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庆阳一中 2014—2015 学年度第一学期期中考试题
高一 英语 命题人: 魏丽娟 第Ⅰ卷 (共三节,满分 90 分)
第一节 单项填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 20 分) 1. ____ he has made a decision, it is not easy for you to make him cha

nge his mind. A. Though B. Unless C. Once D. Until

2. ---- Do you know our town at all? -------No, this ________ the first time I _________ here. A. was; has come C. is; had come B. is; come D. is; have come

3. ----My sister is very upset today. -------It’s your fault. You ________ the bad news to her yesterday. A. should tell C. shouldn’t have told B. should have told D. must tell

4. Mr Green asked Lily ________ she had written to her father _______. A. whether; the day before C. that; the day before B. whether; yesterday D. that; yesterday

5. Every minute is made full _______ of _______ our lessons well. A. to use; study C use; to study B. use; studying D. used; studying

6. —I was worried about math, but Mr. Brown gave me an A! —____ That’s a difficult course. A. Have a good luck. C. Congratulations! B. Not really. D. You do?


7. The old couple live in a house ____ windows face to the south, so they can have plenty of sunshine every day. A. whose B. of which C. that D. which

8. Ann talked about the people and things ____ moved her greatly during her stay there. A. that B. who C. which D. what

9.------Does your wife like tea? --------well, she doesn’t really ______ tea, she likes coffee better. A. care for B. care C. care about D. care of

10. Mr. Black _______ Shanghai in a few days. Do you know when the earliest plane _______ on Sunday. A. leaves; takes off C. is leaving; is taking off B. is leaving; takes off D. leaves; is taking off

11. All the doctors in the hospital insisted that he ______ badly wounded and that he ______ at once. A. should be; be operated on C. be; was operated on B. were; must be operated on D. was; be operated on

12.That hero who died in the war was so brave that he never ____ ____ to the enemies until death. A. gave up B. gave out C. gave in D. gave away

13. ---Why does she always ask you for help? ---- There is no one else ________________, is there? A. who to turn C. for whom to turn B she can turn to D. for her to turn

14.______ of the land in that district _______ covered with trees and grass. A. Two-fifth; is C. Two-fifths; is B. Two- fifth; are D. Two-fifths; are

15. The farm ______ we see today is no longer the one ______ it was ten years ago. A. that; that C. where; what B. where; that D. which; which

16. Do you think there’ll be ____ time ____ we can beat all diseases? A. a; that B. the; that C. a; when D. the; when

17. Is this the reason ___________ at the meeting for his carelessness in his work? A. he explained C. how he explained B. what he explained D. why he explained

18. I ____ walking in the garden ____ watching TV in the room. A. like; instead C. prefer; to B. would rather; than D. prefer; than

19. It ____in this new hall ____ was just set up last month ________ we held an important meeting yesterday. A. is; which; that C. is; that; which B. was; which; what D. was; which; that

20. Yesterday we went to visit the farm ____ my father used to work for nearly ten years. A. in which B. that C. where D. which

第二节:完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 21-40 各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D) 中,选出最佳选项。 A man was driving at 70 miles in a 40-mile zone, when a away the man started thinking of 22 to give. 23 me a little bit 21 came behind him. Right

As the policeman came to him, he said, “Hi, officer, I guess you over the speed limit. I was in a rush to get younger son wasn’t feeling too 25 24

, to be with my wife and kids. You know my

when I left home this morning. I’m afraid he’s ill.” 26 something in his notebook. As

The policeman said, “Well, I guess so,” and started

minutes went by, he could see from the side view mirror, the police-man was When the man was wondering why he hadn’t asked for his driving policeman came to his window, 29 28


writing. so far, the

him a piece of paper, and returned to his car without 30 32 : going to be? However,

saying a single word. The man wondered: how much was this the man was 31 it was not a ticket at all and he began to 33

“I had a daughter who was He got a fine, a few months in had one, and now I have to to 36 35

by a speeding car at the age of six by a speeding driver.

