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Unit 3 汇总(1)


五星词汇 (要求熟练掌握英汉互译,记住蓝色词汇的用法) cigarette; abuse; stress; ban; due to; tough; addicted to; accustomed to; withdrawal; bad-tempered; automatic(ally); mental(ly); quit; effect; abnormal; breathless; unfit; strengthen; decide on; feel like doing; relax(ation); desperate; disappointment; weaken; ashamed; comprehension; in spite of; take risks(a risk); get into; illegal; at risk; survival; male; female; judgement; embarrassed; awkward 三星与四星词汇 alcohol(ic); fitness; sex(ual); stressful; obesity; adolescent; adolescence; nicotine; lung; pregnant; resolve; packet; chemist; chewing gum; etc; appendix; pill; robbery; slippery; immune; inject; needle; spill; prejudice; abortion; cigar

二、知识点句型汇总 1. stressful; stressed; under great stress/pressure; lay/place/put stress on 2. ban doing; ban…from doing; a ban on sth. 3. due to = because of/thanks to/owing to/ on account of/ as a result of/ as a consequence of 4. addictive; be addicted to/ addict oneself to doing 5. accustom oneself to; be/get/become accustomed to=be used to doing 6. quit doing 7. have an/no effect on; take effect; come into effect; effective 8. fit; unfit; fitness; be fit for; keep fit/healthy 9. strengthen; weaken; brighten; widen; sharpen

10. decide to do; decide on sth; make a decision; make up one’s mind 11. feel like doing; would like to do 12. disappointed; disappointing; disappointment; be disappointed at; be disappointed to do; to one’s disappointment 13. be ashamed of doing sth.; be ashamed to do sth.; be ashamed that 14. in spite of=despite; regardless of 都不能接句子 15. risk doing; take the risk of doing; risk one’s life to do 16. get along/across/down to/ over/into 17. survive; survival; survivor 18. judge; judging by/from 19. embarrassed; embarrassing; be embarrassed at/ about; be embarrassed to do sth.

参考创新方案 P44-P45 句型: 1. as 引导定语从句 2. 用do; does; did强调谓语动词 3. every time/each time/the first time引导时间状语 从句 4. 强调句

三、课本知识检测 1. Do you think smoking should be b______? 2. Where could you get good advice___ stopping smoking.(介) 3. ____________________(令人惊奇) at my age I am still ___ ___ ___(非常健康) cycle 20 kilometres in an afternoon. 4. It’s my birthday___ two weeks’ time and I’ll be 82 years old! (介词) 5. I think my long and active life must____ ___ ___ the healthy life I live. (归功于) 6. Your mother tells me that you started smoking some time ago and now you______ ______ _____ _____ ____(发现…困难) give it up. 7. Believe me, I know how easy it is to begin smoking and how t_____ it is to stop. 8. You see, during adolescence I also smoked and ______ _______ _______ _______(吸烟上瘾)

9. This means that after a while your body _____ ________ ____ _____ nicotine in it. (习惯了有…) 10. ____ ____ ____, (你知道)if you do the same thing over and over again, you begin to do it a_____________. 11. I was addicted in all three ways, so it was very difficult to q______. But I did finally m________. 12. When I was young, I didn’t know much about the harmful e_______ of smoking. 13. Neither ____ I know that my cigarette smoke could a________ the health of non-smokers. 14. She told me that she wouldn’t go out with me again _____ I stopped. (连词) 15. I also noticed that I became b________ quickly, and that I wasn’t enjoying sport as much. 16. When I was taken off the school football team because I was u_____, I knew it ____ ____ ___ ___ ____ ____.(是 我戒烟的时候了)

17. I do hope so because I want you to live ____ ____ ____ ____ ___ _____ ____ ___ _____.(像我这样活的健康长寿) 18. It is not easy to stop smoking, but millions ____ _____ ___ (成功地做成) quit and so _____ ____.(你也能) 19. Don’t choose a day that you know is going to be s_____, such as the day of an exam. 20. Make a list of all the b_____ you will get from stopping smoking. 21. _____ ____ (每次) you _____ _____ smoking a cigarette, r_____ yourself that you are a non smoker. 22. ______ _____ smoking a cigarette, do something else. 23. If you start to feel nervous or s_________, do not reach for a cigarette. 24. If you feel d_________, you might like to talk to a doctor or chemist about something to help you, like nicotine chewing gum. 25. Do not be d_____________ if you have to try several times before you finally stop smoking. If you weaken and have a cigarette, do not fell a_______. Just try again. You will succeed e_____________.

四、精选语境训练习题 1. This term, English teacher lays great s_______ tress on composition and reading. 2. The government b________ anned the magazines from publishing the pictures. 3. Our happy childhood is ___ due ___ to our father's hard work. ddicted 4. He a_________ himself to playing the violin and didn’t find a thief walk into his house. 5. He is a__________ ccustomedto staying up late and getting up late 6. Scientists are convinced of the positive e________ of ffect laughter on physical and mental health. In the long run, working regularly has a good e_____ ffect on our health. In order to create a peaceful world, we should make every e______ ffort to protect the environment. 7. He was a_________ shamed to cheat, because he realized that it was s___________ to cheat in the exam. Shame; hameful shameful

8. He has been brought in to s___________ trengthen the defense. 9. The doctor made one last d_________ esperate attempt to save the boy’s life. esperate efforts to run The prisoner made several d__________ away from the prison, but failed every time. 10. Although he claimed that he was a good mayor, he was sentenced to three years in prison for a________ busing his power while in office. 11.由于生活的压力,很多人沉溺于吸烟或酗酒。 Many people become addicted to smoking or alcohol abuse due to the stress of life. 12. He a________ bused his position as manager by giving jobs to his friends and relatives. 13. A______________ to climbing the steep mountain, he ccustomed had no difficulty reaching the top. 14. I didn’t _____ ______ going out. Why don’t we stay at feel like home and watch TV? 15. The children were very d___________ isappointedthat they wouldn’t go to the zoo.

