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Unit 3 A healthy life

Nearly a million American youngsters, some as young as 6,

rely onpersonal trainers to shape up 塑身 ,lose weightor

improve in sports. Many parents, worried about their children's

weight and fitness, say that working with a trainer motivates


build confidence. So they are

willing to spend the D|S40 to D|S60 an hour that trainers generally

charge.,The Boston?based group's latest figures, from 2005,

show that 824,000 children between the ages of 6 and 17 use trainers.

With many high school students not getting exercise at school,

more parents are turning totrainers to help their children stay fit.

More than one?third of American children are overweight and

experts warn of future health problems ahead fro


to heart disease.,Kathleen Ballew said that her 7?year?old son,

Jordan Sims, who would begin second grade in the fall, could

benefit from some one?on?one time with a fitness professional.

She had noticed that he needed help with balance and coordination



did not want to do things that kids normally did, like climbing on

park equipment. After Jordan had begun working out at Baylor

Tom Landry Fitness Center in Dallas with a trainer about a year

before, he moved more naturally and confidently. His trainer,

Lauren Jacobson, works with about half a dozen kids under 18.

She said she noticed that training helped build confidence and a sense

of accomplishment, along withhelping kids get in better shape.


Warming Up & Reading — Pre?reading



①at the end of 在……的尽头/末端

Dear James,

②在 It seems amazing that ...中, that

It is a beautiful day here and I am sitting 引导主语从句,it 是形式主语。

under the big tree at the end of① the garden. ③due to 由于……

I have just returned from a long bike ride to due/dju?/adj.欠款的;预定的;到期的 an old castle. It seems amazing that② at my ④此处第一个 it 是形式宾语,真正的宾语是

age I am still fit enough to cycle 20 动词不定式短语 to give it up。

kilometres in an afternoon. It's my birthday ⑤tough/t?f/adj.困难的;强硬的

in two weeks' time and I'll be 82 years old! ⑥adolescence/??d?'les ns/n.青春期

I think my long and active life must be due adolescent/??d?'lesnt/n.青少年 adj.青春

to③ the healthy life I live.


This brings me to the real reason for my ⑦addicted to 对……有瘾

letter, my dear grandson. Your mother tells addicted/?'dIktId/adj.入了迷的;上了瘾的

me that you started smoking some time ago and

now you are finding it difficult to give it

up④. Believe me, I know how easy it is to begin

smoking and how tough⑤ it is to stop. You see,

during adolescence⑥ I also smoked and became

addicted to⑦ cigarettes.

爷爷的忠告 亲爱的詹姆士:
今天这儿的天气很好。我正坐在花园尽头的那棵大树底下呢。我刚刚才回来,骑自行车 跑了很长一段路,一直到了古城堡。这好像很惊奇吧,在我这样的年纪,仍然身体足够健康 能在一个下午骑车跑 20 千米。再过两个礼拜就是我 82 岁的生日了!我想我(之所以)长寿而
且精力充沛,要归功于我过的健康生活。 这就是我写信给你的真正原因,我亲爱的孙子。你妈妈告诉我,你不久前开始吸烟了, 而且现在你发现很难把它戒掉。相信我吧,我知道开始吸烟是多么容易而戒烟是多么困难。

