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( Module 5

Unit 2 )

单词拼写。 (根据所给单词首字母或汉语提示,补全所缺单词) 。

1. Everyone present at the meeting can r______________their questions that they’d like to be settled. 2. Every sportsman should take full r_______________for the benefit of the team. 3. There was a long d_______on whether to expand inner-city construction in the city government. 4. We will test your oral English and then you will be divided into different groups according to your English l__________. 5. M_____________ should be taken to protect the river from being polluted on. 6. A___________ (显然) China is playing a more and more important role in many aspects in the world. 7. Different c____________ are often made by people after a fresh thing appears, as we can see in our daily life, because of different opinions of people. 8. With the development of modern agriculture and i______________, people are living a happier and better life than before. 9. The time when we will leave is a_______________, so let’s wave good-bye to grandparents. 10. Much to their d______________, their school football team lost the game by 2 goals yesterday. 二. 动词填空 1. 3. 4. Sorry to have hurt your feelings, but I ________________________ (not mean) to. I just wonder whether the way he sticks to ___________ (run) the school will work in the long run. I didn’t mind walking but my brother would prefer ___________ (get) a taxi. 2. The book I ________(lay) on the desk last night is now lying on the floor.

5. _________________(teach) a lesson, the boss dared not punish the workers without good reason. 6. Now medical workers and scientists are devoting themselves to _________ (find) a cure for cancer. 7. According to the dirty walls of the room, we can see the house _________________(paint) for years. 8. Time _________ (permit), we will have an evening party this weekend. 9. I’d like to see all the problems _________________ (solve) this week. 10. The issue _______________ (discuss) at the meeting now is of great importance. 三 . 句子翻译

1. As we can see,our project is now well _______ _________ (顺利进行着) . 2. The training centre was set up years ago and so far it _________ _________ _________ _______ a lot of modern technical equipment. 形式呈现) : solid, liquid and gas. 4. Those who _______ _________ sign your names after class. 5 China has set up a nature reserve for white-flag dolphines, one of _____ ________ __________ ____________ in the world (一种高濒危的动物之一 ). 6. 此外,捕捞船正在将大量的海洋生物赶尽杀绝。 ______ ________, many sea creatures _____ ______ __________ _______ by fishing boats. 7. 这种做法对存活下来供我们食用的鱼类的数量将产生持久的影响。 This will have a ________ _______ _______ the number of fish _______ ______ ______ _____ eat. ________ _________ the lecture (愿意听此讲座的), please (已配备了许多现代技术设备). 3. Most matter exsits in the universe ________ ________ ________ ________ three states (以三种

8. 目前的世界人口与 1800 年相比已经增长到那时的六倍多。 The worlds population has _______ ____ more than six times _______ _______ ______ in 1800. 9. 我的建议是我们应当尽量消减生产,减少制造和购买物品的数量。 My suggestion is that we should try to ______ _______ of things we make and buy. 10. 作为世界第三大河, 长江的问题之所以引起了国内外的关注,其原因是显而易见的 As the third longest river in the world, it is _____ _____ _______ why the environmental problems of the Yangtze River have _______ ___________ both _____________ 四. 单选 A. the way A. in B. on B. in the way that C. at C. in the way D. with B. the size three times of D. three times the size of B. wide not as half as D. as wide as not half B. twice much D. twice as much B. one-third time C. the one-third time B. as much three times D. three times as much _____, Tom. D.better D. most D. the best C.no better than B. much B. better C. more expensive D. cut through D. cut up C. number; have C. causes D. lead to D. quantity; have D. one-third the time D. the way which 1. What surprised me was not what he said but _________ he said it. 2. The conference has been held to discuss the effects of tourism ________ the wildlife in the area. 3. At a rough estimate, Nigeria is _________Great Britain. A. three times the size as C. three times as the size of A. half not as wide as C. not half as wide as A. as twice C. twice much as 6. He did it ______ it took me. A. one-third a time and _______________. ______ ______ production and _______ the

4. What a table! I’ve never seen such a thing before. It is ____it is long.

5. It is reported that the United States uses _____ energy as the whole of Europe.

7. The house rent is expensive. I’ve got about half the space I had at home and I’m playing ______here. A. as three times much C. much as three times 8. A.not better than love my book.” for passengers. A. cheapest A. cut out A. cut in B. cut off B.not better A. some A. good B. cheaper C. cut up

Though he started late, Mr. Guo played the piano as well as,if

9. There is an old proverb, “Love me, love my dog.” But there is ________ wisdom in this: “Love me, C. more C. best 10 With April 18’s railway speedup, highway and air transport will have to compete with _____ service 11. Of the two coats, I'd choose the _______ one to spare some money for a book. D. most expensive 12. He was in hospital for six months. He felt as if he was ______ from the outside world. 13. I was just talking to Margaret when Jackson ____________. B. cut down C. cut out 14. As a result of destroying the forests, a large ______ of desert _______ covered the land. A. number; has A. results in B. quantity; has B. results from 15. Generally speaking, hard work ______ success and failure lies in laziness.

一. 单词拼写: 1. raise 2. responsibility 3. debate 4. level 7. comments 8. industry 9. approaching 二. 动词填空 1. didn’t mean 2. laid 3. to run 6. finding 7. hasn’t been painted

5. Measures 6. Apparently 10. disappointment

4. to get 8. permitting

5. Having been taught 9. solved 10. being discussed

三. 句子翻译 1. under way 2. has been stocked with 3. in the form of 4. are willing to attend 5. the most endangered animals 6. In addition, are being wiped out 7. lasting effect upon/on, left for us to 8. grown to, what it was 9. cut back on, reduce, amount 10. clear to see, raised concern, nationally, internationally 单选 1-5 ABDCD 6-10 DDACB 11-15 BBABA



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