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高中英语 Unit4 Astronomy the science of the stars单元测试1 新人教版必修3

必修三 Unit 4《Astronomy: the science of the stars》单元测 试1


I. 单项选择

1. The plan sounds good in ______ , but I am afraid it's not in practice.

A. theory

B. fact

C. opinion

D. thinking

2. I thought we would be late, but eventually we were just _______ for the train.

A. at a time

B. in the time

C. in time

D. at

the time

3. The peace talk between the two parties concluded in a friendly and frank _______,

reaching a series of agreements.

A. wind

B. atmosphere

C. spirit


4. One day, the farmer found that the golden egg _______ by his only hen was stolen.

A. lied

B. lain

C. laid

D. lay

5. _______ most young students of his time, he has developed a keen interest in


A. Dislike

B. Unlike

C. In common

D. As

6. Our government has adopted a series of policies to _____ economy from the worldwide


A. protect

B. keep

C. stop

D. prevent

7. The result of the game is really _______, and the majority of the fans were

_________ it.

A. disappointed; disappointed with

B. disappointing; disappointed at

C. disappointed; disappointed about

D. disappointing; disappointing at

8. — I am really upset about tomorrow's exam. I am always so slow.

— _______! You can pass it. You have been working hard on it, haven't you?

A. Go ahead

B. Just feel at home

C. Are you kidding

D. Cheer up

9. Her cat was found several days later, ______ on the river, _____.

A.floating; dying

B. floated; dying

C. floating; dead


floating; died

10. ______ really puzzles the scientist is _____ the cloud of dust comes from.

A.What; what

B. What; where

C. What; that

D. What; /

11. _______ makes a lot of difference whether everyone tries to live a low carbon



B. It

C. That

D. As

12. ______ is reported, Foxcom company is going to set up another new factory in


A. As

B. It

C. What

D. That

13. Experts say armed conflicts are likely to ______ between the two countries along

the border.

A. break out

B. break in

C. break off

D. break


14. ______ everybody is here now, let's start our new lesson.

A. Although

B. As though

C. Now that

D. After

15. Though she was in great pain, she _____ a smile at her children.

A. pulled

B. forced

C. spread

D. pushed

II. 根据括号内的要求进行句型转换 1. Who is responsible for the accident? The police are trying to find it out. (改 成含宾语从句的复合句) ____________________________________________________________________________ 2. He is the best player in his team. It is a fact. (改成含主语从句的复合句) ____________________________________________________________________________ 3. They should go on with the project despite the weather. They came to the decision yesterday. (改成含同位语从句的复合句) ____________________________________________________________________________ 4. The only solution is such. Both parties put down their arms and talk face to face.(改成含表语从句的复合句) ____________________________________________________________________________ 5. They are still living in this place. This place used to be a church. (改成含 宾语从句的复合句) ____________________________________________________________________________

III 根据汉语提示及重点词语将下列句子译成英语 1. 动物园里的大象生了一头可爱的小象。(birth) ____________________________________________________________________________ 2. 有科学家已经证明这种化学品对人的健康有害。(harm) ____________________________________________________________________________ 3. 接下来的问题就是我们该如何让火箭逃脱地球的吸引力。(escape) ____________________________________________________________________________ 4. 过了几天,他逐渐掌握了工作的要领,并且把工作做的很出色。(get the hang of ) ____________________________________________________________________________ 5. 这间房是那间房的三倍大小。(times) ____________________________________________________________________________

IV. 完形填空 Many people have heard of Franklin's famous kite experiment, but not many know how to do the experiment themselves. To repeat Franklin's 1 , first make a kite. Use a handkerchief 2

of silk, which is 3 to withstand the wind and rain. Build a frame by making a

cross of two pieces of 4 wood, just long enough to reach the corners of the

5 . Tie the corners to the points of the frame, and then attach a tail of cloth

6 your kite. Finish with a good strong kite string, one 7 will be long enough

to fly the kite high.

To get the kite ready for the experiment, there are three v ery important 8 .

First take a long sharp piece of me tal and attach it to the longer leg of the cross,

9 a foot or more beyond the frame. 10 , take a metal key and tie it to the end

of the kite string, the end that will be on the ground near you. Finally take a silk

11 and tie it onto the kite string, just above the key. This silk ribbon needs

12 dry during the whole experiment, to 13 you and anyone nearby from the

electricity. All you need now is a condenser to 14 the electricity — and

15 a stormy day with thunder and rain.

