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重庆市第十八中学高中英语《Module2 my new teachers Reading》课件 外研版必修1

外研版 高一年级 (必修1) Module 2

Introduction and Reading

学习目标和内容: 1. 学习掌握用来描述人的形容词, 可以用 这些形容词简单的描述一个人。 2. 掌握阅读文章的主旨, 每段的大意, 以 及文章当中的细节部分。 3. 学习掌握文章当中需要掌握的语言点。


We have been in Senior High school for about two weeks. How do you think of your new teachers? When we talk about persons, we usually use some adjectives to describe them. Here are some adjectives for you:

amusing 有趣的, 可笑的 energetic 精力充沛的 funny 滑稽的 intelligent 聪明的 kind 善良的 lively 活泼的 nervous 焦虑的 organised 有组织的 patient 耐心的 popular 流行的 serious 严肃的 shy 害羞的 strict 严格的 stupid 愚蠢的

Work in pairs. Use the words to talk about your teachers.

Do you agree with the following statements?
1. All good teachers talk a lot. 2. I think teachers need to be strict. 3. I like teachers who are amazing and can laugh with their students. 4. The most popular teachers are always very kind.

5. Good teachers always return homework quickly. 6. Good teachers make sure that everyone in the class understands. 7. You should be able to ask your teacher questions at any time during a lesson. 8. It doesn’t matter if a teacher is not organized.

Listen to Alex, an English student, tick the statements that he agrees with. Compare your statements and Alex’s.

Statement(略) You(open answers) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8


Listen to the tape again and fill in the blanks.
1. I do think that teachers need to be _____, strict but they don’t need to be very _____. strict 2. I like teachers who are amazing _______. 3. And I agree with the statement that most kind ____ teachers are very popular _______. 4. How can a student learn if the teacher isn’t organised ________?



young energetic

beautiful kind





Find out the teachers mentioned in the text.

Useful words
amusing: causing laughter or smiles
energetic: full of energy intelligent: having or showing intelligence nervous: tense; excited; unstable organized: orderly; ordered; arranged

serious: thoughtful; solemn; not joking
patient: having or showing patience

Look at the pictures. What are your first impressions of the three teachers? Your impression Mrs Li Mrs Chen Mr Wu Your partner’s impression

Listen to the text and check your prediction. Mrs. Li _______________ kind and patient Mrs. Chen _______________ strict and serious energetic and amusing Mr. Wu ____________________

1. Which teachers do students like a lot? Mrs Li, Mr Wu.

2. Who is a very good teacher but is
serious and strict? Mrs Chen.

1.What’s that girl’s first impression of Mrs Li?
Her first impression of Mrs Li was that she was nervous and shy. 2. What subject do you think Mrs Li is teaching? English.

3. What subject does Mrs Chen teach? Physics. 4. What do students think of Mrs Chen?

She’s very strict and serious and
doesn’t smile much.

5. What subject does Mr Wu teach? Chinese.

True or False 1. Mrs Li wasn’t nervous at her first lesson. F 2. Mrs Li explains grammar clearly and I can follow her. T 3. She makes me feel stupid when I make mistakes. F 4. With her help, I begin to do better in English. T

Fill in the blanks. Mrs Chen is very _____ strict and also very ______ ____ much. Those who serious and doesn’t smile are often late for class are always on ______ time for her lessons. But most of us really _________ appreciate her because her teaching is well _________ organized and clear. During some ________ scientific experiments, she gives exact explanations. Although physics is not my _______ favorite lesson, I think I will make progress.

Answer the following questions. 1. How old is Mr Wu and how is he?
He is about 28 and rather good-looking. 2. Is Mr Wu liked by his students? Why?

Yes. Because he really enjoys teaching
Chinese literature.

3. What does he do when he gets excited? He talks loudly and fast, and waves his hands about a lot when he gets excited. 4. What does he do when his students get tired? He tells jokes when the students get tired.

Global understanding
I. Read the text carefully and fill in the blanks.
Teacher Subject Age Character Why students like him / her Mrs Li English Kind and patient 1._______ She explains English grammar 2.______________ so clearly. She avoids making 3._____ students feel stupid.

Mrs Chen Mr Wu

physics Almos Very 4._____ Her teaching is so well organised t 60 strict and 5.___________ serious and clear. 6._____ About Energetic He really enjoys Chinese 28 teaching Chinese and 8._____________ literature literature amusing _____________. 7.______ We never fall asleep in 9._________ his class. He tells jokes when thinking we are 10._____. bored

Detailed understanding II. Read the text carefully again and choose the best answers. 1. Whose class goes very slowly for the faster students?

A. Mrs Li’s.
C. Mr Wu’s.

B. Mrs Chen’s.

D. Mr Wu’s and Mrs Li’s.

2. According to the text, the writer’s physics is improving because _____. A. Mrs Chen often praises him B. he works hard C. Mrs Chen explains the experiments exactly D. he is interested in physics

3. Which of the following about Mr
Wu is NOT true? A. He talks loudly and fast. B. He often waves his hands about when getting excited. C. He was nervous and shy on his first class.

D. He is handsome.

Which teacher would you like to have? Explain why. Example: I’d like to have Mrs Chen because her teaching is well organized and clear.

