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M3U1 Reading fog 语言点1

M3U1 Reading

? n. 感觉、感官 e.g. People have five senses: sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell. ? a sense of + sth. … 的感觉 e.g. a sense of __________________________ (方向/幽默/责任/安全/自豪感) ? vt. 察觉、感受到 e.g. The dog sensed danger and barked. He sensed that something had happened histhat own ? sense sth./ to sense … family. __________…

1. This sentence doesn’t _______ _______. ?(这个句子讲不通) n. 意义、道理 = This sentence ______ ____ _______. ? sth. make sense 说得通, 有道理 2. Can you _______ ________ ________ his ? sb. make sense of sth. 理解 foolish __________? (你能理解他这种愚蠢的 行为吗 ?) ? sth. make no sense 无意义 3. I don’t agree with you, even though what ? There is no sense in dong sth. 做…毫 you say is _______ true. 无意义 A. in no sense B. in every sense ? in a/some sense 在某种意义上 C. in a sense D. in all senses ? in no sense 决不是,绝非

1. Fog warning 大雾预警(L1) heavy fog yellow warning signal

warn vt. 警告,提醒 warn sb. of…警告某人某事 warn sb.(not) to do sth.警告某人(不要)做某事 warn sb. against sth/doing sth. ● I should warn you against some of the advice below ● I should warn you not to follow some of…

2. Once out in the street, she walked towards … bus. (L7) = ● Once published, this dictionary will be very popular.=

Once caught, he will be punished. ● When _____ (tell) the truth, he lost his mind. ● Unless _______(make) the most of, time will not be enough.

3. The true is that it is ….to run that far.(L10) that 引导的是 _______ 它属于名词性从句。常常由
that和wh…连接词来引导。主要用在 ________ 动词之后

The reason why he is late for school _______ he missed the early bus. ● The question _______ we can make good preparation in such a short time. ●But the fact __________ we are behind the other classes. that far/a fog this bad (L53) =_____________ Can hard work change a person that so much?

4.As Polly observed the passengers on the train, she had a feeling that she was being watched by a 观察,注意到 tall man in a dark overcoat. (L14)

? He observed the murderer enter the bank.

= The murderer was ~d _______ the bank.
I ~d him putting the watch into his pocket.

= He was ~d ______ the watch into his pocket.
? No matter which country you travel to, you should observe the law of the land. ______ ? People in China like to observe the spring festival as a kind of fashion. _________

? look ? see ? watch ? notice vi. 强调动作, 多搭配at. vt. 强调结果, 表示“看见”。 vt. 全神贯注地观看 vt. = pay attention to 察觉、注意到

? observe vt. 观察,观测(带有目的性)
e.g. I ________ but ______ nothing. I like _________ TV at home on Sundays. --- Look, where are you going? --- Oh, I’m sorry. I wasn’t _________. She devoted all her life to __________ the stars.

这是由that引导的_________ 5.a feeling that (L14)

同位语从句对于名词进一步解释,说明名词的具体内容 ,一般由that引导 什么消息

He got the news from Mary that the sports meeting was put off. 什么决定 ● The king’s decision that the prisoner would be set free surprised all the people. 同位语从句常在news;fact;word;order; promise;suggestion;idea等说明具体内容的名


I have no idea whether the mist will become a thick fog. 我不知道是否

定语从句中的that代替先行词,同时以在从句中作某 个成分(主语或宾语),而同位语从句中的that是连 词,只起连接主句与从句的作用,不充当句中任何成分

The news that he told me is that Tom would go abroad next year. 他告诉我的消息是汤姆明年将出国。

The news that Tom would go abroad is told by him. 汤姆将出国的消息是他讲的。
同位语从句,that在句中指的是news的内容不作任何 成分

6.While the rest of the passengers were… (L16)
? the rest 指代单数 + 动词单数

指代复数 + 动词复数
? the rest of + 复数名词 + 动词复数

+ 单数名词 + 动词单数
e.g. One of the books is written in Chinese, and the rest of the books ____ (be) in English. I finished 60% of the work. The rest ________ (do) by John.

7. She glanced at the faces… The tall man was nowhere to be seen.(L16)
1.The little girl _________ the toys in the window and didn’t want to leave. = ____ one’s eyes on/upon sb./sth. 2.He ignored her request for a long time, which made her _______ him. = look at sb. _______ 3.I ________ at his face and knew glance at = ________ immediately that he was badly ill. = I took a _______ at his face and … ? glance at 匆匆瞥一眼,匆忙中迅速看一眼 ? stare at ? glare at 瞪着眼看,凝视 怒视,带有威胁神情看

She glanced at the faces… The tall man was nowhere to be seen.(L16) glance at look at sb/sth.quickly stare at look at sb/sth with eyes wide open glare at look at sb. angrily Once on the bus, she ________her watch and ______there was no time left. She ________ the conductor’s face and wanted to say something. However, there were too many people there. Suddenly someone pushed her and almost made her fall down. She ________ her shoulder and _______him.

