. M:Oh,that’s awful!Where are you going now? W:I’m heading to the gym.I’ve been sitting at my desk all day and I need some exercise.Do you want to walk there with me? M:Actually,I’m on my way back from the gym.I have just had swimming practice and I’m going to have dinner. W:Well,I guess I’ll see you around. M:Hey,why don’t we meet at the dining hall tomorrow for lunch?Maybe we’ll be able to relax and talk. W:OK.What time? M:How about one o’clock? W:Sounds great.I’ll see you then. 答案:11.C 12.A 13.C

听第 9 段材料,回答第 14 至 17 题。 14.Where are the two speakers? A.In a theatre. B.In a classroom. C.In a restaurant.

15.What reason did the woman give for being late yesterday? A.She visited her grandfather. B.She was ill and went to hospital. C.The bus had broken down. 16.What did the woman say about her grandmother earlier? A.Her grandmother was going to have an operation. B.Her grandmother had already had an operation. C.Her grandmother was working in a hospital. 17.What can we learn about the woman? A.She is often late for school. B.She always tells lies to her grandpa. C.She often forgets to set the alarm clock. Text 9 M:You often come to school late.Yesterday,for example,you... W:Yes.I’m very sorry about that.You see,my alarm clock didn’t work and... M:Your alarm clock?But you told me yesterday that the bus had broken down. W:Oh,did I?I just forgot to say that my clock didn’t work,either. M:It’s a good story.Now tell me again why you want tomorrow off.

W:Well...er...you see,my grandfather is ill.He is in the hospital and...and he’s going to have an operation.I want to visit him. M:Oh,I see.So your grandfather is ill as well. W:As well?I...I...I don’t understand. M: Neither do I . When we began this conversation, you said your grandmother was ill.And you didn’t say she was going to have an operation!You said she had already had one! And by the way, you also said she was in an old people’s home, not in the hospital. 答案:14.B 15.C 16.B 17.A

听第 10 段材料,回答第 18 至 20 题。 18.When did Huar start? A.In February,1998. B.In July,2000. C.In July,1998.

19.Why do teenagers around the country love Huar? A.Because Huar is the only boy band in China. B.Because the members of Huar are teenagers,too. C.Because they think Huar’s songs reflect their life experiences. 20.What do we know about Huar’s latest album? A.It includes some different music elements. B.It is Chinese traditional instrumental music. C.It is purely punk music. Text 10 Huar is not the only boy band in China,but it may be the only one that values fun more than anything else.Their album Dynasty of Your Life has been a hit since it was released on July 28th,2000.Fans stormed the FAB music store in Wangfujing ,a Beijing shopping street.They waited for hours just to get the band members’ autographs. Started in February,1998,Huar was said to be the “first adolescent band”in China: Da Zhangwei,the soul of the band,was only 15;drummer Wang Wenbo 16;and the oldest one,bass player Guo Yang was 20. Their first two albums On the Other Side of Happiness and The Strawberry Statement were mainly punk rock.Thanks to them , punk music became more widely known in China.Teenagers around the country love Huar because they feel their songs reflect their life experiences. Their latest album has different music elements such as Indian music ,Peking Opera and some Chinese traditional instrumental music.Some people think Huar is beginning

to lose their punk character.But fans welcome the changes.“Flowers have grown up,”said a junior student in Nanjing. 答案:17.A 18.A 19.C 20.A

第二部分:英语知识应用(共两节,满分 45 分) 第一节:单项填空(共 15 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 15 分) 从 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。 21.The old professor didn't attend ill. A.the 答案 D B .a C.an D. / ________ church yesterday because he was very

[考查冠词。句意:那个老人因为生病昨天没去做礼拜。attend church 做礼拜。]

22.In my childhood,I was often ________ by my mother to pay attention to the table manners. A.destroyed 答案 C B.allowed C.reminded D.hoped

[考查动词。 句意: 在我小的时候, 妈妈经常提醒我注意餐桌礼仪。 remind“提醒,

使某人想起”。] 23.The government ________ for three years. A.has been in power C.has taken office 答案 A B.has come to power D.came into power

[come to/into power 和 take office 均为短暂性动词短语,不与时间段连用;

