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2014届高考(新课标版)一轮复习:必修一 Unit 2 English around the world教师配套课件(共50张PPT)

Unit 2 English around the world ——世界上的英语


基 础 盘 点 自 测 自 评

考 点 串 讲 讲 练 互 动

[核心单词] official 1.___________ adj.官方的;正式的;公务的 n.官员 native 2. ___________ adj.本国的;本地的 n.本地人;本国人 actually 3. ___________ adv.实际上;事实上 command 4. ___________ n.& vt.命令;指令;掌握 request 5. ___________ n.& vt.请求;要求 accent 6. ___________ n.口音;腔调;重音 straight 7. ___________ adv.直接;挺直 adj.直的;笔直的;正直的

base 8.___________ vt. 以……为根据;(n.)基部;基地;基础→basic adj.基本的;基础的

gradual 9. _________ adj.逐渐的;逐步的→gradually adv. 逐渐地;逐 步地 latter 10. _______ adj. 较后的;后半的;(两者中)后者的→latest adj. 最新的;最近的→later adv.后来;adj.后期的→lately adv.近来; 最近 identity 11. ___________ n. 本身;本体;身份→identify vt. 认出;鉴定 fluent 12. ___________ adj.流利的;流畅的→fluently adv.流利地; 流畅地→fluency n. 流利;流畅 frequent 13. ___________ adj. 频繁的;常见的→frequently adv.常常 地;频繁地 expression 14. ___________ n.词语;表示;表达→express vt.表达 recognize 15. __________ vt.辨认出;承认;公认→recognition n.认出; 认识

more than 1.______________ 超过;非常;不只是;不仅是 because of 2. ______________因为;由于

come up 3. ______________ 走近;上来;提出 at present 4. ______________ 现在;目前 make use of 5. ______________ 利用;使用 such as 6. ______________ 例如??;像这种的
play a part (in) 7. ______________ 扮演一个角色;参与 even if 8. ______________ 即使 be based on 9. ______________ 以??为基础

believe it or not 10. ______________ 信不信由你

1.even if/even though 引导让步状语从句 Native English speakers can understand each other even if they don’t speak _________________________the same kind of English. 以英语作为母语的人,尽管他们所讲的语言不尽相同,也可以

2.no such+单数名词 没有这样的??

no such thing as Believe it or not,there is _________________standard


3.more...than...与其说??倒不如说?? based more on German than It was ____________________________the English we speak at present.当时的英语更多是以德语为基础,而不是我们今天 所说的英语。 4.the same...as ...跟??一样 So people from the mountains in the southeastern USA speak the same dialect as with almost ____________________people in the northwestern USA.因此,美国东南部山区的人同美国西北部 的人所说的方言就几乎相同。

[单元语法] 直接引语和间接引语(Ⅱ) 根据提示,把下列句子转换成直接引语或间接引语 1.“Don’t look out of the window when you have classes,”our English teacher told us. →Our English teacher told us not to look out of the window when we had classes.

2.The guide told them not to touch the exhibits in the
museum. →“Don’t touch the exhibits in the museum,”the guide told


3.Mr.Brown said to Mary,“Will you write Tom a letter in

English or send him an email?”
→Mr.Brown asked Mary whether she would write Tom a letter in English or send him an email.

4.“Go over your test papers carefully before handing them
in.”the teacher said. →The teacher told us to go over our test papers carefully before handing them in. 5.“Let’s go to the concert in the People’s Stadium this evening.”Tom said. →Tom suggested going to the concert in the People’s Stadium that evening.



n. [C]命令,指令;[U]掌握
vt. 命令;指挥,支配;博得,赢得

(牛津P390)Applicants will be expected to have a good

command of computer skills.



?in command of指挥;控制 ? (1)?under one’s command由??指挥 take command of... 控制;担任??的指挥 ?have a good command of很好地掌握,精通 ?
at sb.’s command听某人的支配
?command sb.to do sth.命令某人做某事 ? (2)? ?command that...?should?do...命令??做?? ?


①The Food Safety Department commanded the traders to stop the use of the illegal cooking oil absolutely.

②The police arrived and took command of the situation. 警察到达后就控制了局势。 ③The teacher commanded that the students (should) hand in their homework after class.



