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高一英语完形阅读初高中衔接训练 (三)
完形填空: Do you know how many languages there are in the world? There are abo ut 1, 500, but many of them are not considered very21 .English is considered one of the most important languages because many people 22 it, not only in England and America, 23 in other countries of the world.About 200, 000, 0 00 speak it24 their own language, and another 230, 000, 000 use it as 25 language. It is 26 to say how many people are learning it. 27 boys and girls in schools are trying to do so. Many 28 children study French. French is also a very important language. 29 children study German, Russian, Japanese and Chinese. Which is the best 30 to learn a language? We know that we all learnt 31 language well when we were32 . If we learn a second language in the 33 way, it may not seem so difficult. What does a small child do? It 34 what people say, and it tries to guess what it hears.When it wants something, it has to 35 it. It is using the language, 36 and talking in it all of the time. If people use a second language 37 , they will learn it 38. In school, you learn to read, to write, to hear and to 39 . It is best to learn all new words through the 40 . You can read them, spell them and speak them later. 21. A. spoken B. happy C. important D. ideal(理想的) 22. A. like B. use C. operate D. play 23. A. but B. and C. too D. so 24. A. like B. with C. for D. as 25. A. distant B. a second C. the second D. a special 26. A. easy B. again C. difficult D. best 27. A. Millions of B. Hundreds of C. Tens of D. Thousands of 28. A. Chinese B. Japanese C. English D. Asian 29. A. Some B. Thousands C. All D. Much 30. A. time B. way C. thing D. place 31. A. a foreign B. our mothers' C. other's D. our own 32. A. born B. children C. grown D. boys 33. A. same B. different C. useful D. good 34. A. talks B. wants C. cries D. follows 35. A. ask B. want C. get D. ask for 36. A. speaking B. writing C. thinking D. doing 37. A. some time B. sometimes C. all the time D. for the time 38. A. fluent B. confident C. freely D. easily 39. A. fight B. sing C. speak D. play 40. A. mouth B. hands C. ears D. eyes 阅读理解 A As Sam slowly woke, he got a funny feeling in his stomach. He knew he would have to do something that he had been afraid to do for a long time. The school bus came on time,and he sat with his friend, Billy.They chatted about baseball.It was a great way to get his mind off what he had to do later. As they got close to the school,he could feel his heart beating.His hands were starting to sweat. He hated this!

He entered Mrs. Owen’s class.She was smiling,and saying hello to all her students as she did every morning. “Hi, Sam!” she said as he walked in. “Hi,”he said and quickly sat in his seat.Then the class began to take their spelling test.He looked at the clock.The time was near. He hoped he was not first! Mrs. Owens said it was time to begin their special day. “Sam,you’ll be first.” Mrs.Owens said to the class, “Sam has worked very hard on his report on Hawaii, and I know it is very interesting.” Sam nervously greeted his class. Then, he thought about the fun things he had read about surfing, volcanoes, and pineapples in Hawaii,and he started to talk. He talked in front of the whole class, and it was fun. The class clapped as he finished and Mrs. Owens was smiling. It wasn’t terrible at all and he knew he would do better the next time. 41. How did Sam feel after he woke? A. Excited. B. Nervous. C. Happy. D. Hungry. 42. What did Sam have to do that day? A. To have a baseball match. B. To take a reading test. C. To go to a new class. D. To do something special. 43. What does the underlined word “sweat” probably mean? A. 触摸 B. 鼓掌 C. 出汗 D. 指点 44. Which could be inferred (推断) from this passage? A. Sam hated chatting about baseball. B. Sam learned about Hawaii by travelling. C. Mrs. Owens is unfriendly to her students. D. The class enjoyed Sam’s talk very much. 45. Which is the best title for this passage? A. A special day B. An interesting lesson C. A nice teacher D. A professional report B Hi! I’m Harry. Life used to be kind of difficult for me. The muscles(肌肉) in my arms and legs are weak. I have to be in a wheelchair all day. I can’t us e my legs at all, and I’m not too great with my hands. If I drop something it stays dropped until someone picks it up for me. I can’t open doors or switch lights on and off. Carrying everything I need for school is a problem too. Now things are easier. I have a helping hand. Pete is a golden dog that has been trained to help kids like me. Pete was at dog training school for two years to learn how to do different tasks.I had to be trained too. I had to learn how to give Pete instructions and how to take care of him. When Pete is working he doesn’t play around. My friends know they are not to pet him or call him when he is working. He can pull my wheelchair and pick up things I drop.Pete carries my books and lunch on his back. He pushes the button on the school lift and opens some kinds of doors. He even knows how to switch lights on. But best of all, Pete is here when I need a friend.

