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Unit 3 单词 1. 临时照顾 2. 宿营 3. 计划 4. 远足 5. 是,是的 6. 向远处 7. 送,寄 8. 名信片 9. 旧金山 二 词组 1. 多久 2. 回来 3. 去度假 4. 很 5. 临时照顾我的妹妹 6. 在家放松 7. 和朋友共度时光 8. 做运动 9. 去野营 10. 去远足 11. 去西藏 12. 去沙滩 13. 骑自行车旅行 14. 去观光 15

. 去钓鱼 16. 散步 17. 租录像带 18. 这周 19. 这个夏天 20. 下一周 三 对话整合 21. 在周一 22. 在 12 号 23. 在十二月 24. 呆一周 25. ---的南部 26. 问----关于 27. 思考考虑 28. 决定 29. 做一些不同的事 30. 六月的第一周

10. 自行车 11. 乘骑 12. 观光 13. 捕鱼 14. 租用,出租 15. 著名的 16. 希腊 17. 西班牙 18. 欧洲

19. 某物 20. 离开 21. 农村 22. 大自然 23. 忘记 24. 结束 25. 泰国 26. 旅行者

31. 呆到九月 32. 计划去做某事 33. 迫不及待 34. 完成某事 35. 需要休息 36. 一个兴奋的假期 37. 离开

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A: Hello,can I ask you a few questions about your vacation plans ?B: Yes . A : what are you doing for vacation ? B: I’m going to --- for a week . A: That sounds interesting ! what are you doing there ? B:I’m going hiking in the mountains . A: How long are you staying ? B: I’m staying for a week ,I don’t like going away for too long. A: Who are you going with? B: I’m going with my parents . A:When are you going ? B: I’m going next week . A: What’s the weather like there ? B:It’s always sunny and warm. A: That sounds wonderful .Have a good time .Send me a postcard fron ---. B: Sure. 测试题 一 选择 1. ( )-I'm going to Tibet next Monday. -______. A. I know B. That sounds exciting C. I'm sorry to hear that D. Thank you 2. ( )-What's wrong with you, Henry? -______. A. I'm going to the hospital B. I have a bad cold C. I'm visiting my grandparents D. I want to go fishing 3. ( )They are going___________Beijing __________ Vacation. A、to,on B、/,for C、on,for D、to,for 4. ( ) Shall we go bike ______ this afternoon? Sure. A. ride B. riding C. rides D. rode 5. ( ) He is going camping ______ 6:00______ the morning of July 21 s t . A. in; on B. on; at C. at; on D. at; in 6. ( ) ______ did you stay in Tibet? ----For only a week. A. How often B. How long C. How D. When 7. ( ) I usually ______ home at 5 o’ clock in the afternoon. A. get to B. return back C. get back D. return to 8. ( ) I can’ t wait ______ my new bike— my birthday present from my parents. A. to see B. see C. to seeing D. seeing 9. ( ) Come here after class, I have ______ to tell you. A. anything important B. important anything C. important something D.something important

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10.( ) Please ______ us your pictures ______ you come back home. A. showing, when B. show, when C. see, when D. watch, before 11.( ) Where do you always ______ your vacations? A. take B. takes C. spend D. spending 12.( ) It’ s rainy today, you need ______ an umbrella with you. A. take B. to take C. takes D. taking 13.( ) I asked them several questions ______ their family members. A. about B. at C. with D. as 14.( ) Stop talking ______ the teacher comes in. A. Where B. when C. because of D. for 15.( ) He’ s going to France in August, and staying ______ September. A. at B. in C. until D. for 16.( ) . – --Do you have any plans for your summer vacation? ---I am ______ for London next Sunday. A. going to B. leaving C. will go D. will leave 17. ( ) He is planning France this summer. A to visit B. visiting C. visits D. visited 二. 根据句意及首字母,填入适当的单词。 1. She often b______ her sister on Sundays. 2. What's she doing for v______? 3. I'm going c______ with my parents. 4. They're r______ at home this weekend. 5. Tom is playing football n______ week. 三、词的适当形式填空 1、He _________(go) to Hong Kong for vacation. 2、He likes ____________(go) away for two days. 3、 Show __________(they) the new books. 4、Would you like to go _________(swim ) with us ??? 5. His story sounds ___________(well ) 6There_______(be) some meat on the plate. 7What about____________(go) shopping with us. 8The Smiths ____________(watch) TV now. 9---What is she doing for vacation? ---She ___________ (babysit) her
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sister. 10.He is going_______(hike) in the mountains. 11.Wang Fei is a famous_____(sing). 12.This time they decide to do something ________(difference). 13.Today is a sunny day. So I decide_____(go) swimming. 14.I’m going_____(fish)with my father tomorrow. 15.You will be ____(relax) when you get back from you vacation. 16.I’m leaving the____(one)week in June. 17.He’s_______(visit) his grandfather this weekend. 18.She plans _____(have)a relaxing vacation. 19.After he finished______(read)the book ,he went to bed. 20.I’m sorry______(hear) the bed news. 21.You must _______(look)after your things. 22.He ______(not visit) his grandfather last Saturday. He ____(want)to visit him on Tuesday. 23.Thank you for ____(help) me.
24.How many ______(interview) are there? 25. Mr Johnson likes______(watch) TV in the evening.

26. He ______ (go) fishing yesterday. 27. What ______ you ______(do) this weekend?

28. Listen! Someone ______ (sing) in the next room. 29 Mr Wang ______(drive)fast to work every day. 四 要求改写下列各句,每空一词。 1. She's going to see us tomorrow. (改为一般疑问句) ______ she ________ to see us tomorrow? 2. We had a sports camp last Sunday. (用 next Sunday 代替 last Sunday 后填空) We're______ ______have a sports camp next Sunday. 3. We're going to the Great Wall with our teacher. (就划线部分提问) ______are you going to the Great Wall______? 4. We're going camping next Friday. (就划线部分提问) ______ ______ you going camping? 5. I visited my friends in Beijing twice a month last year.(就划 线部分提问) ______ ______did you ________ your friends in Beijing last year?

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6 My brother is renting videos this evening(对划线部分提问) ________ is your brother ______ this evening . 7 I’m staying in Beijing for a month . (对划线部分提问) ______ ______ _______ you staying in Beijing ? 8 Please show me your photos. (同义句) Please_______ your photos ______ _me .

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