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外研版Book 3 Module 3-4复习课件


Module 3 The Violence of Nature

flood hurricane lightning thunderstorm sandstorm tornado earthquake typhoon volcano tropical equator

洪水 飓风


br />雷暴



热带的 赤道

Ⅰ. 单词?分类记忆 last week a disastrous earthquake _______ struck 【核心单词】不可不记 was buried (strike) this area and the whole city _______ 1. experience __________ (vt. ) 经历 (bury) in the ruins , ____________(cause) causing 2. cause _____ (vt. ) 引起; 导致 (n. ) 原因; 事业; 目标 serious damage to the people . When the bury (vt. ) 埋葬 3. _____ occurred disaster _____________(occur), I was doing 4. occur _____ (vi. ) 发生 my home work . I think it was one of the 5. _____ strike (vt. &n. ) (雷电、暴风雨等)袭击 experiences most frightening ____________________ 6. damage _______ (n. &v. ) 损失; 损害 ( experience ) that I have ever had .

7. ____ ruin (vt. )毁坏(n. )废墟

lucky Sadly was ruined 8. luckily ______ (adv. the )幸运地 ; 幸亏 →_____ (adj. )幸运的 _______(sad), whole city ________(ruin) luck in earthquake . Some people sruvived →the ____ (n. )运气, 好运 luck but with_______(luck),_______more people hopefully (adv. )满怀希望地; 有希望地→hopeful 9. _________ _______ lose their lives. Nobody could get out of (sadness adj. )有希望的→_____ (n. &vt. )希望 , 期望 hope Hopefully _________(sad) immediately .__________ 10. _____ adv. )伤心地; 不幸地 ___ adj. )悲伤的 sadly sad ( (hope), the(government has → taken some action measures them. Let’s take ________ →_______ (nhelp . )悲伤 sadness to (active ) to offer our help too. 11. warning ________( n. )警告 →_____( vt warn . )警告
12. active ______(adj. )积极的; 活跃的→activity _______(n. )活动


disaster 13. _______ (n. possibility )灾难 14. _______ (nenjoying . )海流; 潮流 There is no of my furnishfilms 15. ________ (n . )家具 →_______ (vt. )装备 , 配备 the violent and terrifying which furniture


are full of disasters violence. violent 16. ______ (adj . )猛烈的; and 激烈的 ; 强烈的

(translate) →_______ violence (n. )暴力 我不可能喜欢那些充满灾难和暴力的 17. possibility _________ (n. )可能; 可能性→_______ possible (adj. ) 野蛮而恐怖的电影。
可能的→possibly _______ (adv. )可能地

18. terrifying _________ (adj. )吓人的; 可怕的→terrified ________
(adj. )恐惧的, 受惊吓的→terrify ______ (vt. )使恐惧; 惊吓

? pick up ? take off ? put down


? 写下,记下,放下

? on average
? end up with

? 平均
? 以……告终

? warn sb. not to do ? 警告某人不要干…… ? for ever ? 永远 ? of all time
? more than ? 有史以来 超过

set fire to 放火 ______________ (焚烧)?? catch fire _____ 着火 put out ________ 扑灭(火) turn over 翻过来 _________________ ; 翻阅(书页) take place _____ 发生 in all __________ 总共; 总计

二、高频词汇活用 一言辨异 1.Mrs.Li has over ten years' teaching ________

and she has been ________ happiness in teaching. She is especially ________ in explaining grammar, so we all regard her as an ________ teacher. (experience)

答案:experience;experiencing; experienced;experienced

2.The traffic accident that happened yesterday ________ Mary. It was really a ________ experience to her,and now she is still ________ at the thought of getting on a bus. (terrify)


语境取词——选用复习的单词或短语填空 terrifying (可怕的) earthquake struck A _________ ______ (袭击) causing (引起) a lot of _______ damage (损失). the area, _______ buried(埋葬) under the _____ ruins Many people were ______ Luckily (废墟) and several people lost their lives. _______ (幸运地), people all over the world offered occurred/took place 发生). their help immediately it _________________(

篇章学习(Translation) There are various kinds of natural disasters all over the world,such as floods, hurricanes,thunderstorms and so on. Once any of these natural disasters takes place,it will do great damage to us human beings. Hopefully,there will be a possibility that we humans will get natural disasters under control.

II. 句型?超级仿写
1. leave+宾语+宾语补足语

They can destroy houses, leave the furniture inside exactly where it was but_______________________________
(把房内的家具留在原处). 【仿写】放学后,不要把钱留在教室里。 After school, don’t leave your money in the classroom ______________________________.

