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课题:Book 8 Module 2 Writing

The Renaissance

主备人:杜文静 单位: 滕州二中新校高二英语 一、教学目标、方法和手段概述
课 题 The Renaissance 课 型



Encourage students to know the new vocabulary: ferry/tax/depend on/in history/leave for To train: 1. the ability of rewriting the sentences using the ed / ing / to do in Grammar. 2. the ability of organize the sentences into a paragraph. 1. Learn to work cooperatively with others. 2. Help Ss to use ed / ing / to do. Guide the Ss’ to learn to make a difficult sentence.

目 标 要 求


情感态度价 值观


1. How to improve Ss’ writing skills. 2. How to use non-finite. 1. The Task-based Approach is adopted to design some tasks in each step of the lesson, from simple to complex and related to each other. 2. Students-centered Approach is used to arouse the Ss’ interest in writing the paragraph.



Rearrangement of the module 1st Period Intensive Reading 2nd Period Language Points 3rd Extensive reading Period 4th Grammar&Functio Period n th 5 period Writing Introduction & Reading and Vocabulary Language points & Everyday English Cultural Corner & Reading Grammar 1 & Grammar 2 Writing

Before Writing

Step 1

Revision and lead-in (Pair work—4minutes ) Morning, everyone! Since we have covered Grammar of Module two, let’s have a revision to see whether you have really mastered them. Are you ready? S: Yes. T: Ok. First, Song zhu zhu will do it as an example. Then practise in pairs. Correct your partners’ mistakes after he/ she has finished ,if any. 1. Leonardo decided _________ (become) an artist when he was a boy. 2. He used _________ (draw) everything he saw around him. 3. He went to France _________ (work) for the King. 4. When he got there, he gave up _________ (paint). 5. The Renaissance artists taught us ____________ (see) nature in a new way. 6. They stopped ___________ (follow)the old rules about color and perspective. 7. They began ______ (experiment) with light and shade. 8. The increase in international trade helped Renaissance ideas ________ (spread) quickly. 9. Many artists agreed _________ (work) for wealthy patrons. 10. Today lots of people enjoy ______ (go) to art galleries. 11. You promised ______ (take) me to the Louvre. 12. I suggest ______ () about the Renaissance before we go.


T: Well done, everyone! Now let’s look at the screen(投影) and have a quick revision. Answers: 1.to become 2.to draw 3. to work 4.painting 5.to see 6.following 7.to experiment/experimenting 8. spread/to spread 9.to work 10.going 11. to take 12. reading
Step 2 Read the passage on P22(<<课本>>),and follow these instructions(Activity1). (Group-work: Divide the students into groups of six)

1. Decide which sentence (or parts of sentences) in each paragraph give you important information and which sentences give you extra information. 2. Use the important information to write a summary of each paragraph. 3. Make each summary about 50 words and write it in the style of a postcard to a friend. II. Choose the correct picture for each of your postcards in Activity1.


While Writing
Step 1 Imagine you were a visitor to the town where you live. Write a passage for your diary. Write about: your arrival in the town your general impression of the town the architecture your plans for tomorrow

T: Now, please take out your guiding paper and try to finish Form1.
(Group work—3minutes)

place For example Tengzhou

population 1,680,000

Your arrival in the town location climate Industry, agriculture the south Summe “a land of of r potatoes”, Shandong winter “one of the 100 top counties”

transport high-speed rail ; high-speed train:


Tip: If you write a paragraph, the topic sentence (中心句) can go like this: .... are both located/ situated in...
Step 2 Write sentences using to/ing/ed in the table. ( Pairwork--5 minutes)

T: Class, now please try to use to/ing/ed in the table to rewrite your sentences. -to do -ing -ed T: The following examples may help you to make your sentences more organized. (1) Tengzhou is an old county built by…. (2) Although ... is well developed, the environment there is seriously polluted.
Step 3 Write a sentence to finish your description about your opinion about the place. ( Work independently--2minutes)

T: Think of a closing sentence(结尾句) to finish the place. ......


方式,针对老师的问题进行信息的收集整合,从而逐步形成他们自己的写作素 材,避免了千篇一律的尴尬。 Step 4 Write a paragraph according to your discussion as long as you can. (10 minutes) While students are busy writing their passages, the teacher will give the students some help if necessary, and at the same time, the teacher select 2-3 passages that are good in expressions and handwriting.
预设活动和目的:根据写作技能教学目标的要求, “写中”活动要涉及篇章结构和

巧妙地连句成文,所以要鼓励学生尽可能多的表达、输出“写前”所涉及到 的内容信息。 预期效果:学生“写前”活动参与度的高低直接影响到段落的生成。 Post-writing
T: OK, as I have seen, almost all of you are doing a hard work. You are great!

