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10 年高考【2003-2012】5 年模拟【2008--2012】 英语分类汇编----代词
? 代词在高考中的考查重点: 1.人称代词主格与宾格的用法; 2.名词性和形容词性物主代词的用法; 3.反身代词的用法; 4.指示代词 this, that, these, those 的用法; 5.表示两者和多者的不定代词的比较; 6.some,any 的用法辨析; 7.e

ach, every 的用法辨析; 8.(a) little,(a)few,a bit 的用法辨析; 9.替代词 it, that, (the) one(s), those 的用法辨析; 10.another, (the) other(s), else; the rest 的用法辨析; 11.every-,some-,any-,no-与 thing,-one,-body 构成的复合不定代词的用法。 【2012 全国 II】9. Sarah made ______ to the airport just in time to catch her plane this morning. A. herself B. this C. that D. it 【答案】D 【考点】考查代词的用法。 【解析】此处 it 是形式主语,代替后面的不定式短语。句意:Sarah 今天早上成功地及时到 达了机场赶上了她的航班。 2012 四川卷 2. New technologies have made ____ possible to turn out new products faster and at a lower cost. A. that B. this C. one D. it 【答案】 D 【考点】本题考查代词。 【解析】 题干为固定句型: make + it + adj. + to do。 其中 it 作形式宾语, 替代动词不定式 to turn out new products faster and at a lower cost。句意为:新兴科技已经使得更快地、以更低的成 本生产新产品成为可能。 【2012 江西卷】23.My brother would like to buy a good watch but was available from that shop. A.nothing B.none C . no one D.neither 【答案】B 【考点】不定代词 【解析】此处 nothing 指物,什么都不是;none 既可指人也可指物,强调―每一个‖;no one 只能指人;neither 表两者都不,故此题选 B。 【2012 重庆卷】21.-John, when shall we meet again, Thursday or Friday? -_________.I’ll be off to London then. A. Either B. Neither C. Both D. None 【答案】B 【考点】不定代词用法 【解析】根据答语“I’ll be off to London then.” 可知, 约定的星期三或者星期五对 John 来说,
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都不行。在选项中 B 选项是“两者都不”之意,符合语境。因此,正确答案为 B 选项。 【2012 北京卷】 If you’re buying today’s paper from the stand, could you get for me? A. one B. such C. this D. that 【答案】A 【考点】代词的用法 【解析】根据句意:如果你去报摊上买今天的报纸,给我捎回一份好吗?one 作―一个‖,―一 本‖,―一件‖等解,用来代替上文提到过的 paper。相当于 a copy of paper. 【2012 浙江卷】5.____________________________________ Studying Wendy's menu, I found that many of the items are similar to______ of McDonald's. A. those B. ones C. any D. all 【答案】A 【考点】代词 【解析】 those=that ones, 代指前面的 many of the items,表示复数、特指,被 of McDonald’s 修饰,符合语境。Ones 表示复数、泛指;any 任何一个;all 全部,均不符合语境,故排除。 【2012 江苏卷】23. Sophia waited for a reply, but ____ came. A. either B. another C. neither D. none 【答案】D 【考点】代词辨析—neither/ none 【解析】句意为:Sophia等候答复,但没有任何答复。根据转折连词but可知,此处应用表 示否定意义的代词,所以排除A项和B项。neither意为―两者都不‖;none意为―三者或三者以 上都不‖。根据前半句中的―a reply‖提示可知,故选D项。 【2012 陕西卷】13. No matter where he is, he makes _____a rule to go for a walk before breakfast. A. him B this C. that D. it 【答案】D 【考点】考查代词。 【解析】所填词做使役动词 make 的形式宾语,真正宾语是 to go for a walk,选 D。 【2012 全国新课程】31. Larry asks Bill and Peter to go on a picnic with him, but of them wants to, because they have work to do. A. either B. any C. neither D. none 【答案】C 【考点】考查代词的用法。 【解析】根据句意可知,Bill 和 Peter 两个人,所以其否定形式用 neither。句意:Larry 请求 Bill 和 Peter 一起和他去野餐,但他们两个都不想去,因为他们要工作。 【2012 山东卷】21. When you are done with the book, just give it to Lucy or Helen or __________. A. whoever B. wherever C. whatever D. however 【答案】A 【考点】考查代词的用法。 【解析】此处 whoever 是代词,意为:任何人,无论谁。它作 to 的宾语。句意:你看完书 后,把书给 Lucy 或 Helen,或谁都行。 2011 全国卷 II,11 I got this bicycle for ; My friend gave it to me when she bought a
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new one. A. everything B. something C. anything D. nothing 答案 D 考点 考查复合不定代词的用法。 解析 句意为“我没花钱就得了这辆自行车; 我的朋友买了一辆新车, 就把这辆给了我。” 根据后面“gave it to me”可判断没花钱,nothing 表否定,for 表示交换。因此选 D。 2011 北京卷,34 The employment rate has continued to rise in big cities thanks to the efforts of the local governments to increase . A. them B. those C. it D. that 答案 C 考点 考查代词 it 的用法。 解析 句意为“由于当地政府的努力,大城市里的就业率持续升高。”it 代指前面交代过 的“the employment rate” ,是单数,而 them 和 those 是复数。因此选 C。 2011 天津卷,1 We feel our duty to make our country a better place. A. it B. this C. that D. one 答案 A 考点 考查代词 it 的用法。 解析 句意为“我们觉得将我们的国家变得更好是我们的职责。”it 在此句中充当形式宾 语,代指“to make our country a better place” 因此选 A。 。 2011 上海春招,26 They produced two reports, ______ of which contained any useful suggestions. A. either B. all C. none D. neither 答案 D 考点 考查不定代词的用法。 解析 句意为“他们提供了两份报告,没有一份报告含有任何有用的建议。”neither 两个 都不;either 两者之一,但后半句里的“any useful suggestions”与否定连用;all 与 none 指 三个或三个以上,与前面的“two reports”不相一致。因此选 D。 2011 山东卷,24 The two girls are so alike that strangers find ________ difficult to tell one from the other. A. it B. them C. her D. that 答案 A 考点 考查 it 的用法。 解析 句意为“这两个女孩长得很相像,不熟悉的人很难将她俩区分开来。”it 在此句中 充当形式宾语,代指“to tell one from the other” 因此选 A。 。 2011 福建卷,21 We have various summer camps for your holidays. You can choose ____ based on your own interests. A. either B. each C. one D. it 答案 C 考点 考查不定代词 one 的用法。 解析 句意为“在你们的假期里,我们这儿有各种暑期夏令营,你们可以根据自己的兴趣 任选一个。”one 代替单数可数名词,表泛指,相当于“a/an + 单数名词” 。这里泛指某个 summer camp 夏令营。因此选 C。 2011 安徽卷,22 Surprisingly, Susan’s beautiful hair reached below her knees and made_____ almost an overcoat for her.
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A. them B. her C. itself D. herself 答案 C 考点 考查反身代词的用法。 解析 句意为 “令人惊叹的是, Susan 美丽的长发垂到她的膝盖下面, 就像一件外套似的。 ” 反身代词 itself 指的是前面提到的 beautiful hair。而 them,her 和 herself 指的都是人。因此选 C。 2011 浙江卷,7 Since people are fond of humor, it is as welcome in conversation as ________ else. A. anything B. something C. anywhere D. somewhere 答案 C 考点 考查不定代词的用法。 解析 句意为“人们喜爱幽默,所以,在谈话中或者别的什么地方的幽默都受人欢迎。” 疑问副词 anywhere 与 else 连用,表示(除了 in conversation 的)其他任何地方,表示场合 的。而 anything 和 something 是表示超越场合的事物。因此选 C。 2011 四川卷,3 There is in his words. We should have a try. A. something B. anything C.nothing D.everything 答案 A 考点 考查不定代词的用法。 解析 句意为“他的话有些道理,我们应该试一试。”something 指不简单的事、可观的 成绩、有些地位的人。因此选 A。 2011 重庆卷,27 ——Silly me! I forget what my luggage looks like. ——What do you think of over there? A. the one B. this C.it D.that 答案 D 考点 考查指示代词的用法。 解析 句意为―——我真傻!想不起来自己的行李是什么样子的。——你看看那边的是不 是你的?‖指示代词 that 指时间与空间上较远的事物, over there 交代了空间上的远距离。 this 指时间与空间上较近的事物,the one 和 it 都特指前面曾经交代过的事物。结合语境,选 D。 2011 陕西卷,16 ——Would you get me a bar of chocolate from the kitchen, dear? —— one? A.Other B.Every C.Another D.More 答案 C 考点 考查不定代词与数词的连用。 解析 句意为 “——亲爱的, 可不可以到厨房里给我拿一块巧克力来?——还要吃一块?” another 与数词连用时,数词放在 another 的后面,如 another three chairs; other 和 more 与数 词连用时,数词放在它们的前面,如 one more apple, two other boys;every 指每一个,含义 与 all 接近。因此选 C。 2011 湖南卷,24 I knew that _____ would ever discourage him; he would never give up wanting to be a director. A. something B. anything C. everything D.nothing 答案 D 考点 考查不定代词的用法。 解析 句意为“我知道没有什么能够阻止他;他决不会放弃做一名导演的念头。”根据后 面“never give up”可知前面相应地也要用否定性的不定代词 nothing。因此选 D。
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2011 辽宁卷,27 ——Would you like tea or coffee? —— , thank you. I've just had some water. A. Either B. Both C. Any D. Neither 答案 D 考点 考查不定代词的用法。 解析 句意为 “——你是想喝茶还是咖啡?——谢谢你, 都不想喝。 我刚才已经喝了水了。 ” 通过后面 “I've just had some water” 可以判定是拒绝 tea 和 coffee。 neither―两者中哪个都不‖, 其所指范围是两个人或物;either 表示―两者中的任何一个‖;both―两个都‖,修饰可数名词, 统指两者;any 用于肯定句,作―任何的‖解。因此选 D。 2011 江西卷 25 Why don’t you bring _____ to his attention that you’re too ill to work on? A. that B.it C.his D.him 答案 B 考点 考查代词 it 作形式宾语的用法。 解析 句意为“为什么你不让他注意到你病得太严重了以至于不能工作下去?”it 作形式 宾语,指代句子后面 that 引导的宾语从句。因此选 B。 〖10 福建〗When you introduce me to Mr. Johnson, could you please say for me? A. everything B. anything C. something D. nothing 〖答案〗C 〖考点〗考查不定代词的辨析 〖解析〗句子的意思是当你向 Mr. John 介绍我的时候, 你可以为我说一些好话吗? A. everything 所有的;B. anything 任何事;D nothing 什么也没有 C. something 表示一些, 某 些 〖10 上海〗If our parents do everything for us children, we won’t learn to depend on A. themselves B. them C. us D. ourselves 〖答案〗D 〖考点〗本题考查反身代词 〖解析〗主语为 we, 因此应为 ourselves. depend on oneself:自力更生。根据句意, 选 D。 〖10 安徽〗You are a team star! Working with_______ is really your cup of tea. A. both B. either C. others D. the other 〖答案〗C 〖考点〗本题考查不定代词的用法。 〖解析〗句意为 ―你是球队明星!与他人合作必须是你喜欢做的事。‖习语 ―one’s cup of tea‖ 意为 ―the type of thing or person that you like‖。 〖10 山东〗Helping others is a habit, _______ you can learn even at an early age. A. it B. that C. what D. one 〖答案〗D 〖考点〗本题考查代词的用法。 〖解析〗句意应为‖帮助别人是一种习惯, 一个你在很小时就能学会的习惯。‖空格处与前句 中的 habit 构成同位关系, 所以选择 D 项。句中 you can learn even at an early age 是省略了关 系代词 that 的定语从句, that 在定语从句中作 learn 的宾语使用。 〖10 天津〗 in my life impressed me so deeply as my first visit to the Palace Museum. A. Anything B. Nothing C. Everything D. Something 〖答案〗B 〖考点〗考查复合不定代词的用法。
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〖解析〗nothing 用于句中表示否定意义, 而其他三个词则表示肯定意义。句意:我一生中 什么都没有我第一次参观故宫给我的印象更深刻。 〖10 陕西〗 cost of renting a house in central Xi’an is higher than ____ in any other area of the The city. A. that B. this C. it D. one 〖答案〗A 〖考点〗考查代词。 〖解析〗 所填词用于比较状语从句中, 指代句子的主语 cost, 即指代不可数名词, 用 that。 This 指代下文即将提到的事物;it 指代 ―同一物‖;one 指代 ―同类中的一个‖之意。 〖10 四川〗On my desk is a photo that my father took of when I was a baby. A. him B. his C. me D. mine 〖答案〗C 〖考点〗考查代词。 〖解析〗take a photo of sb 意为给某人照相, 此处应用人称代词的宾格。正确答案为 C。 〖10 全国Ⅱ〗 Neither side is prepared to talk to ______unless we can smooth things over between them. A. others B. the other C. another D. one other 〖答案〗B 〖考点〗考查不定代词。 〖解析〗Neither 含有 ―两者都不‖之意, 一方对应另一方, 故用 the other 指 ―两者中的另一 个‖。 〖10 重庆〗He had lost his temper and his health in the war and never found of them again. A. neither B. either C. each D. all 〖答案〗B 〖考点〗考查代词。 〖解析〗由 ―his temper and health‖可以排除 C 项和 D 项, 由后面的 never 表否定, 选 either, never either 是全部否定, 相当于 neither。 〖10 重庆〗 improve the quality of our products, we asked for suggestions To had used the products. A. whatever B. who C. whichever D. which 〖答案〗A 〖考点〗考查关系代词。 〖解析〗 这儿_______ used the products。 是个宾语从句, 从句中缺少主语, 并且指人, 所以用 whoever. 〖10 浙江〗 that’s important is that you are doing your best and moving in the right direction. A.One B.All C.Everything D.Anything 〖答案〗B 〖考点〗本题考查不定代词。 〖解析〗分析四个选项的意思, 根据语境:重要的是你正在努力并且朝着正确的方向前行。 从而判断此处选择 all 意思最合适。 〖09 山东〗 felt so bad all day yesterday that I decided this morning I couldn’t face ________ day I like that.
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A. other B. another C. the other D. others 〖答案〗B 〖考点〗本题考查与 other 相关的单词的区别, 〖解析〗由题意知:我昨天一整天感到很糟糕, 以至于我今天早晨决定我不会面对那样的一 天。是指在未来的日子中的一天, 故用 another. 〖09 陕西〗Jane was asked a lot of questions, but she didn’t answer_______of them. A. other B. any C. none D. some 〖答案〗B 〖考点〗考查不定代词。 〖解析〗 所填词与 not 构成全部否定, 四个选项中只有 any 与 not 可以构成 not any, 等于 none, 表全部否定, 故选 B。 〖09 上海〗-Wow! You’ve got so many clothes. -But _____ of them are in fashion now . A. all B. both C. neither D. none 〖答案〗D 〖考点〗考查不定代词的用法。 〖解析〗由 but 可知后句句意发生转折, 前句中 so many clothes 表示 ―多数‖故应选 D。 〖09 全国 I〗 One of the most important questions they had to consider was of public health A. what B. this C. that D. which 〖答案〗C 〖考点〗考查不定代词的用法。 〖解析〗句意为:他们必须考虑其中最重要的问题是公共卫生。考查 that 作代词, that 作代 词, 往往用于特指, 相当于 ―that+名词‖, 它也只能代替事情不能代替人。 〖09 陕西〗Jane was asked a lot of questions, but she didn’t answer of them. A. other B. any C. none D. some 〖答案〗B 〖考点〗考查不定代词。 〖解析〗 所填词与 not 构成全部否定, 四个选项中只有 any 与 not 可以构成 not any, 等于 none, 表全部否定, 故选 B。 〖09 四川〗I like this house with a beautiful garden in front, but I don’t have enough money to buy__________. A. one B. it C. this D. that 〖答案〗B 〖考点〗考查不定代词的用法。 〖解析〗意思是:我喜欢这个前面有一个美丽花园的房子, 但是我没有足够多的钱去把它买 下来。第一句话中的 this house 表明在该语境中是特指的用法, 所以答案为 it, 表示特指。该 题容易误选 one, 要注意的是 one 表示泛指。 〖09 浙江〗-I’ve read another book this week. -Well, maybe _____ is not how much you read but what you read that counts. A. this B. that C. there D. it 〖答案〗D 〖考点〗考查强调句型。 〖解析〗句中 ―not how much you read‖足以做动词 count 的主语, 所以选 D 使之构成强调句 型。
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〖09 全国 II〗Charles was alone at home, with looking after him. A. someone B. anyone C. not one D. no one 〖答案〗D 〖考点〗考查不定代词的用法。 〖解析〗根据句子提供的信息 alone 可知没有人照顾他。故用代词 no one。 〖09 全国 II〗The CDs are on sale! Buy one and you get completely free. A. other B. others C. one D. ones 〖答案〗C 〖考点〗考查不定代词的用法。 〖解析〗句子可以还原为 Buy a CD and you get a free CD。one 替代 a+可数名词单数。 〖09 重庆〗Over the past 20 years, the Internet helped change our world in______ way or another for the better. A. any B. one C. every D. either 〖答案〗B 〖考点〗考查代词的用法。 〖解析〗one or another 的用法 ―无论如何‖。 在过去的二十年里, 互联网在这样或那样的方 面帮助我们的世界变得更好。 〖09 江苏〗Nine in ten parents said there were significant differences in their approach to educating their children compared with ______ of their parents. A. those B. one C. both D. that 〖答案〗D 〖考点〗考查代词的用法。 〖解析〗代 are expected 〖08 全国 I〗—Which of the two computer games did you prefer? —Actually I didn’t like ______. A. both of them B. either of them C. none of them D. neither of them 〖答案〗B 〖考点〗考查代词的用法。 〖解析〗考查部分否定与全部否定。I didn’t like either of them.相当于 I liked neither of them.。 〖08 全国 I〗 English spoken in the United States is only slightly different from ______ spoken The in England. A. which B. what C. that D. the one 〖答案〗C 〖考点〗考查代词的用法。 〖解析〗that 用来代替前面出现的 the English。 〖08 安徽〗The two girls are getting on very well and share _______ with each other. A. little B. much C. some D none 〖答案〗B 〖考点〗考查代词的用法。 〖解析〗句意为:这两个女孩现在相处得很好, 她们互相分享很多东西。much 作代词时, 意 为 ―许多‖, 而 some 只是 ―一些‖。 〖08 福建〗—How do you find your new classmates? — Most of them are kind, but _______is so good to me as Bruce. A. none B. no one C. every one D. some one
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〖答案〗A 〖考点〗考查代词的用法。 〖解析〗 表示前后语意转折, 根据语境应排除 C、 两项; one 仅指人, 表示泛指; but D no none 既指人又指物, 用 none 时要有一定的范围, 本题中暗含 ―none of them‖的意思。 〖08 湖南〗 Our nerghbors gave _____ a baby bird yesterday that hurt ______ when it fell from its nest. A. us,it B. us,itself C. ourselves, itself D. ourselves, it 〖答案〗B 〖考点〗考查代词的用法。 〖解析〗句意为:昨天我们的邻居给了我们一只雏鸟, 这只雏鸟从窝里摔下来时受了伤。第 一空给 ―我们‖, 应用 us;第二空 ―鸟伤到了自己‖, 故用反身代词 itself。 〖08 山东〗Make sure you’ve got the passports and tickets and ______ before you leave. A. something B. anything C. everything D. nothing 〖答案〗C 〖考点〗考查代词的用法。 〖解析〗句意为:在你离开之前, 确保你带好护照、票以及所有的一切。something 指某件 东西;anything 任何一件东西, 强调个体;everything 强调整体, 由句意可知 C 项正确。 〖08 江西〗Isn’t it amazing how the human body heals _______after an injury? A. himself B. him C. itself D. it 〖答案〗C 〖考点〗考查代词的用法。 〖解析〗此处用 itself 指代人体自身。 〖08 辽宁〗—Could you tell me how to get to Victoria Street? —Victoria Street? ______ is where the Grand Theatre is. A. Such B. There C. That D. This 〖答案〗C 〖考点〗考查代词的用法。 〖解析〗句意为: ―你能告诉我怎么去维多利亚大街吗?‖ ―维多利亚大街?那是 Grand Theatre 所在的地方。‖用 that 替代上文的 Victoria Street。 〖08 陕西〗He doesn’t have _________ furniture in his room --just an old desk. A. any B. many C. some D. much 〖答案〗A 〖考点〗考查代词的用法。 〖解析〗否定句中, 修饰不可数名词 furniture, 用 any。句意, 他房子里没有任何家具, 只有 一张旧桌子。 〖08 四川〗The manager believes prices will not rise by more than _____ four percent. A. any other B. the other C. another D. other 〖答案〗C 〖考点〗考查代词的用法。 〖解析〗句意为:经理认为价格不会按高于另外 4%的比例上涨。any other 表示 ―??中任 何其他的??‖, 在同范围中比较, 如:China is larger than any other country in Asia.(中国比 亚洲的其他任何国家都大。 )the other 表示 ―两者中的另一个??‖, 如:I have two dogs.One is white and the other is black.(我有两条狗。一条是白的, 另一条是黑的。 )another 表示 ―三 者以上的另外, 又一个‖, 后接数词, 如: another week(另一周, 再一周), another two weeks(另
