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非谓语动词易错题集锦归类整理 一.祈使句与非谓语动词区别 1.Mrs. White found her husband surrounded by letters and papers and ________ very worried. A. look B. looks C. looking D. to look 2._________the book on Chinese history, and you will learn a lot about the nation. A. Having read B. Read C. Reading D. To read 3._______ me an opportunity, you will find that I am able to do something A. Giving B.Given C. Having given D. Give _______ me an opportunity, I'm sure you will find something unusual. A.Giving B.Given C. Having given D. Give 4. ________ and I’ll get my assignment finished. A. Having one more hour B. One more hour C. Given one more hour D. If I have one more hour 5. _____ it to me and I’ll see what I can do. A. When left B. Leaving C. If you leave D. Leave 6.______ an important role in a new movie, Andy has a chance to become famous. A.Offer B.Offering C.Offered D.To offer 7.Please do me a favor — ______ my friend Mr. Smith to Youth Theater at 7:30 tonight. A. to invite B. inviting C. invite D. Invited 8.______ the right kind of training , these teenage soccer players may one day grew the international stars. A. Giving B. Having given C. To give D. Given 9. 2012 江苏】 ______ an important decision more on emotion than on reason, you will regret 【 31. it soon or later. A. Based B. Basing C. Base D. To base 10. 2011?福建福州三中第一次月考) To test eggs, ______ them in a bowel of water; if they ( 26. float they’re bad, if they sink they are good. A.put B.putting C.to put D.to be putting 11. (湖南省醴陵二中 2010 届高三上学期第四次月考) _______ over whenever we want to make a decision, many people believe, and we will have less chance of making mistakes. A. To think B. Think C. Thinking D. Thought 12.【2012 北京】 ______ at the door before you enter my room, please. A. Knock B. Knocking C. Knocked D. To knock 二.seat 与 seated 1.The detective, _______ to be reading a newspaper, glanced at the man ______ next to a woman. A. pretending; seated B. pretended; seated C. pretending; seat D. pretended; seating 2.Ladies and gentlemen, please remain ______ until the plane has come to a complete stop. A. seated B. seating C. to seat D. Seat 3._______herself on the sofa, she enjoyed the wonderful match_______ in TV. A. Seated , broadcast B. Seated , broadcasted C. Seats , broadcast D. Seating,broadcast 4.—Can those ______ at the back of the classroom hear me?


—No problem. A.seat B.sit C.seated D.sat 5.Please remain ______,the winner of the prize will be announced soo A.seating B.seated C.to seat D.to be seated 6.(2011?重庆师大附中第一次月考)26.When I turned to the person ______ next to me, I recognized that he was my schoolmate. A. seating B. being sat C. sit D. seated 三.现在分词的用法 1.Sarah pretended to be cheerful,______ nothing about the argument. A. says B. said C. to say D. saying 2. (2011 北京卷,33) down, Emma. You will only make yourself more tired,______ on you feet. Sit A. to keep B. keeping C. having kept D. to have kept 3.Mike found his missing car in the street outside his house, ______ newly cleaned and polished. A. looked B. to look C. looking D. to be looking 4.(2011 浙江卷,3) Bats are surprisingly long-lived creatures, some _______ a life span of around 20 years. A.having B had C. have D. to have 5. (2011 陕西卷,20) More highways have been built in China,______ it much easier for people to travel form one place to another. A. making B. made C. to make D. having made 6.(10 福建 25) Lots of rescue workers were working around the clock,______ supplies to Yushu, Qinghai Province after the earthquake. A. sending B. to send C. having sent D. to have sent 7.(10 安徽 30) He had a wonderful childhood, ______ with his mother to all corners of the world A. travel B. to travel C. traveled D. traveling 8.(10 江西 24) The lady walked around the shops, ______ an eye out for bargains. A keep B kept C keeping D to keep 9. (10 天津 12) It rained heavily in the south,______ serious flooding in several provinces. A. caused B. having caused C. causing D. to cause 10.(10 江苏 28) The retired man donated most of his savings to the school damaged by the earthquake in Yushu ,________the students to return to their classrooms. A. enabling B. having enabled C. to enable D. to have enabled 11.(10 重庆 30) The news shocked the public, _______to great concern about students’ safety at school. A. having led B. led C. leading D. to lead 12. (09 福建 34) In April, 2009, President Hu inspected the warships in Qingdao,______ the 60th anniversary of the founding of the PLA Navy.


