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课后分层集训 Unit 1
Ⅰ.阅读理解 A (2017· 郑 州 高 三 检 测 )A group of kids at McIntyre Elementary School , in Pittsburgh,Pennsylvania,have created a special bench to make sure their fellow classmates aren't left out on the playground.Called the “Buddy Bench” ,students can use the seat as a safe and supportive place to let others know they'd like to be included in playtime,but may be too shy to ask. The concept of the Buddy Bench is simple : Students who want to partake in playground games and activities , but may feel hesitant , can take a seat , which signifies (表明) to other children on the playground that they may need something extra to encourage them to participate. The idea for the bench came about last year,when Farrell,school counselor at McIntyre Elementary,was conducting a leadership group to help students overcome shyness and gain confidence.Four fourth?grade students came up with the idea for the Buddy Bench in this workshop,and worked with Farrell to draft a letter to present to the Parent Teacher Staff Organization to make the bench a reality.The PTSO approved the students' proposal,and installed (安装) a bright metal bench with a cheerful sign that reads “Buddy Bench” on the school's playground. Since it was installed on Nov.16, the bench has been effective.The simple concept has resonated with( 引 起 共 鸣 ) the students , and already has created a better environment within the school community. “Each day,I go to see the buddy bench working, ” Farrell said.“The lessons they are learning now will benefit them their entire lives.It is simply a beautiful example of kids wanting to be kind and continue to be kind every day.” 【语篇解读】 本文是一篇新闻报道。几个小学生提出了“兄弟板凳”的概念,并最终 将其付诸实际,这一方法为渴望和大家一起玩耍却羞于说出口的学生创造了更好的交友环 境。 1.Who is Buddy Bench created for? A.Students who love games and activities. B.Students who want and continue to be kind. C.Students who are left out on the playground.

Getting along with others (A 卷)

D.Students who are in Farrell's leadership group. C [推理判断题。 根据第一段第一句可知, 设计这种板凳是为了防止在团体活动中有些

同学被冷落在一旁。故选 C。] 2.Who thought of the idea for the Buddy Bench? A.Farrell. C.The PTSO. B B.Four students. D.Some parents.

[细节理解题。 根据第三段第二句可知, 四个四年级的学生提出了“兄弟板凳”的想

法。故选 B。] 3.What does the word “they” in the last paragraph refer to? A.The PTSO. B.Buddy Bench users. C.The workshop members. D.Farrell and teachers. C [指代判断题。根据画线词下一句“It is simply a beautiful example of kids

wanting to be kind and continue to be kind every day.”可知, “兄弟板凳”只是一些 想发扬善意的孩子们所做的好事中的一个例子, 由此结合上文提及的“兄弟板凳”的概念是 工作室里的学生提出来的可知, 本段 Farrell 主要是肯定工作室里的孩子的行为和善意, 故 此处的“they”指代“工作室里的孩子们”。故选 C。] 4. Which of the following statements, can show “the bench has been effective”? A.More and more creative ideas have come up. B.The workshop kids have set a good example. C.The PTSO has decided to provide more buddy benches. D.Some shy students have found friends on the playground. D [推理判断题。根据文章可知,设计这一板凳的目的是为学生营造良好的校园环境。

D 项“一些害羞的学生已经在操场上找到了朋友”能体现其效果。故选 D。] B (2017·石家庄模拟)When I was about ten years old,I was walking down the street with my mother.She stopped to speak to Mr.Lee,and I knew I could see Mr.Lee any time around the neighborhood,so I didn't pay any attention to him.After we passed Mr.Lee,my mother stopped me and said something that has stuck with me from that day until now.She said, “You let that be the last time you've ever walked by somebody and not opened up your mouth to speak,because even a dog will wag its tail when it passes you on the street.”Mother's words sound simple,but it's been a guidepost for me and the foundation of who I am.

