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必修一unit 1语言点

Language points

加起来 1. add up_______________

Add your scores up and we’ll see who won.
把你的得分加起来,我们就知道谁赢了。 加起来总计 add up to ______________ These numbers add up to 100. 这些数目合计为100。 增加 add to ________________ The bad weather added to our difficulties.

把…加在…上 add…to… ______________ If you add 5 to 3 you will get 8.

add up; add up to; add to; add…to…

1. The time I spend in studying every day _________ adds up to two and a half hours. 2. Colorful balloons can _____ the festival add to atmosphere. 3. To make sure the result was correct, she added up the figures again and again. ________ 4. Will you _____ some suger ____ the milk? to add

2. get it repaired

get sth. done 请人做某事 (非亲自动手) =have sth. done

1 上周我去城里剪头发了. Last week I went to the town to get / have my hair cut. _________________. 2 为了参加晚会,他让人做了件新外套。 got/had a new coat made To attend the party,he______________________.
get sb. doing sth.

get sb. to do sth.
have sb. doing sth.

让某人一直做某事 让某人做某事

have sb. do sth.

让某人一直做某事 让某人做某事

3. upset
adj.心烦意乱的,不安的, vt.使不安,使心烦 他的所作所为使他父母很不高兴。 _________________________________ What he had done upset his parents much. 第一次数学测验的成绩可能会使部分同学 很不安。 ____________________________________ The result of the first maths test may upset __________________________ some of the students.

4. ignore
忽视 vt.=pay no attention to________________

别轻视小错,他们会造成大事故。 Don’t ignore small mistakes. They may cause big accidents. ignorant adj. =knowing too little; 无知的;愚昧的 lacking knowledge______________ 无知;愚昧 ignorance n. __________________

ignore ignorant ignorance

vt. 忽视,不理 adj.不知道的,无知的 n.无知,愚昧

He ignores ______the doctor’s advice and goes on smoking. ignorant I was _________that Inever heard of this story. ignorance The villagers’ _____________made them poorer and poorer.

5. calm down v.(使)镇静, (使)平静 adj.平静的;沉着的 镇静一点,我们会找到她的。 ______________________________________ Calm down! We will find her. 我们待在室内,直到一切都恢复了平静。 ________________________________________ We stayed inside until everything calmed down. 虽然很危险,但他仍然很沉着。 ________________________________________ Though it was dangerous, he remained calm.

6.have got to (=have to ) 不得不,必须
1) have got to = have to ,表示客观上的“必须”。 Have got to 的否定形式:haven’t got to ,而have to 的否定式为don’t have to.用于疑问句中,前者 提前have,后者借助于助动词do. 2)表示一次性动作时,两者可互换。但当表示习惯 性动作时,尤其是句中 含有always, often, sometimes 等频度副词时,则应 使用have to, 不使用have got to. 3)have got to 很少用于过去时,而have to 可用于各种 时态,而且可与情态动词,助动词连用

她昨晚得工作到十二点 _______________________________________ She had to work until 12 o'clock.

_______________________________________ Have we got to get up early tomorrow?/ Do we have to get up early tomorrow? ___________________________________ 他明天不必来。

_______________________________________ He hasn’t got to come tomorrow./ He doesn’t have to come tomorrow. ______________________________________ 他每天必须得搭公车去上班。 He has to take the bus to work every day. __________________________________

7. concern (vt./n.)
挂念,关心 be concerned about/ for…___________

与…有关, 涉及 be concerned with sth.______________
Why is she so concerned ___ his attitude to her work? A.to B.with C. in D. about The survey is concerned ______honest. A.to B.with C.in D.about

are concerned about The experts _________________the growth of the world’s population as/so far as sb. be concerned 就某人而言, 在某人看来 =in one’s opinion _______________________ 在我看来,油价会持续增长的。 As far as I am concerned _______________________, the price of oil will continue to increase.

