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高中英语必修2 Unit 2 The Olympic Games---warming up & reading学案(人教新课标)

Unit 2 The Olympic Games
Warming up & reading 学案
Enjoy the moment 历届奥运会口号(1984-2008) 历届奥运会口号 Play part in History Harmony and Progress Friends for life The celebration of the century From around the world to flower as one Share the spirit Light the fire within Welcome Home An Ever Burning Flame One World One Dream Teaching goals(学习目标) (学习目标) 1. Ability goals(能力目标) Enable the students to have the ability of talking about The Olympic Games and share the Olympic Spirit.. 2. Learning ability goals(学能目标) Help the Ss to learn how to. 3 Teaching important points(教学重点) Learn to many important long sentences and know . Language Collection Points Step1 Words and expressions 1. Ancient adj 1984 年洛杉矶夏奥运会 参与历史 1988 年汉城夏季奥运会 和谐、进步 1992 年巴塞罗那夏奥会 永远的朋友 1996 年亚特兰大夏奥会 世纪庆典 1998 年长野冬季奥运会 让世界凝聚成一 朵花 2000 年悉尼夏季奥运会 分享奥林匹克精神 2002 年盐湖城冬奥运会 点燃心中之火 2004 年雅典夏季奥运会 欢迎回家 2006 年都灵冬季奥运会 永不熄灭的火焰 2008 年北京夏季奥运会 同一个世界、 同一个梦想

Ancient building Ancient times Ancient cars 2.compete vi. 比赛,竞争,竞赛 compete in…在某方面竞争


compete for…为……而竞争 compete with/against 与……竞争 He competed in the race in the last school sports meeting. Liuxiang will compete with other athletes from countries in the next Olympic Games. The two teams will compete for the championship. competition n 竞赛 competitor n 参赛者 competitive adj 竞赛的 n (待客的)主人

3.host vt 主办,举办

eg: When do you think China will the World Cup? She was away, so her son acted as host. 英语中有许多词汇既可作动词,也可作名词:help, shop, talk 等。 4.take part in join join in attend (正式) + 运动/ 罢工/ 运动会/ 战争/游戏/ 试验/ 谈话等

(非正式)+ 团体, 活动成为一员+ 参军/ 入党/ 入团 (正在进行的活动, 有时=take part in ) (= be present at 出席)

Last weekend I ___________a wedding. Today women are now______________________social activities. Would you like to _____ us _____our game: His brother __________the army last year. 5.interview v&n ①interview sb. (for a job) Step2 Long sentences 1.Pausanias, who was a Greek writer 2,000 years ago, has come on a magical journey… to find out about the present-day Olympic Games. (P9) Pausanias 是 2000 前的一位希腊作家,他做了一次魔幻的旅行,来打听当代奥林匹克运动会的情况。 go/start/ come/ be on a journey 进行旅行 My father is away on a journey. find out about 弄清有关……的情况 The police are trying hard to find out about the accident. used to write about the Olympic Games a long time ago. ① interview sb. about sth.


used to do 过去常常做.. . be/get used to (doing) sth. 习惯于 be used to do 被用来做 过去我们常在一起玩. We used to play together. 她习惯睡前喝一杯牛奶. She is used to drinking a glass of milk before she goes to bed. 2.Was he admitted as a competitor to Beijing Olympic Games? be admitted as “作为…被接受” be admitted to/into “让…进入”(school… ) admit doing sth. 承认做某事 admit sb. to do sth. 允许某人做某事 admit sth./sb. to be 承认某人是…… Being admitted into/to the Olympic Games is the dream of every athlete. She_____ admitted__ having read the letter.(承认) He______ was admitted to______ the club after his tenth try. (被批准参加 ). He _______ was admitted as_____a member of the baseball

team . (被接收 ) Our Greek cities used to compete against each other just_____ for the honor of ____________winning. for the honor of 为了…的荣誉 in the honor of 为庆祝…/为纪念 … It is an honor (for sb.) to do sth. 某人做某事感到很荣幸 3.For each Olympics, a special village is built for them to live in, a main reception building, several stadiums for competitions, and a gymnasium as well. as well 用在肯定句中,放在句子末尾 too 肯定句中用,放在句子末尾,常用逗号隔开 either 否定句中用,放句子末尾,常用逗号隔开


