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【四川专用】2014届高考英语一轮复习课时作业(三十三) [选修6 Module 3]


[选修 6

Module 3

Interpersonal Relationships—Friendship]

(限时:35 分钟) Ⅰ.单项填空

1. [2012· 上海卷] ________ passion, people won't have the motivation or the joy necessary for creative thinking. A. For C.Beneath 2.In the long________, childhood depression. A.period C.stage B.term D.time B.lose touch with D.get in touch with ________, lead to increased profits. B. Without D.By children of depressed mothers are more likely to suffer from

3.It is important to ________ the latest research. A.keep in touch with C.be out of touch with A.in nature C.in turn

4.Increased production will, B.in front D.in fact

5. —Do you know why Mrs Burns is in low spirits? —I heard that she is ________ a divorce at the moment. A.getting through C.going through one place to another. A. making C. to make B. made D. having made he was only a little child. B.For the first time B.looking through D.breaking through

6. More highways have been built in China,________it much easier for people to travel from

7. I could hardly recognize your son. ________ I met him, A.From the moment C.The first time in her voice. A.anger C. regret 9. As teachers, A.anxious C.delighted A.applies C.attaches B.afraid D.considerate B.accounts D.amounts B. rudeness D. panic D.At the moment

8.“Tommy, run! Be quick! The house is on fire!” the mother shouted, with________clearly

we should be________of our students' feelings. And then they will trust us.

10.Keeping what belongs to another person ________ to stealing.

11.I hear they've promoted Tom, but he didn't mention ________ when we talked on the phone. A.to promote B.having been promoted D.to be promoted C.having promoted

12. —Can you remember ________ some unpleasant things about her? —Yes, but I didn't mean ________ her. A.saying; to hurt C.to say; to hurt B.to say; hurting D.saying; hurting

13.After inspecting the building,specialists discovered some faults that otherwise________. A.had been overlooked B.would have been overlooked C.were overlooked D.would be overlooked 14.Do________ yourself ________ from the television and come out for a walk. A.keep; away B.break; away C.get; away D.tear; away 15.—David will win the first prize. —Are you sure? —________. He is always working hard. A.It's my guess C.That depends B.It's up to you D.It's hard to say

Ⅱ.完形填空[2012· 福建卷] I often read of incidents of misunderstanding or conflict. I'm left __16__.Why do these people create mistrust and problems, especially with those from other __17__? I was growing up in Kuala Lumpur in the early 1960s,__18__ children from different races and religions played and studied __19__ in harmony. At that time my family lived a stone's __20__ from Ismail's. And no one was bothered that Ismail was a Malay Muslim and I was an Indian Hindu—we just __21__ our differences. Perhaps, our elders had not filled our heads with unnecessary advice, well __22__ or otherwise. We were nine when we became friends. During the school holidays, we'd __23__ the countryside on our bicycles, hoping to __24__ the unexpected. At times Ismail would accompany my family as we made a rare shopping trip to town. We would be glad of his __25__. When I was twelve, my family moved to Johor. Ismail's family later returned to their village, and I __26__ touch with him. One spring afternoon in 1983, I stopped a taxi in Kuala Lumpur. I __27__ my destination. The driver acknowledged my __28__ but did not move off. Instead, he looked __29__ at me.“Raddar?”he said, using my childhood nickname(绰号).I was astonished at being so __30__ addressed(称呼). Unexpectedly! It was Ismail! Even after two __31__ we still recognized each other. Grasping his shoulder, I felt a true affection, something __32__ to describe. If we can allow our children to be __33__ without prejudice, they'll build friendships with people, regardless of race or religion, who will be __34__ their side through thick and thin. On such friendships are societies built and __35__ we can truly be, as William Shakespeare once wrote,“we happy few, we band of brothers”. 16.A.interested C.puzzled B.pleased D.excited

17.A.parties C.villages 18.A.why

B.cities D.races B.which B.around

C.how D.when 19.A.together C.alone 20.A.drop C.move D.apart B.throw D.roll B.made

21.A.refused C.sought 22.A.paid C.preserved 23.A.explore C.discover

D.accepted B.meant D.treated B.search D.desert B.deal with D.take away B.choice

24.A.get through C.come across 25.A.arrival C.effort 26.A.lost 27.A.stated C.decided C.opinions

