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Section I Use of English
Read the following text. Choose the best word or phrase for each numbered blank and mark A, B, C, or D on your ANSWER SHEET. (30points, 1.5points each)

United States is a confederation of states. Each state has the(1) to make laws with regard to the state. (2) , based on public opinion, states can(3) policies regarding education, and they may(4) a state income tax; they also determine the speed(5) , housing codes, and the drinking age. In most parts of the United States, you(6) be 21 years old to buy alcohol in a liquor store, bar,(7) restaurant. In some states you may buy beer in a grocery store. If a store sells alcohol to a minor, the(8) of the store is usually(9) a large sum of money.(10) , many areas have an open-container law,(11) means that people may not drink alcohol on the street or in a car. Anyone(12) with an open container of alcohol may be arrested. (13) , with all of these laws, the(14) of alcohol is a serious(15) in the United States and Canada. Drinking on college campuses,(16) there are many underage drinkers has(17) greatly. In fact, alcohol sales have gone up(18) the legal drinking age was(19) from 18 to 21. Some people believe that if there were no legal drinking age,(20) in some other countries, North American youth would drink less. (C)1.A privilege (B)2.A As a result (D)3.A demand (A)4.A collect (A)5.A limit (D)6.A can (B)7.A and (C)8.A clerk (A)9.A fined B advantage C right D tradition D In this case

B For example B disagree

C In other words D determine

C discuss

B issue B control B shall B or

C demand C prohibition C will D must D not C owner C punished

D implement D regulation

C also

B salesperson B charged

D host D suffered D In general

(A)10.A In addition (D)11.A that B this

B In fact C it

C In reality D which C caught C Moreover

(C)12.A exposed (A)13.D detected (B)14.A application (D)15.A condition (C)16.A though

B suspected B Anyway

D detected D Nevertheless D usage

B consumption B crisis

C expenditure D problem

C question

B as

C where

D which

(B)17.A raised (B)18.D climaxed (C)19.A shifted (C)20.A same

B increased B since B upgraded B for C as

C peaked C before C uplifted

D climaxed D after D changed

D in Section

Section II Reading Comprehension Part
Read the following texts. Answer the questions on each text by choosing A, B, C, or D on your ANSWER SHEET. (40points ,2points each)
Text 1 A pioneering study by Donald Appleyard made the surprise sudden increase in the volume of traffic through an area affects a sudden increase in crime does. Appleyard observed this by fir house in San Francisco that looked much alike and had middle-class and working-class residents. The difference was that only 2,000 cars a day ran down Octavia in Appleyard’s terminology while Gough Street (MEDIUM street) had 9,000 cars a day and Franklin Street (HEAVY street) had around 16,000 cars a day. Franklin Street often had as many cars in an hour as Octavia Street had in a day. Heavy traffic brought with it danger, noise, fumes, and soot, directly, and trash secondarily. That is, the cars didn’t bring in much trash, but when trash accumulated, residents seldom picked it up. The cars, Appleyard determined, reduced the amount of territory residents felt responsible for. Noise was a constant intrusion into their homes. Many Franklin Street residents covered their doors and windows and spent most of their time in the rear of their houses. Most families with children had already left. Conditions on Octavia Street were much different. Residents picked up trash. They sat on their front steps and chatted with neighbors. They had three times as many friends and twice as many acquaintances as the people on Franklin. On Gough Street, residents said that the old feeling of community was disappearing as traffic increased. People were becoming more and more preoccupied with their own lives. A number of families had recently moved. And more were considering it. Those who were staying expressed deep regret at the destruction of their community. 21.Appleyard’s study focuses on the influence of ___A___. A.traffic volume on the residents C.social classes on the transportation B.rate of crime on the neighborhood D.degree of pollution on the environment

22.Appleyard discovered that increase in the volume of traffic __D___. A.made people more violent C.was accompanied by increase in crime B.would lead to increase in crime D.had the same effect on people as increase in crime

23.The author’s main purpose in the second paragraph is to __C____.