【温馨提示】 command所接宾语从句的谓语动词用“(should) do”,能这样 使用的动词可用以下口诀来记忆:

二命令:order,command 三建议:advise,suggest,recommend 四要求:require,request,demand,desire


2. request

n.&vt. 请求;要求

(朗文P1280)They have made an urgent request for international aid. 归纳拓展 (1)make a request for 请求;要求 他们紧急请求国际援助。

at one’s request=at the request of sb.
应某人的要求 (2)request sb.to do sth. 请求/要求某人做某事 request that...(should)do... 请求/要求……做某事 It is requested that...(should)do... 要求……

①The pianist listened to our request that he (should) play in public again. 那位钢琴家听从了我们的请求,答应再次公演。 ②The teacher requested all the children to follow his advice. 老师要求所有的孩子都听从他的建议。 ③It is requested that all the articles should be related to the

students’ life.



vt. 以……为根据


(教材P10)It was based more on German than the English we speak at present. 当时的英语更多地是以德语为基础,而不

是我们现在所说的英语。 归纳拓展 (1)base...on... 根据……;以……为基础 (2)(sth.) be based on... 以……为基础 (3)basic adj. 基本的,基础的

①(朗文P127)This provides a good base for the development of new techniques. 这为新技术的发展提供了良好的基础。 ②Based on a true love story,the film we watched yesterday

is highly thought of.以一个真实的爱情故事为基础,我们昨
天看的电影受到了高度评价。 ③The government provides them with not only food and shelter,but also the basic skills for their living. 政府不仅为他们提供食物和住处,还为他们提供基本的谋生



vt. 辨认出;承认;公认

(教材P13)Although many Americans move a lot,they still

recognize and understand each other’s dialects. 虽然美国人
经常搬迁,但他们仍然能识别并理解彼此的方言。 归纳拓展 (1)recognize sb./one’s voice 认出某人(听出某人的声音) be recognized to be/as... 被认作……/被认为是…… It is recognized that... 人们公认……

(2)recognition n. 认出;认识
out of/beyond recognition 认不出来

①The moment I picked up the phone,I recognized his voice. 我一拿起电话就听出了他的声音。

②We had to recognize that they had many advantages over
us in some aspects. 我们不得不承认,他们在某些方面要比我们更有优势。

③It is recognized that environment pollution has become one
of the most serious problems that people face. 人们一致认为环境污染已经成为人们面临的最严重的问题

④(牛津P1658)The town has changed beyond recognition since I was last here.自从我上次离开这里以来,这座小镇变得已让 人认不出来了。

Ⅰ.完成句子 based on 1.In my opinion,you’d better choose a career __________(根据) your own personal interest. Having a good command of English grammar 2.__________________________________________(精通英语语 法) makes it easier for him to understand long sentences while reading. 3.The teacher left a note to the students with a request that they should get all the homework done _______________________________(应该完成所有的作业) before Friday. 4.The school commanded that all the students (should) dress neatly _______________________________(所有学生都要穿戴整齐). at your command 5.I’m ___________________(听从你的吩咐),what would you like me to do?

Ⅱ.单项填空 1.(2012· 黄石二中五月适应性训练)Peter is a brilliant language learner. Within two weeks, he has developed a good ________ of Chinese and Japanese. A.commitment C.transformation B.description D.command

的时间他就很好的掌握了汉语和日语。commitment意为“ 承诺,保证”;description意为“描述,刻画”;transformation意 为“转型,改造”;command意为“命令,指挥,掌握”。develop a good command of “精通”,根据句意可知D项正确。

2.(2013· 山东实验中学模拟)—May I come on Sundays and do some reading here?

—Sure.My secretary and library will be at your________.
A.help B.companion C.service D.request

解析:选C。短语at one’s service表示“随时为……服务”的

3.If you’d like to gain more contents from that website,you have to answer some messages ________ personal information. A.searching

C.requesting D.questioning 解 析 : 选 C 。 表 达 “ 要 求 , 需 要 ” 可 以 使 用 request 或 ask for;question表示“对??提出疑问,审问,提问某人”。


4.(2012· 高考江苏卷)__________an important decision more on emotion than on reason,you will regret it sooner or

A.Based B.Basing C.Base D.To base

多地建立在情感基础上,而不是以理性思考为基础,你迟早会 后悔的。此处动词base与其逻辑主语you之间构成主谓关系, 所以用现在分词作状语,故选B项。

5.With our knowledge ________ practice,we can make
great contributions to our society. A.to base on C.based on B.basing on D.base on

解析:选C。base...on... 把??建立在??基础上。base为 及物动词,这里指base our knowledge on practice,base与 knowledge之间为被动关系,故用其过去分词形式。 6.It’s many years since we parted.She has become beautiful almost ________ recognition. A.above C.beyond B.over D.against

解析:选C。beyond recognition “认不出来”。

[短语精释] 1.more than 超过;非常;不只是,不仅是 (教材P9)Do you know that there is more than one kind of English? 你是否知道不仅仅只有一种英语? 归纳拓展 超过 ?more than+数词或从句 ? 非常 (1)?more than+形容词 ? 不只是,不仅是 ?more than+名词 (2)more...than... 不是??而是??; 与其说??倒不如说??
只不过;仅仅 ?no more than ? ?not more than 不超过;至多 (3)? ?rather than 而不是 ?other than 除了;不同于 ?