34 , and then was free, free to hug his two daughters. I only until I get to heaven before I can hug her again. I have tried

that man a thousand times, and I thought I had. Maybe I really did forgive (原谅) 37 when you drive again. My son is all I have been left

him. So pray (祈祷) for me, and be with.” The man was completely finally he did, he drove forgiveness. 21. A. truck 22. A. excuses 23. A. remembered 24. A. to school 25. A. well 26. A. writing 27. A. even 28. A. insurance 29. A. sent 30. A. paper 31. A. excited 32. A. laugh B. mail car 39 38

and could not move for the next few minutes. When 40 the speed limit, praying for

, even a few miles

C. police car C. advice C. mistook C. out C. free C. listing C. still C. journal C. rewarded C. ticket C. angry C. read

D. taxi D. views D. caught D. to hospital D. healthy D. looking up D. never D. route D. pushed D. notice D. surprised D. think

B. information B. recognized B. home B. happy B. looking for B. really B. license B. handed B. note B. upset B. smile

33. A. hit 34. A. fear 35. A. wait 36. A. attack 37. A. honest 38. A. disappointed 39. A. quickly 40. A. under B. knocked B. trouble B. stay B. forgive B. thankful B. nervous B. slowly B. over C. trapped C. prison C. remain C. educate C. patient C. shocked C. fortunately C. to D. killed D. danger D. escape D. support D. careful D. frightened D. rapidly D. with

第三节:阅读理解(共 20 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 40 分) 阅读下面短文,从每题所给的 A、B、C、D 四个选项中选出最佳选项。 (A ) Frank Woolworth was born in Rodman, New York., in 1852. His family were very poor farmers, and there was never enough to eat. Frank decided he did not want to be farmer. He took a short business course, and went to work as a salesman in a large city. Woolworth realized he had a natural skill for showing goods to attract people’s interest, but he soon learned something more important. One day his boss told him to sell some odds and ends (小商品 ) for as much as he could get. Frank put all these things on one table with a sign which said FIVE CENTS EACH. People fought and pushed to buy the things and the table was soon cleared. Soon afterwards, Woolworth opened his own store., selling goods at five and ten cents. But he had another lesson to learn before he became successful. That is, if you want to make money by selling low-price goods, you have to buy them in large quantities directly form the factories. Once, for example, Woolworth went to Germany and placed an order for knives. The order was so large that the factory had to keep running 24 hours a day for a whole year. In this way, the price of the knives was cut down by half. By 1919, Woolworth had over 1000 stores in the US and Canada, and opened his first store

in London. He made many millions and his name became famous throughout the world. He always run his business according to strict rules, of which the most important was: “ THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT.” 41. Frank took a short business course in order to ____________. A. earn more money for his family B. learn something from a salesman C. get away from the farm D. get enough to eat. 42. Frank sold the odds and ends quickly because _____________. A. he knew how to get people to buy his goods. B. he cut down the price by half C. he had put the goods on a table in a very nice way. D. the sign he put on the table was well designed. 43. The price of the knives was cut down by half because ______________. A. the factory workers worked 24 hours a day. B. knives were ordered in large quantities directly from the factory. C. the knives were made in Germany, where labour (劳动力) was cheap. D. the knives were produced in one factory. 44. _____________ make Woolworth a world-famous man. A. His business skills and his wealth. B. The low price of the goods he sold. C. His trip to Germany and his huge order of knives. D. His natural skill for showing things. 45. The belief that : “ The customer is always right” suggests that _______________. A. whenever there is a quarrel between the customer and shop assistant, the customers are always right.

