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aim at ?瞄准,针对; 在,旨在 be absorbed in ?专心于

be opposed to ?对面的,相对的 He is opposed to my suggestion. ?他反对我的建议。

to bread down a substance into its components ?把一种物质分解成各种 物质 break in

bring / come into operation ?把...带进... She brought the chairs into the house.. ?她把椅子搬进屋里。

be accustomed to be subjected to ?习惯于 ?征服,统治,支配 be bound to I’m subjected to hard work. ?一定要... ?我得努力工作。 She is bound to find out. be used to ?她一定会发现的。 ?过去习惯于 It is bound to happen. ?这事必然会发生。 be devoted to 致力于... be entitled to ?有...的资格 ,有权 She is fully entitled to benefits. ?她完全有资格领取救济 金。 We are entitled to attend all concerts. ?我们有权免费听所有的 音乐会。 be fed up with ?饱受, 厌烦 I’m fed up with his story. ?他的故事我听腻了。 break away from a bad habit. ?戒除恶习 break down ?分解 ?你很快就会习惯于那里 的生活的。 I’m used to getting up early. You will soon be used to the life there.

?突然打断 bring about He broke in conversation. on their ?使发生, 致使 What brought about all these results? ?怎么搞成这个样子? bring down ?打倒, 击落, 打死, 降低 He has broken off all relations with her. ?他断绝与她的一切关 系。 break out bring forth ?起始,发生 ?我习惯早起床。 break through begin with ?首先 ?突围, 突破 beyond question ?无可争辩 break away ?突然离开, 脱离, 放弃, (运动中)反攻为守 ?他们突破了封锁去救被 围困的部 队。 break up ?分裂, 分散, 破裂 They broke up the estate into small lots. ?他们把这块地分成小 块。 ?显现, 显示, 出版, 推出, 生产 bring up ?教育, 养育, 提出, 提及, 向...提及 They broke through to the encircled unit. his problem is brought forth for your consideration. ?这个问题提出来请你考 虑。 bring into practice ?实施,实行 bring out ?提出, 出示, 展示 That injection will surely bring your fever down. ?那针(剂)肯定会使你 退烧。

?他突然插话,打断了他 们的谈话。 break off ?脱落, 断绝关系, 与...绝 交

Please bring up this point at the next meeting. ?请把这一点在下次会议 上提出 来。 bring up against

by means of ?依靠 by virtue of ?依靠, 由于

The Chinese team carried off all the prizes in that event. ?中国队夺走了那个项目 的全部奖牌。 carry on

catch one’s breath ?喘息, 屏息 catch sight of ?瞥见 catch up with

by way of ?使面临 ?经由, 作为, 为了 The truck brought suddenly against a building. up ? call for ?要求, 提倡, 为...叫喊, 为...叫 call forth ?使产生, 引起, 使起作 用 April showers call forth May flowers. ?四月的阵雨带来五月的 鲜花。 call off but for ?要不是 by and by ?不久以后 by far ?到目前为止 by heart ?熟记 by all means ?尽一切办法, 一定 by no means ?决不 ?她从地下室里朝我们 叫。 carry off ?夺去...的生命, 获得, 成 功对付 That film catches on well. ?那部电影很受欢迎。 My coat caught on the nail. ?我的大衣被钉子钩住 了。 ?请把这条狗喝走,它在 对着孩子们吠叫。 call up ?召唤, 使想起, 提出, 打 电话给 She calls up to us from the basement. ?叫走, 放弃, 使转移走, 依次叫名 Please call off the dog; it’s barking at the children. catch fire ?着火,引起火灾 A small cigarette may catch big fire. ?一支小小的香烟或许引 起一场火 灾。 catch on ?抓牢, 理解, 流行 In spite of bad conditions, they carried on the experiment. ?尽管条件很差,他们继 续试验。 carry out ?完成, 实现, 贯彻, 执行 The man refused to carry out the captain’s orders. ?那人拒绝执行队长的命 令。 ?继续开展, 坚持, 举止 失常

?赶上, 逮捕, 处罚 I’ll catch up with you later. ?我过一会儿就赶上你。 check in ?登记, 报到

?卡车突然在一撞房子面 前停了下 来。 burn up ?烧起来, 烧掉, 发怒 I burned up all my energy running in the park. ?我在公园跑步,把体力 都耗尽了。

Everyone that arrived must check in here first. ?每个到的人都要先在这 儿签到。 You have to check in at the airport an hour before your plane leave. ?你必须在飞机起飞一小 时前在机场办理登机手 续。 check out ?付帐后离开; 检验, 合格, 及格 We had to check out before 12:00 at noon, or one more day will be counted. ?我们得在中午 12: 以 00 前结帐,否则就要多算一 天。 to check out from ?从...借:

She checked out a book from the library. ?她从图书馆借了一本 书。 check up ?核对, 检验 I have yet to check up some doubtful points. ?我还得核实一些疑点。 cheer up ?使振奋, 感到振奋 Your visit has cheered up the sick man. ?你的探视使病人高兴。 clear away ?清除, 消失 Clear away the dishes as soon as you finish eating. ?你吃完就把碟子收拾 了。 The clouds have cleared away and the moon is shining again. ?云散了, 月亮又出来了。 clear up ?整理, 消除, 放晴 Who’s going to clear up the mess? ?谁来负责清理这些乱七 八糟的东西?

come into effect ?开始生效 The revised work-schedule comes into effect next week. ?修改过的工作时间表将 于下周起实行。 come into force ?开始有效, 开始实行

She finally came around to our viewpoint. ?她终于同意了我们的观 点。 come to ?达到; 继承, 复苏;想 起;共计 How much does the bill come to? ?帐单上一共多少钱?

come up to expectations ?达到期望 com up to = to reach ?升到 come up to = to approach ?靠近 count on ?期望, 指望 Jim always counts on his parents for everything. ?吉姆总是事事指望父 母。 count up ?把...加起来 Will you please count up these figures for me? ?请你替我把这些数字加 起来好吗? cover up

When do the regulations come force?

