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You two are on the outs 你俩有矛盾。 【 Says who?】谁说的?例:―Divorce is not an option‖ - Says who? ―离婚不 是一个选项‖-谁说的? 【drive under the influence】 酒驾。例:Possibly the best example that illustrates this characteristic is people who drive under the influence of alcohol. 最能说明这个特点的是醉酒驾车的人。 【Chances are good】可能性很大。例:Chances are good that you have hundreds, maybe thousands of e-mails stored on remote servers or in your computer. 在远程服务的互联网上,你有能保存成百成千电子邮件的机会是非 常好的。 【Excuse my French.】不好意思,我说脏话了。例:I was just driving down the road and this asshole-excuse my french-rammed into me! 我只是沿着 这条路开下去,然后这个混帐东西——原谅我说粗话——就撞过来了! Real success is not about how much money you make or how famous you get. Rather, it's about being the best of yourself. 真正的成功不是说你能赚多 少钱或你能出多大名,而是能做最好的自己! 【Hold your horses】着什么急啊! 例:Hold your horses before you start doing what you think is important to you, otherwise you may lose. 在你开 始做你认为是非常重要的事情之前,你要考虑清楚,否则会失败。
When we face two choices ,the coin will give us a right answer.Not coins play a role ,but you know what you hope when you throw it into air. 当面对两个选择时抛硬币总能奏效,并不是因为它 总能给出对的答案,而是在你把它抛在空中的那一秒里,你突然知道你希望它是什么

【kick the bucket 】去世。 例:His heirs were greedily waiting for him to kick the Bucket . 他的继承人正眼巴巴地盼着他死呢。 【turn the tables】扭转局面。 例:In other words, ―we don't want the company that we have under our patent thumb to be able to turn the tables‖. 换句话说,―我们不希望依靠我们专利的这些公司能够扭转劣势‖。 【Something is up】有事儿发生了。 例:"We have a pretty strong feeling that something is up, " he said.

【have a ball】玩得开心。 例:McBride and McPartland have a ball exchanging solos on this tune. Wouldn't you like to know? 就不告诉你。 【pop the question】 求婚。 例:Mathematicians have come up with a 'fiancee formula' that allows men to work out the perfect time to pop the question。 日前,数学家研究出一个―求婚公式‖,让男士们可以计算出求婚的最佳 时间。 If you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you will be successful!如果你对成功的渴望和你对呼吸的渴望一样强烈,你就会成功! 【Morning person】喜欢早起的人。 例:She smiles when she wakes up at 6 am everyday, she's really a morning person。 【原来如此】美语有几种说法。比较合适的:"I see" (不是 我看到了)或 "So it is / so it's true",用法跟中文一样。 A: She is married B: So it is。 A: I like pizza B: So it's true, American's like pizza。 A: Why is he so tired B: He's fat A: I see 他为什么那么累?他胖。原来如此。 【Rock】冰块。 例:You want it on the rocks? 要加冰块吗? Take a sip】喝一口。 例:The next time you have a cup of tea at a Chinese restaurant, try this: Add a teaspoon of salt to it and take a sip. 次你在中国 饭馆里喝茶时,试试给茶杯里加一茶匙的盐,然后再小啜一口。
【dead on】非常正确。 例:His criticism on my mistake is dead on the target . 他对我的错误提出批评,真是一针见血。

You always talk the talk,but never walk the walk.你总是光说不做!
【a walking encyclopedia】 活词典。 Evelyn Wood's "walking encyclopedia" of a professor was probably a skimmer too, assuming he existed. 埃文莱· 伍德在 ―活百科全书‖中讲述的那个教授如果真的存在,估计也是浏览速度。

【You walked out on me!】 是你抛弃我的。 例:You walk out on me, you know what that means? 你离开我,你知道意味着什么吗?

【扑克术语 1】club 梅花;diamond 方块;heart 红桃;spade 黑桃;big joker 大王;little joker 小 王;ace 尖儿;face cards/court cards 花牌(J、Q、K);ladies 两张 Q;treys 一对 3;thirty miles 三张 10;pocket 手上的底牌;shuffle 洗牌

【 A babe in the woods 】在某一领域没有经验,什么也不懂的人。 例:When I first came to Hollywood, I didn't know anything. I can't tell you how many times I worked for almost no money. I didn't even know there was a minimum salary for actors. I was just a babe in the woods. 【bite off more than one can chew】不自量力。 例:Listen son, you have a lot of responsibilities already. Are you sure you can manage football and your studies and your job? Be careful you don't bite off more than you can chew. 【work wonders】创造奇迹。 例:I think it must have been the Harry Potter books. Before my kids read the first Harry Potter, they didn't believe reading could be enjoyable. But these books about that magical school have worked wonders. They love reading now! 【hot air】废话连篇,或吹牛。 例:Don't worry about what Mr. Humphrey says. He just likes to scare people. It makes him feel important, but he's just full of hot air.别把 Humphrey 先生讲的话放在心上。他就是喜欢吓唬人,这 样会让他觉得自己很重要,其实他是空话连篇。 【up in the air】某件事还没有确定。 例:Now with the new regulations about building next to an airport, it looks like we might not be able to start onstruction of the golf course until next year. The whole project is up in the air.
最讨人喜欢的英语单词 V】smashing 极好的;whoops 哎哟;tickle 胳肢;loquacious 爱说话的; flip-flop 人字拖;smithereens 碎片;gazebo 露台;hiccup 打嗝;hodgepodge 大杂烩;shipshape 整齐的;explosion 迸发;zing 活力;gum 口香糖;hen-night 女子婚前单身派对。

【run a tight ship】纪律严明的领导风格,严格管理。 例: He ran such a tight ship, in fact, that he was able to lead an army of largely untrained soldiers through a very harsh winter during the war.他对手下非常严格,事实 上,他还率领了没受过什么训练的士兵在寒冬作战。

【Do something till you're blue in the face】反复做一件事,但一直不成功。 例: Why don't you ask your group for some help? That would be more productive than sitting here until you're blue in the face. show your true colors】流露本色,作自己。 例: I'm not used to seeing you acting so shy. You're usually so outgoing and friendly. Don't be afraid to show your true colors. 【Out of place】格格不入,不自在。 例:, I work with these people every day, so I'm pretty comfortable in this kind of setting. But, there are some places where I do feel out of place - like when I go to parties with your friends on campus. 【Top dog】第一名,最棒的人。 例:My boss is the top dog at my office. Not only does he have the most experience, but he also has the ability to influence the work of his staff. He's definitely a top dog. 【shoo-in】是绝对的赢家,肯定得胜的人。 例: Remember when you tried out for that student dance group last year? I knew you were a shoo-in for the team. You're such a good dancer!
人名俗语 II】Jeez Louise (表示惊讶)我的天啊;For Pete's sake 哎呀,天啊,看在上帝的份上;For mercy's sake 哎呀,天啊(几乎只有女性使用);a doubting Thomas 生性多疑的人;a plain Jane 长相不起眼,外貌平凡的女人;No way, Jose 用于熟人之间拒绝做某事。 【―五险一金‖ 英语怎么说】养老保险:endowment insurance;医疗保险:medical insurance;失业 保险:unemployment insurance;工伤保险:work-related injury insurance;生育保险: maternity insurance;住房公积金:housing accumulation fund

【off the top of one's head】意思是猜测。 例:It's okay if you don't know exactly. I just want a reasonable estimate. So, just OFF THE TOP OF YOUR HEAD, how much would it cost to lease a Mercedes 500SL? 你不知道 确切价钱也不要紧,我只要一个大概的估价。 按你估计租一辆奔驰 500SL 要多少钱
endowment insurance;医疗保险:medical insurance;失业保险:unemployment insurance; 工伤保险:work-related injury insurance;生育保险:maternity insurance;住房公积金: housing accumulation fund

【off the top of one's head】意思是猜测。 例:It's okay if you don't know exactly. I just want a reasonable estimate. So, just OFF THE TOP OF

YOUR HEAD, how much would it cost to lease a Mercedes 500SL? 你不知道 确切价钱也不要紧,我只要一个大概的估价。 按你估计租一辆奔驰 500SL 要多少钱 【Over the top】过分。 例: I wish you could have seen this hotel! The lobby's the size of a football field. I'm not joking. And the rooms...I think the bedposts were made of gold. And the food at the buffet...oh my god. I've never seen so much food. It was really over the top.

蛋黄月饼 egg yolk mooncake;莲蓉月饼 lotus seed paste mooncake;五仁月饼 kernel mooncake;叉烧月饼 char siu mooncake;豆沙月饼 sweet bean paste mooncake;芝麻月饼 sesame mooncake;火腿月饼 ham mooncake;冰皮月饼 snow skin mooncake Keep your chin up. 别灰心!② Keep it up. 坚持下去!③ a man. 拿出点勇气来!④ Be Cheer up. 振作起来!⑤ You have our backing. 我们支持你!⑥ Don't let us down. 别让我们失望!⑦ Don't be nervous. 别紧张!⑧ Come on. 加油!

【cheapstake】小气鬼。 例: Why are you being such a cheapskate??

【once in a blue moon】千载难逢。 例:I think that for the price we pay, the landlord should do a better job of maintaining the building. But he never does anything other than having the hallway carpets cleaned once in a blue moon. 【a balancing act】权衡各方面。 例:With so many different people with different interests to consider, her job is quite a balancing act.
【各种记不住搞不清的单位】ounce 盎司;gram 克;pound 磅;ton 吨;yard 码;mile 英 里;inch 英寸;centimeter 厘米;meter 米;kilometer 公里,千米;square meter 平方 米;cubic meter 立方米;gallon 加仑;carat 克拉;teaspoon 茶匙;dozen 打 贴心附上单位 换算↓↓

【play the devil's advocate】为了帮助同事或朋友对某个问题考虑得更周 到,堵塞漏洞而故意提出不同意见。 例:So basically my role in the company is to play the devil's advocate to each new proposal before we commit to it. 【full of hot air】废话连篇;吹牛。例:Don't worry about what Mr. Humphrey says. He just likes to scare people. It makes him feel important, but he's just full of hot air. up in the air】尚未确定。例:The plan is still up in the air. 【bucket list】死前想要完成的事的清单。例:Visiting the seven wonders of the world is on my bucket list.

five o'clock shadow】指男人的胡子茬子。例:Are you sure he is Dave?I remember he did not have a five o'clock shadow. 【glam】魅力四射。例:Oh look, it's the cast(演员阵容)! They sure look glam! 【at the end of one's rope】走投无路。例:LL: Class already started! Hey, what about that question on the homework? We have to turn it in today! LL: I guess we're at the end of our ropes... 【be glued to one's seat】对某件事非常专注。例: I can be glued to my seat when I am playing my favorite video game. to take someone's word for it】相信某人的话。 例:Don't just take someone's word for it when you're told something about security. 当 你被告知一些与安全相关的东东时不要立即相信。 【make a point】立论;表明一种看法。 例: If so, treat yourself to some humble pie and make a point to listen actively to others. 要是 真这样的话,你就要让自己更卑谦一点,善于倾听别人。 【By word of mouth】口说;口头传播。 例:The news was carried by word of mouth to every settlement. 这条新闻被口头传播到每一个部落。 【gut feeling】直觉。例:I have a gut feeling my friend isn't coming tomorrow.我直觉我朋友明天不会来。 【bummer】坏消息。 例:What a bummer!! Ugh, this party is turning into a disaster! 【stoked】特别兴奋、激动。 例: The party is going to be so much fun. Aren't you stoked? 【rookie】初学者。 例:Even though he's a rookie in basketball, he practices very hard and has become really good at the sport. 【shoot hoops】打篮球。(非正式) 例: If you are only playing basketball with friends or alone, in a casual manner, you can say that you are going to shoot hoops. 【make no bones】毫不掩饰地表示自己的意见。 例:I'll make no bones about it - he was a difficult man, an opinionated, unforgiving man, but we loved him all the same 坦率地讲,我父亲是一个很难相处的人,他 很固执,对别人也不宽容,但是我们还是爱他。 【catch】好事的附带条件。 例:When you go on a web site, and they tell you you have a chance to win a laptop, there's usually a catch. 某些网站如果说你有机会赢一台手提电脑,通常都有好多好多条件。

【 be back on your feet】病好。(形容人,不是部位) 例:Take these tablets the doctor prescribed and you'll soon be back on your feet. 服下医生开的这些药片,你就会马上恢复健康的。 【someone's cup of tea】感兴趣之事。 例:You know tennis isn't my cup of tea. And besides, it's been so hot out lately. 【stuck in a rut】一成不变。 例: It's relatively normal for couples to find themselves stuck in a rut after being together for awhile. 【feel it in one's bones】一种直觉,预感某件事一定会发生。 例:I don't care what the doctor says. I know she's going to get better. She's going to be as good as new. I can feel it in my bones.我不管医生说什 么。我知道她一定会好起来,她一定能完全康复。我有这种感觉她会如此。 【leave the door open】不排除任何可能性。 It is true that this is just one lost case against a smoker with cancer, but it leaves the door open for future such cases, and that is the real worry.这是个败诉的案 子,我们输给了患癌的吸烟者。可这为将来发生这类案件铺了路。这才真让人 担心 【get one's foot in the door】为进入某个行业或团体走出第一步。 例:: My goal is to become a full-time teacher at the University but there aren't any openings at the moment. So, I've decided to register there as a replacement teacher. At least that way I'll get my foot in the door.
【关于"sky"】a pie in the sky 不切实际的想法,不能保证实现的允诺;overcast sky 阴天; out of a blue sky 晴天霹雳地;to the sky 无保留地;under the open sky 在户外;blow sky-high 彻底摧毁;The sky is the limit. 没有限制。

【see eye to eye】观点一致,意见相同。 例:They do not see eye to eye on how to sanction Iran.他们对如何制裁伊朗却意见分歧。
【To keep track】了解或关注某人的活动或是某件事的进展。 例::I am not happy with the way this company has been managed lately, and so I am going to become more involved on a day-to-day basis. For example, from now on I am going to keep track of every cent we spend.
【The proof is in the pudding】实践出真知。 例:I have to say I didn't really like your sexy approach to selling our product, but the proof is in the pudding, and our market share has grown. So I have to conclude that you know exactly what you're doing, and keep up the good work!