欺骗; 骗取; 作弊 8. cheat v. ___________________ 骗取某人的某物 cheat sb. ( out ) of sth. ________________ 骗某人做… cheat sb. into doing … _______________ 考试作弊 cheat in the exam ___________________ 他骗了那个老人的钱 ________________________________ He cheated the old man of his money 他们骗那个小男孩抽烟 They cheat the little boy into smoking ___________________________________ 你必须得告诉他在考试中作弊是不对的

You have to tell him it’s wrong to cheat in the exem _________________________________________

9. should have done ______________________ 本来应该做某事 (而实际没 做, 含有责备的意味) ______________________ 本来不该做某事 should not have done ____________________ (而实际已做) ______________________ shouldn’t have told He looks upset. I _________________him the bad news _______________. (本不该告诉他这个坏消 息) You are late. You ________________ should have come _________________. (本该早五分钟来) five minutes earlier

10.Do you want a friend whom you could tell everything to, like your deepest feelings and thoughts?

定语 句中whom you could tell everything to 为_________从句, a friend 先行词是____________, 关系代词whom在从句中做 宾语 _____________,可以省略
刚才和你谈话的那个人是我的一个朋友。 The man (whom) you just talked to was a ______________________________________ friend of mine. ____________________________________

The scientist (whom) we talked about _________________________________________ ________________________________ yesterday will visit our city next Monday.

11. join in/join/take part in join in ________________________________ 指参加正在进行的活动,如谈话,娱乐, 游戏,竞赛等 ________________ They are playing football, let’s join in them. take part in____________________________ 指参加会议,游戏,竞赛,群众性活动等 He was unable to take part in the race, because he was ill. join_______________________________ 通常指参加某组织,团体,成为其中一员 join the army join in = take part in + 比赛,活动


12.hide away…. hide--- ______--- _________ hidden hid
<1> 躲藏 那个盗贼行窃后在朋友家躲藏了几个星期.

The thief hid away in a friend’s house ________________________________________ for several weeks after the robbery . ________________________________________
<2> 隐瞒 你本不该隐瞒这个秘密。 You shouldn’t have hidden away this __________________________________ __________________________________ secret. __

13. set down=__________________ write down/put down
记下;放下 The teacher asked him to set down the desk before the window You should set down the language points in your notebook.

14. series (单复同形) ______________ n.连续;系列
There is a television series on this channel every night.

一系列;一连串的;一套 a series of + n (pl)_____________________

a series of good harvests/ questions

There has been a series of car accidents at the crossing.

15. I wonder if / whether…. 我想知道是不是…… _______________

我想知道他是否能在三小时内完成作业。 ________________________________ I wonder if he can finish his homework in three hours. ________________________________
他想知道我是否能帮他考虑作弊。 He wondered if I can help him cheat in ________________________________ the exam. ________________________________

16. It is because….that….
因为……所以…… ______________________

因为他太懒了,所以才无法学好英语 It is because he is too lazy that he ________________________________ can’t learn English very well. __________________________

因为我起床晚了,所以我才上学迟到了。 __________________________________ It's because I got up late that I went _____________________________ to school late.

17.disagree 不同意


disagree with sb.__________________ 不同意某人 你为何不赞同我? _________________________________ Why do you disagree with me? I disagree with you on this point disagree with sb. on/about sth. 不同意某人某事 ___________________________________

indoors adv. 在(向)户外,在(向)野外,其反义词为_________ n 户外,野外,其前常加定冠词the, eg: Children usually prefer playing outdoors . I love to be in the outdoors. outdoor adj. __________________(置于名词前) 户外的,野外的 户外运动 eg: an outdoor sport\game __________________ indoor _______________________(置于n之前) 屋内的,室内的 室内花卉. eg: indoor flowers ___________________

19.……that I've grown so crazy about everything to do with nature. 对……很着迷 ① be/grow crazy about……____________ 那些女孩对那个年轻的歌手很着迷 Those girls are/grow crazy about that young _____________________________________ singer. ________________________________ 疯狂的,癫狂的 It is crazy of sb to do sth_____________

居然花那么高的价钱去买这辆车,你真是疯了! It`s crazy of you to buy the car at a high price. _____________________________________

② do with ________________________ 与……有关,和……有关系

常用结构:have ……to do with be to do with 你们有跟功课有关的问题吗? Do you have questions to do with lessons? ____________________________________

她的工作跟电话有关 Her job is to do with telephones. ____________________________________
与……没有关系 have nothing to do with________________ 与……有很大关系 have a lot to do with___________________

曾有一段时间 20.There was a time when…______________

There was a time when I hated to go to school __________________________________

曾经有段时间我们是很好的朋友。 There was a time when we were good friends. __________________________________

21. on purpose __________________ 故意地,特地 __________________偶然地 by accident/chace

_____________________________________ I came here to see you on purpose .


She broke the vase on purpose. ______________________________________
do sth with/ for the purpose of…______________ 出于……目的;为了
I read English every day with/for the

purpose of improving my English.

