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满分120分 1. 听力20分 2. 单项选择10分 3. 完型填空20分 4. 阅读理解30分 5. 任务型阅读10分 6. 选词填空10分 7. 作文 20分

M1U1 Revision

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

1.________ average 平均 2.at ease ________ 和……融洽相处 3.for________ 免费 4. be available ________ 可得到 5.donate ________向……捐献 6.________ display/show 在展出中 7. pay attention ________注意 8.be present ________ 出席;在场 9. regret ________ sth.遗憾地要做某事 10.approve ________批准;同意 11. make preparations ________准备 12. ________nature 本质上;实际上 1 . on 2.with 3.free 4.for 5.to 6.on 7.to 8.at 9.to do 10.of 11.for 12.in

? for free;require of;be present at;prepare for; come up with;on average;develop from;pay attention to;approve of;earn a living ? 1.The place has________ a fishing port into a thriving tourist centre. ? 2.I don't ________your spending so much money in the present situation of financial crisis. ? 3.Obama has to________ the American financial reform ? 4.The soldier said that he would do all that the Party and the People ________ him. ? 5.Some university graduates can't find jobs and they have to ________by selling newspapers. ? 6.It is said that about a thousand factories ________ close up a month because of the financial tsunami. ? 7.The farmers________the spring ploughing. ? 8.Those who ________the scene were all moved by the soldier's sacrifice for rescuing the drowning child. ? 9.The first 50 consumers shall get a mobile phone________. ? 【答案】 1.developed from 2.approve of 3.pay attention to4.require of 5. earn a living 6.on average 7.are preparing for 8. were present at 9.for free

? attend/join/join in/take part in ? (1)We ________(听课)his lecture. ? (2)________( 参 加 )the physical exercises and build up your strength. ? (3)Will you ________(加入我们) taking a walk? ? (4)He was permitted ________ (加入) the club. ? 【答案】(1)attended ? (3)join us in (2)Take part in (4)to join


? ? ?


? ordinary/general/common/ ? normal/usual/average (10)The ________ time the Chinese people spend online is 18 hours a week. (11) In ________ with many boys, John likes football. (12) The book is intended for ________ readers, not for specialists. (13) As ________ , we finished our task ahead of time. (14) We keep our shop open during the ________ working hours. 【 答 案 】 (10)average (11)common (12)ordinary (13)usual (14)normal

M1U2 Revision

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

1.can't wait________sth.等不及做……;迫不及待做…… 2.in charge________负责;掌管 3.be hard________...对……苛刻 4.in the form________以……的形式 5.clean________整理;把……打扫干净 6.insist________坚持 7.stay________不睡觉;熬夜 8.after________毕竟 9.________present目前;当前 10.be supposed________sth.应该干…… 11.be different________...与……不同 12.be proud________以……为自豪 13.ask ________one's advice征求某人的建议 14.________the time一直 15.be rude________sb.对某人无礼 16.keep...________mind把……记在心上 1.to do 2.of 3.on 4.of 5.up 6.on 7.up8.all 9.at 10.to do 11.from 12.of 13.for14.all 15.to 16.in

? be supposed to;go out;be hard on;stay up;mix up;insist on;like crazy;argue with sb.;feel like; grow up ? 1 . We were doing our homework when all of a sudden the light ________. ? 2.It is thought that stepmothers ________ children. ? 3 . The students in the experimental class study ________. ? 4 . It harms children's health to ________ late watching TV. ? 5.We should never ________ right and wrong on the principle. ? 6 . Do you think it any use ________ blind people about what an elephant is like? ? 7.Injured as the soldier was,he ________ working at the spot rescuing the injured. ? 8.I am so tired that I ________ sleeping. ? 9 . Children must be educated to serve their country when they ________. ? 10.As a leader,he ________ serve the people heart and soul. ? 【答案】 1.went out 2.are hard on 3.like crazy 4.stay up5.mix up 6.arguing with 7.insisted on 8.feel like 9.grow up 10.is supposed to

M1U3 Revision

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

1.________healthy保持健康 2.be okay________sb.对某人来说很顺利 3.work________锻炼;解决 4.________weight减肥 5.be ashamed________对……感到羞耻 6.recover________从……中恢复 7.________sb.'s advice听从某人的劝告 8.________diets节食 9.________secret秘密地 10.________a risk冒风险 11.put________weight体重增加 12.________(头发或牙齿)脱落 13.________连同…… 14.________从长远角度看 15.________事实上 16.________立刻 1.stay 2.with 3.out 4.lose 5.of 6.from 7.follow 8.go on 9.in 10.take/run 11.on 12.fall out 13.along with 14.in the long term 15.as a matter of fact 16.in no time

? ? ? ?
? ? ? ?