B. If you want to succeed, the rule is the only way. C. stores must always follow the customer’s orders if they want to make more money. D. stores should do their best to meet the customer’s needs if they want to be successful. (B) About ten men in every hundred suffer from color blindness in some way. Women are luckier; only about one in two hundred is affected in this matter. Perhaps, after all, it is safer to be driven by a woman! There are different forms of color blindness. In some cases a man may not be able to see deep red. He may think that red, orange and yellow are all shadows of green. Sometimes a person cannot tell the difference between blue and green. In rare cases an unlucky man may see everything in shades of green - a strange world indeed. Color blindness in human beings is a strange thing to explain. In a single eye there are millions of very small things called “cones”. These help us to see in a bright light and to tell difference between colors. There are also millions of “rods”, but these are used for seeing when it is near dark. They show us shape but no color. Some insects have favorite colors. Mosquitoes prefer blue to yellow. A red light will not attract insects, but a blue lamp will. In a similar way human beings also have favorite colors. Yet we are lucky. With the aid of the cones in our eyes we can see many beautiful colors by day, and with the aid of the rods we can see shapes at night. One day we may even learn more about the invisible colors around us. 46. The passage is mainly about _____________. A. color and its surprising effects. B. women being luckier than men C. danger caused by color blindness D. color blindness 47. According to the passage, with the help of the “cones”, we can_______________.

A. tell different shapes C. kill mosquitoes

B. see in a weak light D. tell orange from yellow

48. Why do some people say it is safer to be driven by women? A. Women are more careful. B. There are fewer color-blind women C. Women are fonder of driving than men. D. Women are weaker but quicker in thinking. 49. Which of the statements about the color- blind is true? A. Not all of them have the same problem in recognizing color. B. None of them can see deep red. C. None of them can tell the difference between blue and green. D. All of them see everything in shades of green. 50. We can attract and kill mosquitoes by using a _____________. A. red light C. blue light (C) America is a mobile society. Friendships between Americans can be close and real, yet disappear soon if situations change. Neither side feels hurt by this. Both may exchange Christmas greetings for a year or two, perhaps a few letters for a while — then no more. If the same two people meet again by chance, even years later, they pick up the friendship. This can be quite difficult for us Chinese to understand, because friendships between us flower more slowly but then may become lifelong feelings, extending (延伸) sometimes deeply into both families. Americans are ready to receive us foreigners at their homes, share their holidays, and their home life. They will enjoy welcoming us and be pleased if we accept their hospitality (好客) easily. Another difficult point for us Chinese to understand Americans is that although they include

B. yellow light D. green light

us warmly in their personal everyday lives, they don’t show their politeness to us if it requires a great deal of time. This is usually the opposite of the practice in our country where we may be generous with our time. Sometimes, we, as hosts, will appear at airports even in the middle of the night to meet a friend. We may take days off to act as guides to our foreign friends. The Americans, however, express their welcome usually at homes, but truly can not manage the time to do a great deal with a visitor outside their daily routine. They will probably expect us to get ourselves from the airport to our own hotel by bus. And they expect that we will phone them from there. Once we arrive at their homes, the welcome will be full, warm and real. We will find ourselves treated hospitably. For the Americans, it is often considered more friendly to invite a friend to their homes than to go to restaurants, except for purely business matters. So accept their hospitality at home! 51. The writer of this passage must be ______. A. an American B. a Chinese C. a professor D. a student

52. Which of the following statements is TRUE according to the passage? A. Friendships between Americans usually extend deeply into their families. B. Friendships between Americans usually last for all their lives. C. Americans always show their warmth even if they are very busy. D. Americans will continue their friendships again even after a long break. 53. From the last two paragraphs we can learn that when we arrive in America to visit an American friend, we will probably be ______. A. warmly welcomed at the airport B. offered a ride to his home C. treated hospitably at his home D. treated to dinner in a restaurant 54. The underlined words “generous with our time” in Paragraph 3 probably mean ______. A. strict with time B. serious with time

C. careful with time

D. willing to spend time

55. A suitable title for this passage would probably be “______”. A. Friendships between Chinese B. Friendships between Americans C. Americans’ hospitality D. Americans’ and Chinese’s views of friendships (D) A few months ago I was at a bus stop in town in the evening. The bus came on time and I took the window seat. The bus route was by the seashore and I was enjoying the breeze (微风) while watching the sea waves. After a few minutes the bus made its next stop. A young boy and a girl got on. They were standing on my left when the bus pulled off. I looked at them curiously and realized that all the window seats were occupied (占据). They could sit but not together. Suddenly a different wave passed through my body and my inner mind gave me the advice to get up. I got up and offered them my seat. The young lady smiled kindly and said thanks. I occupied another seat and we parted our ways. I don’t remember whether I got off the bus be-fore them or not. Months passed by. Suddenly one day while I was standing at the same bus stop waiting some time for the bus to arrive I heard a voice. “Excuse me, Uncle.” I looked in the direction of the voice. It was a beautiful young lady. Puzzled, I said, “I do not recognize you.” She said, “Do you remember you gave us your window seat?” Puzzled, I said, “Maybe, but what is so great in that?” She said, “If you had not given your seat that day, perhaps I would have not sat with my friend. By sitting together it helped us bridge a misunderstanding that had been between us forever. Do you know we are getting married next month?” “Good! God bless both of you,” I replied.

