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状语从句考点 ◆精编陷阱题训练◆ 精编陷阱题训练◆ 1. Don’t be afraid of asking for help _______ it is needed. A. unless C. although the story. A. when C. after A. Even though C. As long as A. even if C. as long as B. unless D. until B. Unless D. while B. as though D. unless B. since D. when

2. A good storyteller must be able to hold his listeners’ curiosity ________ he reaches the end of

3. _______ I know the money is safe, I shall not worry about it.

4 You will succeed in the end ____ you give up halfway.

5. “Was his father very strict with him when he was at school?” “Yes. He had never praised him _______ he became one of the top students in his grade.” A. after C. until 6. _____ I suggest, he always disagrees. A. However C. Whichever A. where C. at A. Wherever C. Whichever A. while C. suddenly A. Whatever C. Whichever A. Now that C. Although A. first time C. the first time A. in case C. in order that B. Whatever D. Whoever B. in which D. for them B. However D. Whoever B. as soon as D. then B. What D. Whenever B. After D. As soon as B. for the first time D. by the first time B. so that D. when B. unless D. when

7. You should put on the notices ______ all the people may see them.

8. _____ she goes, there are crowds of people waiting to see her.

9. Mary clapped her hand over her mouth _______ she realized what she had said.

10. ________ her faults, she’s Arnold’s mother. Don’t be so rude to her.

11. ____ you’re got a chance, you might as well make full use of it.

12. I thought she was the very girl that I should marry _______ I met her.

13. Don’t play by the river _______ you fall in and drown!

14. Why do you want a new job ____ you’ve got such a good one already?

A. that C. which A. when C. how A. So long as C. Since A. While C. Since A. As long as C. Just as A. Whatever C. However party. A. which C. so that A. if C. though A. when C. after A. that C. as

B. where D. when B. that D. which B. Even though D. While B. As D. Because B. As far as D. Even if B. Whenever D. Wherever

15. He is better than _______ I last visited him.

16. _______ the punishment was unjust, he accepted it without complaint.

17. ________ the grandparents love the children, they are strict with them.

18. _______ I can see, there is only one possible way to keep away from the danger.

19. _______ rich one may be there is always something one wants.

20. John shut everybody out of the kitchen _______ he could prepare his grand surprise for the B. when D. as if B. even D. even when B. before D. since B. which D. what

21. Mr Zhang is mild in character. He never shouts ____ he is very angry.

22. “How long do you suppose it is _______ he left for Japan?” “No more than half a month.”

23. In some countries, _______ are called “public schools” are not owned by the state.

【答案与解析】 答案与解析】 1. 选 D。when 意为“在(当)……时候”。其余三项填入空格处,句意不通。 2. 选 D。until 意为“直到”,句意为“一位优秀的故事讲述者必须能够让听众在故事结束前一直保持好奇心”。 3. 选 C。as long as 意为“只要”,全句意为“只要我知道这钱是安全的,我就不会担心了”。类似地,下面一题 也选 as long as: “What are you going to do this afternoon?’ “I’ll probably go for a walk later on ____ it stays fine.” A. as far as C. even if B. as long as D. as if

4. 选 D。unless 意为“如果不”、“除非”,用以引导一个条件状语从句。 5. 选 C。考查 not…until… 句式,其意为“直到……才……”。 6. 选 B。whatever 引导的是让步状语从句,相当于 no matter what。注意不能选 A,因为 suggest 是及 物动词,它应带自己的宾语,而 however 不能用作宾语。 7. 选 A。where 指“在……的地方”,用以引导地点状语从句。 8. 选 A,wherever 意为“无论什么地方”。 9. 选 B。根据语境可推知。如下面一题也选 as soon as: _______ he became rich he cast aside all his old friends who gave him some help. A. While C. Suddenly B. As soon as D. Then

10. 选 A。whatever her faults 为让步状语从句,句末省略了谓语动词 are。 11. 选 A。now that 为连词,用以引导原因状语从句,其意为“既然”,与 since 同义。其中的 might as well 意为“不妨”。全句意为“既然你得到一个机会,你不妨充分利用它”。 12. 选 C。the first time 在此用作连词,用以引导状语从句。句意为“我第一次见到她就认为她很诚实”。 13. 选 C。in case 意为“以防”。 14. 选 D。when 不表示“当……的时候”,而表示“既然”,相当于 since,用以引导原因状语从句。全句意为: 你既然已经有了这么好的工作,干吗还要找新的工作呢? 请再两例: I can’t tell you when you won’t listen. 既然你不想听,我就不告诉你了。 Why use wood when you can use plastic? 既然能用塑料,为什么还要用木料? 15. 选 A。than 后省略了 he was,假若补充完整,全句即为 He is better than he was when I last visited him。 16. 选 B。比较四个选项:so long as(只要),even though(即使),since(自从,既然),while(当……时候), 其中只有 B 的意思最合适,全句意为“即使处罚不公平,他毫无怨言地接受”。 17. 选 A。while 在此不表示“当……的时候”,而表示“尽管”。 18. 选 B。as far as 意为“尽,就,至于”,常用于 as far as I know(据我所知),as far as one can see(在 某人看来),as far as one can(某人尽力),as far as sth / sb is concerned(就某事 / 某人来说)等结构。 19. 选 C。however 在此引导让步状语从句,意义上相当于 now matter how。 20. 选 C。so that 引导目的状语从句,其意为“为了”。 21. 选 D。根据句子语境,选 B 或 D 较适合,但 even 是副词,不是连词,不能引导状语从句,故选 D。 22. 选 D。问句的基本结构是“It is +时间段+since 从句”,其原句型是 I suppose it is no more than half a month since he left for Japan. 假若对此句中的 no more than half a month 提问,则可得到提问句。 23. 选 D。what 引导的是主语从句,其中的 what 相当于 the schools that。



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