D.company B.gained D.missed B.ordered D.chose B.instructions D.arrangements



29.A.anxiously B.carelessly C.disappointedly D.fixedly 30.A.familiarly B.strangely C.fully D.coldly 31.A.departures C.years C.hard C.us C.with C.then “Hey, 32.A.possible B.months B.funny D.decades D.clear D.ourselves D.against B.otherwise D.instead Jenna, do you think we'll still be friends when we're eightytwo?” I asked my

33.A.them B.themselves 34.A.from B.by 35.A.still Ⅲ.阅读理解 friend.It was clear that she was wondering where I had come up with such a question.Losing Jenna would be like losing a very close sister.We hung out together.We gave each other advice. “Of course, we'll still be friends when we're eightytwo.” Jenna announced loudly.

The next year, sadly mistaken.

in the fourth grade,

we met Jamie.The three of us soon became close but I was and Jamie

friends.We played together almost every day.I thought even time couldn't pull us apart, The three of us started fighting a lot.Before Christmas, and Jenna were against me, would be horrible! we had a really big fight,

both saying I_was_bossy.I felt helpless and lonely.I thought Christmas

I was surprised when Jenna came to my house and gave me an awesome Christmas card she had made for me.I was so sure that she was still disappointed with me. “Wow, ” I said, breaking the silence as we stood on either side of my front door.“Thanks.” ” she said softly. “Okay?well?I have to go,

“Okay.See you later then?” and I closed the door. “Who was that at the door?” my mum asked. The card started off with “Merry Christmas”, friends.Besides, but then it said, “I am so glad we're friends.I am sorry about what I said when we were fighting.A fight won't stop us from being we said we were going to be friends even when we're eightytwo.” I stopped reading and started laughing.I couldn't believe I had forgotten what she said that day in her backyard.I couldn't believe I had been so selfish in trying to get even and making my friends feel sorry for me that I had forgotten about real friendship. 36.How would the author and Jenna get along with each other after Christmas? A.They would be close friends again. B.They would not speak to each other. C.They would lose touch with each other. D.They would go on fighting with each other. 37.The underlined sentence “I was bossy” in the fourth paragraph means “________”. A.I looked like a boss B.I acted as a boss C.I was fond of giving orders D.I was fond of fighting 38.Which of the following is the right time order according to the passage? a.Jamie became our friend. b.I felt lonely and unhappy. c.Jenna, Jamie and I fought a lot. d.Jenna brought me a Christmas card. e.I was sorry for what I did to her. f.Jenna and I promised to be lifelong friends. A.f a b c e d C.a b c f e d B.a c f b d e D.f a c b d e

39.The author was delighted when she read the card from Jenna because ________. A.what Jenna wrote was funny B.Jenna would be her friend again C.she was happy about the coming Christmas D.she was happy to receive a Christmas card