By the way, did you know that this is ⑧first 和下文的 secondly, lastly 等连 because you become addicted in three 用,表示顺序。 different ways? First ⑧ , you can become ⑨which 引导非限制性定语从句,修饰 physically addicted to nicotine, which is one nicotine。 of the hundreds of chemicals in cigarettes ⑩accustomed/?'k?st?md/to 习惯于…… ⑨. This means that after a while your body ?withdrawal/wI?'dr???l/n.收回;戒毒过 becomes accustomed to ⑩ having nicotine in 程 it. So when the drug leaves your body, you get ?bad?tempered adj.脾气暴躁的;易怒的 withdrawal ? symptoms. I remember feeling ?as 引导定语从句,if 引导条件状语从句。 bad?tempered ? and sometimes even in pain. ? automatically/???t?'m?tIklI/adv. 无 Secondly, you become addicted through habit. 意识地;自动地 As you know, if you do the same thing over and ?mentally/'ment?lI/adv.精神上;智力 over again?, you begin to do it automatically 上 ? . Lastly, you can become mentally ? ?quit/kwIt/vt.停止(做某事);离开 addicted. I believed I was happier and more ?在“do/does/did+动词原形”结构中, relaxed after having a cigarette, so I began do/does/did 为助动词,意为“确实;的 to think that I could only feel good when I 确”,用于肯定句,起加强语气的作用, smoked. I was addicted in all three ways, so 有人称和时态的变化。 it was very difficult to quit?. But I did? finally manage.
这儿我顺便问你一个问题,你知道上瘾有三个不同方面的原因吗?首先,你会在身体上 对尼古丁有瘾,它是香烟里几百种化学物质之一。这就是说,过一段时间以后,你的身体习 惯了香烟里的尼古丁。因此一旦你的体内没有这种麻醉剂了,你就会有脱瘾症状。我记得曾 感到烦躁,有时甚至痛苦。其次,你也可能因为习惯而上瘾。你知道,如果你反反复复地做 同一件事情,你就会开始自动地做它。最后,你可能在心理上上瘾。我那时认为,抽了一支 烟后就会感到更轻松愉快,于是我就开始认为只有抽烟才能使自己感觉良好。我 之所以 上瘾共有三个方面的原因,因此,要戒烟就很难。但是我最终还是戒掉了。

When I was young, I didn't know much ?effect/I'fekt/n.结果;效力

about the harmfuleffects? of smoking. ?do damage to ... 对……造成伤害

I didn't know, for example, that it ?lung/l??/n.肺

could do terrible damage to? your heart 2○1or 连接两个 that 引导的宾语从句,其中第一 and lungs? or that○ 21 it was more difficult 个 that 可省略,但第二个 that 不能省略。

for smoking couples to become pregnant○22. 2○2pregnant/'preɡn?nt/adj.怀孕的

I certainly didn't know their babies may 2○3abnormal/?b'n??m l/adj.畸形的;异常的

have a smaller birth weight or even be 2○4neither 位于句首,所在的句子用部分倒装结 abnormal○ 23 in some way. Neither did I know 构。

that my cigarette smoke could affect the 2○5what 引导主语从句;that 引导表语从句。 health of non?smokers○ 24. However, what I 2○6smell 此处为连系动词,表示“闻起来”,后 did know was that○ 25 my girlfriend thought 常接形容词。 I smelt○ 26 terrible. She said my breath and 2○7said 后有两个宾语从句。

clothes smelt, and that the ends of my fingers were turning yellow○ 27. She told me that she wouldn't go out with me again unless○28 I stopped! I also noticed that I became breathless○ 29 quickly, and that I

2○8unless 表示“除非”,引导条件状语从句。 2○9breathless/'breθ lIs/adj.气喘吁吁的;屏
息的 3○0take off 此处意为“开除;除名”,还可作“脱

wasn't enjoying sport as much. When I was 3○1unfit/??n'fIt/adj.不健康的;不合适的;不 taken off ○ 30 the school football team 合格的 because I was unfit○ 31, I knew it was time 3○2strengthen/'stre?θ n/vt.加强;巩固;

to quit smoking.

使坚强 vi.变强

I am sending you some advice I found 3○3resolve/rI'z?lv/n.决心;决定

on the Internet. It might help you to stop 3○4 本句中第一个 as 为副词,修饰 long 和

and strengthen ○ 32 your resolve ○33 . I do

healthy,第二个 as 为连词,引导方式状语

hope so because I want you to live as long and healthy a life as I have○ 34.

