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2009 年龙岩一中保送生夏令营独立作业 英语(三)
语言知识应用 一.语音(5分) 从 A B C D 四个选项中,找出其划线部分读音与其他单词不同的选项(2.5 分) 1. A. amount B. mouse C. doubt D. double 2. A. bench B. stomach C. chicken D. fetch 3. A. achieve B. chief C. friend D. receive 4. A. foolish B. childhood C. foot D. stood 5. A. when B. where C. whose D. what 从 A B C D 四个选项中,找出与所给单词的划线部分读音相同的选项(2.5 分) 6. except A. expert B. example C. exercise D. excite 7. language A. orange B. uncle C. strange D. twenty 8. health A. worth B. worthy C. though D. these 9. natural A. nation B. glass C. machine D. active 10. serve A. serious B. singer C. deserve D. experience 二.选择填空(20分) 11. I want an assistant with_____ knowledge of French and _____experience of office routine. A. the, the B. /, / C. a, an D. the, / 12. Is this story the same as _____ in that book? A. what B. it C. that D. the one 13. He doesn’t care whether his hunting dog smells _____ but he really cares whether it smells _____. A. nice, good B. nice, well C. nicely, well D. nicely, good 14. He stood up and looked forward _______ if Tom was coming to the meeting. A. to seeing B. to be seeing C. to see D. to being seen 15. –Where is your uncle’s home? --In Xiamen, but he ______ in Fuzhou for nearly 20 years. A. worked B. was working C. has worked D. had worked 16. The assistant in the airport told me that the flight to Boston ______ at 9:55 am and all the passengers ______ at Gate 18 then. A. took off, boarded B. takes off, were boarding C. would take off, had taken off D. was taking off, would board 17. The way you have thought of _______mice sounds very practical. A. to kill B. killing C. having killed D. killed 18. Johnson now works in New York. It is eight years since he ______ Chicago. A. moved to B. began to live in C. decided to work in D. lived in

19. Is this factory ________ you visited its unique lab last summer? A. where B. the one that C, the one where D. that 20. He talked much about the persons and things ______interested him greatly at college. A. that B. which C. what D. who 21. It will be a long time ______ my elder brother returns from abroad. A. until B. before C. when D. since 22. It is often said that an American starts a speech with a joke_______ a Japanese has an apology to make. A. because B. while C. when D. if 23. If we work with a strong will, we can overcome them ______great difficulties they are. A. whatever B. however C. no matter how D. whichever 24. –You can hardly swim, can you? --______. But my father says he’ll teach me during the summer holiday. A. Yes, I can’t B. No, I can C. Yes, I can D. No, I can’t 25. The moment he arrived at the worksite, he ______ working on the project. A. set off B. set up C. set out D. set about 26. That morning Tom came late for school; he said his mother was late ______ breakfast. A. with B. for C. about D. of 27. Jane told us that she _______ music at the age of four. A. picked up B. put up C. took up D. made up 28. ________, Mother took Mary to China for a visit A. At the age of ten B. As a ten-year-old girl C. When she was ten years old. D. Being a girl of ten 29. Generally speaking, women are more easily ______ buying what they don’t really need. A. persuaded B. talked into C. advised D. cheated 30. He asked the manager in general, ―______Mr. Lin wait outdoors or come to the reception-room?‖ A. Will B. May C. Should D. Shall 三.完形填空(10 分) 阅读下面短文, 从各题所给的四个选项中选出最佳选项。 ―Wang Lin has passed the exam!‖ The good news ___31____spread through the whole class. When I saw him, I couldn’t ____32____ thinking of the class meeting held at the end of last term. At that time, Wang Lin was a ____33____ boy. He didn’t study hard ____34____. In class he often ____35____ story-books or ____36____went to sleep. After class he did nothing but play all the time. He seldom did his homework on his own but would ____37____others’. We were all worried about him. But after a class-meeting, things ____38____. He became quite a different person because at the meeting his classmates and the teacher in charge didn’t desert him a bit. They said many kind words about him and ____39____ him a lot. Wang Lin was greatly encouraged and ____40_____to do his best

to work hard at his lessons. From then on, he studied hard and made steady progress. 31. A. quietly B. quickly C. suddenly D. completely 32. A. stand B. wait C. help D. imagine 33. A. lazy B. stupid C. poor D. little 34. A. in all B. above all C. at all D. of all 35. A. saw B. looked C. watched D. read 36. A. still B. even C. never D. seldom 37. A. copy B. steal C. cheat D. note 38. A. happened out B. changed C. took place D. occurred 39. A. thanked B. scolded C. failed D. praised 40. A. decided B. wished C. expected D. hoped 四.阅读理解(27 分)(每小题 1.5 分) A FOUND Black wallet with some money. Come to Room 401 in the evening. SINGLES’ CLUB A club for single people looking for new friends. Ages 25 to 40. Activities: parties, meals, swimming, concerts, dances… We meet every Thursday at 8:30 p.m. 28 Garden Street. Tel: 7026449 E-mail: singleclub@yahoo.com HIKING CLUB Join us for a 10-mile country walk on Saturday, October 5th. Children and dogs are welcome. Meet at the Market Square at 2 p.m. Call Jeff on 3338651 for more information. WANTED A 2-bedroom house in the city center Under 800 yuan a month Call Tony at 3802692 SUMMER JOB Do you like to talk with people? Do you like to write stories? Do you want to work for a magazine? Then come and work for us as a reporter. Please call Karen at 5558823. 41. If you have lost a black wallet, you can _____ to ask for it in the evening. A. call Jeff B. go to 28 Garden Street C. call 3802692 D. go to Room 401 42. Mr. Green wants to go hiking with his children. They should meet at the Market Square____. A. at 2 p.m. on October 5th B. on Saturday morning th C. at 8:30 a.m. on October 5 D. on Thursday evening 43. Tony needs a house _______. A. in the country B. near the station C. in downtown D. in the rural area 44. Who can join the Singles’ club?