【tastic】 精彩的。 例:A: Did you hear Britney's new song? 你听了 Britney 的新歌吗? B: Yes, it's pop-tastic! I love it. 是的,非常流行,我很喜欢。 【a rabbit in the headlights】被震住了。 例:He was like a rabbit in the headlights. 他太紧张了不知道说什么好。 【good egg】 大好人。 例:I think we can trust her, she really is a good egg. 我觉得我们可以信任她,她真的是个值得信赖的人。
【got legs 】可行的 例:Let's meet with the team next week. And if we come up with an idea that's got legs we should be prepared to run with it. 我们下周和那个 对相遇,如果我们能想出好主意,我们应该准备全力支持。 【iffy】有问题的,不确定的。 例:Oh, don't log in to that computer! It's been a bit iffy lately. 别登进那台电脑。电脑最近有点问题。

【Airbrush】 涂抹/掩饰。 例:Have you seen those photos of Madonna? She looks amazing. 看见这些麦当娜的照片了吗?她看上去真漂亮。 B: They're probably airbrushed. She can't still look that good at her age. 这可能是修饰 过的。她不可能这么大年纪还这么漂亮。 【Ditto】 同意。 例:Too many sweets can be bad for your teeth. Ditto chocolate and sugary drinks. 吃糖太多对牙齿有害。巧克力和含糖饮料也如此 【Gotcha】 明白了。 例:A: Don't forget to post those letters – they're really important. 别忘了把这些信寄出去,这可是很重要的。 B: Gotcha; I'll do that right now. 明白。我马上去办。 【hear fat ducks fart underwater】 当你觉得别人在撒谎或胡说时,就可以这样 回答他,表示你不相信他说的话。 例:You got an A on that test? Yeah, right! I've heard fat ducks fart underwater. 你那门测验得了 A?是啊!说得跟真的似 的 【take/ get a grip (on oneself)】 使(自己)镇定下来,控制(自己的)情绪。 例:Take a grip on yourself and stop shouting. 冷静一下,别大喊大叫了 【grift】 白吃白喝,不劳而获。 例:I don't have any cash so we'll have to grift tonight. 我没带钱。看来今晚我们要蹭饭吃了。 【green 】 一团糟,有问题。 例:My computer is so green that I will never finish this paper. 电脑总出毛病,看来我的论文是写不完了。 【gravy】 感叹词,用来赞叹某事物很酷。 例:You got a new car? Gravy! 你买 了辆新车?太酷了! 【go postal】 非常气愤,发狂。 例:My old lady went postal when she found out about my new lady. 我女朋友发现了我和新女友的事情后气疯了。

【 face time 】结交他人的机会,尤其指认识异性的机会。 例:There is some great face time on the quad. 学校里有很多结交朋友的机会。 【face 】拼命地,极端地。 例:Tonight I'm going to drink face. 今晚我要去尽 情地喝 【Bob's your uncle】易如反掌。 例:This microwave's really easy to use. You just put the food in, press this button, and Bob's your uncle! 这个微波 炉用起来很简单,只要把食物放进去,按下按钮就行,简直易如反掌。 【 Turn the table】扭转了局面。 例:Tom won the match!He turned the table! 【You Have Matches?】无恶意得询问需不需要帮忙。 【24/7】没日没夜。 例: My new job expects me to work 24/7. 我的工作要求 我必须玩儿命地干活。 【Die-hard】忠实粉丝。 例: I'm a die-hard Beatles fan! I own all their albums. 我是甲壳虫乐队的忠实粉丝。他们每一张专辑我都有。
【Minted】有钱的。 例:A: Did you meet up with Steven last night? 你昨晚跟史蒂芬 见面了吗? B: Yeah, I went to his house, it's amazing! He is definitely minted. 是 的。我去了他家里,太棒了!他真的很有钱。

High-flyer】成功人士。 例:A: Mark has been very successful. He's already one of the youngest people in a management role in the company. 马克可 是个成功人士。他已经是公司管理层里很年轻的了。 B: Mark? Really? I never expected him to be a high-flyer! 马克?真的吗?我真没想到他会是成功人士。

【dive 】 很便宜,不太体面,看起来破破烂烂的酒吧或饭馆。 例: This restaurant looks like a dive,but it has great food. 虽然这家饭馆看上去是破破烂烂,但是它提供的饭真的非常 好吃。 【do the honors】不胜荣幸,担当重任。 例: Why don‘t you do the honors and open the bottle of champagne for us all? 你何不担当一下重任,为所有人开启这瓶香槟! 【Don't be a baby】不要抱怨。 Don't be a baby!Go talk to your boss。 你别跟我抱 怨,直接去找老板谈吧。 【duke it out 】 用拳头打架。 We had to duke it out for the last piece of cake. 当只剩 下一块蛋糕的时候,我们只能打架了。

【Brunch】早午餐。 例:I think you definitely need to get some brunch! Your stomach is calling out for some food! 【Jammy】幸运的。 例:A: I can't wait until next week! 我迫不及待地想要到下 周! B: You're so jammy getting the whole week off. 你真走运,这一周都不 用工作。 【A Few Bob 】一点儿钱。 例:A: She's has got the brand new phone I want! 她有一个我很想有的新款的手机! B: Yeah and look at that designer handbag, she definitely looks like she's got a few bob. 是啊,看那只专门设计的手提 包,她看上去真得很有钱的样子。 【Too Right】太对了。 例:A: I think footballers are paid too much money. 我觉得足球运动员能拿很多钱。 B: Too right they are. 他们确实能那很多。 【Full On】形容让人精神很紧张。 例:A: How was the training? 你的培训怎么样 了? B: It was really great but hard work. It started at 8am and finished at 6 with only half an hour for lunch, so it was pretty full-on . 很好,但是很 辛苦。培训从早八点到晚六点,中间只有半个小时的休息时间,所以时间真的很紧。 【scrounge】骗取他人之物。 例: She's always scrounging stuff off me. I lent her my radio last year and I've still not had it back. 她总是喜欢骗走我 的东西。她去年从我这儿借走收音机到现在还没有还给我。 【Losing the Plot 】疯了。 例:Man: I can't believe the boss is blaming me for this! I wasn't even working on that project! 我不敢相信老板会为了这件事 责备我!我又没有参与过那个项目! Woman: That's typical of her. She lost the plot years ago. 这就是她。她在几年前就已经失去理智了。 【veggie】素食主义者。 例:Man: Listen, do you and Russell want to come over for dinner on Sunday? 听好,你和拉塞尔这周日来吃饭吗? Woman: Oh, that sounds nice! But you know I'm a veggie, don't you? 哦,听起来不错! 你知道我是素食主义,对吗? 【Heads Up 】警告,通报,提醒。 例:I'm going to give you a heads up that there'll be a surprise exam tomorrow. 我想警告你啊,明天可是有场意外的考试 的。

【Give 110%】加倍努力。 例: I'm so proud of my football team. They gave 110% for the full 90 minutes. 我为我的足球队感到荣耀。他们会再 90 分钟里全力以赴。 【Get In】太棒了! 例:Woman: Have you had your exam results? 你知道你考试分 数了吗? Woman 2: Yes... 是的…… Woman: And...? 怎么样呢? Woman 2: Four As! Get in! 四个 A!太棒了!

【Fair Play】公平竞争。 例:Man: What a joke! This referee needs to get some glasses. 笑话!裁判的眼睛应该放大一点。 Man 2: Yeah, but fair play to him, that player was offside. 是的,但是公平的竞争,运动员越位了。 【Lip-sync 】对口型演唱。 例:A: It must be hard for stars to sing and do complicated dance routines at the same time. 对于那些歌星们来说,他们也会 对边唱边跳复杂的排练感到厌烦。 B: I suppose that's why so many of them lip-sync these days. 【Chat Up】搭讪。 例: I just can't seem to meet a new woman and I'm fed up of being single. The trouble is I'm no good at chatting up girls. 我已经 受够了单身,但是似乎很难接触女人。问题是我不是很擅长和女孩子们聊天。 【Bridezilla】难缠新娘。 例: She's telling everyone what to do. She's demanding that everything is perfect for her big day. And if she doesn't get what she wants, she gets really upset. She's become a bridezilla! 她总 是告诉每个人该做什么。她要求婚礼那天一切都是完美的。如果她得不到她想要的, 她就会很失落。她已经变成了疯狂新娘! 【shirty】心情坏的。 例:All right Jean. I accept what you say but there's no need to get so shirty! 好吧,珍。我接受你所说的,但是你不要心情这么不好! 【Pastures New】更好的地方。 例:A: So you're leaving London and moving to Australia? 你要离开伦敦到澳大利亚去吗? B: Yes, that's right. Off to pastures new. 是的,开始新的美好的生活。
【It's on Me 】我请客。 例:A:It's. On. Me! B: If I could make a suggestion? Why don't you share the bill? Go Dutch? 我能说个建议吗?为什么我们不各付各的?
【Pow Wow】严肃的会谈。 例:We're having a big family pow wow tonight. My wife has a list of things for us to discuss. 我们昨晚开了场严肃的家庭会议。我的妻子有一列表的事情让我们 讨论。

【Rabbit On】喋喋不休。 例:What are you rabbiting on about? 你在唠叨什 么?
【Gravy Train】赚钱的清闲差事。(批判) 例:My friends think that because I'm a banker I'm on the gravy train but they don't realise how hard I have to work. 我 的朋友觉得因为我是银行家,我的工作轻松又赚钱,但是他们没有意识到我工作有多辛苦。

【result】好事儿! A: I just found out I've passed all my exams! 我刚刚发现 我考试都过关了。 B: Result! 好事儿! 【Swot】书呆子。 例: be careful because being a swot usually means that other students don't like you. 小心,因为做个书呆子,往往代表大家都不喜欢 你。 【Netbook】上网本。 例:So a netbook then is a small computer that is used mostly for surfing the internet. 【Stodgy 】不易消化的/油腻的。 例: I was just having a bite to eat before the programme began but I couldn't finish it in time for us to start. The food was so stodgy. 我只是在节目开始前嘴里的东西还没有吃完。我吃的这个东西 那么油腻。 【K】形容很大数量。 例:A: Did you hear about Richard? Apparently he's got a new job. 你听说了理查德吗?好像他有新工作了。 B: Yes. I heard he was on 50k. 是的我听说是 5 万。 【friend】在社交网络上结交朋友。 例:When you add someone to your friends list, you can say you add them, or simply friend them. 当你加入一 些人到你的朋友清单里,你就加他们好友,这就简单地结交了朋友了。 【Foodie】美食家。(热爱并精通食品的人) 例:Well I do love food—don't we all? But I wouldn't say I'm a foodie. 【Crash 】睡觉。 例:I just need to crash for a while,我需要睡一会儿 【Buzz 】打电话。 例: I'll give you a buzz when I come out of the station. 我出了站会给你打电话。

【With It】 全神贯注。 例:I'm not really with it at the moment, I think it's these cold drugs I'm taking. 我现在真的不能全神贯注,我觉得是因为我吃了感 冒药 【Get the Hump】 让人窝火的。 例: He's still in his room in a bad mood. He's had the hump all morning. 他还在自己的房间里生气呢。他一早上都不高 兴。 【On the Ball 】机警的。 例:A : I'm afraid your work this morning has not been good enough. You've made too many mistakes. 我恐怕你的今天早上的 工作做得不是很好。你犯了太多的错。 B : Sorry, I'm not really on the ball today. 抱歉,今天我不是很机警。 【pop out】出去。 例:A : Where's Arthur? I wanted to tell him something. 亚瑟在哪里?我想告诉他一些事情。 B : Oh, he's just popped out. He'll be back in a minute. 哦,他刚刚出去。一会他就回来。 【kick off】开始。 例:A : When does the meeting start? 会议什么时候开始? B : We're going to kick off at 14.30. 将在下午 2 点半开始。 【Dodgy】有问题;不可信。 例:C : I think he's really nice. 我觉得他很不错。 D : What? No, he looks dodgy to me. I just can't trust what he says. 什 么?不是,对我来说他不可信。我不能相信他说的话。 【that's cool】没问题,没关系。 例:A : I'm really sorry I spilled your beer. 抱歉,把你的啤酒溅出来了。 B : That's cool. It was almost finished anyway. 没关系,我差不多快喝完了。 【 gobbledegook】难以理解、听不懂的话。 例:I called her just now but something was wrong with the phone. All I could hear was gobbledegook. 我刚刚给她打电话了,但是电话有时间不是很畅通。我能听到的话都很费解。 【Could Murder a... 】可以整个吞掉某物。 例:I didn't have any breakfast this morning. I could murder a cheese sandwich! 我早饭没吃。我可以吃掉一 个奶酪三明治了! 【Doolally 】疯掉地。 例:My parents have suggested that I should move back home. I think they've gone doolally. 我父母建议我搬回家。我想他们疯了

【Could Murder a... 】可以整个吞掉某物。 例:I didn't have any breakfast this morning. I could murder a cheese sandwich! 我早饭没吃。我可以吃掉一个奶酪三 明治了!

【Doolally 】疯掉地。 例:My parents have suggested that I should move back home. I think they've gone doolally. 我父母建议我搬回家。我想他们疯 了。 【Slap】 浓妆艳抹。 例:She's got far too much slap on. 她的妆太浓了 【Wonky 】不稳的,歪的。 例: my chair has collapsed because it was wonky. 我的椅子倾斜了因为它是歪的。 【BYOB 】自备酒水。(Bring Your Own Bottle) 例:I prefer BYOB because I don't drink and I hate splitting the bill at the end of a meal and having to pay for expensive wine that everyone else has been drinking. 我更喜欢自带 水酒,因为我不喜欢在聚会结束的时候支付别人饮用的酒水费用。 【Not the End of the World 】还不是像世界末日那么糟糕。 例: Well, my boyfriend just broke up with me. It feels like the end of the world. 【Kitten Heels】中跟女鞋。 例: Those kitten heels are perfect for work and partying. 【Greasy Spoon】廉价便利小吃店。 例:You know, eating at a greasy spoon doesn't sound very healthy to me. 你知道,在廉价便利店里吃东西对我来说不 是很健康。 【Skint 】身无分文。 例:: I can't afford to buy lunch. I'm too skint. 我吃不 起午餐了。我实在是身无分文了。 【Loaded 】有钱。 例: Can you imagine being loaded like that? Having expensive cars and lots of houses—it must be incredible. 你能想象有钱成什 么样子吗?有很贵的车和很多房子——很难想象。 【to crack somebody up】让人发笑。 例:For some reason, whenever I see Arnold giving a speech on TV, I just crack up.

【to call something】谁先说,谁就有优先权得到某样东西。 例: When I was little, before my family went somewhere in the car, I would always yell, "I call the front seat!" My brother and I would always fight over who got to sit in the front seat. 【You're one to talk!】你竟然敢说这话,我们俩都半斤八两。 例: I'm too proud of myself? You're one to talk! You wouldn't even consider going out with a guy if he didn't have a Master's degree. 【already】早该如何。 例:Remember when we were stopped at a light earlier today? The car in front of me didn't move when the light turned green, so I yelled -- "Come on, move already!" 【have had it】再也无法忍受下去了。 例: I have had it! That guy has got to stop doing this.....I've got to call him. 【to flop】失败,不成功。 例: I can't believe my party flopped so badly! 【Psyched】精神高昂,盼望某件事情。 例: All good athletes have to be psyched before a sports match, otherwise they have no chance of winning. 【kiss up to】讨好某人,拍马屁。 例:Well, when I want to "kiss up to" the boss, I might bring him coffee, or help him clean the office. I also try to say nice things about him and his family, or tell him he just looks really cool. 【To be canned】被解雇。 例:My friend George was late again, so the boss canned him! 【get carried away】因为做事太专心忽略了其它的事。 例: I was so absorbed in my work that I got carried away. I didn't notice how long I had been working. When I finished, I saw that it was already three o'clock! 【Have a hunch on that】对....有预感。 例句: I have a hunch on that ,I 'll never see the money again. 我有预感,我的钱拿不回来了。
@美国俚语 : 例:I really like talking to her. I think we two really click . 我很喜欢和她说话。我觉 得我们两个蛮合得来的。

例:I really like talking to her. I think we two really click . 我很喜欢和她说 话。我觉得我们两个蛮合得来的。 【Brush off】 不理睬。例:A: Have you talked to Mr. Smith about Ben's obscene speech towards you? A: 你跟 Smith 先生提过 Ben 对你讲的猥亵的话 吗? B: Yes, but he brushed it off as if it were not a big deal to him. B: 有! 但他轻轻带过, 好像觉得那并没有什么!
【hands-off 】不插手的, 不干涉的,可以引申为顺其自然的。 教养小孩。 例句: He takes a

hands-off approach when it comes to raising his children. 他用顺其发展的方式

【alive and kicking】 活蹦活跳的(活生生的,精力充沛的) 例 : You'll be glad to hear that Bill is alive and kicking. 比尔现在精神饱满, 你听了一定很高兴.。 【check it out】告诉你;你看。 例: Check this out!(Check it out!) I just now got a call asking about the TV ad I put in the newspapers. 告诉你 ! 我 刚刚接到一通询问有关我放在报纸上的那个电视机机出让广告。 【under the weather】小病。 例:I am just a little under the weather today, so I decided to take the rest of the day off and really rest. 【In the sticks】 远离城市的农村地区。 例: Well, I am used to city life. I don't know how to fish or hunt, and I really don't like farm work. I don't think I would like living in the sticks. 【Redneck 】乡下人(一般指美国南方人) 例:Also, rednecks like life in the countryside. They enjoy sports such as hunting or fishing. They like living in areas with lots of open space. 【 creep 】行为举止鬼鬼祟祟。 例: Well, he was never a friendly neighbor. He was always frowning, and wouldn't say hello to people. That's one reason I thought he was a creep. 【 busted】做坏事被抓到。 例: The police just busted someone for trying to steal my neighbor's car.

