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Module Five Great People and Great Inventions of Ancient China Learning Aims: a. Know something about some great people and inventions in ancient China such as :Confucius, Mencius , Mozi and their teaching thoughts. b. Learn how to express their own opinions and how to give reasons. c. Learn how to describe a famous person in ancient China. d. Grasp the usage of defining attributive clause. Difficulties and Importance: a. Use the expressions of giving reasons freely. b. Help the students understand the text exactly and retell the text in students’ own words. a. Master the usage of attributive clause.

ever since in terms of on the other hand little by little 3 词汇运用 Know the meaning of the following words and use some of the words to complete the gaps. Equal importance look after Ruler state philosopher philosophy treat war

teachings thinker

预习案 introduction
1, 课标词汇,写出中文意思或英语单词。 equal adj. philosopher n. teaching n. (常作复数) kindness n. principle n. stress vt. adviser n. love n. justice n. contribution n. leather n. soft adj. inventor freedom condition 2,写出短语中文意思 because of be known as 重要;重要性 n. n. 哲学 n. 思想 秩序 n. 职位 vi. 辞职 adj. 有影响的 n. 诚实 n. 树皮 vt. 发明 n. 和尚 n. 范畴;种类 n. 争论,辩论 n. 燃料

In ancient China, private teachers traveled from state to s_______ explaining their p________ Confucius was the most important of the ancient Chinese p________ Confucius’s t_________ influenced society for more than 2000 years. Other important t_______ included Mencius and Mozi. All three teachers believed in the i_________ of kindness and good government. Mencius’s ideas were very similar to those of Confucius, but some of Mozi’s t_________ were very different. For example, he hated the idea of w_____ and believed that strong people should l_________ weaker people. Read the passage above again and answer the following questions. Q1. Which ancient philosophers were mentioned in the passage? Q2. What did they all believe in?


Q3. In what way were Confucius’ ideas different from Mozi’s ideas? 4,Read the following statements. Translate them into Chinese first and then tick the ideas that Confucius taught.

4. Some rulers followed the advice which was given by Mencius.( 5. Mozi was a man who lived an unusual life.( )


c. 1. Man is born good 2. All human beings are equal. 3. The family is important. We are members of a group. 4. Treat others in the way you want to be treated. 5. People are more important than rulers


Read the passage carefully; and fill the form with the proper information. Name Year of Birth Length of living Confucius Background Ideas Influence

Mencius 探究案 reading and vocabulary While-reading: Mozi a. Skimming: Read the passage quickly and find the answer to the questions: the three great persons that the writer is talking about b. Scanning. Decide whether the following statements are true or false 1. Confucius lived in a country where there was no war a long time ago.( ) 【词条 1】influence 【课文原句】Confucius’s teachings influenced society for more than 2,000 years. (Page 43) 此处 influence 为动词,意思是“对??有影响”,整句意为“ 。 and .

Step 4. Language Explanations:

2. Confucius was a philosopher whose influence has been the greatest for more than 2000 years.( ) 3. Mencius was a student taught by Confucius. ( )


【词条 2】stress, order 【课文原句】He stressed the importance of kindness, duty and order in society. (Page43) stress 此处意为“ ”,相当于 emphasize。整句话意为“ ”。

Found 过去时态 【词条 4】bring up


【课文原句】His father died when he was young, and he was brought up by his mother. (Page 43) 【点拨】bring up 此处意为“抚养、养育”。如: The old man has brought up three children

【拓展】stress 可作名词,有“压力;强调”之意。如:under the place / put / lay stress on 重视,强调。如: The boy stole the bread / / / .在饥饿的压力下。

of 在??的压力下;

The boy was brought up by his aunt. 【词条 5】a time 【课文原句】It was also a time when there were many great philosophers. (Page 43) a time 此处意为“一个时期,一段时间”。如:

Our English teacher put particular stress

the important of reading English aloud. 填一介词

【点拨 2】order 此处意为“秩序,次序”。常见的搭配有:in order 按顺序,整齐;out of order 不整齐,状态混乱。【拓展】order 还可意为“命令;点(菜等);定货”,可作名词或动词。 如:

