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2015 年高三英语基础写作-------------地点介绍
描写某地时要注意地理位置、人口、面积、历史、气候、交通、风俗习惯、特产特色等。描述顺序 通常由上至下,从里到外,从左至右,从远到近。 一、常用表达 1、地理位置 ? 常用表达: 某地位于…: X be located in /be situated in (on/to)the east/south/west/north of X lies in Located in?,X is a city (X)挨着…: neighboring … …周围是…: (X is) surrounded by…; 小试身手: 1.澳大利亚位于太平洋的南面,是大洋洲最大的国家。 Australia, the largest country in Oceania,is located in the south of the Pacific Ocean. Located in the south of the Pacific Ocean, Australia is the largest country in Oceania. 2.我的家乡位于中国广东,毗邻香港。 My hometown, neighboring Hong Kong, is located in Guangdong Province of China. 3.澳大利亚四面环水,是个居住的好地方。 Surrounded by the water, Australia is a nice place to live in. 相关句子: 1.这房子朝南。 The house faces (to)the south. 2.中国位于亚洲大陆的东部、太平洋的西岸。 China lies in/is located in the east of the Asian mainland and face the Pacific Ocean on the east. 3.体育馆位于教学楼的左边,大操场的西边,面朝学校大门。 Facing the school gate, the Gym is located on the left of the school classroom building, and on its east lies the playground. 4.学校的南边有一条铁路。 South of the school lies/runs a railway. 2、面积大小 . ? 常用表达: X 的面积/大小是…: X has / covers an area of… square kilometers/ meters; covering / with an area of… square kilometers 海岸线总长……公里 Its coastline has a total length of …kilometers. 小试身手: 1. 中国位于亚洲大陆的东部、太平洋的西岸,陆地面积约 960 万平方公里。 China lies in/is located in the east of the Asian mainland and face the Pacific Ocean on the east, with an area of/covering an area of about 960 square kilometers. Located in the east of the Asian mainland and facing the Pacific ocean on the east, China covers an area of about 960 square kilometers. 3、人口 ? 常用表达: X 有…人口:X has / with a (large/small) population of… The population of X… is…, (X is) a city with a (large/small) population of 人口增加到/了…: The population of X increases/ has grown to? 小试身手:

1.中国是一个发展中国家,人口 13 亿。 1. China is a developing country, with a population of 130 million. 2. As a developing country, China has a population of 130 million. 3. The population of China, which is a developing country, is 130 million. 2.北京是中国的首都,是一个有 1200 多万人口的大城市 1. Beijing, the capital of China, is a large city with a population of over 12,000,000. 4、 历史 ? 常用表达: X 有…年的历史: …has / with a (long )history of … 见证历史轮回:… has witnessed too much coming and going in history 追溯到??: ?dates/goes back to ? 小试身手: 1.埃及是亚洲国家,历史悠久。 1.Egypt is an Arabian country with a long history. 2.Egypt,which has a long history,is an Arabian country 3.Egypt,an Arabian country,has a long history. 2. 建于 16 世纪的城堡见证了太多的历史轮回。 Built in the 16th century, the castle has witnessed too much coming and going in history. 3.牛津大学追溯到 13 世纪。 Oxford University dates back to the thirteenth century. 4.这座有 1000 多年历史的城市是我们的骄傲。 The city with a history of more than 1000 years is our pride. 5、气候特征 ? 常用表达: 注意表示天气变化的形容词: 1.be very/quite/ extremely cold /hot /warm/ dry/ humid/ cold/ sunny/ stormy/ rainy/ mild…all the year round; 2 各地气候差异很大 The weather differs sharply from one area to another. 2. 汕尾的气候宜人,冬不寒冷,夏部酷热。 The climate in Shanwei is pleasant, neither too hot in summer nor too cold in winter. 3. 香港的平均温度是 22℃。 The average temperature of Hong Kong is about 22℃. 4.雨季是在五月和七月之间 The rainy season is between May and July. 5.南极洲是世界上最冷的地方,常年有冰雪覆盖。 Antarctica, which is covered cold thick ice and deep snow all the year round, is the coldest continent in the world. 6、 交通 ? 常用表达: 交通便利:1. It is very convenient for you to come/go to X; X is within easy reach. 2.X has convenient transportation both on land and water. 3.with convenient transportation both on land and water 可乘…去…: 1.You can take a bus/a train /a plane to X; 2.You can go to X by bus/train/plane 3. The best way to experience X is to take a bus tour. 从…到…要花两小时:It takes 2 hours to take a bus from… to… 离商业区乘公交只有几站:… is only a few bus stops from downtown.