? match/suit/fit match多指大小、色彩、形状、性质等方面的搭配。 suit多指合乎需要、口味、性格、条件、地位等。 fit多指大小、形状合适,引申为“吻合,协调”等。 (3)The color of the shirt doesn't ________ that of the tie. (4)If you want to go by bus,that ________ me fine. (5)The jacket ________ me well. (6)No dish ________ all tastes. 【 答 案 】 (3)match (4)suits (5)fits (6)suits

? (1)“so+be动词/助动词/情态动词+主语”,用于肯定句中,表 示某人或某物“也是如此”,表示上述情况也适用于另外一个人 或情况,主语一般不是同一个人或事物。 ? (2)Neither/Nor+be动词/助动词/情态动词+主语,用在否定 句中。 ? (3)So it is/was+with sb./sth.或It is/was the same with sb./sth.,用于前面句中既含有be动词,又含有实义动词 或其他形式的情况。 ? (4)So+主语+be动词/助动词/情态动词,表示某人或某物“的 确如此”,主语往往是同一个人或事物。 ? I love making friends,and so does my classmate Jim. ? 我喜爱交朋友,我的同学吉姆也是如此。 ? I don't like chatting with strangers online.Neither/Nor does Mary. ? 我不喜欢在网上和陌生人聊天,玛丽也不喜欢。 ? —Jack is English but likes Chinese food. ? ——杰克是英国人但喜欢中国菜。 ? —So it is with Mike./It's the same with Mike. ? ——迈克也是如此。 ? —You seem to like coffee. ? ——你似乎很喜欢喝咖啡。 ? —So I do. ? ——是的,我的确喜欢。

? work out;go on diets;in secret;fall out;put on weight; along with;in the long term;as a matter of fact;in no time; to be exact

? 1.Sometimes actresses are reported to be engaged with Mr.Li ? soandso—______________,this is purely newspaper gossip and speculate(闲谈和推测). ? 2.The side effect of the weightloss pills is that it can cause the user's hair ________. ? 3.________ the increase of unemployment rate,it is harder for graduates to find ideal jobs. ? 4.China aims for world peace ________. ? 5.Only by ________ regularly can we keep fit. ? 6.A terrible earthquake broke out in Sichuan last year, ______ on May 12. ? 7 . Since I bought the car I ________.I have to do more exercise to lose weight. ? 8 . The wounded soldier should be sent to the hospital ______. ? 9 . There are more girls who want to ________ to keep thin. ? 10.I made many preparatory experiments ________, and have been satisfied with them.
1.as a matter of fact 2.to fall out 3.Along with 4.in the long term 5.working out 6.to be exact 7.have put on weight 8.in no time 9.go on diets 10.in secret

M2U1 Revision

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

1.________调查 2.________a story编故事 3.search________搜寻 4.________no case决不 5.show________露面 6.due________因为 7.take charge________负责 8.according________根据 9.witness________having done sth.目击做某事 10.________murder谋杀未遂 11.be divided________被分成 12.rule________排除 13.run________追赶 14.make progress________在……上取得进步 15.play a joke________sb.对某人开玩笑 1.look into 2.make up 3.for 4.in 5.up 6.to 7.of 8.to 9.to 10.attempt 11.into 12.out 13.after 14.in 15.on

? step up;due to;show up;put on;rule out;look into ; make up ; take charge of ; run after ; on average ? 1.400 people a year die of this disease ________. ? 2.A working party has been set up to ________ the problem. ? 3.Most of the problems were ________ human error. ? 4.Women ________ 56% of the student numbers. ? 5.Police have not ________the possibility that the man was murdered. ? 6.He's always ________ younger women. ? 7.A broken bone ________ on the Xray. ? 8.He has ________ his training to prepare for the competition. ? 9.Do you mind if I ________ some music ________? ? 10.She ________ the farm after her father's death. ? 【答案】 1.on average 2.look into 3.due to 4.make up 5.ruled out 6.running after 7.showed up 8.stepped up 9.put;on 10.took charge of