1. My first impression of Mrs Li was

that she was nervous and shy.



What were your first impressions of New York? 你对纽约的第一印象是什么?
The old church made a great impression on Tom. 那座古老的教堂给汤姆留下很深刻 的印象。 one’s (first) impression of 某人 对??的(最初)印象

2. But now, after two weeks, the class really likes working with her. 两个星期过去了, 现在全班同学都 喜欢她的课。

是表示“大家;全班同学”。 2)working with her在此处表示“一


3. She’s kind and patient, and she explains English grammar so clearly that even I can understand it! 【考点】 so ... that ... 如此……以至于……。so修 饰形容词或副词,that从句为结果状语从句。常 用于“so + 形容词 / 副词 + that ...”结构;或者 “so + 形容词 + a(n) + 可数名词单数 + that ...”

many, much, few, little(少))时,要用so来修


【考例1】 I haven’t seen Ann for ____
long that I’ve forgotten what she looks

like.__ (四川2008)
A. such B. very C. so D. too

【考例2】 The weather was _____ cold
that I didn’t like to leave my room. (2008 全国卷I) A. really B. such C. too D. so

【考例3】 Pop music is such an important
part of society it has even influenced our

language. (上海2007)
A. as B. that

C. which

D. where

【考例4】 His plan was such a good one

_____ we all agreed to accept it. (陕西

A. so

B. and

C. that

D. as

【点拨】 such ... that ...也可以引导结果状

常用于“such + a(n) + 形容词 + 可数名

词单数 + that ...”,“such + 形容词 + 可
数名词复数 + that ...”,“such + 形容词

+ 不可数名词 + that ...”中。在考例1和2
中,that引导结果状语从句,long为副 词,cold为形容词,因此只能用so。


语从句的连词that,构成such ... that ...

二者可以互换。如:This is so good an

idea / such a good idea that we all
accept it.

4. I’ve always hated making mistakes or pronouncing a word incorrectly when I speak English, but Mrs Li just smiles,

so that you don’t feel completely stupid!


1)always强调“一直是这样”。另外,be always doing表示“老是,老??”, 多半表示责难。如: He is always complaining about something. 他老是发牢骚。
He was always asking for money. 他老是要钱。

Why are you always biting your nails? 你为什么老是咬指甲?

2)so that 在此处引导表示结果的状语 从句, 意为“因此,这样??就”。如: She is very careful, so that she seldom makes a mistake. 她非常细心,因此她很少犯错。 Nothing more was heard from him so that we began to wonder if he was dead. 再也没有听到他的消息,因此我们怀疑 他是否死了。

3)don’t feel completely stupid 并不觉得

don’t(否定词)和completely(表示 “全部”概念的词)放在一起表示部 分否定。又如: All is not gold that glitters.

=Not all that glitters is gold.

Everybody wouldn’t like it.
=Not everybody would like it.

He doesn’t know everything about it. =He knows not everything about it.


5. She’s very strict—we don’t dare to say a word unless she asks us to. 她非常严格,如果她不要求,我们连

unless相当于if … not, 意为“要不是, 除非”,这句话也可以说成:

We don’t dare to say a word if she doesn’t ask us to.

又如: My father comes home before dinner every day, unless there is something urgent to do. =My father comes home before dinner every day, if there is not anything urgent to do. 除非有急事,我父亲每天晚上都在晚 餐前回家。

注意:unless不可用于指尚未发生的事 情的结果,因而不可用于“假想的”条 件句中。如: We would have had a lovely holiday if it hadn’t rained every day. 要不是天天下雨的话, 我们的假日就过 得痛快了。 此句中的if …not 不可用unless来替换。

又如: I’ll be sorry if he doesn’t come to the party.

了。 此句中的if … not不可用unless 来替换。 此外,unless还可用于引出补充前言的 话,即是对刚说过的话想到要加些补充。 如:

She hasn’t got any hobbies — unless you

call watching TV a hobby.
她没有任何嗜好,除非把看电视也算作 嗜好的话。 Have a cup of tea — unless you’d prefer a cold drink. 喝一杯茶吧——除非你想喝冷饮。

6. …because her teaching is so well organized and clear. ??因为她的讲解非常有条理,很清 楚。 organized为形容词,意为“有秩序 的;效率高的”。如: a highly organized person 一个很有条理的人 a well-organized office 工作效率高的办事处


的;有准备的”。如 :
a badly organized event 组织得不好的事情 organized crime 有组织的犯罪活动

7. ... this is one class you don’t fall asleep in. ??这是一节你不会想睡觉(感到困 难)的课。 1)句中的in是不可少的。这句话可以分 为两句话: This is one class.

In the class you don’t fall asleep.

2) fall asleep为固定短语,意为“入睡; 睡着”。asleep为表语形容词。不能 用在名词前作定语。类似的词还有: alike, alive, alone, ashamed, awake,

aware等等。 如: The baby is fast asleep. 婴儿很快就睡着了。

The fish is still alive.

He was ashamed of having asked such a question. 他对自己问了那种问题感到惭愧。

1. Collect more information about your teachers. Try to use some of the words we have learnt in this period. 2. Try to find out the structures about expressing preference.


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