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第一部分:语言知识及应用 第一节 单项选择 1. When first to the market, these products enjoy great success. A. introducing B. introduced C. introduce D. being introduced 2. It was on Christmas eve ________ he paid a visit to his former English teacher. A. that B. when C. on which D. which 3. We the cake ten parts, and each of us took one share. A. divided; from B. separated; from C. divided; into D. separated; by 4. I try to avoid him because he always bores me. A. to meet B. have met C. having met D. meeting 5. —The window is dirty. —I know. It _____ for weeks. A. hasn’t cleaned B. didn’t clean C. wasn’t cleaned D. hasn’t been cleaned 6. He put on his coat and for the door. A. went B. headed C. marched D. hiked 7. — Mom, I can’t see any point in working hard at all the subjects at school. — Come on, . Years of hard work will surely in the future of your career. A. pay back B. pay off C. pay down D. pay for 8. Last week, only two people came to look at the house, _____ wanted to buy it. A. none of them B. both of them C. none of whom D. neither of whom 9. The manager of the company told us that very little ______ was made of the waste mateiral in the past. A. cost B. value C. use D. matter 10. Better wear special clothing, a helmet and a life jacket, just _____ your boat gets upside down or even sinks. A. in case B. so that C. as though D. in order that 11. Smoking, which may be ___ pleasure for some people, is ___ serious source of discomfort for others. A. a ; / B. a; a C. / ; a D. a; the 12. ---The last one ___ carries all the luggage. ---Agreed! A. arrived B. arrives C. to arrive D. arriving 13. I was about to leave ___ the telephone rang. A. before B. as C. while D. when 14. ____ two exams to worry about, I have to work really hard this weekend. A. With B. Because of C. As for D. Besides

15. ________ in the queue for half an hour, Tom suddenly realized that he had left his wallet at home. A. To wait B. Have waited C. Having waited D. To have waited 第二节 完形填空(共 15 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 30 分) Carmen’s mother Maria had just survived a serious heart attack. But without a heart transplant(移植)her life was in constant 16 . Both the mother and daughter knew that the chances were very small: finding a donor heart that 17 Maria’s blood type could take years. However, Carmen was determined to save her mother. She kept 18 hospitals all over the country. Days stretched out. By Christmas, Maria had trouble 19 from one end of the room to the other. Carmen lost all hope. She fell into a 20 of the hospital, crying. “Are you okay?” a man asked. Carmen sobbed as she told the stranger her story. This middle-aged man was named Frank, whose wife, Cheryl, a tender and devoted mother of four lovely children, had been in hospital with a brain disease and wouldn’t 21 it through the night. Suddenly, an idea came to Frank’s mind. He knew Cheryl had always wanted to 22 something from herself. Could her 23 go to Carmen’s mother? After reviewing the data, doctors 24 Frank that his wife’s heart was by some miracle a perfect fit for Carmen’s mother. They were able to 25 the transplant. That cold night, when Cheryl was 26 dead, Frank came to knock at Maria’s door. She was 27 for Frank’s family as she had been doing every day recently. Though Maria had never met Frank before, they both felt a strange bond as they hugged and cried. On New Year’s Eve, Carmen attended Cheryl’s 28 with Frank’s family, who were singing their favorite song “My heart will go on.” One day later, on New Year’s Day, Maria 29 with Cheryl’s heart. Yes, Cheryl’s loving heart would go on, for it was 30 in another loving mother’s chest. 16. A. change B. danger C. disorder D. pain 17. A. matched B. replaced C. controlled D. cooperated 18. A. finding B. interrupting C. touring D. phoning 19. A. rolling B. running C. walking D. jumping 20. A. corner B. bed C. man D. nurse 21. A. put B. support C. pass D. make 22. A. save B. recycle C. donate D. separate 23. A. heart B. brain C. husband D. spirit 24. A. informed B. warned C. congratulated D. reminded 25. A. give up B. carry out C. search after D. put off 26. A. noticed B. predicted C. found D. declared 27. A. praying B. begging C. decorating D. singing 28. A. funeral B. operation C. performance D. anniversary 29. A. passed away B. left behind C. woke up D. dressed up 30. A. active B. alive C. necessary D. changeable

第二部分:阅读(共两节,满分 50 分) 第一节:阅读理解(共 20 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 40 分)