It’s a time since I saw you last. It’s time we ordered dinner. 翻译 【拓展】time 常见的搭配还有: May I have your order, please? 翻译 1. at a time 【词条 3】found 2. at one time 【课文原句】Mozi founded the philosophy called mohism. (Page 43) 【词条 6】be at war with found 此处意为“创立” 。该句意为“墨子创立了墨家哲学”。如: 【课文原句】Ancient China was a place where states were often at war with each other. (Page43) 3. at the same time :


at war 意为“处于战争状态中”, be at war with 意为“与??处于战争状态中”,而 at /in peace 则是“处于和平状态,相安无事”的意思。如:


【词条 7】be similar to 【课文原句】Mengzi was a thinker whose teachings were very similar to that of Confucius. 【点拨】be similar to 是“和??相似”的意思,“在??方面相似”用 be similar in。如: Shenzhen is similar to Hongkong in many ways. Gold is similar in color to brass. 【拓展】与??相同;


1,通过所给翻译,填写句子 1. He became a student of Confucius’ ideas … 他成为研究孔子思想的学生。 2. He then became an to another ruler. 他然后成为另外的一个统治者的顾问。 3. However, when he saw that the ruler was not his advice, he . 然而,当他看到统 治者没有听从他的忠告时,他辞职了。 4. For many years he traveled state state, the principles of Confucius.他周游 列国很多年,宣讲孔子的法则。 5. He spent his last years a book of his teachings called The Book of Mencius.去年他花了 一年的时间准备一本名为《孟子之书》的教义。 6. , his beliefs were similar to those of Confucius. 在某些方面, 他的信念与孔子的类似 7.His idea of love was the Confucian idea of kindness.他的爱的观点不同于孔子的仁 的观点。

1. be at war (with…) 2. bring up 3. become/get/be interested in… 4. be proud of=take pride in 5. in conclusion=in a word=in a nutshell 6. for the first time 7. from…to … 8. believe in 9. be similar to 10. cause trouble 11. give advice 12. be related to… 13. follow one’s advice 14. as a result 15. be different from=differ from 16. stress the importance of 17. order in society 18. be given a position 19. travel from state to state 20. spend time (in) doing 21. treat… badly 22. in some way(s) 23. look after=take care of=care for 24. a sense of responsibility 25. put… in order of importance 26. at the beginning/end of 27. up to five people 28. to give an example=for example 29. if so 30. tell the time 31. mass production 32. energy source 33. in poor and crowded conditions


34. spread to… ,3,.词汇句型(共 10 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 10 分) 1.All men are created _________and we must enjoy _________right and chances in everything. A.fair;same B.similarly;fair C.equal;equal D.fairly;equal 2.The patient isn’t out of danger.He is _________ than he was yesterday. A.no better B.worst C.not worse D.not more 3.Mr Brown is__________respected by his colleagues. A.very B.much C.rather D.extremely 4.The pressure of this gas pipe is greater than__________. A.the gas pipe B.of the gas pipe C.that of the gas pipe D.those of the gas pipe 5.She remained at home to look__________the children when her husband went out. A.after B.for C.on D.at 6. — Why are you going to _________ from that company.Don’t forget it’s a high-paid job? —Because I don’t like the way they _________me. A.leave;think B.retire;regard C.resign;tr eat D.design;behave 7.L inda’s parents died when she was a baby and was _________by her aunt. A.brought out B.raised up C.grown up D.brought up 8.The plan was that the two parties should first reach an agreement on the basic ________,the details to be worked but later. A.standards B.practice C.habits D.principle 9.Susan was completely weighed down by the__________of examinations. A.strength B.power C.value D.stress 10.—We’ll eat as soon as the meat is done. —It has__________to cook for another five minutes. A.still B.yet C.already D.may 4,读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 36-55 各题所给的 A、B、C 和 D 四个选项中,选 出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。 It was freezing outside my car. The wind was blowing 36 . I did not want to get out of the car 37 the cold-ness outside. Suddenly I 38 a tiny figure sitting still at a corner of the store. It was an old man of more than seventy, 39 for someone that would think of giving

him a single 40 or a cup of hot tea. I was about to open my biscuit packet 41 my mind and soul went out to this old man.