8. The tall man was nowhere to be seen. (L17)
? to be seen为主补,补充说明主语的情况。 e.g. The only animal to be seen in the desert was the camel. ? nowhere adv. “无处,到处都不”,位于句首

e.g. He ____ ________ yesterday. (哪儿都没去)
= Nowhere _____ ____ ____ yesterday.

? Practice ? 1. The news reporter raised a few questions ______. ? A. to be answered B. to answer ? C. answering D. to have answered ? 2. Maybe you have been to many places, but nowhere else _____ such a beautiful place. ? A. can you find B. you could find ? C. you can find D. could you find

用to do和to be done填空
● They could find no room __________. (live in)

● They have no food ________. (eat)
● People used to have clean water ________. (drink) ● There is no clean water ____________________. ● Clean water is nowhere ___________.(find)

? 乍一看,第一眼看到 at _______ sight ? 一看见 at (the) sight of = _______ seeing

? 在视野范围内,可看见 be ________ sight
? 在视野范围外,看不见 be _______ sight

? 看见,发现 catch/get sight ____ sth.
? …呈现在眼前 sth. ______ in/into sight

? 看不见, 忽略了

______ sight of

in sight; out of sight; catch sight of; lose sight of; at first sight; at the sight of
? The land came _______ after we had sailed for ten days. ? She stood still until the train was ____________. ? He thought he heard someone following him and glanced round. Suddenly, he ___________ a dark figure in the distance. ? I watched the plane go higher and higher until I ___________ it. ? Jane and Tom fell in love ____________. ? She felt sick _____________ the dead mouse.

10.She heard the sound of footsteps approaching. (L21) ? vt. /n. 接近, 靠近 = _____________ e.g. On ___________ the town, the first building that ______ ____ your ______ is a church. 当你靠
近那个城镇时,映入你眼帘的就是教堂。 新年的来临 _________________________

? n. 方法; 途径、路径 (+ to sth./ to doing sth.) e.g. All the approaches to the palace were guarded by soldiers. We learn a new approach to English teaching. = We learn a new approach to _______ (teach) English.

11.She had wished for someone to come along.(L27)

e.g. It is no use ________ (wish) for things you can’t have. wish + sb + n. 祝愿 wish for = ___ = _____
wish to do sth wish sb to do sth wish +虚拟语气 ? ? ? ? 与将来相反的虚拟:would/could 与现在相反的虚拟:did/were 与过去相反的虚拟:had done

I wish I _______(know) the answer now. I wish I _______(can) fly like a bird. I wish I _____________(review) the lesson yesterday. I wish I _______ (be) a doctor to help the little child.


? ? ?

hear the sound of footsteps approaching (L22) feel a rough hand brush her cheek (L23) feel her heart beating with fear (L25)


Polly found herself staring up at the face(L33)

? see/hear/feel sb do/doing sth/done
1. I feel my love for her ______ (grow) day by day.

My love for her is felt _______ (grow) day by day. 2. At that moment, I felt the house ________.(shake) 3. I felt myself greatly ____________ (discourage) by his rude words.

13. But fear held her still.(L28) =___________________ 14. Polly hesitated. (L31) v. 踌躇,犹豫;不愿 ● If you hesitate to do something, you delay doing it or are unwilling to do it. Don't hesitated at everything 不要优柔寡断了 hesitation n. ● Without any hesitation, he jumped into the river to save the drowning child.

15. Watch out for the step here.(L37) Watch out for ______________ ● Let buyers know what to look for and what to watch out for.

Watch out for these fellows!

? “提防、小心”有以下几种说法: ? ______________________

? _______________________
? _________________ ? __________________

16.Thank you so much for coming to my aid . (L50) aid VS help aid sb in doing sth aid sb with sth n. come to one’s aid help sb (to) do sth help sb with sth

e.g. 我国政府已经采取一切可能的措施来援助地震 受灾人民重建家园。

Our government has _____ all the possible ______________ to _____ earthquake victims ___ __________ (rebuild) their home. 除了我,还有谁会在你困难的时候帮助你? Who, ________ me, will _____ ____ your ____ when you’re in _______.

17. … said Polly in relief.(50) relief n. 救济;减轻,解除 vt. relieve 使缓解 The doctor's treatment gave no relief to the patient. In relief ___________

? to one’s relief


e.g. To my relief, his family finally ______ ____ his ______. (帮助了他) e.g. __________ (Listen) to light music can help to ________ _________ . (缓解压力)

? relieve sb. of sth.


e.g. 政府应该制定计划来减轻人民的负担。 Government should _____ _____ some plans to ______ people ____ their ________.

18. He held her hand more firmly. firm / firmly 坚固地;坚实地;牢牢地 ● We firmly support them. ● We are firmly convinced that we shall be able to achieve even greater victories. 注意: stand firm , 站得稳。hold firm 固守。 牢牢地抓住马鞍 I was holding firm to the saddle. 19. The grateful helper



20. It gives me the chance to pay back the help that people give me pay back v. 偿还(借款), 报答, 报复 pay for 付款,偿付 pay off 还清债务,得到回报。

If you borrowed money from him , don’t forget to ____them ____to him recently. ● How much are you willing to _______good advice? ● In the past few months their efforts have begun to______. ● We both worked day and night to _______our debt.


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