It feels like every time my mother and I start to have a conversation, it turns into an argument. We talk about something as simple as dinner plans and suddenly, my mother will push the conversation into World War 3. She’ll talk about my lack of bright future because I don’t plan to be a doctor. And much to her disappointment, I don’t want to do any job related to science, either. In fact, when I was pushed to say that I planned to major(主修) in English and communications, she nearly had a heart attack. “Why can’t you be like my co-worker’s son?” she bemoans all the time. Her coworker’s son received a four-year scholarship and is now earning 70,000 dollars a year as an engineer. I don’t know what to answer except that I simply can’t be like Mr. Perfect as I’ve called the unnamed co-worker’s son. I can’t be like him. I am the type of the person who loved to help out in the community, write until the sun goes down, and most of all, wants to achieve a career because I love it, not because of a fame or salary. I understand why my mother is worried about my future major. I’ve seen my mother struggle to raise me on her small salary and work long hours. She leaves the house around 6:30 am and usually comes home around 5 pm or even 6pm. However, I want her to know that by becoming a doctor, it doesn’t mean I’ll be successful. I’d rather follow my dreams and create my own future. 41. Which of the following topics do the writer and his mother often talk about? A. the writer’s studies B. wars around the world C. dinner plans D. the writer’s future job 42. We can infer from Paragraph 1 that the writer’s mother _____. A. doesn’t think the writer should be a doctor B. doesn’t want the writer to major in English C. gets along very well with the writer D. doesn’t think working in the scientific field is a good idea 43. The underlined word “bemoans” in Paragraph 2 most probably means “________”. A. agrees B. shouts C. smiles D. complains 44. Which of the following statements is probably TRUE about the writer? A. He wants to be like his mother’s co-worker’s son. B. He wants to find a job in his community in the future. C. He wants to do something he really likes in the future. D. He doesn’t think his mother’s co-worker’s son is perfect. 45. We can know from the last paragraph that ____. A. the writer’s mother works very hard for the family B. the writer doesn’t know what his future will be like C. the writer doesn’t think being a doctor is a good job D. the writer sometimes thinks his mother’s advice is very good

In 1939, two brothers, Mac and Dick McDonald, started a drive-in restaurant in San Bernardino, California. They carefully chose a busy corner for their location. They had run their own businesses for years, first a theater, then a barbecue restaurant, then another drive-in. But in

their new operation, they offered a new, shortened menu: French fries, hamburgers, and sodas. To this small selection they added one new concept: quick service, no waiters or waitresses, and no tips. Their hamburgers sold for fifteen cents. Cheese was another four cents. Their French fries and hamburgers had a remarkable uniformity(一致), for the brothers had developed a strict routine for the preparation of their food, and they insisted on their cooks’ sticking to their routine. Their new drive-in became incredibly popular, particularly for lunch. People drove up by the hundreds during the busy noontime. The self-service restaurant was so popular that the brothers had allowed ten copies of their restaurant to be opened. They were content with this modest success until they met Ray Kroc. Kroc was a salesman who met the McDonald brothers in 1954, when he was selling milkshake-mixing machines. He quickly saw the unique appeal of the brothers’ fast-food restaurants and bought the right to franchise (特许经营) other copies of their restaurants. The agreement struck included the right to duplicate the menu, the equipment, even their red and white buildings with the golden arches (拱门). Today McDonald’s is really a household name. Its names for its sandwiches have come to mean hamburger in the decades since the day Ray Kroc watched people rush up to order fifteen-cent hamburgers. In 1976, McDonald’s had over $1billion in total sales. Its first twenty-two years is one of the most incredible success stories in modern American business history. 46.This passage mainly talks about_______. A. the development of fast food services B. the business careers of Mac and Dick McDonald C. how McDonald’s became a billion-dollar business D. Ray Kroc’s business talent 47.Mac and Dick managed all of the following businesses EXCEPT ______. A. a drive-in B. a theater C. a barbecue restaurant D. a cinema 48. According to the article, the right order of McDonald’s development is _______. ① Sell the right to franchise(特许经营) their restaurants ② Allow ten copies of their restaurant to be opened ③ Start a drive-in restaurant in San Bernardino, California ④ Has over $1 billion in total sales A. ③②①④ B. ③①②④ C. ③①④② D. ③②④① 49. We may infer from this passage that _________. A. Mac and Dick McDonald never became wealthy for they sold their idea to Kroc B. the location the McDonald’s chose was the only source of the great popularity of their drive-in C. Ray Kroc was a good businessman D. forty years ago there were numerous fast-food restaurants 50. The passage suggests that ________. A. Ray Kroc was the close partner of the McDonald brothers B. creativity is an important element of business success C. Mac and Dick McDonald became broke after they sold their ideas to Ray Kroc D. California is the best place to go into business

