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外贸函电 enquiry offer

1. Enquiries(询盘) and replies Dear Sirs, We knew your name and address from the Canadian Consulate in Shanghai who had informed us that you are one of the largest exporters of textiles in Shanghai and you wish to extend export business to our market. You will be pleased to note that we are importers of home textiles products, having over 20 years experience in this particular line of business. At present, we are keenly interested in home textiles made in China and will be pleased if you kindly send us your latest price list and catalogue for all kinds of home textiles. If possible, please also send us your samples book. We would like to state that we usually pay for our imports by sight L/C which we feel sure, will be agreeable to you.

We anticipate your early reply.

Words and Expressions
? ? agreeable 令人愉快的,合适的(后接介词) L/C at sight

用证条款规定的即期汇票和单据后立即履行付款义务信用证,由 于立即付款可减少出口商的风险,加速资金周转,故即期信用证 在国际贸易中得到广泛使用。


Usance L/C 远期信用证指开证行或付款行在收到符合信
用证条款的远期汇票和单据后,不立即履行付款,而是等到规定 期限届满时才履行付款义务的信用证


Irrevocable L/C


在有效期内需经出口商及有关当事人同意,开证行不得片面撤销 或修改信用证。这对出口商提供了比较可靠的收款保证,所以在 进出口业务中使用最广。


Revocable L/C:开证行可以不事先征得出口方同意,有
权随时修改或撤销信用证。最新的《UCP600》规定银行不可开 立可撤销信用证(注:常用的都是不可撤销信用证) 。

Gentlemen: We learn from ABC & Co. Ltd, New York that you are a leading exporter in your country and we are interested in importing your goods and appreciated your sending us catalogue, sample books or even samples if possible.

Please give us detailed information on CIF Guangzhou prices, discounts and terms of payment.
We hope this will be a good start for a long and profitable business relation. Yours truly, Dear Sirs,

In response to your letter of 15 June enquiring for home textiles, we wish to inform you that the sample book, price list and catalogue asked for in your letter have been airmailed to you separately. We believe that these will give you all the details you require. Should you need anything not mentioned, we shall do everything necessary to procure the needed items for you. Your payment terms by L/C at sight are acceptable to us. By the way , we wish to inform you that all-cotton home textiles have become very popular on the world market because of their durability and reasonable prices and it has been difficult for us to meet the increasing demand. However, if you place your orders before the 10th of July, we will assure you of our prompt shipment. We look forward to receiving your orders soon.

Words and Expressions

(1). In response to the letter of … 兹答 复…….. In answer to your letter of… We have received your letter of… Thank you for your letter of… (2). acceptable adj. 可接受的,合意的 (用法同 agreeable) 2. 报盘 offer
(1). 虚盘 (non-firm offer, offer without engagement) ? 虚盘不必有完整的内容,没有时限的规定,而且 参考价、数量等也不明确,常用表达有“以我方 最 后 确 认 有 效 (subject to our final

confirmation) , 以 我 方 货 物 未 售 出 为 准 (subject to unsold) ,此报价……可按市价增 减 (We offer … subject to market


subject to 在……条件下,须经……的
? 在日常的业务中,外寄的报价单、价目单及形式 发票等,一般都注明“仅供参考”或“以我方最 后确认为准” 。这就排除了接盘人只要接受就可 以成交的权限。 (2). 实盘 (firm offer) ? 指有约束力的发盘。实盘一旦由交易的另一方(受 盘人)接受,发盘人(卖方)对其发盘的内容,在 有效期内不得随意变更或撤销,否则发盘人将承受

违约的法律后果。实盘所列的交易条件必须肯定、 明确,不能含糊和模棱两可;也不应有任何保留。 ? 实盘的内容一般应有:货物正确的品名、详细的品 质规格、清楚的包装情况、实在的数量、准确的装 运时间和装运港口、完备的价格条款和支付条件。 另外,实盘还有两个内容:一个是明确提出这个发 盘是个实盘(firm offer or irrevocable). 另一个 是发盘的有效期。根据各国法律规定和国际贸易惯 例,实盘都有有效期。有效期是对发盘人的约束, 以便利受盘人凭以进行研究交易的可能性。在有效 期内,发盘人有必须承担成交的义务,但是超过了 有效期,既或受盘人再行接受,发盘人有权拒绝成 交。在规定具体的有效期时,要根据不同的商品,




? (1)We are making you this offer subject to your reply reaching here before the 15th this month our time. ? (2)This offer is subject to your acceptance within 5 days. ? (3)Our offer is valid/ remains firm /is

kept open/stays effective for 10 days.