从 句 。 as + adj. + a/an + n. + as 表 示 “像……一样的……”。

Love from


在我年轻的时候,关于吸烟的危害性我知道得并不多。例如,我不知道抽烟能严重侵害 人的心脏和肺部,也不知道吸烟的夫妇生育能力会下降。我当然不知道他们的婴儿在出生时 可能体重较轻甚至在某些方面不正常。我也不知道,我自己吸烟还会损害那些不吸烟的人的

健康。然而我的的确确知道,我的女朋友觉得我身上很难闻。她说我的呼吸、我的衣服都有 烟味,而且我的指尖都变黄了。她说在我把烟戒掉之前她是不会再同我一起外出的!我也发 现我(跑步)很快就气喘,也不像以前那样爱好运动了。当我因为身体不健康而被学校足球队 除名时,我知道该是戒烟的时候了。
我把我从网上找到的一些忠告寄给你。这也许对你戒烟和坚定决心有帮助。我的确希望 如此,因为我想让你能像我这样活得健康长寿。

How can you stop smoking?

3○5manage to do 设法完成某件困难的事情

It is not easy to stop smoking, but 3○6so 置于句首,表示前者情况也同样适用于

millions have managed to○ 35 quit and so can 后者时,句子要用部分倒装结构。

you○36. Here are a few suggestions.

3○7decide on 对……作出决定

·Prepare yourself. Decide on○37 a day decide on (doing) sth.决定(做)某事

to quit. Don't choose a day that you know decide to do sth.决定做某事

is going to be stressful, such as the day 3○8packet/'p?kIt/n.小包;小盒

of an exam. Make a list of all the benefits 3○9feel like (doing)想要(做)……

you will get from stopping smoking. Then 4○0every time 此处相当于连词,引导时间状

throw away your last packet ○38 of



·Be determined. Every time you feel

like ○ 39 smoking a cigarette ○ 40 , remind

yourself that you are a non?smoker. Reread

the list of benefits you wrote earlier.

你怎样才能戒烟呢? 戒烟不容易,但几百万的人已经成功地戒掉了烟,所以你也能。这儿有几点建议: ·做好准备。确定一个开始戒烟的日子。不要选择你明知有压力的日子,例如要考试的
那一天。把戒烟的所有好处列一份清单。(在你计划戒烟的 前一天,)把你最后一包香烟扔掉。
·下定决心。每次你想吸烟的时候,要提醒自己你是一个不吸烟的人。把你早先所写的 好处再读一遍。

·Break the habit○ 41. Instead of smoking 4○1break the habit 改掉习惯

a cigarette, do something else. Go for a 4○2“keep+宾语+形容词”意为“使……处

walk, clean your teeth, drink some water, 于……状态”

clean the house; in fact, do anything to 4○3reach for 伸手去拿/够

keep your mind and especially your hands 4○4relaxation/?ri?l?k'seI?n/n.放松;松弛



·Relax. If you start to feel nervous 4○6chemist/'kemIst/n.药剂师;化学家 or stressed, do not reach for ○43 a 4○7gum/ɡ?m/n.树胶

cigarette. Try some deep breathing chewing gum 口香糖 instead. Do some relaxation○ 44 exercises 4○8disappointed/?dIs?'p?IntId/adj.失望的;

every time you feel stressed. ·Get help if you need it. Arrange to
stop smoking with a friend so you can talk about your problems, or join a stop?smoking group. If you feel

沮丧的 4○9weaken/'wi?k?n/vi.(对某事的决心)动摇;减
弱 vt.(使)变弱 5○0ashamed/?'?eImd/adj.感到惭愧或羞耻的

desperate○ 45, you might like to talk to a

doctor or chemist ○ 46 about something to

help you, like nicotine chewing gum○47.

·Keep trying. Do not be disappointed○48

if you have to try several times before you

finally stop smoking. If you weaken○49 and

have a cigarette, do not feel ashamed○50.

