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1. They say that _________ Japanese Language is quite difficult for _________ European. A. the; a B. /; an C. the; an D. /; a 2. --- You couldn’t have chosen any gift better for me. --- _________. A. Oh, don’t complain about it. B. I’m glad you like it. C. That’s all right. I’ll give you a better one. D. You have a gift for music, don’t you? 3. The doctor said to me, “Never smoke.” The doctor advised me_______. A. not to smoke B. not smoke C. did not smoke D. don’t smoke 4. --- Hi, Lucy, you look tired. --- I’m really tired, because I the living room all day. A. painted B. had painted C. have been painted D. have been painting 5.Children above 12 are able to take part in the skiing or other activities_________for them. A. designed B.designing C.to design D.having designed 6. Doctor Smith is considering ______ job, which is considered _____ art,. A. to change; to be related to B. changing; to be related to C. changing; to be relating to D. to change ; to refer to 7.Whether by accident or by_________,he arrived too late to help us. A.purpose B.aim C.design D.chance 8. Nowadays, teaching as a career ______ to many young people because of the long holidays. A. attracts B. calls C. appeals D. pulls 9. The water company appealed ______ everyone ______ the amount of water used. A. for; to reduce B. to; reducing C. to; to reduce D. for; reducing 10. Our teacher is clever and hardworking, but not very good at _______ his ideas to us. A. getting over B. getting across C. getting on D. getting into 11.He left the company, _______never to come back again. A. To be determined B. Determined C. Being determined D. To determine 12.He is not a person easy to get along with,and therefore he got no one______him money when in trouble. A. lending B. lend C. to lend D. lent 13.The doctor recommended that you _______swim after eating a large meal. A.wouldn’t B.couldn’t C.needn’t D.shouldn’t 14.Today’s advertisements try to get consumers_____certain brands. A.buying B.buy C.to buy D.bought 15.The college students _____ that enough electricity _____ provided in dormitories every night. A. determined ; is B. advised ; has C. suggested ; was D. urged ; be 16.The present situation is very complex,so I think it will take some time to______its reality. A.make up B.figure out C.look through D.put off 17. Every packet of cigarettes contains poisonous chemicals that can ______ lung cancer and heart disease. A. result in B. result from C. deal in D. deal with 18.This is a very interesting book.I will buy it, ____________. A.how much may it cost B.no matter how it may cost C.however much it may cost D.how may it cost 19. ____________let Tom______something to play with,his mother gave him a toy dog. A.To;to have B.So as to;have C.So as to;to have D.In order to;have 20.——What did your next-door neighbours quarrel about last night?

——I could hear loud voices but I couldn’t ________ what they were saying. A. reach out B. take out C. turn out D. figure out 21.——Volunteering is becoming increasingly popular in China. ——Yes.People are now __________ that helping others is helping themselves. A.awake B. annoyed C. amazed D. aware 22. ——We're going rock climbing tomorrow .Why not join us? —— ____.It's said that there might be a thick fog then. A.That depends. B. Great. C My pleasure D I disagree. 23. I’d like to work with _______ is honest and easy to get on with. A. who B. whoever C. whomever D. no matter who 24. ——Which of the two books will you take ? — —I will take ________ and I think ________ of them is very important to me. A. either; neither B. neither; both C. both; either D. either; both 25. If it is __________ for you to go out tonight, would you like to go to the cinema with me? A. practical B. necessary C. convenient D. grateful 26. The teacher _______ come to our meeting, so we should make full preparations for it. A. is probable to B. is possible to C. is likely to D. A,B and C 27. A strange man called me and said that my daughter was taken into hospital, but I didn’t ________ his words, because I have no daughter at all. A. prepare for B. stand for C. call for D. fall for 28.There’s something wrong with your back. You’d better have it further ______. A. examined B. to examine C. examining D. examine 29. There was a discussion about ______ Polly had found the blind man. A. that B. if C. whether D. what 30. He told me the news______, believe it or not, he had earned $1 000 in a single day.? A. that B. which? C. as D. because?? 盐城中学 09-10 学年高一下学期期末 第二节 完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 20 分) It was in my high school science class. I was doing a task in front of the classroom with my favorite shirt on. A 41 came, “Nice shirt,” I smiled from ear to ear. Then another voice said, “That shirt belonged to my dad. Greg’s mother works for my family. We were going to 42 that shirt away, but gave it to her 43 .” I was speechless. I wanted to hide. I 44 the shirt in the back of the closet and told my mum what had happened. She then dialed her 45 , “I will no longer work for your family,” she told him. That night, Mom told my dad that she couldn’t clean anymore; she knew her life’s 46 was something greater. The next morning she 47 with the personnel manager at the Board of Education. He told her that without a proper education she could not teach. So Mom decided to 48 a university. After the first year in college, she went back to the personnel manager. He said, “You are 49 , aren’t you? I think I have a 50 for you as a teacher’s assistant. This opportunity deals with children who are mentally challenged with little or no chance of 51 .” Mom accepted the opportunity very 52 . For almost five years, as a teacher’s assistant, she saw teacher after teacher give up on the children and quit, feeling 53 . Then one day, the personnel manager and the principal 54