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外两周)。other 表示 ―另外的, 其他的‖, 表泛指。 〖08 浙江〗—I’d like some more cheese. —Sorry, there’s ______ left. A. some B. none C. a little D. few 〖答案〗B 〖考点〗考查代词的用法。 〖解析〗根据答语 ―Sorry‖可知 cheese 没有了。a little 表肯定, 意为 ―有一点‖;few 表否定, 但用来修饰可数名词。 〖08 北京〗It was hard for him to learn English in a family, in which _____ of the parents spoke the language. A. none B. neither C. both D. each 〖答案〗B 〖考点〗考查代词的用法。 〖解析〗由于 hard 表示 ―困难的‖, 而 parents 又暗示空格处所填代词应表达的数量概念是 ―两个‖, 故空格处用 neither 表示否定含义。 〖08 天津〗To know more about the British Museum, you can use the Internet to go to the library, or _______. A. neither B. some C. all D. both 〖答案〗D 〖考点〗考查代词的用法。 〖解析〗句意为:要想了解更多大英博物馆的信息, 你可以使用因特网或者去图书馆, 或者 两种方式都用。both 指 ―两者都‖。 〖08 重庆〗—Could we see each other at 3 o’clock this afternoon? ---Sorry, let’s make it __ time. A. other’s B. the other C. another D. other 〖答案〗C 〖考点〗考查代词的用法。 〖解析〗another day 改天;another time 改个时间。 〖08 上海〗—Do you want tea or coffee? — ______, I really don’t mind. A. none B. neither C. either D. all 〖答案〗C 〖考点〗考查代词的用法。 〖解析〗根据 I really don’t mind.表明茶和咖啡, 两者选择任何一种。 〖07 全国 II〗___ felt funny watching myself on TV. A. One B. This C. It D. That 〖答案〗C 〖考点〗考查代词的用法。 〖解析〗it 为形式主语, 真正的主语为动名词短语 watching myself on TV。 〖07 上海〗The mayor has offered a reward of $ 5000 to ______ who can capture the tiger alive or dead. A. both B. others C. anyone D. another 〖答案〗C 〖考点〗考查代词的用法。
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〖解析〗句意为:市长向任何可以活捉老虎或抓回死老虎的人悬赏 5,000 美元。anyone 任何 人, 表泛指。 〖07 山东〗_______ worries me the way he keeps changing his mind. A.This B.That C.What D.It 〖答案〗D 〖考点〗考查代词的用法。 〖解析〗他不停地改变他的想法让我很烦恼。这是一个主语从句, the way he keeps changing his mind 是主语从句, it 是形式主语。 〖07 北京〗He has made a lot of films, but ____ good ones. A.any B. some C. few D. many 〖答案〗C 〖考点〗考查代词的用法。 〖解析〗由于句中用了转折连词 but, 所以要填 few 与前面的 many 相对比。 〖07 福建〗The book is of great value. can be enjoyed unless you digest it. A.Nothing B.Somethin C.Everything D.Anything 〖答案〗A 〖考点〗本题考查代词。 〖解析〗句意为:这本书很有价值。除非你认真读了, 要不然你欣赏不到什么(只有你认真 读了, 你才能欣赏到一些东西) 。unless 如果不;除非, 与前面否定的复合不定代词 nothing 构成双重否定表肯定。 〖07 湖南〗To save class time, our teacher has ________ students do half of the exercise in class and complete the other half for homework. A. us B. we C. our D. ours 〖答案〗A 〖考点〗考查代词的用法。 〖解析〗has 后跟复合宾语, 其宾语为 us, 宾补为 do..., 句中 students 作 us 的同位语。 〖07 江西〗—What do you think of the performance today? —Great! But a musical genius could perform so successfully. A.All B.None C.Anybody D.Everybody 〖答案〗B 〖考点〗本题考查代词的应用。 〖解析〗 none but...除??之外没有别人, 因此肯定了 but 后的词 a musical genius ―音乐天才‖。 〖07 江西〗I don’t mind her criticizing me, but is how she does it that I object to.? A. it B.that C.this D.which 〖答案〗A 〖考点〗本题考查强调句型。 〖解析〗 is+被强调部分+that+其他, 强调句可去掉 it is 与 that 还原句子。 It 本句相当于..., but I object to how she does it。被强调部分是宾语从句, 因此, 用 it 引导该句式。 〖07 陕西〗—There is still a copy of the book in the library. Wall you go and bottow ? —No, I’d rather buy in the bookstore. A.it;one B.one;one C.one;it D.it;it 〖答案〗A 〖考点〗本题考查代词。 〖解析〗 第一空指代前面的 a copy of the book, 就那一本, 为同句同物, 用 it;而第二空指到书
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店去买一本, 泛指某一本, 为同名异物, 用 one。 〖07 四川〗Little joy can equal ________ of a surprising ending when you read stories. A. that B. those C. any D. some 〖答案〗A 〖考点〗考查代词的用法。 〖解析〗 为不可数名词, 用一个代词代替时, 须用 that, that 代替不可数名词, 且要有后置 joy 定语。 〖07 天津〗He didn’t make ________ clear when and where the meeting would be held. A. this B. that C. it D. these 〖答案〗C 〖考点〗考查代词的用法。 〖解析〗句意为:他没有把何时何地召开会议搞清楚。句中 ―when and where the meeting would be held‖为 make 的真正宾语, it 为形式宾语, clear 为宾补。 〖07 辽宁〗The information on the Internet gets around much more rapidly than ____ in the newspaper. A. it B. those C. one D. that 〖答案〗D 〖考点〗考查代词的用法。 〖解析〗that 代替前面的不可数名词 information, it 代指同名同物, B、C 代指可数名词。 〖07 浙江〗—He got his first book published. It turned out to be a bestseller. —When was _____? —_____ was in 2000 when he was still in college. A. that; This B. this; It C. it; This D. that; It 〖答案〗D 〖考点〗本题考查代词。 〖解析〗句意为: ―他的第一本书出版了, 并且成了一本畅销书。‖ ―那是什么时候?‖ ―那是 在 2000 年他还在上大学的时候。‖指代上文中提到的事情用 that;it 可以指时间、天气、距离 等概念。 〖07 重庆〗Jim sold most of his things. He has hardly _______ left in the house. A. anything B. everything C. nothing D. something 〖答案〗A 〖考点〗考查代词的用法。 〖解析〗否定句中用 anything。 〖07 上海春〗Treat to a glass of wine to help you relax at the end of the day. A.one B.oneself C.you D.yourself 〖答案〗D 〖考点〗本题考查代词。 〖解析〗一天的紧张(工作)之后, 喝杯红酒, 有助于放松一下自己。 〖06 全国Ⅰ〗If I can help_______, I don’t like working late into the night. A. so B. that C. it D. them 〖答案〗C 〖考点〗考查代词的用法。 〖解析〗if I can help it 意为 ―如果我有办法‖, 表示有办法做某事, 或有办法控制某个局面。 所提供的情景 I don’t like working late into the night 说明如果有办法, 不喜欢工作到深夜。so 意为 ―这样‖, 常用于省略句中, 代替上文中的动作。that 用于代替上文的内容。 〖06 北京〗— Which driver was to blame?
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— Why, _______ ! It was the child’s fault, clear and simple. He suddenly came out between two parked cars. A. both B. each C. either D. neither 〖答案〗D 〖考点〗考查代词的用法。 〖解析〗 neither 意为 (两者) ― 都不‖。 根据所提供的情景 It was the child’s fault, clear and simple. 可判断出两个司机都不应该受到责备, 因为是孩子的过错。both 表示 ―(两者)都‖, 两个司 机都应受到责备, 与所提供的情景矛盾。either 意为 ―两者之一的; (两者之中)随便哪一个 的;两者中任何一方的‖, 其意思是两个司机中的任何一个都应受到责备。each 意为 ―每一 个‖, 表示多于两个, 与下文中的 two parked car 矛盾。 〖06 上海〗I made so many changes in my composition mat only I could read it. To ____ else, it was hard to make out. A. none B. everyone C. someone D. anyone 〖答案〗D 〖考点〗考查代词的用法。 〖解析〗由题意可知, 该空格处应指 ―除我之外的任何一个人‖。表示 ―任何一个人‖用 anyone. 〖06 上海〗Both sides have accused of breaking the contract ___. A. another B. the other C. neither D. each 〖答案〗B 〖考点〗考查代词的用法。 〖解析〗the other 的意思是 ―对方‖, 全句意为 ―双方都指控对方违反合同‖。 〖06 江苏〗My most famous relative of all, _______ who really left his mark on America, was Reb Sussel, my great-grandfather. A. one B. the one C. he D. someone 〖答案〗B 〖考点〗考查代词的用法。 〖解析〗the one 作同位语, 指代上文中的 my most famous relative of all。one 作代词表示泛 指, 泛指某人或某物。he 作主语, 不作同位语。someone 意为 ―某人 ―, 泛指某人。 〖06 湖南〗As the busiest woman in Norton, she made_________her duty to look after all the other people’s affairs in that town. A.this B.that C.one D.it 〖答案〗D 〖考点〗考查代词的用法。 〖解析〗it 作形式宾语, to look after all the other people’s affairs in that town 作真正的宾语。不 定式短语作宾语时, 需移置宾语补语之后, 在原来宾语的位置上用引导词 it 作形式宾语, 构 成 ―make + it + 形容词或名词+不定式短语‖结构, 从而使句子保持平衡。 〖06 安徽〗Catherine bought a postcard of the place she was visiting, addressed ________ to ________ and then posted it at the nearby post office. A.it; her B.it; herself C.herself; her D.herself; herself 〖答案〗B 〖考点〗考查代词的用法。 〖解析〗address 作动词的意思是 ―在??上写姓名住址‖, addressed 后接 it, 作直接宾语, 代 替上文中的 postcard。to 后接 herself, 作间接宾语, 表示把 postcard 寄给她自己。
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〖06 重庆〗My grandma still treats me like a child. She can’t imagine______ grown up. A.my B.mine C.myself D.me 〖答案〗D 〖考点〗考查代词的用法。 〖解析〗me 是人称代词宾格, 作 imagine 的宾语。因为主语是 she, 所以不能用反身代词作 宾语。 〖06 安徽〗You may drop in or just give me a call. ______ will do. A.Either B.Each C.Neither D.All 〖答案〗A 〖考点〗考查代词的用法。 〖解析〗either 用作代词, 意为 ― (两者之中)任一、 任何一个‖。 根据所提供的情景 You may drop in or just give me a call.可判断出只有两种可能性, 其中的任何一种都是可以的。each 和 all 都表示多于两个可能性, 与提供的情景不相符合。neither 意为 ―两者都不‖。 〖06 天津〗We had a picnic last term and it was a lot of fun, so let’s have ____ one this month. A. the other B. some C. another D. other 〖答案〗A 〖考点〗考查代词的用法。 〖解析〗句意为:上学期我们举行了一次野餐, 很有趣, 所以这个月我们再举行一次吧。one 代指 picnic。 another 表 ―再一, 又一个‖; other 表 ―别的, 其他的‖; one...the other 表 ―一个??, 另一个‖。 〖06 辽宁〗I hear _____ boys in your school like playing football in their spare time, though others prefer basketball. A.quite a lot B.quite a few C.quite a bit D.quite a little 〖答案〗B 〖考点〗 〖解析〗 由于 boys 为复数可数名词, 所以用 a few 修饰; 若用 a lot, 则应改为 a lot of。注意: quite a few 的意思是 ―相当多‖ ―不少‖, 不是 ―相当少‖, 如:Quite a few people came to the lecture. 有相当多的人来听讲。We drank quite a lot of wine. 我们喝了不少葡萄酒。 〖06 四川〗Of all the books on the desk, ____ is of any use for our study. A.nothing B.no one C.neither D.none 〖答案〗D 〖考点〗考查代词的用法。 〖解析〗在所有桌上的书里没有一本对学习有用。none 表示 ―全都??不‖, 多与 of 构成短 语 none of。 none 也可单独使用做主语。no one 只能之人, 不能指物, neither 指 ―两个?? 都不行‖。 〖06 福建〗---Who called me this morning when I was not? ----A man calling______Robert. A. his B .himself C his D.不填 〖答案〗B 〖考点〗考查代词的用法。 〖解析〗反身代词作 calling 的宾语, 反身代词作动词的宾语表示称自己为 Robert。calling 的 逻辑主语是 a man, 所以要用 himself。him 作宾语表示称另外一个人 Robert。 〖06 浙江〗If you can’t decide which of the two books to borrow, why don’t you take ______? I won’t read them this week.
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A. all B. any C. either D. both 〖答案〗D 〖考点〗考查代词的用法。 〖解析〗这道题首先要弄清前后句的逻辑关系。根据后一句 ―这周我不读(这两本书)‖, 含 义是你可拿走。表示 ―都‖的意思的是 both 和 all, 但是由于是两本书, 所以用 both。 〖06 山东〗____ team wins on Saturday will go through to the national championships. A. No matter what B. No matter which C Whatever D. whichever 〖答案〗D 〖考点〗考查代词的用法。 〖解析〗No matter which 不能做主语, 只能当让步状语从句的引导词;whichever 可做主语 和状语;此句要用主语, 应用 whichever... 〖05 广东〗I think he’s just going to deal with this problem ______ day. A. next B. other C. following D. another 〖答案〗D 〖考点〗考查代词的用法。 〖解析〗 我想他打算改天再来对付这个问题。 本题选项中 another 意为 ―另一个、 再一个‖, 可 以跟一般名词连用, 但如果复数名词前有数词或 few, several 等词时, 也可用 another 修饰, 表示 ―另多少个‖。other 意为 ―其余的, 其它的‖; 〖05 湖北〗First, it is important to recognize what kind of person you are and which special qualities make you different from . A.everyone else B.the other C.someone else D.the rest 〖答案〗A 〖考点〗此题考查了代词的用法。 〖解析〗在表达的时候, 要把自己和别的人分开。else 用在不定代词之后, 有把自身排除在 外的含义。句中是和其他每个人都不同的品质。 〖05 湖南〗You will find as you read fiats book that you just can’t keep some of these stones to ______. You will want to share them with a friend. A. itself B. yourself C. himself D. themselves 〖答案〗B 〖考点〗考查代词的用法。 〖解析〗宾语从句的主语是 you, 要用反身代词 yourself。 〖05 江苏〗I’m moving to the countryside because the air there is much fresher than________ in the city. A. ones B. one C. that D. those 〖答案〗C 〖考点〗考查代词的用法。 〖解析〗that 指代上文中的 the air。因为 air 是不可数名词, 不能用 one 或 those 指代。另外, 在比较状语从句中, 常常用 that 指代单数名词, 用 those 指代复数名词。 〖05 江西〗Cars do cause us some health problems —in fact far more serious _______ than mobile phones do. A.one B.ones C.it D.those 〖答案〗B 〖考点〗考查代词的用法。 〖解析〗 ones 代替 health problems;one 表单数(泛指), 不合题意;it 表单数(特指);those 为指示
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代词, 前不可再用修饰成分。 〖05 全国Ⅲ〗The doctor advised Vera strongly that she should take a holiday, but _______ didn’t help. A.it B.she C.which D.he 〖答案〗A 〖考点〗考查代词的用法。 〖解析〗but 连接并列句, it 指代医生向 Vera 提建议这件事。 〖05 全国 I〗We haven’t enough books for _____; some of you will have to share . A.somebody B.anybody C.everybody D.nobody 〖答案〗C 〖考点〗检查考生对部分否定和全部否定的掌握和运用能力。 〖解析〗根据所提供的情景 ―some of you will have to share‖可判断出书籍不够每人一本。根 据后句迟到的信息, 可知为部分否定。nobody =not anybody 是全部否定。 〖05 全国 I〗The chairman thought ____ necessary to invite Professor Smith to speak at the meeting. A. that B. it C. this D. him 〖答案〗B 〖考点〗考查代词的用法。 〖解析〗 本题考查了 it 作形式宾语的用法, 真正的宾语是 ―to invite...meeting, ―it 后面的形容 词 necessary 作宾语补足语。 〖05 上海〗No progress was made in the trade talk as neither side would accept the conditions of_________. A. others B. the other C. either D. another 〖答案〗B 〖考点〗考查代词的用法。 〖解析〗the other 另一方。因为谈判是两方, 所以要用 the other 表示 ―另一方‖。 〖05 浙江〗We’ve been looking at the houses but haven’t found _________ we like yet. A.one B.ones C.it D.them 〖答案〗A 〖考点〗考查代词的用法。 〖解析〗one 指代上文提到的 house。因为 house 是可数名词, 所以要用 one 指代。ones 表示 许多房子。 〖05 重庆〗— Victor certainly cares too much about himsely. — Yes. He’s never interested in what ______ is doing. A. no one else B. anyone else C. someone else D. nobody else 〖答案〗B 〖考点〗本题考查的是不定代词的用法。 〖解析〗no one else 意为 ―没有其他的人, 不符合题意;anyone else 意为 ―其他任何人‖; someone else 意为 ―另外的某人‖;nobody else 意为 ―没有其他的人‖。根据前后的语境, 句 意为:他从不关心其他人在做什么。因此选 anyone else。 〖05 天津〗I prefer a flat in Inverness to ______in Perth, because I want to live near my Mom’ s. A. one B. that C. it D. this 〖答案〗A 〖考点〗考查代词的用法。
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〖解析〗one 指代上文中的 flat。 〖05 安徽〗I don’t think we’ve met before. You’re taking me for ______. A. some other B. someone else C. other person D. one other 〖答案〗B 〖考点〗考查代词的用法。 〖解析〗else 放在不定代词后, 表示 ―其他的‖。根据所提供的情景 ―I don’t think we met before‖可判断出把 ―我‖当成了其他人。 〖05 浙江〗The old tower must be saved, _______the cost. A. however B. whatever C. whichever D . wherever 〖答案〗B 〖考点〗考查状语从句连词及省略。 〖解析〗该句的意思是 ―这古老的塔必须挽救了, 无论花什么代价‖。补全句子应为 ―whatever the cost is‖, whatever 作表语。 〖05 江苏〗I’m moving to the countryside because the air there is much fresher than ____ in the city. A. ones B. one C. that D. those 〖答案〗C 〖考点〗考查代词的用法。 〖解析〗本题中 than 的比较对象是前面的 air, air 是不可数名词;而 one, ones, those 都来代 指可数名词。that 既可指可数又可指不可数。 〖05 福建〗 made a call to my parents yesterday. To my disappointment, I of them answered it. A.either B.none C.neither D.nobody 〖答案〗C 〖考点〗考查代词的用法。 〖解析〗neither 表示 ―(两者)都不‖。根据 to my disappointment 可判断出父母亲都没接电 话。 〖04 全国 I〗I like _____ in the autumn when the weather is clear and bright. A. this B. that C. it D. one 〖答案〗C 〖考点〗考查代词的用法。 〖解析〗英语中 like, love, hate, dislike 等动词后面不能直接带宾语从句, 通常在这些动词后 面加 it, 然后带相应的从句。 〖04 全国 I〗—Do you like _____ here? —Oh, yes. The air, the weather, the way of life. Everything is so nice. A. this B. these C. that D. it 〖答案〗D 〖考点〗考查代词的用法。 〖解析〗 的特殊用法, 常用在口语或非正式文体中。 it 这里指代下文中的 The air, the weather, the way of life。 〖04 全国 III〗We needed a new cupboard for the kitchen. So Peter made ___ from some wood. A. it B. one C. himself D. another 〖答案〗B 〖考点〗考查代词的用法。
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〖解析〗句意为:我们需要为厨房添个橱柜, 所以 Peter 用我们所拥有的木头做了一个。代 词 one 替代上文的名词 a cupboard,非特指的指代, 正合题意。it 应指代上文提到的同一事物, 为特指, 故不可。C 项离题意太远, D 项指 ―又‖, ―再‖的意思, 亦不可。 〖04 湖北〗It was_____back home after the experiment. A. not until midnight did he go B. until midnight that he didn’t go C. not until midnight that he went D. until midnight when he didn’t go 〖答案〗C 〖考点〗该题考查强调结构的用法。 〖解析〗强调 not…until…(直到…才…)引导的时间状语或时间状语从句时, 其结构是 It is not until…+ that…。 〖04 福建〗 was with great joy _____ he received the news that his lost daughter had been found. It A. because B. which C. since D. that 〖答案〗D 〖考点〗该题考查强调结构的用法。 〖解析〗强调结构, 被强调的部分是介词短语 with great joy(作状语) 。 〖04 上海〗Why! I have nothing to confess. _____ you want me to say? A. What is it that B. What it is that C. How is it that D. How it is that 〖答案〗A 〖考点〗该题考查强调结构的用法。 〖解析〗强调结构的特殊疑问句, 被强调的部分是疑问词 what(作动词 say 的宾语) 。 〖04 北京〗The foreign minister said, ―_____ our hope that the two sides will work towards peace.‖ A. This is B. There is C. That is D. It is 〖答案〗D 〖考点〗考查代词的用法。 〖解析〗it 作形式主语, 真正的主语是其后面的 that 引导的主语从句。 〖04 江苏〗--- How long are you staying? --- I don’t know. _____. A. That’s OK B. Never mind C. It depends D. It doesn’t matter 〖答案〗C 〖考点〗考查代词的用法。 〖解析〗it depends 为习惯用语。意思是:―看情况而定。‖it 指 ―情况、形势‖, 也可以说 ―Things depends‖ 〖03 NMET〗—There’s coffee and tea; you can have _____. —Thanks. A. either B. each C. one D. it 〖答案〗A 〖考点〗考查代词的用法。 〖解析〗 either 用于肯定句时表示 ―(两者中)的任一个‖。 因为只有 coffee 和 tea 可供选择, 所 以要选 either。 〖03NMET〗---Susan, go and join your sister cleaning the yard. ---Why____? John is sitting there doing nothing. A.him B.he C.I D.me 〖答案〗D
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〖考点〗考查代词的用法。 〖解析〗在自由对话中, 常用人称代词的宾格代替主格, 例如:Who can drive a bus? ---me.谁 会开车?---我。 〖03 上海〗It is these poisonous products_____can cause the symptoms of the flu, such as headache and aching muscles. A. who B. that C. how D. what 〖答案〗B 〖考点〗该题考查强调结构的用法。 〖解析〗强调结构, 被强调的部分是名词 these poisonous products(作主语) 。 〖03 上海〗It is pretty well understood_____controls the flow of carbon dioxide in and out the atmosphere today. A. that B. when C. what D. how 〖答案〗C 〖考点〗该题考查代词的用法。 〖解析〗 为形式主语, 真正的主语是其后面的 what 引导的主语从句 it (因主语从句中缺少主 语, 用 what 引导) 。 〖03 上海春〗It was because of bad weather _____the football match had to be put off. A. so B. so that C. why D. that 〖答案〗D 〖考点〗该题考查代词的用法。 〖解析〗强调结构, 被强调的部分是介词短语 because of bad weather(作状语) 。

