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Section Ⅲ Grammar

一、将两个句子合并为一个含有定语从句的复合句 例句:This is the mobile phone. My father bought the mobile phone for me yesterday. →This is the mobile phone (that) my father bought for me yesterday. 1.Mr.Smith will pay a visit to Beijing this autumn. He will enjoy the beauty of the places of interest in Beijing. 答案:Mr.Smith will pay a visit to Beijing this autumn,where he will enjoy the beauty of the places of interest. 2.October 15th is my birthday. I will never forget the day. 答案:October 15th is my birthday,which I will never forget.

3.The people were given help by the Red Cross. Their homes had been damaged by the flood. 答案:The people,whose homes had been damaged by the flood,were given help by the Red Cross. 4.The humans are destroying nature day by day. It of course,will cause severe punishment sooner or later. 答案:The humans are destroying nature day by day,which of course,will cause severe punishment sooner or later. 5.The man was under the tree. The man is her father. 答案:The man who was under the tree is her father.

6.This is the research center. There you visited the modern equipment last year. 答案:This is the research center where you visited the modern equipment last year. 7.He stayed there for quite a long time. During the time he learned much spoken English. 答案:He stayed there for quite a long time,during which he learned much spoken English. 8.He failed in the examination. It made his father very angry. 答案:He failed in the examination,which made his father very angry.

9.You’ve arrived late this month. It’s the third time. 答案:It’s the third time that you’ve arrived late this month. 10.We are going to spend the Spring Festival in Guangzhou. There live my grandparents and some relatives. 答案:We are going to spend the Spring Festival in Guangzhou,where live my grandparents and some relatives.

二、用定语从句翻译句子 1.正在隔壁房间唱英文歌的女孩是汤姆的妹妹。 答案:1.The girl who is singing an English song in the next room is Tom’s sister. 2.在这个世界上,没有一个这样的你梦想到的地方。 答案:There is no such place as you dream of in this world.

限制性定语从句和非限制性定语从句 语法图解

根据定语从句与先行词之间关系的紧密程度,定语从句可分为限 制性定语从句和非限制性定语从句两种。限制性定语从句在意义 上与先行词关系密切,是不可缺少的定语。非限制性定语从句和主 句的关系不十分密切,只是对先行词的附加说明,如果去掉,主句的 意思仍然清楚完整;明显的标志就是从句和主句之间用逗号隔开。 引导非限制性定语从句的关系代词有which,who,whom,whose;关系 副词有where,when等。that不能用来引导非限制性定语从句。

1.作用不同 限制性定语从句具有修饰限制的作用,如果限制性定语从句省略 了,句子意思就不完整。而非限制性定语从句和先行词之间关系不 很密切,只是起补充说明的作用,去掉并不影响整个句子的完整性。 翻译句子 ① (2017·北京)The little problems that we meet in our daily lives may be inspirations for great inventions.(限制性定语从句) 翻译 答案:我们在日常生活中遇到的小问题可能是伟大发明的灵感来 源。 ②(2018·北京)She and her family bicycle to work,which helps them
keep fit. 翻译 答案:她和她的家人骑车去上班,这帮助他们保持身体健康。

2.限制性定语从句和主句之间没有逗号隔开,而非限制性定语从 句和主句之间有逗号隔开。
选出下列句子中的非限制性定语从句。 ③This is the book that I bought last year. 这是我去年买的那本书。 ④His father,who works in Shanghai,now is fifty years old. 他的父亲在上海工作,现在50岁了。 非限制性定语从句 答案:④

3.限制性定语从句的先行词一般是名词或代词,而非限制性定语 从句的先行词可以是一个词也可以是前面一句话的内容。
指出下列定语从句的先行词。 ⑤The man who had his bright lights on came over and told Larry
he had made an emergency call. 那个开着车灯的人走过来告诉拉里他已经打了急救电话。 先行词 答案:The man ⑥His son has made great achievements in his work,which made
him very proud. 他儿子在工作中取得了很大的成就,这使他很骄傲。 先行词 答案:His son has made great achievements in his work




which,for which来替代。


⑦The factory that I visited yesterday produces many kinds of life


=The factory,

I visited yesterday,produces many kinds

of life necessities.