2. 现在分词短语作结果状语

On average, there are 800 tornadoes in the US each
year, causing about 80 deaths and 1, 500 injuries 造成大 _____________________________________( 约80人死亡,1 500人受伤).

损失。Hurricane struck the area last night,

causing great damage ___________________.

3. by the time引导的时间状语从句 By the time it ended 到它停时), more than 700 __________________( people had been killed and 2, 700 had been injured. 【仿写】到我们回来时,他们都已经睡着了。

_______________________, By the time we came back they all had fallen asleep

4. There is the possibility of. . . 有??的可能性 When the lava reached the sea, _______________________( there was the possibility of 有??的可能性) a huge tidal wave which could flood half the island. 【仿写】没有改变投票程序的可能性。 There is no possibility of changing ______________________________the voting


III.查漏补缺 experience
*(2013· 重庆高考 )One of the greatest gifts one generation can give to other generations is the wisdom it has gained from experience.


Our country has experienced great changes in the
past 30 years.


There are violent winds of 120 kilometres per hour
or more,which cause huge waves,heavy rain and floods. 烈风风速达每小时120千米或更多,这引起巨大的 海浪、暴雨和洪水 The Lampbrella would move at a relatively low speed, so as not to cause harm to the pedestrians. Lampbrella 将以相对很低的速度行驶,为了不对 行人造成伤害。


* (2013·新 课 标 全 国 卷 Ⅱ)Having all the information in one place could end up saving your mother’s life. 把所有信息放在一起就能最终救你妈妈的命。

*He ended up as head of the firm.


【拓展延伸】 表示“专注于,致力于,埋头于”的短语

be devoted to=devote oneself to be absorbed in concentrate on focus on fix one’s attention on occupy oneself in doing/with sth =be occupied in doing/with sth

【经典句式】 1. They can destroy houses, but leave the furniture inside exactly where it was. 它们能毁掉房子,却把房内的家具留在原处。

【填一填?激活思维】 leaving his son at home ①He went out to work, ____________________. 他外出工作去了,把他的儿子留在家里。 ②I left my dictionary where I could easily get it. 我把词典放在了我很容易拿到的地方。 译:___________________________________

“leave+sth. /sb. +宾语补足语”为 leave的复 合结构,此时 leave 作使役动词,表示“使 / 让??保持某种状态”,常跟复合宾语。构 成如下: 名词/形容词/副词/介词短语/分词 /不定式 leave sth. /sb. where引导的地点状语从句


*The teacher left little Tom standing all the time. 老师让小汤姆一直站着。 *Leave him to do it himself. 让他自己去做这件事吧。 *His parents both died last year, leaving him an orphan. 他父母去年双双去世,使他成了孤儿。

当堂检测(单句改错) 1.I had been so occupied in my work that I forgot to buy a birthday gift for my daughter occupied----buried/absorbed或in---with
2.The accident hit the man who occurred to be a foreigner, so it was hard to deal with. hit---occurred to/happened to occurred---happened

3.It suddenly struck to me that this was something that I should never do, so I turned down her request. struck---occurred或去掉to

Ⅱ. 用本模块的词汇替换句中的黑体部分
1. The man removed his clothes and jumped into the lake to save the boy. ( took off ) 2. It never occurred to her to ask anyone. (struck )
3. A man fell down to the ground from a truck because it gained speed suddenly. ( picked up) 4. He was so absorbed in his work that he even forgot his meals. ( buried ) 5. He was crazy and set the house on fire. ( set fire to )

Summary Words for writing: experience/cause/bury occur/on average /warn sb. not to do /take place/more than Sentences: 现在分词短语作结果状语 “leave+sth. /sb. +宾语补足语” There is the possibility of/that

平均起来, 每年都会发生各种各样的自然灾害, 甚至有些会出乎人们的预料。 昨天, 一场强烈的飓风突然袭击了该地区, 导致很多房屋和车辆被毁, 甚至有两人被埋在 倒塌的房屋下。幸运的是, 事发后人们及时 把他们救了出来。在将来, 有可能有经验的专家 能够准确地预报一些可怕的自然灾害。

On average, all kinds of natural disasters occur every year, and even some are beyond people’s expectation. A violent hurricane suddenly struck/hit the area yesterday, causing the ruin of many houses and cars. What’s worse, even two persons were buried under the collapsed houses. Luckily/Fortunately, people came to save them from the ruins of the houses after it occurred. There is a possibility that experienced experts will be able to forecast some terrifying natural disasters accurately in the future.