①(朗文P1273)The store is more than happy to deliver goods to

your home.本商店很乐意为您送货上门。
②Parents are more than providers for their kids;they are also their first teachers.

③She was more sad than angry when her son lied. 当她的儿子撒谎时,与其说她生气倒不如说她伤心。 ④It is you rather than he who are to blame for the accident. 是你而不是他对该事故负责任。 ⑤In no country other than England can one experience four seasons in a singleday.除了在英国,其它任何国家也不能在一 天之内经历四个季节。

2. come up 走近;上来;发芽;发生;提出;(太阳、月亮等)升起 (朗文P286)I’ll let you know if anything comes up.

归纳拓展 come about 发生 come across (偶然)遇见 come out (照片上)显露;结果是;出版

come to 恢复知觉;共计;达到(某种状态)
come up with 提出 when it comes to...当谈到……

①As soon as the project came up at the meeting,it attracted many people’s attention. 这项工程在会议上一提出,就吸引了许多人的关注。

②I sowed some seeds last week, but they haven’t come up yet.上
星期我种了点种子,但现在还没长出来。 ③I’ll never understand how it came about that you were late three times a week. 我就不明白你为何一周迟到三次。

④I can use the computer,when it comes to repairing it,I know
nothing. 我能使用电脑,但谈到修理电脑,我一无所知。

3.make use of


(教材P10)So by the 1600’s Shakespeare was able to make use

of a wider vocabulary than ever before.


比亚所用的词汇量比以前任何时期都大。 归纳拓展 make full use of 充分利用

make good use of 好好利用

make little use of 不充分利用
make the most of 最好地利用 make the best of 充分利用 take full advantage of 充分利用

①To make full use of the Internet,all the teachers are required to have the necessary computer skills.

机技能。 ②We should consider what use can be made of such a

③In my opinion,every minute should be made full use of to learn well. 依我看来,我们应充分利用分分秒秒把学习搞好。 ④Scientists are developing new ways to make the most of the solar energy more effectively. 科学家们正在开发更加有效地充分利用太阳能的新方法。

[跟踪训练] Ⅰ.完成句子 1.Last but not least,it’s everyone’s responsibility to make the most of/make full use of/take full advantage of water ________________________________________________________

because of what you said 2.As a matter of fact,he got angry ______________________(因 为你说的话) just now.

3.Facing the emergency,we were at a loss and none of us could come up with a solution ______________________ (想出方法) to the problem.
4._________________(??的数量)the students present at the The number of

meeting was smaller than I expected. play an important part in 5.Friends ________________________(起重要作用)our
lives,and although we may take friendship for granted.


1.(2012· 盐城二模)—I don’t think I can go there with you as
planned because something urgent has__________. —What a shame! A.come up C.stayed up B.cleared up D.ended up

解析:选A。考查动词短语辨析。句意:——我想我不能按 照计划和你一起去了,因为发生了一些紧急的事。——多么

遗憾啊!come up意为“出现”;clear up意为“整理,收拾”;
stay up意为“熬夜”;end up意为“最后处于”。根据句意 可知A项正确。

2.(2013· 桂林部分学校高三质量检测)The happiest people
don’t have the best of everything.They just __________everything. A.get away from C.fix attention on B.make the best of D.catch up with

有最好的一切。他们只是充分利用一切。make the best of表 示“充分利用”。A项表示“离开;逃脱”,C项表示“集中注 意力于”,D项表示“赶上”,均不符合句意。

3.(2011· 高考浙江卷)The school isn’t the one I really wanted to go to,but I suppose I’ll just have to ________ it. A.make the best of B.get away from

C.keep an eye on
D.catch up with 解析:选A。考查动词词组辨析。句意:该校并不是我真正 想去的学校,但我还是想充分利用它。make the best of 充分 利用;get away from 离开,逃脱;keep an eye on 密切注意;

catch up with 赶上。根据句意,答案为A项。

4.When the teacher told the boy’s father what he had done at school,the father was________angry. A.more than

B.other than
C.less than D.rather than 解析:选A。句意:当老师告诉男孩的父亲他在学校的所作 所为时,他的父亲非常生气。more than+形容词表示“非常,

十分”。other than除了;less than少于;rather than而不是。

5.(2012· 浏阳一中高三第三次考试)All parts of the house ________ one of the windows were still in good condition. A.other than

B.rather than
C.less than D.more than 解析:选A 。句意:除了窗子之外房子的其他部分的状况 仍然很好。other than除了。rather than而不是;less than 少于;more than多于,不仅仅,胜于。

6.(2013· 河北石家庄一模)Laughter is the best medicine—at least when__________comes to protecting your heart.