【hype】大肆宣传。 例:This apparently is what will be the reason for their success this time around...if you believe the hype. 如果你相信炒作这回事的 存在的话,这无疑是它们能在最近火起来的原因。 【packed】十分拥挤。 例:We were packed like sardines in the train. 我们 在火车里被挤得像沙丁鱼似的。
【各种"rain"】light rain 小雨;fine rain 细雨;rain shower 阵雨;heavy rain 暴雨;rain storm 暴 雨;driving rain 大风雨;torrential rain 倾盆大雨;freezing rain 冻雨;summer rain 夏雨;rain season 雨季;rain fall 雨量;artificial rain 人工降雨;acid rain 酸雨

【 blow one's money on something】把钱都浪费在了某样东西上。 例:Like when we were at the mall the other day, and you blew a whole week's pay on shoes. 就像前几天我们逛商场,你花了一星期的工资买鞋。 【to rule】很棒。 例:You don't need to get angry just because I rule at the pool table! 你不必因为我玩台球玩得那么棒而生气吧! 【chew out】发脾气骂人。 例: Reward exceptional performance in public; correct and chew out inferior or slovenly performance in private. 要公开奖 励表现特别好的;私下纠正和批评表现得差的或懒散马虎的。 【laid back】个性比较随和。 例: You'd better find a new, laid back roommate. 【down under 】常指南半球的澳洲。 例:Andy has been getting used to the way the ball bounces on the courts, his mobility, and all of the conditions that come with playing Down Under. 安迪已经适应了球在这样场地上的弹跳, 他的移动,以及在南半球打球的一切情况。
【psycho】行为反常,爱发脾气。 例:Well, my last boss was a real psycho. One time, I came to work one minute late, and he yelled at me in front of everyone.

【domino effect】 骨牌效应。 例:There were no precedents for judging whether the biggest insurance company could be allowed to fail or whether a domino effect would follow. 是否允许最大的保险公司破产,是否随 后会出现多米诺效应,当局在做判断时并没有先例可依。 【dead-end street】 死路,死巷子。 例:Failure is a detour, not a dead-end street. 失败只是迂回的道路,不是死胡同。

【dead center】 正当中。 例:Photo Tip: Mentally divide your frame into thirds—down and across. Avoid positioning your subject dead center. 拍照 提示:心里面把取景框纵横三分,避免你的主体出现在死气沉沉的中心。 【geek】只花时间在他发生浓厚兴趣的嗜好上,别的都不管不顾。 例:For every great definition of nerd, you can find the same definition of geek. 在每个对 书呆子绘声绘色的定义中,你都能找到怪咖的影子。 【days are numbered 】来日无多。 例:What I must learn to do is to cling to the simple certainty we all share: that our days are numbered. 我必须 学会的是谨记这个对我们所有人都适用的简单真理:我们的生命是短暂的。 【daily grind】 例行苦事,每天得干的苦工。 例:The daily grind was too much for him; the novelty wore off; his only pleasures were found outside of working hours. 天天枯燥乏味的苦差事令他不堪忍受,新鲜感磨去了,惟 一的乐趣只能在工作之外找到 【cut to the chase 】不绕圈子,开门见山,单刀直入。 例:Cut to the chase and keep it simple by eliminating extraneous words and phrases. 开门见 山,并通过删除不必要的单词和词组来保持简历的简洁。 【in one's face】咄咄逼人。 例:People could have experience rouch but not in one's face absolutely ! 人可以经历沧桑,但脸上绝对不能沧桑!
【cross that bridge when we come to it】船到桥头自然直。 例:Don't worry too much, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. 不用太过担心,船到桥头自然 直,等出了问题我们再解决不迟。

【veg out】什么事也不做,完全轻松一下。 例:I'm just going to veg out and allow myself to calm down and center. 事实上,我只是放松一下,让自己平静 下来,精神集中。 【come down in sheets】倾盆大雨。 例:The rain was coming down in sheets and i was bound to be late for an important conference, 【get off my back】别管我闲事,少跟我罗嗦。 例:Get off my back, I didn't sleep last night. 不要再烦我了,我昨晚没睡耶!

【cross the line】做得太过分了。 例:It's easier to be vicious, to cross the line between funny and cruel. 如此一来,人们更容易释放出人性恶的一面,模糊 了搞笑和残忍之间的界线。 【uptight】显得很紧张。 例: Don't be so uptight! Everyone is having a good time except for you. 【clean up one's act】自我检点,自我改进。 例:Whatever he once was like he has cleaned his act.他已彻底改头换面 【bury one''s head in the sand】自欺欺人。 例:If you continue to hide your head in the sand and refuse to recognize the fact that some of your classmates are catching up with you, it won‘t be long before you find yourself lagging behind. 【brown nose】 讨好,谄媚。 例: That kid trying to brown nose me now or something? 那孩子是想讨好我还是怎么的?。 【birds of a feather flock together】 物以类聚。 例:Birds of a feather flock together. Those skinheads are always hanging around together in the street. 物以类聚, 人以群分。那些光头仔总是一起在街上闲荡。 【bite the bullet】 强忍痛苦。 例:Better to bite the bullet now than to defer the implementation while the messaging network continues to grow. 在消息传递网络继续增长的时候,最好现在咬紧牙关处理问题,而不是推迟实现。 【bigger fish to fry】有更重要的事要办。 例:Considering the risks of telomere-extension therapy, he thinks that scientists have bigger fish to fry. 因为延长端粒疗法具有危险,他认为还有更大的问题需要科学家去解决。 【bet your life】 把命赌上(绝对错了)。 例:But you bet your life there is kinetic energy. 但你若打赌动能存在。 【beat a dead horse】 鞭打死马令其奔驰(徒劳)。 例:I hate to beat a dead horse, but it is very important that you understand this before you leave. 我不想多此一举,但你离开以前必须了解这个 【ball and chain】铁球铁链,甜蜜的枷(老婆)。 例: I was married for thirteen years to my first wife and ten to my second, therefore, I've been

wearing the ball and chain for quite some time. 我与我的第一个妻子结婚 13 年,与第二个妻子 10 年,因此,在相当长的时期内我一直是有妻室的。 【snail mai】这是指通过邮局寄的信。 例: Well, ever since e-mail became popular, people have used "snail mail" to talk about paper mail, because it is slower than e-mail. 【chip in】凑钱买什么东西,或者是凑钱付大家一起吃饭的钱。 例:We decided to chip in and buy Bob a leather jacket. He's been talking about buying a jacket for a long time. 【backfire】逆火(弄巧成拙,适得其反)。 例:But this course of action can backfire. 但是,这种做法可能适得其反。 【back on track】重上轨道(改过自新)。 例:We all have friends and neighbors trying to get their lives back on track. 我们周围都有朋友和邻居在 试图让他们的生活重回正轨。 【back in the saddle】重上马鞍(重整旗鼓)。 例:I won‘t be leaping like an international show jumper any time soon, but it might not be long before I get back in the saddle. 虽然我绝不可能在短时间内有国际马术师那样惊人的表 演,至少理我能够落回马鞍的日子已经不远了。 【a weight off my shoulders 】放下肩头重担。 例: There must be a wind starting up, Dorothy thought momentarily. And it's blown a weight off my shoulders. 一瞬间,多萝西想:―一定起风了,风把我肩上的重荷都吹走了。 【a turn coat】反穿皮袄的人(叛徒)。 例:Smithson is a turn coat. He left his own political party and went over to the opposition. 史密森是个叛徒,因 为它离开了他的政党,投靠了对手。 【a thorn in someone's side 】腰上的荆棘(芒刺在背)。 例:She‘s been a thorn in his side ever since she joined the department. 自从她来到这个部门 就让他不得安生. 【get a kick out of something】为某件事感到很高兴。 例:I only get a kick out of doing stupid things, like getting wasted or watching old cartoons. 【wasted】喝得大醉。 例:Last night a friend and I went out to a bar and got wasted, so I don't feel very good right now.

【nerd】跟一般人不一样,有点怪的人。 例:As a matter of fact, when I was growing up, a lot of kids called me a nerd because I didn't fit in.

【Cheesy】很俗气, 没有水平。 例: I think the new TV soap opera on Channel 6 is so cheesy. 【a social butterfly】 社交蝴蝶(善于交际,会应酬的人)。 例:if you like her being open-minded and active, you should not criticize her being like a social butterfly. 你爱她的活泼大方,就不要批评她像花蝴蝶一样。 【guts】有勇气。 例: You only had enough guts today because I was here to support you. 【a slap in the face 】脸上挨了一耳光(公然受辱)。 例:The minister's decision is a slap in the face to those who have tried to change his mind. 部长的决定对于那些曾试图要他改变主意的人不啻是一记耳光。 【a load off my mind】 心头大石落地。 例:The news took a load off my mind. 这个消息解除了我的思想顾虑。 【a knock out 】击倒(美得让人倾倒)。 例:Because she herself was convinced of it, the woman in the restaurant was a knock out. 因为她自己 也相信,餐厅里的女人是个美女。 【a headache】 头痛(麻烦事)。 例:Yet the expensive project has thus far proved to be a headache, plagued by schedule delays and local security problems. 但由于时间表的推迟和当地的安全情况,这个昂贵的项目已经 成了一个头痛的问题。 【 A word spoken is past recalling】一言既出,驷马难追。 例: For the rest of his life he regretted what he had said, but a word spoken is past recalling and he knew he could never repair the damage of that moment of harshness. 【 As poor as a church mouse】一贫如洗 。 例:He has a large family, and is poor as a church mouse. 【wimp】软弱,没骨气。 例:You were a wimp when you crashed your bicycle. You cried because you hurt your arm!

【 luck out】没有料到的运气。 例: Look, half of the flights are canceled because of the snow, but ours is still on time. We really lucked out. 【anger and haste hinder good counsel】小不忍则乱大谋。 例:you should calm down before you decide the next move. Anger and haste hinder good counsel. 【All lay load on the willing horse】人善被人欺,马善被人骑。 例:The trouble is you?re too good-natured and people take advantage of it. all lay load on the willing horse. You will have to learn to refuse people who ask too much. 【All is over but the shouting】大势已去。 例:After Bill‘s touch down, the game is all over but shouting. 【After praising the wine they sell us vinegar】挂羊头卖狗肉。 例:That fellow completely misled us about what he was capable of doing. After praising the wine, he sold us vinegar. 【a blank slate】 干净的黑板(新的一页,新的开始)。 例:However, many IT projects don't give developers the luxury of working with a blank slate. 但 是在很多 IT 项目中,开发人员不可能从一张白纸开始。 【sucker】 很容易上当的人。 例: Everyone is a sucker at one time or another. 【sketchy】一个人,或者是一个人说的话不可信,值得怀疑。 例: I don't believe her. That story sounds sketchy. 【snap】对某人嚷嚷,很生气地对某人说话。 例:His mother must have snapped at him when he broke something at home. 【play hooky】逃学,或者装病不去上班。 例: I may play hooky once in a while, but I usually study hard. 【Save one's breath】不要说了. 例:Save your breath! I don't want to hear it. 不要说了,我不想听。

【straight answer】坦率,老实的回答。 例:I could see that my last roommate was unhappy living in our apartment, I asked him why, but I could never get him to give me a straight answer. 【rip off】受骗,上当。 例: If you buy something and then find out that it is of poor quality, you can say you were ripped off. 【peanuts】数量很小,价值很低。 例:That's peanuts compared with the teaching assistants in other departments. 【freak out】非常紧张,激动;崩溃。 例:She said some people were better than others, and that she did her best not to get too unraveled by the people who freak out. 她说,一些人可以更好地控制自己的情绪,她竭尽全力地使 自己不被那些崩溃的人激怒。 【freak out】非常紧张,激动;崩溃。 例:She said some people were better than others, and that she did her best not to get too unraveled by the people who freak out. 她说,一些人可以更好地控制自己的情绪,她竭尽全力地使 自己不被那些崩溃的人激怒 【blow off】取消约会,或者是不做自己不想做的事。 例: There are some things in life you just shouldn't blow off. 【take a hike】走开;滚开;哪凉快那歇着去。 例:If you're going to stand here insulting me, just take a hike. 如果你站在这儿只是侮辱我,你最好(早 点)滚开。 【E.T.A】 是"estimated time of arrival"的缩略形式,意思是预计到达时间。 例: The plane‘s E.T.A. is 8:45 this evening. 飞机预计到达时间是傍晚 8: 45。 【dig】 喜欢,中意。 John‘s taking his girlfriend to a Korean restaurant for their anniversary,becaue his girlfriend really digs Korean food. 约翰的女 朋友非常喜欢韩国食品,所以在他们第一次见面纪念日的时候,约翰就把他的女朋友 带到韩国的餐馆去。
【dumb blonde 】 外表美丽但是头脑简单的美女,花瓶。 Stop giving the wrong answers in class. They will think you‘re a dumb blonde. 不要在课堂上胡乱回答问题啦,大家会认 为你是个金发傻妞.

【dump 】 甩掉,蹬掉。 He‘s been very depressed the last few days as his girlfriend just dumped him. 这几天他非常郁闷,因为他的女友把他甩了。 【dwell on】这个词组的本意表示―驻扎,停守‖的意思, 但是在这里的意思是:―Stop thinking about…‖ 1. We shouldn‘t dwell on someone‘s past。 我们不该总抓住一个人的 过去不放。 【call dibs on sth 】 有权要求做某事。 I paid for the beer so I call dibs on the last bottle. 是我买的这些啤酒,因此我有权喝完最后一瓶酒。 【call off 】 取消、停止某件事。 They called off the football match because of a severe thunderstorm. 因为暴雨太大了,他们把橄榄球赛取消了。 【can't get over 】 无法忘记某件事,无法从某件事的阴影中走出来。 The French soccer fans can‘t get ove the World Cup2002. 法国的球迷很难从 2002 年世界杯当中失利的阴影 中走出来。 【chap my hide 】 让人非常讨厌,让人讨厌到无处躲、无处藏的地步。 I know he doesn‘t do it on purpose, but he just chaps my hide. 我知道他不是故意要这么做,但是他真的让 我非常厌恶。 【chasing the skirt 】 追求女孩子。 He never did well at university because he was always out drinking beer and chasing the skirt. 我的朋友大学学习不好,因为他只知道出 去喝啤酒,追女孩。 【nuts】一个人不正常,做的事很怪。 例:Some people think I'm nuts to have a friend like Joe. two strikes against】只剩最后一次机会。 例:Nancy is going to be fired in no time. She already has two strikes against her for coming in late. 【to roll】开始准备做一件事。 例:If you're doing one thing, you can say "to roll" when you want to start something new. 【time out】短暂休息。 例:Let's take some time out and grab a coffee. 【three strikes and you're out】三振出局。 例:Don't be late again. Three strikes and you're out. 别再迟到了,事不过三。 【hit】受欢迎的,人们喜欢的人或东西。 例:That song is a hit with teeangers.青少年特 别喜欢的一首歌。 【street smart】 熟悉都市生活方式和世态的 例:I am getting the distinct sense that you are street smart and you value this ability much more than the classroom

smarts that others have. 我越来越清晰地感觉到你属于拥有街头智慧的那种人,并且你认为 这种智慧远比其他人拥有的课堂智慧有价值。 【throw in the towel】认输;放弃。 例:Every successful person has faced many fears, made many mistakes, and wanted to throw in the towel countless times. 每一 位成功者都面临过无数的恐惧,犯过许多的错误,有过很多时候想认输。 【sharp】聪明。 例:He is very sharp, a quick thinker and swift with repartee. 他很机 敏、思维敏捷并且能机智应答。 【neat】很好的主意,很好的计划。 例:I'm sure the lecture will be really neat. 【take the wind out of one's sails】先发制人;抢先占上风。 例:I think I took the wind out of Angela's sails when I told her she was a terrible singer. 【mellow】平静;安静;放松的。 例:Let's go to a place that's more mellow. 我们去个 安静的地方吧。 【take sides】偏袒。 例:We don‘t take sides on any competing sovereignty claims, but we do oppose the use of force and actions that hinder freedom of navigation. 美 方不偏袒任何主权声明方,但是我们明确反对任何武力和其它的行动以免造成航道不畅。 【step up to the plate】开始行动。 例:Things are going smoothest when I just step up to the plate and handle the issue, even if it makes me uncomfortable. 当我勇往直 前去面对这些事时,即使会让我很不舒服,事情也都会非常顺利的进行下去。 【lucky break 】没有预料到的好运气。 例:Too often we believe what accounts for other‘s success is some special secret or a lucky break. 我们过于经常地相信,他们的成 功是源自某些特别的秘密或是幸运的机遇。 【start the ball rolling】开始发言,开始活动。 例: To start the ball rolling, we will provide you with price lists, catalogues and some samples. 作为开始,我们愿意给你方 提供价目单、目录册和一些样品。 【a turn-off】让人讨厌的地方。 例:A girl I once dated always interrupted me whenever I was talking. That was a real turn-off. 【to bum】借钱或其他东西。(只能用在问人借小东西的时候) 例: I need to bum a couple of dollars, if you don't mind. 如果你不在意的话,我想借你几块钱。 【shot in the dark】瞎猜,乱猜或瞎蒙。 例:I was lucky to win the quiz. All my answers were shots in the dark.