Whether you’re headed to another country for business or pleasure, it is likely that you need to keep in touch with family or business partners in the United States. But if you plan to do that using your cell phone, you could have an unwelcome surprise---U.S. cell phones don’t work abroad. U.S. companies use different forms of technology, not like most of the international community, including Europe. However, there is an easy, cost-effective solution to staying in touch while you’re traveling. You can rent a phone that is guaranteed to work in the countries you’re visiting. Roadpost offers a 30-day cell phone rental plan that includes free incoming calls, free voicemail and call waiting services. The service is convenient and simple. You can place your order online and your phone will be shipped to arrive on the date you want. If an unexpected business trip comes up, Roadpost can provide next-day delivery for most cities. In addition to the phone, Roadpost provides a spare battery, travel charger and a leather carrying case. When your phone is shipped from Roadpost, you receive an e-mail confirmation that contains your international cell phone number so you can leave it with family members and business partners; Roadpost even provides business cards preprinted with your international phone number. Those who don’t want to be without e-mail while traveling can rent an international BlackBerry. It can be hard to stay in touch by e-mail when traveling. With an international BlackBerry, you can email as much as you like, without worrying about an expensive bill. If you’re traveling to very remote areas, you may want to consider renting a satellite phone: Because they receive their signals from satellites, these phones work anywhere on the planet, including oceans and mountains. When you return, simply ship the phone or BlackBerry back to Roadpost using the return kit the company provides. 51. According to the text, Roadpost probably is______. A. an organization that offers some free services B. a person who offers some advice to foreign tourists C. a company that rents cell phones to Americans going abroad D. a Person who makes travel plans for Americans 52. The first paragraph mainly tells us that ______. A. Americans need to change their cell phones B. U.S. cell phones don't work abroad C. European form of technology is different from America's D. Americans who go abroad will meet an unwelcome surprise 53. Which of the following will help you a lot in mountainous areas? A. BlackBerry. B. The return kit. C. E-mail. D. Satellite phones. 54. According to the text, it can be inferred that ______. A. Roadpost can offer cell phones using in different areas B. an international BlackBerry is mainly used to send e-mail C. you should select a bag used to send your cell phone D. Roadpost's service is convenient and simple 55. Which of the free services can you get from Road post? A. Sending e-mail B. Voicemail.

C. Shipping the phone back.

D. Call waiting services.

The temperature of the sun is over 5,000 degrees Fahrenheit at the surface, but it rises to perhaps more than 16 million degrees at the center. The sun is so much hotter than the earth that matter can exist only as a gas, except at the core. In the core of the sun, the pressures are so great against the gases that, despite the high temperature, there may be a small solid core. However, no one really knows, since the center of the sun can never be directly observed. Solar astronomers do know that the sun is divided into five layers or zones. Starting at the outside and going down into the sun, the zones are the corona, chromosphere, photosphere, convection zone and finally the core. The first three zones are regarded as the sun’s atmosphere ends and the main body of the sun begins. The sun’s outermost layer begins about 10,000 miles above the visible surface and goes outward for millions of miles. This is the only part of the sun that can be seen during an eclipse such as the one in February 1979. At any other time, the corona can be seen only when special instruments are used on cameras and telescopes to shut out the glare of the sun’s rays. The corona is a brilliant, pearly white, filmy light, about as bright as the full moon. Its beautiful rays are a sensational sight during an eclipse. The corona’s rays flash out in a brilliant fan that has wispy spikelike (一束束穗状) rays near the sun’s north and south poles. The corona is thickest at the sun’s equator. The corona rays are made up of gases streaming outward at tremendous speeds and reaching a temperature of more than 2 million degrees Fahrenheit. The rays of gas thin out as they reach the space around the planets. By the time the sun’s corona rays reach the earth, they are weak and invisible. 56. Matter on the sun can exist only in the form of gas because of the sun’s ______. A. size B. age C. location D. temperature 57. With what topic is the second paragraph mainly concerned? A. How the sun evolved. B. The structure of the sun. C. Why scientists study the sun. D. The distance of the sun from the planets. 58. All of the following are parts of the sun’s atmosphere EXCEPT the _______. A. corona B. core C. photosphere D. chromosphere 59. According to the passage, as the corona rays reach the planets, they become _______. A. hotter B. clearer C. thinner D. stronger 60. The paragraph following the passage most likely discusses which of the following? A. The remaining layers of the sun. B. The evolution of the sun to its present form. C. The eclipse of February 1979. D. Scientists will cost more money on researching the corona. 第三部分:单词拼写和写作(共两节,满分为 40 分) 第一节 单词拼写 (共 25 题,每小题 1 分,满分 25 分) 根据首字母和已给出的中文,写出的正确的单词,每空填一个词 66. Strickly speaking, we should get the boss's p_______(允许) before we do this. 67. There is e________(电) a few hours a day only, usually at night. 68. All cars must be e_______(装备) with parts to reduce emissions.