B.it C.one D.what 解析:选B。句意:笑是最好的药,至少当涉及保护心脏的时

候(是这样)。when it comes to...当涉及??,为固定句型。


[句型精析] 1.(教材P10)Native English speakers can understand each other even if they don’t speak the same kind of English. 以英语作为母语的人,即使他们所讲的语言不尽相同,也可以 相互理解。


[句法分析] even if或even though意为“即使,尽管”,引导让步状语从句. ①The engineers are so busy that they have zero time for

outdoor sports activities,even if they have the interest.工程师
很忙,尽管他们对户外运动感兴趣也没有时间运动。 ②He keeps a habit of taking regular exercise,even though he doesn’t have much spare time every day.尽管他每天没有多 少闲暇时间,他依然保持着经常锻炼的习惯。


【温馨提示】 even so “虽然如此,即使如此”,在句中相当于插入语,放于 句中时,even so的前后都要有逗号,将它和句子隔开。 ③Your uncle seems to be a good driver,even so,I wouldn’t dare to travel in his car.你的叔叔看上去好似一位优秀的司



2.(教材P13)Believe it or not,there is no such thing as standard English. 信不信由你,(世界上)没有什么标准英语可言。

句中“no such+单数名词”意为“没有这样的……”,其中单数 名词前不可再加冠词,相当于“not such a/an+单数名词”。 ①He was admitted to a very famous university.But I have no such luck.他被一所非常著名的大学录取了。但我却没有这


归纳拓展 (1)such 与 a/an 连用时要放在 a/an 的前面;与 all,no,some,any,few,little,many,much,several,one 等词连用 时,应位于它们的后面。 ?a/an+adj.+可数名词单数 ? ? ? ?+ (2)such? ?adj.+不可数名词/复数名词? ? ? 如此??以 that... 至于?? (3)such...as... 像??这样的??,as 在句中引导定语从句。


②Such a book as you showed me is difficult to understand.像 你给我看的这样的书是很难理解的。 ③The book is written in such easy English as beginners can

easily understand.(as引导定语从句)
The book is written in such easy English that beginners can easily understand it.(that引导结果状语从句) 这本书用那么简单的英语书写,初学者能容易理解。


[跟踪训练] 1.(2012· 高考北京卷)—Look at those clouds! —Don’t worry. ________ it rains, we’ll still have a great time. A.Even if

B.As though
C.In case D.If only 解析:选A。考查连词。根据答语语意“别担心。即使下雨, 我们仍然会玩得很开心”可知,应用even if引导让步状语从句.

2.(2012· 北京东城二模)You have a gift for art.__________you do your best,you are sure to create fine art works. A.As soon as B.Even if

C.In case
D.As long as 解析:选D。考查状语从句。句意:你很有艺术天赋。只要你 竭尽全力,一定会创作出优秀的艺术作品。as long as引导条件状 语从句,意为“只要”。

3.________ environmental damage is done,it takes many years for the ecosystem(生态系统) to recover.

A.Even if
B.If only C.While D.Once 解析:选D。句意:一旦造成了环境破坏,生态系统恢复就要

很多年才能恢复。once 一旦;even if 即使;if only 要是??就
好了,倘若;while 虽然,尽管。故D项为正确选项。

4.Everything comes with ________ price;there is no such ________ thing as a free lunch in the world.

B.the;/ C.the;a D.a;/ 解析:选D。考查冠词的用法。price意思是“代价”,为可



5.(2013· 成都部分高中高三教学质量检测)The city was attacked by__________ terrible weather__________few citizens had ever experienced before. A.so;as

C.such;that D.such;as

such;第二空,experienced后缺少宾语,所以用as引导定语从句, 并在从句中作宾语。注意在such...that...结构中,that引导结





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2014 届高考英语一轮复习全方位配套训练人教版必修一 Unit 2 English around the World 完成句子第Ⅰ组 1.信不信由你,因为粗心大意,他没有通过考试。(believe,...


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