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Revision of Noun Clauses

Revision of Noun Clauses 名词性从句

It was never clear _______ the man hadn’t reported the accident sooner. (2011年江苏高考) A.that B.how C.when D.why ★ —I prefer shutting myself in and listening to music all day on Sundays. —That’s _______ I don’t agree .You should have a more active life. (2010年江苏高考) A. C. when D. what ★ where B. how

考点 年份

全 国 各 地 高 考 2008 2009 2010

主语 从句 1 5 2 2

宾语 从句 2 3 7 11

表语 从句 1 1 0 3

同位语 从 句 1 1 4 0

2012 合计

8 22

3 28

0 5

2 9

What’s the noun clause?

1、他的故事很有趣。 ____________________________________ His story is very interesting. (subject) 2、我相信他的故事。 (object) I believe his story. ____________________________________ 3、这就是他的故事。 ( predicative ____________________________________) This is his story. 4、这就是他的故事,the Old Cat 。 (apposition) ____________________________________ This is the Old Cat, his story.

1、他所说的事情很有趣。 What he said is very interesting. (subject) ____________________________________ 2、我相信他所说的事情。 (object) ____________________________________ I believe what he said. 3、这就是他所说的事情。 ( predicative ) This is what he said. ____________________________________ 4、我相信这个事实:他所说的事情很有趣。 I____________________________________ believe the fact that what he said is interesting.

1、 在复合句中充当主语、宾语、表语、同位

2、名词性从句的功能相当于名词,根据它在 句中不同的语法功能,可分为主语从句、宾语从 句、表语从句和同位语从句。

1.Who will be in charge of it hasn't been decided yet.
谁负责这件事尚未决定。 Who will be in charge of it 在句中作主语。

2. This is where the Red Army lived.

3. The news that workers will be better paid next year has spread across the country.
4. Do you know why he said that?
你知道他那样说的原因吗? why he said that在句中作宾语。 工人明年加薪的消息已传遍这个国家。 that workers will be better paid next year为 The news 的同位语。

这是红军住过的地方。 where the Red Army lived在句中作表语。


1、本身无意义,在所引导的名词性从句中也不 作成分:that。 2、本身有意义,但在所引导的名词性从句中不 作成分:whether/if,because等。
3、 本身有意义,在所引导的名词性从句中也作 成 分 : which , what , who , whom , whoever, whichever, whatever, when , why , where , how 等。

How to test?
【例1】 ________ you don’t like him is none of my business. A.What B.Who ★ C.That D.Whether 【例2】 I thought ________ he might fail in the exam worried him. A.what B.that C.不填 D.B&C 【例3】 They said ________ they were strangers there and ________ they had lost their way. A.that;不填 B.不填;that C.what;that D.不填;不填 【例4】 ________ is a fact that English is being accepted as an international language. A.There B.This C.That D.It

1、that引导名词性从句时既无词义也不在从句中作 任何成分。 2、that引导主语从句、表语从句、同位语从句时一 般不可省,引导宾语从句时常可省。但是and连 接两个或两个以上由that引导的宾语从句时,第 一个that可省,从第二个往后,that不可省。 3、使用形式主语(宾语)it主要为平衡句子结构, 避免头重脚轻。

1 The information has been announced that more middle school graduates will be admitted into 同位语从句 university. 2 The information that he told me at the meeting is of great value. 定语从句 定语从句中that不但起连接作用,而且在定语从句中充当 一个句子成分,充当从句的宾语成分时可省略。 引导同位语从句的that在同位语从句中不做任何成分,只 起连接作用,无具体含义,且不可省略.

2.whether,if引导的名词性从句 【例5】 ________ we’ll succeed depends on ________ we have enough courage. ★ A.Whether;whether B.If;if C.Whether;if D.If;whether 【例6】 They are discussing ________ they should help her out. ★ A.whether B.if C.that D.what

whether,if引导名词性从句时,表示“是否”,不 在从句中作任何成分。二者常可通用,但在下面几 种情况下一般只用whether: 1、引导主语从句、表语从句、同位语从句。 2、在动词discuss之后。 3、在介词之后。 4、后面紧跟or not时。 5、动词不定式前。

3.其它疑问词引导的名词性从句 【例7】 ________ will give us a talk is unknown to all. ★ A.Who B.Whom C.That D.Whether 【例8】 Cindy shut the door heavily and burst into tears.No one in the office knew _______ she was so angry. A.where B.whether C.that ★ D.why 【例9】 He often thinks of ________ he can do more for his country. ★ A.that B.what C.how D.which

that The reason is ________ he missed the bus. Go and get your coat. It’s ________ you where left it. I was late for school. That’s ________ I because missed the bus. That’s ________ I disagree. where what That’s ________ I call dishonest.