A. marking B. marked C. having marked D. being marked 13.(09 湖南 25) At the age of 29, Dave was a worker, ______ in a small apartment near Boston and ______ what to do about his future. A. living; wondering B. lived; wondering C. lived; wondered D. living; wondered 14. (09 上海 31) A small plane crashed into a hillside five miles east of the city, _____ all four people on board. A. killed B. killing C. kills D. to kill 15.(07 天津 6) The glass doors have taken the place of the wooden ones at the entrance,______ in the natural light during the day. A.to let B.letting C.let D.having let 16.(06 安徽 21) My cousin came to see me from the country, ______ me a full basket of fresh fruits. A.brought B.bringing C.to bring D.had brought 17.(05 全国Ⅲ20) “You can’t catch me!” Janet shouted,______ away. A.run B.running C.to run D.ran 18.(05 山东 27) Oil prices have risen by 32 percent since the start of the year,______ a record US $57.65 a barrel on April 4. A.have reached B.reaching C.to reach D.to be reaching 19.【2012 全国卷 II】 Tony lent me the money, ___ that I’d do as much for him. A. hoping B. to hope C. hoped D. having hoped 四.被动表主动 1.(2011 浙江卷,14) Even the best writers sometimes find themselves ______ for words. A. lose B. lost C. to lose D. having lost 2.(10 上海 33) Lucy has a great sense of humor and always keeps her colleagues ______ with her stories. A. amused B. amusing C. to amuse D. to be amuse 3.(10 全国Ⅱ11) Though_________to see us, the professor gave us a warm welcome. A. surprising B. as surprised C. surprised D being surprised 4. (09 上海 33) With the government’s aid, those _____ by the earthquake have moved to the new settlements. A. affect B. affecting C. affected D. were affected 5. (09 四川 4) Ladies and gentlemen, please remain ______ until the plane has come to a complete stop. A. seated B. seating C. to seat D. seat 6.(09 浙江 3) _______and short of breath, Andy and Ruby were the first to reach the top of Mount Tai. A.Being tired B. Tired C. Tiring D. Being tired 7.(07 湖南 34)


“Things ______ never come again!”I couldn't help talking to myself. A.lost B.losing C.to lose D.have lost 8. (河北省唐山市 2010 届高三上学期摸底考试) ____ at Taiwan magician LiuQian's magic show, many students have fallen in love with the art. A. Amazing B. Amazed C. Being amazed D. To amaze 9. 2011?河北正定中学第一次月考) We must be sure that children in our country should get ( 18. well ______. A.educate B educating C.education D.Educated 10. (山西省山大附中 2010 届高三 12 月月考) Every evening after dinner, if not ______ from work, I will spend some time walking my dog. A. being tired B. tiring C. tired D. to be tired 11.(江苏省泗阳中学 2010 届高三第一次检测) On the bank of the river, we found him ______ on a beach, with his eyes _______ on a kite in the sky. A. seated; fixing B. sitting; fixing C. seated; being fixed D. sitting; fixed 12. 2011?河北正定中学第一次月考) ( 19. The program was so fascinating that the children kept their eyes _____ on the screen. A.to fix B to be fixed C.fixed D.fixing 13.(06 天津 7) A good story does not necessarily have to have a happy ending,but the reader must not be left______. A.unsatisfied B.unsatisfying C.to be unsatisfying D.being unsatisfied 14. (安徽师大附中 2010 届高三第一次摸底考试) On July 5, violent crimes of beating, looting and burning in Urumqi of Xinjiang broke out, _____ 156 innocent people and with more than 1080 _____. A. killed; injured B. killing; injured C. killed; injuring D. killing; injuring 15.(06 四川 33) ______ with so much trouble,we failed to complete the task on time. A.Faced B.Face C.Facing D.To face 16.(05 湖南 22) ______ in a white uniform,he looks more like a cook than a doctor. A.Dressed B.To dress C.Dressing D.Having dressed 17. (09 重庆 25) Michael’s new house is like a huge palace, ______with his old one. A. comparing B. compares C. to compare D. compared 18. (安徽省屯溪一中 2010 届高三上学期期中考试) _____ to his research work, the professor cared little about any other things. A. Devoting B. Devoted C. Having devoted D. To devote 19. (贵州省兴义九中 09-10 学年高三上学期期中考试) Judging from his ______ look, I can say Mr. Li is ______ at our arrival at this time. A. annoying, annoyed B. annoying, annoying C. annoyed, annoyed D. annoyed, annoying 20. (江苏省南京师大附中 2010 届高三 12 月阶段测试)