而 be in power 表状态,能与时间段连用,故选 A。] 24.Because of the financial crisis,days are gone ________ local five?star hotels charged 6,000 yuan for one night. A.if 答案 B.when B C.which D.since

[考查间隔式定语从句。先行词为 days,在定语从句中作时间状语。句意:由于

经济危机,当地五星级宾馆一晚上收费 6,000 元的日子一去不复返了。] 25.—Lily, it seems that you didn't sleep well last night. —Yes.I lay ________ worrying about my exams. A.asleep 答案 D B.alone C.afraid D.awake


asleep 睡着;alone 单独;afraid 害怕;awake 醒着。] 26.I think everyone should be kind to others,for kindness is a human ________ which everyone admires. A.quality 答案 A B.quantity C.activity D.courage

[考查名词。quality 在该句中的意思是“品质;特性”。句意:我认为每个人都

应该对别人表示友善,因为友善是一个大家都钦佩的人类的优秀品质。另外 quality 与 quantity 为形近词,但意义不同,须予以注意。] 27.Only when he got there ________ how much damage had been caused. A.he realized C.had he realized 答案 D B.he had realized D.did he realize

[考查倒装。“only+状语”放在句首时,句子用部分倒装。由 when he got there

知该用一般过去时,不用过去完成时,故选 D。] 28.Everybody has a(n)________ chance.Now,let's see who can do it best. A.same 答案 B B.equal C.well D.alike

[前句句意: 每个人都有平等的机会。 same 前经常加 the; well“健康的”; alike

常作表语,“相像的”;equal“平等的”。] 29.Tian'anmen Square has been decorated ________ flowers in celebration ________ the National Day. A.with;of 答案 A B.of;for C.with;for D.for;of

[考查短语动词。 句意: 为了庆祝国庆节, 天安门广场已经被用鲜花装饰好了。 with

用??;for 为了。] 30.It is a ________ that women get married in long white dresses. A.tradition 答案 A B.reception C.presentation D.congratulation

[句意:女人结婚穿长长的白色婚纱是一种传统。traditon 传统;reception 接

待会;presentation 展示;congratulation 恭喜;祝贺。] 31.Robert is said ________ abroad, but I don't know what country he studied in. A.to have studied C.to be studying 答案 A B.to study D.to have been studying

[句意: 据说罗伯特曾经在国外学习过, 但我不知他在哪个国家学习的。 be said to

“据说??”。因为是曾经去学习的,所以 to 之后要用完成时表示。] 32.— I was first in the English test. —________ A.Well done! C.Really? 答案 A B.I don't think so. D.You are good. [句意:——我英语考试获得了第一名。——干得好!考查情景交际。Well done!

干得好。I don't think so.我不那么认为。Really? 真的吗?You are good.你很好。] 33.In front of my house ________ ten tall trees, two of which soar into the sky. A.stand C.to stand B.stands D.standing



[句意:我家门前矗立着 10 棵高大的树,其中两棵高耸入云。表示方位的地点状

语位于句首时,句子要用完全倒装。又因为是复数,所以选 A。] 34.It is obvious to the students ________ they should get well prepared for their future. A.as 答案 D B.which C.whether D.that

[句意:很明显学生应该为他们的将来做好准备。that 引导主语从句,it 作形式

主语。] 35.The speech ________ nearly three hours, but few people left the lecture hall early. A.covered 答案 D B.reached C.played D.lasted

[句意: 演讲持续了接近三小时, 但很少有人半路离开。 cover 覆盖, 报道; reach

到达;play 玩耍,播放;last 持续。] 第二节:完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) 阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出可以填入空白处的最 佳选项。 William Shakespeare was born four hundred years ago and spent his childhood in his hometown ,Stratford?upon?Avon.Little was known about his childhood tho ugh many stories are published,some of which may be__36__.He probably went to Grammar School at Stratford.At thirteen he__37__to leave school as his father__38__some losses and became poorer for a time.So William had to__39__his own living.At the age of eighteen he married a farmer's daughter.Not long after he__40__Stratford for London.London was rapidly__41__.All types of people were to be__42__in it.Here