A.discuss the problem of handling trash

B.suggest ways to cope with traffic problems D.propose an alternative system of transportation

C.point out the disadvantages of heavy traffic 24.People on Gough Street __C____. A.felt sorry that their block had been pulled down C.thought their old community was gone 25.What can we learn about Franklin Street A.It is not a nice neighborhood for children A

B.felt indifferent about people moving out D.thought mostly of themselves

B.People often throw trash out as they drive through D.People there own twice as many cars as people on

C.People there have made friends with people on Octavi Gough Street Text 2

Imagine, if you will, the average games player. What do you see A guy who never grew up Or a nervous 18-year-old pushing buttons on his controller, lost and alone in a violent onscreen world Sorry, you lose. The average gamer is starting to look pretty much like the average person. For the first time, according to a US poll commissioned by AOL Games, roughly half of those surveyed, ages 12 to 55, are tapping away at some kind of electronic game—whether on a PC, a cell phone or another handheld device—for an average of three hours every week. The games people play say a lot about who they are. Machines like the Xbox and PlayStation 2 are largely the territory of twenty-something men, who prefer to picture themselves as sports ‘stars and racing drivers. Men 50 and older prefer military games. Teenage girls are much more likely than boys to play games on their phone, while older women make up the majority of people playing card games such as Hearts on line. Is it a good thing, all this time spent on games Or is it as harmful as television, pulling people ever further from reality The AOL survey suggests some players are in denial about the extent of their habit. One in 10 gamers find it impossible to resist games; 1 in 4 admits to losing a night’s sleep to play games; and another quarter has been too absorbed to have meals. But don’t think we’re all heading into a world with everyone plugged into, if not totally controlled by, his own game. Quite the contrary: gamers appear to be more engaged with reality than other kinds of couch potatoes. According to a comprehensive survey by the Entertainment Software Association (ESA-whose members, of course, want you to think video games are healthy), gamers spend an average of 23 hours a week volunteering and going to church, concerts, museums and other cultural events. More enthusiastic gamers who play 11 hours a week or more spend ever more time out in the cultural world (34 hours). 26. The AOL survey finds that electronic ga A.do not present a violent onscreen world C.are no longer exclusive to young people _C___. B.no longer keep gamers from growing up D.are not as popular with teenagers as before C

27.Who does the author say tend to identify themselves with the characters in the game A.Teenage girl B.Older women C.Men in their 20 D.Men 50 and older

28.When asked about the extent of their habit, some players __B____. A.refused to provide an answer to this question C.wondered why they were asked such a question 29.It can be inferred from the text that __A ____. A.electronic games are less harmful than television C.television is more popular than electronic games 30.According to the writer, the ESA members _B_____. A.have sufficient knowledge of games C.serve as the role models for game players Text 3 The ostrich, the largest bird in the world at present, lives in the drier regions of Africa outside the actual deserts. Because of its very long, powerful legs and the floating effect of its extended wings, it is able to run at great speed over considerable distances. The female ostrich normally produces about twenty eggs every rainy season. When the female ostrich begins to lay her eggs, however, she does not begin in her own nest. Instead she goes off in search of the nests of neighboring females and lays two or three eggs in each of them. By the time she has laid eight or nine eggs, she returns and lays the rest in her own nest. Because of the size of the eggs, the female ostrich cannot lay more than one every two days, so it takes her three weeks to finish laying in her own nest. During that period, she spends a lot of time away from her nest looking for food. And while she is off her nest, other females visit it to lay their eggs amongst hers. By the time she is ready to sit on the eggs to hatch them, there could be up to thirty eggs in her nest, over half of which are not her own. The female ostrich can comfortably cover only about twenty eggs when she is sitting on the nest so before settling down she pushes the surplus ten or so eggs out of the nest. The rejected eggs, however, never include any of her own. Each female is remarkably consistent in the size and shape of the eggs she produces, so it is not difficult for her to distinguish her own from those of strangers. Of all the eggs laid by a colony of ostriches, only a very small number hatch into young birds. There are times when nests are left unprotected, for there are too few males to sit on all the nests at night. Thus there are ample opportunities for their natural enemies to raid the nests and eat the eggs. In fact, nearly 80% of the nests are destroyed. But even if a particular female’s nest suffers this fate, there is a good chance that one or two of her eggs will be hatched in the nest of one of her neighbors. 31.We learn from the text that an ostrich can go a long distance at high speed as __C____. A.it is a special kind of bird C.it has special wings and legs B.it lives in large desert areas D.it is the largest bird in the world B.think their games are healthy products D.are concerned about gamers' cultural activities B.television viewers are more realistic than gamers D.gamers have less self-control than TV viewers B.denied they were affected by electronic games D.stressed their interest in playing electronic games

32.Normally, in every rainy season, the female ostrich produces about __A____. A.12 eggs in her nest B.18 eggs in her nest C.20 eggs in her nest D.30 eggs in her nest

