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M5 词组U1-3

M5 Unit1 Getting along with others
Phrases: (P1~5) 与人相处得好/不好 交友并发展友情 突袭性的数学小测验 信守诺言 偷听 陷入困境的友谊 在校足球队一起踢球 跟上节奏 用这种方式/态度 变成一次可怕的争执 说了一些残酷无情的话 因做错某事向某人道歉 情不自禁地想 让某人当众出丑 (P11) 15. 访问网络聊天室 16. 劝阻某人网聊 (P18~19) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. get along/on well/badly with make friends and develop friendship with a surprise math quiz keep one’s word/promise spy on a friendship in trouble play together in the school football team keep pace with in this manner/way turn into a horrible argument make some cruel remarks/comments apologize to sb. for (doing) sth. cannot help wondering embarrass sb. in public visit Internet chat rooms discourage sb. from chatting online

17. 对友谊持有不同的态度 have different attitudes towards friendship 18. 建立在共同的情感和互相的支持 anchor in shared feelings and support 19. 以共同的活动或兴趣为基础 be based on shared activities or interests 20. 对。 。 。谨慎 be cautious about 21. 不论,不管 regardless of 22. 在候车室 In the waiting room 23. 对。 。 。来说幸运的是 luckily for sb. 24. 总之 in conclusion (P94~95)25. 回顾我们的生活 look back on our lives 26. 伤得很重 be badly injured 27. 取得联系 get in touch with 28. 妥协 make a compromise 29. 与他人建立并保持良好的关系 build and keep good relationships with others 30. 解决朋友们的问题 fix friends’ problems Good Sentences & patterns: 31. 朋友是时间的窃贼。 Friends are thieves of time. 32. 大家一定都在背后嘲笑我! Everyone must have been laughing behind my back! 33. 没有同伴分享,生活就索然无味。Life is no fun without a companion to share it with. 34. 现在考虑这点无济于事。 There is no point thinking about this now.


Module 5 Unit 2 The environment
phrases: (p21-25) 1. 自然灾害 natural disasters 2. 企业发展咨询顾问 a business development consultant 3. 按照往常的辩论程序 follow our usual schedule for debates 4. 自由讨论 open the floor for discussion 5. 世界上的大片区域 vast areas of the world 6. 大量有害化学物质 large numbers of harmful chemicals 7. 下蛋,产卵 lay eggs 8. 削减生产 cut back on production 9. 成为一个大问题 turn into a big problem 10. (非常)担心环境的现状 be (deeply) concerned about the present situation of the environment 11. 把 …视为 see…as 12. 逃避责任 hide from responsibilities 13. 给予某人更多的赞誉 give sb more credit 14. 原材料 raw materials 15. 保护环境 preserve the environment 16. 乐意做某事 be willing to do sth 17. 环保 be friendly to the environment 18. 缴纳更高的税 pay higher taxes 19. 为后代而拯救环境 save the environment for future generations 20. 只要 so/as long as (P26) 21. 太阳能 solar energy (P29) 22. 当春天到来时 upon the arrival of spring 23. 海关官员 customs officer (P36) 24. 依我看 from my point of view/it seems to me that (P38-39) 25. 面临严重的环境问题 face serious environmental problems 26. 尽自己的力 do one’s part 27. 引起国内外的关注 raise concern both in China and abroad 28. 依赖 rely on sb/sth for sth 29. 教育人们…的重要性 educate people on the importance of sth 30. 阻止非法捕猎 stop the illegal hunting of animals 31. 使 …处于危险中 put sb in danger 32. 在实施中,在进行中 under way 33. 自然保护区 nature reserves 34. 有很长一段路要走 have a long way to go 35. 关于 in regard to 36. 把…归咎于…blame sth on sth/sb 37 释放,发出 let off 38. 发电站 electrical power plants 39. 在使用中 in use 40. 尤其是 in particular

M5 Unit 3 Science and Nature
P41.1. 进行采访/调查 2 世界上首例克隆的哺乳动物 P42-43 conduct an interview/survey the world’s first cloned mammal

3. 完美的复制 the perfect copy 4. 一方面……另一方面 on the one hand…on the other hand 5. 戏弄自然/ 把生命当儿戏 toy with nature / life 6. 某事将发生 on one’s/the way to something/ doing something 7. 因其杰出的科学进展而获得人们的赞誉 be praised for their wonderful scientific advance 8. 全神贯注于 concentrate on / focus one’s efforts on 9. 为了;以...为目的;怀着...的意图 with the intention of 10. 对人类生命的不尊重 show no respect for human life 11. 有自己的孩子 / 领养别人的孩子 a child of one’s own / adopt someone else’s child 12. 加紧研究 push ahead with research 13.第一个克隆人类的人 the first to clone a human being 14. 处理后果 deal with the consequences 15. 耗尽地球的自然资源 use up the Earth’s natural wealth 16. 谈谈对你的文章的看法 comment on your article 17. 科技进步 scientific advance 18. 完全赞同 in complete agreement with 19.挑战道德的问题 challenge moral ideas 20. 毕竟;到底;终究 after all 21. 就我个人而言 on a personal note 22. 彻底改变我的生活 totally transform my life 23. 死于心脏病 die of heart failure 24. 遇到艰涩的科学术语 come across difficult scientific terms 25. 讲得通; 有意义; 言之有理 make sense P45 -49 26. 没收执照 take away his license 27. 强烈反对 be strongly against 28. 结果是;证明是 turn out to be 29. 解开这些谜 figure out the mysteries 30. 不值得 it’s not worth it P58 31. 只关注保护自然 focus only on conservation 32. 有利于;赞同 in favour of 33. 根据有些人的观点 from the point of view of some people 34. 满足人们日常需求 meet the everyday needs of people 35 . 转基因食物 genetically modified (GM) food 36. 抵御虫害和疾病 defend themselves against pets and disease 37. 对 ... 谨慎 be cautious about P110 38. 生物平衡 the balance of nature P111 39. 有希望给我们解决健康问题的方案 promise to give us answers to many health problems P113 40. with the development of science and technology 随着科技的发展

Good sentences & patterns: 1. The world’s population has grown by six times what it was in 1800. 2. What I’m here to say is that having worked with many environmental consultants, I know that a healthy environment and development should be possible at the same time. 3. Planting a small tree is cheap and easy, and two decades from now, when you look at what will have become a large tree, you will find a sense of satisfaction knowing that you did your part to help solve the problem of climate change.




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