5 年模拟【2008--2012】 英语分类汇编----代词
1.【2012 届河北省普通高考模拟】31 .The air of hills is cooler than___________of plains. A. that B.one C.those D. ones 【答案】A 【解析】考查代词的用法。此处 that 指代不可数名词 the air,其后有后置定语 of plainsman。 句意:山上的空气比平原的凉爽。 2.【2012 届保定市高三第一次模拟】25. He is_______stupid. In fact he is quite smart. A. anything but B. nothing but C. more than D. no more than 【答案】A 【解析】考查不定代词的用法。此处 anything but 意为:一点也不。句意:他一点也不傻, 事实上,他很精明。 3. 2012 届保定市高三第一次模拟】 First the car broke down, now I can't find my keys! 【 33. and if it’s not one thing,it's_______. A. another B. other C. the other D. others 【答案】A 【解析】考查代词的用法。句意:首先车抛锚了,现在我又找不到钥匙了!不是这事就是那 事。 4.【2012 届北京海淀区高三一模】31. ---You seem busy these days. ---Yes. I’m looking for a house. It’s really not easy to find _____ with a garden.
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A. this B. one C. it D. that 【答案】B 【解析】考查代词题。本题的 A 选项和 D 选项基本可以视作同义选项排除,真正考察的区 别也就是 one 和 it 这对常考代词的区别。it 指代前面一个确定的名词概念,而 one 则指代前 面名词范围中不确定的某一个。这里前面的 a house 明显不是某所确定的房子,说话者只是 在找房,并没有确定哪一所,所以应该是 B 选项 one。 5. 【2012 届江西省上饶市第一次高考模拟】 How wonderful it will be that whoever is in need 22. of a job can get . A.it B.that C.one D.this 【答案】C 【解析】考查代词的用法。此处 one 同类指代。句意:需要工作的人找到一个工作那该多好 啊。 6. 【2012 届四川省成都石室中学高三二诊模拟】 Knowledge from real life isn't easier to forget 3. than ___ achieved from textbooks. A.it B.that C.one D.those 【答案】B 【解析】考查代词的用法。此处 that 指代不可数名词 knowledge,其后有后置定语,用于比 较句型。 7.【2012 届河南省郑州市高三第二次质量预测】22. Mr. Robert didn't choose any of the three jackets because he found _______ of them satisfactory. A. all B. either C. none D. Neither 【答案】C 【解析】考查代词的用法。此处 none 意为:没有一个。句意:罗伯特先生没有选择三件夹 克衫的任何一个,因为他发现没有一个满意。 8.【2012 届江西省六校联考】24. The agreement was made quickly as both sides were satisfied with the conditions of _____. A. another B. others C. the other D. either 【答案】 C 【解析】考查代词的用法。根据前文的 both 可知:应选 C 两者当中的另一个。 9.【2012 届江西省六校联考】29.9. 11 is a special date, ,I think,that will be remembered by the Americans forever. A.what B.it C.which D.one 【答案】D 【解析】考查代词的用法。one 作 date 的同位语 10.【2012 届江西省六校联考】32. Eventually, she has recognized ____, whatever happens and however bad ____ seems today, life still goes on and everything will be better tomorrow. A.that; it B.it; that C.it; what D.that; what 【答案】A 【解析】考查代词。that 引导宾语从句;it 指代情况。 11.【2012 届甘肃省高三第一次高考诊断】20.---Three tickets for Friday night, please. ---Sorry, but we’ve got ____ left. A.none B.no one C.nothing D.not any 【答案】A 【解析】考查代词的用法。此处 none 意为:一张都没有。句意:---三张星期五晚上的票。
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---对不起,我们一张都没有了。 12.【2012届贵州师大附中高三年级检测】10. —What about the monthly test? Is it easy? —Yes, but I don’t think ______ pass it. A. somebody B. anybody C. nobody D. everybody 【答案】D 【解析】考查代词的用法。句意:---月考怎么样?简单吗?---是的,但我认为不是每个人都 能通过考试。此处not everybody意为:不是每个人,是部分否定。 13. 【2012 届山西太原五中 4 月月考】 ---Who is knocking at the door? 32. --- _______. A. They are the children B. There are the children C. It is the children D. D. That is the children 【答案】C 【解析】考查代词的用法。此处 it 指身份不明的人。句意:谁在敲门?---是孩子们。 14.【2012 届山西太原五中 4 月月考】33. It is our hope that ______ of us will be left behind. A. nobody B. no one C. every one D none 【答案】D 【解析】考查代词的用法。句意:我们中没有人被落下是我们的希望。此处 none of us 意为: 我们没有人。 15.【2011届江苏省苏、锡、常、镇四市高三调研测试(一) 】34. Mistakes will happen. Accept __________ and learn from________. A. it; them B. them; it C. it; it D. them; them 【答案】A 【解析】考查代词的用法。第一空it指代“错误总会发生的”这一事实;第二空从错误中吸 取教训。句意:错误总会发生的。接受它并且从错误中吸取教训。 16.【2012 届吉林省吉林市高三第二次模拟】32. Mr. Zhang gave the textbooks to all the pupils except ________who had already had them. A. ones B. the ones C. some D. the others 【答案】 B. 【解析】考查不定代词。the ones 代替 the pupils。 17.【2012 届山东省菏泽重点高中高三下学期 4 月模拟】30. He didn’t make _____ clear when and where the meeting would be held. A. this B. that C. it D. these 【答案】C 【解析】考查代词的用法。此处 it 作形式宾语,when and where the meeting would be held 是真正的宾语。 当复合宾语中的宾语是宾语从句时, 往往把宾语放在它的补语的后面, 而把代词 it 放在全句谓语动词和宾语补语的中间。宾语补语后面的宾语是真正的宾 语,谓语动词和宾语补语中间的 it 是形式宾语。 18.【2012 届广西桂林市、崇左市、百色市、防城港市高考联合调研】23.Be patient! You will find a bank on side of the street. A.neither B.both C.either D.each 【答案】C 【解析】考查代词的用法。此处 either 指“两者中的任何一个” 。句意:耐心些!你会在大 街的任何一边找到银行。 19.【河南省郑州市 2012 届英语信息卷(三) 】2. Building a new school is one thing, while keeping it running smoothly is quite ______. A.the other B.another C.neither D.others
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【答案】B 【解析】考查代词。句意为: “建新校是一方面,而让它平稳运转则是另一方面” 。another 表示“另一;又一” 。 20.【2012 届浙江杭州重点高中原创模拟】18. Li Na has made _______ of herself in the world of tennis since she became a tennis player. A. nothing B. something C. anything D. everything 【答案】B 【解析】考查代词的用法和固定用法。make something of oneself 意为“取得成功”句意为:李娜 自成为网球选手以来,已在网球世界取得了巨大成功。根据句意选 B。 23. 【2011·江九江六校第三次联考】—Have you finished all your exercises? —Yes, ___ is left. As a matter of fact, they are as easy as ABC. A. nothing B. not one C. none D. neither 【答案】C 【解析】考查代词的用法。此处 none 是代词,指没有练习被剩下。 22. 【2011·山东师大附中第七次质量检测】 For quite students,their teacher’s advice is more important than of their parents’. A.few;one B.a little;some C.a few;that D.a lot;many 【答案】C 【解析】考查代词的用法。此处 quite a few 意为:许多;that 代替 advice。句意:对于许多 学生来说,老师的建议比他们的父母的更重要。 22. 【2011·东北三校第二次联考】The school’s Drama Association will be giving a big show tonight and two next week. A.another B.other C.else D.more 【答案】D 【解析】 考查代词的用法。 此处 another 修饰数词置于数词前, more 置于数词后, 故用 more。 22. 【2011·唐山市二模】7.I want to buy a pair of sports shoes, _____ at a proper price, but of good quality. A.that B.one C.those D.ones 【答案】B 【解析】考查代词的用法。此处 one 是 a pair of sports shoes。句意:我想买一双运动鞋,一 双有合适的价格且有好的质量。 19. (阳泉市 2011 届高三调研考试) He said he had called me to return home, but I didn't receive _________. A. one B. it C. anyone D. anything 【答案】D 【解析】主要考查代词用法。根据语境译文如下:他说他已经叫 我回家了,但是我没有收 到任何信息。此处 anything 用在否定句中表示“任何信息” ,故选 D。 17. (北京朝阳 2011 届高三一模) I'd appreciat e _____if you would like to teach me how to use the computer. A. that B. it C. this D. one
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【答案】B 【解析】主要考查代词。译文为: 如果你愿意教我们如何使用这台电脑, 我将会重视它。 “它 “在这代指” “如何使用电脑”这件事,所以用 it 来代替,故选 B。 22. 【2011·江苏省四市第一次调研】Mistakes will happen. Accept __________ and learn from ___________. A. it; them B. them; it C. it; it D. them; them 【答案】A 【解析】本题考查代词,从句意入手:会有错误发生的,那就接受这个局面吧,还要从这些 错误中学习。此处 it 指“某种情况” 。 (2011· 唐山市摸底) 19. Why don’t you bring to his attention that you are to ill to go on working? A.One B.it C.that D.this B 考查代词的用法。此处 it 指代后面的宾语从句。 (2011·重庆师大附中第一次月考)25.Of all the books on the desk, ________ is of any use for our safety. A. nothing B. no one C. neither D. none D 考查代词的用法。此处 none 意为:没有一本书。Nothing 什么都没有;no one 没 有一个人; neither 两者都不。