new into

come to the point ?到达要点

?新章程什么时候开始实 行? come off ?离开, 举行, 实现, 成为 This button has just come off her coat. ?这颗钮扣刚从她大衣上 脱落。 come on ?进展;采取行动;快点; 赶快 come out ?出来, 长出, 传出, 褪去, 露出,出现 The child has got measles. The spots have come out. ?这个小孩患了麻疹,疹 子已出现了。 come round ?过访, 绕道而来, 苏醒, 转变, 改主意, 笼络

I was just coming to the point when you cut in. ?你插嘴时,我刚要谈那 一点。 come true ?实现, 达到 come up ?突然碰到,上来, 发生, 提出,升到,提出 At this time of year the sun comes up at five in the morning and goes down at about eight-thirty in the evening. ?一年中的这个时候,太 阳在早上五点升起,晚上 八点左右落 下。 come up to ?达到, 符合达到(标准), 比得上,等于

?掩盖 to cover for = to protect ?替...掩饰 She covered up for me when I made that blunder. ?当我犯了那个错误时, 她替我掩饰。 cross out ?删去, 注销

You had better cross out all the needless words in your composition. ?你最好把作文中一切不 必要的字句都划掉。 cut across ?近路通过 We may as well cut across the playground. ?我们不妨从运动场上穿 过去。 cut back ?修剪, 削减, 急忙返回, 倒叙 The Americans cut back the word “ catalogue” and it became “catalog”. ?美国人把“catalogue” 这个字缩 写成了“catalog” 。 He cut back through the woods to where he had been standing before. ?他很快穿过树林回到原 来站的地方。 cut down ?砍倒, 削减, 删节 They had to cut down expense. ?他们不得不减少开支。 cut in ?插嘴, 插入, 把...插进

He always cuts in when other people are talking. ?别人谈话时他老是要插 嘴。 He cut me in on the deal. ?他在这项交易中算了我 一份。 cut off ?切断, 断绝, 剥夺继承 权 They have cut our electricity off for several hours. ?他们已经给我们断电几 个小时了。 cut out ?切掉, 裁剪出, 取代, 删 去 You had better cut out the last two paragraphs of your article. ?你最好把文章中的最后 两段删去。 cut short ?打断, 缩减(有时作 cut shorter) deal with ?跟...达成教育; 安排, 处 理, 涉及 We closed the deal with them yesterday. ? 昨天,我们跟他们做成了 那笔交易。

die down ?变弱, 逐渐停止, 渐渐 消失 The wind is dying down. ?风慢慢停了。 die out ?灭绝, 逐渐消失, 渐渐 止息 Many old customs gradually dying out. are

The boat was drawing into the dock. ?船正驶近船坞。 raw on ?戴上, 吸收, 利用, 引诱, 向...提取, 招来, 临近 Take off those boots you are wearing and draw on these of mine. ?脱掉你的靴子,穿上我 的。 The feeling that he was near his destination drew him on. ?他感到终点在望,于是 继续向前。 draw up ?草拟, 停住, 逼近, 追上, 整队 The country drew up a new constitution. ?国家起草了一部新宪 法。 dress up ?盛装, 打扮, 装饰, 伪装 He dressed up as a cowboy.

?许多旧习俗都在日渐消 失中。 do away with ?废除, 弄死 They did away with that department several years ago. ?他们几年以前已撤掉了 那个部门。 do without ?不需要, 不用 We had to do without fresh fruit. ?没有新鲜水果,我们不 得不将就一下了。 We shall have to do without a holiday this summer. ?今年夏天我们不能有假 日了。 draw in(or into) ?收, 引诱, 接近黄昏, 紧 缩开支

?他穿着牛仔的服装。 drop by ?随便走访 drop off ?卸下;放下;睡着 The leaves began to drop off. ?树叶开始凋落了。

Could you drop off the books at the library? ?你到图书馆时顺便把书 交给图书馆好吗? drop out ?不参与, 离去, 放弃 Three of the dropped out. runners

feed in ?输入, 传回 If you feed the data in, you get the analysis a few minutes later. ?如果你把数据输入,几 分钟后就可以得到分析的 结果。 for a while

gain an advantage over ?胜于,优于 get across ?(使)越过, 通过, 被理解 She tried to get her ideas across to us. ?她想让我们理解她的想 法。 get along ?度日;相处 We cannot get along on his salary. ?我们无法靠他的薪水过 活。 How does she get along with her brother? ?她与她哥哥相处得如 何? get away ?逃脱, 离开, 把...送走 The lion was shut in a cage and unable to get away again. ?这狮子关在笼子里无法 再逃跑了。 You can’t get away from it.

We’ll have to get by with one car. ?我们不得不靠一辆小汽 车勉强对付过活。 get by heart ?记住,背诵 get down ?(从...)下来, 吞下, 写下, 使沮丧 She got the book down from the shelf. ?她从书架上把书取下 来。 We’ll get down at the next station. ?我们下一站下车。 get hold of ?抓住, 得到 get on with ?继续做 They got on with their work after a short rest. ?他们休息片刻后继续工 作。 get on/off ?有进展,成功,进步; 离开,逃脱;下车,从... 下来 He got on his horse. ?他骑上了马。

?三位赛跑者弃权。 ?暂时 ever since for good ?从那时到现在 ?永久地,一劳永逸地 every other for short ?每隔, 所有其他 ?简称, 缩写 except for for the best ?除...以外 ?出于好意 fall behind for the present ?落在...的后面, 拖欠 ?暂时 fall in love with for the purpose of ?爱上 ?为了, 因.起见 He fell in love with her at first sight. ?他对她一见 钟情。 fall through for the time being ?失败, 成为泡影 ?暂时 His scheme fell through. from time to time ?他的计划失败了。 far from ?远离, 远非, 远远不, 决 不 ?有时 gain access to = have access to ?有机会,可以获得 get by ?应付;通过, 混过 Please let me get by. ?请让我过去。 ?这事你无法回避。 for the sake of ?为了

How are you getting on? ?你过得怎样? We get off the next bus stop. ?我们在下一站下车。 I may be able to get off this Monday. ?这个星期一我也许能离 开。 get out ?离开,离去, (消息等) 泄漏,取 出,除去 They could not find a way to get themselves out. ?他们无法找到一条逃生 之路。 Don’t let this news get out. ?不要让这消息泄露出 去。 get out of ?逃避;改掉 ; (使)摆 脱 I couldn’t get out of doing it. ?我不能不做这件事。 get ready ?准备好 get round ?走动, 传开来