1. A. story

B. life

C. experiment

D. kite

2. A. because

B. made

C. produced

D. tied

3. A. good

B. strong

C. long

D. large

4. A. light

B. heavy

C. high

D. metal

5. A. ground

B. sky

C. handkerchief D. wood

6. A. up

B. over

C. with

D. to

7. A. that

B. which

C. where

D. what

8. A. steps

B. reasons

C. method

D. factors

9. A. speaking of

B. sticking out

C. cutting off


reaching out

10. A. However

B. Instead

C. Though

D. Next

11. A. hat

B. cloth

C. ribbon



12. A. keep

B. to be kept

C. being kept

D. kept

13. A. protect

B. prevent

C. escape

D. suffer

14. A. produce

B. test

C. collect

D. show

15. A. first of all

B. above all

C. in all

D. all over

V. 阅读理解, 根据短文内容选择最佳答案 A
Stephen Hawking, arguably the most famous scientist alive today, cannot write on paper and cannot even hold a pen. His disabilities, however, have not affected his mind. Hawking is able to grasp some of the most complex concepts known to man and somehow simplify them for ot hers. Hawking was born in Oxford, England on January 8, 1942. When he was about 8 years old, his family moved to the town of St Albans, about 20 miles to the north of London, where he attended St Albans school at the age of eleven. Hawking then attended his father's old college, University College. Stephen wanted to do mathematics, which was not available at University College, so he did physics instead. He earned a degree

in Natural Science with first class honours in just three years. Hawking then headed

to Cambridge to study Cosmology. He completed his PhD and then stayed on at Cambridge

at first a Research Fellow and then a Professor Fellow. In 1973, Hawking moved from

the Institute of Astronomy to the department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical

Physics. In 1979, he was given the post of Lucasian Professor of Mathematics, which

he continues to hold to this day. He is today a fellow of the Royal Society and a

member of the US national Academy of Sciences.

Hawking's great interest has been to understand the basic laws that our universe

follows. One of his most well-known achievements was to demonstrate, along with Roger

Penrose, that Einstein's theory of general relativity needed to be brought together

with quantum theory. Hawking and Penrose showed that if Einstein's theory was carried

out logically, space and time must have begun in something like the “Big Bang”

of evolutionary theory and must end in black holes.

Hawking has received numerous medals, awards and other prizes for his work. He is

known today not only among professional scientists but also by the general public.

He has published several books specially written to try to explain his theories to

t he common man. Three of his most popular books are his bestsellers A Brief History

of Time, Black Holes and Baby Universes and Other Essays and most recently in 2001,

The Universe in a Nutshell. Hawking continues to research and write, not letting

his disabilities slow him down. His goal is simple, he says. He simply wants “a

co mplete understanding of the universe. Why it is as it is and why it exists at


1. Stephen Hawking is arguably the most famous scientist because _____.

A. he is the only one who is alive today

B. he is totally disabled

C. he can not only understand but explain complex theories in simpler ways

D. he has received numerous medals

2. The underlined sentence probably means ______.

A. he studied physics instead of mathematics because the degree studies weren't


B. he couldn't afford to study at University College

C. University College was more famous for physics teaching and research

D. he was more interested in physics than mathematics

3. Stephen Hawking worked in the Institute of Astronomy ______.

A. before 1979

B. after he gained his PhD

C. before 1973

D. after his books were published

4. It can be inferred from the passage that Stephen Hawking ______.

A. has been a student of Einstein

B. has been a Nobel Prize winner

C. completed his three most popular books in 2001

D. is a well-known theoretical scientist with many honours

5. The writer wrote this article mainly to ______.

A. compare Einstein's with Stephen Hawking's achievements

B. show how Stephen Hawking became a great scientist C. introduce Stephen Hawking and his greatness D. encourage young people to learn from him


Two China astronauts, Fei Junlong and Nie Haisheng, are safely back on earth after

their Shenzhou 6 spacecraft successfully touched down on the grasslands of Inner

Mongolia Sunday at 4:32:50 pm, ending a five-day mission and China's second manned

space flight.

“I want to thank the people for their love and care,” Fei said during the ceremony,

in which both astronauts were given flowers and seated in chairs.

The Shenzhou 6 crew spent 115 hours and 32 minutes in space, and travelled 2 million

miles (3.25 million kilometres) during their mission, which set new human

spaceflight records for China.

Fei and Nie were sent into space on October 12th, Beijing time on C hina's second

manned spaceflight, the first to carry two astronauts. The spaceship lifted off from

Jiuquan Satellite Launch Centre in the Gobi desert almost two years to the day after

China's first manned launch.

That first mission, Shenzhou 5, launched astonaut Yang Liwei into orbit on October

15th, 2003, China is the third country to independently launched humans into Earth

orbit after Russia and the US. But unlike Yang's flight, which the public did not

get to see much of, much of Shenzhou 6 mission from lift-off to landing was shown

live on national Chinese television. With Shenzhou 6, China has “achieved another

milestone … in … space exploration,” said Wu Bangguo, Chairman of the Chinese

NPC during his speech which was broadcast live on CCTV.