⑧The boy has told his teacher the reason why he didn’t go to

school yesterday.

=The boy has told his teacher the reason,

he didn’t go

to school yesterday.


答案:for which




⑨This is my neighbor

I helped yesterday.




I got to know in New York,is now in




(3)which引导限制性定语从句时,如果在从句中作宾语,可以省略。 但在非限制性定语从句中是不可以省略的。
单句语法填空 11The computer which/that/不填 I had repaired went wrong
again. 12The computer, which I had repaired,went wrong again.






13 As

we all know,Mo Yan is a famous writer.


14He is a cheat, as

everyone can see.


15The weather turned out to be very fine, which was more

than we could expect.


(5)as引导非限制性定语从句时,常作一些实义动词的宾语,例如 see,know,say,report,imagine,remember,point out等。常见的用法 有:as is known to all/as we all know,as has been said before,as you expected/imagined,as is mentioned above,as has been already reported/announced等。
16As has been announced,we shall have our final exam next month. 翻译 答案:正如已宣布的那样,我们下个月进行期末考试。 17He failed in the driving test,as we had expected. 翻译 答案:正像我们所预料的那样,他没通过驾照考试。

(5)The bread my wife makes is much better than

you can

buy at a store.

(6)I shall never forget the day

Yutu-2 was launched,

has a great effect on my life.


is known to everybody,Taiwan is a part of China.

(8)The time is not far away

modern communications will

become widespread in China’s vast countryside.

(9)There are several research centers in China

a certain

disease called Bird Flu is being studied.

(10)The artist will not paint people or animals but he will paint


the little girl asks him to.



She has many friends,

are businessmen.


Jack passed the test,

everybody in his class.


The famous basketball star,

visit China next week,has attracted a lot of attention. (14)最近我买了一个花瓶,价格合理。

Recently I have bought a vase,



was very



She heard a terrible noise,

made her frightened.

答案:(1)which (2)where/in which (3)as (4)when (5)that (6)when;which (7)As (8)when (9)where (10)that/不填 (11)some of whom/of whom some (12)which surprised (13)who is going to (14)the price of which/of which the price (15)which

一二 三


1.(2018·浙江)But people’s opinion about the modern U.S.school


averages 180 days,is still divided.


2.(2018·全国Ⅱ)The results showed that those


with their server reported significantly higher positive feelings and a

better coffee shop experience.


3.(2017·北京)This is called “herd immunity”,

protects the

people who get hurt easily,including those who can’t be vaccinated

for medical reasons,babies too young to get vaccinated and people on

the vaccine doesn’t work.


一二 三


we all know,most of the ratings are based

on others’ judgment on the product or service concerned.



sister I shared a room with when we

were at college,has gone to work in Australia.


一二 三


1.Do you know the reason

he didn’t want to accept the

job? 答案:why

2.Can you still remember the day

we met two Englishmen

and talked with them happily?


3.He wrote a letter

he explained what had happened in

the accident. 答案:where

一二 三
三、单句改错 1.(2018·全国Ⅲ)To my great joy,a famous new stadium has been put up,that has become the landmark in our school. 答案:that→which或that前加and 2.(2017·浙江)When the war was near,Alia was worried that the fires of war would destroy the books,they are more precious to her than mountains of gold. 答案:they→which或they前加and 3.(2018·全国Ⅰ)They also had a small pond which they raised fish. 答案:which前加in或which→where

一二 三
4.Located in the place in where the Belt meets the Road,Jiangsu will contribute more to the Belt and Road construction. 答案:where→which或去掉in 5.She is always working hard,which everyone can see. 答案:which→as



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