It is still difficult for him to get round without a cane. ?他不用手杖走动还是有 困难的。 The news soon got round. ?消息不久就传开了。 get round to

We finally got together on a compromise. ?我们双方终于同意一个 折衷办法。 We got together with some friends last night. ?昨晚我们和一些朋友在 一起相聚。 give away

give rise to ?引起,造成 The depression gave rise to widespread nemployment. ?经济萧条造成大量的失 业。 give way ?让步 The enemy troops had to give way. ?敌军不得不撤退。 give way to ?给让路,让步,让位, 被取代 go after ?追求,追 He’s gone after a job in the city. ?他去城里求职。 go ahead ?做下去,先走,开始, 进行 “ May I start?” “Yes, go ahead.” ?“我可以开始了吗?” “可以,开始吧。 ” go along with ?同意,支持,陪同前往

?腾出时间来做 He says he will get round to it next week. ?他说下周将抽出时间去 做那件事。 get the better/best of ?打败, 智胜/ 战胜,从... 中得到最大益处 Don’t always try and get the better of her over every incident. ?不要总试图在每件事上 都胜过她。 get through ?到达(目的地), 做完, 通过, 度过, 打通 I’ve got through my work. ?我已完成了我的工作。 She finally got the message through to them. ?她终于把信息传送给了 他们。 get together ?聚集, 收集, 积累; 取得 一致意见 ?我们不得不对他们的要 求作出让步。 give off ?发出(蒸汽、光等),长出 (枝、杈等) When you boil water it gives off steam. ?当你把水烧开时,它就 会散发出蒸汽。 ?送掉, 分发, 放弃, 泄露, 出卖, 让步, 陷下 She gave away almost all her books. ?她几乎把所有的书都给 别人了。 give back ?归还, 恢复, 后退, 反射 (声、光等) She gave the money back to us. ?她把钱还给我们。 give in ?投降, 屈服, 让步, 交上, 宣布 We had to give in to their demands.

go by ?(从...旁)走过, 依照, 顺 便走访

The parade went by us. ?游行队伍从我们旁边走 过。 go down ?下去, 下沉, 坠落, 下降, 被接受 They are going down the hill. ?他们正从小山上下来。 go for

go off ?爆炸, 停止运行, 不再 喜欢 The bomb suddenly. went off

We had to go without hot food because the stove was broken. ?炉子坏了,我们只好吃 冷的东西将就过去。 go wrong

hardly any ?几乎没有,几乎什么也 不 hardly … before ?刚一...就

?炸弹突然爆炸了。 go out

?出错, 犯错误, 发生故 障, 出毛病 hand down

hardly … when ?刚一...就 have / gain access to ?可以获得 He gained access to the political information by posing as a commercial traveler. ?他装扮成一个商业旅行 者获取政治情报。 head for ?去... 地方) 走向..., 前 ( , 往 to head for the city

?出去, 熄灭; 熄灭; 停止 运行 All the lights went out.

?去找, 努力获取, ?所有的灯都熄了。 She’s gone for a doctor. go through ?她去请大夫去了。 All his efforts went for nothing. ?一切努力都白费了。 go in for ?爱好, 追求, 从事 The workers go in for technical innovations. ?工人们致力于技术革 新。 go into ?叙述;研究;讨论;从 事; (时间、钱、精力等) 被用于 I’ll go into this matter in person. ?我将亲自调查这件事。 They’ll go undertaking. into that ?我们升得越高,空气就 越减少。 go without ?没有...也行 ?上升, 增长, 被兴建起 来;被炸毁;被烧毁 The high we go up, the rarer becomes the air. How long will it take to go through the book? ?读完这本书要多少时 间? go up ?经历, 经受, 仔细检查, 用完, 被通过, 被批准 Let’s go through the plan again. ?让我们再仔细地讨论这 项计划吧。

?传下来, 宣布 Joe will have his father’s gold watch because it is handed down in his family. ?乔将拥有他父亲的金 表,因为那是祖传的。 hand out ?把...拿出来, 分发, 施舍 The girl handed out leaflets to passers-by. ?那个女孩向过往的人散 发传单。 hang about

?进城去 ?闲荡 head on hang back ?迎面,迎头 ?却步, 犹豫 heart and soul hang on (or upon) ?全心全意地 ?坚持, 不挂断, 靠着, 渴 望, 有赖于 hang up 挂断, 拖延, 把...挂起来 She hung up on me. ?她挂断了我给她的电 话。 ?踌躇, 阻止, 抑制, 隐瞒 help oneself to ?自用 hold back


Buyers are holding back. ?买主们不愿出价。 Though very angry, I held back from telling him exactly what I thought. ?尽管我非常生气,但仍 克制自己未将我的感想告 诉他。 hold on ?继续, (电话)不挂断, 保 持 She held on to my coat sleeve and refused to let go. ?她死死抓住我的大衣袖 子不肯松手。 hold on to ?紧紧抓住 He rescued a drowning child holding on to a plank. ?他救起了一个紧紧抓住 一块木板的溺水的孩子。 hold out

hold up ?使停顿,耽误,劫持 The police held up the traffic so that the pupils could go across the road. ?警察挡住过往的车辆, 让 小学生们能穿过马路。 They held up the owner and robed him of everything. ?他们劫持了货主,并抢 走了他的所有东西。 in a hurry ?匆忙, 轻易地 in a moment ?立刻 in a way ?总而言之 in accord (accordance) with ?与...一致, 依照

in any case ?无论如何 in any event ?无论如何 in case ?万一 in case of ?假设, 万一 in charge of ?负责 in common ?共有 in connection with

in effect ?有效 in excess of ?超过, 较...为多 in favor of ?赞同, 有利于 in force adv. ?大规模地 adj.有效的 in general ?通常,大体上, 一般而言 in hand ?在手头, 在进行中, 掌 握住 in honor of

