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a gold mine

?New words and expressions ?Text ?Key structures and special
difficulties ?Exercises

New words and expressions
? gold n. 金子 ?sth. be made of gold ……由金子做成的
gold watch;gold ring; ?golden adj. 金色的, 宝贵的
golden sun Silence is golden. 沉默是金 goldfish n. 金鱼 platinum n. 白金, 铂 silver.银 copper.铜

New words and expressions
?golden opportunity 宝贵的机会 (opportunity n. 机会, 时机) I am honoured to have the opportunity to do sth. I am glad to have the golden opportunity to do sth.
eg. I am glad to have the golden opportunity to study with you.

New words and expressions
?treasure n. 财宝 (为总称, 没有复数) ?‘treasure island 《金银岛》 ?jewel n. 宝石 珠宝, (可数) ?jewelry n. 珠宝, 珠宝类 珠宝(总称, 不可数) ?I have some jewels. = I have some jewelry. ?diamond n. 钻石 ?jade n. 碧玉 (不可数名词)

New words and expressions
?revealer ? n. 探测器 ?reveal ?v. 揭示 ?The doctor did not reveal the
truth to him.

New words and expressions
?invent ?v. 发明 ?Laszlo Biro invented the ball-
point pen. ?invention n. 发明 ?inventor n. 发明家

New words and expressions
?detect ?v. 探测 ?detective ?n. 侦探 ?detector ?n. 探测器

New words and expressions
?pirate ?n. 海盗,盗印者, 盗
版者, 侵犯专利权者 ?vt. 盗印, 盗版, 掠夺,
翻印 ?vi.做海盗

New words and expressions
?arm v. 武装 ?① n. 手臂;武器 ?hold one's arm ?Farewell! Arms 永别了, 武器 ?② v. 武装 ?be armed with … 用……来武装 ?The youth should be armed with knowledge.

New words and expressions
?The teacher should be patient. =The teacher should be armed with patience.
?类:be covered with 被……覆盖 eg. The ground is covered with snow.
n. army 军队

New words and expressions
?★soil n. 泥土 ?soil n. 土壤 (能生长植物的地方) ?earth n. 泥土 (泥巴) ?ground. 地面

New words and expressions
?entrance n. 入口 ?entrance of/to… ……的入口 ?entrance of the park ; ?entrance to the park ?exit ?n. 出口, 太平门, 退场, 去世; ?vi. 退出, 脱离, 去世

New words and expressions
?thoroughly ?adv. 彻底地 ?completely/thoroughly/totally ?thorough ?adj ?彻底的; 完全的; 细致的; 深入的

New words and expressions
?★confident n. 有信心的 ?be confident of doing sth. 有信心做
…… ?I am confident of studying English
well. ?be confident that +从句有信心做…… ?confidence n. 信心

?★dream n. 梦;v. 做梦 ?① n. 梦想 ?dreams come true 梦想成真 ?dreams ended 梦想破灭了, 梦断了 ?dream of … ……的梦 ?Dream of flying in the sky comes true.

?② v. 做梦 ?dream of doing sth. ?I dream of flying in the sky.(dream v) ?come true 变成现实,(预言、期望等)成为事
实,(愿意)实现 ?His dream to travel around the world at
last came true.

A new machine called‘The Revealer’ has been invented and it has been used to detect gold which has been buried in the ground.

?n. +called 被称之为……的…… ?the plane called a “titanic” ?be used to do sth. 被用来…… ?used to do 过去常常 ? 同位语从句中的引导词只有一个that,不会用
which ?in the ground (更习惯于用“under the
ground” )

?use ?use to do ?I used to swim every day when I was a
child. ?be used to doing ?= get/become/grow used to doing ?She is used to cooking eggs for dinner.

The machine was used in a cave near the seashore where----it is said----pirates used to hide gold.


The pirates would often bury gold in the cave and then fail to collect it.