Just try again. You will succeed


·破除旧习。不要抽烟,而去做点别的事情。去散散步、刷刷牙、喝点水、打扫房间。 其实,只要是能使你的大脑,特别是手不得闲的事情,你都可以去做。
·放松。如果你开始感到紧张或者有压力,不要伸手去拿香烟。试着做做深呼吸来代替。 每当你感到有压力时,做做放松运动。
·必要时找人帮忙。同朋友一起来安排戒烟,这样你们可以谈谈你们的问题, 你 也 可以参加一个戒烟小组。如果你的确感到很绝望,你还可以找一个医生或药剂师来谈谈关于 帮助你的一些事情,如嚼含尼古丁的口香糖等。



Please match the words with their proper meanings.


A.a state of mental or emotional strain or



B.to make sth. stronger or become stronger


C.feeling or showing great despair or ready

to do

anything regardless of danger


D.to make a bad or wrong use of


E.to say that sth. must not be done, seen,

used, etc.


F.feeling embarrassed and guilty because of


you have done


G.to leave a job, school etc, especially


finishing it completely


H . relating to the health or state of

someone's mind


I.done without thinking, especially because


have done the same thing many times



J.owed to someone either as a debt or because


have a right to it



Lead?in Tell which is healthy and which is unhealthy.

Healthy activities:ABC Unhealthy activities:DEF While?reading


Skim the text and do the following exercises.

1.What's the main idea of the first part?

A.The grandfather lives a healthy life because of his quitting smoking.

B.The three ways of becoming addicted to smoking.

C.The harmful effects of smoking.

D.A letter explaining how a smoker becomes addicted to cigarettes and why he

should give it up.

2.What's the main idea of the second part?

A.Advice on how to stop smoking.

B.How to prepare yourself.

C.Suggestions on breaking the habit of smoking.

D.Millions have managed to quit smoking and so can you.


3.Find out the main idea (or topic sentence) of each paragraph:


A.Granddad talks about James' problem of



B.The harmful effects of smoking.


C.Granddad tells about the life he is living

and the

importance of a healthy life.


D.Granddad's hope for James and his advice


stopping smoking.


E . The three different ways of becoming


Para.1 __C__Para.2 __A__Para.3 __E__

Para.4 __B__Para.5 __D__

Careful?reading Read the text and choose the best answers. 1.Why James' grandfather wrote to James? A.Because he wanted to tell James his experience. B.Because he wanted to tell James the harmful effects of smoking. C.Because he wanted to help James give up smoking. D.Because he wanted to help James get some information. 2.From Para.3.we can learn that ________. A.a person can be addicted to nicotine because nicotine is one of the chemicals in cigarettes B.a person will be addicted to smoking if he treats it as a habit C.a person will feel sick if his body gets used to having nicotine D.a person will really feel relaxed when having a cigarette 3.Which is NOT the effect of smoking? A.Causing terrible damage to heart and lungs. B.Affecting the health of non?smokers. C.Making the clothes turn yellow. D.Not enjoying sport. 4.In what way did the old man try to persuade his grandson to give up smoking? A.Using scientific theory. B.His failure in love. C.His sports activity. D.His own experience. 5.The following statements are true EXCEPT ________. A.James' grandfather was tired when returning from a long bike ride B.there are three ways a person can become addicted to smoking C.keeping your hands busy will help stop smoking D.some people have to try several times before quitting smoking 答案:1~5CBCDA

