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Ⅰ. 虚拟语气在条件句的运用 1. If I were a millionaire, I _______________________ (travel) round the world. 2. If I _______________ (have) more money, I would help more people in need. 3. If he had hurried, he _____________________________(catch)the train. 4. If he should come tomorrow, I ________________________ (talk) to him about it. 5. If you ___________________ (join) the chat room ten minutes ago, you would have known what we were talking about. 6. If you _____________________(ask) him for help yesterday, he might have made some suggestions. 7. If he_____________________ (drive) more carefully, he would not have had an accident yesterday. 8. What would you do if you _______________ (be) the American president? 9. He ________________ (pass) the test now if he had taken my advice. 10. If the flower_____________________________(water), it wouldn’t die now. Sum up: If 从句(谓语动 词) 主句(谓语动词) 例句 If all of you_________(go)to Beijing University, our school ______________(be) the greatest high school in China. She ____________________(not open) the box if she ______________________ (inform )of the danger. If the sun ___________________ (not go) out tomorrow, we ___________________ (have) to live in the dark. 情况 与现在事 实相反

与过去事 实相反

与将来事 实相反

另:按照条件句的谓语动词形式表,其主句和从句的谓语动词是相互呼应的,有着固定的 搭配关系。 但有时主句和从句的谓语动词并不相互呼应,比如说从句用过去完成时 (指过去行为) , 而主句用一般时(指目前状态),这种条件句叫 ________________ 如例____。 Ⅱ. 虚拟语气在宾语从句的运用 1. The guard in the cinema insisted that everybody ______________ (obey)the rules. 2. I propose that we ___________________ (set) a dead line for handing in the plans. Sum up: 宾语从句在表示提议、要求、命令、意志等动词后,可用“should do”或“do”(be 原形动 词)虚拟语气。这类动词有:__________________________________________________

_______________________________________________________________________________等。 延伸: 3. His suggestion is that the meeting ____________________________(put) off. 4. It is desired that she___________________________(give) a performance at the party. 5. His only request is that you __________________________ (offer) him more food. 6. The boss gave orders that the work __________________________ (do) at once. Ⅲ. wish, as if/though, would rather, if only 的虚拟形式 1. I wish I ______________(be)as tall as you. 2. He wished he _____________________(not say)that at the meeting yesterday. 3. I wish it _____________________ (not rain) tomorrow so that we can go for an outing. 4. She speaks English so fluently as though she ___________________(study)English in Britain before. 5. He behaves as if he ___________________(own) the house. 6. He suddenly appeared in class one day, wearing sunglasses. He walked in as if he ______________________ (buy) the school. 7. Holding his head high, he walked past the pole and the soldiers as if they _____________(not exist). 8. Look at the terrible situation I am in! If only I ____________________ (follow)your advice. 9. If only the committee _________________________(approve) the regulations and put them into effect as soon as possible. 10. He is a very brave man. If only I ______________ (have) his courage. 11. The manager would rather his daughter _____________________ (not work) in the same office. 12. Wouldn't you rather your child _________________ (go)to bed early? Sum up: 时间 wish / as if / as though / if only / would rather 现在 过去 将来 谓语动词虚拟语气 _____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________

Ⅳ. It is time that 的虚拟形式 1. It’s time somebody___________________(teach) you how to behave yourself. 2. "You are very selfish. It's high time you ____________________________ (realize) that you are not the most important person in the world", Edgar said to his boss angrily. Ⅴ. 含蓄虚拟语气 1. But for the difficulties we _____________________(not know)great men’s toughness. 2. Without challenges, Theodore Roosevelt ______________ (never be) President of the United States.

3. I’m really very busy, otherwise I ________________ (go) there with you. 4. We didn't know his telephone number, otherwise we _________________________ (telephone)him. 5. He must have had an accident, or he ______________________ (catch) my phone call then. Ⅵ. 虚拟语气的倒装形式 1.If she were here, she would agree with us. = ________ she here, she would agree with us. 2.If he had learnt about computers, we would have hired him to work here. = ________ he learnt about computers, we would have hired him to work here. 3.If it should rain, the crops would be saved. =__________it rain, the crops would be saved. Ⅶ 翻译练习 1.工人们聚集在大门口,强烈要求老板给他们加工资。 ___________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________ 2.我多么希望我们能多上音乐课,美术课,体育课和电脑课。那么学生们就会更加健康快乐的成 长,而且没有考试的压力。 ___________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________ 3.我们上晚自习的时间太长了。如果学校可以缩短同学们上晚自习的时间,同学们晚上的睡眠质 量会好,第二天上课的时候不会打瞌睡。 ___________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________ 4.我们建议食堂提高饭菜的质量和种类。这样就餐的同学身体更健康,还可以吸引更多的学生就 餐。 ___________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________ 5.如果我们每天上一节体育课,同学们的身体会更棒,上课会集中注意力听课。 ___________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________ 6.如果谷歌忽略了团队合作的重要性,那么这个高科技公司就无法取得今天巨大的成功。 ___________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________ 7. 如果教学设施没有得到改善,学生的学习不会像现在这么便利。 ___________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________ 8. 如果不是因为他出众的沟通能力,他不会赢得这个销售冠军。 ___________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________ 9. 如果天气够好的话,亚航 QZ8501 就可能不会发生坠毁事故。