(2011·河北正定中学第一次月考)9.The young mother saw her baby fall to the ground, brought her heart to her mouth. A.it B.and which C.and that D.this C 考查并列句的用法及代词的用法。此处 and 为并列连词;that 为代词。 (2011· 唐山市摸底) Rising from 9. to a position of power, Mr. King is still working very hard. A.nothing B.everything C.something D.anything A 考查不定代词的用法。句意:从一无所有升到权力职位,金先生一直在努力。 (2011· 浙江温州十校联考) We needed a new cupboard for the kitchen. Peter made _____ 4. So from some wood we had. A.it B.one C.himself D.another B 考查代词的用法。句意:我们的厨房需要一个厨子。所以彼得用我们已有的旧木头做了一 个。此处 one 表示同类指代。 (2011·浙江温州十校联考) 18.I would appreciate ________ if you could teach me how to use the computer. A.that B.this C.it D.you C 考查代词的用法。此处 it 指代后面的宾语从句。 22. (2011·浙江学军中学第一次月考)--How much salt did you put in the soup? —I’m sorry to say, ______. I forgot A.none B. no one C nothing D. no A 考查代词的用法。语境:---你在汤里加了多少盐?---对不起。我没加盐。我忘了。此 处 none 意为:没有盐。 23. (2011·浙江学军中学第一次月考)This design is ________ satisfactory.So you’ll have to try your best to better it.
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A.nothing but B.anything but C.all but D.everything but B 考查固定短语的用法及含义。此处 anything but 意为:一点也不。句意:这个设计一 点也不满意。所以你必须尽力优化它。