Study?reading Analyze the following difficult sentences in the text. 1.Your mother tells me that you started smoking some time ago and now you are finding it difficult to give it up. [句式分析] 本句为主从复合句,that 引导的宾语从句作 tells 的宾语,在 that 从句 中 and 连接两个并列分句,其中在后一分句中“finding it difficult to give it up” 为“find+it+adj.+to do sth.”结构,其中 it 作形式宾语,真正的宾语是后面的不定 式短语 to give it up,形容词 difficult 作宾语补足语。 [尝试翻译]你妈妈告诉我,你不久前开始吸烟了,而且现在你发现很难把它戒掉。 2.Believe me, I know how easy it is to begin smoking and how tough it is to stop. [句式分析] 本句中 believe me 作插入语,know 后跟了两个 how 引导的宾语从句,其 句式为“how+adj./adv.+主语+谓语”,其中 it 为形式主语,不定式短语为真正的主语。 [尝试翻译]相信我吧,我知道开始吸烟是多么容易而戒烟是多么困难。 3.I believed I was happier and more relaxed after having a cigarette, so I began to think that I could only feel good when I smoked. [句式分析]
[尝试翻译]我那时认为,抽了一支烟后就会感到更轻松愉快,于是我就开始认为只有抽 烟才能使自己感觉良好。
4.It is not easy to stop smoking, but millions have managed to quit and so can you.
[句式分析] 此句是由 but 连接的并列句,其中第二个分句又是由 and 连接的并列句, 其中的 so can you 是倒装结构,即“so+情态动词+另一主语”结构。此结构中除了用情态
动词之外,还可以用助动词和 be 动词。 [尝试翻译]戒烟不容易,但几百万的人已经成功地戒掉了烟,所以你也能。

A Our story begins at the John Burroughs Elementary School in Washington, D.C. The school's kindergarten students are staying late today — an hour after classes normally end. The boys and girls are not seeking help with reading skills or mathematics. Instead, they are tasting
kale, a vegetable that many of them are eating for the first time. The school's teacher Dionne Hammiel says her students have learned healthy eating habits from the program. She hopes they will keep a healthy diet for the rest of their
lives. The program is taught by young people like Karen Davison. She is a member of FoodCorps. The non?profit group gets money from the AmeriCorps National Service Program. Since the beginning of the school year, Ms. D.C. classroom. She gives the Davison has spent each day in this Washington, kindergarteners vegetables that many of them have never tasted. She teaches them
where their food comes from and how they can choose to eat healthier meals. FoodCorps was set up five years ago. It sends more than 180 young Americans to 500 schools across the United States. The young people teach students about nutrition and how they can eat healthy food both at school and at home. FoodCorps also works with other groups to plant vegetable gardens in schools and bring healthier food to stores — especially stores in cities. Many small urban stores
often sell only packaged food. Maddie Morales is a member of FoodCorps. She says the group's work is especially important in the fight against childhood obesity — when a child has too much body fat. She notes that the child obesity rate in the United States is twice what it
was 30 years ago.
1.Why are the school's kindergarten students staying late? A.They are attending extra classes.
B.They are learning about eating healthily. C.They are learning how to pick out fresh vegetables. D.They are being punished because of their poor performance. 解析:选 B 细节理解题。由第一段“Instead, they are tasting kale ... the first time.”和第二段第一句“The school's teacher Dionne Hammiel says ... habits from

the program.”可知,孩子们放学后还没走,是在学习健康饮食。 2.What do we know about FoodCorps?
A.It makes money by selling healthy food. B.It helps a lot in fighting against childhood obesity. C.It teaches students how to plant healthy vegetables. D.It aims at introducing rare vegetables across the United States. 解析:选 B 细节理解题。由最后一段“She says the group's work is especially important in the fight against childhood obesity ...”可知,FoodCorps 在解决儿童
肥胖问题上的贡献尤为突出。 3.What can we infer from the text? A.Food sold in city stores is usually unhealthy. B.Most of the children in the program are overweight. C.Compared with healthy food, packaged food is cheaper. D.The problem of overweight is getting worse in the United States. 解析:选 D 推理判断题 由最后一段“She notes that the child obesity rate in the United States is twice what it was 30 years ago.”可知,美国的儿童肥胖问题更
为严重了。 B Starting on April 1, the Navajo Nation — one of the largest tribal (部落的) governments of the North American Indian tribes — will charge a 2% tax (税) on junk food sold on its reservation — the first tax of its kind in the United States. The change is part of the Healthy Diné Nation Act, which will also remove a 5% sales tax on healthy foods, like fresh fruits and vegetables. Denisa Livingston of the Diné Community Advocacy Alliance, a group that helped pass this law, hopes to make people in the community more aware of their food choices. “This is a friendly awareness tax,” she told TimeForKids. About 24,600 Navajo tribe members face obesity, and type 2 diabetes has developed as a growing public health concern affecting up to 60% of the Navajo people in some
areas. Livingston says that the Navajo Nation's status (身份) as a “food desert” contributes to the health problems her people face. A food desert is an area where fresh, healthy food is expensive and hard to find. Food deserts are especially common in low?income communities, such as the Navajo Nation, where 38% of the population
lives at the poverty level.