A. A 10-year-old boy. B. A 28-year-old single person. C. A married lady of 24. D. A young couple under 30. 45. Alice wants to practice writing stories in her summer holiday. She had better _____ for more information. A. send an e-mail to singleclub@yahoo.com B. join the Hiking Club C. call Karen D. call 3338651 B Britney Spears has shaved all her hair off. The troubled pop star walked into a Los Angeles salon and took a pair of clippers(剪刀) to her hair of the head. She was photographed cutting her long black hair completely off before heading off to a tattoo parlor(文身店) Photographs showed the party girl, who is reported to have recently been seen teary-eyed as she walked into the salon. Photographers at the scene are reported to have said she was crying. A sad-looking Spears later appeared wearing a grey hooded(带头巾的) top over her bald head. When a photographer asked her why she had shaved her head, she said, ―Because of you.‖ Spears then went to the tattoo parlor where tattoo artist Max Gott said she had got a new tattoo. ―she got some cute little lips on her wrist(手腕)—red lips, a little pink,‖ he said. The 25-year-old mother of two, whose hits include Oops I Did It Again! has admitted her image has fallen in recent months. She has become a regular visitor to nightclubs since her split(分手) in November from her husband Kevin Federline. 46. What’s happened to Britney Spears? A. She has had a successful hair cut. B. She has had all her hair cut off. C. She has removed her tattoos. D. She has had her long hair cut short. 47. What does ―a party girl‖ mean in the passage? It means a girl ________. A. who often goes to parties B. who became a member of a party C. who likes to attend others’ parties D. who belongs to a club 48. What can we also learn about Britney Spears? A. She is a young mother of some children. B. She would like herself to be a man. C. She has been married twice in her life. D. She has separated from her husband. 49. Which of the following would be the best title of this passage? A. Britney Spears goes into a tattoo parlor. B. Britney Spears, a 25-year-old mother C. Britney Spears goes bald D. Britney Spears and her husband divorced `C Stepping into a pool of water is common enough., but who could ever imagine stepping into a pond of fish? In February of 1974, Bill Tapp, an Australian farmer, saw a rain of fish that covered his farm. How surprised he must have been when he heard many fish hitting against his roof! What caused this strange occurrence? This is a question that had long puzzled people who studied fish. The answer turned out to be a combination(混合) of wind and storm. When it is spring in the northern part of the world, it is fall in Australia. Throughout the autumn season,

terrible storms take place and rains flood the land. The strong winds sweep over the country like huge vacuum cleaners(真空吸尘器), collecting seaweed, pieces of wood, and even schools of fish. Strong winds may carry bits of nature for many miles before vacuum drops them on fields, houses and astonished people. Although they seem unusual, fish-falls occur quite frequently in Australia. When Bill Tapp was asked to describe the scene of fish, he remarked, ―They look like millions of dead birds falling down.‖ His statement is not surprising. The wonders of natural world are as common as rain. Nature, with its infinite wonders, can create waterfalls that flow upward and fish that fall out of the sky.. 50. What would be the best title of the passage? A. A Long Puzzle. B. A Rain of Fish. C. Infinite Wonders. D. A Strange Occurrence 51. ―Schools of fish‖ here refers to________. A. schools where fish are raised B. fish in schools C. large groups of fish D. schools with fish 52. The word ―infinite‖ is closest in meaning to _______. A. countless B. uncertain C. difficult D. great 53. It is a known fact that____________. A. one should watch where one steps B. Bill Tapp is scientist who studies farming C. the natural world can never create waterfalls that fall upward D. the seasons in the south are different from those in the north D. 信息匹配 ____ 54. Greg loves drums and his favorite is classical music. ____ 55. Robert plays the violin and country music is what he loves best. ____ 56. James Loves the sound of drum and likes rock. ____ 57. Harry says the best instrument is piano. He likes to listen to opera. ____ 58. Kevin’s favorite instrument is guitar and jazz is his favorite music. A. He loves to listen to drum. He says he’s not a player, but just a listener. He claims to like rock. B. He is a violinist, so it’s natural that he like the violin. He prefers country music. C. His favorite is guitar. However, he hasn’t played for years, so he keeps hoping to start again. His favorite style of music is classical music. D. He says jazz is his favorite music. He goes to listen to jazz every Friday evening. He also likes opera, heavy metal, classical music but jazz is the best. He plays the piano, but his favorite instrument is the guitar. E. He claims the piano is more versatile than any other instrument. He loves to go to see a performance. He says opera has color, spectacle, theater and the great music. F. He played drums when he was at primary school, but now he plays drums with his friends at weekends. They have a band. His favorite style of music is classical music. 五.用所给词的适当形式填空, 使短文行文通畅,语意正确。(每词只能用一次, 10 分)