【settle a score with someone】报仇雪恨。 例:My brother wants to settle the score with that guy who stole my wallet. 【race against time】争取时间,分秒必争。 例: Aid groups say it is a race against time to find trapped survivors. 救援小组说,找到被困的幸存者好比在与时间赛跑。 【hit the sack】睡觉;就寝。 例: Keep the TV turned off for the last two hours before you hit the sack. 睡觉前两小时就关掉电视. 【goof off】是做一些无聊的事,开玩笑;混日子;游手好闲。 例:They don't know how to goof off, at least in the best, fat sense of the word. 他们不会闲度时光,至少不会像胖人 那样尽情地享受清闲。 【no brainer】不必花脑筋的事物。 例:This sounds like a no-brainer, but it still bears repeating. 这似乎是不言自明的,但仍然需要反复提醒。
【plenty of other fish in the sea】天涯何处无芳草。 例:I know you still love Jack, but remember there are plenty of other fish in the sea.

【par for the course】意料之中。 例:As weird as it all sounds, anomalies are par for the course in physics. 尽管这听起来很奇怪,但在物理科学向前发展的过程中有异常现象是很 正常的。
【bigmouth】多嘴的人。 例:That Mrs. Bigmouth has about as much tact as a bull in a china shop. 那个大嘴巴太太说话会像一只闯进陶瓷店的公牛一样没分寸。

【screw up】把事情弄糟。 例: I screw up on tests all the time. 我考试老考糟。 【out of someone's league】与某人不同一类型;跟某人不是同一路人。 例:She'll never go out with someone like you; she's way out of your league. 她才不会和你这种人出去 约会呢,你们相差太大了。 【off base】大错特错的评价等。 例: You were way off base when you said Bill needed to lose weight. 【on the ball】做事有准备,有把握。 例:The new receptionist is really on the ball when it comes to answering the phone. 【not up to par】不符合标准。 例:Unfortunately, this is not up to standard/not up to par. 很不幸,您的工作不合格/没有达到要求。 【no sweat】不费力地。 例:After what he experienced on draft night, trade deadline day will be no sweat for Randy Foye. 在经历了选秀之夜后,转会截止日对兰迪· 福耶来说就 根本不算什么了。

【ticked off】生气。 例:You think that whenever you‘ve got a problem, God is ticked off. 你认为无论何里,只要你遇到了问题,那么上帝肯定是生气了。 【long shot】风险大的赌注;很难完成。 例: That a theory of everything might emerge from geometry would be neat, but it is a long shot. 从几何引出的大统一理论应 该是整洁漂亮的,但是路还长得很。 【level playing field】公平竞争的环境;平等状态。 例:The spelling bee is a level playing field because all of the kids are in grade nine. 【one track mind】脑子里光想一件事。 例: you have such a one track mind sometimes. 【let her rip】顺其自然;不限速度开足马力前进。 例:ou needn‘t do anything to change the situation, just let it rip. 你不需要做任何事情来改变情形,顺其自然吧。 【kick back】休息,和某人一起玩。 例:Last weekend we were in New York and kicked back with our friends。 【wired】精力充沛. 例: I don't think I will be nearly as wired as you are. 【drained】非常累,(可指体力和心理)。 例:My emotional turmoil had drained me. 困惑焦灼的情绪使我心力交瘁。 【hot shot】认为自己是热门人物,或很棒。 例:Even though Luke only placed 20th in the ski race, he thinks he's a hot shot. 【all-nighter】开夜车(一般指暂时抱佛脚行为)。 例:You wouldn't have to pull an allnighter because you have been studying all semester. 你不需要开夜车,因为你整个一 学期都在学习。 【 home stretch】冲刺阶段;最后阶段。 例:He has reached the home stretch on his thesis with two weeks to spare. 他提前了两周进入了写论文的最后阶段。 【hold all the aces】处于支配地位。 例:In the battle between the construction company and environmentalists, the construction company seem to hold all the aces. 在建筑公司与环保人士的博弈中,建筑公司似乎在掌控着局面。
【have the upper hand】占上风;取得优势。 例:So, despite hedging against China, China continues to have the upper hand. 因此,就算越南要抗衡中国,中国将继续占上风。

【hard headed】顽固不化。 例:Are you calling me hard headed? 你是在说我顽固? 【hit a snag】遇到意外困难。 例:The renovations were going along great until we hit a snag with the carpet installation.

【money】保持高水平,非常棒。 例:this pizza we are eating is money. 们正在吃的比萨 饼是很好吃。 【choke】糟糕,失败。 例: I choked on a test last week. 我上星期考试考糊了。 【go to bat for someone】为某人辩护;帮助别人。 例:He was reproached for not turning in his sales reports, but his secretary went to bat for him. 他被责备没有交销售 报告,但是他的秘书帮了他的忙。 【go overboard】过火;鲁莽从事。 例: The problem arises when you go overboard. 当你的行为过火时问题就出现了。 【trip】意思是与众不同,别出心裁。 例:I really enjoyed the photography exhibit. I thought it was a trip. 我很喜欢这个摄影展,它很与众不同。 【drag】没意思, 枯燥; 例:you're such a drag. 你可真没劲。 【give it your best shot】尽力而为。 例:Please give it your best shot to bring the network system back to normal. 请务必全力以赴让网络恢复正常。
【get a second wind】 再度恢复精神。 例:I often feel sleepy after supper and then I get a second wind later in the evening. 我吃完晚饭常感到困,一到晚上就又精神了。

【get off the hook】解围、解脱;(使某人)脱离困境。 例: The child got off the hook for stealing because the security camera was broken. 【get into the full swing】能够顺应环境,融入其中,引申为―开始进入状况‖。 例:It will probably take a month of working at my new job before I get into the full swing of things. 【front runner】一路领先的人。 例: Robert Kennedy was the front runner in the Democratic nomination when he was assassinated. 罗勃特肯尼迪遇刺时,在民主党总统 候选人提名竞争中处于领先的地位。 【lame】无聊,牵强,不合适的。 例:Saturday morning classes are lame! 星期六早上上 课是个馊主意。 【broke】一文不名的,破产的。 例: Balton went broke twice in his career. 伯顿在他的 职业生涯中破产过两次。 【damage】为某样东西,或某个交易付的钱。 例:I hope the damage for fixing my car won't be too bad. 我希望我修车不要太贵。 【down to the wire】等到最后一刻才开始做事,最后关头。 例: Bob is down to the wire on his project. 鲍伯完成计划的期限快到了。

【Shot】东西坏了,或者人体的某个部位受伤了。 例: I don't want our whole day to be shot. 我不希望我们一整天都毁了。 【chip in】捐助。 例: The ministers expect the IMF to chip in ―at least half as much‖ as European countries, just as it did for the rescue of Greece and, before that, for Latvia. 部长们期望 IMF 的捐助额和欧洲国家相比―至少捐够一半‖,正如它此前对希腊和更早前 对拉脱维亚所做的。 【to quarterback】主持会议,或总管项目(商业俚语)。 例:The company's big gun quarterbacked the meeting about their revenue report. 公司的一位重要领导主持会议, 讨论公司的收入报告。 【the big guns】大人物,对决策有重大影响的人。 例: I've got a meeting with the big guns this afternoon. 【blind-sided】不知情的;片面的;思想僵化的。 例: Yahoo said it was blind-sided by the Alipay move, and wasn't informed about it until seven months after it happened. 雅虎说该公司对转移支付宝一事毫不知情,事发七个月后才得知此事。 【hit the spot 】使人满足;正合需要;过瘾。 例: My mother is very good at cooking. Her dishes always hit the spot. 我妈妈厨艺很精湛,她做的菜可好吃了~! 【To ditch】离开某个人,因为不想跟他在一起;或表示要马上离开一 个不想再呆的地方。 例:What do you say we ditch school and go to the mall? 我们逃学去商场,你觉得怎 样? 【bummed out】不高兴,烦恼。 例:I recently broke up with my boyfriend. I was really bummed out. 最近我和男朋友分手了。我真沮丧。 bark up the wrong tree】攻击错了目标。 例: Mr. A may bark up the wrong tree if he thinks he can fool her. 如果 A 先生认为可以愚弄她的话,那他就认错人 【 ball is in your court】该你采取行动了。 例:I have done my best to explain my position; now the ball is in your court. 我已尽量表明我的立场,现在该你采取下一步的行 动了。【at this stage in the game】在当前阶段;此时。 例:As an old friend of mine from the Mickey Mouse Club, I think it's important at this stage in the game to show my support. 作为一个米老鼠俱乐部的老朋友,我想重要的是在这个阶段来证明我的支 持。 【wind of something】听到某事的风声;获悉有关某事的消息。 例:My Dad has a new girlfriend. I got wind of it over dinner tonight.

【win by a landslide】压倒性胜利。 例:My hunch is that if the Communist Party did hold free elections, it would win by a landslide — especially in rural areas. 我的直觉 是,若中国共产党举行自由选举,它会以压倒性获胜- 特别在农村。 【up the creek】处于困境。 例:But now I'm up the creek; I certainly don't have the tuition money and I hate to ask dad to pay it. 但是现在我可进退两难了:我自己当然没钱 交学费,而我实在不愿意向爸爸开口要。 【under the weather】身体不适。 例: If you know that he's been under the weather, you might ask him how he's feeling. 如果你知道他一直身体不适,你或许可以问他感觉如 何。 【the tip of the iceberg】冰山之一角。 例: If Bailey and Zuk are correct, this could be the tip of the iceberg. 如果贝利和祖克的推断是正确的话,这可能只是冰山的一角 【quick as lightning】一闪而过地;极快地。 例:Quick as lightning the half-breed sprang for a window, tore his way through all opposers, and was gone! 那个混帐闪电 一般,朝窗口窜去,冲开所有阻挡他的人,跑了! 【stick-in-the-mud】 守旧的人;顽固保守者。 例: Mr Johnes is an old stick-in-themud : you'll never persuade him to change at all. 琼斯先生是一个墨守成规的人:你们根 本无法说服他有所居改变。 【over the hill】人到中年。 例:I knew I was over the hill when I started needing glasses to read. 【out of the woods】脱离险境;脱离困境。 例: The doctor said my heart is doing better, but I'm not out of the woods yet. 【make a mountain out of a molehill】小题大作;言过其实。 例: There are so many things which are simple, but someone always wants to make a mountain out of a molehill. 其实很多事情都很简单,但是有些人就会小题大做。 【know which way the wind blows】知道事情的结果。 例:Who knows which way the wind will blow? I just hope Jesse gets one of the jobs he's applied for. 【keep one's head above water】勉强维持生活,不靠借贷过日子。 例:It's hard to keep my head above water with all of these medical bills. 【go with the flow】顺其自然;随从大家的意见。 例:If you can go with the flow, you‘ll find tranquillity. 如果你能顺其自然,你就能找到安宁。

【go downhill】变坏 衰退 走下坡路。 例: Literature decline shows a nation's downfall and they march together to go downhill. 文学的衰落表明一个民族的衰落。这两者走下坡 路的时候是齐头并进的。 【fair-weather friend】酒肉朋友。 例:Annette is his fair-weather friend. 安妮特是他的 酒肉朋友。 【dirt cheap】相当便宜。 例:Thanks to geothermal power Iceland gets its electricity and hot water dirt cheap. 由于这些地热动力,冰岛的电和热水特别便宜。 【(on) cloud nine】九重天(想象中的天堂);极乐心境;狂喜状态。 例: I can't believe it! I feel I'm on cloud nine right now. 我简直不敢相信。我觉得我现在就好像置身在九霄云端 上。 【wear the trousers】当家;掌握家权。 例: In China men usually wear the trousers at home. 在中国,男人通常是一家之主。 【wear one's heart on one's sleeve】 感情容易激动;十分坦率。 例: She's a shy person. She's never been one to wear her heart on her sleeve. 她是个害羞的人,从来 不敢把心里的真实想法表达出来。 【take one's hat off to someone】表示赞赏或尊敬。 例:I take my hat off to Jim. The doctors said he'd never walk, and he just ran a marathon. 【roll up one's sleeves】]卷起袖子(大干或打架)。 例:The celebrities rolled up their sleeves and washed cars for charity. 【put one's thinking cap on】认真思考。 例:I can't remember where the Christmas decorations are. I'll have to put my thinking cap on. 【put oneself in someone else's shoes】从别人的立场考虑;换位思考。 例:Put yourself in Amber's shoes. She does 【pull up one's socks】鼓起勇气;加紧努力。 例: Pull your socks up and get back in the game. 你们要振作起来,回到场地去加油干。 【off the cuff】即兴地。 例: That was nice, funny and quite off the cuff. 他的形容很形 象,也很有趣,而且相当的即兴。【keep something zipped】保密。 例:We know we're having a boy, but we're keeping it zipped from the grandparents. 【keep one's shirt on】保持冷静;要有耐心。 例:I know you're in a hurry, but please keep your shirt on. n't even have a car to drive.

【put a sock in it】别说了,闭嘴。 例:Put a sock in it! I'm tired of your silly jokes. 别 讲了,你那些无聊的笑话我听腻了。 【hat trick】直译―帽子戏法‖,意指在比赛中―连中三元‖。 例:Klinsmann was the only player to hit(score)a hat trick in World Cup Final. 克林斯曼是世界杯决赛中唯一上演帽子 戏法的球员。 【hand-me-down】旧衣服。 例:Twenty years ago my brother and sisters all have to wear hand-me-down. 二十年前我们兄弟姊妹都必须穿旧衣服。 【handle with kid gloves】小心处理。 例: I am very careful with my clothes. I handle them with kid gloves. 我很爱惜自己的衣服,小心翼翼地对待它们。 【fly by the seat of one's pants】)单凭感觉做事。 例:I had never taught art to kids before. I had to fly by the seat of my pants. 【fine-tooth comb】细密的;详细的。 例:I looked over this place with a fine-tooth comb . 我非常仔细地查看过这个地方。 【fit like a glove】完全相合;恰好。 例: Most of my clothes fit like a glove. They fit perfectly. 我大部份的衣服都是正好,非常的合身。 【dress to killl】穿着很性感;盛装打扮。 例:But whatever you wear, always dress to kill. 但不管你穿什么,一定要有足够的杀伤力! 【burn a hole in one's pocket】花钱如流水;价格昂贵。 例:Let's go to the mall after school. There's a hundred dollar bill burning a hole in my pocket. 【buckle down】倾尽全力;开始认真从事。 例:We must buckle down ourselves until we complete the tower. 我们必须全力以赴直到我们完成了这座塔的兴建。 【 card up one's sleeve】锦囊妙计。 例: Bill always has a card up one's sleeve, so whenever faced up with a puzzle, he could find a way. 比尔总有锦囊妙计,所以但凡遇 到难题,他总能找到方法解决。 【bursting at the seams】挤满,充满。 例: For those of you who are not on summer school duty this year, you are probably bursting at the seams in anticipation of your three-month break. 今年暑假,您要是没有值班的话,您很可能对您的三个月假期充满着期 待。 【below the belt】不公正地;不光明正大的(地)。 例:His comment about Manfred's handicap was below the belt.