Livingston hopes the law will lead to major changes. “If we continue on the route that we are now on, then eventually we're not going to be looking forward
to healthy generations to come,” she said. The money that the government collects from junk food taxes will be put towards projects that encourage people to eat healthy foods, like community vegetable
gardens, greenhouses, and farmer's markets. “This act is going to open the door to many more opportunities and conversations and ideas about how we move to ‘a food oasis (绿洲)’,” Livingston said. “Whether you're deep in the reservation or the neighboring towns, you will have the
availability of healthy foods.” 语篇解读:本文是说明文。文章介绍了纳瓦霍族政府推行的一项致力于提高人民健康的 法案。 4.What does Denisa Livingston think of the junk food tax? A.It is much too high. B.It has been introduced too late. C.It should be applied nationwide. D.It is a wake?up call to the Navajo Nation. 解析:选 D 推理判断题。根据第二段 Denisa Livingston 说的“... make people ... more aware of their food choices. ‘This is a friendly awareness tax,’”可知, 她希望这项税收政策能够唤醒纳瓦霍族人对食物选择的意识。 5.What can we learn about the Navajo people? A.They live a quiet and happy life. B.They are good at planting gardens. C.They are facing some health problems. D.They are quite friendly with one another. 解析:选 C 细节理解题。根据第三段的“About 24,600 Navajo tribe members face obesity, and type 2 diabetes has developed as a growing public health concern” 可知,纳瓦霍族人正面临严峻的健康问题。 6.What is the main purpose of this text? A.To introduce a plan for good health. B.To discuss if healthy food should be taxed. C.To explain why junk food can cause obesity. D.To describe how the Navajo Nation live their life. 解析:选 A 写作意图题。本文主要介绍了纳瓦霍族政府推行的一项致力于提高人民健

康的法案,以及该法案的支持者 Denisa Livingston 的个人看法。 C
Soda (苏打汽水), while sweet and inexpensive, may not be worth drinking. Sugary drinks can have many bad health effects, including a 26% greater risk of diabetes (糖尿病) for regular soda drinkers. And men drinking one can of sugary drinks per day have a 20% higher risk of having or dying from a heart attack than those who rarely drink them. The health effects of drinking soda also affect pre?school children, heightening their chances of becoming obese at a very young age. According to Harvard School of Public Health, one in three children in America are obese or overweight, and childhood obesity has tripled (增至三倍) in the last 30 years. Should government get people to reduce their drinking of soda and sugary drinks due to
health effects? People in San Francisco were given the opportunity to voice their opinion on Proposition E, which suggested a soda tax (税). The tax, which needed to pass with a two?thirds majority, would have provided money for health and physical education programs, and the hope was that it would also discourage citizens from buying unhealthy drinks. Although San Francisco's Proposition E failed to be passed, Berkeley citizens succeeded in passing the nation's first ever sugary drink tax
on their similar Measure D. People who were for the tax hoped that the price of sugary drinks would discourage people from buying them. Mexico recently introduced a tax on drinks, which, though not well received by the public, was successful in reducing the amount of soda bought. After the tax was put into effect, Mexico's biggest soda production company's sales
dropped by 6.4%. People who were against the tax were concerned about their right to buy whatever drinks they wanted, without any additional taxes. Those who also disagreed were the market, the bar, and soda industries, which would possibly lose money from reduced sales of these drinks because of the added cost. And although the Proposition E tax money was supposed to go to city?operated programs, some citizens were doubtful
about how well this plan would have been carried out. 语篇解读:本文是议论文。饮用碳酸饮料对健康有很多不利的影响,政府是否应该向碳 酸饮料征税呢? 7.Harvard School of Public Health found that in America ________. A.soda drinkers doubled in recent 30 years