(2011·浙江杭州西湖中学检测)31.-Did you have any trouble with the customs officer? -________ to speak of. A. No B. Nothing C. None D. Neither C考查代词的用法。语境:----海关官员那里你有什么麻烦吗?----没有(麻烦)可说。此处 none表示no trouble。 (2011·云南昆明一中第一次月考)4.He is very smart and can be hidden from him. A.nothing B.something C.everything D.anything A 考查不定代词的用法。句意:他很聪明伶俐,他没有什么隐藏的。

(2011·湖南长沙一中第一次月考)29. likes money, but money is not______. A.Everyone; everything B.Anyone; anything C.Someone; nothing D.Nobody; everything A考查不定代词的含义。句意:每个人都喜欢钱,但是钱不是一切。 (2011·湖南长沙一中第一次月考)30.—Who has eaten all the cake, Jim? —Oh, must be your two pet dogs. A.it B.they C.that D.which A考查代词的用法及强调句型。此处为强调句型的省略形式,其原为It must be your two pet dogs (that have eaten all thecake). (2011·湖南长沙一中第一次月考)31.—Then have you no money at all? — , madam. A.Nothing B.No one C.Neither D.None D考查代词的用法。此处none意为:一点钱也没有。语境:---那么你一点钱也没有?---一点 儿也没有。 (2011·四川成都市摸底)24.You may just give me a call or drop in, will do. A.Either B.All C.Each D.Neither A 考查代词的用法。 句意: 你可以给我打电话或拜访我, 两者任何一种形式即可。 此处 either 意为:两者中的任何一个。 (2011·四川成都市摸底)30.The headmaster didn’t make clear when and where the sports meeting would be held. A.this B.that C.it D.one C 考查代词的用法。此处 it 为形式宾语,真正的宾语是 when and where the sports meeting would be held。

(2011·湖南雅礼中学第一次月考)32.--Which of the two films do you prefer? -- To tell you the truth, I don’t like _________. A.neither of them B.both of them C.either of them D.none of them
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C 考查代词的用法。语境:---两部电影你更喜欢哪一部?---说实话,我哪一部都不喜欢。 (2011·黑龙江哈师大附中第二次月考)22. --Would you like to buy a car here? --Yes, but I’d like to buy ________ made in Shanghai. A. one B. that C. it D. the one A 考查代词的用法。语境:---你想在这儿买一辆车吗?---是的。我想买一辆上海制造的 车。此处 one 泛指“一辆车” 。 (2011·黑龙江哈三中 10 月考)24. ---Did your parents come to see you last week? ---They had meant to, but it turned out that ____ of them could spare some time to. A. none B. neither C. either D. any B 考查代词的用法。语境:---上周你的父母看你了吗?---他们本打算来看,可结果他们俩 都没有腾出时间。 (2011·广西桂林中学第一次月考)22. —Is that a book on painting? If so, I want to borrow . —Yes, it is. A. this B. it C. one D. the one B 考查代词的用法。此处 it 表示“同一指代” ,其指代上文提到的那本书。 (2011· 河南郑州四中第一次调研) It is a strange phenomenon that some young people today 22. think it is their parents’responsibility to earn money and_______ to spend it. A.them B.they C.their D.theirs D 考查代词的用法。此处 theirs 相当于 their responsibility。 (2011·河南郑州四中第一次调研)26.______ worries me the way he keeps changing his mind. A. This B. That C. What D. It D 考查代词的用法。此处 it 作形式主语,真正的主语是 the way,he keeps changing his mind 是 the way 的定语从句。

(2011·福建福州三中第一次月考)39.The information on the Internet spreads much more rapidly than in the newspaper. A.that B.it C.those D.one A 考查代词的用法。此处 that 指代不可数名词 the information;that 用于比较句型其后有后 置定语。 (2011· 福建福州三中第一次月考) 40. sold most of his things. He has hardly Jim left in the house. A.nothing B.something C.anything D.everything C 考查不定代词的用法及含义。句意:Jim 几乎卖掉了他所有的东西。他的房间里几乎没留 什么东西。 (2011·福建福州三中第一次月考)42. The manager believes that prices will rise by more than 4%. A.any other B.the other C.another D.other C 考查代词的用法。Another 放在数词前表示另外的,外加的 (2011·福建福州三中第一次月考)35.He didn’t make clear when and where the meeting would be held. A.these B.this C.it D.that C 考查代词的用法。此处考查 it 作形式宾语,when and where the meeting would be held 是真
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正的宾语。 (2011· 广西玉林、 南宁二中 9 月联考) I hate 32. when the weather along the Changjiang River becomes freezing cold without heating inside. A.it B.that C.this D.so A 考查代词的用法。 此处 it 指代 “when the weather along the Changjiang River becomes freezing cold without heating inside.” 。 (2011·浙江温州八校返校联考)37.If I can help ________ , I don't like working late into the night. A.so B.that C.it D.them C 考查代词及固定短语的用法。此处 I can help it 意为:我有办法。句意:如果我有办法我 不喜欢工作到深夜。

2010 年联考题
1. (2010 年海淀区三模) Thousands of Haitians cheered as the Chinese medical team arrived,many of even cried with joy. A.those B.them C.whom D.who 答案:B C 此题考查 whom 引导的非限制性定语从句。句意:当中国医疗队到达的时候,数以千计的 海地人欢呼雀跃,许多人甚至欣喜若狂。 2. (2010 年海淀区三模) Low-carbon lifestyle is of great benefit to improve the world environment. can be enjoyed from it until you have a deep under, standing of it,however. A.Something B.Nothing C.Few D.Much 答案:B 考查不定代词的用法。句意:低碳生活方式对改善世界环境有很大益处。可是,直到你对此 有了更深刻的理解之后才能得益于此。 3. (2010 年重庆市高考仿真试卷三) —There is only 15 minutes left for work.What shall we do? —My God! There are always not any taxis when you want _______. A.one B.it C.that D.any 答案:A 考查代词的用法。此处 one 表示“同类指代” 。 4. (安徽省蚌埠市 2010 届高三第三次质检) Those who bring sunshine into the lives of others cannot keep from themselves. A.it B.one C.those D.them 答案:A 考查代词的用法。此处 it 代替不可数名词 sunshine。 5. (安徽省铜陵市第三中学 2010 届高三第二次月考) --- Bob isn’t feeling very well. He has caught a cold. ---Everybody seems to have ________ because of the sudden change of the weather.
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A. one B. it C. that D. another 答案:A 考查代词的用法。此处 one 表同类指代;此处指感冒。 6. (河北省正定中学 2010 届高三下学期第二次考试) If I can help ____, I don’t like working late into the night. A. so B. that C. it D. them 答案:C 考查固定习语。I can help it 意为:有办法。句意:如果有办法,我不喜欢工作到深夜。 7. (河南省郑州智林学校 2010 届高三下学期模拟测试二) On stepping into the room this morning I was astonished to find the floor covered with______ looked like tiny insects. A. that B. something C. what D. anything 答案:C 考查宾语从句的连接词。With 后为宾语从句,what 在宾语从句中作主语。句意:我惊讶的 发现地板上为看起来像小昆虫的东西所覆盖。 8. (湖南省长沙市一中 2010 届高三第九次月考) The whole nation is in great happiness, as we have worked another wonder, ______ several generations of sports people have been working for. A. one B. it C. that D. those 答案:A 考查代词的用法。 此处 one 是 another wonder 的同位语, 其后带定语从句 “several generations of sports people have been working for.” 。 9. (湖南省长沙市一中 2010 届高三第九次月考) The appearance of a super skyscraper in the desert is far beyond our imagination, _________ throws great doubt on the height of the tall building. A. that B. one C. which D. it 答案:C 考查 which 引导的非限制性定语从句。此处 which 代替前面整个句子的内容。 10. (江西省九江一中 2010 届高三适应考试二) –Are you cleaning my room ? ---I can’t help ______.I can’t bear seeing people’s room in a mess! A. it B. this C. anything D. so 答案:A 考查固定短语。此处 I can’t help it 意为:我没有办法。句意:没办法,我见不得人们的房间 零乱。 11. (江西省九江一中 2010 届高三适应考试二) The role change from husband to father, although difficult, doesn’t seem so great as from wife to mother. A.one B.that C.this D.those 答案:B 考查代词的用法。此处 that 指代“The role change” ,that 用于比较句型,其后有后置定语, 相当于“the one” 。 12. (山东省临沭县 2010 届普通高等学校招生考试打靶试题) ----Have some oranges, please.
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----No, thanks. I’ve just have ________. They’re a little bit sour. A. them B. it C. one D. none 答案:C 考查代词的用法。此处 one 表示“同类指代” 。 13. (山东省淄博市 2010 届高三二模) —What’s that? It smells great! —It’s just milk tea. Would you like __________? A. this B. one C. it D. some 答案:D 考查代词的用法。此处 some 表示“some milk tea” 。 14. (陕西省 2010 届高三西安五校联考) – What shall we have for dinner tonight? – Oh, I don’t care.________ will do. A.Anything B.Everything C.Something D.Nothing 答案:A 考查不定代词。此处意为:什么都行。 15. (四川省绵阳中学 2010 届高三高考模拟) The film is very humorous but can be enjoyed unless you understand English culture. A.everything B.something C. nothing D.anythingh 答案: :答案:C 考点:不定代词。根据句子意思,应表达否定意思。 16. (四川省绵阳中学 2010 届高三高考模拟) Low-carbon lifestyle is of great benefit to improve the world environment. can be enjoyed from it until you have a deep understanding of it,however. A.Something B.Nothing C.Few D.Much 答案: :答案: B 考点:不定代词。根据意义为否定。 17. (天津市南开中学 2010 届高三下学期五月模拟考试) When ____ comes to saving energy, big changes start with small steps, like turning off the lights.? A. that B. this C. it D. one 答案:C 考查短语。When it comes to 意为:当涉及到…… 18. (天津一中 2010 届高三第五次月考) The man had expected to see all his relatives when in hospital, but _________ came to see him While many of his friends offered him their help. A. none B. no one C. someone D. anyone 答案:A 考查代词的用法。句意:那个人在医院时想看到他所有的亲人,但是没有一个亲人来看他可 是他的许多朋友向他提供帮助。 19. (浙江省衢州一中 2010 届高三下学期第三系质量检测) Ms. Claire is a strict but kind teacher, _____ I respect and appreciate most. A. that B. what C. one D. which 答案:C 考查代词的用法。 此处 one 是 a strict but kind teacher 的同位语, 其后接了定语从句 respect “I and appreciate most” 。
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20. (北京市八一中学 2010 届高三月考) Nine in ten parents said there were significant differences in their approach to educating their children compared with of their parents. A.those B one C.both D.that 答案:D 考查代词的用法。此处 that 指代“their approach” 。 21. (广西桂林市 2010 届高三第一次模拟考试) Little Anna's parents walked slowly, one after , through the shallow water of a stream to search for her lost bag. A. the other B. another C. other D. others 答案:A 考查代词的用法。此处 one after the other 意为:一个又一个。 22. (河北省冀州中学 2010 届高三全国高考第一次模拟考试) Jack is a common person, _______, I think, that will be found everywhere. A. whom B. who C. one D. he 答案:C 考查代词的用法。此处 one 是 a common person 的同位语,其后接了定语从句“that will be found everywhere.” 。 23. (湖南省湘潭市 2010 届高三第三次模拟考试) ---The authors of computer viruses are geniuses. ---I agree. They can apply their wisdom to other net technology from human beings can benefit. A.that B.which C.what D.where 答案:B 考查定语从句。此处 from 为介词前置,解题关键:熟练掌握短语 benefit from:得益于。。 。 24. (江西省省重点学校 2010 届高三联考试卷) The customer didn’t choose of the coats and went away without looking at a third one. A. both B. all C. any D. either 答案:D 考查代词的用法。句意:那位顾客没有选择两件外衣的任何一件,其他的一眼没看就走了。 此处 either 指两者中的任何一个。 25. (江西省十所重点中学 2010 届高三第一次模拟考试)