?与...有关, 连同 ?向...表示敬意, 为祝贺... in consequence in itself ?结果 ?在本质上,完全地 in context in line ?在上下文,场合,背景 in contrast with ?与...相反, 大不相同 in correspondence with in memory of ?与...一致, 有通信联系 ?纪念, 追念 in danger in no case ?在危险中, 垂危 in difficulty/-ties ?处境困难 ?决不 in no time ?立刻 ?成一直线, 一致, 协调, 有秩序 in line with ?符合

?继续, 坚持,维持, 不屈 服 Our troops cannot hold out much longer against the superior force of the enemy. ?面对敌人的优势,我们 的部队不可能坚持很久。 If our supplies hold out, we will camp here for another week. ?如果给养供得上,我们 就继续在这里野营一周。

in addition ?另外 in addition to ?除...之外 in all ?总共 in alliance with ?与...结盟

in no way ?决不 in other words ?换句话说,也就是说 in particular

be composed of ?由...组成 in shape ?在外形上, 处于良好状 态 in short

in the first place ?起初,首先 in the future ?未来, 将来, 往后 in the least ?丝毫

keep from ?阻止, 隐瞒, 抑制 She can’t keep from drink. ?她戒不了酒。 The boy couldn’t keep from drying when he fell down. ?小孩摔倒在地,禁不住 哭了起来。 keep in touch ?保持联络 keep off ?让开, 不接近 Keep off the grass! ?勿踏草坪! keep on ?继续, 穿着...不脱 Why do you keep on asking such silly questions? ?你为什么老问这些愚蠢 的问题? My I keep my hat on here?

?特别 ?简而言之 in place of in sight ?代替 ?被看到 in place in step (with) ?在适当的位置, 适当 ?步调一致 out of place in sum ?不在适当的位置, 不合 适 in practice ?在实践中, 实际上, 熟 练 in proportion to ?与...成比例 in question in the end ?正被讨论, 可怀疑 ?最后, 终于 in return in the event of ?作为报答 ?如果...发生 in secret in the face of ?秘密地 ?面对 in sequence in the first place ?按秩序,顺序 ?首先

in the long run ?最后 in the way of ?关于...方面 in touch with ?联系 ?总言之, 大体上 in truth in terms of ?真实地, 实在 ?根据, 按照, 用...的话, 在...方面 in the air ?在空中, 悬而未决, 在 流传中, 不设防 in vain ?徒然 keep back ?阻止, 使不靠近,隐瞒, 留下 ?我什么都没有瞒你。 keep company with ?与...交往, 与…为伴

?在这儿我可以不脱帽 吗? keep one’s head

keep down 镇压, 控制;缩减, 保留 I can’t keep down my indignation with him. ?我抑止不住对他的愤 怒。

?保持冷静 keep to ?遵循 In China traffic keeps to the right. ?在中国汽车靠右行驶。

keep up ?不低落, 维持, 继续

Please lay down the box gently. ?请将箱子轻轻放下。

The rain daybreak.




let out ?放出,释放,发出

?破晓时雨停了。 leave out ?省去, 遗漏 We must decide what to leave out and what to leave in. ?我们必须决定取舍。 Don’t leave the interpreters out in our invitation. ?在我们的邀请中别把译 员漏掉。 let alone ?不管, 不打扰 let down ?放下, 降低, 使失望 I’ve been badly let down. ?我非常失望。 let go Let the water out of the bath-tub. ?把浴缸里的水放掉。 line up ?整队, 排列起 The children quickly lined up in the playground. ?孩子们迅速地在草场上 排好了队。 little by little ?渐渐 live by ?以...为生 They live by teaching. ?他们以教书为生。 live through ?度过, 经受过 She has lived through two world wars. ?她经历过两次世界大 战。 live up to

Do you still keep up your acquaintance with him? ?你还在和他交往吗? Keep up your courage! ?不要气馁! kind of

lay off ?解雇, 停止工作, 休息, 划出 She was laid off from her job at the factory. ?她被工厂解雇了。

?有几分 lay out It’s very kind of you. ?你真是太好了。 It was kind of you to help us. ?承蒙帮助,不胜感谢。 knock down ?使降低, 击倒, 拆卸, 拍 卖出 I knocked him down to ten pounds. ?我使他把卖价降到十英 镑。 to be known as ?被认为是,被称为 He is known as a singer. ?他以歌唱家闻名(他被 认为是位歌唱家) 。 lay aside ?搁置, 积蓄 lay down ?放下, 放弃 They leave off work at 4.30 p.m. ?他们下午四点半下班。 ?小偷经教育后释放。 The pilferer was let off with some good advice. ?走开,要不我就告诉老 师啦! leave behind ?留下, 遗留, 忘记带 leave off ?停止, 中断 let off ?放, 饶恕,赦免,从宽 处理 Don’t let him off. ?摆开, 展示, 布置, 安排, 投资 The exhibits wee laid out in exquisite taste. ?展品摆放得十分得体。 learn by heart ?记住 leave alone ?让独自呆着,不打扰, 不干预 Leave me alone, or I’ll tell the teacher!

?放开, 释放, 发射

?实践, 做到 ?别放开他。 We will live up to what the Party expects of us. ?我们不会辜负党对我们 的期望。

We’ll try to live up to the heroes. ?我们将设法达到英雄们 的标准。 look at ?看(问题),看待 Look at the chart, please. ?请看这张图表。 We all looked at the combat hero with admiration. ?我们都以敬佩的眼光看 着那位战斗英雄。 look back (on) ?回顾, 回想(过去) I look back on my childhood with mixed feelings. ?回想起我的童年,我百 感交集。 look into ?调查, 了解, 朝...里面看, 往...深处看 He has promised to look into the matter. ?他已答应对这个问题进 行调查。 The child looked into the box and jumped back with fright. ?那男孩朝盒子里一看, 吓得往后跳了回来。

look on ?旁观, 朝着, 俯瞰 Join us. Don’t just look on. ?来参加我们,别在旁边 观望呀。 look out ?查出,找出,当心, 注 意 There are some letters I’ll have to look out. ?有几封信我必须找出 来。 Look out the cat doesn’t steal that fish. ?当心不要让猫偷吃了那 条鱼。 look over

look up ?仰视,查出,了解

to make allowance inexperience ?考虑到缺乏经验


He looked up and nodded to me. ?他抬起头来,对我点了 点头。 He asked me to look up the book and send it to him. ?他要我着到这本书给他 送去。 loop up to ?尊敬,赞美 This old man is looked up to by everybody. ?这位老人受到众人的尊 敬。 lose heart

make for ?走向 It’s late, we’d better turn and make for home. ?时间晚了,我们最好转 回家。 The frigate made for the open sea. ?那艘护卫舰驶向大海。 make fun of ?取笑某人 Don’t make fun of his English. He is just a beginner. ?不要嘲笑他的英语,他 只是个初学者嘛。 make one’s way