46. According to the passage, who is Harry’s helping hand? A. Pete B. His teacher. C. His brother D. His parent 47. Why is Harry kept in a wheelchair all day? A. Because his legs are broken. B. Because his leg muscles are weak. C. Because he is too lazy. D. Because he likes it. 48. According to the passage, which of the following about Pete is not true? A. Pete can clean Harry’s room. B. Pete can switch lights on. C. Pete can pull Harry’s wheelchair. D. Pete can push the button on the school lift. 49.What does the writer mean by saying “Pete is here when I need a friend.”? A. Pete is only a helpful tool for him. B. Pete is with him all the time. C. Pete is a funny dog to make him happy. D. Pete is not only a helping hand but also his good friend. C In the US,the most popular way to welcome the new year is with a big party. Some parties are at private homes. But in recent years, it has become more and more common for Americans to go to a hotel or eating-place on the night of December 31st. There, they can eat a big dinner, drink champagne, and dance to orchestra music. Most New Year’s parties are usually noisy. People shout and sing. And often, gu ests blow on small noisemakers when the new year arrives at midnight.This tradition of noise making is believed to start centuries ago.People thought that loud sounds would drive away the bad spirits of the old year. The biggest, noisiest New Year’s party in the US takes place in Times Square in New York.Thousands of people gather(聚集) there. Some of them ring bells and set fireworks. Others blow whistles of car horns(喇叭). And at twelve o’clock, they begin to cheer as an electric sign in the shape of a red apple lights up on top of a tall building. The Times Square celebration includes another well-known American tradition. Since 1929, the band of musician Guy Lombardo has given a concert on New Year’s Eve. Guy Lombardo died in 1977. But, Bill Lombardo, has kept the tradition alive with a band concert at a New York city hotel.When the crowds in Times Square start cheering the arrival of the new year, television camer as show the band playing the song Auld Lang Syne. 50. The most usual way to welcome the new year in the US is ________. A. to go shopping B. to meet friends C. to travel abroad D. to hold a big party 51. The biggest New Year’s party in the US is __________. A. in Central Park B. in Hollywood C. in Times Square D. in Disneyland 52. In the past, some American people made big noise when the new year arri ved ________ A. to express their friendship B. to drive away the bad spirits C. to make others more excited D. to give best wishes to each other

53. In 1929 a concert on New Year’s Eve was given by _________. A. the band of Guy Lombardo B. the band of Bill Lombardo C. the band of Johann Strauss D. the band of Elvis Aaron Presley D The widespread number of food scandals ( 丑闻) in China is making many people pause before they put their chopsticks in their mouth.They are wondering if the food they are eating is clean, healthy and nutritious or does it contain something harmful that will cause disease? Most of the food we eat today is processed food( 加工食品). That means the foods we buy in stores and supermarkets, especially packaged foods, are prepared in factories. Chemicals are added to the foods in these factories to make them look better, taste better and last longer on the shelf. The chemicals are supposed to be harmless and there are laws that regulate which chemicals can and cannot be used. Unfortunately, some producers do not obey the laws. A producer of steamed buns (馒头) in Zhejiang Province was recently discovered to be breaking the law.He was adding yellow dye and other banned chemicals to the buns.He was also taking old buns and using them to make new buns. Most of the buns were sold to schools and eaten by students. . . like you' Why did he do it?Why did he break the law and endanger people's health? The answer is simple: he wanted to make more money.It was a moral failing, and this is at the heart of the food scandals in China.Too many people focus on making money and not on the effects their actions can have on others. 54. Chemicals are added to the foods in the factories because _____. A. they want to make the foods look better, taste better and last longer B. they want to make the foods contain something harmful C. chemicals will cause disease D. chemicals are harmless 55. According to the pa ssage, which is NOT true? A. Most of the food we eat today is prepared in factories. B. There are laws that regulate which chemicals can and cannot be used. C. The food scandals in China are making many people worry about the food safety. D. Most of the buns were sold to schools and eaten, by students in Zhejiang Province. 56. It was a moral failing, and this is at the heart of the food scandals in China. Here what's the Chinese meaning of "moral failing"? A. 精神崩溃 B. 道德滑坡 C. 质量下降 D. 心理失衡 57. What is the main reason of the food scandals in China? A. Some producers do not obey the laws. B. The processed food is clean, healthy and nutritious. C. Too many people pay much attention to making money. D. The chemicals are supposed to be harmless and can be used.

Key:完形:21--25CBADB 26--30CACAB 31--35DBADD 36--40CCDCC 41--45. BDCBA 46--49. A BAD 50--53. DC B A 54--57 ADBC



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