B.26% of children are suffering from diabetes C.the number of obese children has increased greatly D.young soda drinkers often suffer from heart attacks 解析:选 C 细节理解题。由第一段中的“one in three children in America are ... in the last 30 years”可知,哈佛公共卫生学院发现美国有三分之一的儿童肥胖或超重, 而在过去的三十年中,肥胖儿童的数量增长了三倍。 8.What do we know about Proposition E? A.San Francisco citizens accepted it. B.It was passed successfully in Berkeley. C.It aimed to reduce the sales of sugary drinks. D.It was meant to raise money for poor children. 解析:选 C 推理判断题。由第二段中的“the hope was that it would also discourage citizens from buying unhealthy drinks”可知,对碳酸饮料征税,其目的是为了劝人们 不要购买不健康的饮料。 9.According to the text, the tax in Mexico ________. A.helped prevent people buying sugary drinks B.greatly reduced the production of soda drinks C.received a warm welcome from the local citizens D.forced many soda production companies to close down 解析:选 A 细节理解题。由倒数第二段中的“was successful in reducing the amount of soda bought ... sales dropped by 6.4%”可知,墨西哥实施的饮料税收成功降低了碳 酸饮料的销量。 10.Those who were against the tax worried that it might ________. A.not be carried out smoothly B.affect their rights and interests C.fail to achieve the expected goal D.do no good to society or the economy 解析:选 B 推理判断题。由最后一段中的“were concerned about their right to buy whatever drinks ... additional taxes”和“which would possibly lose money from reduced sales of these drinks because of the added cost”可知,反对征税的人士担 忧税收会损害他们的权利和利益。 Ⅱ.阅读七选五 Large meals make people full and sleepy. __1__ We want our children to learn, not falling asleep at their desks, so let's keep those lunches on the lighter side.

You can do this if you provide them with a good breakfast. By working beside your children and discussing what they eat for lunch, you are
helping them understand the importance of whole foods and the avoidance of junk foods. __2__ As they get older these good habits will stay with them. They will learn that these types of food will help them feel better and look better; give them more energy. Try to let them see that the food choices they are making will help them feel so much better.
__3__ I know of one family that actually had the food pyramid on the wall of their kitchen and it helped their children pick out what foods they wanted. Everyone got a chance to decide what to eat, but they had to pick protein, vegetables and fruit. In addition, the mother had a book with recipes for healthy foods. __4__ So children knew what healthy foods they should choose.
Unlike today, when we grew up we played outside, rode our bikes, ran around, skated, and the list goes on and on. __5__ So in addition to the above healthy eating choices, you need to plan some activities for your children today other than the television or video games.
A.We didn't have TV or computer games. B.How are children helped to choose their food? C.You are helping them make smart informed choices. D.Think what large meals do to your children at school. E.What adults eat daily has a great effect on their children. F.All of the recipes had pictures of what the food looked like. G.The recipes for children should mainly include healthy foods. 语篇解读:父母要从小培养孩子们选择好的食物的习惯。孩子们养成了好习惯,长大了 这些好习惯仍然会发挥作用。 1.选 DD 项与本空前后的“Large meals”和“our children, at their desks”相呼 应。 2.选 C 由本空后“As they get older these good habits will stay with them.” 可知,前文讲你帮助你的孩子在食物上做出明智选择(培养好习惯)的好处。 3.选 B 该段主要通过一个具体事例表明如何培养孩子选择好的食物的习惯。B 项可作 为本段主旨。 4.选 FF 项承上启下,说明孩子们怎样知道选择吃什么。 5.选 A 前文讲过去的生活条件是多么差,A 项符合这层意思。最后一句“the television or video games”也有提示。

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