1. earthquake
2. tsunami

n. 地震
n. 海啸

3. drought n. 干旱
4. hurricane n. 飓风

5. typhoon
6. tornado n. 7. survivor 8. hit

n. 台风
龙卷风 n. 幸存者 vt. 袭击, 打击, 使遭受

9. threaten 10. severely 11. fall down 12. bring about 13. get/be stuck 14. get sb. into. . . 15. burn down 16. in ruins 17. sweep down 18. do damage to

vt. 威胁 adv. 严重地 倒塌 引起, 导致 陷进去, 被困住 使某人陷入 烧毁, 烧成平地 成为废墟 吹倒, 席卷, 冲倒 对??造成破坏

【经典语篇】 2013年7月22日7时45分, 甘肃省定西市岷县、 漳县交界处发生里氏6. 6级地震。地震灾害造成19 个县区不同程度的破坏, 75人死亡, 14人失踪, 许多 建筑物倒塌。灾难并不能击垮灾区人民的精神。 灾区人民在人民解放军的帮助下展开自救。我们

坚信灾区一定会重建好, 成为现代化的美丽地方。

请根据以上内容, 写一篇120个词左右的英 语短文, 并提醒人们不要忘记灾难和在危难时

给灾区人民提供帮助。“一方有难, 八方支援”
参考词汇: 里氏6. 6级measuring 6. 6 degrees on the
Richter scale 交界处on the boundary between. . . 不同程度various degrees 解放军the PLA

[描述地震]An earthquake measuring 6. 6 degrees on the Richter scale occurred on the boundary between Min county and Zhang county, Dingxi, Gansu Province at 7:45 on the morning of July 22nd, 2013, ①which caused various degrees of destruction of nineteen

counties and killed 75 people and caused 14
people missing at the same time and many

buildings were destroyed.

However, the brave people in the earthquake -stricken area were not beaten down by the

disaster. Now they are saving themselves that the area is to be built to be a modern
beautiful place again.

with the help of the PLA. We hold a firm belie

Several months has passed, but we should never forget the damage the earthquake caused to them and those who are still in terrible trouble, so we should try our best to

help them out, for it is a fine tradition of our
Chinese people.

1. 我的老师有很多英语教学经验。

My teacher has much experience in teaching English.
2. 明天你到这儿时,我已经离开了。

By the time you come here tomorrow, I will have left.
3. 粗心大意往往是火灾的原因。

Carelessness is often the cause of fires.
4. 我想到要去看看我的老师。

It occurred to me to visit my teacher.
5. 他整天埋头于书本,逃避苦恼。

He buried himself in books all day to escape from his sadness.

? 位于城市北部的体育馆,被认为是该地区 的标志性建筑。这是第一次在此处举办艺 术品展览会。体育馆中心陈列着各种作品 ,价格从100美元到100,000美元不等。面对 拥挤的交通,警察不得不忙于用手势指导 参观者遵守交通规则。

? The stadium, situated in the north of our city, is considered as a landmark . This is the first time that an art exhibition has been held here. In the middle of it lie a wide range of works, whose prices range from $100 to 100,000$. Faced with the heavy traffic, the police have to be busy signing to the visitors to obey the traffic rules.

必修3 Module 4 Sandstorms in Asia

frightening frightened mass a mass of\ masses of process forecast strength environment recycle

1. 可怕的、吓人的 害怕的、感到害怕的 2. 大量的;大规模的 许多的,大量的 3. 进程、过程 4. 预报、预告 5. 力量、力气 6. 环境 7. 重新利用、再循环

concerned be concerned about evidence major urgent

8. 关心的、担心的 担心、关心 9. 证据、证明 10. 主要的、多数的 11. 紧急的

as far as I’m concerned 就我所知、在我看来


12. 抱怨

complain to sb about sth 向某人抱怨某事

nutshell (in a nutshell) 13. 简单的一句话
absolutely 14. 绝对地

protect …from…


in a …… situation appear to appear to have done as a result of cut down

处在…境况中 好像干… 好像干过 由于 砍倒 削减、降低

dig up

wake up to

advise sb to do …
prevent… (from) doing…


stop\ keep …from doing

语境取词——选用上面的单词或短语填空 in 吸收) carbon We all know that trees can take ______( give out 放出) oxygen that we need. dioxide and _______(

masses (大 But we have been _______ down (砍倒) ______ cutting _____ 量的) of trees, which ______________ has a bad effect on

___ (对??有坏影响) our living environment. If it

continues, we ____________( 不得不) face the can’t help but

one after another(一个接一个地 natural disasters _______________

Ⅲ. 句型?超级仿写

1. appear to have done sth. 好像做了某事
Sandstorms in China appear to have increased in recent years ___________________________________ (似乎在最近几年增加了)as a result of

【仿写】他们的要求似乎已得到满足。 Their requirements appear to have been met/satisfied _____________________________.

