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山西省运城市康杰中学2015版高考英语 Module 1 Basketball课后达标复习检测(含解析)外研版选修7

Module 1


(建议用时:30 分钟) Ⅰ.单项填空 1. You cannot legally take ________ possession of the property until three weeks after ________ contract is signed. A.the;the B./;the C.the;a D./;a 2. She________herself successfully in court and the judge declared her innocent. A.expressed B.described C.replaced D.defended 3. We don’t doubt________the boy can ________the angry teacher. A.if;apologise for B.whether;apologise to C.that;apologise to D.what;apologise 4. Don’t waste lots of time looking for the answer to one question. Leave it and come back to it later________. A.if it necessary B.if you are necessary C.if is necessary D.if necessary 5. (2014·天津十二区联考)The media can often help solve problems and ________ attention to situations ________ help is needed. A.take;which B.draw;where C.pay;that D.draw;/ 6. It is not surprising for Tom to take up the challenge. It is ________ of him to take hard jobs. A.normal B.typical C.common D.ordinary 7.Mary told us on the phone she would be back ________. A.in an instant B.on an instant C.for instance D.for an instant 8. There’s no doubt________ enough concern must be paid to the problem of the stay-at-home children. A.which B.whether C.that D.what 9. Advertisements ________ on these facts have been printed in newspapers and magazines but have not helped much. A.based B.basing C.to be based D.are based 10.The newly discovered star was named ________ a Chinese astronomer ________ honour of his contributions to astronomy. A.for;in B.after;for C.as;in D.after;in


11.The city, ________ by an army of 1,500 soldiers, was difficult to take. A.protected B.defended C.attacked D.prevented 12. He had a talent for music and was________conductor of Shanghai Symphony Orchestra at the age of 30. A.assigned B.appointed C.recommended D.honoured 13. (2014·四川成都高三质检)There will be a concert at the People’s Theater tonight. It is to be broadcast ________. Don’t miss it. A.lively B.alive C.live D.living 14. If I find someone who looks like the suspect, my________ reaction will be to tell the police. A.physical B.immediate C.sensitive D.sudden 15. — I’ll have a party at my house this weekend.Would you like to come? — Thanks for your invitation.________ A.Really hot. B.I’m with you on that. C.I’m really looking forward to it. D.Oh, come on. Ⅱ.完形填空 (2014·山东青岛市质检)When I was a little boy, I would play outside for hours on sunny summer days and then have a deep and peaceful sleep at night. Sometimes, I’d have some vivid dreams, making me__1__for a moment. I would stare out into the darkness to see if anything was there and then__2__over and go back to sleep. I can still remember a few times when I woke up , __3__out into the darkness, and actually__4__someone there. It was Mom __5__ over me as I slept. Each time she__6__told me to go back to sleep and I closed my eyes again, feeling__7__ and loved. I__8__asked Mom why she watched me sleep from time to time but__9__seeing my own children __10__so fast, I think I know why she wanted to catch a moment in time and __11__ it in her heart forever. I just__12__ that she carried a lot of those moments with her into Heaven when she__13__at only 55. Last night I was sleeping lightly __14__ I suddenly felt someone near me. I opened my eyes and saw Mom’s __15__ standing in the room, smiling at me. And then she was gone. Now __16__may say that this was just a dream,a wish or part of an old__17__. To me, though, it was__18__ that Mom’s loving spirit was still watching over me. To me it was evidence enough to know that one day I would be__19__with her and everyone I have ever loved. Trust in their love. Know that your own life can be full of __20__, too. Then joyfully go out and live it with a brave heart and a smiling soul. 1. A.excited B.afraid


C.worried D.awake 2. A.take B.roll C.look D.climb 3. A.went B.burst C.looked D.found 4. A.met B.saw C.expected D.dreamed 5. A.watching B.treating C.helping D.sitting 6. A.angrily B.gladly C.silently D.gently 7. A.quiet B.nervous C.safe D.anxious 8. A.never B.often C.sometimes D.seldom 9. A.before B.after C.since D.for 10. A.bring up B.raise up C.lift up D.grow up 11. A.hold B.remove C.find D.cover 12. A.decide B.hope C.wonder D.remember 13. A.ran away B.put away C.passed away D.took away 14. A.when B.while C.after D.before 15. A.body B.figure C.shape D.shadow 16. A.all B.none C.some D.any 17. A.dream B.wish C.story D.memory 18. A.proof B.time C.chance D.belief 19. A.reunited B.buried C.connected D.joined 20. A.hope B.joy C.love D.surprise Ⅲ.阅读理解 Apart from psychological illness,we are all largely responsible for our own emotional health.What we say to ourselves over and over for days,weeks,months, and sometimes years,has a great effect on how we see ourselves.This also contributes to many mental health disorders.