It's not just something I believe in;it's become a way of life.I believe that every person deserves to feel someone acknowledge their presence,no matter how humble (卑微的) they may be. At work,I always said hello to the founder of the company and asked him how our business was doing.But I also spoke to the people who cleaned the buildings and asked how their children were doing.After a few years of greeting the founder,I had the courage to ask him for a meeting.We had a great talk.At a certain point I asked him how far he thought I could go in his company.He said, “If you want to, you can get all the way to this seat.” I've become vice president,but that hasn't changed the way I approach people.I still follow my mother's advice.I speak to everyone I see,no matter where I am.I've learned that speaking to people creates a pathway into their world,and it allows them to come into mine,too. 【语篇解读】 作者小时候因为在路上没有给邻居打招呼而受到了母亲的批评。 母亲的 话使作者悟出了主动与别人交流的重要性。 5.What did the author do when he met Mr.Lee? A.He talked with somebody else. B.He was attracted by a dog. C.He greeted him politely. D.He ignored him. D [细节理解题。根据第一段的“so I didn't pay any attention to him”可知,作

者的母亲与邻居说话时,作者没有在意邻居,故选 D。] 6.What kind of person is the author's mother? A.Optimistic. C.Strict. C B.Kind?hearted. D.Open?minded.

[推理判断题。根据第一段的“You let that be the last time you've ever walked

by somebody...because even a dog will wag its tail when it passes you on the street.” 可推知,母亲对作者很严格。] 7.How did the company founder reply to the author? A.He played a joke. B.He inspired him. C.He invited him to coffee. D.He gave him the seat. B [推理判断题。根据第三段的“If you want to,you can get all the way to this

seat.”可知,公司的创办人说如果作者想要在公司获得很大发展,他完全可以坐到创办人 的位置,由此可推知,这位领导在鼓励作者。] 8.What does the author think of saying hello to people? A.It can build connections with others. B.It's a way to show sympathy to humble people. C.It's a must to become a president. D.It can bring him what he wants. A [推理判断题。根据最后一段的“...speaking to people creates a pathway into

their world,and it allows them to come into mine,too”可知,向别人问候有助于建 立人际关系,故选 A。] Ⅱ.完形填空 (2017·西安高三质检)I was an unlucky nurse who had to work on Christmas Day.It was always __1__ in the emergency room on this day ;so I was not expecting any patients.When I was complaining about __2__ on such a beautiful festival, five people showed up at my desk—a pale woman and four small children. “Are you all sick?” I asked in a(n) __3__ way because they seemed all right. “Yes, ” the woman answered __4__ and lowered her head. But when they started to present their problems,things got a little vague.Two of the children had headaches,__5__ the headaches weren't accompanied by normal body languages such as holding the head.Two children had earaches,but neither of them could tell me __6__ ear was in pain.The mother complained of a cough,but she seemed to be __7__. Something was wrong.I didn't say anything but explained that it might take a while __8__ a doctor could meet them. “ Take your __9__ , please , ” the mother responded.Then , I checked their charts — no address.Suddenly I knew , they were homeless and the hospital was __10__. I looked out at the family,gathering together under the Christmas tree,smiling and __11__ with each other sweetly.Quietly,I went back to the nurses' station and told them that we had a homeless __12__ in the waiting room.It was just like God sending us a __13__ on Christmas Day.The nurses' station suddenly came back to __14__.All the nurses went into action,just as we did when there was a real __15__ emergency.But this one was “a Christmas emergency” . We __16__ our meals for our Christmas “patients” .We also put together oranges and apples __17__ presents.Usually we just tried to __18__ the physical needs of

our patients.But today,we worked hard to exceed (超越) the needs of a family who only __19__ a warm place on Christmas Day. Later,when the family was leaving,the four?year?old girl ran back and gave me a __20__. “Thanks for being our angel (天使) today, ” she whispered in my ear. 【语篇解读】 本文叙述了在圣诞节那一天作者所在的医院里发生的事情。 一个妇女带 着四个孩子来医院假装看病, 其实是为了在这里取暖, 值班的作者了解了情况后和其他护士 一起给这家人提供了食物和礼物。这家人离开时,小女孩亲了作者并说作者是天使。 1.A.quiet C.bright A B.noisy D.dark

