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备课Module1 Unit1 friendship_图文

Module 1 Unit1 Friendship
During World War II, Anne and her family had to______ away because they were Jewish. They hide had hidden away for nearly 25 months before discovered they were__________.During that time, Anne was very lonely and the only true friend was diary her______, so she kept a diary every day so that she could tell everything to it. ? After being indoors for so long, she was very crazy ______ about everything to do with ________. nature awake purpose Sometimes she stayed_______on________until half past eleven in _______ to have a good order look _______ at the moon .

Key Words and Phrases
1.Upset (vt, adj.) 这个决定有可能使很多人很沮丧。 upset likely The decision is _________ to ______ a lot of people

be upset about A lot of people are likely to ________________ the decision.

2. ignore vt.

ignorant ________ (adj.) ignorance (n.) ________

be ignorant of/about


ignore speed limits ①Some drivers simply ________________ (无视速度限制). ignorant of/about ②I’m ________________ (不知道) his plan.

The water of the lake was so _______ that it looked like glass. A. silent

B. calm

C. still

D. quiet

即境活用: keep calm 保持镇静(别慌) keep still 保持静止(别动) keep silent 保持沉默(别说话) keep quiet 保持安静(别吵)

show concern for sb 关心某人 a major concern一件主要关心的事

concern / concerned / concerning
1)Students should also be __________ about concerned national affairs. concern 2) There is growing __________about the effects of pollution on health. concerning 3) He asked several questions ___________ the future of the company. concerned 4) The topic __________ with environmental protection is becoming hot.

_____ the right decisions_____ the future is
probably the most important thing we’ll ever do in our lives. [2010长春模拟] A. Making; concerned C. To make; concerned B. Make; concerning D. Making; concerning

【解析】选D。做与将来相关的正确决定可能是我们以后生活 中最重要的事情。动名词短语making the decision作主语;


adj. settlement n.


解决问题/争端 settle a question/an argument settle down 定居,坐下,平静下来 settle down to do… 开始认真对待 reach a settlement 达成一项协议

1. She______ in a chair with a book and a cup of tea, watching TV. B. settled down A. seated C. settled on D. settled 2. With a lot of difficult problems ____, the manager felt like a cat on hot bricks. A. settling B. to settle C. being settled D. settled

1. The plant can’t ____the cold weather, so the researchers are trying to deal with it. A. suffer for B. suffer C. long for D. suffer from 2. – What’s wrong with him? – He’s ______ a bad cold. A. catching B. suffering from C. having on D. keeping on _____ heart trouble for years, Professor White has to take some medicine with him wherever he goes. A. Having suffered B. Suffering from C. Having suffered from D. Being suffered

7. add up / add up to / add…to… / add to 合计 总计达 把…加到… 增加
adding up 1)He is busy _________ all the bills. 2)The number of students adds up to 50. _________ add to 3)Please ______ some water ___ the soup. adds to 4)The lake ________ beauty of the city.
That year his total income, with his reward_____,_____ 12, 000 yuan. A. added to; added up to


B. added; added to

C. added up to; added

D. adds to; adds up to

8. go through


go after 追赶 ? go against 违反 ? go ahead 开始做 ? go by 逝去,过去 ? go off 离开,爆炸 ? go on 继续 ? go over 检查

pass through 路过 ? live through 经历 ? look through 浏览 ? pull through 康复 ? get through 接通电话, 通过(考试)

go through / on / against / ahead / by / over

go against 1)Don’t ___________ the school rules, or you’ll be punished. went on 2) After a break, he _______ doing homework. 3) The old couplewent through two world wars. _____________ going by 4)With time ___________, his health is worsening. go over 5) We should _______ all the books before NMET. 6) -- Could I use your phone? Go ahead -- ________.