write, interest, when, clever, give, they, can, decide, two, fame
Bill Gates’ friends knew that he was different even when they were children. One of ___59___said, ―We all know that Bill was the ___60___of all. Sometimes we just___61___ understand him.‖ Bill was also the top of his classmates in math and science, so his parents sent him to Lakeside—a boys’ school for excellent students. It was Seattle’s most ___62___ school. In 1968, the school made a ___63___ that changed 13-year-old Gates’ life. In that school, money was ___64___ mainly by parents, which could make the school have a computer and use it through a teletype machine. The students typed in a few words on the teletype machine and a few seconds later the computer typed back to the students. Bill was ___65___ in it at once. From then on, nothing could stop him from studying it. ___66___ he was free, he would run to the computer room to use the machine. Then he had a better knowledge of computer than the other students and even his teachers. At fourteen, Bill was already ____67____short programs for the computer. They were written in what was to become Bill’s ___ 68____language, BASIC. 59 _________ 60___________ 61__________ 62__________ 63___________ 64__________ 65___________ 66__________ 67__________ 68___________ 六.按要求对句子成分进行分析(8 分) ____ 69. How many new words did you learn last term?(状语) A B C D ____ 70. What use will you make of all the waste paper?(宾语) A B C D ____ 71. She would like her pupils to read newspapers and books in the reading-room.(宾补) A B C D ____ 72. I am waiting for the sound of the other shoe.(定语) A B C D ____ 73. Mr. Green, an old friend of mine, will come to see me next week.(同位语) A B C D ____ 74. Her son was made delegate of the students, which made her happy.(主补) A B C D ____ 75. It is known to all that Mary will go to university this September.(真正主语) A B C D ____ 76. He tasted the dish, only to find it tasted delicious.(表语) A B C D 七.单句改错(每个句子只能改,增, 删一个词) 分) (5 77. This is such an interesting novel as I want to read it again. ________ 78. Kate and Jane went on holiday with a cousin of hers last summer. ________ 79. Great changes have been taken place in China since the late 1970s. ________ 80. The enemy had no choice but lay down their weapons and surrender. ________ 81. The experiment he devoted his energy to succeeding at last. ________ 82. It is high time that we get ready for the coming examination. ________ 83. Tom still remembers the village where he once worked there. ________ 84. Can you make a sentence using the words you’ve just learnt? ________ 85. It’s important that we should think of before doing anything. ________

86. Seeing from the top of the mountain, the park looks like a fish. ________ 八.完成下列各个句子(每空限填一词) (15 分) 87.在旧社会,大多数父母是供不起子女上学的。 Most parents _______ ________ their _________ __________ in the old society. 88.那时,人们主要通过信件和电报与远方的亲朋好友保持联系。 People ______ in ______ with their friends and __________ far away ________ by letter and _________ at that time. 89. 由于计划生育政策,中国正在迅猛发展,人们生活水平也在大幅提高。 _______ ______ the one-child policy, China is ________ quickly and people’s living __________are _________ greatly as well. 90. 该组织还向无家可归的人们提供不错的住所,并培训他们再就业。 This program also _______these _______people with nice houses. It trains them as well in ______ ______ they can find jobs again. 91, 然而,并非人人知道噪音是一种污染,而且同样会对人类健康造成危害。 However, ______ ______ people know that noise is also a kind of ________and is _________ to human health. 92. 我的工作主要是帮助传播有关环保知识,例如, “三 R”----减少使用,再次使用和 回收使用是重要的。 My main job is to help ________ the message about _________ the ____________. For example, the three Rs –reduce, reuse and ________ --are important. 93. 通常情况下,他都能毫不费力地理解来自不同国家的人,因为他们中的大多数都会 讲英语。 In __________, he has no _________ (in) __________people from different countries, because most of them can _________ English.

The End

ANSWER SHEET Name:___________ Marks:________ In 90 Minutes 一 1-5__________ 6-10__________

二 11-15_________16-20_________21-25_________26-30_________ 三 31-35_________36-40_________ 四 41-45_________46-50_________51-55_________56-58_______ 五 59_________60_________61_________62_________63_________ 64_________65_________66_________67_________68_________ 六 69-72________ 73-76________ 七 77_________78_________79_________80_________81_________ 82_________83_________84_________85_________86_________ 八 87 _________ _________ _________ _________ 88 _________ _________ _________ _________ _________ 89 _________ _________ _________ _________ _________ 90 _________ _________ _________ _________ 91 _________ _________ _________ _________ 92 _________ _________ _________ _________ 93 _________ _________ _________ _________



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