33.The female ostrich would push some of the eggs out of her nest because __D____. A.she can only hatch her own eggs C.those eggs are to be hatched by others B.those eggs are unlikely to be hatched D.she can only hatch a limited number of eggs

34.The female ostrich identifies her own eggs by their size and __C____. A.color B.number C.shape D.weight

35.The female ostrich lays her eggs in her neighbors' nests most probably because __B____. A.her nest -is not big enough C.she cannot tolerate all her eggs Part B Directions: Read the opinions given by five scholars on challenges facing today’s single women. For questions 61 to 65, match the name of each scholar (61 to 65) to one of the statements (A to G) given below. Mark your answers on ANSWER SHEET 1. What the women I spoke with said was that they want a husband who is independent and dedicated to his career, but that he doesn’t have to make a lot of money. The emphasis was always on finding a best friend—a soul mate—someone you could tell all your troubles to and who would be supportive. So it doesn’t seem to be the case that these women were looking for super high-achieving men. Grise Levison I think that for women, as well as for men, the standard for someone who you’d want to spend your life with depends much more today on emotional intimacy. It takes some trial and error and a pretty long and dedicated search to identify the kind of person who is emotionally matching you and who is able to communicate and listen to trouble talk. Marry Brown In recent decades girls have been raised to be more competitive and stronger than they were in the past. Several women I talked to mentioned that in their life they felt that their intelligence or intellectual achievement seemed to work against them in their romantic relationships with men. However, most of the women I interviewed felt that there were some men "out there" who would be attracted to smart women. The problem was finding them. B.she cannot protect all her eggs D.her nest is not comfortable enough

Donna Smith I think, for the women I talked to, their ultimate sense of what they want in life includes family and children, but they aren’t willing to think about the fact that they therefore will probably have to give up some of their own individual pursuits and career goals. I think the definition of success includes both love and work, and that the challenge is how to

arrange that in a particular order. Elizabeth Budy I think that people who have clone at least some of the things that are essential for a wise judgment about a partner are more likely to eventually end up in a stable marriage. It’s also true that they’re likely to marry someone who is similar to them in education and earning power, which means that those marriages are likely to have more money in them. Now match the name of each scholar (61 to 65) to the appropriate statement. Note: there are two extra statements. Statements [A] Career success is in fact not a disadvantage. [B] The ability to choose a right partner ensures a stable mar riage. [C] How to balance career with family is key to success. [D] The essential part of marriage is the union of soul. [E] Finding an emotionally intimate mate isn’t a piece of cake. [F] Career success ensures a solid marriage. [G] Social assistance is needed for today’s single women. 36. ___D___ 37.___E___ 38. ___A___ 39. ___C___ 40. ___B___

Section III Writing
You should write your responses to both parts on ANSWER SHEET.(30 points, 15 points each)
I Your friend Li Ming has written to invite you to go to his hometown together with him and you are willing to accept his invitation. Write a reply to Li Ming, 1. to express your appreciation and acceptance of his invitation; 2. to ask about his schedule for the trip; 3. to ask about what necessary preparations you need to make. You should write approximately 100 words. Do not sign your name at the end of your letter. Use "Wang Lin" instead. You do not need to write the address. 答案 October 19th, 2009 Dear Li Ming, It’s so kind of you to invite me to go to your beautiful and well-known hometown together with you, I would like very much to come. But could you please tell me some details about the trip and the schedule so that I can make an arrangement for my schoolwork .

By the way, is it necessary for me to prepare all the things What are the basic necessities for the trip Could you give me some suggestions Thank you again for your wonderful hospitality! Looking forward to seeing you soon. Sincerely yours, Wang Lin II Look at the picture and write an essay of about 120 words making reference to the following points: 1. a description of the pictures; 2. What we can learn from the pictures.

答案 The cartoon tells us a serious problem existing in the parks. Many people throw litters everywhere without caring for the environment. The beautiful scenery is totally destroyed by the rubbish they throw away. With the development of our economy, people are paying less and less attention to the protection of our environment; as a result, we are facing a severe environmental problem. If we don’t protect our environment, our lives will be in great danger. We must take some measures to prevent the situation from becoming worse! For instance, we can pick up litters and put them into the dustins, and we can teach children not to throw the litters casually. As an old saying goes, "A small act can make a big difference." If everyone makes a contribution to the protection of our environment, I believe our world will be cleaner and more beautiful in the future, where green patches can be easily reached and the blue sky can always be seen clearly over our heads.



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