2. make +it +adj. /n. + to do. . . (it在句中充当形式

The storms sometimes continue all day and traffic moves very slowly because the thick dust

makes it difficult to see 使得能见度很低). ____________________(
【仿写】水里的矿物质使得这水挺难喝的。 The minerals in the water made it unpleasant to drink ________________________.

3. do nothing but do sth. 只能做某事 complain 除了抱怨). He does nothing but ____________( 【仿写】老人的儿子除了玩游戏之外,什么都不 干。

did nothing but play games The old man’s son ________________________.

4. if/when/whenever possible构成的省略句
The garbage is then taken away and, if possible 如果可能的话),recycled. _________( 【仿写】如果可能的话, 请在今晚以前告诉我。 ________________________________________ If possible, please let me know by this evening.

5. get sb. to do sth. 让某人做某事 The“Green” movement tries to get governments to think seriously about 让政府 ___________________________________( 认真思考)the environment and how to look after it. 【仿写】我搬家具时请了他帮忙。

I got him to help me when I moved the __________________________________________

*(2013· 山东高考) One day, he gathered up all his strength and decided to attend a job interview. 一天,他鼓足勇气决定参加工作面试。 * Criticism and self-criticism can strengthen unity. 批评与自我批评能增进团结。

分的含义。 (2013· 浙江高考)He helped me identify my weaknesses and my strengths. ( advantages )

【核心短语】3. take in ①He was homeless, so we took him in. ( 收养,收留 ) ②Don’t be taken in by his charming manner; he’s completely cruel. ( 欺骗 ) ③On weekends the Smiths usually drive to the countryside and take in the fresh air there.

( 吸收,摄入)

④This dress needs to be taken in at the waist. ( ) 改小 ⑤Her lecture took in all the recent developments in the subject. ( ( 领会,理解 ) 包括,包含 ) ⑥I hope you’re taking in what I’m saying.

【记一记?构建知识】 take off take on take over take up take down 脱下;起飞;请假;(事业)成功 呈现;雇用;承担 接收;接管 占据;开始从事 记下;写下;拆下

take apart


5. give out

①Just as I approached the town, my legs finally
gave out. ( 筋疲力尽 )

②His strength gave out after he ran that long
distance. ( 用完,耗尽 )

③A gas lamp gave out a pale yellowish light.
( 发出,放出 ) ④The teacher gave out the examination papers. ( 分发 )

⑤The news of the President’s death was
given out in a radio broadcast. ( 宣布,发布 )

⑥One of the plane’s engines gave out in midAtlantic. ( 出故障 )

1. environment 2. harmony 3. action 4. pollution 5. pour 6. harm n. 环境 n. 和谐 n. 行为 n. 污染 v. 倾倒 v. 对??有害

7. threaten

v. 威胁

8. totally 9. badly 10. effective 11. reusable

adv. 完全地 adv. 严重地 adj. 有效的 adj. 可再使用的

12. appeal to sb. to do sth. 呼吁某人做某事 13. result in 14. take measures 导致 采取措施

15. to make matters worse 使事情更糟糕的是

16. prevent. . . from. . . 阻止??免于??

17. form a habit of. . .
18. leave. . . behind


近段时间, 我国雾霾天气频现, 危害严重。请你根据以下 提示写一篇短文。 1. 雾霾天气的危害: (1)损害人体健康; (2)能见度低, 影响公共交通, 交通事故频发, 高速公路关闭。 2. 雾霾产生的原因: 空气污染, 各种灰尘、尾气排放。 3. 自我防护的方法: (1)减少户外活动, 外出回来用自来水洗手、洗脸; (2)外出带质量好的面罩。

参考词汇:雾霾天气:haze weather 尾气排放:exhaust emission







appears in our country,which has not only done
harm to people’s health, but also affected the public transportation. As a result, terrible accidents happen every now and then, and some freeways have to be shut down because of the low visibility.

Obviously, air pollution is the main factor that has resulted in the frequency of haze weather, and at the same time, all kinds of dust and exhaust emissions from cars and buses have made the situation even worse.

So proper measures should be adopted to deal with the serious problem. For students, opportunities for outdoor sports activities should be decreased, washing faces and hands with running water after each outing is also important, and do not forget to wear a good-quality mask to

protect yourself while going outside.

Module 2 Developing and Developed Countries

Learning aims
1.Deal with the difficulties in homework
2. Review Module 2 of Book 3 3.Homework for today

答案:1.C 2?3?4.D 5.D Ⅰ. Para. 1: Pr