From Mum’s love, patience and understanding, I have learned what a huge responsibility ___ is to raise a child. A. it B. that C. this D. one
答案:A 考查代词的用法及感叹句。此句还原为:what a huge responsibility to raise a child(it)

is.此处 it 为形式主语。
26. (山东省胶州市 2010 届高三上学期期末考试) We should never forget the severe snow storm in early 2008 and the sufferings caused to the southern Chinese people. A.they B.it C.what D.that 答案:B 考查定语从句及代词的用法。此处 sufferings 是先行词,it caused to the southern Chinese
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people.是定语从句,先行词作 cause 的宾语,it 指 the severe snow storm。 27. (陕西省西安铁一中 2010 届高三第二次月考) We couldn’t eat in a restaurant that day because ____ of us had ____ money on us. A.all ; no B.any; no C. none; any D. nobody; any 答案:C 考查代词的用法。句意:那天我们没能在饭店吃饭,因为我们没有一个人带着钱。 28. (陕西省延安中学 2010 届高三第三次模拟考试) Because they hadn’t booked a room in advance, there were _____ left when they arrived at the hotel. A.none B.no one C.Nobody D.nothing 答案:A 考查代词的用法。此处 none 指没有一间客房。 29. (上海市十三校 2010 届高三下学期联考) There is a remarkable difference between the short poems that were written in English around the year 1500and written around 1600. A.that B.one C.those D.ones 答案:C 考查代词的用法。此处 those 指 the short poems,其后有后置定语 written around 1600。 30. (四川省成都市龙泉中学 2010 届高三第五次调研考试) The world financial crisis created new unease about the risks of the global economy. So the business and political leaders were not the only______talking about the subject. A.one B.ones C.those D.these 答案:B 考查代词的用法。此处 ones 指 leaders。 31. (四川省成都树德协进中学 2010 届高三二诊热身) He didn’t make ________ clear when and where the meeting would be held. A. this B. that C. it D. these 答案:C 考查代词的用法。此处 it 为形式宾语。 32. (银川一中 2010 届高三第一次模拟考试) We all know the weather in the south is much warmer than __________ in the north. A. it B. that C. what D. one 答案:B 考查代词的用法。此处 that 用于比较句型,且其后有后置定语 in the north。 33. (云南省 2010 届高三下学期模拟试题) —Wow! You’ve got so many clothes. —But _____ of them are in fashion now. A.all B.both C.neither D.none 答案:D 考查代词的用法。由题干中的 but 可知这里对上文意思的转折,排除答案 A、B; neither 是对两者的否定; none 是对三者或三者以上的否定, 依据题干中 so many clothes 可知应该是三者以上。 34. (云南省昆明三中 2010 届高三第七次月考) Talking about buying computers, I prefer a computer less than 8,000 yuan to ______ over the amount.
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A. this B. it C. that 答案:D 考查代词的用法。此处 one 表同类指代,是泛指。 35. (重庆一中 2010 届高三下学期第一次月考)

D. one

—What do you think of the meal we have just had? —It is well worth is charged for it. A.that B.which C.what
答案:C 考查名词性从句的连接代词。此处 what 在从句中作主语。

D.how many

题组一(2010 年 1 月更新)
1. (安徽省利辛二中 2010 届高三上学期第四次月考) The old lady is said to have three children ,two of studying abroad. A whom B them C all D who 答案 B 考查代词的用法。此处 two of them studying abroad 为独立主格结构。此题易错选 whom, 因此处不是定语从句故 A 错。 2. (甘肃省兰州一中 2010 届高三 12 月月考) Sometimes he found _______very hard to fall asleep at night, so he went to see the doctor. A.him B.this C.that D.it 答案 D 考查代词的用法。此处 it 作形式宾语。 3. (河南省豫南九校 2010 届高三上学期第三次联考) If I can help ______, I prefer living in Hangzhou because the weather here is better than ______ of Zhengzhou. A.that; that B.it; that C.that; one D.it; it 答案 B 考查代词的用法。 第一空考查习语 can help it” “I 我有办法; 第二空 that 指代 “the weather” 。 4. (江西省九江一中 2010 届高三上学期第三次月考) When you go outing with your sisters, you must see _____ they are safe. A. everything B. that C. it D. yourself 答案 B 考查宾语从句。此处是 that 引导的宾语从句。 5. (浙江省慈溪中学 2010 届高三第二次月考) Alone in a deserted house, he was so busy with his research work that he felt _______lonely. A. nothing but B. anything but C. all but D. everything but 答案 B 考查习语的含义。此处 anything but 意为:一点也不。决不。 6. (四川省内江六中 2010 届高三第四次月考) ______ likes money, but money is not ______. A. Everyone, everything B. Anyone, anything C. Someone, nothing D. Nobody, everything 答案 A 7. (江西省白鹭洲中学 2010 届高三第三次月考)
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Recently Yao Ming has agreed to terms of a five-year contract extension with the Houston Rockets and ____, as reported, is worth more than ﹩75 million A. it B. which C. one D. he 答案 A 8. (安徽省两地三校 2010 届高三上学期元旦联考) So difficult did I find ____ to work out the problem that I decided to ask my partner for help. A. myself B. us C. it D. that 答案 C 9. (湖南省长沙市一中 2010 届高三第六次月考) Jim’s house was broken into. _______ valuable has been left in the house. A. Anything B. Everything C. Nothing D.Something 答案 C 10. (江苏省南京师大附中 2010 届高三 12 月阶段测试) --Mum, have you seen my U-Disk? --____________ you bought last Sunday? I'm afraid I haven't seen ________. A. The one; one B. That; one C. One; it D. The one; it 答案 D 11. (天津市五校 2010 届高三上学期期中联考) ——There are a dozen pens in this house, but I can hardly find one now. ——Keep looking. is sure to turn up. A. One B. It C. That D. This 答案 A 12. (河南省新野三高 2010 届高三上学期第三次月考) —What is the best job in your opinion? —I think the best job is ______ which uses your skill in doing something together with interest in the subject. A. that B. it C. one D. the one 答案 D 13. (安徽省 2010 届高三上学期一轮复习名校联考(三)) Yesterday I had a word with the CEO of the company, ___ who used to teach at Beijing University. A.one B.the one C.that D.it 答案 B 14. (河南省驻马店高中 2010 届高三摸底考试) —Has anything new been discussed on that problem so far? — __________, and more will follow, I think. A. Little B. Much C. Few D. All 答案 B 15. (吉林省长春市 2010 届高中毕业班第一次调研测试) Gradually, you will realize that the things that matter are that can’t be bought with money. A. these B. those C. ones D. some 答案 B 16. (辽宁省东北育才学校 2010 届高三第一次模拟)
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What I need is nothing but a book, _________ that can help to kill the time tonight. A it B that C one D the one 答案 C 17. (陕西省宝鸡中学 2010 届高三上学期第一次月考) ---Can you persuade him out of the foolish idea? --_____is no point in doing so he will never change his mind. A. It As: C. This D. There 答案 D 18. (上海市六校 2010 届高三联考) Of the most popular campus singers in their school this year, ________ came from Senior Three. A. none B. no one C. nothing D. both 答案 A 19. (陕西省户县三中 2010 届高三第二次月考) Although he is wise and intelligent, he fails to be elected as the manager. After all, _____ men can be masters. A. not every B each C all D not all 答案 D 20. (河南省长葛市第三实验高中 2010 届高三第四次月考) — May I take your order? — I haven’t seen the menu yet. May I have _____, please? A. this B. that C. the one D. one 答案 D 21. (山西省四校 2010 届高三上学期第二次联考) He who has health has hope, and he who has hope has ______. A. anything B. nothing C. everything D. something 答案 C 22. (河南省焦作十一中 2010 届高三上学期第四次月考) Why don’t you bring _______ to his attention that you’re too busy to do it? A. this B. that C. what D. it 答案 D 23. (内蒙古巴彦淖尔市中学 2010 届高三上学期期中考试) -Wow! You’ve got so many clothes. -But _____ of them are in fashion now . A. all B. both C. neither D. none 答案 D 24. (陕西省西安铁一中 2010 届高三第二次月考) We couldn’t eat in a restaurant that day because ____ of us had ____ money on us. A.all ; no B.any; no C. none; any D. nobody; any 答案 C 25. (四川省南充高中 2010 届高三第六次月考) surprises us most is that she doesn’t even know the difference between the two lies. A. What; where B. All; which C. What; that D. That; where 答案 A 26. (安徽省安庆市示范高中 2010 届高三四校元旦联考) -As we all know, reading gives our minds only materials of knowledge.
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-Yes. It’s thinking that makes _____ we read ours. A. that B. what C. which D. it 答案 B 27. (山东省聊城冠县一中 2010 届高三上学期阶段性检测) ______ amazed me most was that the young boy who had lost both arms in an accident could handle a pen with his feet. A.That B.It C.Which D.What 答案 D 28. (浙江省新安江中学、寿昌中学、严州中学 2010 届高三上学期联考) While these were good students,_______ had a score above 60. A.someone B.none C.everyone D.no one 答案 B 29. (湖南省衡阳八中 2010 届高三第五次月考) The chief manager has decided to put _________ he thinks is energetic, clever and has good qualities in the position of the leadership of the company. A. whomever B. whoever C. who D. whom 答案 B 30. (吉林省通化市第一中学 09-10 学年高三第三次月考) Research shows people with pets in the home visit the doctor less often and experience less sleeping problems than ________without a pet friend. A.ones B.those C.the ones D.that 答案 B

2010 届联考题(9 月更新)
1. (衡阳市八中 2010 届高三上学期第一次月考) _____ occurred to me that the murder happened ____ a rainy day. A. What; in B. What; on C. It; in D. It; on 答案 D 2. (宁夏省银川实验中学 2010 届高三英语第一次月考) — What is ______ like being a sailor?— Wonderful. A.one B.that C.this D.it 答案 D 3. (贵州省晴隆一中 2009 年高中毕业班强化训练) I would appreciate if you come to my grandma’s birthday party and say ―Hello‖ to her. A. that B. it C. you D. her 答案 B 4. (贵州省兴义市清华实验学校 2010 届高三 9 月月考) There is no student _______ wants to go to university. A. that B. who C. whoever D. but 答案 D 5. (湖南省株洲市二中 2010 届高三上学期第二次月考) _________ enters the computer rooms should take off his shoes in order to keep them clean enough. A. Who B. Whoever C. What D. Whatever 答案 B
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6. (辽宁省沈阳二十中 2010 届高三上学期第一次月考) The Professor in the end decided to give the prize to _____ he believed had a good sense of English. A. who B. anyone C. whoever D. whomever 答案 C 7. (湖南省湘潭市凤凰中学2009届高三第六次月考) Is ________ three hours ________ the boy ________ family is poor to come to school on foot? A. it;that; whose B. it; that it takes; whose? C. it for; that it takes; whose D. it; when; that? 答案 B 8. (安徽省两地 2010 届高三第一次联考) Mr. and Mrs. Scott prefer a trip in a small town to in so large a city as New York. A.this B.one C.it D.that 答案 B 9. (广西省玉林高中、南宁二中 2010 届高三上学期联考) I am dreaming of buying my own house.I like ___ which faces south and has a garden in the front. A. B.that C.the one D.one 答案 D 10. (江苏省六校 2010 届高三第一次联考) The news that they failed their driving test discouraged him, _________? A. did they B. didn’t they C. did it D. didn’t it 答案 D 11. (山西省平遥中学 2009 年 9 月高三高补摸底考试) ---What do you think of Obama’s address to the nation? --- I like ____ of what he said. His success has proved that the American dream can be turned into a reality. A. many B. few C. much D. little 答案 C 12. (安徽师大附中 2010 届高三第一次摸底考试) Mr. Green has two sons, one of _____ working as a bus driver now. A. who B. whom C. them D. whose 答案 C 13. (河北省秦皇岛市山海关一中2010届高三第一次月考) _______ was clearly evident that the international company was in serious financial difficulties. A. This B. That C. It D. What 答案 C 14. (湖南省浏阳一中 2010 届高三上学期第二次月考) The boy dived into the water and after __________ seemed to be a long time,he came up again. A. what B. that C. it D. which 答案 A 15. (安徽省合肥 168 中学 2010 届高三第一次月考)
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Mr. Zhang gave all the books to all the students except ____ who had already taken them. A. these B. ones C. the ones D. the others 答案 C 16. (江苏省常州高级中学2010届高三上学期期初教学质量调研) Little Anna’s parents walked slowly, one after , through the shallow water of a stream to search for her lost bag. A. another B. other C. others D. the other 答案 D 17. (江苏省泰兴市 2010 届高三开学调研测试) The wrong you’ve done her is terrible, for _________ you should make an apology to her. A. this B. which C. what D. that 答案 B 18. (江苏省扬州中学 2010 届高三第一次月考) Mr. Smith gave the tickets to all the students except _______ who had already seen the movie. A. the ones B. ones C others . D. the others 答案 A 19. (上海市南汇中学 2010 届高三上学期零次考试) ―Do you have a computer?‖ ―Yes, I have .‖ A. it B. this C. that D. one 答案 D 20. (北大附中 2009 届高三高考模拟) It was a matter of would take the position. A. who B. whoever C. whom D. whomever 答案 A 21. (江苏省启东市 2010 届高三上学期第一次调研考试) It was not who is right but what is right _______ is of importance. A. which B. it C. that D. this 答案 C 22. (江苏省泗洪县楚天外国语学校 2010 届高三第一次检测) She has three brothers, _______ is a doctor. A. all of them B. none of them C. all of whom D. none of whom 答案 D 23. (山西省曲沃中学 2009 届高三 4 月高补质检) --- The price is fine with me. How would you like _____ paid? --- Well, it is up to you. A. one B. it C. that D. this 答案 B 24. (安徽省濉溪县 2009 届高三上学期第一次月考) Sometimes advertisements make _______ possible for companies to sell the customers ______ money cannot buy. A. /; that B. it; what C. that; which D. /; whose 答案 B 25. (安徽省濉溪县 2009 届高三上学期期末考试) The Internet is an important channel of learning more information, but many people use it for
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______ purpose than to send and receive e-mails. A. another B. no other C. other D. none 答案 B 26. (福建省福州市屏东中学 2010 届高三 9 月阶段性考试) It was for a lifetime of unselfish work among the sick natives ___________the old doctor deserved to be honored. A. who B. that C. which D. whom 答案 B 27. (河南省武陟一中 2010 届高三第一次月考) —Was ____ Bill, _____ played basketball very well, ______ helped the blind man cross the road? —Yes, of course. He is always ready to help others. A. it; that; who B. this; who; that C. which; that; that D. it; who; that 答案 D 28. (江苏省泰兴市第三高级中学 2010 届高三开学初考试) ________ seems to have been a strong competition in China for school leavers to enter college or university. A. It B. That C. There D. Here 答案 C 29. (重庆市重庆一中 2010 届高三上学期第一次月考) We should also care about the children from the earthquake-stricken area after_______seemed to have returned to normal. A. it B. what C. that D. Which 答案 B 30. (安徽省桐城六中 2010 届高三第二次模拟月考) Mr. and Mrs. Scott prefer a trip in a small town to in so large a city as New York. A.this B.one C.it D.that 答案 B 31. (安徽省芜湖七中 2010 届高三上学期第一次调研考试) —I haven’t found any money though I’ve searched the drawer bottom up. —Then. I’m afraid there is left. A. B.no one C.none D.neither 答案 C 32. (河北省衡水中学 2010 届高三第三次调研考试) The number 9.11 is a special number, ___, I think, that will be remembered by the Americans forever. A. what B. it C. which D. one 答案 D 33. (河北省正定中学 2010 届高三上学期第一次考试) _______ is known to all, he is admitted to a key university. A. It B. What C. Which D. As 答案 D 34. (湖南省长沙市一中 2010 届高三上学期第二次月考) I’ve got used to the Chinese food. But I don’t like _____ when a Chinese host keeps serving
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me the food I don’t like. A. it B. that C. this D. those 答案 A 35. (湖南省浏阳一中 2009 届高三第一次月考) The price system is a complex network composed of the prices of all the products bought and sold in the economy as well as _____of a great number of services. A. the one B. that C. ones D. those 答案 D