M2U2 Revision

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

1.________the dark在黑暗中 2.________case万一 3.upside________颠倒 4.________close靠近地 5.look forward________期望;盼望 6.run________用完 7.________harmony与……协调 8.________total总共 9.________silence沉默 10.in the form________以……的形式 11.provide sb.________sth.供应某人某物 12.________common共同 13.________envy出于嫉妒 1.in 2.in 3.down 4.up 5.to 6.out 7.in8.in 9.in 10.of 11.with 12.in 13.out of

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

? ? ? ? ?

? supply/provide/offer “ 向 某 人 提 供 某 物 ” 既 可 以 用 supply , 也 可 以 用 provide , offer,但用法稍有不同。 supply sth. to sb.=supply sb.with sth. 向某人提供某物 They were arrested for supplying/offering drugs to street dealers. 他们因给街头贩子提供毒品而被逮捕。 provide sb.with sth.=provide sth. for sb. 向某人提供某物 The hotel provides a shoecleaning service for guests. 该酒店为顾客提供擦鞋服务。 offer sb. sth.=offer sth. to sb. (主动)向某人提供某物 Whenever I'm in trouble,he offers me timely help. 每当我有困难,他都会及时给我提供帮助。

? make sure;go trekking;get close to;feel sick; move on;look forward to;scare away;put upside down;provide with;get through ? 1.He had to give up the plan to travel by sea,for he ________ sea ________. ? 2.The straw man in the field is intended to ________ sparrows ________. ? 3The children ________ going camping next Sunday. ? 4.City people wish to ________ nature more often. ? 5.They ________ in the desert and experienced a lot of adventures. ? 6.The man seemed to be annoying people,so the policeman ________ him ________. ? 7.Though they are affected by the financial crisis, they ________ food and vegetables. ? 8 . It took us only a few minutes ________ the customs. ? 9 . The farmer taught the landlord a lesson by ________ his garlic(大蒜) ________. ? 10.I think the door's locked,but I'd better go and ________. ? 【答案】 1.felt;sick 2.scare;away 3.are looking forward to 4.get close to 5.went trekking 6.moved ; on 7.are provided with 8.to get through 9.putting;upside down 10.make sure

M2U3 Revision

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

1.set sail________起航 2.________也;以及 3.right________立刻;马上 4.pay________成功;带来好结果 5.________大量;许多 6.be based________以……为依据 7.be curious________好奇 8.result________结果 9.pick________挑选 10.be known________以……著称 11.________ill生病 12.hear________听说 13.die________因……而死 14.live/feed________以……为主食 15.breathe________呼入 16.make a great contribution________做出重大贡献 1.for 2.as well as 3.away 4.off 5.a great deal of 6.on 7.about 8.in 9.out 10.as 11.fall 12.of 13.of/from 14.on 15.in 16.to

? right away;as well as;by the time;be known as; breathe in ; set sail ; have nothing to do with ; result in;pay off;search for ? 1.The police fanned out across the hillside in their ________ the escaped prison. ? 2 . All these years of studying ________ , he was admitted to Qinghua University finally. ? 3.The fishermen ________ the harbor when the sun was sinking. ? 4.________ doctors arrived,the woman had given birth. ? 5 . The father ________ his children admires Yao Ming very much. ? 6.The suspect insisted that he ________ the murder. ? 7 . In some cases , the infections process may ________ severe or fatal illness. ? 8.It's getting late.I have to leave ________. ? 9.If ________,the gas can cause death. ? 10.Pandas ________ rare and valuable animals. ? 【 答 案 】 1.search for 2.paid off 3.set sail for 4.By the time 5.as well as 6.had nothing to do with 7.result in 8.right away 9.breathed in 10.are known as