【at the drop of a hat】立即。 例: Like fighter pilots, our astronauts would be able to blast into space at the drop of a hat. 就像战斗机飞行员一样,我们的宇航员可以轻而易 举的进入太空。 【with flying colours】出色地,成功地。 例: We expect your son to pass the exam with flying colours. 我们期待您的儿子能够在考试中取得优异成绩。 【white lie】善意的谎言;小谎话。 例: White lie accomplishes some positive good or at least avoids some evil. 『善意的谎言完成某一正面好或至少避免某一罪恶』。 【true colours】真面目。 例: The internet allows customers to see businesses‘ true colours. 因特网向人们展现了商业的真面目。 【tickled pink】乐不可支。 例:We were tickled pink to see our friends on television. 在电视中看到我们的一些朋友, 我们高兴极了。 【see red】突然发怒,大怒。 例: You just hate waste, and when someone else costs you dearly you see red. 你厌恶浪费,如果别人让你大肆破费,你会发怒。
【see everything through rose-coloured glasses】抱乐观态度。 例:If you see everything with rose-coloured glasses, you will often be disappointed. 如果你看一切事物都非常美好, 你会经常失望的。

【roll out the red carpet】热烈欢迎;隆重欢迎。 例: I will roll out the red carpet for your coming. 我们将隆重欢迎你的到来。
【red eye】红眼航班。 例:There is only half a red eye to Chicago, a traumatic awakening at 5am, and then an 8am flight to Wisconsin. 那里只有一半红眼航班到芝加哥 的,你得在凌晨 5 点时很不愿意地醒来,然后在 8 点时飞往威斯康星州。

【red tape】繁文缛节;官样文章。 例: The little money that was available was tied up in bureaucratic red tape. 可支配的那点点钱都花在官僚主义的繁文缛节上了。 【once in a blue moon】千载难逢;极为罕见。 例:Coin collecting is interesting, but you find a real valuable coin only once in a blue moon. 硬币收藏很有趣,不过得到一个 真正有价值的货币几乎是不可能的。 【in the red】负债,亏损。 例:They had to sell the firm because for years they had operated it in the red. 因为经营这家公司几年来一直亏损,所以他们只好把它卖掉。 【in the dark】不知道;蒙在鼓里;秘密地。 例:Antoine left his wife in the dark about their honeymoon destination until they got to the airport.

【have the blues】无精打采,情绪低落。 例:The memory has become a song I sing to myself when I have the blues, a dance I do to celebrate joy. 那次的记忆,就像是我 心情不佳时唱给自己的一首歌,是我高兴地庆祝时跳的一支舞。 【(have a) green thumb】有特殊园艺才能。 例: A person with a ―green thumb‖ is good at making plants grow. 具有―绿色拇指(green thumb)‖的人最擅长养育植物 【green with envy】非常嫉妒;眼红。 例:When looking at Whole Foods' glowing reputation, executives at The Coca-Cola Company have every reason to be green with envy. 看到全食超市耀眼的好名声,可口可乐的高层有理由感到无力和嫉妒。 【the green light】许可。 例:The builders were given the green light to begin the tower. 【grass is always greener on the other side】这山望着那山高。 例:I always wanted to go to university, but now I wish I had time to get a job. Grass is always greener on the other side. 【golden opportunity】绝好的机会。 例: There is no doubt that this policy will be a golden opportunity for all business sectors. 毫无疑问,这项政策对所有的商业部门来说将 是一个黄金机会。 【catch red handed】逮个正着。 例: I think my boyfriend is having an affair, so I want to go home and catch him red handed. 好像我男朋友有外遇了,我要回家抓他个正 着!
【born with a silver spoon in one's mouth】生在富贵人家。 例: Keiko hasn't worked a day in her life. She was born with a silver spoon in her mouth.

【black sheep】败家子;害群之马。 例: As the owner of the factory I'm like the head of a family, and as such I can't allow any black sheep among my employees. 我在 厂里好比是一家之主, 我不能容忍那种害群之马。 【black out】暂时失去知觉;昏厥。 例: I could feel blood draining from my face. I wondered whether I was about to black out. 我能感到血从脸上淌下来。我不知道自己是 不是要昏过去了。 【black and white】白黑白分明;非善即恶,非是即非,绝对化 例: The rules we gave the kids were black and white. No answering the phone or the door. 【black and blue】遍体鳞伤的;青一块紫一块。 例: He leathered the slave black and blue. 他用皮鞭把奴隶抽打得浑身青一块紫一块。

【beet red】脸红。 例:Bob's face turned beet red and he said, "Yeah, look, I'm sorry, buddy. I'm afraid I did. Why do you ask?"" 鲍伯涨红了面孔说,「呀,哥儿们!我 很抱歉。我想我是这麽做了,为什麽你要问这些呢?」 【pat on the back】鼓励;表扬。例: Youcan give positive attention by giving rewards, a pat on the back or simplysaying something encouraging when they do something good. 当他们做了正确的事情的时候你可以通过给奖励譬如在背上轻轻的拍打或者 只是简单的说一些鼓励的话。 【pull one's leg】同…开玩笑。例: to pull one's leg – Example " Don't worry. I'm just pulling your leg. "" 例句―别担心,我只是和你开个玩笑而已。‖ 【play something by ear】见机行事。例: If the interviewer asks you something you aren't prepared to answer just playby ear. 如果面试官问一些你事先没有预备回答的问题 你就见机行事吧。 【rule of thumb】经验法则。例: The investment bank has come up with an interesting rule of thumb on recessions. 关于经济衰退,这家投资银行提出了一个有趣的经 验法则。
【stick your neck out】尽力帮助别人。(可能会产生对己不利的后果)例:You know I admire you for not being afraid to stick your neck out for your old friend who's running for mayor. 你不怕出面帮你朋友竞选市长,我很钦佩,这你也知道。

【thick in the head】愚蠢。 例:You're going to steal a car. Are you thick in the head? 你想偷去汽车是吗?你是不是犯傻啊? 【skin of one's teeth 】仅仅,勉强。 I passed my exam by the skin of my teeth. 【over my dead body】除非我死了(表示强烈反对)。 例: "Over my dead body will we quit producing the magazine in print, " he said. 他说:―除非我死了,否则我们是不会 停印杂志的。‖ 【chew someone's ear off 】唠唠叨叨。 有这样一个老妈的,默默举手… 【see eye to eye】看法一致。 例: I hope we can see eye to eye about the other terms of the agency then. 我希望到那时候我们能在代理协议的其他条款上能取得一致意见。 【old hand】老手;熟练工人;有经验者。 例: If your son is 10, I'm surprised you're not an old hand at dealing with these little crises by now. 如果你的儿子已经 10 岁,我 很吃惊,你竟然还不是处理这些小问题的老手。

【hold 住有多难】have a hold on;影响力;hold at arm's length 保持距离;hold all the cards 掌 控全局;hold water 合情合理,说得通;hold forth 长篇大论;hold the purse strings 掌管财务; hold it against sb. 针对某人;hold it in abeyance 暂时搁置;hold your horses 稍安勿躁 捕风捉影 catch at shadows/chase shadows;不辞而别 take French leave;不负众望 live up to people's expectation;泰然自若 without batting an eye;不苟言笑 keep a straight face;不拘小 节 free and easy;不拘一格 not stick to one pattern。

neck of the woods】附近一带(一般指乡村地区)。 例: What are you doing in this neck of the woods ? 你在森林的这片狭长地带干什么呢? 【makes my blood boil】让我怒不可遏。 例: The way they have treated those people makes my blood boil. 他们这样对待这些人, 使我极为生气。 【lips are sealed】口风紧闭。 例: You can trust me with your secret. My lips are sealed. 你可以放心地告诉我你的秘密。我一定会守口如瓶。 【let one's hair down】不拘礼节;放松。 例: Go to the cottage and let your hair down this weekend. 【learn by heart】记住;默记;背诵。 例: If we may learn by heart new words by listening some word tapes, the results must be satisfactory. 在背记生词时,如果能听词 汇磁带,那么对听力提高也很有好处. 【keep one's chin up】不气馁;勇敢。 例:Keep your chin up. I'm sure you'll make some friends soon. 【keep an eye on】 照看;留意;密切注视。 例: He asks that, in the meantime, Mason keep an eye on Nina. 他也要求,在找证据的同时,梅森密切注视尼娜的动向。 【in over one's head】难于应付的情况。 例: Allow who can see this kid's head fatuous, you how confidence one in the future handing over of the clan to in his hand! 任谁都能看出这孩子脑子愚笨,你怎么放心把一族的未来交到他的手上!? 【head start】领先;抢先起步的优势;有利的开端。 例: Few companies have had the head start in places like Africa, China, India and Latin America that Unilever enjoyed. 在非洲、中国,印度和拉丁美洲这些地方,很少有企业能享有联合利华的领先优势。 【give a hand】帮助某人。 例:Sam's three children had always been expected to give a hand when they were not in school or doing their homework. 桑姆的三个孩子如 果不上学或不做作业,大人就总指望他们帮着干一点。 【head start】领先;抢先起步的优势;有利的开端 例:Few companies have had the head start in places like Africa, China, India and Latin America that Unilever enjoyed. 在非洲、中国,印度和拉丁美洲这些地方,很少有企业能享有联合利华的领先优势。

【趣味颜色短语】paint the town red 饮酒狂欢;white hope 被寄予厚望的人;in the black 有盈余;sing the blues 垂头丧气,抱怨;green room 演员休息室;purple passage 辞藻华丽的段落;brown study 沉思出神; golden opinions 高度评价;blue jacket 水手;grey sister 修女

【get something off one's chest】]把闷在心里的话倾吐出来。 例:Thanks for listening to me complain about my boss. I just needed to get this off my chest. 【face the music】勇敢地面对困难;接受应得的惩罚。 例: ―Just be prepared to face the music,‖ Ms. Geick said. ―做好勇敢面对困难的准备,‖梅丽莎说道。
【cry heart out】嚎啕大哭。 例: Every time I heard the song, I would cry my heart out. 每次一听到这首歌, 我就会哭得十分伤心。

【cost an arm and a leg】价格昂贵。 例:Purchasing your dream car cost an arm and a leg, so it‘s essential to get your money back. 花大钱买辆梦幻座车,所以钱务必要花得 值得。 【cold feet】害怕,胆怯;信心或勇气的丧失。 例: Learning about idioms in a language and culture can be difficult, but don't get cold feet. Just be careful when using these expressions. 学习一个语言和文化中的成语可能相当困难,但是也不要恐惧,只要在用的时候 小心一点就是了。 【break a leg】祝好运;大获成功(用于祝演员演出成功) 例:Generally, it is considered bad luck to wish someone good luck in a theater, the expression ―Break a Leg‖ replaces the phrase ―Good luck‖. 一般来说,把在剧院祝愿某人好运看做不吉利,用―断一条 腿―的措辞来替换短语―好运‖。 【until the cows come home】空等;无限期地。 例: You can collect statistics until the cows come home, but you cannot expect statistics to produce an effect beyond what they are good for. 你可以无限期地收集统计数据,但你无法期待统计数据得出他们有效 范围之外的结果。

【take the bull by the horns】不畏艰险。 例:You tell him over and over to take the bull by the horns, and he says okay, but it never happens. 你一遍遍 地告诉他要勇敢面对,他会答应,但是从来不这么做。
【smell a rat】感到不妙;感到有可疑之处。 例:He could smell a rat in the way the men were talking. 他从这些人的讲话方式就能感到事有蹊跷。

【rat race】激烈竞争(商业上);无意义的竞争。 例:To me, the most important takeaway from Bernanke's speech is the importance of staying out of the rat race. 对我而言,从伯南克演讲中吸取的最重要的部分就是置身激烈竞争之外的重要性。 【raining cats and dogs】下倾盆大雨。 例: It's raining cats and dogs, so we can't go out to play right now. 外面正下着倾盆大雨,所以现在我们不能出去玩儿。 【pig out】狼吞虎咽地大吃;大吃特吃。 例: Even though I'm on a diet, I still like to pig out with my friends sometimes. 尽管我在节食,我还是很喜欢偶尔跟朋友出去大吃特 吃。 【nest egg】储蓄金,储备金(为养老或应变等用) 例:In times of trouble or in retirement you‘ll have a nest egg to draw from. 在困难时期或退休后就可以有不菲的储蓄 金可以提取。 【monkey see, monkey do】效仿 Its effect is not as simple, she stresses, as "monkey see, monkey do". "But it certainly has a warping effect on how we think about the world." 她强调说,它的影响并不是"见样学样"那么简单,"而是作用于我们的世界 观,使其走样。" 【make a beeline】走近路前往;迅速;走直路。 例: And when we get there, let's make a beeline for the water! 到那儿之后,我们要迫不及待地冲进水里。 【(a) little bird told me】我听说的。 例:A little bird told me the news . 消息灵通人士 告诉我。 【let the cat out of the bag】泄露秘密。 例:Their engagement was to be a secret but the ring on her finger let the cat out of the bag. 他们俩订婚原本想保密的,可是她手 指上的戒指却把这个秘密泄露出来了。 【kitty corner】斜对角。 例:The gas station is kitty corner to the library. 加油站在图 书馆斜对面。

【kill two birds with one stone】一石二鸟;一箭双雕 例:So I thought, why not kill two birds with one stone by bringing such people to speak at a forum open to anyone? 因此,我想,为什么不来一个一箭双雕呢:请来这样的人在向所有人开放的专题讨论会里发言。 【in the dog house】陷入困境。 例:The police caught her driving without a license. I guess she's in the dog house now. 警察逮到她无照驾驶。我想她现在麻烦大了。
【get the lion's share】获取最大份额。 例:There is still a chance, especially if the north manages to get the lion's share of oil in the disputed border areas, that it will happen. 仍然是有机会的,特别是北方政府试图并将要从狮子口中得到存在争议地区的石油开采权。 【horse around】胡闹;鬼混 eg.They horse around outside of class, play and run and scream whenever they feel like it. I will say they are different in two small ways though. 我往往先告诉他们,中国孩子并非像他们想象得那样与美国孩子不同,他们也会晃出教室,随性而至 的玩耍、奔跑、叫喊。

【holy cow!】不会吧!;哎呀!;我的天啊。 eg.―When we started to change our culture, we found out ?Holy cow! There‘s a world of minds out there that can bring innovation to us‘, ‖ he says. 【hold your horses】不要着急,耐心一点。 eg.Hold your horses before you start doing what you think is important to you, otherwise you may lose. 在你开始做你认为是非常 重要的事情之前,你要考虑清楚,否则会失败。 【dropping like flies】迅速的衰败;放弃。 eg.Caroline:Of course! People are dropping like flies on such hot days. 卡洛琳:废话!这种大热天,大家都纷纷不支倒地。 【dog days】三伏天;大热天。 eg.How have you been getting through the dog days? 你怎么熬过这些大热天? 【copy cat】盲目的模仿者。 eg.I have told you that this skirt was not fit for you. You've really a copy cat . 我告诉过你了这条裙子不适合你,你真是个盲目的模仿者。 【clam up】 拒不开口。 eg.You can't clam up. And you don't want to stutterand stammer. So what's a job seeker to do? 你无法沉默。而你又不想结结巴巴地说。那么,作 为一个求职者这个时候应该怎么做呢? 【chicken out】临阵退缩;因害怕而停止做某事。 eg.I was afraid if Mom answered that I would chicken out and tell her instead. 害怕如果应声开门的是母亲,我会因胆怯而对她 说出那几个字。 【cat got one's tongue】一言不发。 eg.We haven't heard from you all morning. Has the cat got your tongue ? 我们整个早上都没听见你说话了,难道你的舌头被猫叼走了么

【cat nap】打瞌睡。 eg.I try to take a little cat nap every Sunday afternoon. 我试着在 每个周日的下午小睡一会儿。 【birds and the bees】初步的性教育。 egParents who discuss sex and reproduction say this is talking about the birds and the bees. 当父母谈及性与生殖时,他们常说我们在 谈鸟和蜜蜂(两性的基本常识)。 【ants in one's pants】坐立不安;魂不守舍。 eg.Lisa had ants in her pants the day before her interview.