2010 届联考题(10 月更新)
1. (湖北省钟祥六中 2010 届高三 9 月月考) _______ is the power of TV that it can make a person suddenly famous. A. Such B. This C. That D. So 答案 A 2.(安徽省涡阳二中 2010 届高三第二次月考) Young man, if you hurry up , I think quite that you will catch the next train. A. that; probably B. this; certainly C. it; likely D. you; nearly 答案 C 3.(贵州省兴义市第九中学 2010 届高三第一次月考) The Science Museum, ______ we visited during a recent trip to Britain, is one of London’s tourist attractions. A. which B. what C. that D. where 答案 A 4. (贵州省兴义市精华中学 2010 届高三第一次月考) We hope the measures to control house prices, _______are taken by the government, will succeed. A. which B. that C. what D. they 答案 A 5. (河北省唐山市 2010 届高三上学期摸底考试) Cathy was a teacher from Newcastle, ____ is almost as far north as you can go. A. which B. who C. that D. it 答案 A 6. (湖南省常德市一中 2010 届高三上学期第一次月考) After years of observation, __________ became clear to the biologist that each male lion would claim its own territory(领地). A. that B. what C. it D. this 答案 C 7. (江西省安福中学 2010 届高三第一次月考) is announced in today’s paper, they have succeeded in solving many problems in accordance with the new theory. A. It B. That C. What D. As 答案 D 8. (江西省重点中学南康中学 2010 届高三 9 月月考) The information will be helpful to will take over the job.
第 38 页 共 53 页

A. those B. who C. whoever D. anyone 答案 C 9. (重庆市丰都中学 2010 届高三上学期第一次月考) As they are retired, Mr. and Mrs. Scott prefer a house in the country to spend their late years to __ in a large city. A. which B. it C. one D. that 答案 C 10. (吉林省东北师大附中 2010 届高三第一次摸底考试) _______ was not until 2008 that I became devoted to learning the guitar. A. That B. It C. This D. There 答案 B 11. (甘肃省天水市一中 2010 届高三第一阶段考试) There is only one football on the shelf. Please go and get ________ for me. A. it B. one C. that D. any 答案 A 12. (山西省运城市2010届高三调研测试2) — Mr. Green, we’ve made two plans for your travel. Which would you like? — ____. I don’t care. A. None B. Both C. Either D. Neither 答案 C 13. (山西省运城市 2010 届高三调研测试 3) Nowadays everything strange is ________ strange. That is to say, any unexpected thing is possible to happen. A. something B. anything C. nothing D. everything 答案 C 14. (浙江省衢州市杜泽中学 2010 届高三第一次月考) The president was expected to make clear to the world that China was ready to work with other countries. A. them B. its C. itself D. it 答案 D 15. (山东省莘县实验高中 2010 届高三第一次月考) — David, keep _______ in mind that you have to be home by 10 o'clock. — OK, Mom, I will. A. it B. me C. this D. one 答案 A 16. (重庆市酉阳二中 2010 届高三上学期第一次月考) Most people think _______ necessary to learn a foreign language nowadays. A. that B. this C. it D. which 答案 C 17. (河北省正定中学 2010 届高三第二次考试) The Parkers bought a new house but ___ will need a lot of work before they can move in. A. they B. it C. one D. which 答案 A 18. (辽宁省东北育才学校 2010 届高补一模)
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_____ is known to us all is that the old scientist, for_____ life was hard in the past, still works very hard in his eighties. A. As; whom B. What; whom C. It; whose D. As; whose 答案 B 19. (山东省新泰市 2010 届高三 10 月月考) Who is making such a noise? must be the children. A.It B.They C.He D.You 答案 A 20. (广西柳州市第一中学 2010 届高三第一次模拟考试) Have we decided to turn to can help us out of trouble? A.whom B.whomever C.no matter who D.whoever 答案 D 21. (江西省吉安一中 2010 届高三上学期第二次月考) ---Excuse me, sir. Could you tell me the way to the railway station? ---Sorry, I’m a stranger here myself. You are supposed to ask, I’m afraid, is a native. A. anyone B. whoever C. who D. whomever 答案 B 22. (浙江省温州中学 2010 届高三 9 月月考) ______ is known to us all that Shanghai will host the 2010 World Expo. A. Which B. As C. That D. It 答案 D 23. (河南省睢县高级中学 2010 届高三第一次月考) is known to us all is that Taiwan belongs to China. As B. It C. That D. What 答案 D 24. (宁夏省银川一中 2010 届高三第二次月考) John is not good at music, but when ______ comes to English, he is the best in the class. A. he B. this C. it D. that 答案 C 25. (四川省绵阳南山中学 2010 届高三 10 月月考) — Do you want David or Brown to do it? — _______ is up to the job, I’m afraid. A. Either B. Both C. None D. Neither 答案 D 26. (安徽省安庆市示范高中 2010 届高三四校联考) The yellow house ____ windows face south is the place ____ I spent my childhood. A. whose, that B. whose, where C. which, where D. where, which 答案 B 27. (江西省南昌二中 2010 届高三上学期第二次月考) is reported in the newspapers, talks between the two countries are making progress. A.It B.As C.Which D.What 答案 B 28. (浙江省杭州学军中学 2010 届高三第二次月考) Jack recommended me a few foreign movies, but _______ was to my taste.
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A. all B. neither C. some D. none 答案 D 29. (浙江省华维外国语学校 2010 届高三第一次月考) _______ often happens, people with good eyesight fail to see _______is right in front of them, for they have too much to observe. A. It / that B. As/ which C. It/what D. As/ what 答案 D 30. (河北省冀州中学 2010 届高三上学期第一次月考) _______ breaks the law should be punished. A. Anyone B. Those who C. No matter who D. Anyone who 答案 D

2010 届联考题(11 月更新)
1. (甘肃省酒泉市肃州中学 2010 届高三入学考试) Charles was alone at home, with looking after him. A. someone B. anyone C. not one D. no one 答案 D 2. (贵州省崇文中学 2010 届高三 10 月月考) —What do you think of Spain? —Well, considering its diverse cultures, it is an attractive country,______ worthy of a visit. A. it B. one C. this D. that 答案 B 3. (贵州省高武中学 2010 届高三 10 月月考) ----The exam was easy, wasn't it? ----Yes, but I don't think _____ could pass it. A. somebody B. anybody C. nobody D. everybody 答案 D 4. (河北省邯郸市磁县 2010 届高三质量检测) ---Did you call on any of your old friends when you returned to your hometown? ---_____ of them. They were all very busy. A. None B. Nobody C. Both D. Neither 答案 A 5. (河北省正定中学 2010 届高三摸底考试) I’m penniless, dear; I can afford __________ of what you asked for. A. little B. few C. none D. no one 答案 C 6. (湖南省湘潭市外国语学校 2010 届高三第二次月考) They always give the available seats to _____ comes first. After all, the early bird catches the worm. A. whom B. who C. whoever D. whomever 答案 C 7. (山东省淄博市 2010 届高三第一次摸底考试) —Which seats shall we take? —______________! All of them are for the guests.
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A. None B. Neither C. Both D. Either 答案 A 8. (安徽省合肥八中 2010 届高三第二次月考) He is honest and warm-hearted_________ is why we trust him. A. It B. That C. This D. These 答案 B 9. (贵州省遵义十七中 2010 届高三第三次月考) —What about the driving test? Is it easy? — Yes, but I don’t think ____ can pass it. A. somebody B. anybody C. nobody D. everybody 答案 D 10. (河南省沁阳一中 2010 届高三第二次月考) I’ve learned that it is not that a man gives life to a child or even raises the child decides what kind of relation between them. A.which B.that C.it D.who 答案 B 11. (辽宁省抚顺二中 2010 届高三第一次月考) I haven't read ______ of his novels but from the one I have read, I can say he is a promising writer. A. either B. every C. both D. neither 答案 C 12. (山东省诸城一中 2010 届高三 10 月月考) -Which of the three boards shall I take to my mother? board as you please. A. Each B. Every C. Any D. Either 答案 C 13. (四川省双流中学 2010 届高三第二次月考) To save class time, our teacher has _______ students do half the exercises in class and complete the other half for our homework. A. us B. we C. our D. ours 答案 A 14. (湖南省长沙市一中 2010 届高三第四次月考) We have been left no_______ choices except to go ahead to face them. A. others B. another C. the other D. other 答案 D 15. (广西省桂林十八中 2010 届高三第三次月考) Children find difficult to sit for hours with 1ittle to do while aging. A.which B.this C.that D.it 答案 D 16. (辽宁省东北育才 2010 届高三第二次模拟考试) This design is ______satisfactory. So you’ll have to try your best to better it. A. nothing but B. anything but C. all but D. everything but 答案 B 17. (四川省绵阳市高中 2010 届高三第一次诊断性考试) There is only one dress of this kind left here, I wonder if you still want to buy_______. A. it B. one C. some D. any 答案 A 18. (天津市耀华中学 2010 届高三 10 月月考)
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There are many sides to 1ife but is more important than what goes on in your heart. A.nothing B.none C.neither D.no one 答案 B 19. (宁夏银川一中 2010 届高三第三次月考) Of all the plays performed recently, _______ is so impressive as ―Hamlet‖ by Shakespeare. A. few B. nothing C. no one D. none 答案 D 20. (山东省实验中学 2010 届高三上学期第一次诊断性测试) I have been absent for nearly half a month. I can’t afford_________ week. A. the other B. another C. other D. a more 答案 B 21. (山东省烟台市开发区高中 2010 届高三 10 月月考) I can’t help if there are 40 photographers outside my house,as I don’t want the attention at all.A.that B.them C.one D.it 答案 D 22. (辽宁省抚顺市 2010 届高三六校联合体第一次模拟考试) Are there any books on animal cloning? If so, I want to borrow______. A. them B. one C. it D. that 答案 B 23. (四川省广元中学 2010 届高三第四次月考) 3. Actually, _____ works hard can be ____ they want to be, whether it is a pilot, an engineer or a manager. A. anyone; whoever B. no matter who; whoever C. whoever; no matter what D. whoever; whatever 答案 D 24. (四川省新都一中 2010 届高三 10 月月考) —Lend me some more money, will you? —Sorry, I’ve got at hand myself. You know the MP3 player cost me all I had just now. A. no one B. neither C. none D. nothing 答案 C 25. (福建省季延中学 2010 届高三第一阶段考试) –I’d like some more coffee . –Sorry, there’s ______ left. You have to do with beer A. some B. none C. a little D. few 答案 B 26. (河南省三门峡市 2010 届高三摸底考试) —Do you often talk with your friends on the telephone or mobile phone? — I like using QQ A.None B.Either C.Any D. Neither 答案 D 27. (广西南宁二中 2010 届高三第二次月考) Understanding a country's culture, especially _____ that contains many subcultures like the USA, is not an easy task. A.that B.one C.it D.itself 答案 B
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28. (河北省南宫中学 2010 届高三英语 10 月月考) _________ was most important to her, she told me, was her family. A. It B. This C. What D. As 答案 C 29. (湖南省株洲三校 2010 届高三期中联考) I wonder if Europeans make ____ a rule to send cards to their friends before Christmas. themselves B. it C. that D. this 答案 B 30. (四川省绵阳中学 2010 届高三第二次月考) Could I speak to_____ is in charge of International Sales , please? A anyone B someone C whoever D whomever 答案 C


