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学生打印版 高一英语宾语从句50题

高一英语宾语从句 50 题
1. The place _______interested me most was the Children's Palace. A. Which B. where C. what D. in which 2. Do you know the man __? A. whom I spoke B. to who spoke C. I spoke to D. that I spoke 3. This is the hotel _______last month. A. which they stayed B. at that they stayed C. where they stayed at D. where they stayed 4. Do you know the year ______the Chinese Communist Party was founded? A. which B. that C. when D. on which 5. That is the day ______I'll never forget. A. which B. on which C. in which D. when -------------------------------------------1-5 ACDCA 6. The factory ___we'll visit next week is not far from here. A. where B. to which C. which D. in which 7. Great changes have taken place since then in the factory ____we are working. A. where B. that C. which D. there 8. This is one of the best films ___. A. that have been shown this year B. that have shown C. that has been shown this year D. that you talked 9. Can you lend me the book ______the other day? A. about which you talked B. which you talked C. about that you talked D. that you talked 10. The pen ______he is writing is mine. A. with which B. in which C. on which D. by which -------------------------------------------6-10 CAAAA 11.They arrived at a farmhouse, in front of ______sat a small boy. A. whom B. who C. which D. that 12. The engineer ______my father works is about 50 years old. A. to whom B. on whom C. with which D. with whom 13. It there anyone in your class ____family is in the country? A. who B. who's C. which D. whose 14. I'm interested in ______you have said. A. all that B. all what C. that D. which 15. I want to use the same dictionary ______was used yesterday. A. which B. who C. what D. as --------------------------------------------11-15 CDDAD 16. He isn't such a man ______he used to be. A. who B. whom C. that D. as 17. He is good at English, ______we all know. A. that B. as C. whom D. what 18. Li Ming, ______to the concert enjoyed it very much.

A. I went with B. with whom I went C. with who I went D.I went with him 19. I don't like ______ as you read. A. the novels B. the such novels C. such novels D. same novels 20. He talked a lot about things and persons ________they remembered in the school. A. which B. that C. whom D. what ----------------------------------------16-20 DBBCB 21. The letter is from my sister, _____is working in Beijing. A. which B. that C. whom D. who 22. In our factory there are 2,000 workers, two thirds of ____are women. A. them B. which C. whom D. who 23. You're the only person __I've ever met ___could do it. A. who; / B. /; whom C. whom; / D. /; who 24. I lost a book, __I can't remember now. A. whose title B. its title C. the title of it D. the title of that 25. Last summer we visited the West Lake, ______Hangzhou is famous in the world. A. for which B. for that C. in which D. what --------------------------------------21-25 DCDAA 26. I have bought such a watch _______ was advertised on TV. A. that B. which C. as D. it 27. I can never forget the day __we worked together and the day __ we spent together. A. when; which B. which; when C. what; that D. on which; when 28. The way ______he looks at problems is wrong. A. which B. whose C. what D. / 29. This is the reason ______he didn't come to the meeting. A. in which B. with which C. that D. for which 30. This machine, ______for many years, is still working perfectly. A. after which I have looked B. which I have looked after C. that I have looked after D. I have looked after ----------------------------------------26-30 CADDB 31. The reason ______he didn't come was ______he was ill. A. why; that B. that; why C. for that; that D. for which; what 32. He is working hard, ______will make him pass the final exam. A. that B. which C. for which D. who 33. That is not the way ______I do it. A. / B. which C. for which D. with which 34. I have two grammars, ______are of great use. A. all of which B. either of which C. both of that D. both of which 35. I want to use the same tools _______used in your factory a few days ago. A. as was B. which was C. as were D. which ----------------------------------------31-35 ABADC 36. My neighbours used to give me a hand in time of trouble, _______ was very kind of them. A. who B. which C. that D. it