Many of us have problems with negative thoughts playing on the channel of our minds,but if you’re buried in them and believe them,they could be wearing your sense of self-esteem(自尊).Here are a few beliefs that indicate you may need to switch the channel:I’m not good enough?/I don’t deserve...?/No one likes me? /I’m a failure? Negative thoughts remind you of your bad feelings and they bring your focus on your failures,and they get you nowhere. What can you do?Here are some suggestions: Switch the channel when negative thoughts appear.Self-talk is not so obvious that we often don’t notice its effect on our mood and belief systems.Key things to notice are“if only”or “what if”statements:the former keeps you stuck in the past with regret,while the latter keeps you fearful of the future.There is nothing you can do about the past,and the future isn’t here yet,so stay in the present moment. Recognize that actions always follow beliefs.You’ll find yourself behaving in ways that are consistent to your beliefs.So,start believing the best about yourself: act as if you believe that you’re a valuable and worthy person. Develop positive self-talk rather than negative self-talk.Instead of always looking down upon yourself in your head,think of some things you actually like about yourself.What are your strengths?What are you good at?Instead of saying “I’m a loser”,try saying, “I am capable./I’m good at.../I accept myself the way I am.” Thinking poorly about ourselves gets us nowhere and is extremely self - limiting.Decide today to turn off the negative self-talk channel in your mind and develop your true potential. 1.From the first two paragraphs we can learn that________. A.lots of people have no sense of self-esteem B.focusing on negative thoughts may have bad effect on people C.negative thoughts will strengthen our sense of self-esteem D.few people have negative thoughts and mental problems 2 . The underlined word“wearing”in Paragraph 2 is closest in meaning to________. A.strengthening B.protecting C.weakening D.replacing 3.What do the suggestions in the text tell us? A.Our beliefs always come after actions. B.Positive self-talk does good to our mental health. C.Looking down upon ourselves is a sign of modesty. D.“What if” keeps you stuck in the past with regret. 4.The text encourages us to________. A.get rid of negative thoughts B.get anywhere we like C.think highly of others D.turn off the self-talk channel


选修 7 Module 1 课后达标检测 37 Ⅰ.单项填空 1.解析:选 B。考查冠词。take possession of 为固定用法,意为“占有,拥有”, possession 前不用冠词;contract 为谈话双方都知道的事情,需要用定冠词 the。句意: 契约签署三周后,你才能合法取得这份产业的所有权。 2.解析:选 D。句意:在法庭上她成功地为自己辩护,法官宣布她无罪。express 表达; describe 描述;replace 代替;defend 保护,辩护。故 D 项符合句意。 3. 解析: 选 C。 句意: 我们确信这个男孩会向这位生气的老师道歉的。 don’t doubt that 毫不怀疑??;apologise to sb.for sth. 因为某事向某人道歉。 4.解析:选 D。考查从句的省略。句意:不要花费太多的时间寻找一个问题的答案。 把它放到一边,如果有必要的话,以后再来解决它。条件状语从句补全为: if it is necessary。根据从句的主语是 it is 时,可把 it is 省略掉的原则,省略成 D 项的形式。 5.解析:选 B。draw attention to 吸引注意。situation,case 后常用 where 引导定 语从句。pay attention to 关注,注意。 6. 解析: 选 B。 句意: 汤姆接受这个挑战并不奇怪。 勇挑重担是他的特点。 It is typical of sb.to do sth.为固定句型,其中的 typical 是指某人在品质、性格方面所“特有的,独 特的”。 7.解析:选 A。句意:玛丽在电话中告诉我们她马上就回来。B、C 两项搭配错误;A 项表示“立即,马上”;D 项表示“一瞬间”。 8.解析:选 C。句意:毫无疑问,对留守儿童问题应予以足够重视。There’s no doubt that ...为固定句式,意为“毫无疑问??”。 9.解析:选 A。句意:根据这些情况拟定的广告登载在报纸和杂志上,但是效果不大。 base 此处是及物动词,与 advertisements 是被动关系,因此要用过去分词形式。 10.解析:选 D。 name after 意为“以??命名”; in honour of 意为“为了纪念”。 11.解析:选 B。考查动词词义辨析。protect “保护,防卫”; defend “保卫,防 御”; attack “进攻”; prevent “防止,预防”。根据句意可知答案为 B。 12.解析:选 B。考查动词词义辨析。句意:他有音乐天赋,30 岁时就被任命为上海交 响乐团的指挥。assign 委派,分派,常与介词 to 连用;appoint sb.sth. 任命某人某事, 在本句中用于被动语态;recommend 推荐;honour 尊重,敬重。 13.解析:选 C。句意:今晚在人民剧院举行音乐会,将要进行现场直播。不要错过哦。 live 除作形容词外,还可作副词,意为“现场直播地,现场演出地”。lively, alive 和 living 都是形容词。 14.解析:选 B。考查形容词词义辨析。句意:如果我发现某人看上去像嫌疑犯,我的 即时反应就是报警。A 项意为“体力的,物理的”;B 项意为“立刻的,马上的”;C 项意 为“敏感的,体贴的”;D 项意为“突然的”。故 B 项符合。 15.解析:选 C。句意:——我家周末有聚会。你要不要来呀?——谢谢你的邀请,我 真的很期待。Really hot 意为“非常好”;I’m with you on that 表示“关于此事我赞同 或支持你的观点”;I’m really looking forward to it 意为“我真的很期待”;Oh, come on 意为“哦,得了吧”。 Ⅱ.完形填空 [解题导语] 作者通过叙述自己的故事, 深深地了解了母爱, 从中他感悟到爱是生活中 最美好的事物。 1.解析:选 D。有时“我”会做一些生动的梦,让“我”片刻间处在醒着的 (awake) 状态。 2.解析:选 B。根据 2 空后面的 go back to sleep 可知,“我”又翻身睡着了。roll over 的意思是“翻身”,符合语境。 3.解析:选 C。 “我”仍然记得有几次,当“我”醒来时,“我”看(looked)着外边 漆黑的夜晚。 4.解析:选 B。 根据下文可知,实际上“我”看到(saw)了某个人在那里。 5.解析:选 A。那是“我”母亲在“我”睡觉时照看(watching over)“我”。 18 空