___________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________ 10. 该是世卫组织采取有效措施来遏制埃博拉病毒传播的潜在风险的时候了。 ___________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________ Ⅷ书面表达 某报社以“时间穿梭”的话题正在征稿,假设你是李华,请根据以下内容给编辑投稿: (1) 如果能够回到过去,你最辑回到的时间(或时段)及地点; (2) 描述你回到过去后最想做的事情; (3) 说明事情的意义. 【评分标准】 概括准确,语言规范,内容合适,篇章连贯。


Keys to the Learning Plan
Ⅰ. 虚拟语气在条件句的运用 1. would travel 2. had 3. could have caught 4. would talk 7. had driven 8. were 9. would pass 10. had been watered Sum up: If 从句(谓语 动词) 过去时 (be 动词用 were) had + 过去分 词 过去时或 should/ were to + 动词原形 主句(谓语动词) would/should/could/might + 动词原形 would/should/could/might have + 过去分词 would/should/could/might + 动词原形 5. had joined 6. had asked

例句 If all of you went (go)to Beijing University, our school would be (be) the greatest high school in China. She would not have opened (not open) the box if she had been informed (inform)of the danger. If the sun were not to go/should not go (not go) out tomorrow, we would have (have) to live in the dark.

情况 与现在 事实相 反 与过去 事实相 反 与将来 事实相 反

。 。 。这种条件句叫 混合型条件句 如例_9 和 10___。Ⅱ. 虚拟语气在宾语从句的运用 1. (should) obey 2. (should) set Sum up: 这类动词有:suggest,request,demand,urge,propose,prefer,advise,insist,require, order,command,maintain,object 等。 延伸: 3.(should) be put 4.(should) give 5.(should)offer 6.(should)be done Ⅲ.wish, as if, would rather, if only 的虚拟形式 1.were 2. hadn't said 3. would not rain 4. had studied 5. owned 6. had bought 7. didn’t exist 8. had followed 9. would approve 10. had 11.did not work 12. went Sum up: 时间 wish / as if / as though / if only / would rather 现在 过去 将来 谓语动词虚拟语气 动词过去式(be 多用 were) had + 过去分词 would + 动词原形

Ⅳ. It is time that 的虚拟形式 1. taught/should teach 2. realized /should realize Ⅴ. 含蓄虚拟语气 1. would not know 2. would never have been 3.would go 5. would have caught Ⅵ. 虚拟语气的倒装形式 1. Were 2. Had 3. Should

4. would have telephoned

Ⅶ 翻译练习 1. Workers are gathering at the gate, demanding strongly that they should be given higher wage. 2. How I wish we had more music, art, sports and computer lessons. In that way, students would be happier and healthier. Besides, they would have no pressure from examinations 3. We have too long studying hours in the evening. If the school shortened the studying time, students would have a good sleep and we wouldn’t be sleepy next day when having lessons. 4. We suggest the food in the canteen (should) be improved and varied. So students eating there would be healthier and more students would come to enjoy meals. 5. If we had a PE lesson every day, we would be healthier and concentrate more attention on class. 6. If Google had ignored the importance of teamwork spirit, this high-tech company would never achieve today’s stunning success. 7. If the teaching facilities were not improved, students would not have such convenience in learning. 8. If he had not owned such excellent communication skill, he would not have won the honor of sales champion.(But for his excellent communication skill, he would not have won the honor of sales champion.) 9. If the weather had been fine enough, the crash of Air Asia QZ8501 flight might not have happened. 10. It is high time that the WHO took effective measures to stop any potential spread of the Ebola. Version 1: I have been imagining where I would go if I could travel through time. Personally, I would travel to Tiananmen Square in Beijing on Oct. lst, 1949. It would be exciting to witness the historic moment when the People's Republic of China was founded. Were I lucky enough to have the opportunity, I would interview revolutionary pioneers, expressing our gratitude for the new life they brought us. I would also take pictures to record how people lived at that time. After I returned, I would show these photos to people in the modern time, reminding them of the hardship in the past, so that they would cherish what they possess now and be more positive toward life. Hopefully, what I brought back would inspire people today to follow the example set by those pioneers and thus shape our future. Version 2: If I were fortunate enough to travel back to the past, I would like to visit Chang An City during the Tang Dynasty as it is a shining pearl in Chinese history. Many people believe it was during this period that China reached its cultural peak, with outstanding literature, the invention of new technology, expanding foreign trade and the development of new religions. As a Chinese, how I wish I could witness the prosperity at that time. Leading such a life appeals to me. It would be a challenge to discover if I could survive in ancient times, to find out what skills I possessed and how I could use them to earn a living. I also hope I would discover some of the ancient values such respect and morality, which I fear have become less important in our modern world.



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