6. In which year was Shenz hou 6 launched into space?

A. 2003.

B. 2004.

C. 2005.

D. 2006.

7. What was the speed of Shenzhou 6 when it was travelling into space?

A. 28,130 kilometres per hour.

B. 28,130 miles per hour.

C. 35,540 kilometres per hour.

D. 35,540 miles per hour.

8. Which of the following countries has not s ucceeded in launching humans into Earth


A. China.

B. Russia.

C. The US.


The UK.

9. Which of the following statement s is NOT true?

A. Shenzhou 6 landed on grasslands of Inner Mongolia Sunday at 4:32:50 pm.

B. The Shenzhou 6 crew spent 115 hours and 32 minutes in space.

C. The Shenzhou 6 crew set new human spaceflight records around the world.

D. Yang Liwei's flight was not shown live on national Chinese television.

1 0. Which one is the best title of this passage?

A. Shenzhou 6's Safe Return

B. History of China's Space Exploration

C. New Human Spaceflight Records D. Chinese Astronauts
VI. 书面表达 随着世界太空技术的发展,人类的太空梦不再是梦。但是也有人觉得耗费大量的人力和财力 来研究和开发太空资源不切实,不如将这些人力和财力用来着重解决人类当前面临的重大问 题,改善地球的生存环境。对此,你有何看法? Developing Space technology, worthwhile or not? _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________________________ _ _______________________________________________________________________________

参考答案: Ⅲ. 单项选择,从 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选择最佳答案完成句子 1. A 解析:本题主要考查名词意义。in theory 在理论上; in practice 在实践中;in fact 实 际上。故 A 为最佳答案。 2. C 解析:本题主要考查 time 的有关词组。at a time 意为“一次,一次动作”;in time 意 为“及时,终究”。本题指刚好赶上火车,故 C 为最佳答案。 3. B 解析:本题主要考查名词辨析。atmosphere 有“气氛,氛围”的意思;spirit 意为“精神; 情绪”。故最佳答案为 B。 4. C 解析:本题考查动词辨析。lie 作为规则动词时,意为“撒谎,说谎”;lie 作为不规则动 词,意为“躺下”,过去式和过去分词分别为 lay, lain。 而 lay 意为“平放;放下;下蛋”, 其过去式和过去分词分别为 laid, laid。此题表示“下蛋”,故正确答案为 C。 5. B 解析:本题考查介词 unlike。dislike 是动词;in common with 与……一样;unlike 与…… 不一样。故 B 为最佳。 6. A 解析:本题考查动词用法辨析。protect sb from sth 为常见用法,意为“保护某人不受某 事伤害”,from 不能省略;keep sb from doing 意为“阻止某人做某事”,from 不能省略; stop / prevent sb from doing 意为“阻止、防止某人做某事”,from 后常接 doing。故 A 为最佳答案。 7. B 解析:本题考查非谓语动词。disappointing 意为“令人失望的”,而 disappointed 意为 “感到失望的”,重在表示人的感受,be disappointed at sth 表示听到或看到某事而感 到失望。故 B 为最佳答案。 8. D 解析:本题考查交际用语。Cheer up! 用于鼓励别人,叫人振作起来,为此题最佳答案。 9. C 解析:本题考查分词作主语补足语。floating 动作是由 cat 发出的,同时 dead 形容词也 作主语的补足语。 10. B 解析:本题考查从句的用法。what 引导主语从句,而 where 引导表语从句。故 B 为最佳答 案。 11. B 解析:本题考查代词 it 的用法。本题中 it 作形式主语,whether 引导的主语从句习惯上后 置。故 B 为最佳答案。 12. A 解析:本题考查 as 引导的特殊定语从句。as 作为关系代词,引导的定语从句放句首,as 指 代后面的整句内容。故 A 为最佳答案。此外,as 还用在有 so, such, the same 修饰的先行 词后, 作为关系代词引导定语从句。 13. A