[根据下文内容可知, 作者没有预料到圣诞节那天有病人, 因为圣诞节病人一般很少,

所以急诊室很安静(quiet)。] 2.A.studying C.working C B.talking D.playing


此处指当作者正抱怨着自己在如此美好的节日里还要工作(working)时。] 3.A.suspecting C.forgetting A 吗”。] 4.A.excitedly C.weakly C B.surprisedly D.strongly B.expecting D.accepting

[因为他们看起来都很健康, 所以作者用怀疑的(suspecting)方式问“你们都生病了

[根据空后的“lowered her head”及下文的内容可知,他们都没有生病,而是假装

生病以待在暖和的医院里, 故此处指的应是这个女士弱弱地回答道。 excitedly“激动地”; surprisedly“惊讶地”;weakly“虚弱地”;strongly“强有力地”。] 5.A.or C.and D B.so D.but


为转折关系,故用 but。] 6.A.what C.how B B.which D.why


导的是宾语从句,表示“哪一个”,且此处是有范围的选择,故用 which。] 7.A.explaining C.promoting B.understanding D.pretending



释”;understand“理解”;promote“促进”。] 8.A.unless C.after B B.before D.when

[作者向他们解释说,医生要过一会儿才能来见他们。before“在……之前” ,符合

语境。unless“如果不”;after“在……之后”;when“当……时候”。] 9.A.money C.break D B.breath D.time

[根据下文中的“they were homeless and the hospital was __10__”及“a family

who only __19__ a warm place on Christmas Day”可知他们只是想待在医院里,不着急 “看病”,故此处指的应是这位母亲回答作者道“请慢慢来”。take your time“慢慢来, 别着急”。] 10.A.warm C.big A B.cold D.small

[根据“on Christmas Day”可知故事发生在冬天,医院里应该是暖和的(warm)。下

文中的“a warm place”亦是提示。] 11.A.quarreling C.chatting C B.fighting D.competing


fight“打仗”;compete“竞争”。] 12.A.mother C.girl B B.family D.boy

[根据第一段最后一句中的“five people showed up...small children”可知,出

现在医院的是一个脸色苍白的女士和四个小孩子, 故此处指的应是候诊室里有一个无家可归 的家庭(family)。] 13.A.job C.chance D B.luck D.gift

[根据语境可知, 此处指圣诞节时出现的这一家人就好像是上帝给作者和其他护士的

礼物(gift)。护士本来就有工作,所以 A 项不对。luck“运气”;chance“机会”。] 14.A.space C.life C B.earth D.school

[护士值班室突然间恢复了活力。 因为圣诞节一般没什么病人, 所以值班的护士也觉

得无聊,这家人的出现使他们有事可做。come to life“使人兴奋,变得活跃”。] 15.A.traffic B.medical

C.political B


[所有的护士都行动起来了, 就像我们在出现紧急医疗(medical)情况时所做的那样。

traffic“交通”;political“政治的”;history“历史”。] 16.A.took out C.turned out A B.gave out D.put out

[我们取出自己的饭给了圣诞节“病人”。 take out...for sb.“取出某物给某人”;

gave out...to sb.“分发某物给某人”; turn out“结果是, 证明是”; put out“伸出”。 ] 17.A.for B B.as C.on D.in

[我们把橘子和苹果放在一起作为礼物。as 在此意为“作为”。] B.cut D.miss

18.A.meet C.increase A

[我们通常会试着满足(meet)病人的生理需要。meet the needs“满足需要”。] B.escaped D.refused

19.A.built C.wanted C

[但是今天, 我们努力给这个家庭的远远超越了他们的需求, 他们只是想(want)在圣

诞节有个温暖的地方。] 20.A.cake C.kiss C B.bag D.visit

[当这个家庭离开时, 四岁的小女孩跑回来给了作者一个吻(kiss), 并在她的耳边低




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