【with a pinch of salt】有所保留地。 eg.As 2008 draws to an end and global recession looks imminent, you might be forgiven for taking some of these projections with a pinch of salt. 随着 2008 年接近尾声,全球衰退似乎已近在眼前,如果你 对其中一些预测持保留态度的话,也许是可以理解的。 【spice things up】增添情趣 eg.Foreign investors, with more active trading strategies, would spice things up a bit—at the moment they hold just 1-3% of Asia's local currency bonds. 有着更加积极的贸易战略的外国投资者将会为此增加些许新鲜感,现在他们仅 仅控制着 1—3%的亚洲本地货币债券。 【sell like hot cakes】热销。 eg.Desktops are better, and they offer far greater performance and reliability, but notebooks sell like hot cakes. 台式电脑要好得多了,更 加可靠,表现更为出色。 不过笔记本十分热销。

【souped up】加大马力;使有生气。 eg. Speaking of bikers, get your own bike, or if that's not an option, find yourself a souped up car with a LOUD muffler. 对于骑车族,弄辆自己的车;如果想要其他选择,那么就找辆加大马力的汽车,而且配上 噪音很响的消音器。
【peach fuzz】 桃子表面上的绒毛;乳臭未干的小伙子。 eg.This pass served to fake the "peach fuzz" effect at certain edges. 这一层用来模拟在特定边缘的面部绒毛。 【one smart cookie】聪明人。 eg.Alex is one smart cookie with a lot to offer. 亚历山 大是个聪明的男人,他总是能给予很多。 【out to lunch】疯狂的;神志不清的;过时的;懒散的。 eg. From his outlandish statements, I think your friend is out to lunch. 从你朋友稀奇古怪的话看来,我觉得他像 是脑子有点问题。

【nuts about something, someone】专心于,热心于。 eg.―The Japanese are nuts about foreign exchange and it's also popular in China and India, ‖ Mr Cooke says. 库 克表示:―日本人非常热衷于外汇交易,它在中国和印度也很受欢迎。‖

【in a nutshell】 简单地,简约地;极其简括地说。 eg.In a nutshell, the developer writes a test before writing any code. 简单地说,开发人员在撰写代码之前要撰写一个测 试。 【hot potato】烫手山芋(喻指棘手的问题)。 eg.Eventually those dollars will come home, they have to, as a function of math. In the meantime, passing the buck like a hot potato does not work. 从数学的功能上说,最终这些美元将必须回到美国。同时,将美 元像个烫手山芋一样推出去是做不到的。

【hard nut to crack】棘手的问题;难对付的人。 eg.Unemployment is a hard nut to crack in economic growth in the operation of market economy in various countries, including China. 失业是市场经济运行中各国以及我国社会经济发展面临的一大难题。

【gravy train】轻易发大财之工作。 eg.All this has reinforced the idea that banking is simply a gravy train for employees. 所有这一切都强化了银行只不过是为雇员提供肥缺的想 法。

【full of beans】精神饱满;精力旺盛。 eg.Don‘t worry about her, she was rather ill this morning, but now she‘s full of beans. 别为她担心,她今天早上病得蛮厉害,但现在已 经活蹦乱跳了。

【egg someone on】鼓励某人。 eg.They egged each other on to argue and to fight.
【egg someone on】鼓励某人。 eg.They egged each other on to argue and to fight. 【cup of tea】命运;心爱之人或物。 eg.'We are not everybody's cup of tea, ' he said. 他说,我们并不是所有人的那杯―茶‖。

【cup of joe】一杯咖啡。 eg.What difference, after all, can a few sprinkles of salt make to your morning cup of joe? 盐啡的跟咖啡的不同之处只是在早餐的咖啡上加点盐而 已。 【cry over spilled milk】懊悔也于事无补了。 I know that you have lost your purse, but since it had happened, let it go, please don't cry over spilled milk. 我知道你丢了钱 夹,不过既然这件事已经发生了,就让它去,不要做无谓叹息。 【cream of the crop】最优秀的人;精英;最好的部分。 eg.Each year the cream of the crop athletes are selected for an all-star team. 每一年,精英运动员都会被挑选出来组成 全明星队。 【cool as a cucumber】十分冷静;镇定自若。 eg.Jeremy looks as cool as a cucumber on any occasion. 在任何场合杰里米都看起来镇定自若。 【carrot top】头发是红色或橘红色的人。 eg.Simon is the first carrot top I've ever gone out with. 【butter someone up】一个人为了从某人那里得到好处而拍他的马屁。 Some people believe to butter up your boss is the only way to get ahead. 有些人认为,拍你老板的马 屁是事业有进展的唯一道路。 【cheer sb up】 逗某人开心,让某人高兴,把情绪调动起来 After I failed my driving test I needed some cheering up so my friends took me out to a nightclub. 我驾照考试失败 了,为了让我高兴起来,朋友们拉我出去玩。 【chief】 领袖或负责人,指某群体里级别最高的。 Hey chief, where do you think we should go dancing tonight? 老大,你觉得我们今晚应该去哪里跳舞? 【chill out】 It means calm down",意思是冷静下来,别紧张,放松一下。 He‘s been working very hard the past couple of months so I think he just needs to go on holiday and chill out for a bit. 过去两个月他一直非常努力地工作,我觉得他应该出去度假放 松一下。
【chilly】 寒冷的,天气冷。也表示―红色辣椒‖的意思。 Can I close the windows?It‘s getting a little chilly in here. 我把窗户关上怎么样,这里越来越冷。 【clear out】 撤离,通常指从危险地带撤离。 We need to clear out of the room, so they can prepare for the next event. 我们得赶快从房间里面撤出去,以便他们准备下一个活动。

【clueless】 脑子不够快,木讷,笨拙。 That American tourist is so clueless. She thinks 100 kuai is a good price for a cup of coffee. 那个美国游客有点笨,她认为 100 元一杯咖 啡很便宜。

【come for】 特别为某人或某事而来。 The postman is going to come for the parcels around 3pm. 邮递员会在大概下午 3 点钟的时候来送包裹。 【come off as】 带给别人什么样的印象或感觉。后面加一个形容词。I hope I didn‘t come off as rude to your mom.I really want her to like me. 我希望我没有让你你妈妈感觉我没 有礼貌.我真的非常希望她喜欢我. 【come up】 发生得非常突然。 We were supposed to go on holiday last week but something came up with work and we had to stay. 我们原本上周就应该去度假,但是工 作上出现了一些情况,我们不得不留下来。 【con artist】 骗人的老手。 I don‘t trust car salesmen as they‘re often con artists. 我 一般通常不会相信卖车的人。因为他们经常都是骗人的老手。 【creepy】 古怪而吓人的,strange or fearful。 That girl is really creepy. She‘s always staring at me funny. 那个女孩有点奇怪,她总是用一种古怪的眼神看着我。 【cross sb】 惹恼某人,激怒某人。 The gangster Al Capone used to get rid of anyone that crossed him. 黑社会头目 Al Capone 曾经杀掉了所有惹怒他的人。 【cut someone some slack】 放某人一马,放过某人一次。 The professor cut me some slack and didn‘t reduce my score for being late. 教授放了我一马,没有因为我迟到而扣我 的分。 【cute act】 小计量,小计谋。I‘ve heard all these excuses before. I‘m not falling for your cute act this time. I know you were out last night till 4:00am. 这些借口我已经听 得太多了,这次你的小伎俩骗不了我了.我知道你昨晚出去到凌晨四点才回来. 【backtrack】 走回头路,回到以前。 Before the exam at the end of the year the teacher is going to backtrack over all the things we‘ve learned. 在年末考试之前,老师 将复习我们学过的所有知识。
【bad rap】 负面评价,口碑很差,但这种评价是不公正的。 He‘s had a bad rap,but he‘s actually very nice in person. 他的口碑很不好,但是他的为人其实是很好的。

【bail on】 放弃,相当于"give up"。 We had to bail on ou golf game,it‘s pouring rain outside. 我们只得放弃高尔夫比赛,外面正在下着倾盆大雨。 【bang】 重击一个物体的时候,动作叫―bang‖.既可以作名词,也可以作动词。 Don‘t band the door. 不要这么重敲门 That suspense movie gave me a big bang at the end. 那个悬 念片它的结果让我大吃一惊. 【bankroll】 为某事出钱,投资金。 I found some foreign investors to bankroll our new nightclub. 我找到一些海外投资者,为我们的新的夜总会出资。

【be jinxed】 被诅咒过的,不吉利的。 After three divorces she started to believe the marriage was jinxed. 在离过三次婚之后,她开始相信婚姻根本就不是好东西,根本就不会有 好的归宿。 【be on to 】 意识到,明白,了解,察觉。 明白某事的真相了。 The police were on to the criminals‘plan very quickly. 警察很快就明白了这帮罪犯的计划。
【be out cold】 不灵了,不管用了。完全不工作,不动弹了。 They could not go anywhere as the car engine was out cold. 因为汽车的发动机完全不工作了,所以他们什么地方都去不了。

【be through with sth】 受够了,再也忍受不了了。 After waiting for the doctor, who was two hours late for my appointment, I was through with being delayed and left. 医生的迟到使我等待了两个小时也没有得到诊断,我实在受够了,转身离去。 【be thrown to the wolves 】 被彻底抛弃,背弃。 After the Beijing soccer team did really badly last season they all blamed the captain.He was really thrown to the wolves by his teamates. 北京足球队在上一个赛季里面表现非常差劲,大家都在一起指责队 长。他真的完全被大家遗弃了。 【bean counter 】 管钱的人,如财务、会计。 Yes, that‘s right, I am a bean counter for the government. Every department is always asking me for more money in their budgets. 你说对了,我是在政府里做财务工作,你知道吗?每个部门都想我给他们多拨一些钱 给他们。 【top banana】大老板。 例:Who's your top banana? 谁是你们的老板? 【carry coals to Newcastle】 做徒劳多余的事。 例:You are carrying coals to Newcastle if you water those flowers right now.The rain is just around the corner. 你现在浇花就是多此一举了。马上就要下雨了。 【Between Scylla and Charybdis】 锡拉和卡津布迪斯之间,即―在两个同样危险的事物之 间‖,或是―腹背受敌,进退两难‖的意思。 He was between Scylla and Charybdis, for his company had betrayed him.他的同伴背叛了他,至使他腹背受敌。 【from China to Peru】 到处。 appiness was from China to Peru when the cheering news came..这个令人振奋的消息传来后,快乐弥漫在各处。 【set the Thames on fire 】做出惊人之举;取得非凡成就。 Jack won the champion of the Spelling Bee? You‘re kidding! A person who hardly reads books can not set the Thames on fire! Jack 赢了拼写比赛的冠军?你开什么玩笑!一个不怎么看书的人不会有这么 大的成功!

【castle in Spain】 西班牙城堡,比喻―幻想,梦想‖,相当于汉语中的―空中楼阁‖。 Don‘t trust him any more. He is always living in a castle in Spain as a daydreamer. 别再相 信他了。他是个一直住在空中阁楼里的空想家。

【Greek kalends / calends】幽默、诙谐的表达―永远不‖。 A: When will you finish your work and leave the computer alone? 你什么时候才能结束工作不再用电脑? B: At the Greek kalends. 永远没有那一天。 【be Greek to someone】不知道。 He is a very famous artist, but physics is Greek to him. 他是一位著名的艺术家,但是对物理一窍不通。 【meet one‘s Waterloo】倒霉,受毁灭性打击,灭顶之灾,遭到惨败。 例: No wonder they met their Waterloo in this match. They hadn‘t been trained for months! 难怪他 们这场比赛输得一塌糊涂,他们已经好几个月没训练了!
【sandwiched】 被夹在……中间。 例:I got sandwiched between the doors of the elevator. 我被夹在电梯门中间了。 【sandwiched】 被夹在……中间。 例:I got sandwiched between the doors of the elevator. 我被夹在电梯门中间了。

【knuckle sandwich】 一个对准脸的拳头。 例:I am gonna give you a knuckle sandwich.我当脸给你一拳。这好像是在哪个电影里面看见的。 【noodlehead】脑子里都是面条,就是笨蛋、傻瓜的意思。 例:What a noodlehead! 【limp as a noodle】 像一根面条一样软 就是无精打采的 倦怠乏力的。 例:When I got out of the jacuzzi, I was limp as a noodle. 我从浴缸里出来时,浑身酥软无力。 【ham】 是指表演过火过于做作的演员。 例:What a ham! She reall made me sick. 【wake up and smell the coffee 】清醒一下。 例:TURST him?You wake up and smell the coffee!

【weigh the pros and cons】 权衡利弊。 例:When I do a setup, I weigh the pros and cons. I do my due diligence.我要撮合两个人会先权衡利弊,采取适当行动。【caller ID】 来 电显示。 例:He said, "Vic, unless the Caller ID said 'GOD', you should never pick up during services". 他说,―维克,除非来电显示是―上帝‖,否则千万不要在做礼拜的时候接电话 哦。‖ 【mull over】认真琢磨,仔细考虑。 例:Besides payrolls, Wall Street will have a flurry of other numbers to mull over,。除就业报告外,华尔街还会考虑一系列其他数据。

【grab a bite】 简单吃点东西。 例: I was wondering if you wanted to grab a late bite. 你想不想吃点东西? 【headshot】大头贴。 例:But even with the headshot, some people go for the funny picture, adding some character to their profile. 但即使用了头像,有些人还会倾向于有趣 的图片,使他们的个人资料更有特色。 【cheesy】]质次的;下等的;低级的;蹩脚的。 例: He waved with a big cheesy grin。 他朝我挥了挥手,脸上带着那种假假的笑容。 【behind sb's back 】 背着某人做某事或讲什么事。 例:It‘s not nice to talk about your friends‘ secrets behind their backs. 背着你的朋友去讨论他们的秘密,是非常不道德的。 【below the belt 】 出言不逊。 例: What he said about Tom‘s mother was way below the belt. 他对汤姆的妈妈评论的话真的是出言不逊。 【bimbo】 花花公主,轻佻的时髦女子,在感情上不负责的女人。 I don‘t like that girl. She‘s always hanging out at the bar in tight clothes, waiting for men to buy her drinks. She‘s such a bimbo. 我不喜欢那个女孩,她总是穿着紧身衣服呆在酒吧里等着男人们给她买饮 料。她真是个轻佻女人。 【birthday suit 】赤身裸体。 例:Well, it is the naked mile run, everyone else is in their birthday suits, except that guy. 这可是一英里裸奔.别人都是一丝不挂,除了那个家伙.
【blind luck】 撞大运,非常好的运气。 例: It was blind luck that I found 100RMB on the ground. 我在地上捡到 100 块人民币,真是撞大运了。

【blow it 】 把某件事彻底搞砸了。 例:This is your chance to make the team,don‘t blow it. 这可是你最后一个机会,要想进入那只队伍的话,你可千万别搞砸了。 【blow someone away 】把别人给震了,让人非常震惊。 例:Our dragon boat team this year is so good that we‘re going to blow all of the other teams away in the upcoming race. 今年我们的队伍实力非常强,接下来的比赛了我们绝对会让其他队伍感到震惊 的。 【blow sth away 】彻底击垮,彻底解决或打败某物。 例:The invention of the telephone blew away all other methods of communication. 电话的发明超越了其他所有通信手段 【cut the cheese 】放屁。(等于 cry a cheese) 例:He cut the cheese, so everyone left the room. 他放了一个屁,所有人都离开了房间。
【big cheese】老板、雇主。 例:But when the Big Cheese catches a cold, the media crow. 但是当大人物感冒的时候,媒体就开始聒噪了。

【bun in the oven】怀孕。 例:Did you know that a pregnant woman can get pregnant again while she still has a bun in the oven? 你知道吗,肚子里已经怀着一个小 宝宝的女人还能再次怀孕! 【freeze one‘s buns off】 冷的要命,把屁股都冻掉了。 例:I froze my buns off at the ice rink.我在溜冰场快冻僵了。 【beefy 】强壮的 结实的。 例:His name is Richard Wheeler, he speaks softly with a British accent, and he‘s not nearly as intimidating as the two beefy bouncers who flank him. 他的名字叫理查德· 惠勒,他说话柔和带着英国口音,并不像站在他两侧翼的两个结 实保镖那么令人生畏。 【bring home the bacon】 成功;谋生。 例:Men were supposed to bring home the bacon. 男人应该担负起家庭生计。
【as hungry as a wolf】饿狼似的;饥肠辘辘。 例:Hungry as a wolf, he ate up two big bowls of rice in an instant. 他饿极了,一会儿功夫就吃下了两大碗饭;

【Straight From the Horse's Mouth】来自权威和可靠的消息。 例:You could say you got the information straight from the horse's mouth. 你可以说你的信息是直接从―马嘴‖ 里得到的。
【 For the Birds】对牛弹琴;无聊、无趣的。 例:They went to a poetry reading, but they got bored and restless. As far as they were concerned, it was for the birds!