1. 广东也是华南工业发达省之一,水陆交通便利,海运发达。 Guangdong Province is also one of the most developed industrial provinces in South China, with convenient transportation both on land and water. 2. 人们去广州非常方便。 It is convenient for people to go to Guangzhou. 7、特产特色、名胜景观 ? 常用表达: 名胜古迹:places of interest 著名的旅游景点之一:one of the famous tourist attractions 盛产??;富于??:be rich in?(natural/traveling resources),such as/ like ? 以??著名:X be famous/well known for? so it attracts Sb to visit X 6 .悉尼是澳大利亚最大的城市,有许多名胜古迹,其中悉尼歌剧院闻名于世。 Sydney, the biggest city in Australia, has many places of interest, of which the Opera House is well known all over the world. 3. 它是一个山区。它自然资源如矿产、森林、农产品等非常丰富. It is a mountainous area which is rich in natural resources, such as/ like mine, forest, farm produce and so on. 3. 海南以它美丽的景色,别具风味的食物和独特的风俗而闻名,每年有着成千上万的游客来体验海南岛 的风情。 Hainan Island is famous for its beautiful scenery, unique local food and special customs so it attracts thousands of travelers to visit it every year . 4.香港以旅游、美食、购物、影视等闻名。 Hong Kong is famous for traveling, food, shopping and film industry as well. 其他相关的单词短语 1. be made up of/consist of 由??组成 2.the third largest city 第三大城市 3.on its east lies 东边有 4.a fantastic place 一个极好的地方 5.a three-storeyed building 一栋三层楼的房子 6.ten strongest cities in economy 经济十强城市 7.historical and cultural city 历史文化城市 8.distinct local culture 特色鲜明的地方文化 9.the political, economic and cultural centre 政治经济文化中心 10.mieral resources 矿产资源 11.iron resource 铁资源 12.coastal city/areas 沿海城市/地区 13.farm product 农产品 14.plenty of rainfall 充足的雨水 15.bright sunshine 明媚的阳光 16. unique wildlife 奇特的野生动植物 17.coastal line 海岸线 18.natual heritage 自然遗产 19.cultural heritage 文化遗产 20.industrial province 工业省 21.special economic zone 经济特区 22.seven wonders 七大奇观 23.national stadium 国家露天体育馆 24.grand activity 大型活动 25.be called/honoured as 被称为 26.significant progress 巨大的进步 27.ancient customs 传统 28.souvenir 纪念品 29.with heavy traffic 交通拥挤 30.warm and wet climate 温暖潮湿的气候 31.beautiful scenery 漂亮的风景 32.at a reasonable/expensive price 实惠的/昂贵的价格 33.the centre of its politics, economy, science, education and culture 政治,经济,科学,教育,文化中心 34.various kinds of brands from all over the world 来自世界各地的名牌 35.an ideal place for shopping 购物的理想胜地 36.with wisdom and diligence 用智慧和勤劳 37.restaurants run by the local people 当地人开放的餐厅 38.creative and passionate 富于创造力和热情 39.leisure time 休闲时间 40.leave a deep impression 留下深刻的印象 41.modern equipment 设备现代 42.excellent surroundings 环境优美 43.swimming pool 游泳池 44.tennis court 乒乓球场

45.leture hall 报告厅 46.modern educational idea 现代教育理念 47.make contribution to 对??作出贡献 48.unique features 独有的特色 49.the Pacific Ocean 太平洋 50. the Atlantic Ocean 大西洋 51.the Indian ocean 印度洋 52.the Arctic Ocean 北冰洋 二、写作指导: 近几年的高考书面表达已经提高了能力的要求,鼓励考生多使用高级词汇和复杂句型,这样可以直 接影响高考书面表达的得分档次。不过,如果考生是因尝试高级词汇和复杂句型出现的少量错误可以不 扣分。同学们应该学会使用分词短语﹑with 复合结构 ﹑定语从句﹑ 强调句型和 it 作形式主语等复杂句 型。 四、实例分析 澳大利亚: (根据以下内容,用 5 句话写一篇短文) 澳大利亚位于太平洋的南面,是大洋洲最大的国家, 面积达 760 万平方公里。 但它的人口稀少, 只有 1000 多万人。它是一个以干旱气候为主的国家,只有少部分沿海地区有充足的雨量。它由六个洲组成,其中 墨尔本(Melbourne)和悉尼是最大的两个城市.首都堪培拉(Canberra)风景秀丽。澳大利亚以明媚的阳光、 数不清的牛羊和独特的野生动植物而闻名于世。世界各地的游客经常到澳大利亚体验它独特的美景。 写作思路 1、审题----文体:地点介绍 人称: 第三人称 时态: 一般现在时 要点:位置、面积、人口、气候、组成,首都和风景(特色 2、谋篇:要点重组 第一句:位置、面积、人口 第二句:气 第三句:组成部分 第四句:首都 第五句:特色 3、行文:运用不同的句型进行翻译 4 润色(1) 在文章中使用一些非谓语动词。(2)巧用同位语(3)活用从句(4)巧用连接词 Located in the south of the Pacific Ocean, Australia, the largest country in Oceania ,covers an area of 7.6 million square kilometers, with a small population of over 10 million. It is a mainly dry country with only a few coastal areas that have plenty of rainfall. It is made up of 6 states, in which Melbourne and Sydney are the largest cites. Besides these, Canberra, the capital of Australia, is a beautiful city. Because it is famous for its bright sunshine, countless sheep and cattle and unique wildlife, the tourists from all over the world come to enjoy its scenery 根据以下的情景说明,使用 5 个规范的英语句子描述汕尾市的全部信息。 地理位置 汕尾市位于广东省东部,东临汕头,西接惠州市,深圳市,素有“粤东桥梁”之称。 历史 一个很长历史的沿海城市 面积 5271 平方千米 人口 360 万 气候 气候宜人,冬不寒冷,夏不酷热 名胜古迹 封山祖庙(Fengshan Temple), 红海湾(Red Bay)每年吸引大量的游客 特色 自然资源非常丰富,如矿产,森林,农产品 粤东桥梁:bridge of eastern Guangdong Located in the east of Guangdong Province , Shanwei is a coastal city with a long history. With Shantou on its east and Huizhou,Shenzhen on its west, Shanwei is also called the “bridge of eastern Guangdong”. It covers a total area of 5271 square kilometers with a population of about 360 million. The climate here is pleasant, neither too hot in summer nor too cold in winter and it is rich in natural resources ,such as mine, forest, farm produce and so on. Shanwei has many places of interest, among which is the Fengshan Temple,Red Bay whose scenery is very beautiful, attracts lots of tourists from different places every year.




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