3. Bid (递盘)
? 是指在国际贸易中,出口商按进口商的询价 或为推销其产品主动向进口商提出愿意按照 一定条件出售商品的行为。递盘的主要内容 包括商品品名、品质、规格、包装、可供数

量、价格、交货日期、付款方式、交易货币 及递盘的有效期限等。

4. Exercise:

Useful Expressions:
? learn from 从…得知

? Commercial Counselor’s Office 商务 参赞处 ? handicraft article 手工艺品 ? brocade handbag 锦绣手袋 ? leading importer 大进口商 ? quote sb. a price for sth 向某人就某物 报价 ? place an order with sb. for sth 向某人 就某物下订单

Specimen letter:
Dear Sirs, We have learned from the Commercial Counselor’s Office of Canadian Embassy/Consulate in your country that you

manufacture and export a variety of handicraft articles. Our company is one of the leading importers of handicraft articles in Canada. As there is a steady demand here for high quality brocade handbags, we would like you send us as soon as possible your illustrated catalogues, samples and all information about the goods. Meanwhile, please quote your lowest price, CIF Vancouver, stating the earliest date of shipment. Should your quality be suitable and the price competitive, we’ll be ready to place an order for at least 5,000 pieces with you. Your prompt attention to this matter will be much appreciated.

Yours faithfully, Crown

1. a steady demand for 对…有稳定的需求 2. illustrated catalogue 带有插图的目录 3. Please quote your lowest price. 请报公司最低的价格 =make (give/send) lowest quotations.
? e.g.: ? 1. Please quote your lowest price for

men’s shirts CFR Rotterdam. ? 2. Please quote us for men’s shirts CIF Rotterdam. 4. stating the earliest date of shipment 告知最早装船期。现在分词短语作状语,表伴随 状态。 5. Should your quality be suitable and the price competitive. 如果产品质量合适且价格具有竞争力的话。 7. place an order for sth. with sb. 向某人订购 某物 ?1)名词 order 常与动词

make, send, place 等连用,表示?? ?2) 表示各种订单的说法有: ?regular order 长期订货 ?Trial order 试订单 ?First/initial order 首笔订单 ?Substantial order 大宗订单 ?Repeat order 再次订货/续订单

Dear Mr. Crown, Thank you for your enquiry of May 24. At your request, we are making you the following offer subject to your reply reaching here before June23, 2006. Article: Brocade Handbags Price: US$12.00/pc, CIF Vancouver

Quantity: 5,000 pcs Shipment: August, 2006 Packing: twenty pieces to a carton Terms of Payment: by irrevocable documentary Letter of Credit in seller’s favor We hope that the above will be acceptable to you, and await with keen interest your formal orders.

1. At one’s request 应某人的要求 2. subject to your reply reaching here before June23,2006.
? Subject to your acceptance within two

weeks. ? 以贵公司在两周之内接受为条件(说明此报 盘为实盘)
? Subject to your immediate acceptance.

? (实盘)以贵公司立即接受为条件。

3. Terms of Payment 付款条件
? irrevocable documentary letter of credit

? letter of credit 可数的普通名词,单数为 a

letter of credit, 复数为 letters of credit.常 用大写缩写形式,可写为 L/C 或 Ls/C. 4. in seller’s favor 以??为受益人 ? 表示“以某人为收益人”“对…有利”可以 用:
? in one’s favor, in the favor of sb.

5. …and await with keen interest your formal orders ?并殷切地等待贵公司正式下单。
1)with keen interest 殷切地 2)await (正式用语)V.等待,期待

=wait for

e.g. We await your final confirmation.

Dear Mr. Crown, With reference to your enquiry of May 24, we take pleasure in making the following offer: “5,000 pieces of brocade handbags, at US$12.00/pc CIF Vancouver for shipment in August, 2006, for payment by irrevocable documentary L/C in seller’s favor, which we

hope you will find in order. Please note that this offer is subject to goods being unsold.” As we have received large number of orders from our clients, it is quite probable that our present stock may soon run out. We would therefore suggest that you take advantage of this attractive offer. We look forward to receiving your order.

Practice: Translate the words and phrases into English
? 1. 从…得知 ? 2. 手工艺品 ? 3. 大进口商 ? 4. 报最低价 ? 5. 下订单 ? 6. 稳定需求

? 7. 带有插图的目录 ? 8. 告知最早装船期 ? 9. 优先报盘 ? 10. 寄送报盘 ? 11. 获得…报盘 ? 12. 接受报盘 ? 13. 提交报盘 ? 14. 正式报价(报盘)

Keys of No. 9~14:
? 9. preferential offer ? 10. to forward / send / give an offer ? 11. to get / obtain an offer ? 12. to accept an offer ? 13. to submit an offer

? 14. official offer



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