【 Take the Bull by the Horns 】在困难的条件下作出决定性的动作。 例:You tell him over and over to take the bull by the horns, and he says okay, but it never happens. 你一遍遍地告诉他要勇敢面对,他会答应,但是从来不这么做。 【Drat it】讨厌! 例:Why, drat it, Huck, it's the stupidest arrangement I ever see. 真是糟透了,哈克,这样一类顶顶愚索的安排我从未见过。 【Fishy】感觉奇怪和怀疑。 例:His story sounds fishy. We should see if it's really true. 他的故事听起来可疑。我们应该看看到底是不是真的。 【foot the bill】负担费用,付帐。 例:I go out with Jack quite often, but he will never foot the bill for anything we spend. 我跟杰克经常出去,但是,不管我们花什么钱,他从来 也没有付过账。 【go Dutch】各自付帐。 例:My buddies and me always go Dutch when we eat at restaurants. 我和我的伙伴们到饭馆吃饭的时候总是平分帐单。

【sugar daddy】施恩或送贵重礼品以博取年轻女人欢心的老色迷。 例:Perhaps you‘re a Sugar Baby and your FWB is a Sugar Daddy willing to please you on all levels. 也许 你是个小甜心而你的床伴是个乐意在各方面讨得你欢心的甜爹。 【 apple head】缺心眼的人;笨蛋。 例:He has an apple head. 他是个笨蛋。

【Make a scene】当众大吵大闹。 例:Don't make a scene when you have to wait 30 minutes for a table. 当你得等 30 分钟才上菜时,也不要显得不耐烦。
【Smell a Rat】感觉什么事情不正常、奇怪、不对头。 例:He could smell a rat in the way the men were talking. 他从这些人的讲话方式就能感到事有蹊跷。 【on the beach】失业的;潦倒的;退休的。 例:I am on the beach. 我已失业了 【Get Off Someone's Back 】不再嘲笑(或批评、指责、打扰、烦忧、缠磨)某人。例: Instead of telling someone to get off your back on Monday, show why there's no need for them to micromanage you. 不要在星期一对某些人说不要来烦你了,而是让他们 明白为什么没有必要对你管头管脚吧。 【as pleased as punch 】十分高兴,得意洋洋。 例: Mom looked as pleased as punch when she got your letter! 妈妈收到你的来信时特别高兴。

【Stick Out One's Neck】去冒险。 例:Why should I stick my neck out for them? They didn't pay me for my services. 我为什么要为他们去冒险呢?他们又不给我服务费。 On the roads of travel, the length is determined by your wallet, the destination as far as the eye can see, and the profoundness by your soul...旅行的长度由钱包决定;旅 行的宽度由目光决定;旅行的深度由心灵决定。旅行的长度由钱包决定;旅行的宽度由目光决 定;旅行的深度由心灵决定。 【an eager beaver】工作卖力、干劲十足的人;积极、努力又热心的人 例:He seems never to know what tiredness is, and he's really an eager beaver. 他似乎从来都不知道 什么叫累,真是勤奋的人。

【apple shiner】马屁精 或 apple polisher 例:You should take much care of him, and he's a real apple polisher. 你要当心他,他可是个马屁精。

【Tongue-In-Cheek 】舌头没有放正,表示某人不是认真的。 例:Photos of the store posted on Chinese websites have attracted thousands of comments, many of them offering tongue-in-cheek praise. 中文网站上关于这家店的照片吸引了数千条评

【 get in someone's hair】麻烦某人,让人厌烦 例:I know that the children get in your hair, but you should try not to let it upset you so much. 我明白孩子们让你心烦,但你应 该试着不让这如此扰乱你的心情。 【difficult】难对付的 例:She is a very difficult woman. 她是一个很难对付的女人。 【I belong to myself】我不受别人支配;我属于我自己 例:I just belong to myself , Thank you , , thank you for your supporting …I will be what I should be … 我只会属 于我自己…谢谢你们对我无限的支持…我只会是那个完整的自己… 【be in the family way】身怀六甲;怀胎 例:The tall dark girl came to see Doctor Reefy because she was in the family way and had become frightened. 高挑的黑皮肤 姑娘来找里菲医生,因为她怀孕了,很害怕。 【Don't put on airs】不要摆架子。 例:Don't put on airs with me. 别在我面前摆架子。 【old flame】旧情人 例:Have you ever seen your old flame? 你还见过你的旧情人吗? 【break it down to sb】给某人详细、透彻地介绍或解释。 例:For his presentation,he first gave us an overview, then he broke down the ideas to help us understand. 他给 我们做一个陈述,他做的第一步是介绍一个概况,然后为了使我们更容易理解,他帮我们把里面 的每一个细节都详细解释。 【put your cards on the table】把话挑明; 例:I wish that you would put your cards on the table. 我希望你干脆把话挑明 【take wing】起飞;一帆风顺;扶摇直上 I hope your idea takes wing. 我希望你的想法成 真。 【boogie】跳舞 Wow, that girl sure knows how to boogie! She‘s got great moves. 那 个女孩一定很会跳舞,你看她的动作多棒! 【be all ears】洗耳恭听 例:Tell me your story, I'm all ears. 告诉我你的故事,我洗耳恭 听。 【bring it on】 给自己打气,壮胆,鼓舞士气。 例:At the start of the boxing match, the boxer yelled at his opponent to bring it on. 拳击赛开始时,拳击选手对着对手大声吼叫, 给自己鼓舞士气。

【have a care in the world】无牵无挂 例:He didn't have a care in the world as he waddled down the street. 他摇摇摆摆走过大街的样子好像对这个世界毫无牵挂。 【second base】?第二阶段‘ I'm still trying to get to second base with you. 我仍旧试着 想和你发展到?第二阶段‘。 (在美国,first base 指拉手,接吻,second base 指抚摩等, third base 指做爱) 【bring sb/sth down】削弱某人/某事的优势,抑制住某人/某事。 例:That newspaper is starting to have too much influence. We need to try to bring it down. 那份报纸太有影 响力了,我们需要遏制一下它影响力。
【break it up 】停下手中的事情;把一个事情分给不同的人去干。 Come on guys,Let‘s break it up!We don‘t want to get in trouble for fighting. 别再吵好吗?我们总不想打起来,停下来。 【bull's eye】正中靶心,恰到好处。 例:He scored a bull‘s eye with his last assignment. 上 次任务他完成得漂亮至极,太棒了。

【lay it on the line】付款, 实话实说, 冒风险 例:If you don't want to lose me, you'd better lay it on the line. 如果你不想失去我,就最好一五一十地告诉我吧。 【sweep sb off their feet】突然和某人陷入了爱河,被迷得七荤八素 例:The first time he met her, he was completely swept off his feet. 第一次看见她,他就深陷爱河。 【leave me out in the cold】不理睬某人 例:Every time I see you, you leave me out in the cold. 每次我见到你,你都不睬我。 【dish】漂亮女子;擅长的事,拿手好戏 例:You are such a dish. 你真是个绝色美人。 【dreamboat】梦中人;理想人物 例:You are a dreamboat. 你是位(异性所追求的)理想 人选 【bully】 威吓,威逼,尤指以强欺弱。也可以做名词,指那些爱欺负人的人,欺凌弱小者。 He is such a bully.He pushes the other kids around at school. 这个小子就爱欺负人,他在学 校总是摆布别人. 【bum】 不好的,恶劣的,坏的。 Even though he was a good guy,he had a bum reputation. 虽然他真的是一个好人,但他的名声不太好。 【burst someone's bubble】 打破某人的幻想 My little sister thinks that Santa Claus is real. Don‘t burst her bubble by telling her that he isn‘t. 我妹妹觉得圣诞老人是真的,所 以让我们不要打破她这个梦想,说它不是真的。 【bust my ass 】 第一个含义是指:让某人的日子不好过,让某人难堪。第二个含义是指―拼命 努力地工作‖。 I wish the directors just would stop,you know,busting my ass

because I already have lots of problems. 我真的希望导演别再为难我,我的麻烦已经够多 了。 【as nature intended】 出自人类本能的要求 I must go do as nature intended. 我必须去 方便一下(上厕所)。 【around the block 】 在某方面有经验,是个老手。 Let‘s ask Justin how to deal with this situation. He‘s been around the block a few times. 让我们问一下贾斯廷如何处理这 种情况,他好几次碰到过这种困难。 【act like a clown 】行为愚蠢。 When the boys drink too much beer, they act like clowns. 当那些男孩喝啤酒喝多了之后,他们的行为表现得很愚蠢 【a whole new ballgame】 状况完全不同于以往,―ballgame‖ 意思是情况,局面。 High school was fun but university is a whole new ballgame. 高中生活很轻松,但是大学就完 全不一样了。 【a way out of this mess 】一个可以摆脱混乱局面的办法。 The traffic is terrible today! We need to find a way out of this mess! 今天的交通一塌糊涂,我们需要想想办法摆脱这 个局面。 【a dime a dozen 】十分常见,不太值钱。 Watermelons in Beijing in the summer are a dime a dozen. 北京的夏天,西瓜多得根本不值钱了。 【a close one 】很很紧急的情况,但好在逃过了这一难。 例:I had a close call on my way to work, A car hit my bike but I didn‘t fall. 我今天上班路上的情况挺惊险,一辆车撞 了我的自行车,不过我没有摔倒。 【eye opener】指令人瞠目的事物或使人恍然大悟的发现。也就是惊人的新发现或启示。 例 如: Your wonderful article on marriage was certainly an eye opener to many youngsters. 你那篇有关婚姻的好文章,使许多年轻人获得启示。
【fairy godmother】 指及时慷慨提供帮助的人,多半指有钱的女人。 After lifelong savings, Mrs. B donated all her money to a charity organization like a fairy godmother. B 太太将 一生的积蓄全部捐给慈善机构。

【a chip off the old block】某人在性格上是父母的翻版。 My mother and I are very alike, I am a chip off the old block. 我和妈妈非常相像,我完全是她的翻版。 【 fair-haired boy】 指得宠的人,也就是宠儿,多半指男人 Not being a fair-haired boy, Mr. Wong never gets pay-raises and promotions. 王先生不得宠,从未得到加薪和升级。

【empty suit】指不重要的人或假冒者,多半用在商业上,当名词用。 例如: An empty suit generally gets no attention from the public. 一位虚伪不实的人,通常不会受到大众的注 意。 【worried well】 没病找病的"疑病症"患者 例句: The worried well are using up all the flu vaccines. 那些―疑病症‖患者都把流感疫苗给用完了。 【have a field day】 大显身手;感到心满意足 例:Now that our business is picking up, my wife is having a field day buying new things for our house. 如今我们的生意好啦, 我太太正心满意足地为新房子采购新用品。 【hottie】 辣妹或帅哥 She is such a hottie! 她好性感啊!
【与"ice"有关的短语】break the ice 打破沉默;cut no ice 不起作用;ice over 结冰;ice up 被冰覆 盖;on thin ice 如履薄冰;ice blue 冰蓝色;ice bag 冰袋;ice bucket 冰桶;dry ice 干冰。天气越 来越热了,大家吃个 ice cream(冰淇淋)降降温吧

【enragement ring】 惹女友生气后买的赎罪戒指。enrage 的意思是激怒,使暴怒。 例:She's pretty mad. I might have to buy her an 'enragement ring' to smooth things over.她很生 气。我可能会给她买个"赎罪戒指",给她消消气。

【Caraoke】 在车里唱歌 例:That long road trip felt a lot shorter because of the Caraoke. 漫长的路程因为在车里高歌而变得很短暂。 【whip hand】指―控制权‖ 例:He wanted to hold the whip hand over them as long as he lived. 他想只要自己活一天就得对他们有一天的控制权。 【desk potato】桌边神游族,指整天坐在书桌边,却不见有任何事情完成的人,通常都是因为 他们成天都在上网闲逛或玩游戏。 【butter face】形容女孩很性感,但除了脸蛋以外。 例:If Lily had her face torn apart by wild dogs, people would call her a butter face. 如果莉莉的脸被野狗抓伤,我们可以说她 是"butter face‖。 【a shot across the bow】 发出警告 例:North Korea's rhetoric is also a shot across the bow of the Obama Administration. 北朝鲜的言论也是对奥巴马政府的一个警告。 【parting shot】 临走说的尖刻话 例:Well, you?d better be careful, he said threateningly.And,with that parting shot, he stormed out oftheroom.(他恐吓道, ―哼,你们最好小心一点。‖ 说完怒气冲冲大步走出了房间去。)
【the runs】拉肚子 I can't go today, I got the runs. 我今天不能去,我拉肚子了。 【rock the boat】 找麻烦 Don't rock the boat! Things are fine just the way they are. 别找 麻烦了,事情这样就够好了。

【Dead-End Job】没有前途的工作 She has a stupid boss and a dead-end job. 她的老板 不好,工作也没有前途。 【lemon】次 This car is a real lemon. It has broken down four times. 这辆车真次,已 经坏了四次了! 【Dispose】吞;扫光 He disposed of the leftovers from last night. 他扫光了昨晚的剩 菜。 【jump to conclusion】妄下结论 Don't jump to conclusion. We have to figure it out first. 不要妄下结论,先把事情搞清楚。 【Get Carried Away】过于投入 She gets carried away when she watches Vampire Diaries. 她看 VD 的时候会过于投入。 【 keep in line】管束 He needs to be kept in line. He's too wild. 他太野了,要好好管束 一下。 【Spam】刷屏 spam 可以也是"垃圾"电子邮件 (因特网用语),不过可以用来表达中文的刷屏意 思。Stop spamming!不要刷屏了! 【stick in the mud】保守的人 Cathy is such a stick in the mud. She never wants to try anything new. Cathy 真保守,她从不想尝试新事物。

【pull strings】运用关系 He pulled some strings and managed to get us front row seats for the concert. 他运用关系替我们拿到音乐会前排的位子。
【make goo-goo eyes at someone】对某人抛媚眼 Hey!Stop making goo-goo eyes at my boyfriend! 【Bought It】竟然相信了 I can't believe that My boss bought it! 我真不敢相信老板竟然 相信了! 【choppy】网很卡 The connection is choppy, I can't do anything. 网络很卡,什么都不 能做。 【get high hat】摆架子 Don't get high hat!You are just an average Joe. 别摆架子!你 也只是普通人。
女人永远缺一双鞋】ankle boot 短靴;knee boot 及膝长靴;bootee 轻便女靴;Dr. Martens 马丁 靴;athletic shoes 运动鞋;ballerina 软底低跟女鞋;bond low cutter shoes 船型平底鞋;canvas shoes 帆布鞋;clog 木屐;axido 沙滩鞋;flip-flops 人字拖;sandal 扣带凉鞋。

【crank up】把声量调大 A: Hey! The volume is too low. Why don't you crank it up some? A: 嘿! 这声量太小了。你把它调大一点好吗? B: No problem. B: 没问 题。 【call the shots】掌管、作主并发号施令。不知道大家有没听过 Call the shots 这首歌,Girls Aloud 的,挺好听的哦~给童鞋们推荐下~~ 例:Again, the disagreement is pretty basic: Everybody wants to call the shots. 同样,分歧是必然存在的,谁都想在这方面说了算。 【in hot water】 有麻烦 例:He is in hot water with his girlfriend recently. 近段时间他 跟女友的关系有点僵。 【get up on the wrong side of the bed】心烦意乱。例:I?m sorry to have offended you.I got up on the wrong side of the bed today.真抱歉冒犯了你,我今天心情有些不 好。 【leopard print】豹纹。例:Gina likes to wear leopard print. She‘s wearing a leopard print skirt today. Gina 喜欢穿豹纹。她今天穿着豹纹短裙。还有一种说法是 print 后面加个 clothing(衣服),比如: I like to wear leopard print clothing. 我喜欢穿豹纹 。 【Siren】形容会欺骗男人的性感女性。Siren's call 现代化成女人的诱惑谎言。比如:Her siren's call is making you do stupid things 她的海妖呼唤使你做出很愚蠢的事。 【shoot oneself in the foot】搬起石头砸了自己的脚。例:Watch your mouth!Don't shoot yourself in the foot.嘴巴放干净点!不要搬起石头砸自己的脚。 【Flaws and All】缺点及一切。Beyonce 有首歌就叫"Flaws and All",歌词里写到:Catch me when I fall, accept me flaws and all, that's why i love you 在我跌倒的时候接住我, 接受我的一切 ,这就是为什么我爱你…这样的爱情,谁不期待呢~

【Split the bill】各自买单,AA 制。例:Let‘s split the bill.