2010 届联考题(12 月更新)
1. (山东省师大附中 2010 届高三第一次模拟考试) —May I help you? —Yes, I’d like to try on some sports jackets just like I’m wearing. A. it B. one C. the one D. that 答案 C 2. ---Have you got used to the Chinese food, Robert? ---Yes. But I don't like _____ when a Chinese host keeps serving me the food I don't like. A. this B. that C. those D. it 答案 D 3. (山东省青岛市 2010 届高三上学期期中考试) but fools will believe what he said. A. None B. Nothing C. Anything D. Everything 答案 A 4. (上海格致中学 2010 届高三第一学期期中考试) The worker coming from the rural area spent twenty minutes painting on end of the stick red and white. A.another B.others C.the other D.other 答案 C 5. (浙江省绍兴一中 2010 届高三上学期期中考试) The machines we use today are much better than ____ we used ten years ago. A. that B. ones C. the one D. those 答案 D 6. (浙江省宁波市鄞州高级中学 2010 届高三上学期期中考试) ---What would you like for supper? --- Well, ___ is OK for me. A. nothing B. something C. everything D. anything 答案 D 7. (湖南省长沙市一中 2010 届高三第五次月考) I saw no more than one notebook in that shop. Will you go and buy _____? A. some B. one C. ones D. it 答案 D 8. (福建省三校 2010 届高三上学期期中联考)
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In 1888, the world's first beauty contest was held in Belgium. Though _____ is known about the competition, the idea caught on. A. everything B. nothing C. much D. little 答案 D 9. (福建省泉州七中 2010 届高三第二次月考) Many of the students applied to the university , but ________of them is admitted . A . None B . No one C . Neither D . all 答案 A 10. (福建省师大二附中 2010 届高三上学期期中考试) ---Who called me this morning when I was not in? ----A man calling ______ Robert. A.his B.himself C.his D.不填 答案 B 11. (浙江省余姚中学 2010 届高三上学期期中考试) The children were catching butterflies in the garden. Some caught a lot, and others caught ____ at all. A. nothing B. none C. no one D. neither 答案 B 12. (江苏省姜堰市罗塘中学 09-10 学年高三上学期期中考试) Van Gogh succeeded in selling only one painting in his lifetime, and ____ was sold to his brother. A. another B. that C. one D. which 答案 B 13. (安徽省池州市七校调研 2010 届高三第一学期 12 月考试) Could I speak to ___________ is in charge of International Sales please? A. who B. what C. whoever D. whatever 答案 C 14. (河北省正定中学 2010 届高三上学期第四次月考) The teacher gave the books to all the students except _________ who had already taken them. A. ones B. some C. that D. those 答案 D 15. (江西省抚州 一中 2010 届高三上学期第四次同步测试) Susan was expecting her favorite singers, but to her disappointment, appeared. A.some B.everyone C.none D.no one 答案 C 16. (安徽省蚌埠二中 2010 届高三上学期期中考试) The employers often give the job to ____ they believe has work experience with a strong sense of duty. A. whoever B. whomever C. who D. those who 答案 A 17. (海南省嘉积中学 2010 届高三上学期教学质量监测(二) ) It is well known that water is not _____ endless resource,nor _____ that can be made once more. A. the, / B. an, one C. an . that D. /, one 答案 B
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18. (江苏省江阴市青阳中学 2010 届高三上学期期中考试) What he said is _____ but practical since _____ depends on ―if‖. A. nothing; everything B. anything; everything C. everything; anything D. none; everything 答案 B 19. (上海师大附中 2010 届高三第一学期期中考试) Building a new school is one thing, while keeping it running smoothly is quite ______. A.the other B.another C.neither D.others 答案 B 20. (四川省资阳中学 2010 届高三上学期期中考试) ---My friend got his first novel published. It proved to be a best seller. ---When was _____? ---_____ was in 1998 when he was still in college. A. that; This B. this; That C. it; This D. that; It 答案 D 21. (河南省豫南九校 2010 届高三上学期第二次联考) John has tried many ways to solve the physics problems, but _______ works. A. little B. anything C. none D. nothing 答案 C 22. (江苏省横林高级中学 2010 届高三上学期期中考试) ---How can you keep so healthy these years? ---Well, I have made ____ a rule to take part in physical labor every Sunday. A. this B. that C. it D. me 答案 C 23. (辽宁省大连 24 中 2010 届高三上学期期中考试) Many women today hold that t its their husbands’ responsibility to earn money and to spend it. A.them B.their C.theirs D.themselves 答案 C 24. (山东省济南市历城区 2010 届高三上学期期中考试) Last week, part of China was struck by heavy snow, from effects the people are still suffering . A.that B.whose C.those D.what 答案 B 25. (陕西省临渭区 2010 届高三第一次适应性调研测试) 一 Which can I take. Mr.Smith? —.Take one you like and leave the others for comes late. A.whoever,who B.whichever,who C.whatever.whom D.whichever,whoever 答案 D 26. (湖南省师大附中 2010 届高三第四次月考) I hate ___ when the weather in Changsha becomes freezing cold because there is no heater inside. A. this B. that C. it D. so 答案 C 27. (四川省成都石室中学 2010 届高三上学期期中考试)
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It's natural that a house made of wood or bamboo may stay up in an earthquake while it's easier for __________ made of steel and concrete to fall down sometimes. A.one B.that C.it D.what 答案 A 28. (福建省福州三中 2010 届高三上学期期中考试英语) Those who bring sunshine to others cannot keep ______ from themselves. A.that B.one C.them D.it 答案 D 29. (甘肃省会宁四中 2010 届高三第一学期第二次月考) I would appreciate ______, to be frank, if goods could be delivered as soon as possible. A. you B. this C. myself D. it 答案 D 30. (河南省郑州 47 中 2010 届高三上学期期中考试) From parents’ care, love,and hardship,I come to understand what a huge responsibility is to raise a child. A. it B. that. C. one D. what. 答案 A

2009 年联考题
1.(09 北京市东城区高三二模) —A lovely day, isn’t it? —Yes. I love when the weather is like this. Why not have our lunch outside? A.this B.it C.one D.that 答案 B 2.(09 北京市海淀区高三二模) —Can I ask you a few straightforward questions about yourself? —No problem.I like ______ when people are open and direct. A.that B . this C . it D.them 答案 C 3.(09 北京市西城区高三二模) —He seemed quite satisfied with the price we offered. —Yes. Money is to him. He cares more about the quality. A.something B.anything C.nothing D.everything 答案 C 4.(09 山东省聊城市高三二模) All the tickets have been sold out. ______ is left. A. No one B. Nothing C. None D. Not anyone 答案 C 5.(09 山东省临沂市高三二模)
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Boldt's breaking the world record of 100-meter race was an exciting moment, __ all of us will never forget. A. one B. that C. when D. what 答案 A 6.(09 天津市河西区第二学期高三年级总复习质量调查) The number of registered participants in this year’d marathon was half . A.of last year’s B.those of last year’s C.that of last year’s D.of those of last year 答案 C 7. (09 天津市河西区第二学期高三年级总复习质量调查) 一 Which of those English-Chinese dictionaries do you like most? 一 .They are both expensive and of little use. A.None B.Neither C.All D.Both 答案 A 8.(09 天津市红桥区高三英语二模) The weather in summer in Tianjin is hotter than in Shenyang. A.it B.this C.that D.one 答案 C 9.(09 天津市南开区高三年级质量调查(二)) Toys of the children today hardly bear any resemblance to ____________ of ____________ when we were little kids. A. that; ours B. those; us C. that; us D. those; ours 答案 D 10. (09 天津市南开区高三年级质量调查(二)) Think about what you really care about, and set goals to accomplish ____________ matters to you. A. that B. which C. what D. when 答案 C 11.(09 江西省临川一中高三下学期期中考试) —Did you have any trouble with the customs officer? —________ to speak of. A. No B. Nothing C. None D. Neither 答案 C 12.(09 辽宁省沈阳二中高三二模) —Under such circumstances, what will you do? —I'm not a quitter. —Me . A.too B.neither C.either D.also 答案 B 13.(09 临沂市高三教学质量一模) Barack Obama’s victory is a historic victory and _____ that promised change and overcame
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centuries of prejudice. A.0ne B.it C.the one D.that 答案 A 14.(09 福建省厦门市高三一模) 一 When did you learn the news that Obama made a trip to Canada as President? 一 was on my return. A.That B.It C.There D.This 答案 B 15. (09 福建省厦门市高三一模) 一 Which of the three optional courses did you like best,Joe? 一 To tell you the truth,I didn’t like of them. A.either B.both C.any D.neither 答案 C 16.(09 山东省滨州市高三一模) 一 Why are you making so much noise? 一 I just can't help ______. A.so B.that C.this D.it 答案 D 17.(09 山东省滨州市高三一模) To some people life is enjoyable,while to______it is suffeing. A.ones B.others C.those D.another 答案 C 18.(09 北京市东城区高三一模) The group of the aged is close companions, and many of _________ have known each other for decades. A. them B. that C. whom D. what 答案 A 19.(09 北京市高三 4 月抽样试题) 一 Would you like to go and watch a tennis match this weekend with us? 一 I'm sorry,but I've got plans. A. other B.another C.some D.more 答案 A 20.(09 北京市海淀区高三 4 月期中练习) Susan was expecting her favourite singers,but to her disappointment, appeared. A.some B.none C.everyone D.no one 答案 B 21.(09 天津市河西区高三总复习质量调查) 一 Is Mike a diligent student? 一 No,but he is a lazy one, if . A.anything B.something C everything D.nothing 答案 A 22.(09 安徽省示范高中皖北协作区高三联考) 一 Do you have anything in mind you’d iike for supper? 一 WelI, is OK with rne.
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A.that;something. B.whitch;anything C.what:something D.that;anything 答案 D 23.(09 山东省青岛市高三教学统一质量检测) —Where did you get your laptop? I’d like to get one. —Well, at shop on Avenue 48, but I can’t say exactly. A.some B.any C.each D.every 答案 A 24.(09 福建省泉州市高中毕业班质量检查) Please____ close the door.The lecture is about to begin. A.one B.someone C.everyone D.nobody 答案 B 25.(09 山东省高三教学质量检测) Mobile phones can cause us health problems-in fact more serious—than computers do. A.one B.the one C.ones D.that 答案 C 26.(09 安徽省黄山市高中毕业班第一次质量检查) -How’s your work? 一 isn’t getting along well.We meet with big difficulties sometimes. A .Everthing B.Anything C. Nothing D.Something 答案 A 27.(09 石家庄市高中毕业班第一次模拟考试) —Why not buy this pair? —I haven’t got enough money. Could_______ of you two tend me ten dollars? A. any B: either C. each D. both 答案 B

2008 年联考题
1.(08 江苏省启东中学高三阶段考试) Since the mid-20th century,biology has truly come of ape,achieving on importance equal to Of physics and chemistry. A.who B.one C.she D.that 答案 D 2.(08 南通市高三第一次调研测试) —Who was at the door? —It was a salesman or wanting to sell his new products. A.everybody B.anybody C.somebody D.nobody 答案 C 3.(08 山东潍坊高三质检 1 月) He is a good leader who always thinks more of the public than of himself, we
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should follow the example of. A.which B.one C.the one D.whoever 答案 B 4.(08 北京市海淀区第一学期期末练习) —Haven’t seen you all for ages! all right? —Not good.We’ve got problems with sales. A.Something B.Everything C.Anything D.Nothing 答案 B 5.(08 山东实验中学高三模拟 1 月) seems to a strong competition in China for senior high students to enter college or university. A.It B.Which C.What D.That 答案 A 6.(08 郑州市高中毕业班第一次质量预测) Understanding the cultural habits of another nation,especially containing as many different cultures as America,is a difficult thing. A.the one B.one C.it D.either 答案 B 7.(08 成都市高中毕业班第一次诊断性检测) —Which of the three buses shall I take to the People’s Park? — one as you please. A.Each B.Every C.Any D.Either 答案 C 8.(08 西安地区八校联考) I know you don't like her but try not to make so obvious. A.this B.her C.it D.one 答案 C 9.(08 浙江省金华十校高三年级联考) As I was just getting familiar with this job,I had to ask my boss A.many B.more C.most D.much 答案 D 10.(08 海淀期中 5 月) —You ran into Mr.Li!How did that happen? —Well, of us was looking where we were going we came around the corner at the same time. A.neither B.either C.both D.none 答案 A 11.(08 重庆市高三第一次联合诊断性考试) A scientist who speaks and writes English is in closer touch with the scientists in other countries
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than who doesn’t. A.one B.those C./ D.that 答案 A 12.(08 湖南省高三十二校联考) What! to go there with ?No! A.I;him B.I;he C.Me;him D.Me;himself 答案 C 13.(08 安徽省“江南十校”高三素质测试) The foreign research expert usually locks himself in the laboratory as a means of protection, however, what he needs is to be fitted with a highly organized quite different from at home. A.it B.that C.one D.what 答案 B 14.(08 东北三校高三第一次联合模拟考试) It’s a little surprising that a house made of wood or bamboo may stay up in an earthquake while made of steel and concrete may fall down. A.one B.that C.in D.what 答案 A 15.(08 河南省示范性高中高三 3 月联考) Chinese parents think less of money when comes to educating their children. A.one B.he C.that D.it 答案 D 16.(08 南昌市高三第一次调研测试) It’s believed that children with single parent at my school were . A.a few B.few C.in the minority D.for the minority 答案 C 17.(08 南昌市高三第一次调研测试) Tens of trees were cut down during the night,but no one knew . A.who B.by whom C.who to do so D.who does that\ 答案 B 18.(08 厦门高三联考 1 月) —Which share is intended me? —You can take half.They are exactly the same. A.for;any B.to;any C.to;either D.for;either 答案 D 19.(08 大连高三模拟 2 月) Though he was always finding excuses of one sort or for his being absent from work,none of us would believe him. A.the other B.others C.another D.some other 答案 C 20.(08 石家庄高中毕业班复习教学质量检测二)
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—Where is Mr. Black now?Is he still in India? —No.He is living at place in Africa. A.other B.any C.another D.some 答案 D 21.(08 济南市高三第一次统一考试) The language used in advertisements differs from used in ordinary readings. A.which B.what C.that D.it 答案 C 22.(08 青岛市高三第一次统一质量检测) We agreed to accept they thought was the best tourist guide. A.whatever B.whomever C.whichever D.whoever 答案 D 23.(08 镇江市高三第三次调研测试) —Which of the ways I take to the village? — way as you please.All seem to be equal in distance. A.Neither B.None C.Any D.Either 答案 C 24.(08 皖南八校联考 2 月) I sent a wedding invitation to a friend,but unfortunately couldn’t attend my wedding ceremony. A.who B.one C.she D.that 答案 C

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