? would表示过去的习惯性动作, 但此处表示“used to” 过去常做
? fail to do sth. 未能、不能、忘记做某事项(fail 后面接 动词不定式表示否定)
? He failed to see the reason why they sent him away.
? collect的含义之一为“(去)取,接” ? Don’t fail to collect me before you go to the party. ? I’ll collect my post on my way home.

Armed with the new machine, a search party went into the cave hoping to find buried treasure.

?如果几个句子的主语是同一事物, 则可以把 几个句子合并为一个句子。保留一个句子 做主句, 其他的变
?成非谓语动词。非谓语动词采用何种形式, 则根据其与主语的关系, 如果是主动关系, 用-ing, 被动关系, 则

?主句与其他句子的位置安排要保持句子的 平衡, 还要注意动作的连贯
?The boy went home. The boy was crying. The boy was beaten.
?=Beaten by sb, the boy went home, crying.

?arm(ed) with 可以表示“带着、装着、 穿着”等
?Don’t worry. I’m armed with an umbrella.
?You’d better arm yourself with a warm coat.

The leader of the party was examining the soil near the entrance to the cave when the machine showed that there was gold under the ground.

?the entrance /answer / key to...
?that 宾语从句

Very excited, the party dug a hole two feet deep. They finally found a small gold coin which was almost worthless.

? Very excited, … 形容词短语做状语 ? Tired of sleeping on the floor, I… ? Tired, I went home./ I went home tired.句子顺序不
同, 表达的意思也不同 ? two feet deep“数词+量词+形容词”
可以做定语; 也可以做表语 ? I am five years old. ? The street is five meters wide. ? long/wide/high/deep,人有多高用“tall”

The party then searched the whole cave thoroughly but did not find anything except an empty tin trunk.

?but 与 although/though,不连用 ?so 与because 也不连用 ?eccept 与 besides, except for
eg. All of us will go except Tom. eg. All of us will go besides Tom. eg. The composition is good except for some gramma mistakes.

In spite of this, many people are confident that ‘The Revealer’ may reveal something of value fairly soon.

?in spite of / though / even if 尽管 ?something of value ? of表示其所修饰的名词具有某种性质、状况。 ?The news is of great importance to us. ?of value=valuable 有价值的 ?of small value 价值很小(= almost

?形容词要放在不定代词的后边 ?something important
=something of importance ?someone patient =someone of

Key structures
?表示过去习惯性动作 ?当我们提到过去某一特定时间时, 我们
有时可用would来代替used to,有 时则不可以,而且would需要指出具 体时间,used to则不需要。

Key structures
?表示过去习惯性动作 ?当used to暗示与现在的对照时,不可用
would替换 ? I used to drink heavily, but I have
given up drinking now. ? I never used to eat a large breakfast,
but I do now.


Key structures

?当used to描写过去的状态时,也不可与 would互换,would只表示过去特有的习 惯或行为:

?This sort of novel used to be very popular. 这种小说过去很流行.

?I used to be a waiter, but now I’m a


Key structures
?表示过去习惯性动作 ?当used to不强调与现在的对比时,可与
would互相替换 ?但故事开头时不用would,必须首先用
一般过去时或used to描述背景,然后用 would表示习惯性动作

Key structures
?When I was a boy we always spent/used to spend our holidays on a farm. We would get up at 5 and we would help milk the cows.

?use, be used to, used to ?use ?vt. 用,使用,运用,应用 ?May I use your dictionary/car? ?I don’t know how to use the word.

Special difficulties
?use, be used to, used to ?be used to ?习惯于(后面跟名词或动名词,be也可用
get等代替) ?I soon got used to getting up early
when I started working as a baker. ?I’m used to shopping alone.

Special difficulties
?use, be used to, used to ?used to 过去习惯……(表示过去有而
现在通常已不存在的习惯,只用于一般过 去时,后面只能跟动词不定式) ?I used to get up early when I worked as a baker, but I don’t have to get up early now.



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