时作业(三十三) Ⅰ.1.B 2.B 3.A 考查介词辨析。句意:缺乏激情,人们就不会有创造性思维所必需的动力或快 in the long term 从长远看。句意:从长远看,母亲有抑郁症,她的孩子很可能会患 keep in touch with 意为“了解(某课题或领域的情况)”,符合句意。句意:及时了解 乐。 without passion 意为“缺乏激情”。 童年抑郁症。 最新研究情况很重要。 4.C 考查介词短语辨析。in turn 反过来,相应地;in nature 实质上;in front 在前面;in fact 事实上。句意:产量的提高会相应地促进利润的增加。 5.C 考查动词短语辨析。go through 有“经历,遭受(痛苦的事)”之意,与语境相符。 get through 意为“完成,通过,接通(电话)”;look through 意为“浏览”;break through 意为 “突破”。 6. A 考查非谓语动词。making it ?在句中作结果状语。 7.C 考查时间状语从句的连接词。句意:我几乎没认出你儿子。我第一次见他时,他还 只是个小孩子。the first time 意为“第一次”,用作连词,引导时间状语从句;for the first time 多作状语,不能引导从句;at the moment 意为“此刻”; from the moment 意为“从那一刻 起”。 8. D 9.D 10.D 11.B 考查名词辨析。在失火的情况下母亲的声音应该是慌乱的,而不是“愤怒”、“粗 考查形容词辨析。be considerate of 是固定搭配,意思是“体谅”。句意: 作为老 考查动词短语辨析。句意:把别人的物品留为己有等同于偷窃。amount to 意为 考查非谓语动词。mention 表示“提及,提到”,后面接名词、代词或动名词作宾 鲁”或“后悔”。 师,我们应该体谅学生,这样他们才会信任我们。 “相当于,等同于”。 语,不接不定式。句意表示“我们在电话里聊天时,他没提到被提升”。promote 表示“提升, 升职”,此处应为被动含义,故选 B。 12. A 考查非谓语动词。remember doing sth 意为“记得曾经做过某事”;mean to do sth 意为“打算做某事”。I didn't mean to hurt her. 意为“我并不是有意要伤害她”。 13.B 考查虚拟语气。解题的关键是抓住关键词“otherwise”。句意:经过检查房子之后, 专家们发现了一些可能会被忽视的不足之处。这里显然是对过去的结果“事实已发现”的虚 拟,所以要用 would have done 结构。 14.D 考查动词短语辨析。句意:你别舍不得离开电视了, 出去散散步吧。tear oneself away from 忍痛舍去,忍痛离开;keep oneself away from 远离;break away from 和 get away from 都不能和 oneself 连用。 15.A 考查交际用语。从下句 He's always working hard. 可知上句“会得一等奖”只是一 个猜测。It's my guess. = This is what I predict. 符合题意。而 It's up to you. 意为“由你决 定。”That depends. 意为“那得看情况。”It's hard to say. 意为“很难说。”均不符合题意。 Ⅱ.“我”从小与邻里一些不同种族和宗教信仰的孩子快乐地生活在一起,20 年后“我”邂 逅了儿时的朋友,那种亲切难以言表。如果我们让自己的孩子毫无偏见地和其他孩子建立友 谊,那我们会成为快乐的兄弟帮。 16. C “我”对周围发生的误解或冲突感到疑惑。 17. D 18. D 根据上下文,出现的不信任和问题主要是由来自不同种族的偏见造成。 when 在此引导定语从句,指代前文的 in the early 1960s。

19. A 根据上下文,“我”与来自不同种族和宗教信仰的孩子们和谐地在一起玩耍和学 习,故选 A。 20. B 21. D 22. B “a stone's throw”意为一颗石头掷出去的距离,即很近。 根据上下文,“我们”都接受彼此的不同(包括种族和宗教方面)。 “我们的长辈没有向我们灌输没必要的建议,无论是善意的还是恶意的”。well

meant 意为“善意的”。 23. A “我们”一起骑着自行车到乡间探险,希望能有一些意外收获。explore 探索,探 险。 24. C come across 偶然遇见或发现。 25. D 有时,当“我们”难得一次去城里购物时,Ismail 想和“我们”一起去,“我们” 也会很高兴地让他同去。 26. A 根据下文,“我”20 年后才再次遇见 Ismail,所以是儿时失去了联系。 27. A “我”向司机说明了“我”的目的地。state 叙述,说明。 28. B 29. D 司机确认了“我”的目的地,但并没有出发。instruction 意为“指示”,在此指 他定定地看着我。anxiously 焦急地、担忧地;carelessly 粗心地;disappointedly 失望 “我”所告诉司机的目的地。 地,均不合题意。 30. A 根据上文,司机叫的是“我”儿时的绰号,所以“我”对如此熟悉的称呼感到震 惊。 31. D 意。 32. C “我”感觉到了一种真正的感情,一种难以表达的感情。 33. B 34. B 如果我们能让我们的孩子真诚,没有偏见,他们就能与人建立友谊,而不管他们是 这些朋友将在他们身边与他们同甘共苦。by their side 在他们身边。 什么种族或宗教。be oneself 显得真诚、自然。 35. C 社会建立在这样的友谊上,那么我们就真的能像莎士比亚所说的“我们快乐,我们 是兄弟帮”。 Ⅲ.本文为记叙文。介绍了作者和小伙伴的友谊破裂后又恢复的故事。 36.A 旧。 37.C 句意理解题。根据本文最后“I couldn't believe I had been so selfish in trying to get even and making my friends feel sorry for me?”可知本文中的 bossy 意思是“独断的,独裁 的”。 38.D 39.B 细节理解题。排列中的 b 与 c 的顺序是正确回答的关键,c 发生在前。 推理判断题。根据 Jenna 的话可知 Jenna 会再次成为作者的朋友。 推理判断题。根据文章最后作者的自责,可知在圣诞节后她们的友谊将恢复如 由上下文可知,“我”与 Ismail 再次相遇是经过较长的一段时间,因此 D 项符合题



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