in her classroom. The principal said, “We have watched how you 55 the children and how they communicate with you and admire your hard-working 56 over the last five years. We are all in agreement that you 57 be the teacher of this class.” My mom spent more than 20 years there. 58 her career, she was voted Teacher of the Year. All of this came about because of the 59 comment made in the classroom that day. Mom showed me how to handle 60 situations and never give up. 41. A. noise B. voice C. sound D. tune 42. A. get B. take C. carry D. throw 43. A. otherwise B. anyhow C. instead D. actually 44. A. settled B. pushed C. stored D. stuck 45. A. teacher B. employer C. director D. adviser 46. A. purpose B. encouragement C. achievement D. victory 47. A. went B. met C. worked D. stayed 48. A. visit B. continue C. attend D. prepare 49. A. serious B. fortunate C. careful D. responsible 50. A. career B. duty C. position D. part 51. A. learning B. judging C. obeying D. imagining 52. A. patiently B. eagerly C. successfully D. skillfully 53. A. upset B. frightened C. guilty D. ashamed 54. A. looked up B went up C. took up D. showed up 55. A. believe B. protect C. treat D. receive 56. A. spirit B. intention C. action D. attempt 57. A. must B. would C. might D. should 58. A. At B. During C. On D. With 59. A. worthless B. thoughtless C. hopeless D. helpless 60. A. challenging B. different C. dangerous D. strange 41---45 BDCDB 46---50 ABCAC 51---55 ABADC 56---60 ADBBA 第三部分 阅读理解(共 15 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 30 分) (A) There is an endless supply of stories about sleepwalkers (梦游者). People have been said to climb on roofs, solve mathematical problems, write music, walk through windows, and do murder in their sleep. In Revere, Massachusetts, a hundred policemen searched for a lost boy who left his home in his sleep and woke up five hours later on a strange sofa in a strange living room, with no idea how he had got there. At the University of Lowa, a student was reported to have the habit of getting up in the middle of the night and walking three-quarters of a mile to the Lowa River. He would take a swim and then go back to his room to bed. An American expert on sleep claims (声称) that he has never seen a sleepwalker. He is said to know more about sleep than any other living man, and during the last thirty-five years he has lost a lot of sleep watching people sleep. He says, “Of course, I know that there are sleepwalkers because I have read about them in the newspapers. But none of my sleepers ever walked, and if I were to advertise for sleepwalkers for an experiment, I doubt whether I would get many takers (应 征者).” Sleepwalking, however, is a scientific reality. It is one of those strange things that sometimes

look quite fantastic (怪诞的). Doctors say that sleepwalking is much more common than is generally supposed. Many sleepwalkers do not try to find help and their sleepwalking is never recorded. 61. Generally speaking, sleepwalkers are people who ________. A. climb on roofs B. walk through windows C. do fantastic things during their sleep D. walk in a half-awake state 62. It was reported that a boy ________. A. was found on a strange sofa, telling how he had got there B. slept in his own room but woke up in a strange room C. lost his way five hours after he left home D. was searched for by policemen when he lost his way 63. There was a college student who got into the habit of ________. A. getting up in the middle of the night and walking down to the river B. walking three-quarters of a mile every day C. swimming in the Lowa River before going to bed D. walking about before he went to bed 64. Why do people think sleepwalking is nothing but a fantastic thing which doesn’t have any explanation? A. It is so common that it needn’t be recorded. B. Scientists take no interest in it. C. Most sleepwalkers do not seek help for their problem. D. No records about it have been made. (B) In Britain today, is it possible to tell a person’s class just by looking at him? Physical details alone tell us about health, diet and the type of work a person does. A hundred years ago the working class often looked unhealthy, small and they were either too thin or too fat. The upper classes were often tall, sporting types who were used to a good diet and looked healthy. Today living and working conditions have improved, and such descriptions are no longer true. People are taller now than a hundred years ago. Everyone in Britain today is able to have free medicine, a good diet, acceptable working conditions and enough rest and leisure. The clothes people choose to wear, however, do provide information about their backgrounds. Expensive clothes look expensive and show their wearer is rich. Clothes can provide other clues as well. The upper classes appear to be less interested in fashion and wear good quality clothes in non-bright colours, made of natural material like wool, leather and cotton. Lower working-class people often choose clothes in bright colours, made of man-made materials. A sociological explanation for this would be that colour and interest are missing from their lives, and therefore any opportunity to produce this is taken. Clothes are available at a price within most people’s reach. New clothes make the wearer feel good and show some degree of wealth to the outside world. Today it is the younger people who spend most money on clothes. Fashion is no longer for the upper classes and the rich. Young people from all social classes spend a lot of money on clothes. Some new fashions are started by working-class people who want to look different and feel important. They want people to look at them. 65. In the past, a person’s appearance could not tell other people about his ________. A. health B. diet C. occupation (职业) D. habits 66. The clothes people choose to wear tell us about their ________. A. education B. richness C. backgrounds D. hobby