The young lady again said thank you and went on her journey. I realized the importance of giving that day. 56. Why were the young boy and the girl standing on the bus? A. Because they wanted to enjoy the sea view. B. Because they couldn’t sit together. C. Because there were no empty seats. D. Because they preferred to stand. 57. The underlined sentence in the first paragraph probably means that the author had a feeling that ______. A. he wanted to do something special B. the sea wave made him upset C. a wave from the sea flooded him D. he wanted to make a sea wave in his heart 58. The author’s act of kindness helped the young boy and the girl ______. A. begin to talk to each other again after a quarrel B. sit together and become friends very soon C. clear up a misunderstanding between them D. know each other and get married 59. From the story, we can conclude that ______. A. small things can create great happenings in life B. it is giving rather than receiving that matters C. offering one’s seat to others may win respect D. we sometimes forget what happened in the past 60. The best title for the passage would be “______”. A. The empty seat on the bus B. The pleasant travel C. The love on the bus D. The bus ride


庆阳一中 2014—2015 学年度第一学期期中考试题
高一 英语
第Ⅱ 卷 (共三节,满分 60) 第一节: 单词拼写(共 10 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 10 分) 根据首字母或汉语注释写出单词的正确形式,并将答案填写到题中的相应位置。 61 Professor Wang stayed up till m ________. 62.He can speak very _________ (流利的) English 63 It took a long time for him to __________(康复) from a bad cold. 64 After g_____________ from Qinghua University, she worked as an engineer. 65 I was f_________ of being left by myself in the house. 66 She p_____________ the yellow dress to the red one because it fits her better. 67 He has all the _____________(品质) of a successful businessman. 68 his birthday party, he ____________(真诚地) expressed his thanks to his friends. 69What is your father’s (态度) _________ towards your plan? 70 All men are born e_____. 第二节:课文填空(共10小题,每小题1分,满分10分) I am fond of my sister but she has one serious (71)_________. She can be really (72)________. Although she didn’t know the best way of getting to places, she (73) ________ that she (74)________ the trip properly. People were (75)______. Then, later that afternoon, another big quake (76)______ was almost as strong as the first one shook Tangshan. Some of the (77)________ workers and doctors were (78)_____ under the ruins. Water, food and (79)__________________ were hard to get. People began to wonder how long the (80)______ would last. 第三节:短文改错(共 10 小题,每小题 1.5,满分 15 分) Last summer I go to America and studied at a language school. I had many wonderful experience, but I also had a sad one. One day, the school held party, where I invited to talk about

Tianjin. After that they asked me a lot of things about China. But I couldn’t explain them with English clearly. I felt sadly. I learned a lesson from this experience. I have already studied English for eight years, and I cannot use it very good. I must work hard to improve my spoken English so that I will not be able to communicate freely with foreigners. I hope I can be a bridge between China and others countries in the future. 第四节:书面表达(满分 25 分) 某英语刊物正在进行有关旅游的征文活动,请根据以下提示,以 Travelling 为题目,用 英语写一篇短文,以便向该刊投稿。 1.旅游好处很多:领略大自然以及其他城市的美丽风景;呼吸新鲜空气;结交新朋友; 放松自己,强身健体; 2.旅游常见问题:天气因素;被人偷;可能受伤; 3.旅游的准备工作:了解天气情况;找个旅伴(travelling companion)相互照应;小心谨 慎;避免意外。 注意:1.内容必须包括以上所有要点; 2.可适当增加内容,以使行文连贯;




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