M1-2 综合复习

be supposed to be hard on in charge of like crazy now that as though ? 1. Generally speaking, a lot of successful people _________________ themselves. are hard on ? 2. Who do you think will be in charge of ______________ the company when Mr Luck retires this June? ? 3. With Tom away and Jenny ill, we're going like crazy to have to work ________________ to get this task finished on time. ? 4. I understand him much better now that ______________ I’ve seen his living conditions. ? 5. Mike is impossible! He treated me _______________ I was a complete stranger! as though ? 6. I’m sorry, but you were supposed to hand in ________________ your paper last Monday.

stay up mix up insist on do with go out feel like ? 1. I had a very bad day at the office, so feel like tonight I don’t __________________ doing anything. ? 2. We went to bed, but Julie and Kate stayed up ____________________ talking and playing cards. insisted in ? 3. She ______________ following me all the way here, though I told her not to. mix up ? 4. Be careful not to ______________ those papers on the desk. do with ? 5. What shall we _____________ the dog if we go off on vacation? went out ? 6. Suddenly all the lights ______________ and it was pitch dark.

? 21 Your plan means ________ more money, so I mean _______ it . ? A. to lose; changing B. losing; to change ? C. losing; changing D. to lose; to change ? 22.________ it is to jump into a river on a hot summer day ! ? A. what fun B. how fun ? C. what a fun D. what funny ? 23. Bob used to __________ a difficult person to get along with. But _________ he has got used to ______ with others in a friendly way. ? A. be … recent … working ? B. be … recently … working ? C. being … now … work ? D. being… recent … working ? 24. This kind of fruit ___________ large amounts of vitamin C. A. includes B. takes C. holds D. contains ? 25. Who can think of a situation ________this word can be used ? ? A. which B. that C. where D. in that

? 31.It’s clear that it is a waste of time and __________ to continue the project. ? A. power B. energy C. force D. strength ? 32.The women carrying babies, come in first, ________? ? A. will you B. will they ? C. don’t they D. don’t you ? 33.You can ______us in the discussion if you ______. ? A. join ,wish to B. join in ,want to ? C. attend , don’t want to D. take part in , hope so ? 34._______ the internet is bridging the distance between people ,it may also be breaking some homes or will cause other family problems. ? A. when B. while C. as D. if ? 35.The story is very interesting, and it is
___________. A. well worth reading B. well worthy of reading ? C. very worthy reading D. worthy to read

22. You stepped into the lab with your shoes on? You’re ________ to take them off before you enter it. A. invited B. supposed C. forbidden D. permitted 23. She keeps a supply of candles in the house in case of power ________. ? A. failure B. lack C. absence D. drop 24. August 8, 2008 is the day ________ Chinese people will never forget. ? A. that B. when C. on which D. on that 25.Sandy usually has lunch at school, _____ she? A. doesn’t B. does C. has D. hasn’t

? 28. --- Mom, what did the doctor say? ? --- He advised me to live ________ the air is fresher. ? A. in where B. in which ? C. the place where D. where ? 29. ---Excuse me. Can you spare me a few minutes? ? --- ________. ? A. What’s on? B. What’s more? ? C. What’s up? D. What is it? ? 30. He called on another girl, ________ was more suitable for the job. ? A. he believed B. who he believed ? C. he believed she D. whom he believed ? 34. He seldom mentioned in public that his girlfriend was a saleswoman, ________? ? A. did he B. didn’t he ? C. was she D. wasn’t she

? 32. _____ sleep every night is very important for your health, which will make you feel much better ____ after a day’s tiring work. ? A. A good amount of, in no time ? B. a good many, at a time ? C. a great deal of, on time ? D. a great number of, in time ? 33. The movie directed by Ang Lee (Li an) won several awards at the film festival, ______ was exciting news to his fans. ? A. which B. that C. where D. it ? 34. The soldier risked _____ away to rescue the people trapped in the flood. ? A. washing B. washed ? C. to be washed D. being washed

? 24. There are two buildings, _______ stands nearly a hundred feet high. ? A. the larger B. the larger of them ? C. the larger one that D. the larger of which ? 25. I’ll show you a store ______ you may buy all _____ you need. ? A. where; which B. in which; that ? C. which; that D. that; that ? 29. ---John has made a great deal of progress lately. ? ---__________, and _______. ? A. So he has; so you have ? B. So he has; so have you ? C. So has he; so have you ? D. So has he; so you have



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