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Movie classification

Typical Film Genres

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Fantasy Film (科幻片) Noir Film (黑色片、黑色电影 ) Romance/ Romantic Film(浪漫片) Thriller Film( 惊悚片、悬疑片) Slapstick (Classical Comedy) 丑角喜剧、 经典喜剧 ? Disaster Film (Catastrophe Film) 灾难片

Fantasy Film

?A film set in a mythical or legendary world, amidst make-believe (幻想出来的)creatures, exotic landscapes, and supernatural(超 自然的,神奇的) or magic events.

Noir Film (黑色电影 )

A movie characterized by low-key lighting, a bleak urban setting, and corrupt, cynical (悲观的) characters. Scenes will be filmed at night, actors will be positioned with shadow, and it may be raining outside

Romance/ Romantic Film(浪漫片)

It is a sub-type of dramatic film which dwells on the elements of romantic love.

Thriller Film( 惊悚片、悬疑片)
?A kind of movie which is intended to provoke excitement and/or nervous tension into audience.

Slapstick (Classical Comedy) 丑角喜剧、经典喜剧
?It is a type of comedy involving exaggerated physical violence or activities which exceed the boundaries of common sense,

?such as a character being hit in the face with a heavy frying pan or running into a brick wall.

Disaster Film (Catastrophe Film) 灾难片
?It depicts natural or human-caused catastrophes ranging from earthquakes and asteroid impacts to terrorist conspiracies(阴 谋) and alien invasions. ?These films depict how the people affected must work together to respond, and they usually have extensive special effects

Other Film Types
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Action Film 动作片 Adventure Film 惊险片 Animal Picture 动物片 Animated Film(Animation) 动画片 Autobiographical Film 自传片 Biographical Film(Diography,Biopic) 传记 片 Cartoon Film(Animated Cartoon) 卡通片 College Film(Campus Movie) 校园片 Comedy(Film Comedy) 喜剧片 Commerical 广告片 Costume Film(Costume Drama) 古装片 Conspiracy Film阴谋片 Disaster Film 灾难片

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Fictional Film (Dramatic-Narrative Film) 虚构(叙事)片 Ghost Film 鬼片,幽灵电影 Historical Film 历史片 Documentary 纪录片、纪录电影 Drama 剧情片 Epic(Epic Film,Film Epic) 史诗片 Expo Movie( Exhibition Film) 展览片 Factual Film 事实片、专题片 Fantasy Film(Fantasy) 幻想片 Feature Film (Feature-Length Film) 故事 片

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Kitchen Sink Film(Social Realist Film) 现实片 Melodrama 情节片、家庭情节剧 Morality Play 道德剧、伦理片 Musical Film 歌舞片、音乐剧 Opera Film (Film Opera) 歌剧片 Preteen Film 儿童片 Propaganda Film 宣传(煽动)片 Realist Film现实片、现实主义电影 Revisionist Film 修正主义电影 Revolutionary Film (激进)革命电影 Situation Comedy 情景喜剧 Soap Opera肥皂剧、连续剧 Surrealist Film超现实主义电影 3-D Film 三维(立体)电影 Whodunit推理片,神秘惊悚片


? In fact, it is rare to find a film that belongs exclusively to one type; ? that is to say, almost no film will possess all of the characteristics of a single type and none of the characteristics of any other.

?As audiences, we are listeners, we‘d like to feel, to appreciate some of the directors own feeling which we will never feel about, and to fill some vacancies in our hearts. ?So that is probably the greatest charm of the film is. It can get people to stand in another perspective to look at, to heal their emotions.

The Rating Systems in America
? G级: (GENERAL AUDIENCES All ages admitted.) 大众级,适合所有年龄段的人观看。对话也是日 常生活中可以经常接触到的。 ? PG级:( PARENTAL GUIDANCE SUGGESTED Some material may not be suitable for children.)普通级 , 有些镜头可能让人产生不适感,时间很短。

The Rating Systems in America
? PG-13级:(PARENTS STRONGLY CAUTIONED Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13. )普通级,但不适于13岁以下儿童。有 时出现吸毒镜头和脏话。 ? R级:(RESTRICTED Under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian.) 限制级,17岁以下须由父母或监护陪伴才能观看.

The Rating Systems in America
? NC-17级: (NO ONE 17 AND UNDER ADMITTED )17岁或者以下不可观看 17岁以 下观众禁止观看——该级别的影片被定为成 人影片,未成年人坚决被禁止观看。



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