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高中英语必修 2 Unit 2
1. You cannot c_________ with others in the job market if you don’t have a special skill. 2. The reporter tried to i___________ more people to collect more information. 3. The newspaper has lots of a___________, which help us to find a good job. 4. The suspect(嫌疑人) a __________ his crime to the police. 5. He is an h__________ person. You can believe in him. 6. The boy made a ____________(诺言) to his parents about his plans. 7. The family has many _____________(亲戚) in Canada. 8. The __________(有魔力的) tools are popular with young children. 9. I went to see my grandfather __________________________(每几周). 10. He decided to travel by car ____________________(而不是) by train. 11. He never listens to anything , expect when it ___________________(有 关系)himself. 12. Since he has decided to go there, nothing will ______________(改变主 意). 13. At last he ____________________________(成功解决出) this problem. 14. I would ___________________(用车接你) at the school gate. 15. It’s said that they ____________________________(已经结婚 10 年了)。 16. Tom admitted having cheated in the exam, _________________(答应下 次不会这样了). II. 短语辨析 A. be/get used to ; used to; 1. I _________ enjoy gardening, but I don’t have enough time now. 2. It took me several days to __________ living in this area. 3. Wood can __________ to be made into paper.

B. take part in; attend 1. They ________ the heated discussion soon., which made me very happy. 2. Born in Guangzhou, he ________ high school in Jiangsu. 3. Would you like to _________ the opening ceremony? C. join; join in; 1. Li Ming doesn’t like to _________ the night club. 2. They ________ us in complaining about service in this hotel. 3. They took no interest in __________ the celebrations. D. as well, as well as; also; too; either 1. We ________ went to see the film. 2. I like walking, and I like watching TV, ________. 3. You might ________ stay at home at this moment. 4. He didn’t get the news, _________. 5. She ____________ her parents is leaving for the First Island. III. 语法专练 1. Don’t worry about that. It _______________(finish) next week. 2. She ________________(meet) by her friends as soon as she arrives. 3. I hear that more than one million dollars _______________(spend) on the project. 4. Many chances ______________(lose) if you don’t work hard. 5. The sports meeting ______________ (hold) next month. IV. 完形填空 My ears are recently full of joyous remarks from my friends such as, “Oh, Beckham is so handsome, so cool that I can’t help falling in love with him!” or “What perfect sills he has!” Yeah, I 1 to some degree,though I sometimes do want to

2 them how much they know about Beckham, apart from his appearance and how much they know about football apart from 3 goals. It seems funny that we are

4 for things, with which we are unfamiliar or about which we are uncertain, but we all, my friends as well as I, consider this one of life’s 5 . 6 to craziness

We need these pleasures to bright up our lives. But that doesn’t

or nonsense. As an old saying goes: “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” We judge anything from its appearance. We should all know, it is one’s good

7 8

not and

great contribution that makes one a star and unforgettable. Therefore we’d better say 9 about Beckham’s good looks. If we close our eyes, falling in deep 10 , we can find that the things that

move us to be really happy or sad have a clear meaning. If we don’t go deeper and are just satisfied with 11 things, sooner or later we will find that we have not really 12 has blinded and misled(误导) us, and we’ll

gained anything because our first remain ignorant(无知的) 13

we realize that and make some changes.

It is believed that thinking and going deeper than before is sign of great progress. If one day we are willing to go deeper into everything, no matter how much it us, we will finally prove how much we have 15 14

up, how much more sensible,

mature(成熟的), and intelligent(智慧的) we have become. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A like A ask A kicking A thankful A aims A come A dared A thinking A more B agree B tell B hitting B crazy B qualities B increase B would B character B something B sleep B deep B experience B although B pains B sent C hope C teach C scoring C curious C pleasures C amount C could C looks C less C sense C surface C lesson C unless C satisfies C built D think D doubt D controlling D anxious D truths D rise D should D ability D nothing D thought D pleasant D impression D before D offers D grown

10 A love 11 A material 12 A conclusion 13 A since 14 A worries 15 A given V. 阅读理解

When traveling abroad, it is wise to carry your money in traveler's checks because

checks are protected against loss or theft. If your checks are lost or stolen, the issuing authority will refund(赔偿) your money. Not only are they safe, they are also convenient. They are available in different currencies(货币) and they can be cashed at most banks throughout the world. Most shops, hotels and restaurants also accept them. Traveler's checks are very easy to use. When you collect them, you sign each check once. The cashier enters the amount in your passport. When you cash, you sign each check again. The cashier will usually ask to see your passport again too. To get traveler's checks you usually go to your bank. They can be paid in cash or in other ways. Large amounts, however, must be ordered in advance. For the safety and convenience of traveler's checks, you are charged two commissions(佣金,酬劳): an insurance commission when you buy them and an encashment commission when you cash them. It is suitable to make a note of the serial numbers of your checks. Keep this separate from your traveler's checks. 1. People like to carry their money in traveler’s checks when traveling abroad, because______ A. they cannot be lost or stolen C. they are safe and handy money 2. If your traveler's checks are lost or stolen, who will refund you? A. The authority that issues you the passport. B. The insurance company. C. The bank where you buy your checks. D. The travel agency that arranges your travel. 3. You sign your traveler’s check for the second time in order to ________. A. get your passport C. claim(要求) insurance 4. Which of the following statement is TRUE? A. You need not pay a commission for the safety of your traveler’s checks. B. cash it D. pay for commission B. they can be used anywhere D. they can save travelers plenty of

B. People usually get traveler’s checks from foreign banks. C. Traveler’s checks can be exchanged for the money of the country you visit. D. You cannot get your passport until you get your traveler’s checks.

参考答案 I. 单词拼写: 1. compete 2. interview 3. advertisements 4. admitted 5. honest 6. promise 7. relations / relatives 8. magical II. 完成句子: 1. every few weeks 2. instead of / rather than 3. relates to / is related to 4.

change his mind 5. succeeded in working out / managed to work out 6. pick you up 7. have been married for ten years 8. promising not to do that next time III. 短语辨析: A: 1 used to 2 get used to 3 be used to 2 attended 3 attend

B: 1 took part in C: 1 join D: 1 also V.

2 joined 3 joined in 2 too 3 as well 4 either 5 as well as

语法专练: 1. will be finished 2. will be met 3. will be spent 4. will be lost 5. is

going to be held / will be held VI. VII. VIII. 完形填空: 1--5 BACBC 阅读理解: 1-4 CCBC 6--10 CDBCD 11—15 CDCBD

写作: 第一节:基础写作: What Can We Do for the Olympics of 2008? The Olympic Games of 2008, which is one of the most important events in the

history of sports, will be held in Beijing. Every country in the world, including China, is preparing for it. It will do good to the friendship between China and any other country in the world. We should try to improve our environment and build enough stadiums as well as widening the roads in Beijing. As a student, I must try to learn English well and try to do something for the Olympic Games.


As the development of scientific technology, we enter the modern society, in which our living standard can be raised greatly. However, each coin has two sides. We also have great pressure in this society. Quite a lot of people work day and night, trying to gain as much wealth as possible. Some of us prefer to get wealth rather than health, which is leading their health to being poorer and poorer. In my opinion, we should pay great attention to our health because it's the basic of our lives. It's so important that we should not ignore it at all. If we are in poor condition of health, how can we work hard for our wealth? To be healthy, we not only have to pay attention to our physical health but also health in psychology, which is much more important than the former. Life would never come back to us once we lost it. Therefore, we should try to protect it and respect it.



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