?翻阅,审阅, 复习,查 看 We must look over all the accounts today. ?我们今天必须审查一下 所有的帐目。 She is looking over her notes before the exam. ?她正在复习笔记准备考 试。 look through ?翻阅,查看 He looked through number of journals. ?他翻阅了许多期刊。 a

?丧失勇气 lose one’s head ?不知所措

?前进, 行进 lose sight of make out ?不再看见, 忽略, 忘记 make a difference ?区别对待, 起重要作用 make a face ?做鬼脸 make (an) allowance for ?考虑到...的情况, 体谅 ?我不懂你的意思。 ?在浓雾中我们几乎什么 也辨认不出来。 I can’t make out what you mean. ?看清楚, 理解,进展, 相处,假装 We could hardly make out anything in the thick fog.

make sure ?确定, 确信,证实 make the best of ?充分利用, 尽力而为 make the most of ?尽量利用, 充分利用

make use of ?使用, 利用 The factory has begun to make use of the waste matter. ?这个工厂开始将废料加 以利用。 may as well

name after ?...命名 no matter ?不论... no matter how ?不管如何

be of significance to ?对...有意义,对... 很重 要 This invention is of great significance to the country. ?这项发明对国家具有重 大意义。 off and on

make up ?还不如 ?弥补, 虚构, 整理, 和解, 化妆 We must make up his loss somehow. ?我们必须想办法补偿他 的损失。 The whole story is made up. ?这个事情完全是虚构出 来的。 make up for mess with ?补偿,弥补 ?瞎弄,摆弄,粗暴对待 We must redouble our efforts to make up for lost time. ?我们必须加倍努力以补 偿失去的 时间。 make up one’s mind ?下决心, 接受, 承认 He made up his mind to take the challenge. ?他下决心要接受挑战。

no matter what ?断断续续地 ?无论何事 mess about no more than ?浪费时间 ?只是 They messed about on the beach most of the summer. ?夏天的大部分时间他们 都在海滨闲混。 mess up ?弄脏,搞糟, 陷入困境, 粗暴地处理 on the other hand no sooner ?… than 一...就... no wonder ?难怪,怪不得 not at all ?一点也不 nothing but ?只 He told his son not to mess with the radio. ?他叫儿子不要乱搞收音 机。 He messed with his bicycle whenever he had time ?他一有空就摆弄他那辆 自行车。 more or less of one’s own accord ?或多或少 ?自愿地 on business ?因公 now and then ?偶尔 now that ?既然 of interest to... ?有兴趣的 on board ?到船上, 在船上 ?政府已让部队进入戒备 状态。 on behalf of ?代表... ?另一方面 on a large scale ?大规模地 on account of ?因为,由于,为了 on alert ?警戒,随时准备着 The government has put the army on alert. ?一方面 on one hand

on condition that ?如果

on the point of ?正要...的时候

other than ?不同于, 除了 out of ?在…外, 离开;出于, 由于 out of breath

As soon as the sun came out, the mist passed away. ?太阳一出来,雾便散去 了。 It is may years since he passed away. ?他去世已好多年了。 pass on ?传授,传递 He asked me to read the notice and pass it on to you. ?他叫我看这个通知,然 后把它传 给你。 pass out

She will join us on condition that you are also there. ?她说如果你也去那里, 她就与我们一起去。 on fire ?起火, 非常激动

on the side ?作为兼职, 另外 on the spot ?当场, 在危险中, 处于 负责地位 on the whole

?上气不接下气 out of doors ?在户外 out of place ?不在适当的位置, 不合 适 out of practice ?荒疏, 久不练习

on foot ?大体上, 基本上 ?走路 on top of on hand ?在手头, 即将发生, 在 场 on occasion ?再一次 ?有时 once for all on one’s own ?只此一次 ?独自地, 独立地, 主动 地 on purpose ?故意 on the basis of ?以...为基础 on the contrary ?正相反 on the decline ?在减少中 on the point of ?正要...的时候 once in a while ?有时,偶尔 once upon a time ?从前 one after another ?接连地 one another ?彼此, 相互 or else ?否则 ?在看不见的地方 out of step ?步调不一致 out of the question ?不可能 owing to ?他答应本周内还钱。 ?由于,因为 pay off over and over ?反复, 再三 pass away ?消失,去世 ?还清(债务等),付清, 报 复, 赢利 He has creditors. paid off his out of sight He passed out from heat exhaustion. ?他因中暑而昏倒。 pay back ?偿还(借款), 报答, 报复 He promised to pay back this week. ?熟练掌握, 在...之上, 另 外, 紧接着 once again


?他把已欠的债都还清 了。

Joe wanted to pay William off for backbiting him. ?乔尔因威廉在背后说他 的坏话而要对他进行报 复。 pay up ?全部付清 He asked me to pay up. ?他要求我把钱付清。 pick out ?挑选,选出,辨认,辨 别出 I’m going to pick out a few books to send to my friend. ?我将挑选几本书寄给我 的朋友。 play with ?以…为消遣, 玩弄 play a part in ?与...有关,对...有影响

pull in ?(火车)进站,(船)靠 岸 The train from pulled in at 9:15 Beijing

pull up ?拔起, 使停下 Let’s pull up these plants by the roots. ?让我们把这些植物连根 拔起。 The car pulled up at our door. 汽车在我的门口停了下 来。 put across ?圆满完成, 使被接受 He contrived to put it across. ?他设法把这件事完成 了。 put aside ?撇开, 储存...备用 When the doctor heard of the child’s illness, he put aside the paper he was reading and hastened to its home. ?医生听到那个孩子病 了,就放下正在阅读的报 纸,匆匆赶到孩子家去。 He has put aside a good sum of money. ?他已经储蓄了很多钱。 put away

