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必修四 Unit1 Women of achievement-Warming up and Reading[课件]

Unit 1 Women of achievement

A Chinese saying goes:

Women can hold up half of the sky.

She was the only female monarch(君主) of China, and remains the most remarkable(非凡的), influential(有影响的) and mysterious(神秘的) woman in Chinese history.

Empress(女皇) Wu Zetian
(624 - 705)

in Tang Dynasty

She was Dr Sun Yat-sen’s wife. She was one of the top leaders in modern Chinese history. She concerned herself with welfare projects, leading China Welfare Institute especially for women and children. Soong Chingling (1893-1981), China

A doctor who became a specialist in women’s illnesses. She devoted all her lift to medical work for Chinese women and children. Her work encouraged many other women to become doctors. Lin Qiaozhi (1901-1983), China

She was an inventor and a scientist from Poland. She went to Paris and studied physics and chemistry there.
She is the only woman scientist who was awarded two Nobel Prizes. On July 4,1934, she died in Paris, killed by her own experiments. She died of radiation poisoning(放 射物中毒).

Marie Curie (1867-1934)

A girl from the countryside who dressed as a man and went to fight for the French and to drive the English out of France. She was caught and put to death by the English.

Joan of Arc (1412-1432), France

Brainstorm : What qualities do you think a
great woman should have?

unselfish active intelligent hard-working determined Personal brave confident generous qualities considerate kind of the great helpful modest women responsible warm-hearted independent honest broad-and-open minded

Joan of Arc

Elizabeth Fry

Song Qingling

Jody Williams

Jane Goodall

Lin Qiaozhi


After a glance at the pictures, where do you think they are taken?


简· 古多尔(Jane Goodall, 1934—)生于伦 敦。自幼即对动物行为极感兴趣。18岁离 开学校,到赴非洲为止,她曾先后担任过 秘书以及影片制作助理。此后,她在非洲 担任古生物学家路易斯· 利基的助手,与利 基的合作经验使她能于1960年在贡贝溪动 物保护区设立一个营区,得以观察该地黑 猩猩的行为。1965年获剑桥大学动物行为

学博士学位。1977年她建立了“简· 古



年,被英国女王授予勋爵士。简· 古多尔 撰有许多书籍和论文,最著名的是

《生活在人类的阴影中》(1971), 此著作
已被翻译成15种文字。 菲利普· 伯曼

(Phillip Berman), 具有哈佛大学神学院比
较宗教学学位。他的获奖作品有《信念 的勇气》、《探索意义》和《回家的旅 程》。

Task 1 Skimming: 1. Who is the protector? 2. What animal are observed? 3. When did Jane Goodall arrive at Gombe? How old was she? 4. What was the purpose of her study of the chimps?

Task 2 Scanning 1.What did the group do in the morning in the forest? 2.Where did Jane Goodall suggest that the chimps be left? 3. What did she observe?

Task 3.

Listen to the passage and then choose the correct answers after listening.

A student of African wildlife

Para 1
Para 2 Para 3 Para 4

Jane’s way to study chimps and her achievements.
Jane has achieved everything she wanted to do. (a short summary to her) A day in the park. Jane’s attitude and feeling to the animals.

Task 5 Details-reading
The first paragraph

The whole day

A family of chimps wake up and move off.

Wander into the forest(feed, clean each other)

The mother chimp and her babies play in the tree

Go to sleep together in their nest

The bond is as strong as in a human family.

The second paragraph
way: She spent years following and recording chimps’ daily life. She discovered that chimps hunt and eat meat. She observed chimps as a group hunting a monkey and then eating it. She also discovered how chimps communicate with each other.

True or false:
She hopes that chimps can be left in (True) the forest. She has helped build many homes for the wild animals to live in. (True) She has spent about forty years helping people understand her work. (True) Once she stop working, all the scenes of chimps in the laboratories (True) will appear in her mind.

The fourth paragraph
Jane’s achievements: Working with animals in their own environment. Gaining a doctor’s degree. Showing that women can live in the forest as men can.

only if we understand can we care; 唯有了解,我们才会关心 ; only if we care will we help; 唯有关心,我们才会行动; only if we help shall all be saved. 唯有行动,生命才会有希望。 ——Jane Goodall ——珍妮· 古道尔

Only after her mother came to help her for the first few months was she allowed to begin her project. 将only及其后面的状语提前放在句首, 句子要用部分倒装语序,即将be动词、 助动词或情态动词放在主语之前。

only+状语“+部分倒装 只有这样,我们才能学好英语。 Only in this way_______________________. can we learn English better 到那时我才意识到我的错误。 Only then_______________________. did I realize my mistakes 但Only +主语时不倒装 只有你了解我。 understand me. Only you_______________

1. 只有当你明白我的意思了, 你才能认识到 你的错误. Only when you understand what I mean, can you realize your mistake.

2. 只有当战争结束之后,他才重新回来工作. Only after the war was over did he come back to work.
3. 只有用这种方法,我们才能按时完成任务. Only in this way can we finish the task in time.

only在句首修饰句子的主语时, 不用倒装语序。 Only Mary and Tom failed in the exam.

1. What made her a great success? 2.What should we learn from Jane Goodall?

3. What do you think is the best way to protect wildlife?

1. What made her a great success?

We think that there are two points that mad her successful. One is her way to study chimps, and the other is her true love to the animals. The first one is facile(容易作到的), because it is only a way. Everyone can do it. But for the second one, it is more easily said than done. As a woman, she gave up everything, went to the forest to study the chimps and devoted all her love to these animals. It is really not easy. What we cannot understand is that how she has such great personality (人格,

2.What should we learn from Jane Goodall?

wisdom and courage deeply love to the animals. her consideration her hard work

3. What do you think is the best way to protect wildlife? We should call for all the citizens to love wildlife, protect their living conditions, forbid hunters to kill them freely, build more natural reserves for them and we shouldn’t disturb them. The national wildlife protection parks shouldn't be open to the tourists. Make people aware of the importance of wildlife protection.

Choose one woman that you think great and try to describe her to your classmates and tell why you think she is great.

c He was an ____ poet at that time and his

____ poems spread through all the country. A.inspired; inspired B. inspiring; inspired

C. inspired; inspiring D. inspiring; inspiring


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