______ his body and soul to bringing up-to-date technology and international attention to China's Aids problem, Dr David Ho, born in Taiwan, spent little time with his family. A. Devoted B. To devote C. Being devoted D. Devoting 21. (安徽省芜湖七中 2010 届高三上学期第一次调研考试) There is a new problem ______ in the popularity of private cars ______ road conditions need to be improved. A.involving; that B.involved; that C.involved; where D.involving; which 22. (湖南省长沙市一中 2010 届高三上学期第二次月考) _____ with the accident, he was forced to resign. A. Concerned B. Concerning C. Having concerned D. Be concerned 23. (吉林省公主岭市范家屯一中 2010 届高三模拟考试) Swan Lake is a famous ballet in four acts, _______ on a German fairy tale. A. is based B. basing C. based D. bases 24. (河南省郑州市 47 中 2010 届高三平行班第一次月考) There was a nice little gift for everyone,with a suitable poem _______ to it. A. attached B. to be attaching C. to attach D. attaching 25. (江苏省四星级高中南京市江宁高级中学 2010 届高三第一次调研考试) _______ in the warm sunlight, I soon fell asleep on the sunny beach. A. Bathe B. To bathe C. Bathed D. Bathing 26. (辽宁省抚顺二中 2010 届高三第一次月考) The young man sat back in his sofa, ______ with what he had worked out to do with the remaining work. A. having satisfied B. being satisfied C. To be satisfied D. satisfied 27. (山东省诸城一中 2010 届高三 10 月月考) I found him sitting in his chair, completely ______ a magazine. A. absorbing B. being absorbed in C. absorbed in D. absorbing in 28. (江苏省姜堰市罗塘中学 09-10 学年高三上学期期中考试) Sichuan Province, _____ in southwest China and _____ an area of 485,000 kilometers with the largest population in China, is one of the largest and most inaccessible provinces in China. A. located; covered B. locating; covering C. located; covering D. locating; covered 29. (海南省嘉积中学 2010 届高三上学期教学质量监测(二) ) _____ herself to science, the great scientist took little notice _____ the honors given to her. A. Devoted, of B. Devoting, of C. Devoted, about D. Devoting, about 30. (09 江苏省南通市高三一模试题) _______ that the government can lead them out of the financial crisis, people are optimistic about the future of the country. A. Convincing B. Convinced C. To convince D. Having convinced 31.(08 江西省重点中学协作体高三第一次联考) ______ in the book,he didn’t hear the sound. A.Burying B.To be buried C.Having been buried D.Buried 32.(08 南昌市高三第一次调研测试)


______ to give up smoking,he threw away his ______ cigarettes. A.Determined;remained B.Determined;remaining C.Determining;remained D.Determining;remaining 33.(06 杭州部分重点中学综合练习) China has successfully sent up the Shenzhou VI spacecraft into sky ______ with devices of sophisticated science and technology. A.equipped B.equipping C.to be equipped D.having been equipped 34.______ of the heavy burden of homework,the children rushed out of the classroom and enjoyed themselves. A.To be free B.Freeing C.To free D.Freed 35. 【2012 届四川省泸州市高三第二次诊断】 In March, thousands of holidaymakers remained 18. ___ in Japan due to the earthquake. A.sticking B.to have stuck C.to be stuck D.stuck




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