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Unit6 An old man tried to move the mountains.

Section A (1a-2d)
教学目标: 1.重点单词:shoot, stone, weak, god, remind, bit, silly 2.重点短语:once upon a time, move the mounta

ins, a little bit, instead of, give up 3.重点句型: How does the story begin? Once upon a time, there was an old man… 一、多元导入,明示目标 以学生熟悉的一些故事为话题导入新课,许多古老的故事有一个共同 的特点:以 “once upon a time”开头。 二、自主学习,合作探究 1 重点单词和短语: 提醒,是想起_________ 一点,小块 ________ 愚蠢的 _________ 从前 ________________ 移山_________________ 有 点 儿 _______________ 代 替 ; 反 而 ______________ 放 弃 ______________ 2 结合图片完成 1a 并进行讨论 3 熟悉 1b,并进行听力训练。 4 小组内 1c 对话训练,并进行 2a,2b 的听力准备和训练。 5 结合 2c 练习,和 2a,2b 的听力素材,进行 2d 对话表演。 三、质疑问难,展示点拨 instead 和 instead of 1 instead 是副词,意思:代替,顶替。通常位于句末。 王老师病了,我代替他上课。 Mr Wang is ill. I will take his class _________. 2 instead of 是介词短语,意思:“代替、而不是”后面可接名词,代词, 动名词等。 这两个男孩将在家做作业而不是玩。 The two boys will do their homework at home ______ ______ playing. 四、达标测试,巩固提高

动词填空 1 He tried ______ (climb) the mountain, but he failed. 2 Yu Gong kept ______ (try) and didn’t _____ (give) up. 3 But what could Yu Gong do instead of ______ (move) the mountains. 4 Do you find a good way _______ (solve) the problem? 5 My mother always tells me not to give up ______ (work) hard. 单项选择 ( ) 6 Once upon a time, an old man tried ______ the mountains. A not move B not to move C moving D to move ( ) 7 Zhang Lan is ill. Let me go to the meeting instead ________. A of she B of her C off she D off her ( ) 8 When I walked past the park, I saw some old people ______ Chinese Taiji. A do B did C doing D are doing ( ) 9 I’ll phone you as soon as I ______. A get to home B got to home C get home D got home ( ) 10 You can’t cross the street now. You have to wait ______ the traffic lights turn green. A when B after C until D while 根据汉语完成英语句子 11 他们把山上所有的土和石头放到哪里。 Where would they _____ _____ _____ _____ and stone _____ the mountains? 12 我认为那有点傻。 I think it’s _____ _____ _____ silly. 13 你们对这个故事有不同的观点,你们俩都没错。 You have different opinions about the story, and ______ _____ _____ are wrong. 14 移山好像是不可能的。 It doesn’t _____ very _____ to move a mountain. 15 愚公不断地尝试,不放弃。 Yu Gong _____ _____ and didn’t _____ _____. 16 但是愚公不移山又能怎么做呢? But what could Yu Gong do ______ _____ moving the mountains?


Unit6 An old man tried to move the mountains. 第二课时学案设计
Section A (3a-3c)
一、自主学习,合作探究: 1. 重点单词: object________ hide________ tail__________ magic________ stick ________ excite________ western___________ 2. 重点短语: 能够做某事____________ 第一次___________使变成____________ 有 时 , 平 时 ____________ 一 … 就 …________ 出 版 , 发 行 ______________ 对 … 感 兴 趣 ____________ 坚 持 做 某 事 _____________ 放 弃 _____________ 3. 重点句型: (1) 但是除非他能把自己的尾巴藏起来,否则他不能变成人。 But ______ he can _____ his tail, he cannot ______ himself ____ a person. (2) 30 多年前这个电视节目一发行, 西方的孩子就对这个故事感兴 趣了。 And ___ _______ ____ the TV program ______ ______ more than 30 years ago, Western children ________ ___________ _____ reading the story. 二、多元导入,明示目标 1、小组合作,阅读文章,回答问题。 2、小组讨论,完成 3b,3c,核对答案。 三、达标测试,巩固提高 动词填空 1 If you keep ______ (practice) like that, you will win the race. 2 He was able ______ (ride) bike when he was four year old. 3 At other ______ (time), he is able to make the magic stick big and long. 4 Mary is a shy girl. She always ______ (hide) herself in her room. 5 Uncle Wang became interested in ______(play) chess. 单项选择 ( )6 Wukong can make 72 changes ______ his shape and size.

A in B on C to D at ( )7 The writer’s new book will ______ next month. A come in B come on C come out D come into ( )8 Some parents make their children _____ chores at home. A to do B do C doing D does ( )9 When water is heated, it will turn _____ water vapour (水蒸气). A into B on C in D to 教学反思:

Unit6 An old man tried to move the mountains. 第三课时学案设计 Section B (1a-1d) 学习目标: 1.重点单词:gold, silk, nobody, stupid, cheat 2.重点短语:try to do sth. sound stupid make special clothes have to 3. 重点句型: Nobody wanted to sound stupid. They were trying to cheat the emperor. 一、多元导入,明示目标 展示本课时的目标,利用图片导入新课,完成 1a 的内容 二、自主学习,合作探究 1.小组预习和准备 1b,1c 的听力素材,为听力做好充分的准 备,教师抽查小组预习的情况,进行必要的纠正和讲解 2. 放录音,完成 1b 和 1c 的内容 3. Group work ,根据 1c 里的图片讲故事 Once upon a time, there was an emperor? 三、质疑问难,展示点拨 1.Sound 的用法: sound 感官系动词, 意思: “听起来”后接形容词或 that 从 句,类似的系动词还有:taste, look, smell, feel 等。常 用结构:sound like “听起来像” -What do you think of the song “You and Me”? -It _____ great. I love singsing it. A tastes B looks C smells D sounds. 2.who, whom, whose, 三者都可指人,whose 还可指物, who

在定语从句中做主语,宾语或表语;whom 在定语从句中只做 动词或介词的宾语;whose 在定语从句中只做定语,修饰后面 的名词。 ① Nobody likes people _____ talk much but never do anything. A who B whose C whom ② This is Mr. Green,_____ son is my best friend. A who B whose C whom D that 四、达标测试,巩固提高 动词填空 1. Nobody wanted _________ (sound) stupid. 2. This beautiful story is about a girl who _____ (be) poor but kind. 3 Two brothers came to the city _______ (make) special clothes for the emperor. 4. They were trying _______ (cheat) the emperor. 5 When he ______ (wake) up, his favorite TV show was on. 单项选择 ( )6 Jim’s family made a surprising party _____ him. A to B for C at D on ( )7 This is a story about a man who loved _______. A buying and look B bought and looked C bought and looking D buying and looking ( )8 -What about the food on the plate? -It _____ delicious. A smelling B smelt C smells D is smelt 根据汉语完成英语句子 9 他的想法听起来很愚蠢,所以没有人同意。 His idea _____ _____ , so nobody agrees with him. 10 你能为我做件漂亮的裙子吗? Can you ______ a beautiful dress _____ me? 11. 很久很久以前,有一个穷人?? _____ _____ _____ _____, there was a poor man?? 13 你知道《皇帝的新装》这个故事的内容吗 Do you _____ anything _____ the story The Emperor’s

New Clothes? 14 俩兄弟来到这个城市为国王做特别的衣服。 Two brothers came to the city to _____ _____ _____ for the emperor. 教学反思:

Unit6 An old man tried to move the mountains. 第四课时学案设计
Section B (2a-selfcheck) 学习目标: 1.重点单词:wife, husband, whole, shine, bright, ground, lead, voice, brave 2.重点短语:make a plan to do sth. try to do sth. as soon as wake up not?until 3.重点句型: One year, the weather was so dry that no food would grow. Unless we do , we won’t find our way out. When the moon is shining bright, we’ll be able to see the stones. As soon as the moon rises, we can follow them instead. 教学过程: 一、多元导入,明示目标 讨论大家喜爱的童话故事导入新课 二、自主学习,合作探究 1 读 2b 完成 2c and 2d。

2 四人一组表演这个童话剧 3 小组讨论完成 3a and 3b 并核对答案。 三、质疑问难,展示点拨 1 until...是“直到”的意思,表示某一种行为一直持续到某 一时间; not...until 是“直到...才”表示直到某一时间, 某一行为才发生,而在之前该行为并没有发生.如: I studied English until 9 o'clock last night. 我咋晚学英语一直学到 9 点钟.(表示 9 点前一直在学) I did not study English until 9 o'clock last night. 我咋晚直到 9 点钟才学英语.(表示 9 点才开始学) 2 as soon as 接时间状语从句。 规律:主句是一般将来时, 从句则用一般现在时表将来,也就是常说的“主将从现”。 I ______ (tell) him the news as soon as he ______ (come) back. 四、达标测试,巩固提高 动词填空 1 The clever boy made a plan ______ (save) himself and his sister. 2 Although it was very hot, they kept ______ (walk) along the way to school. 3 The stepmother didn’t let her own daughter ______ (do) anything. 4 Western children became interested in ______ (read) this story. 5 Unless we do, we ______ (not find) our way out. 根据汉语翻译句子 6.有一年,天气太干燥了,寸草不生。 One year, the weather was _____ _____ _____ no food would grow. 7.韩塞儿制定了一个计划来拯救自己和他的妹妹。 Hansel _____ _____ _____ _____ save himself and his sister. 8.他们一直走着,直到看到了面包做的房子。 They kept _____ until they saw a house _____ _____ _____. 9.花香引领他们来到一座奇妙的房子前。

The smell of flowers _____ them _____ a wonderful house. 10.我一进门,Katherine 就高兴地叫起来。 _____ _____ _____ I went in, Katherine cried with pleasure. 11.我把雨伞落在火车上了 I _____ my umbrella _____ the train. 教学反思:

单元总结: 一、按要求写出下列词汇或词组。 1. can (同义词) ___________ 2. if? not (同义词) _______________ 3. named (同义词) ______________ 4. 会 72 变化 (汉译英) ______________ 5. 将??变成 (汉译英) ______________ 6. 如此??以至于(汉译英) _________ 7. 一??就 (汉译英) ________________ 二、按要求填空。 1. Yu Gong found a good way ________ (solve) the problem. 2. You should kept _______ (try) and never give up. 3. Give me the green one __________the red one.(instead\instead of) 4. She’d like to stay at home instead of ______ (go) to movies. 5. Please remind him _______ (take) medicine on time.



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