67. A working-class person may start a new fashion because ________. A. she wants to draw the attention of other people B. she wants to look different and healthy C. she wants to show their wealth D. she wants to show their taste 68. Which of the following statements is NOT true? A. Expensive clothes look expensive and show the wearer is rich. B. Working-class people prefer clothes in bright colours because they lack colour in their lives. C. Today, it is still the upper class people who spend most money on clothes. D. Today, fashion is no longer for the upper classes and the rich. (C) Books for Children Fleabag and the Ring's End Beth Webb More stories of Fleabag, the talking cat—star of this wonderful set of 3 books. Ages 8—13, 208 pages, paper-back 07459 44116, £3.99 My Very First Christmas Book Lois Rock and Alec Ayliffe A big, bright book, which presents the story simply, and delightfully for very young children. Ages 0—3, 12 pages, 200mmx200mm, board 07459 40560, £4.99 The little White House Elizabeth Goudge A fairy tale and winner of the Carnegie Medal. Ages 8—12, 240 pages, paper-back 07459 45783, £4.99 First Festival: Christmas Lois Rock An all-in-one book to help grown-ups and children prepare their Christmas celebration together. Presents, activities and customs. Ages 5—8, 48 pages, 290mmx250mm, hardback 07459 39074, £8.99 The Not-So-Wise Man Alan MacDonald and Andrew Rowland We all know about the 3 Wise Men who traveled to Bethlehem ( 伯 利 恒 ) and discovered the baby Jesus Christ. This is the tale of another one, who always missed the point. Ages 5—9, 32 pages, 270mm× 210mm, hardback. 07459 38922, £8.99

Star of Wonder Pat Alexander A wonderful collection of Christmas stories and poems. Full of lively pages to read and enjoy. Ages 7—12, 224 pages, paperback 07459 39323, £4.99

69. If you want to make a Christmas plan together with your children, which book do you prefer? A. Star of Wonder B. The Not-So-Wise Man C. First Festival: Christmas D. My Very First Christmas Book 70. Which number would you dial if you want to order a book for your 2-year-old child? A. 07459 40560. B. 07459 38922. C. 07459 45783. D. 07459 44116. 71. If your child wants to read stories of animals, whose book will be your choice? A. Pat Alexander. B. Beth Webb.C. Lois Rock. D. Elizabeth Goudge. (D) It was a Sunday morning, and I was in a terrible mood. Two of my friends had gone to the movies the night before and hadn’t invited me. I was in my room thinking of ways to make them sorry when my father came in. “Want to go for a ride, today, Beck? It’s a beautiful day.”