Shakespeare__43__travelers,students,and scholars,and his__44__was stirred(激 发)by the stories they told.He also met writers and actors.He soon found some work in a__45__.Before long he became an actor and writer of plays __46__.There were a few theatres in London.One of the most famous of these was__47__the

Globe.Shakespeare himself__48__one of the owners of this theatre.Shakespeare's reputation(名望)as a writer of__49__began to grow.He made__50__of the writing of others and found__51__in the old poets like Chaucer.But by his gift he__52__all these old stories into masterpieces(杰作)of his__53__.Shakespeare wrote no fewer than 37 plays.They describe all kinds of men and women,and__54__us pictures of great events in history.In 1593 Shakespeare acted before Queen Elizabeth ,and received ten pounds for his services.Soon he got greater rewards,and became__55__enough to buy a house in Stratford.He was able to retire to his native town and spent the last few years

of his life in comfort here. 36.A.exciting 答案 B B.true C.wrong D.right

[下文叙述的是可能真实的情况,所以选 B 项。] B.decided C.had D.ought

37.A.agreed 答案 C

[句意:因为家道没落,他不得不退学。] B.got C.managed D.suffered

38.A.paid 答案 D

[遭受损失是他不得不离开学校的原因。] B.plan C.set D.suffer

39.A.earn 答案 A

[earn one's living 相当于 make one's living,意为“谋生”。] B.stayed C.reached D.drove to

40.A.left 答案 A

[leave...for...意为“离开某处去另一处”。] B.built D.increasing

41.A.developed C.growing 答案 C

[London 迅猛发展。这里是进行时,所以选 C。] B.collected C.found D.visited

42.A.gathered 答案 C

[句意:在伦敦能发现形形色色的人。] B.invited C.respected D.called

43.A.met 答案 A

[meet 意为“接见,遇到”,下文也有提示。] B.wish D.imagination

44.A.power C.writing 答案 D

[句意:人们讲的故事激发了他的想像力。] B.town C.theatre D.concert

45.A.city 答案 C

[根据下文“他成了一名演员”可知是在剧院找到了工作。] B.instead C.too D.again

46.A.himself 答案 A

[句意:很快他本人也成了演员和剧作者。] B.called C.known D.made

47.A.around 答案 B

[句意:其中一个最著名的剧院叫作 Globe。] B.asked D.defeated [45 题后的句子有提示,“成为??”用 become。] B.poems C.novels D.stories

48.A.became C.helped 答案 A

49.A.plays 答案 A

[由上文可知,他此时是个剧作家。] B.use C.good D.more

50.A.lots 答案 B

[make use of 意为“利用”。]

51.A.habits C.ideas 答案 C


D.theories [句意:在像乔臾那样的古诗人那里他找到了(新的)构思。] B.turned C.wrote D.set

52.A.put 答案 B

[turn...into...意为“把??变成??”。] B.own C.time D.day

53.A.life 答案 B

[句意:凭他的才智,他将这些古老的故事都改编成了他自己的杰作。] B.send C.give D.make

54.A.draw 答案 C

[give us pictures of great events in history 意为“为我们描述了历史上的

重大事件”。] 55.A.strong 答案 子。] 第三部分:阅读理解(共 20 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 40 分) A Too much TV?watching can harm children's ability to learn and even reduce their chances of getting a college degree, new studies suggest in the latest effort to examine the effects of television on children. One of the studies looked at nearly 400 northern California third?graders.Those with TVs in their bedrooms scored about eight points lower on math and language arts tests than children without bedroom TVs. A second study , looking at nearly 1,000 grown?ups in New Zealand, found lower education levels among 26?year?olds who had watched lots of TV during childhood.But the results don't prove that TV is the cause and don't rule out that already poorly motivated youngsters (年轻人)may watch lots of TV. Their study measured the TV habits of 26?year?olds between ages 5 and 15.Those with college degrees had watched an average( 平 均 )of less than two hours of TV per weeknight during childhood, compared with an average of more than 2.5 hours for those who had no education beyond high school. In the California study, children with TVs in their rooms but no computer at home scored(得分)the lowest while those with no bedroom TV but who had home computers scored the highest. While this study does not prove that bedroom TV sets caused the lower scores, it adds to findings that children shouldn't have TVs in their bedrooms. B B.rich C.able D.clever