22. in order to ______________ 为了 = so as to
他进城是为了要卖画 He went to town in order to sell the painting. ____________________________________ In order to sell the painting he went to town. =_____________________________________ He went to town so as to sell the painting. =_____________________________________ 王先生每天努力工作为了赚更多的钱养家。 _______________________________________ Mr Wang works hard every day in order to earn more money for his family ______________________________

23. much too + adj / adv too much (+ un)
? The dress is much toolong for me. _______ ? There is very little room in the house because it has far________ furniture. too much ? It’s _________hot. much too too much ? I have _________ homework to do, so I have no time to go there


敢; 敢于 vt. _____________________


We must dare to think, speak and act. ____________________________________

He didn't dare to talk to her. ____________________________________ 他敢和她说话吗?

Did he dare to talk to her? ____________________________________

25.happen vi.发生 事故是什么时候发生的? What time did the accident happen? ________________________________ 昨天晚上街上发生了一起事故。 _________________________________ An accident happened in the street last night. 某人碰巧做某事 sb. happened to do sth. ____________ 我进来的时候,他碰巧在睡觉。 __________________________________ He happened to be sleeping when I came in. 如果你碰巧找到了,请告诉我。 If you happen to find it, please let me know. __________________________________

与……相处 26.get along with ___________________ 你和你的新同学相处得如何? How do you get along with your new __________________________________ classmates? __________________ 我和他们相处得很好 ________________________________ I get along well with them.

27. fall in love with……______________ 爱上…… 我上个月去了上海,并且爱上了它 I__________________________________ went to Shanghai last month, and fell in love with it. _______________________

28. It/ This/That is the first time/second…time that+主+have/has done
It/ This/That was the first time/second…time that+主+had done


这是那对夫妇第三次去长城了。 It’s the third time that the old couples have _________________________________ been to the Great Wall. ___________________________ 老师说这是他第四次犯同样的错误了

The teacher said it was the forth time that _________________________________ he _______________________________ had made the same mistake.


It was the first time that Liu Xiang had won the golden medal in the Olympic Games

First time, win the golden medal, The Olympic Games

29. no longer/more 不再… not… any longer/more 实义 no longer 通常位于句中的_______动词之前, be 助 情态 _____动词、___动词和______动词之后,有时 也可位于句末或句首

他知道自己不再年轻 He knows that he is no longer young. __________________________________ He knows that he isn't young any longer. =_________________________________ 他不再住在这里了 __________________________________ He no longer lives here. =_________________________________ He doesn’t live here any longer.

30.sb.find+it+形容词+to do sth 某人发现做某事是....... ____________________________ 他们发现学习英语口语是很重要的 I__________________________________ found it important to learn spoken __________________ English. 我发现解决这个问题对他来说很难。 I __________________________________ find it hard for him to work the problem out. ________________ 他发现赚点额外收入是容易的。 __________________________________ He found it easy to earn extra money.

31.suffer 1.______________ 承受,遭受
You must be prepared to suffer consequences

2._____________________ 感到疼痛、痛苦
He died very quickly,he didn't suffer much

患有(疾病等) suffer from_____________________
She suffers from headache Mrs. White's little boy is suffering from a bad flu again.

恢复; 重新获得/找到;痊愈 32.recover___________________

I think she will recover soon. Jane recovered her lost wallet. It took a long time for him to recover from a bad cold. She has recovered her health. 病愈 recover from an illness____________

33. get/be tired of_____________ 对……厌烦
我厌倦了这个游戏,让我们玩别的吧。 I am/get tired of this game, let's play _____________________________________ something else. _____________________________ 他等厌烦了 _____________________________________ He is/gets tired of waiting.

be/feel/get tired from..因……而疲倦/累 _______________
He is/feels tired from waiting so long.