“No! Leave me alone!” Those were the last words I said to him that morning. My friends called and invited me to go to the mall with them a few hours later. I forgot to be mad at them and went. I came home to find a note on the table. My mother put it where I would be sure to see it. “Dad has had an accident. Please meet us at Highland Park Hospital”. When I reached the hospital, my mother came out and told me my father’s injuries were extensive. “Your father told the driver to leave him alone and just call 911, thank God! If he had moved Daddy, there’s no telling what might have happened. A broken rib (肋骨) might have pierced (穿透) a lung....” My mother may have said more, but I didn’t hear. I didn’t hear anything except those terrible words: Leave me alone. My dad said them to save himself from being hurt more. How much had I hurt him when I hurled (愤慨地说出) those words at him earlier in the day? It was several days later that he was finally able to have a conversation. I held his hand gently, afraid of hurting him. “Daddy... I am so sorry....” “It’s okay, sweetheart. I’ll be okay.” “No,” I said, “I mean about what I said to you that day. You know, that morning?” My father could no more tell a lie than he could fly. He looked at me and said, “Sweetheart, I don’t remember anything about that day, not before, during or after the accident. I remember kissing you goodnight the night before, though.” He managed a weak smile. My English teacher once told me that words have immeasurable power. They can hurt or they can heal. And we all have the power to choose our words. I intend to do that very carefully from now on. 72. The author was in bad mood that morning because ________. A. his father had a terrible accident B. he couldn’t drive to the mall with his friends C. his friends hadn’t invited him to the cinema D. his father didn’t allow him to go out with his friends 73. Why did the author say sorry to his father in the hospital? A. Because he didn’t go along with his father. B. Because he was rude to his father that morning. C. Because he failed to come earlier after the accident. D. Because he couldn’t look after his father in the hospital. 74. The reason why the author’s father said he forgot everything about that day is that ________. A. he had a poor memory B. he didn’t want to forgive his son C. he just wanted to comfort his son D. he lost his memory after the accident 75. What lesson did Beck learn from the matter? A. Don’t treat your parents badly. B. Don’t hurt others with rude words. C. Don’t move the injured in an accident. D. Don’t be angry with friends at small things. 61---64 CBAC 65---68 DCAC 69---71 CAB 72---75 CBCB 淮阴师院附属中学 2012-2013 学年高一下学期期中 任务型阅读 (共 10 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 10 分) Ways to Protect Your Eyes September is the Home and Sports Eye Safety month in the United States because of all the eye injury cases related to sport activities. It is actually a combination of protection and awareness of keeping the home a safe place for growing children by ensuring that it will be a better home environment, and not an accident-prone place. There are several ways to help those who are


blessed with perfect vision to protect their eyes. Read With the Light on There is an increasing rate of eye problems these days, especially when the availability of mobile and other devices have increased greatly. In fact, you will usually see people reading an e-book, since most of them, especially the younger generations, think it is convenient to read it in the dark. Whether you are sending a text message, reading a note on your tablet, or using another contemporary device, you will be given the traditional advice to avoid reading when it’s dark or getting dark, and be told to make sure the light is on. Actually, it is a medical myth that the eyes will be damaged if you keep on reading in dim light or if the light is not on. The right medical explanation is that it will cause eye strain, and if it continues, it will be one of the contributions to poor eyesight later in life. Exercise Your Eyes You might smile when you see this tip, but indeed, our eyes also need exercise, not just our body. Our eyes get tired each day in doing activities like reading, watching television, using a computer, texting and writing. In fact, these regular activities can cause short sightedness. In order to avoid this, make sure that you give your eyes a 20-minute break from any activity that you are doing, or slowly blink your eyes about 10 times. These are quick exercise activities that you can do to relax your eyes. Healthy Food for the Eyes The right habits begin at home, and they are taught by parents. As soon as parents teach their children to eat healthy food that contain vitamins which are good for the eyes, it will help to keep their eyes protected. For adults, you still need to observe a balanced diet. A healthy selection of food will not just keep your vision clear, but your health stable. Visit an Optometrist (验光师) Nothing is more important than the advice and tips of an eye expert. They know exactly what to say, and the kind of regimen (养生法) to give. Don’t just visit an optometrist because you need to. Set a time along with other regular or yearly check-ups that you have to ensure that you are healthy. Take tests and examinations so you can be informed about the status of your eyes. Do not delay until the day you have a problem. Ways to Protect Your Eyes Introduction The Home and Sports Eye Safety month was established mainly to increase people’s (71) ____________ of the need to protect their eyes. ? Eye problem are becoming serious, particularly because mobile and other devices are increasingly (72) ____________. Read With ? Most people, especially the younger generations, think it is (73) the Light on ____________ to use e-books in the dark. ? Keeping reading in dim light will cause eye strain, which partly (74) ____________ to poor eyesight later in life. Exercise ? Like our body, the eyes also need some exercises, because they will get tired Your Eyes after doing certain activities (75) ____________. ? Taking a 20-minute break and slowly blinking your eyes about 10 times are two quick ways to (76) ____________ your eyes. ? Parents should teach children to develop the (77) ____________ of eating Healthy Food healthy food early. for the Eyes ? Adults should (78) _____________ a balanced diet, paying attention to nutritious food that will benefit their eyes and their health. Visit an ? An eye expert’s advice and tips are of great (79) ____________.


Regular checks-ups will make sure that you are healthy and will (80) ____________ you of the status of your eyes. 71.awareness 72.available 73.convenient 74.contributes 75.regularly 76.relax/exercise 77.habit 78.observe 79.importance 80.inform





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