We put away the tools before we leave the workshop. ?我们在离开车间以前把 工具收拾 好。 put down ?放下, 写下, 记下,平 定,镇压 Put it down here. ?把它放在这儿。 The king put down the uprising and killed all the slaves involved. ?国王镇压了那次起义, 杀死了所有参加起义的奴 隶。 put forward

?北京来的火车在九点十 五分到站。 pull off ?脱掉(衣、帽) He pulled off his coat and started to weed with us. ?他脱去上装,开始和我 们 一起除草。 pull on ?穿, 戴(衣、帽) In view of the cold weather I advise you to pull on more clothes before you go out. ?天气很冷,我劝你多穿 些衣服再出去。 pull out

?放出, 拿出, 提出, 推举 出 He put forward three radios for our choice. ?他拿出三台收音机供我 们选择。 They have put forward Mr. Lu as a president. ?他们已推荐刘先生当校 长。 put in ?使进入,加进 You find the tea too strong? Just put in more water. ?你觉得茶太浓吗?多加 些水进去就是了。

pull down ?拆毁, 降低, 拉下 Plans have been put forward to pull down and rebuild the area. ?已提出计划,要把这个 地区的房屋拆掉。 Would you please down the blinds? pull ?(火车)离站, 撤离, 离 开, 拔出, 抽出, 取出 The bus pulled out just now. ?公共汽车刚开出。 In the twinkling of an eye, the conjuror pulled a bird out of a cup. ?一霎那间魔术师从杯中 取出一只鸟。


?放好, 收好

put in order ?整理, 检修 put into effect ?生效 When the time is ripe the scheme will be put into effect. ?时机成熟的时候会实行 这项计划的。 put into operation

Do you think they can put us up for the night? ?你认为他们能安排我们 过夜吗? quite a few ?相当多的 quite a little ?许多

resort to ?诉诸于, 采取...作为手 段 At last they had to resort to forcing the door to rescue the boy. ?最后他们不得不撞开门 来救出那个男孩。 ring off

Joan deserted her family and ran away with a sailor. ?琼抛弃了自己的家庭, 跟一个水 手私奔了。 He has run away with the race. ?他在赛跑轻而易举地获 胜。 run down ?跑下, 用完, 停止 He ran down at once. ?他立刻往下跑。 That clock ran down hours.

reckon in ?计入, 将...算在内 ?使生效 put into practice ?实行, 实现 put out ?熄灭,扑灭,生产,出 产,出版,发布,伸出 Tell the children to put out the fire. ?叫孩子们把火熄灭。 This magazine is put out every Friday. ?这本杂志每星期五出 版。 put to use ?使用, 利用 put up ?建造,支起,搭起;张 贴,公布;提供食宿 Several tents have been put up to them. ?支起几个帐 篷来给他们住。 refer to 查阅, 提到, 谈到, 打听 refer to … as run away with ?把…称为, 把…当作 ?与...一起走掉, 与...私奔 ?浏览, 匆匆复习 run across ?偶然遇到 ?用完 run over The service charge has been reckoned in. ?服务费已包括在内。 reckon on ?指望, 依赖 ring up We hope we can reckon on your support. ?我们希望能得到你的支 持。 reckon up ?列举,计算 It would need several pages merely to reckon up the names. ?单把名字列出来就需要 好几页。 ?打电话给某人 Has anyone rung up? ?有什么人打过电话来 吗? rub out ?擦掉, 磨去, 擦去 He rubbed out the pencil marks. ?他擦去了铅笔记号。 run for ?竞选, 赶快去请 As the child was seriously ill, we ran for the doctor. ?孩子病得厉害,我们急 忙去请医 生。 run into ?跑进, 撞上, 偶遇, 陷入, 达到 run out of ?我还没来得及回答,他 就 把电话挂断了。 ?挂断电话, 停止谈话, 走 掉, 离开 Before I could reply, he rang off.

?那只钟几小时以前就停 掉了。

run through ?跑着穿过, 贯穿, 划掉, 挥霍 The boy ran through the street. ?男孩沿街奔跑。

see (to it) that ?负责,照料,注意,留 心 seek after (for) ?寻找, 搜寻, 寻觅 send for

serve as 起...的作用,充当,担任 The large box can serve as a desk too. ?那只大箱子也可以当桌 子用。 He served as ambassador to France in the early sixties. ?六十年代初他担任驻法 大使。 serve for ?充当, 被用作 This room will serve for a meeting room. ?那间房子将用作会议 室。 serve right

Her bright red scarf set her apart from the other girls. ?她那鲜红的围巾使她在 姑娘中显得特别引入注 目。 set aside ?留出, 储藏, 不顾, 取消, 驳回 I set aside my overcoat and took out my summer clothes. ?我把大衣放起来,取出 了夏天的衣服。 How could you set aside all the objections and cling to your own course ? ?你怎么能不顾一切反对 而一意孤行呢? set back ?推迟,延缓,阻碍,使 花费 The accident has set them back several weeks. ?那才事故已使他们耽搁 了几个星期。 How much did your new bicycle set you back ?