[句意:不久他得到了更多的回报,使他能有足够的钱在 Stratford 买下一座房

56.According to the California study, the low?scoring group might ________. A.have watched a lot of TV B.not be interested in math C.be unable to go to college D.have had computers in their bedrooms 答案 A [细节理解题。根据第二段中 Those with TVs in their bedrooms scored about

eight points lower on math and language arts tests than children without bedroom TVs.可知得分低的孩子可能看电视看得多。] 57.What is the researchers' understanding of the New Zealand study results? A.Poorly motivated 26?year?old watch more TV. B.Habits of TV watching reduce learning interest. C.TV watching leads to lower education levels of the 15?year?olds. D.The connection between TV and education levels is difficult to explain. 答案 and D [细节理解题。根据第三段 But the results don't prove that TV is the cause

don't rule out that already poorly motivated youngsters ( 年轻人)may watch lots

of TV.可知看电视和教育水平之间的联系很难以解释。] 58.What can we learn from the last two paragraphs? A.More time should be spent on computers. B.Children should be forbidden from watching TV. C.TV sets shouldn't be allowed in children's bedrooms. D.Further studies on high?achieving students should be done. 答案 C [推理判断题。 最后一段提到尽管研究不能证明电视会导致低分, 但却进一步说明

了儿童卧室不应该放电视机的问题。] 59.What would be the best title for this text? A.Computers or Television B.Effects of Television on Children C.Studies on TV and College Education D.Television and Children's Learning Habits 答案 B [主旨大意题。 通读全文可知, 文章主要通过两项研究分析了儿童看电视所造成的

影响。文章第一段第一句话是主题句,所以 B 项作为标题最佳。] B To celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary(周年纪念日),Diane and David recently spent a romantic weekend at a hotel.“Our room was wonderful.” Diane says.“It was

decorated mainly in red—my favorite color.” The couple's afternoon of passion(热情), however,was followed by a moonlit night

filled with insomnia.“It was so strange,” Diane recalls.“We were both tired, and the bed was extremely comfortable yet,for some reason,we turned the whole night.” What caused Diane and David's restlessness was the color of the room.Studies show that too much red can be too exciting. Actually every color affects our mind,body and spirit in our way or another.Blue, for example,has been the main color in psychiatric(精神病的)hospitals since the latter half of the 19th century, when its calming effects on patients were discovered. “Hospital green” came about because it can restore( 恢 复 )the nerves and the eyes.Green has also been proven to promote concentration ,which helps explain why so many law offices and libraries use it. Color affects us physically as well as mentally and emotionally.In a Norwegian study , people placed in a blue room felt four degrees colder than those placed in a red room. Color even influences our concept of time.In another study ,two groups of salesmen were required to remove their watches before going into a meeting.One group met in a green room and thought they had spent less time in their meeting than they actually has;the other group met in a red room and thought the meeting was twice as long as it really was. 60.The underlined word “insomnia” probably means ________. A.excitement C.pains 答案 D B.tiredness D.sleeplessness [根据下文的 we turned the whole night 判断选择 D。]

61.It is better not to decorate your bedroom in ________. A.red C.green 答案 A [根据第三段选择 A。] B.blue D.white

62.According to the passage,why do some libraries use green? A.Because it can calm down the readers. B.Because it can make readers feel cooler. C.Because it can help readers fix their attention on their books. D.Because it can help readers spend longer time in reading books.



[根据第五段第二句选择 C。]

63.What do the last four paragraphs mainly discuss? A.The types of color. B.The power of color. C.The advantages of color. D.Ways of choosing color. 答案 B [综合后四段选择 B“颜色的力量”。] C There are two websites I think you should know about.Do you find it difficult to say a word correctly?Do you want to hear the correct pronunciation ?If so,what you've been looking for is cooldictionary.com.This site is designed to pronounce words and phrases in a precise manner.All you have to do is to go to the Pronunciation Help and type in a word.The site produces the correct proununciation in a male or a female voice,as well as displaying the meaning from Webster's Dictionary.You can also practice your spoken English and improve your communication skills. What's more,there are additional(额外的) materials like CDs,dictionaries and