37. This is the magazine _______ I copied the paragraph. A. that B. which C. from that D. from which 38. He is not such a man __ would leave his work half done. A. that B. which C. who D. as 39. You can depend on whatever promise ______he makes. A. / B. why C. when D. who 40. Smoking, ____ is a bad habit, is, however, popular. A. that B. which C. it D. though ------------------------------------------36-40 BDDAB 41. --- Did you ask the guard ______ happened? --- Yes, he told me all ____ he knew. A. what; that B. what; what C. which; which D. that; that 42. I shall never forget those years _______ I lived on the farm with the farmers, _______ has a great effect on my life. A. when; who B. that; which C. which; that D. when; which 43. The number of the people who _______ cars _______ increasing. A. owns; are B. owns; is C. own; is D. own; are 44. During the days ________, he worked as a servant at the Browns. A. followed B. following C. to follow D. that followed 45. Is oxygen the only gas _______ helps fire burn? A. that B. / C. which D. it ------------------------------------41-45 ADCDA 46. The clever boy made a hole in the wall, ___ he could see __ was going on inside house. A. which; what B. through which; what C. through that; what D. what; that 47. Is _______ some German friends visited last week? A. this school B. this the school C. this school one D. this school where 48. John got beaten in the game, _______ had been expected. A. as B. that C. what D. who 49. I have bought two ballpens, _______ writes well. A. none of them B. neither of them C. neither of which D. none of which 50. All that can be eaten _______ eaten up. A. are being B. has been C. had been D. have been -----------------------------------46-50 BBACB


高一英语宾语从句 50 题参考答案及解析
1-5 ACDCA 6-10 CAAAA 11-15 CDDAD 16-20 DBBCB 21-25 DCDAA 26-30 CADDB 31-35 ABADC 36-40 BDDAB 41-45 ADCDA 46-50 BBACB 1. A. which 用作关系代词,在定语从句中作主语。 2.C. "和谁讲话”要说 speak to sb. 本题全句应为 Do you know the man whom I spoke to.。whom 是关系代词,作介词 to 的宾语,可以省略。 3. D. where 是关系副词,表示地点,在定语从句中作地点状语。 4. C. when 是关系副词,表示时间,在定语从句中作时间状语。 5.A. which 是关系代词,在从句中作 forget 的宾语。其他几个答案都不能作宾语。 6.C. 解析同第 5 题。 7. A. 解析见第 3 题。 8. A. 本句话的先行词应该是 films,因此, 关系代词 that 是负数概念, 其谓语动词应用复述的被 动语态 have been shown。如果句中的 one 前面使用了定冠词 the,则 the one 应该视为先行词。 9. A. “谈到某事物”应说 talk about sth.。about 是介词,其后要用 which 作宾语,不能用 that。 10. A. with which 是"介词+关系代词"结构,常用来引导定语从句.with 有"用"的意思,介词之后只 能用 which,不能用 that. with which 在定语从句中作状语,即 he is writing with a pen. 11. C. in front of which 即 in front of a farmhouse. In front of which 在从句中作状语. 12. D. with whom 引导定语从句.with whom 放在从句中即为:my father works with the engineer. 13. D. whose 引导定语从句,在从句中作主语 family 的定语. 14. A. that 引导定语从句,因为先行词是 all,所以只能选用 that 引导. 15. D. the same……..as 是固定用法, as 引导定语从句时,可以作主语,宾语或表语.在本句话中,as 作从句的主语. 16. D. such……… as 是固定用法,as 引导定语从句时,可以作主语,宾语或表语.在本题中,as 作表 语. 17. B. as 作关系代词可以单独用来引导非限制性定语从句。 这时 as 所指代的不是主句中某个名 词,而往往指代整个主句的含义。as 在从句中可以作主语、宾语。从句可放在主句后,也可置 于主句前。在本句中,as 作宾语. 18. B. Li Ming enjoyed it very much 是主句,with whom I went to the concert 是定语从句.with whom 放在从句中为:I went to the concert with Li Ming. 19. C. as 引导定语从句时通常构成 such…as 或 the same…as 固定搭配,其中 such 和 same 修饰 其后的名词,as 为关系代词,指代其前的名词引导定语从句。 as 在从句中可以作主语、表语 或宾语。Such 修饰单数名词时,要用 such a……..,本题中 such books, such 直接修饰复数名词.