【Complex】―控‖。例:高跟控就是 high-heel complex,微博控就是 micro-blog complex。What kind of complex are you??有木有粉粉跟我一样是碎花控呢?
【hit on】搭讪。例:If you don't stop hitting on me, I will hit you.注意哦,hit him 和 hit on him 意思完全不一样~~
扑克篇】poker/playing card 扑克牌;ace 尖儿;big joker 大王;little joker 小王;club 梅花; diamond 方块;heart 红桃;spade 黑桃;shuffle 洗牌;deal 分牌;open card 翻开的牌;treys 一 对 3;ladies 一对 Q;straight 顺子;straight flush 同花顺

与―猫‖有关】bell the cat 为了众人的利益而去冒险;cat and dog life 争吵不休的生活;grin like a Cheshire cat 无缘无故地傻笑;like a cat on hot bricks 急得像热锅上的蚂蚁;play cat and mouse with 欲擒故纵;cat-eyed 能在黑暗中视物的;cat-footed 蹑手蹑脚的。

【In a Funk】状态不佳,情绪低。例:Maryjane is in a funk because her grandfather died 她情绪很低因为她爷爷走了。There are always a few days that I‘m in a funk every month.每个月总有几天我心情不好。 【Knock Off】山寨货。例:My phone is a knock off of Apple‘s iPhone 山寨苹果 iPhone。美国人喜欢在 knock off 前面加个 cheap:His watch is a cheap knock off! 【in a pinch】在紧要关头、在迫于无奈的情况下。例:I'm afraid any one of my tires will go flat any time. My spare tire is bald and leaks air but I hope in a pinch it'll last long enough to let me get to the nearest gas station where I can get some help. 【Bite the Bullet】咬紧牙关。例:I‘ll bite the bullet this weekend and study for my test 我这周末勉为其难读点书,准备我的考试。Bite the bullet 也是 get it over with 的一种 说法哦。 【pinch-hit】在紧要时刻代替某人担当职务。例:Mr. Warren was out two months recovering from his operation. His assistant Katie Lee was asked to pinch-hit for him. Warren 先生手术后在家休养两个月,公司要求他的副手 Katie Lee 替代他的职务应急。 【call sb. on the carpet】斥责某人的错误缺点。例:Jack is talented,but he was arrogant and ignored the rules of the company.Finally,the boss called him on the carpet.Jack 很有天赋,但是他自大而且无视公司章程。最终,老板把他训斥了一遍。 【In one's Head】脑子里一直不断的重复想件事。例:That song is in my head. I can't get it out of my head.On My Mind 是想着某件事/人。She's always on my mind. 不可以 说 she's always in my head. 【Dog-Eat-Dog World】人吃人的世界。例:Be careful friend, it's a dog-eat-dog world 小心点朋友,这是个人吃人的世界。It's not my fault, it's a dog-eat-dog world 不是我的 错,是个自私自利的世界。可以不加 world:It's dog-eat-dog in my office 我办公室的人都 互相残杀。 【Come Out of the Closet】公开自己的同性恋取向。用法:Hey man, it's okay, come out of the closet 兄弟,没事,出柜吧。简说:"Come Out‖。Did she come out 她公开了 吗?It really needs courage to come out.公开同性恋真的需要勇气。 【Half-Assed】随便做的,不够格的,不称职的,没诚意。用法不是很简单,half-assed 后面 要加个名词:My boss gave me a half-assed excuse for working OT 我的老板随便编了一 个借口让我加班。I made a half-assed effort to care 我没诚意的试着去关心。

【Code Word】含义有着―借口‖的意思。用法有点小技巧,要等别人找借口的时候使用:Tired? That's code word for lazy 你说你累了?换句话说:你懒! 【Got Beef 】跟 X 有问题,对 X 有意见,不喜欢。注意:一定要用 got,而不要用语法正确的 have。例:I got beef with your boyfriend 我对你的男友有意见(不怎么喜欢) 【get on somebody's nerves 】让人厌烦,心烦。例:The telephone hadn't stopped ringing all morning and it was starting to get on my nerves.电话响了一上午,惹我心 烦。 【get the drop on sb】先发制人;占优势,例:I guess I got the drop on you because I was earlier. 我想我比你领先一步了,因为我比你早。I believe that our products will get the drop on our competitors.我相信我们的产品胜过对手的。 【call it a day】要结束工作,到此为止。有时我们也这样说:call it quits。 Call it quits,也 表示到此为止,但是这样说的人更带有永远结束某事的意思。例:We have been working all day long.Let's call it a day,ok? 【wait for the other shoe to drop】等待公布结果。例:It seems like butterflies in my stomach when I am waiting for the other shoe to drop.在等待结果公布时,我心里七上 八下的。 【bed of nails】处境极其艰难。例:Our marriage has become a bed of nails since my mother-in-law came to live with us.自从我岳母和我们住在一起,我们的婚姻生活变得极其 艰难了。 【nickel and dime】adj. 几分几角小钱的;微不足道的;vt. 一点一滴地消耗;小气地花钱; 斤斤计较地对待 例:He has a little nickle-and-dime business that makes just enough money to put food on the table and pay the rent.他有个小本经营的小买卖,挣来的钱刚 够饭钱和房租。 【stomping ground】从字面看是被踩来踩去的一片土地,引申过来就是令人留恋的好地方,或 者指人们常来逗留的地方。例: My hometown is my old stomping ground.我的家乡是让 我留恋的地方。 【dollars to doughnuts】以大拿小、十拿九稳。例:I'll bet you it's dollars to doughnuts that the Los Angeles Lakers will win the title again, just like last year.我敢跟你打赌, 洛杉矶湖人队十拿九稳会再度赢得冠军,就象去年一样。 【Top dollar】很高的费用;最高价格。例:That's the best hotel in New York, but it costs you top dollar to stay there.那是纽约最好的旅馆,但是住在那儿费用昂贵。Another

firm in Chicago offered to pay me top dollar to work for them. 芝加哥另外一家公司向 我提供高额薪金。
我爱夏天之裙装】夏天近了,换上美美的裙子吧~A 字裙 A-line skirt;喇叭裙 flare skirt;无袖连衣裙 jumper skirt;无带背心裙 strapless sundress;背带裙 overalls;百褶裙 pleated skirt;筒裙 straight skirt;蛋糕裙 tiered/layered skirt;衬衣式连衣裙 shirtdress。

【to trip over one's own tongue】打磕巴,吃螺丝。例:Giving a baby a name is not easy.We don't want people to trip over their own tongues when they say the baby's name! 【to roll right off the tongue】顺口。例:When you mentioned the word "唐‖,the name ―唐老鸭‖rolled right off my tongue. 你提到―唐‖,―唐老鸭‖就顺口出来了。 【have a short fuse】火爆脾气。 fuse 是导火线的意思,a short fuse,很短的导火线,还真 是―一点就着‖, 所以 have a short fuse 就是形容脾气差。例:He has a short fuse.他脾气 很火爆。 【Clear the air 】消除误会。例:Obviously,he tries to clear the air with his girlfriend. 很显然,他试图跟他女朋友消除误会 【a tongue twister】拗口。Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled pepper prepared by his parents and put them in a big paper plate.Can you speak the sentence fluently the first time?Lol~~If you have troulel,you can say―This sentence is a tongue tweiser‖. 【spare tire】形容腰上的赘肉。例:You've got spare tires. 你浑身赘肉。所谓―四月不减 肥,五月徒伤悲‖啊!女同胞们,夏天临近,减肥大业进行的如何了呢? 【gold digger】拜金女。She is gold digger, if you have money everything will be all right.她是个拜金女,只要你有钱,一切都行。空间里一篇日志说得很好―很多姑娘是宁可坐在宝 马车里哭,但依然有很多姑娘是愿意和你在自行车后座上笑。如果她有一天离开了你的自行车, 是因为你把她弄哭了。― 【说人或事很牛】用形容词 awesome 或 ballin;还可以用动词 rule 或者 rock;例:I went to see a concert last night.The singer was awesome!/The concert rocked! 【get short shrift 】受到怠慢受到冷遇。You will find, I suspect, that science and technology get short shrift in most historians' accounts.我想,你们将会发现科学和技术 在大多数历史学家的叙述中受到冷遇。 【well-connected】人脉广。大家看得出这是个 adj,也可以用"have a lot of connections" 代替,connection 就是人脉的意思咯。 例:Jim is warm-hearted.So he is wellconnected/has a lot of connections. Jim 很热心,所以他人脉很广。

【rubberneck】看热闹的人;爱问长问短的人。这个词也可以用作动词哦,是―东张西望、观光‖ 的意思。例:He is a rubberneck。他是个爱看热闹的人/爱问长问短的人。There were lots of tourists rubbernecking in the street.许多游客在大街上伸长了脖子东张西望。
Cisgender adj. 一个人的生理性别与其行为或其扮演的角色完全匹配的。指不是男同 (gay),不是女同 (lesbian),不是伪娘 (cross-dress),不是假小子 (tomboy) 的从里到外彻头彻尾的正常的人

【go up in smoke】成为泡影 Peter‘s vacation plans went up in smoke when a crisis arose in the office. 办公室出了问题,peter 的假期泡汤了。 【make the cut】过关,被选上了。I just heard that you have signed up for an open audition.I wish you can make the cut!我刚刚听说你报名参加一场海选(an open audition),祝你过关! 下次可以用这个俚语代替 succeed,很地道哦~ 【spill the beans 】泄漏秘密。例:Don't spill the beans. It's supposed to be a secret. 别说漏了嘴,这可是个秘密哦! 【one's head in the clouds】意为―心不在焉;走神‖。I wish Julia would pay more attention to her teacher; her head is always in the clouds. 我希望 Julia 认真听老师讲 课,她总是走神。貌似身为学生时,我们大家都 head in the clouds 过… 【chemistry】童鞋们早上好~chemistry 这个词除了化学的意思,还有―来电‖的意思哦~例: Bill and Jill are chatting happily。They really have chemistry! Bill 和 Jill 聊得很开心, 他们真来电!Have you had chemistry with someone else? 【a babe in arms】涉世未深的人 you can't depend on him. he's a babe in arms.你不能 依赖他,他只是个涉世未深的人。

【have a brain like a sieve】I have racked my brains but I still can't remember where I left my glasses. I must have a brain like a sieve! 我绞 尽脑汁也想不起来我把眼镜放哪儿了,我的脑袋简直就是个粗筛子,什么都记不住。
【fly off the handle】handle 是把手、柄,这个俚语意思是勃然大怒。When he found students had cheanted on his exam,he really flew off the handle.当他发现学生考 试作弊时,他勃然大怒。A person shouldn't fly off the handle about every little thing.一个人不应该为每件芝麻小事发火。

【shape up】表现良好,乖。 例:You'd better shape up if you want to stay on.如果你还想留下来的话最好乖一点。

【red-letter day】大日子。This is a red-letter day for Susan.She made her first sale to a very important client.今天是苏珊的大日子。她和一个非常重要的 客户做成了第一笔生意。 【push around】欺骗。Don't try to push me around! 别想耍我!Why are you pushing around?你为什么要欺骗? 【beat around the bush】拐弯抹角;兜圈子。Stop beating around the bush.Who are you taking to dance?不要再兜圈子了!你要请谁一起跳舞? 【white elephant】想起了方便面了,嘿嘿~美语里意思是昂贵而无用的东西。例 句:There is a white elephant sale on Saturday.Bring all of your junk to sell. 【no skin off one's nose】跟某人毫不相关。这句话可以换掉常用的―have nothing to do with someone"哦,例句:His behaviour is no skin off my nose. 【apple of one's eye】1.掌上明珠,宠物,珍爱物 2.珍爱之人(或物),宝贝.Kate is the apple of my eye.Who is the apple of your eye? 【I have a bone to pick with you】我得跟你理论一下了,我得跟你说道说道了。 有的时候,别人的所做所为让你觉得不舒服,但是你又不想小题大做。但是当他做的 事一再让你烦恼时,就不应该再忍让下去了。这时,你可以说:―I have a bone to pick with you‖。可不要像下面那小孩一样动粗哈~ 【head in the clouds】心不在焉;走神,发呆。Look! Her head is in the clouds again.She is really head over heels in love.看!她又在发呆了。她真的 是坠入爱河了啊!哈哈,有木有对 ta 犯过花痴呢?? 【head over heels in love】(爱得)神魂颠倒。He fell head over heels in love with his classmate.他深深地爱上了同班同学。童鞋们,你们有没有过这种感 觉呢? 【have a cow】大惊小怪。Don't have a cow! I will pay for the damages.别 大惊小怪的!我会赔偿损失的。I told you not to have a cow. Everything wiill be fine.我告诉你了别着急,一切都会好的。

【keep one's shirt on】即保持冷静。Keep your shirt on. He didn't mean to offend you.That's just the way he talks.保持冷静。那只是他说话的一贯方式, 他并非有意要冒犯你。
【jump the gun】 1. (赛跑)鸣枪前抢先跑出 2. 性急地讲话或动作 3. 过早行动。Are you jumping the gun again?I told you to be patient.

【come on to】对…轻薄;吃豆腐 Kate slapped John after he came on to her. Kate 在 John 轻薄他后扇了他一巴掌。Boys,面对喜欢的女孩要控制自己暴躁动的 内心哦 ,努力变成 gentlemen 来博得女孩的芳心哟~~

【Speak of the Devil】 说曹操,曹操就到。用法跟中文的翻译一样: Speak of the devil, we were just talking about you and you showed up 正说着你!说 曹操,曹操就到。 地道口语可以简化成,对你刚说着的朋友说: Speak of the devil… 【What kind of Weibo-er are you? 你是哪种微博控?】 The Silent Sharer 只 转不评 - The Commenter 评论者 - The Popular One 红人 - The Copycat 抄袭 者 - The Creative One 原创者 - The Badge Master 勋章达人 - The Stalker 围 观者 - The No-Lifer 抢沙发者。 【joy ride】兜风 —You can go for a ride on weekend.你可以在周末兜兜风。 大家周末准备去哪兜兜风呢? 【clock in 】打卡 Don't forget to clock in,or you won't get paid.不要忘了打 卡,否则你就领不到钱了。明天再坚持一天,就又迎来美好的周末了哦~~ 【cram for】临时抱佛脚~~Cram 的意思是―塞满‖不过可以用来形容临时准备考 试。这也是美语里学生常常用的: I can't sleep tonight, I have to "cram for" the exam。
carry away the garland


carry away the bell carry everything before one

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