also 放在特殊动词之后,实义动词之前 I am also a student.=I am a students, too. Lucy didn’t go to the party, either. Tony speaks Japanese as well. She has knowledge and experience as well as well as 常用来连接两个并列的成分,作“也,还”解。它强调的是前一项,后一项只是顺便提及。因此连 接并列主语时,谓语动词与前一项一致;而用 not only ...but also...连接时,谓语动词与后一项一致。 读音规律:admit 这类词的重音落在最后一个音节上,形成了事实上的重读闭音节,过去时和过去分词必 须双写最后一个辅音字母,然后再加-ed。类似的还有: permit-permitted, refer-referred, prefer-preferred 4.Women are not only allowed to join in but (also) play a very important role especially in… allow 可以组成几种短语:

1)allow sb. sth. 允许某人某事; 2)~ sb. in(out) 允许进入(出去); 3)allow sb. to do sth. 允许某人做某事(不能说 allow to do) ~ doing sth. 允许干某事。 与此类似的动词短语还有:advise sb. to do, advise doing sth. / permit(许可“法令,规章等”) sb. to do, permit doing sth. (encourage 鼓励 / forbid 禁止) eg: Passengers are not allowed to smoke in the waiting room. 在候车室乘客不允许吸烟。 We don’t allow smoking here. 我们不许在这里吸烟。 play a role(part) in “扮演一个角色,在…..起作用” eg: 要管理好学校,校长起着重要作用。 The headmaster plays an important role in the good running of a school. Not only…but (also)可连接各种成分,连接句子时,not only 引起的部分需要倒装。如:Not only do the nurse want a pay increase, but also they want to reduce(减少) hours. as well as 并列连词 既……又;也;又。可连接两个并列成分,强调其前面的内容,因此连接并列主语时,谓语应与前面的主 语保持人称和数的一致 eg: I as well as my sisters am going to the park for a picnic this Sunday. 还可作“不但……而且“解,相当于 not only…but also,但前者强调的中心在 as well as 之前,后者在 but also


之后。 eg: It is important for you as well as for me. 另外,as well 副词短语,意思为“也”,放在句末。当放在主要动词之前,前面有 may, just 等时,意为“也 好,不妨,还不如” 如:He has not only finished his own work, but helped others as well. 他不仅完成了自己的工作,还帮助了其他人。 You might just as well tell me the truth. 5.There’s just as much a competition among countries to host the Olympics as to host an Olympic medal.在所有 参加竞争奥运会承办权的国家中获胜就如同获得一枚奥运会奖牌。 此句由 as much as 引起,第二个 as 后省略了 a competition among countries Application development (拓展应用 已给出首字母 拓展应用 已给出首字母) 1.There were 20,000 players competing _in the 29th Olympic Games. All the competitors_ competed _for___honor as well as medals. More than 500 Chinese athletes_ were admitted to/into the fierce

competition. In preparation for hosting the opening and closing ceremonies( 开,闭幕式)of 2008 Games, Zhang Yimou, who was admitted____ as___ the director, was devoted to it. It was a great honor for him;

meanwhile(同时), he admitted that it was not an easy task. The programmes should stand for Chinese culture and the Olympic spirits as well. 2. Finish and enjoy useful sentences. 1).Because she competes with/against no one, 以其不争,故天下莫能与之争。---老子 2).Defeat never comes to any man until he admits it. 人只要不认输就不会失败.—谚语 no one can compete with/against her.

3).It is unbearable(难以忍受的) to meet ,and to depart(分离) as well. 相见时难别亦难 4).I close my eyes when thinking that one day , someone else can replace me in your heart… 我会发着呆然后忘记你 /接着紧紧闭上眼 /想着那一天会有人代替---------周杰伦《轨迹》 5).If you ask me how much I love you, the moonlight stands for my heart! 齐秦《月亮代表我的心》 6).The most important thing is to take part in the games. 7). Friendship comes the first, competition the second. The ability to raise ------Olympic Motto ------Olympic Motto


Make a speech Is it being the host of the Olympic Games good or bad ? make……famous attract tourists new buildings, roads, sports halls…… make……beautiful develop economy enlarge influence expensive developing a waste of money

Enjoy the lyrics 2008 年北京夏季奥运会


you and me,from one world. heart to heart we are one family you and me from one world heart to heart we are one family for dreams we travel thousands of miles we meet in Beijing come together the joy we share you and me from one world forever we are one family 教学后记: 教学后记: ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________



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