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【师说】2017届高考英语一轮复习 Module 3 Interpersonal Relationships-Friendship课时作业 外研版选修6

Module 3

Interpersonal Relationships—Friendship

一、单元扣点 Ⅰ.根据句意,用所给单词的适当形式填空 regrettable therefore combine regard depress reiterate reunite consideration regulation mention 1.You should be more ________ towards young people on this issue. 2.How glad he was to be ________ with his family after those years! 3.The miners have ________ their demands for more money and good working conditions. 4.I really ________ that I have made such a silly mistake and caused you so much trouble. 5.Do you remember the word the teacher ________ last time? 6.The thought of having to take the exam again __________ poor Jack, who was not good at his lesson. 7.Unbelievably, he knew nothing ________ the accident, which happened near his flat. 8.Good teaching methods should ________ education with pleasure. 9.The dollars has gone down against the RMB. ______, Chinese goods are more expensive for Americans. 10.It's necessary that you should ________ your speed while running in a match. 答案 1.considerate 2.reunited 3.reiterated 4.regret 5.mentioned 6.depressed 7.regarding 8.combine 9.Therefore 10.regulate Ⅱ.翻译句子 1.毕业以后你们怎么保持联系?(keep in touch with) 答案 How do you keep in touch with each other after graduation? 2.这房子过去属于我爷爷的。(belong to) 答案 The house belonged to my grandfather. 3.他知道可以依靠她来应付这种局面。(depend on) 答案 He knew he could depend on her to deal with the situation. 4.他很聪明但不努力,他姐姐也是如此。(it is same with) 答案 He is very clever but he doesn't work hard. It is the same with his sister. 5.他们经常吵架,但很快就和好了。(make up) 答案 They often quarrel but they make up soon. 二、阅读理解 (2015·湖北卷) What Theresa Loe is doing proves that a large farm isn't a prerequisite for a modern grow?your?own lifestyle. On a mere 1/10 of an acre in Los Angeles, Loe and her family grow, can (装罐) and preserve much of the food they consume. Loe is a master food preserver, gardener and canning expert. She also operates a website, where she shares her tips and recipes, with the goal of demonstrating that everyone has the ability to control what's on their plate. Loe initially went to school to become an engineer, but she quickly learned that her enthusiasm was mainly about growing and preparing her own food. “I got into cooking my own food and started growing my own herbs (香草) and foods for that fresh flavor ,” she said. Engineer by day, Loe learned cooking at night school. She ultimately purchased a small piece of land with her husband and began growing their own foods. “I teach people how to live farm?fresh without a farm,” Loe said. Through her website Loe emphasizes that “anybody can do this anywhere”. Got an apartment with a balcony (阳台)? Plant some herbs. A window? Perfect spot for growing. Start with


herbs, she recommends, because “they're very forgiving”. Just a little of the herbs “can take your regular cooking to a whole new level,” she added. “I think it's a great place to start.” Then? Try growing something from a seed, she said, like a tomato or some tea. Canning is a natural extension of the planting she does. With every planted food, Loe noted, there's a moment when it's bursting with its absolute peak flavor. “I try and keep it in a time capsule in a canning jar,” Loe said. “Canning for me is about knowing what's in your food, knowing where it comes from.” In addition to being more in touch with the food she's eating, another joy comes from passing this knowledge and this desire for good food to her children: “Influencing them and telling them your opinion on not only being careful what we eat but understanding the_bigger_picture,” she said, “that if we don't take care of the earth, no one will.” 语篇解读 本文讲述的是 Loe 一家如何仅用一小片土地就过上了田园般的生活, 并向我们讲 述了如何利用有限的条件自己栽种和保存果实。 1.The underlined word “prerequisite” (Para. 1) is closest in meaning to ________. A. recipe B. substitute C. requirement D. challenge 答案与解析 C 考查词义猜测。从语境上看,下文讲述的是 Loe 和她的家人在仅仅只有十 分之一英亩的土地上栽种和保存他们所需的大部分食物,由此可推断,画线词的含义应是 “必备条件,先决条件”,同 C 项的含义相近,故选 C。 2.Why does Loe suggest starting with herbs? A. They are used daily. B. They are easy to grow. C. They can grow very tall. D. They can be eaten uncooked. 答案与解析 B 考查细节理解。根据第四段中的“Start with herbs...because ‘they're very forgiving’”可知,Loe 推荐从栽种香草开始是因为香草很容易栽种,即使被人们忽 视了,它们依旧能够存活,因此选 B。 3.According to Loe, what is the benefit of canning her planted foods? A. It can preserve their best flavor. B. It can promote her online sales. C. It can better her cooking skills. D. It can improve their nutrition. 答案与解析 A 考查细节理解。根据第五段中的“there's a moment when it's bursting with its absolute peak flavor”可知,Loe 把她种的食物装罐是为了保持食物的最佳口 味。 4.What is the “the bigger picture” (Para.6) that Loe wishes her children to understand? A. The knowledge about good food. B. The way to live a grow?our?own life. C. The joy of getting in touch with foods. D. The responsibility to protect our earth. 答案与解析 D 考查推理判断。根据画线部分后面的“that if we don't take care of the earth, no one will”可推断,Loe 希望自己的孩子能够理解保护地球的重要性,因此选 D。 三、完形填空 (2016·河北五校质监) I loved working with my dad, but I hated the summer job he gave me. He owned a small __1__ in Bank Street. In his shop, the most recently __2__ person got the worst job, and the boss' son was also __3__. I didn't want to spend hours __4__ the frost on the ceiling of the walk?in freezer,