A note of optimism runs through the whole narrative. ?整篇叙述贯穿着乐观的 调子。 see about ?查询, 留意于,考虑 Let’s see about a hotel first. 让我们先找个旅馆吧。 There’re all kinds of things that have to be seen about. ?有各种各样的事情需要 考虑。 see into ?调查, 检查 see off ?给…送行 I’ll see you off at the airport. ?我会在机场送你。 see through ?看穿, 识破 X-rays enable us to see through solids. ? X 线使我们能够透视固 体。

?召唤, 派人去拿 Your luggage has been sent for. ?你的行李已经派人去取 了。 send in ?递送, 呈报 Have you sent in your application? ?你的申请书送上去了 吗? He sent in his resignation long ago. ?他很早以前就提交了辞 职书。 send off ?寄出, 派遣, 解雇, 给... 送行 His father sent him off to his uncle’s. ?他父亲让他到叔父家 去。 These parcels are sent off at once. ?这些包裹必须立即寄 出。

?活该,给应得的待遇 Serve him right if he had broken his neck. ?如果他的脖子断了那是 他罪有应得。 set about ?开始做,着手处理 They set about making preparations for spring sowing. ?他们开始准备春播准备 工作。 set apart ?使突出,使显著,区别

?你的新自行车花掉了多 少钱? set down ?记下,记录,写下 Please set it down to my account. ?请把它记在我账上。

set fire to ?纵火烧, 放火 Be careful with that match. You will set fire to those curtains. ?小心火柴,会烧着窗帘 的。 set forth ?阐明, 宣布, 陈述 You must set forth facts and reason things out. ?你必须摆事实,讲道理。 set free

set out ?动手,起程,开始,摆 出,陈述,阐明 I set out immediately for Shanghai. ?我立即动手去上海。 They are setting out on a new experiment. ?他们正在着手进行一项 新的试验。 set up

show up ?来到,露面,揭露 The mark shows up only in the strong sunlight. ?那痕迹只在强烈的阳光 下才显示 出来。 Mary likes to show people up in public. ?玛丽喜欢使别人当众出 丑。 side by side

speak of ?谈到 speak about ?大声说 speed up ?使加速 stand by ?站在...一边, 支持, 遵守, 袖手旁观, 准备行动 he chairs stand by the wall. ?椅子靠墙放着。 Don’t just stand by. Can’t you lend a hand ? ?别袖手旁观,你不能帮 一下忙吗? stand for

?建立,成立,树立;资 助, 扶持 He sets up for a scholar.

?并排, 肩并肩, 一个挨一 个 shut down

?释放,给, 自由 ?他以学者自居。 Do as I tell you and you will be set free. ?照我吩咐的做,你就可 以被释放。 They set the slaves free in the end. ?最后,他们释放了这些 奴隶。 set off ?出发, 启程,动身, 使爆 炸, 引起,导致 We set off at dawn. ?领入 ?我们黎明时动身了。 They set off firecrackers to celebrate the success. ?为庆祝这一成功,他们 放起了鞭炮。 show off ?炫耀, 卖弄, 使显眼 She loves showing off her new dress. 她喜欢炫耀自 己的新衣服。 ?我在这里一定居她就会 过来。 show in

?关闭 He has set up as a dentist in that district. ?他在那个区里当牙医。 settle down ?定居, 过安定的生活 She will come over as soon as I have settled down. shut out ?排除 shut up ?住口; 关上全部门窗 sit up ?迟睡, 熬夜 slow down ?(使)慢下来 The machine slowed down and stopped. ?机器逐渐减慢转速,终 于停住了。 so far ?迄今为止

?代表, 表示, 主张, 支持, 容忍,接受 stand up for ?支持 stand up to ?勇敢面对,坚决抵抗, 经得起 They are determined to stand up to the most dangerous circumstances. ?他们决心勇敢地面对最 危险地情况。 The old man’s health will not stand up to the cold damp climate. ?老人的健康状况经受不 住寒冷潮湿的气候。

step by step ?逐步地,循序渐进 sum up ?计算...的总数, 概括, 总 结 Six victories and two defeats summed up their record. ?他们总的记录是六胜二 负。 They want to sum up their past experience before going on. ?他们想先总结一下过去 的经验再继续干。 take a chance

take charge of ?负责管理, 主持 I soon had to take charge of the department. ?不久我就负责管理这个 部门了。 take down ?记下, 写下 take effect ?见效, 生效 take for granted ?认为理所当然, 想当然 take for

take... into account ?考虑,注意

The new department head took over yesterday. ?新的系主任昨天接任。

The judge took the prisoner’s youth into account before sentencing him. ?法官在判刑前考虑到了 该犯年纪尚轻这一事实。 take off ?脱衣; (飞机)起飞;匆 匆离开 He took off his coat as soon as he entered the room. ?他一进屋就脱掉了大 衣。 take on

take pains ?下功夫,尽力, 耐心 He has taken great pains to learn English. ?他下了大功夫学英语。 take to ?开始从事, 形成...的习 惯, 喜欢, 沉溺于 He gave up medicine and took to literature. ?他放弃医学,开始从事 文学工作。 take turns ?轮流, 依次, 转而

?认为, 以为 ?碰运气,冒险 I was taken for my sister. You might take a chance. ?你可以碰碰运气。 We mustn’t take a chance. We’d better play safe. ?我们不一定要冒险,我 们还是求稳。 take after ?与...相像 He takes after his father. ?他长得像他的父亲。 take apart ?拆开 He tried to take me in. take care ?留心, 保重 ?他企图欺骗我。 ?接收, 接管, 借用 talk into ?说服某人做某事 ?这间屋子太小,我们不 能请太多的客人。 This room is too small, we can’t take in any more guest. ?人家把我错当成我姐姐 了。 What do you take us for? ?你把我们当作什么人? take one’s time take in ?从容不迫 ?接受, 容纳;吸收, 理 解; 轻信, 欺骗 ?开始做,开始学习 William never works rapidly. He always takes his time in everything that he does. ?威廉做事从不着急,他 做每件事情总是从容不 迫。 take over It took up a whole month to write this book. ?写这本书消耗了整整一 个月的时间。 talk back ?顶嘴 take up The square took on a festive air. ?广场上呈现出一派节日 景象。 ?呈现, 具有, 雇用, 聘用, 承担, 从事

Susan and her brother take turns doing the dishes. ?苏珊和她弟弟轮流洗盘 子。

She talked her husband into having a holiday in France. ?她说服她丈夫去法国度 假。 talk over ?商量, 讨论 thanks to ?由于,幸亏 the same as ?与...同样的

He touched on many points without enlarging on any of them. ?他提到许多问题,但一 个也没有详细论述。 try on

turn off ?关掉, 断开, 拐弯, 使转 变方向 I turned off into a side street. ?我拐入一条横街。

At eleven, they turned up. ?十一点钟的时候,他们 出现了。 under the circumstances ?在这种情况下,情况既 然如此 under way 进行中 up to ?从事于,忙于