关系代词有:who, whom, whose, that, which 等。 关系副词有:when, where, why 等。 1. 关系代词所代替的先行词是人或物的名词或代词,并在从句中充当主语、宾语等成分。关系 代词在定语从句中作主语时,从句谓语动词的人称和数要和先行词保持一致。 (1) who, whom, that。这些词代替的先行词是人的名词或代词,在从句中作主语和宾语。如: He is the right actor I want to find for my film. (2) whose 用来指人或物,只用作定语。 若指物时,它可以同 of which 互换,互换时为:n + of which。如: Please pass me the book whose cover is torn. Please pass me the book the cover of which is torn. (3) which, that 所代替的先行词是事物的名词或代词,在从句中可作主语、宾语等。如: Italy is a famous city which has a lot of great buildings. 2. 关系副词引导的定语从句 关系副词的先行词是时间、地点或理由的名词,如: when, where, why,在从句中作状语。关 系副词的含义相当于“介词+ which”结构。如: Beijing is the place where(in which) I was born.


Is this the reason why (for which) he refused our offer? 3. 判断关系代词与关系副词 (1) 用关系代词,还是关系副词完全取决于从句中的谓语动词。及物动词后面要求用关系代词 作宾语;而不及物动词则要求用关系副词作状语。如: This is the mountain village where I visited last year. (错) This is the mountain village where I stayed l ast year. (对) I will never forget the days when I spent in the countryside. (错) I'll never forget the days when I worked together with you. (对) (2) 准确判断先行词在定语从句中的成分(主、谓、宾、定、状),也能正确选择出关系代词/ 关系副词。 [例句 1] Is this museum ___ you visited a few days age? A. where B. that C. on which D. the one [分析] 正确选项为 D。该句变为肯定句为:This museum is ___ you visited a few days ago. 该句所缺部分为宾语,而 where, that, on which 都不能起到宾语的作用,只有 the one 既作了主句 的表语,又可作从句的宾语,可以省略关系代词,所以应选 D。 [例句 2] Is this the museum ____ the exhibition was held. A. where B. that C. which D. the one [分析] 正确选项为 A。该句变为肯定句为:This is the museum ___ the exhibition was held. 该句中主、 谓、 宾俱全, 从句部分为句子的状语表地点, 既可用副词 where, 也可用介词 in + which 引导地点状语。如果 C 项中的 which 前面加 in,也是正确选项。

1. In ancient China, private teachers traveled from state to state, explaining their philosophy. 2. Mencius ideas were similar to those of Confucius. 3. Treat others in the way that/in which/不填 you want to be treated. 4. Ancient China was a place where states were often at war with each other. 5. It was also a time/period when there were many great philosophers. 6. Mencius was a thinker whose teachings were very similar to those of Confucius. 7. Mencius believed that the reason why man is different from animals is that man is good. 8. Born in 476 BC, he came from a family which was very poor. 9. He considered the government was most important. As a result, he spent many years (in) trying to find a state where people would follow his teachings. 10. Mozi taught that we should love all human beings and look after those who are weaker than ourselves. [定语从句]练习

1.The humans are destroying nature day by da y,__________of course,will cause severe punishment from it sooner or later. A.who B.when C.on which D.which 2.I shall never forget the day _________Shen Zhou V was launched,_________has a g reat effect on my life. A.when;which B.that;which C.which;that D.when;that 3.Government reports,legal papers and most business letters are the main situations________English is used. A.when B.that C.how D.where 4.There is no such place_________you dream of in all this world. A.that B.what C.which D.as 5.I don’t know the reason _________ he’s come so late. A./ B.for which C.why D.all the above 6.I slept on the bed _________ I put my shoes. A.where B.on which C.under which D.in which 7.This dictionary,the few pages _________are missing,is of no use. A.among which B.of which C.in which D.to which 8.The students gave a quick answer to the question _ _______they did it,________was raised by the foreign visitors. A.which;which B.why;which C.why;that D.that;that 9.______ is known to all,Taiwan is a part of China. A.As B.Which C.That D.What 10.I’ll never forget the years______I lived in the country with the farmers,______ has a great effect on my life. A.that;which B.when;which C.which;that D.when;who



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