and it was the Saturday afternoon's job that I hated most. We received fresh __5__ every day. Chicken sat in wooden boxes and was __6__ with crushed ice. During the week, the ice and the blood of the chicken slowly leaked into the containers __7__ the chicken, creating its bloody smell. There was only one __8__ to get rid of the blood and wash the containers: hold my __9__ and carefully slide the containers from under the chicken, as I tried not to __10__ the contents over my clothes, and then __11__ into the drain (下水道). Soon, students __12__ have cut lawns, painted houses, worked in offices, or maybe even worked in the butcher's will __13__ to school. Some will have great memories __14__ others will come back with __15__ ones. Looking back, I thought my father could have __16__ me from my weekly hell. However, my dad, who'd dropped out of school to help support his family after his father died, was a teacher for me __17__. He knew treating me __18__ from his other employees would be an unfair thing. Most importantly, he taught me to __19__ those who do the hard and __20__ tasks in life. For the next six summers, I returned not as the boss' son, but as one of other guys, and I cleaned the dirty containers every Saturday afternoon. 1.A. grocery B. butcher's C. chain D. barber's 2.A. hired B. invited C. received D. trained 3.A. interested B. included C. affected D. offered 4.A. looking into B. tearing up C. cleaning up D. carrying on 5.A. fruit B. vegetable C. chicken D. grain 6.A. surrounded B. impressed C. accompanied D. cooked 7.A. above B. beside C. below D. under 8.A. chance B. way C. place D. reason 9.A. arm B. nose C. breath D. head 10.A. touch B. notice C. find D. splash 11.A. break B. divide C. empty D. allow 12.A. which B. what C. when D. who 13.A. adapt B. walk C. return D. apply 14.A. while B. when C. since D. because 15.A. exciting B. good C. amazing D. unpleasant 16.A. forced B. spared C. treated D. pushed 17.A. at heart B. in fact

C. in case D. at home 18.A. kindly B. carefully C. differently D. warmly 19.A. witness B. appreciate C. hurt D. influence 20.A. vital B. dirty C. easy D. funny 答案与解析 语篇解读 暑假在父亲的肉店打工的经历让作者懂得了很多。 父亲的一视同仁让作者体会到 了工作的艰辛,也懂得了理解那些干脏活、累活的人。 1.B 根据下文作者所做的工作以及第 13 空前的“butcher's”可知,作者的父亲经营着一 家小肉店。grocery“食品杂货店”;butcher's“肉店”;chain“链子,连锁商店”; barber's“理发店”。 2.A 在父亲的店里,新手会做最不好干的活,老板的儿子也不例外。hire“雇用,聘用”; invite“邀请”;receive“收到”;train“训练”。 3.B 老板的儿子也被包括在内。interest“使感兴趣”;include“包括”;affect“影 响”;offer“提供”。 4.C 根据第二、三两段对作者的工作的描述以及最后一段中的“I cleaned the dirty containers every Saturday afternoon”可知,作者的工作是除去冷冻室天花板上的霜冻, 并弄干净放在鸡肉下面的容器。look into“审查,调查”;tear up“撕毁”;clean up“打 扫干净”;carry on“继续移动”。 5.C 根据下文中的“Chicken sat in wooden boxes”可知,店里每天都会收到新鲜的鸡肉。 6.A 为了保护鸡肉, 周围会放一些碎冰。 be surrounded with“被……包围”。 impress“使 铭记”;accompany“陪伴”;cook“烹调”。 7.D 根据第三段中的“carefully slide the containers from under the chicken”可知, 容器在鸡肉下面。 8.B 只有一种办法可以去除血水并清洗容器。chance“机会”;way“方法”;place“地 方”;reason“原因”。 9.C 根据第二段的最后一句可知, 容器里有血腥味, 因此作者屏住呼吸并小心地抽出容器。 hold one's breath“屏住呼吸”。 10.D 作者小心地抽出容器, 尽量不让里面的东西溅到衣服上。 touch“触摸”; notice“注 意到”;find“发现”;splash“溅在……上”。 11.C 然后将容器里的脏水倒入下水道。break“损坏,破碎”;divide“分开,分散”; empty“倒空”;allow“允许”。 12.D 先行词为 students,空处引导定语从句,且在从句中作主语,故应用 who。 13.C 根据文章第一句以及最后一段的内容可知, 作者暑假期间在父亲的店里打工, 所以此 处指暑假结束时学生们都将返回学校。adapt“适应”;walk“步行”;return“返回”; apply“应用”。 14.A 有些学生会有美好的回忆,而有些学生则带着不愉快的回忆返校。前后为对比关系, 因此使用 while。 15.D 此处应与“great”意思相反,因此选择 D 项。 16.B 作者认为父亲本能把自己从每周的苦境中解救出来,但父亲没有那样做。spare sb. from sth.“使某人免去某物”。force“强迫”;treat“对待,款待”;push“推”。 17.B 作者觉得为了养家而辍学的父亲实际上是自己的老师, 他让作者懂得了很多做人的道 理。at heart“在心里”; in fact“事实上,实际上”;in case“以防万一”;at home“在 家”。 18.C 作者的父亲知道区别对待自己的儿子与其他员工是不公平的。kindly“亲切地”; carefully“仔细地”;differently“不同地”;warmly“热烈地”。 19.B 最重要的是, 父亲教作者在生活中要理解那些从事又累又脏的工作的人。 witness“目 击,见证”;appreciate“理解,明白”;hurt“伤害”;influence“影响”。 20.B 根据空格前的“hard and”及最后一段中的“I cleaned the dirty containers”可

知,应选择 B 项,dirty“脏的”。



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