34. pack
1)n. __________________ 包;捆;包裹;背包 a pack of cigarettes 捆扎,包装,打行李 2).vt.& vi. ____________________ We packed the books before we moved. 他们正忙于包装。 _____________________________________ They are busy packing. 将(东西)装箱打包 3).pack up____________________________ I packed up all the books into boxes. 请帮我将我的东西装箱。 _____________________________________ Please help me pack up my things.

Exercise 1 翻译下列短语: 1. 把…加起来 add up ___________________________ 2. 总计共达

add up to ___________________________ 3. 把……加到……里 ___________________________ add sth. to sth. 4. 必须做某事 have got to (do sth.) ___________________________

5. 经历 / 经受……;穿过;浏览 go through _____________________ 6. 躲 / 藏起来 hide away _________________________________ 7. 一连串 / 一系列的 a series of ______________________________ 8. 写下 / 记下
set down _________________________________

9. 受痛苦 / 受损失 / 受折磨

suffer from _________________________
10. 和某人(很好地)相处

get along (well) with ___________________________
11. 爱上某人 / 某物

fall in love with _________________________________ 12. 对……着迷

be crazy about / on ________________________________

13. 渴望某物 / 迷恋某人

be crazy for _____________________________ 14. 按照,根据…… according to __________________________________
15. 参加(游戏 / 活动)等

join in ____________________________ 16. 如此……以至于……

so … that…

17. 面对面

__________________________________ 18. 有目的地/ 特意(做某事) _________________________ 19. 平静 / 镇静下来

face to face

on purpose

calm down _________________________________
20. 关心 / 挂念 (某人 / 某事)

be concerned about __________________________

III. 选用方框内词组的正确形式填空。 on purpose; no longer; hide away; set down; in order to; face to face 1. I don’t know why they had to hide away __________ for such a long time. 2. You make it sound as if I did it on purpose ___________! no longer 3. I think it is _________ a secret. It is being talked everywhere in the town.

4. Why dare you not speak to

Harry face to face ___________?
5. You needn’t ________ set down

everything that the teacher says
in class.

6. In order to earn enough __________
money, he often works late into

the night.

Complete the sentences;

Exercise 3

too much 1.Hurry up, you have wasted___________(太多) time. In order to 2.(为了)___________ set down all the facts, he used up all the paper he could find. add up 3.Please ___________(加起来) all the figures to see how much they ___________( 合计达). add up to

4.You ______________(不必)come to his haven’t got to office. Our boss won’t be back until next week.

5.It was a pity that Mr. Smith came to see me on purpose _____________ (特意), but I was not in.

happened to 6.I_____________(碰巧)see Peter on the way to the bookshop yesterday.
I had visited 7.It was the first time that_____________(我参 观)the beautiful city. walking fast 8. It’s no good____________(快走)after supper.

I. 根据括号内所给的提示将下列句子翻译成 英语。

1. 大约过了半个小时,他才平静下来。 (calm down)
After about half an hour, he calmed down.

2. 你可能不喜欢他,但你不得不相信他是 很聪明的。(have got to) You may not like him, but you have got to believe that he is very clever.

3. 昨晚他直到11点才上床睡觉。

He didn’t go to bed until 11 o’clock last night. 4. 当在街上散步时,他碰见了他的老朋 友汤姆。(while doing...) While walking in the street, he met his old friend Tom.

选择题 1. –Do you know the most ancient city in China—Xi’an well? --No, this is the first time I ____ here.

C. had come

B. have come
D. come

2. Whether you did it ____ purpose or ____ accident you must answer for it. A. on;on B. on;by C.by;by D. by;on

3. I arrived half an hour earlier ____ I had time to talk with him before the meeting. A.as soon as B. so as to

C. in order to

D. so that

4. The public and the schoolmaster stand ____ across the street.

C. face to face

B. faced-to-faced
D. faces-to-faces

5. It is on 1st Sept. ____ students go back to school every year.

A. when

B. that

C. who

D. what

6. –I was really anxious about you. --I’m terribly sorry. I ____ home without a word. A.mustn’t leave left C. could have left B. shouldn’t have D. need have left

7. He ____ publish these articles.
A. dared not to B. didn’t dare

C. dares not

D. dares not to


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