related books available for sale.Cross?linked and full of classical literature quotes,this site is a whole new world waiting to be found.Next time you are on the Internet,visit this cool educational site. Another useful site is www.nutsandboltsguide.com.Ever wondered how to access a comprehensive(全面的)guideline for all types and stages of writing?This site will prove perfect.It has been specifically designed to help you with every step of writing.The site is a must?visit for all those who want to become a writer.It not only has an introduction to different categories of writing but discusses many important aspects of grammar.I'm sure that this site will help you with your writing skills with its sound tips,inspiring quotes and introductions to different writing styles.So get connected and log in to play!Happy surfing! 【解题导语】 本文向读者介绍了两个可以提高读写能力的网站。 64.It can be inferred that the Pronunciation Help is ________. A.a website on the Internet B.part of Webster's Dictionary C.one of the contents on an educational website D.an electronic dictionary that can pronounce words 答案 C [推理判断题。由第一段内容可知,Pronunciation Help 是 cooldictionary.com

网 站 的 一 个 部 分 , 在 这 里 输入 单 词 后 就 会 听到 单 词 的 发 音 ; 由第 二 段 可 知 , cooldictionary.com 是一个教育类网站,故 C 项正确。] 65.On the website cooldicitionary.com,we can ________. A.sell CDs and dictionaries B.communicate with others C.learn the meaning of a word D.learn to type words fast 答案 C [ 细 节理 解题 。由 第一 段中 的“as well as displaying the meaning f rom

Webster's Dictionary”可知 C 项正确。] 66.What is NOT offered on the website www.nutsandboltsguide.com? A.Sound tips on teaching how to write. B.Guide to different stages of writing. C.Methods of developing an article. D.Advice on grammar learning. 答案 A [细节理解题。由最后一段中的“to access a comprehensive(全面的)guideline

for all types and stages of writing...help you with every step of writing...discusses many important aspects of grammar”可知 B、C、D 项正确。该网站提供好的写作建议, 而不提供有关写作教学方面的建议,故选 A 项。] 67.This passage mainly focuses on the ______ to/of the two websites. A.comparison C.description 答案 绍。] D An old lady was standing on the side of the road.He could see she needed help.So he pulled up in front of her car Mercedes and got out. He said,“I'm here to help you,ma'am.Why don't you wait in the car where it's warm? By the way,my name is Bryan Anderson.” All she had was a flat tire,but for an old lady,that was bad enough.Soon he was able to change the tire.The lady asked how much she owed him.He told her that if she really wanted to pay him back,the next time she saw someone who needed help, she could give that person the help he or she needed. He waited until she started her car and drove off.A few miles down the road the lady saw a small café.She went in to grab a bite to eat.It was a dirty?looking B B.introduction D.analysis


restaurant.The whole scene was unfamiliar to her.The lady noticed the waitress was nearly eight months pregnant(怀孕的),but she always had a sweet smile. After the meal,she paid with a one?hundred?dollar bill.The waitress quickly went to get change,but the old lady had slipped right out of the door.Then she noticed something written on the napkin.“You don't owe me anything.Someone once helped me out the way I'm helping you.If you really want to pay me back,here is what you do: Do not let this chain of love end with you.” Under the napkin were four more $100 bills. There were tears in her eyes.How could the old lady have known how much she and her husband needed money? That night,as he lay sleeping next to her,she gave him a soft kiss and whispered soft,“Everything's going to be all right.I love you,Bryan Anderson.” 68.Why did the old lady stand on the side of the road? A.She was waiting for Bryan Anderson. B.Her car broke down on the way. C.She was looking for a restaurant. D.She was lost in the unfamiliar place. 答案 B [根据第三段第一句得出答案。]

69.What's the relationship between Bryan Anderson and the waitress? A.Friends. C.A couple. 答案 C [根据最后一段得出答案。] B.Strangers. D.Mother and son.