16. _____ _____ In spite of _____ his wounded leg, he managed to get up the stairs. 17. You can’t r_______ losing the good opportunity any isk more. 18. I’ve ______ ____ the habit of calling in on my got into grandparents on my way home from school. 一旦你染上了吸烟的习惯,就很难戒掉。 Once you get into the habit of smoking, it is very hard to quit. 19. I can’t advise you what to do. You must use your own j__________. udgement I felt e_____________ mbarrassed when I had to sing songs in front of my classmates. 20. Because of the economic crisis, some small companies are having to fight for s__________. urvival 21. At a formal party I usually feel very a___________ wkward and out of place.

句型训练 1. It is known to us all that China ha the largest population in the world. As___ is known to us ____, all China has the largest ___ ____ ___ ___ population in the world. What is known to us all ____ ____ ___ ____ ____ ___is that China has the largest population in the world. 2. If you have a job, do ____ _____ yourself and finally you’ll devote succeed. 3. There is an expression in his eye that I can’t understand _________________. for the first time (第一次) ______________ the first time I climbed onto the wall, I felt nervous. 4. _____ ____ ___ ____the fish died in the river _______the It was not until that farmers knew the river was polluted. (直到…才) 5. Andy was crying in his room just now, but he wouldn’t tell me ____ ____ _____ made him so sad. (是什么) what____ it was that

Part 1&2 a small living thing 微生物 weaken v. that is, eventually adv. damage v./n. develop AIDS chances of survival are very small. find a cure for cure sb. of a disease

Part 3 share...with... the first time become/get infected people carrying HIV look perfectly healthy It is....that... progress to anyone who... a person infected with risk doing sth be slightly more likely to do because of prejudice for the same reason look after at risk there is (no) evidence of/for

与...分享 第一次 受感染 HIV病毒携带者 看上去十分健康 强调句型 发展成为 任何人 感染了...人 有…的危险;冒险做 可能性稍微大一些 因为偏见 因为相同的原因 照顾照看 冒险 (没)有…的证据

1. in spite of=despite尽管(不能与but连用); regardless of 不管不顾 in spite of the fact that.../ although/though+从句 虽然尽管 2. take risks=take a risk 冒险 run/take the risk of冒...险 at risk 处境危险 at the risk of...冒...的风险 risk one’s life to do sth 冒着生命危险做... risk doing 冒险做... 3. get into 陷入,染上,养成(习惯) get along 相处;进展 get across使通过,使被理解 get down to开始着手做....(to为介词) get through 通过;接通电话;经历 get over克服困难;痊愈

4. embarrassed adj.尴尬的,陷入困境的 embarrassing adj. embarrass v.— embarrassment n. be~~to do sth.做某事感到尴尬 be~~about/at/by sth.为...感到尴尬 5. It is....that/whom 一般疑问句形式is /was it...that/whom...? 特殊疑问句形式:特殊疑问词+is/was+that/whom+...? not...until的强调句: it is/was not until...that.... .


1. You can have HIV in your blood for a long time, but ________(最终) HIV will _______ your immune system so much that your body can no longer fight disease. 2. If you AIDS, your 4. Sb _______ be likely to do sth_____________ 某人有可能做/are very small. 发生某事 3. Many people carrying HIV look perfectly healthy. ____ _____ only when theto disease has 4. Sb be slightly likely do sth 某人有 progressed to AIDS_____ a person begins to look 发生某事的一点可能性 sick. 4. Women are________more likely to become infected than men. 5. A person cannot get HIV _____ _____ _____ they have sex. 6. Unfortunately, people with HIV sometimes lose their friends because of _______.


There’s a slight chance that he’ll be back in time.
There’s a slight chance of his being back in time. Tom当选学生会主席的可能性极大。 The chance of Tom’s being elected Chairman of students’ union is big.

用适当的介词填空。 1. At present we have no evidence ______ of life on other planets. through blood. 2. The virus can be spread _______ 3. Scientists predict they will be able to for cancer by learning how find a cure ______ to switch cells on and off. of the building was destroyed 4. Part ______ in the fire. 5. People tend to work hard at this stage of life. ______

I. 根据下列各句句意及所给单词的首字 母或汉语提示,写出各单词的正确形式。 kissed his wife and children 1. He k______ good-bye and got on the train. 2. His behaviour was beyond comprehension I could not understand c_____________. why he did so. 3. I caught a ______ flu (流感) and had to lie in the bed.

4. We need to buy some ______ needles (针) for different types of sewing machines. female (女性的) workers in 5. All the ______ this factory got a present on March 8. perfect (完美的) girl in 6. Linda is a ______ every way.

II. 用所给词的适当形式填空。 1. After two years in Spain, Kate spoke the language ________ perfectly (perfect). 2. The prime minister is expected to statement (state) on the present issue a _________ situation. 3. It is quite necessary for children to basic (base) knowledge of learn some ______ first aid.

4. Her parents were happy that she had judgement (judge) in choosing such good _________ friends. 5. They don’t have the least ____________ comprehension (comprehend) of what I’m trying to do.


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