后面的 watching over me 也是暗示。 6.解析:选 D。 每次母亲都会温柔地(gently)告诉“我”,让“我”回去继续睡觉。 7.解析:选 C。 此时“我” 感到了安全与爱的存在,所以选 safe。 8.解析:选 A。 “我”从来没有(never)问过母亲为什么要这样做。 9.解析:选 B。 但是当“我”看着“我”的孩子快速长大后(after),“我”想“我” 知道了原因。 10.解析:选 D。 这里表示孩子的成长,用 grow up。 11.解析:选 A。 根据上下文内容可知,此处表示母亲想永远把它记在(hold)心中。 hold 意为“持有,保留,保存”。 12.解析:选 B。此处表示我的一种希望,所以用 hope。 13.解析:选 C。 根据下文可知,“我”的母亲已经去世(passed away)了。 14.解析:选 A。 根据 14 空后面的 I suddenly felt someone near me 可知,这是一 个时间状语从句,表示“就在那时”,应用 when。 15.解析:选 B。 这里表示“我”看到母亲站在房间里,朝着“我”微笑。figure 表 示“(远处人的)轮廓;(隐约可见的)人影”。 16.解析:选 C。 一些人(some)也许会说那只是一个梦。 17.解析:选 D。或者是“我”对母亲的记忆(memory)的一部分。 18.解析:选 A。 对“我”来说,它是母亲充满爱意的灵魂仍然在照看着“我”的证 明(proof)。其后的 evidence 是线索提示。 19.解析:选 A。 “我”知道也许有一天“我”会和“我”的母亲重聚(reunited)。 20.解析:选 C。 相信爱,同时也要知道你的生活中充满着爱(love)。 Ⅲ.阅读理解 [解题导语] 文章主要告诉大家抛弃消极的思想,培养积极的思想。 1.解析:选 B。推理判断题。根据文章第一段中的“What we say to ourselves...has a great effect on how we see ourselves.This also contributes to many mental health disorders.”以及第二段中的“Many of us have problems with negative thoughts playing on the channel of our minds”可以判断出,消极的思想会对人产生不利的影响,故答案 为 B。 2.解析:选 C。词义猜测题。根据画线词前后的内容可知,这里指的是消极的思想可 能会减弱人们的自尊感。故 wearing 在此与 weakening 的意思最接近,表示“减弱”。 3.解析:选 B。推理判断题。根据文章最后四段的内容可推知,积极的自我暗示对我 们的心理有益,故 B 项正确。 4.解析:选 A。推理判断题。通读全文可知,文章鼓励我们抛弃消极的思想。故答案 为 A。



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