69. The mother was filled with a_______(焦虑)about her daughter’s health. 70.The animal was still b______(呼吸), so it was still alive. 71.They are such rock music a______(爱好者) that they won’t miss one single rock concert. 72.What c_______(导致) him to quit his job? He had been in this company for almost all his life! 73. Mary spent her spare time c_______(创作) poetry. 74. The band had their new album r______(录制) in Beijing. 75. This play is divided into three acts, and each act has three s______(场景). 76.It was a period of w______(财富) and prosperity. 77. They were designed to re-build trust in the American economy, and help the u________(失业 者) and those in danger of losing their homes and farms. 78. The young lady before you told me a d________(令人愉悦的) story. 79. Every p_______ (参与者) completed a detailed questionnaire about key events in their life 80. But as t_______(能干的) and successful as he was, he was also deeply troubled. 81. She was able to get the government and i_______(保险) companies to help patients with the cost of their care 82. The teacher gave i_______(指示) that she was not to be disturbed. 83. Shenzhen, a city located in the south of Guangdong P_______ 省)is very famous nationwide ( , because of its rapid economic development. 84. We went along to the local golf club e_______ (热情地). 85. He was so glad that he was a_______ (被录取) to Qinghua University. 86. Home is a place where you can r_______(放松)and just be yourself. 87. Now I can see the tower clearly from a d_______ (距离) of around 100 miles. 88. The teacher looks absolutely e_______ (疲惫不堪的) after 4 extra classes for a whole day. 89. You’d better seek p_______ (专业的) advice about your plan for study abroad. 90. With New Year approaching, many supermarkets put goods for sale at a_______ (诱人的) prices. 第二节 基础写作 (共 1 题;满分 15 分) 假如你们学校近期派遣一学生团去英国某大学英语语言专业参观学习英语发展史, 你是其中 的一员。现在回到学校,请你写一篇自己对英语发展和英语学习的感想,基本内容如下:

发展概况 在 16 世纪末 只由英国的当地人使用 在过去的 4 个世纪内 发生了巨大的变化 现在 已成为世界语言,分为英国英语和美国英语;在很多亚洲和非洲国家,如印度 和中国,有很多人把英语当做第二语言来和外语来学习。 感 想 英语在生活中的确很重要;我们一定要尽力学好它。 [写作要求] 只能使用 5 个句子表达全部内容。 [评分标准] 句子结构准确,信息内容完整,篇章结构连贯

第一部分:语言知识及应用(共三节,满分 60 分) 第一节 单项选择(共 15 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 15 分) 1-15 BACDD BBDCA BCDAC 第二节 完形填空(共 15 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 30 分) 16-30 BADCA DCAAB DAACB 第三节 语法填空(共 10 小题,每小题 1.5 分,满分 15 分) 31~35 who, saved, a, himself, truth 36~40 by, in, what, excited, treats 第二部分:阅读(共两节,满分 50 分) 第一节:阅读理解(共 20 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 40 分) 41-50 DBDCA CDACB 51-60 CBDAB DBBCA 第二节信息匹配(共 5 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 10 分) 61—65 CDABE 第三部分:单词拼写和写作(共两节,满分为 40 分) 第一节 单词拼写 (共 25 题,每小题 1 分,满分 25 分) 66.permission 67.electricity 68.equipped 69.anxiety 70.breathing 71.addicts 72.caused 73.composing 74.recorded 75.scenes 76.wealth 77.unemployed 78.delightful 79.participant 80.talented 81.insurance 82.instructions 83.Province 84. enthusiastically 85. admitted 86. relax 87. distance 88. exhausted 89. professional 90. attractive 第二节 基础写作 (共 1 题;满分 15 分) Possible version: At the end of the 16th century, English was only spoken by the native speakers. However, English has changed quite a lot over the past four centuries. At present, English, including British English and American English, has become an international language. A great number of people in some African and Asian countries, such as India and China, speak English as the second language or learn it as a foreign language. As far as I’m concerned, English is so important in our daily life that we must try our best to learn it well.



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