20. B. things 和 persons 是先行词.当定语从句要修饰的先行词是既表示人,又表示物的名词时,其 关系代词要用 that. 21. D. who 引导非限制性定语从句,who 作从句的主语. 22. C. two thirds of whom 即:two thirds of the 2,000 workers. 23. D. 先行词 person 后有两个定语从句,第一个从句省略了关系代词 whom.因为, whom 作从句 中 met 的宾语,可以省略.第二个从句 who could do it.who 在从句中作主语,不可省略. 24. A. whose title 引导非限制性定语从句,whose title 也可以说成 the title of which 25. A. for which 引导定语从句,使用介词 for,是来自于从句中的固定短语 be famous for " 以……..而闻名". 26. C. 当先行词被 such 修饰时,引导定语从句的关系代词要用 as. As 在本从句中作主语. 27. A. 两个先行词 the day 都是表示时间的名词,但第一个空白处要填的关系词在从句中作状语, 因此要用关系副词 when. 第二个空白处要填的关系词在从句中作动词 spent 的宾语,因此要用 关系代词 which 或 that 来引导定语从句. 28. D. 在 way、distance、direction 等词后的定语从句中,常用 that 来代替“in (或其他介 词)+which”、when 或 where,而 that 常可省略。 29. D. for which 在定语从句中作原因状语,可用 why 来替代. 30. B. which I have looked after 构成一个非限制性定语从句. 31. A. The reason why… was that….已成为一种固定句型,这一句中的 why 和 that 不能随意换 位,也不能将 that 改成 because,尽管 that 这个词在译文中可能有 “因为”的含义。 32. B. 非限制性定语从句常用 which 引导,which 表示前句话的整个含义. 33. A. 解释见 28 题. 34. D. 主句中的 two 表明不能选 A.从句中的 are 表明不能选 B. both of which 用来引导非限制 性定语从句. 35. C. as 引导定语从句时通常构成 such…as 或 the same…as 固定搭配,其中 such 和 same 修饰 其后的名词,as 为关系代词,指代其前的名词引导定语从句。as 在从句中可以作主语、表语 或宾语。本题中 as 作从句的主语. 36. B. 非限制性定语从句常用 which 引导,which 表示前句话的整个含义. 37. D. 38. D. 解析见 35 题. 39. A. he makes 是定语从句, 从句前省略了关系代词 that. 40. B. which is a bad habit 非限制性定语从句. 41. A. what happened 是宾语从句. all 之后 that he knew 是定语从句.先行词是 all,所以关系代词 只能用 that. 42. D. years 是表示时间的名词,用 when 引导定语从句,是因为 when 在从句中作时间状语.第二 个空选用 which,引导一个非限制性定语从句. 43. C. 本句话的定语从句是 who own cars. 其先行词是 people,因此,定语从句的谓语动词要用 复数的 own。本句话主句的主语是 The number of 指“…..的数目”,是单数概念。因此,主句的 谓语动词要用 is。 44. D. that followed 是定语从句,关系代词 that 在从句中作主语。 45. A. 先行词 gas 被 only 修饰,关系代词要用 that,而不用 which。 46. B. through which 引导定语从句,through which 即 through the hole,在定语从句中作状语。 What 引导的是 see 的宾语从句,并作从句的主语。

47. B. 为便于理解,改写本句话:This is the school that some Germanfriends visited last week. 不 难看出,作表语的 the school 是先行词。that 引导了定语从句,因为 that 同时又作 visited 的宾 语,所以被省略了。其它选项结构不对。 48. A. 解释见 35 题。 49. C. 因为是 two ballpens, 并且定语从句的谓语 writes 是单数概念。因此,C 是正确选项。 50. B. 本句话中,主句的主语是 all,为抽象概念。因此,其谓语应用单数的 has been。关系代 词 that 引导定语从句,并在从句中作主语。






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