1)名词性从句的语序 【例10】 When changing lanes,a driver should use his turning signal to let other drivers know ________. A.he is entering which lane B.which lane he is entering C.is he entering which lane D.which lane is he entering 【例11】 The machine won’t work. I don’t know ________. A.what is the matter B.what the matter is C.the matter is what D.the matter what is



Fill in the blanks with proper forms.
lives/lived/has lived/is living I believe nobody ___________________(live) here. is 【例13】Mother said that honesty ______(be) the best policy. lay 【例14】 Mother told me that the key ______ (lie) in the smallest drawer.

1、当主句为一般现在时,从句可以灵活使用各种 时态。 2、当主句为一般过去时,从句只能使用过去时的 某种时态,此时主从句时态重在形式上的一致性。 3、如果从句表达客观真理时,从句时态仍然用一 般现在时。

3)what与that引导名词性从句的区别 【例15】 Part of the reason Charles Dickens loved his own novel,David Copperfield, was ________ it was rather closely modeled on his own life. A.what B.that C.why D.whether 【例16】 ________ the boy has gone to college makes his mother different from ________ she used to be. A.That;that B.What;what C.That;what D.What;that

what在名词性从句中须作成分(即主语、宾语、 表语、定语等),that在名词性从句中不作成分。

4)注意The reason is that …的句型

【例17】 One reason for her preference for city life is ________ she can have easy access to places like shops and restaurants. A.that B.how C.what D.why ★



【例18】 Please give this book to ________ comes first in the exam. ★ A.whoever B.whomever C.whichever D.whatever 【例19】 All the books I have are here. You may borrow ________ you like. A.whatever ★ B.whichever C.whenever D.however

1、 whoever 引导名词性从句时, whoever=anybody who。 2、 whatever 引导名词性从句时, whatever=anything that。 3、 whichever 引导名词性从句时, whichever=any+名词+that。


[改错] 【例20】 His suggestion that we are sent there is reasonable.

are 改成(should) be

suggestion, advice, order, request, requirement等 名词的名词性从句需用“(should) +动词原形”。

7) doubt后的名词性从句

Fill in the blanks with whether/if / that. if/whether 1. I doubt __________ I’ll be free tomorrow. that 2. I don’t doubt _______ this book is worth writing. that 3. Do you doubt________ this book is worth writing? that 4.There is no doubt _______ I’ll be free tomorrow.

1、doubt用于否定句或疑问句时,后面用that引导。 2、doubt用于肯定句时,后面用whether或者if引导。

1、主要考查点:名词性从句连接词的选用 2、复习重点:名词性从句的不同的连接词的意义 及用法区别 3、解题技巧: 解题时,首先认真分析题干句的句 子结构,结合4个选项,比较每个选项的连接词 的意义及用法区别,再判断该选用哪一个。

1. (2010· 陕西卷)It never occurred to me _____ you could succeed in persuading him to change his mind. A.which B.What C.that D.If 2.(2010· 浙江卷)It is uncertain ________side effect the medicine will bring about,although about two thousand patients have taken it. A.that B.what C.how D.Whether 3. (2009· 江西卷)The fact has worried many scientists ________the earth is becoming warmer and warmer these years. A.what B.which C.that D.though


4. (2011· 浙江卷)—How about camping this weekend,just for a change? ? —OK,________you want. ? A.whichever B.however ? C.whatever D.Whoever 5. (2010· 重庆卷)To improve the quality of our products,we asked for suggestions ________had used the products. ? A.whoever B.who ? C.whichever D.which

A Letter to Teachers
Dear teachers,

It ____makes us depressed that we will ____ graduate from Taihu High School. The reason why we are so sad is ____ we will say that goodbye to our lovely teachers and classmates. The days we spent together are full of joys and tears. That _____ you are always so strict with us made me hate you. However, you are also ready to give your hand towhoever _________turns to you for help.

what Now we understand _____you have tried to do for us. ______ you do and say What is of great help to us. We don’t care about whether _______we can survive the struggle--- National Entrance Exam or not. _____ we cherish(珍惜)is What that _____we have enjoyed the process. Thanks for your teaching! Best wishes!

1、自主复习英语一轮总复习: 核心语法六(名词性从句)。 2、完成专项练习选择题。


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