解析:本题考查有关 break 的动词词组辨析。break out 意为“爆发,发生”;break in 意为“插入,插队,插嘴”;break off 意为“断开;断落”,特别是“断绝关系”等;break down 意为“坍塌;垮掉;中途停止”。故 A 为最佳答案。 14. C 解析:本题考查 now that 引导的状语从句。now that 意为“既然”,往往表示已经存在 的现实条件、原因等,而 as though 意为“好像”。故 C 为最佳答案。 15. B 解析:本题考查动词的意义。force 作动词有“强迫,勉强”之意。故 B 为最佳答案。 Ⅳ. 根据括号内的要求进行句型转换 1. The police are trying to find out who is responsible for the accident. 2. That he is the best player in his team is a fact. / It is a fact that he is the best player in his team. 3. They came to the decision that they should go on with the project despite the weather. 4. The only solution is that both parties put down their arms and talk face to face. 5. They are still living in what used to be a church. Ⅴ. 根据汉语提示及重点词语将下列句子译成英语 1. The mother elephant gave birth to a lovely baby elephant. 2. It has been proved by some scientists that this chemical does great harm to people's health. 3. Our next problem is how the rocket can escape the gravity of the earth. 4. After a few day, he began to get the hang of it, and did a good job. 5. This room is three times as large as that one. / This room is twice larger than that one. / This room is three times the size of that one. Ⅵ. 完形填空 1. C 解析:本文是在介绍富兰克林的风筝实验。此处意为“为了重复富兰克林当年的实验”。 2. B 解析:做风筝需要一块手帕,要求是丝质的。made of silk 此处作定语,修饰 handkerchief。 3. B 解析:该实验中,手帕是丝质的,丝质手帕不光是轻,而且还结实,strong 与后文的 withstand (经受)相呼应。 4. A 解析:根据常识,做风筝的材料要求越轻越牢就越好,用于做风筝骨架的木头自然要轻。 5. C 解析:考查前后照应。在前文所准备的材料中,只有手帕有四个角,因此应该是 handkerchief。 6. D 解析:本题考查动词和介词的搭配。attach sth to sth 将……附着在……上。 7. A 解析:此处 one 指代前面出现的 string,作 string 的同位语,后面只能用 that 引导定语 从句。 8. A

解析:结合语境,下文讲解如何一步一步制作风筝,因此此处应为三个重要的 steps。 9. B 解析:此处考查动词词组的辨析。speak of 意为“说到,提到”;stick out 意为“伸出, 突出”;cut off 意为“切断,隔绝”;reach out 意为“伸手”。根据后文的 beyond the frame, 可知是要伸出去一部分,故 B 为最佳。 10. D 解析:结合上下文,这是制作风筝的第二步,故 next 最为恰当。 11. C 解析:后文出现了 this silk ribbon,由此可知前文必定是要求拿一根丝绸的带子绑到风 筝线的末端。故答案为 C。 12. B 解析:此处考查动词 need 的用法, need doing 或 need to be done。注意:类似用法还有 require, want, deserve 等。 13. A 解析:protect sb from sth 保护某人不受某物的伤害;prevent sb from doing 防止某人 做某事;escape from 逃脱,逃离;suffer from 遭受……折磨。故选 A。 14. C 解析:此处考查动词辨析。collect 意思是“将分散零碎的东西收集起来”,此处是将电收 集起来。 15. B 解析:above all 首先,强调重要性,突出的特点。first of all 首先,强调的是次序上排 第一。 Ⅶ. 阅读理解,根据短文内容选择最佳答案 1. C 解析:本题考查第一段大意。霍金虽然身体残疾,但是却能理解人类迄今为止最复杂的理论, 最关键的还在于他能够把他所理解的理论进行简化。 2. A 解析:本题重点考查句子理解。而理解的关键是 available,在当时根本不提供数学的学位, 所以不得已去学物理了。 3. C 解析:本题考查细节。文中 “In 1973, Hawking moved from the Institute of Astronomy to …” 可知,1973 年前是在天文学研究机构工作。 4. D 解析:本题考查文中的诸多细节,A、B、C 三个选项可以根据文章内容逐一排除。 5. C 解析:本题考查对文章写作目的的理解,重点介绍科学家霍金及其成就。 6. C 解析:细节理解题。根据文章第四段末和第五段开始可知,第一次是在 2003 年,两年以后 时间就是 2005 年。 7. A 解析:细节理解题。根据文章提供的数据,进行除法运算。 8. D 解析:细节理解题。文章提到中国是继美国、俄罗斯之后的第三个成功将人送入太空的国家。

9. C 解析:神州六号创造了中国载人太空飞行的新纪录,而不是世界纪录。 10. A 解析:本题考查文章标题。A 答案最能体现文章的主题。 Ⅷ. 书面表达 参考范文: With the development of space technology, human beings are exploring further into the space. Those space experiments and explorations cost huge sums of money, which, quite a number of people think, should have been used to protect human natural environment and solve the problems we all are facing. This might be true, but I think in the long run human will have to turn to other planets when all the resources are used up. For example, human could make use of the mines on the moon and conduct special experiments in the space. Moreover, some of the new technologies employed in space could be used in our daily life and thus creating a better life for us. All in all, space technology development is sure to benefit all human beings.

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