70.We can learn from the passage that the old lady was ________. A.rich and kind C.poor but hardworking 答案 A B.rich but mean D.poor and lonely

[结合上下文老夫人开着奔驰车,并且给女服务员$500,得出答案 A。]

第二节(共 5 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 10 分) 根据短文内容, 从短文后的选项中选出能填入空白处的最佳选项, 选项中有两项为多余选项。 Swimming , cycling, jogging, skiing, dancing, walking or any of dozens of other activities can help your heart.__71__Whether it is a structured exercise program or just part of your daily routine, all exercise adds up to having a healthier heart. Here are some tips for exercise success. ●Choose activities that are fun and add variety. Develop several activities that you can enjoy.__72__

●Wear comfortable, properly fitted shoes and comfortable, loose-fitting clothing appropriate for the weather and the activity. ●Find a convenient time and place to do activities.__73__If you miss an exercise opportunity, work activity into your day another way. ●Use music to keep yourself entertained. ●__74__Decide what kind of support you need. Do you want them to remind you to exercise? Exercise with you regularly or occasionally? Be understanding when you get up early to exercise?Spend time with the children while you exercise? Try not to ask you to change your exercise routine? Share your activity time with others. Ask your family members, friends or co-workers for help. ●Don’t overdo it, especially at first. You can slowly increase the time and intensity (强度) of your activities as you become more fit. __75__ ●Keep a record of your activities. Reward yourself at times. Nothing will inspire you more than success! A.Try to make it a habit, but be flexible. B. They all cause you to feel warm and breathe heavily without being out of breath. C. Be an active role model for your children. D. That way, exercise will never seem boring. E. If you are overweight or have a high risk of heart disease, see your doctor for medical advice before exercising. F. Surround yourself with supportive people. G. Gradually, work up to exercising on most days of the week for 30 -60 minutes. 答案 71~75 BDAFG 第Ⅱ卷 第四部分:写作(共两节,满分 35 分) 第一节:短文改错(共 10 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 10 分) 假定英语课上老师要求同桌之间交换修改作文,请你修改你同学写的以下作文。文中共有 10 处语言错误,每句中最多有两处。错误涉及一个单词的增加、删除或修改。 增加:在缺词处加一个漏字符号(∧),并在其下面写出该加的词。删除:把多余的词用斜线 (\)划掉。修改:在错的词下划一横线,并在该词下面写出修改后的词。 注意:1.每处错误及其修改均仅限一词; 2.只允许修改 10 处,多者(从第 11 处起)不计分。 Music is the international language.The songs sung or playing by instruments are beautiful to people everywhere.Popular music in America is that every student

likes.Students carry small radios with earphones, but listen to music before class, after class, and at lunch.There are other kinds music that are important to Americans.One is called folk music, it tells stories about common life of Americans.Another is called western or country music, started by cowboys whom would sing to the cows they were watching out.Today, any music about the love between a country boy and his girl friend are called western or country music. 答案 Music is the playing international language.The songs sung or by instruments are an played that every student what

beautiful to people everywhere.Popular music in America is likes.Students carry small radios with earphones, after class, and at lunch.There are other kinds Americans.One is called folk music,

but listen to music before class, and ∧ music that are important to of

it ∧ tells stories about common life of which a whom who

Americans.Another is called western or country music, started by cowboys

would sing to the cows they were watching out .Today, any music about the love between a country boy and his girl friend 第二节:书面表达(满分 25 分) 逸夫中学学生会打算号召全校师生为地震重灾区汶川县的儿童捐书捐款, 重建校园。 现邀请 你为此撰写一份广播通知。 要点提示: 1.5 月 12 日四川省汶川县发生特大地震。 2.学校损毁严重,儿童们急需书籍。 3.请同学们慷慨解囊,以助重建校园。 4.募捐地点:校体育馆,时间:周一至周五下午 3 点至晚上 7 点。 5.?? 注意:1.词数 100 左右; 2.可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯,但不能简单地逐句翻译。 参考词汇:汶川 Wenchuan County 学生会 the Students' Union 募捐 donate are called western or country music. is

______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________

______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ 【参考范文】 Girls and boys, Attention,please!Here is an announcement to make! As we all know, a great earthquake struck Wenchuan County on May 12th.Countless houses and schools were destroyed.Children badly need books and knowledge.They are longing to return to school.As part of a large family,we are supposed to offer our help.The Students' Union organizes an activity for donation, which will take place in the school stadium from Monday to Friday 3:00 p.m.~7:00 p.m.You are expected to donate your share in order to rebuild schools and help people live a normal life.


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