?试穿, 试验 turn on When I tried the coat on I found it was rather too big for me. ?我试穿了那件上衣,觉 得太大了。 try out ?接通, 打开 Shall I turn on the bath for you? ?我给你放浴水好吗? turn out ?试验, 考验, 提炼 ?结果是, 驱逐, 使离开, 关掉,熄灭 He turned out his pockets to show they were empty. ?他把口袋都翻出来,表 明里面是空的。 turn over ?翻转,翻动,移交,交 结 turn to ?变成, 向...求助 ?他拒绝了小史密斯的求 婚,因为他太穷。 turn in ?上缴, 交出 turn into ?变成 The caterpillar turned into a butterfly. ?毛虫变成了 蝴蝶。 turn up ?出现, 突然发生 ?变热 The ice turned to water. ?冰变成了水。 wait on I had to turn to the dictionary for help. ?我只得求助于字典了。 ?伺候 warm up He has used up all his strength. ?他已经耗尽了他的体 力。 I don’t fell up to going to work today. ?我今天身体不舒服不能 去工作。 What’s he up to? ?他走忙什么? up to date ?时兴的 use up ?用完, 耗尽

the moment (that) ?一...就 think better of ?改变主意, 重新考虑 think of ?想到, 想起 turn down think over ?仔细考虑 throw away ?扔掉, 抛弃 throw up ?呕吐 to the point ?中肯, 扼要 touch on ? 略微谈到 ?交出, 上交, 拒绝, 不接 受 She turned down young Smith because he was poor. ?在决定买下这台计算机 前,我们 先试试看。 Let’s try out the computer before we finally decide to buy it.

watch out (for) ?提防, 戒备 wear down ?磨损, 损耗; 使疲劳 wear off ?逐渐减弱,逐渐消逝 The novelty will soon wear off. ?这种新鲜感很快就会消 失。 wear out ?用破, 磨损, 把(某人) 累坏了 I must buy a new suit. This one is worn out. ?我要买一套新衣服,这 套已穿坏。 I’m worn out by all this hard work. ?这些艰苦的工作使我精 疲力尽。 what if

with the purpose of ?为了 write off ?勾销,注销 Yesterday he wrote off a debt. ?昨天他注销了一笔借 款。 wipe out ?消灭, 毁灭 work at/on ?解决, 算出, 设计出, 制定出 work up

applicable for ?能用于...的 appropriate for/to ?对...是恰当的 ashamed of ?为...而羞愧 available for ?可利用的,可得到的 aware of ?知道,意识到 blind to ?对...视而不见 bound for

close to ?接近,几乎 common to ?共有的 competent for ?能胜任的 competent to ?能胜任的 concerned about ?关心,担心 confident of ?对...有信心的 conscious of ?意识到 considerate of

?引起, 激起; 逐渐向 上, 向上爬 absent from

?(人)准备到...去, (车、 船)开往...的 busy in

?缺席,不在 ?忙于 accustomed to busy with ?习惯的,惯常的 adequate for ?忙于 careful about ?小心,注意 cautious about/of ?对...小心、谨慎 certain about/of ?有把握,肯定 characteristic of ?有代表性的,特有的

?照顾别人,体谅人的 consistent with ?与...一致 content with ?对...满足 contrary to ?和...相反 convenient to / for ?对...方便 crazy about ?着迷的

?如果…将会怎么样 ?对...是足够的,适当的 with one accord angry at ?一致 ?为...而生气 with regard to anxious about ?关于 ?对...焦虑不安 with the exception of ?除...以外 anxious for ?对...担心,渴望

critical of ?对...挑剔,批评 curious about ?对...好奇 deaf to ?拒绝听取 delighted to

fatal to ?对...是致命的 favorable to ?对...有利,赞成 fearful of ?害怕,担心 fit for ?适当的

harm to ?对...有害 hopeful about ?怀有希望的 hostile to ?对...有敌意 hungry for ?渴望...的

loyal to ?忠于 nervous of ?害怕 next to ?几乎,次于 open to ?对...开放 opposite to ?在...对面;和...对立 parallel to/with ?平行于

?因...而高兴 fond of doubtful about ?喜欢 ?对...有怀疑的 foreign to due to ?对...陌生 ?因为,由于 free from eager for ?免于 ?热切希望 free of essential for / to ?无...的,免于 ?必不可少的 generous to excited about ?对...慷慨 ?为...所激动 good for faithful for / to ?有益于 ?忠于 grateful for familiar to ?对...感激 ?为...所熟悉 guilty of familiar with ?犯罪 ?通晓,熟悉 hard on sb. famous for ?由于...而闻名 ?过分严厉地对待某人

identical to ?与...相同,相等 identical with ?与...一样的 ignorant of

particular about ?对...无知不 ?对...讲究 indifferent to patient with ?对...冷淡 ?对...有耐心 inferior to peculiar to ?比...差 ?...特有的 jealous of pleased about ?嫉妒...的 ?为...而高兴 junior to pleased with ?比...年幼 ?对...满意 keen on plentiful in ?热心于 ?丰足 liable for ?有...责任的 poor at ?为擅长于

popular with ?为...所喜爱的 preferable to ?比...更可取的 present at ?出席 previous to ?在...之前 prior to ?在...之前 proper to ?恰当的 proportional to ?和...成比例 qualified for ?合格的 quick at

satisfactory to ?令...满意的 senior to ?比...年长 sensible of ?明智的;有感觉的 sensitive to ?对...敏感 separate from ?与...分开的 sick of ?对厌倦 similar to ?和...相似的 skilled in/at ?灵巧 strict with ?对...严格

suspicious of ?怀疑 thirsty for ?渴望...的 tired of ?对...厌倦 true of ?对...符合,适用 typical of ?有...典型性的 uneasy about ?对...焦虑 used to ?习惯于 useful to ?有用的 valuable to ?有价值的

?敏捷的 subject to representative of ?易受...的 ?有代表性的 suitable for resistant to ?适宜于 ?抵抗的 superior to responsible for ?优越于 ?尊敬 sure of rude to ?粗鲁无礼 ?肯定,确信

vital to/for ?极为重要的 weak in ?在...方面弱 wrong with ?有毛病,不正常



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