Now let’s enjoy and grade some passages among you. Task 1 Enjoy, exchange and grade(评定等级) students’ paragraph according to the standards(标准)
评价角度 grade 等级 句子 标点,冠词,拼写,大小 写, 书写, 卷面 Excellent 基本完全正确 少于 3 个 美观 Good 少量错误 4—6 个 一般 较多 较差 OK 错误太多

A. Check the writing with each other and give them _?_ grades. B. Underline(划下)the beautiful sentences with “﹋”and the mistakes with “___”. In carrying out this task, the teacher firstly lead students to grade 2 or 3 passages, and then ask students to exchange and grade their group member’s passage. Task 2 Share -- Choose the best paragraph in each group .(通过实物展台展示 给全班同学) T: Wonderful! They all have done a good job! Now it’s your turn. Exchange your passage to your group member and grade them with each other. From their paragraphs, I have learnt: Good sentences: _______________________________ Mistakes corrected: ________________________________ ---During this period, students will get more involved in class and learn from others. 预设活动和目的:了解评定标准后, 借助投影,针对学生的 paragraph 设置了 师生共评、组内互评、组组分享的教学活动,让学生体会到分享的重要性 和意义,体验到赞赏和成就感。 预期效果:学生能在老师的指导下主动踊跃的参与活动,无形之中督促他们互

相学习、共同进步。并且对待错误有则改之无则加勉。随时记录积累。 Homework: Writing:

根据以上两幅图提供的信息及提示内容写一篇英语短文,简要介绍徐悲鸿及其 作品《八骏图》 。 徐悲鸿 (1895-1953) 中国著名艺术家。 , 据说这幅 《八骏图》 (Eight Horseshoe) 是他为 General Chennault (曾参加中国抗日战争的美国空军将军)而作,作 品象征着中华民族不屈不挠的精神,后被将军夫人陈香梅女士捐赠,现珍藏于 华盛顿的一个博物馆。 参考词汇:马鬃: mane 飞奔: galloping 绷紧:strain 参考句型: He painted in the combination of the traditional Chinese brush and…. It’s said that… With manes flying,….. 设置目的:让学生依据作文评价标准,对在课上积累的好句子进行迁移应用,从 而达到在活学活用中达到自我写作能力提升的目的.

Surf the Internet to get information about the town where you live. (1)Located in the… (2)covers a total area of over… square kilometers (3)with a population of over… (4) ... , making// which makes Datong a good place for tourists. (5) It’s a city with developed tourism...

1. 自我评价: 说说学习过程中自己特别感兴趣并有帮助的活动,说出这些活动在哪些方面对 自己有帮助 Parts to be interested Help and benefit you may get from it in While-writing Arouse interest and improve the students’ writing ability

2. 小组互评: 发言的次数 (多于平均 姓名 3,一般 2, 少于平均 1) 宋珠珠 1 王本志 3 甘文文 3 刘畅 2

和同学的合 作意愿(好 3,一般 2, 不太愿意 1) 2 3 3 2

对同伴的启 发和帮助(较 大 3,一般 2, 几乎没有 1) 2 2 1 3

为小组活动准备 的资料(较多 3, 总分 一般 2 ,很少 1) 2 3 1 2 7 11 8 9

五、教 后 记
设计理念:基于本堂课开放型写作任务的特点,课堂设计完全围绕学生活 动展开,体现“以学生为中心”的教学理念。学习语言就是为了交际与实践, 所以通过学生组内讨论、组组分享的过程,体现“以活动为基础” “以交际为 、 导向”的教学理念。 课堂构架: 本堂课是本模块第五堂课, 在课中我主要以分为“写前、写中、写后”三 个环节。 “写前”通过反复提问,激励学生小组讨论,Group leader 当发言人分 享观点想法。 “写前”的活动是输入环节,为“写中”做了充足的铺垫,提供 了丰厚的写作素材,预设到要使用的句型结构,最后自然过渡到写作的基本框 架。 “写后”根据评价标准涉及了师生评,组内互评,组组分享的环节,实现了 作文的综合内化资源共享,更加突出了输出的“厚”度。其中,组组分享又是 一个“兵教兵”的过程。本节课学习和写作任务基本达成。遗憾之处是 task 讨 论环节的课堂气氛还可以再调动的好些。由于 C 层的学生基础薄弱,能写出来 的句子很少,所以要注重课下的单独指导和鼓励。 我认为本堂课能够以学生为主体,活动任务能够让他们全面主动的参与, 并且能当堂巩固、灵活运用所学知识,是一堂课较为的成功。在这堂课中不足 之处在于所设任务偏多,对于层次低的学生来说偏难,英语基础差的同学完全 参与进来有一定的难度,在以后课堂中我会努力改进,设计活动更精炼更有层 次性,让不同程度的学生都能够积极参与进来。



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