I_____ the French written papers but failed in the English oral examination.
A. got through B. looked through

C. went through

D. lived through

Maybe there are some things among the girl’s papers, like her school reports, old photos and so on. Can you ____ them and give me whatever you find?
A.go after B.go into

C.go with

D.go through

9. set down 放下,记下,登记
拓展: set about doing sth 着手做某事 开始,着手做某事 set out to do sth set aside 留出,不顾 set back (把钟等)往回拨,推迟 释放,解放 set free 动身,出发,使爆炸 set off 动身,出发,安排 set out set up 开办,建立,设立 树立榜样 set an example set fire to=set … on fire 纵火烧

set about / out / off / aside / up / down 1)He will setout / off for Beijing at six o’clock. _______ aside 2)Please set _______ ten minutes to remember English words every day. up 3) He began to set _______ an IT company at 18 years old. 4) Immediately he heard important language down points, he set ________ them. about 5) We set _______ solving the problem. out 6) We set _____ to solve the problem. 7) Don’t set ___ fireworks. It’s too dangerous. off

People are often advised to ______ some money for their old age. A. pick up B. set down D. C. give away D. set aside That evening he _______ down what he had thought about the research. A. set about to setting B. set about to set C. set out to set D. set out setting

10. get along/on with 与…相处,进展
拓展: get about/around (消息)传开,四处走动 讲清楚,使被领会 get across get away from 离开,脱身 get down to sth 认真处理。开始着手做 get over 克服,解决,从(病,损失等)中恢复过来 get rid of 消灭,摆脱,除掉 get together 聚会,联欢 get in 到达,收割

1. After that, he knew he could any emergency by doing what he could to the best of his ability. (2010· 浙江卷· T12) A.get away with B.get on with C.get through D.get across 2. However hard I tried to think about it, what he said didn’t really ______ to me. A. figure out B. make out C. turn out D. get across 3. When Tom was very young, he was terribly frightened of dogs, but he soon _____ them. A. got across B. got off D. got over C. got away

11. join / join in / take part in / attend / participate in

join 表示加入党派,组织,社团,俱乐部等 join in表示参加正在进行的活动,亦可说 join sb in (doing)sth 表示加入某人一起做某事 take part in表示参加群众性活动,侧重说明主语 参加并发挥一定的作用。若后面不带宾语,则用 take part,若part前有修饰词,要用不定冠词, 如:take an active part in attend 表示出席或参加会议、仪式、婚礼、葬礼、 典礼、上课、上学、听报告。


attend My sister and I _______ the same school. joined She ________ the League last month and join in she has decided to _______ the activity to help the aged. She hopes that I can take an active part in (积极参加)the activity __________________ join in and _____ her _____ helping the aged.

Key sentence patterns 1. While walking the dog, you were careless… While you were walking the dog, you… 省略原则:主语省略,be动词一起省略

practice: 1) 在读的时候不要查生词。
When (you are) reading, don’t look up new words. 2) 如果必要的话,我把它包起来。

If (it is) necessary, I can pack it up.

______, the disease diphtheria will produce a power poison that will kill the patient. A. If it untreated B. If is untreated C. If being untreated D. If untreated Don’t speak unless ________. A. invited B. inviting C. to invite D. invite

2. It’s because … that… /who… 我就是在这个公园遇到他的。 It was in the park that I met him. 正是我在教室里学习。 It is I that/who am studying in the classroom. 我们谈论的正是你。 It was you who we were talking about. 比较: 1). It was in the park that they first met each other. 2). It was the park where they first met each other.

3. It was the first time that …had done… It is the first time that ... have done …



(2008年高考北京卷)I’m sorry you’ve been waiting so long,but it’ll still be some time ________ Brian gets back. A.before B.since C.till D.after

(2009· 陕西卷· T18. )This is the first time we a film in the cinema together as a family. A. see B. had seen C. saw D. have seen (2009· 江西卷· )It was _____ he came back T6. from Africa that year _________ he met the girl he would like to marry. A. when; then B. not; until C. not until; that D. only; when (2008· 天津卷· )It was along the Mississippi T8. River _______ Mark Twain spent much of his childhood. A. how B. which D. where C. that


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