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高一英语必修1 unit3 Warming up&reading

Unit 1

English around the world

--By Pan Wenjuan Senior Grade One

Warming up

autumn / fall

Br E & Am.E

Vocabulary difference
电梯 汽油 公寓 秋天 地铁 假期 两周

AmE lift elevator petrol gas, gasoline flat apartment autumn fall underground subway holiday vacation fortnight two weeks


Br E

Spelling difference

Am E


labour colour theatre kilometre mom dialogue programme traveller

labor color theater kilometer mum dialog program traveler

Pronunciation difference

dance [da:ns] [kla:s] class [fa:st] fast [ha:f] half [pa:θ] path [na:t] not



[d?ns] [kl?s] [f?st] [h?f] [p?θ] [not]

Pre-reading Could you list some countries that use English as an official language?

Caribbean American British Australian

World English English




Scan the text to find a key sentence for each paragraph.

Please write down the main idea of each paragraph.
spread Para. 1: The _________ of the English
language in the world.

understand Para. 2: Native speaker can __________ each other but they may not be able to everything understand ______________ ____________. Para. 3-4: cultures All language change when __________ communicate ____________ with one another. foreign Para. 5: English is spoken as a _______ second language in language or ________ Asia Africa and ______. _______

1. Why does English change over time? Because of cultural communication. 2. Besides the countries where English is used as a native language, where else is English used as a foreign language? South Asia, India, South Africa, Singapore, Malaysia and China. 3. Will Chinese English become one of the world Englishes? “ Only time will tell”.

Detailed reading: Task 1 The road to modern English
Time Between about AD450 and 1150 Between about AD800 and 1150 By the 1600’s In 1620 Later in __ _____8____ the 18th century By the 19th century Now In South Asia ____7____ America English began to be spoken. England Place Character German It was based more on ____1____ than the English we speak at present. It became less like German and more like ____2____ Danish and French. vocabulary than ever A wider _____5_____ before. Reason change and All languages ____3____ develop when cultures meet and _______4_______ communicate with each other. New settlers ____6____ enriched the English language. Some British settlers moved to America. Some British people _______9______ were taken to Australia.

English language was ___10___ settled and two big changes in English spelling ____11____ happened.

People from England ever English is spoken as a foreign or conquer made voyages to ____12____ second language. other parts of the world.

Task 2 Choose the correct answer
1. When did English begin to be spoken in many of other countries? A. At the end of the 16th century. B. In the 17th century. C. In the 18th century. D. In the 19th century. 2. How was the English spoken in English between about AD450 and 1150? A. It was the same as the English spoken at present. B. It was more like French. C. It was based more on German. D. It was more like Danish.

3. Why was Shakespeare able to make use of a wider vocabulary by the 1600s? A. Because new settlers enriched English and especially its vocabulary. B. Because Shakespeare made up many new words. C. British settlers moved to different countries. D. A new dictionary was written.

4. What happened to American English in the 19th century? A. It became more like British English. B. It became more like German. C. It had its own dictionary. D. Its spelling was given a separate identity.

5. Which of the following is NOT true? A. English is one of the official languages in India. B. English developed when new settlers and rulers came to Britain. C. China has the largest number of English speakers. D. Now more people speak English as their first, second or a foreign language.

Summing up
developed when cultures meet and English has changed and ____1____ _____2_____ with each other. From AD450 to 1150, new communicate settlers to England enriched the English language and enlarged its _____3_____. vocabulary In 1620, British people began to move to other countries, and _____4_____, gradually English was spoken in many other countries. By the 19th century American English identity spelling got a separate _____5_____ when Noah Webster wrote his dictionary. At ____6____, more people speak Engpresent lish as their first, ____7____ second or a foreign language than ever before. People in South Asia ____8____ as India, Singapore such fluent English. China may have the ____10____ speak ____9____ largest number of English learners.

Language points
1. more than one +名词单数, 后面的谓语动词用单数

eg. 1)More than one student wants to go to swim. 2)Both of them are much more than schoolmates. They are close friends. more than 还可以与名词、形容词、副词、动词、动名词连用, 意为 “不只是,非常” ★ more than 的反义短语是less than, 意为 “少于” 2. voyage / journey / trip / travel / tour Ex. 1) The students talked about the coming _______ to the nearby tour museum among themselves. 2) He dreams of a ________ around the world. travel voyage across the Pacific. 3) The ship made a long ________ journey 4) Wish you a good ________!

即使 (从句内容为假定性的) 3. even if even though 即使 (从句内容通常是事实,可换用though) Eg. 1) Even if he is poor, she still loves him. (He may be poor.) 2) Even though/ Though he is poor, she loves him. (He is poor.) 3) We’ll go even if it rains. (It may rain.) 4) I shall go (even) though it rains. (It rains.)
as if / as though 好象;似乎 Eg. He talked as if he had been to the palace. Ex. 1) Allow children the space to voice their opinions,even _________ if/though they are different from your own. if/as though he hadn’t eaten anything for 2) The man looked as ____________ a long time.

4. come up Eg. 1) A child came up to me and showed me the way to the station.

2) The problem never came up.

3) The sky was dark blue and clear when the moon came up.

4) New shoots(嫩芽) of bamboo will come up from around the roots of the old ones. 发芽,长出 5.over prep. ①在...期间;直到...结束 Eg. 1)Will you be at home over Christmas? (during) 2)The girl sang over their work. 3)They had a pleasant chat over a cup of coffee. ②一面...一面...;正在从事...的时候

6. a number of 许多(后接可数名词复数,修饰主语时谓语用复数) the number of ...的数量(做主语时谓语用单数) are (be) missing from the library. Eg. 1) A number of books _____ is 2) The number of books missing from the library ____(be) large. 只能修饰可数名词的: a large/ great/ good number of, a good/ great many, dozens of, scores of, quite a few 只能修饰不可数名词的: a great deal of, a large amount of, quite a little, a large sum of 既可修饰可数也可修饰不可数名词的: plenty of, a lot of, lots of, a large quantity of

7. for example

一般只举同类人/事物中的“一个”为例,作插入语, 可位于句首\句中\句末

such as 列举同类中的几个(若是全部要用 that is 或 namely “即”) like prep. 举例时可与such as互换,但such as分开用时则不可换 Ex. such as / like German 1) He can speak five foreign languages, ____________ and French. 2) I’d like to keep a pet, a dog,___________. for example 3) Metals are ______ such things ____ as iron, steel. 4) I have three good friends,_____________, that is / namely John, Ann and Tom.

12. Only time will tell.

tell 知道, 判断 It’s hard to tell whether he is right.

tell A from B: 区分,分别
Can you tell Tom from his twin brother?

come across 偶然遇到或找到 come back 再现记忆 come down 传承,按习惯通过或处理 come on 催促, 快速运动 come out 成为众所周知;发行或发表 come up 出现,显示 come true 实现 come up with 宣布或发现

12. Only time will tell.

tell 知道, 判断

It’s hard to tell whether he is right.
tell A from B: 区分,分别

Can you tell Tom from his twin

1.Do you think it matters what kind of English you learn? Why? 2.Why do you think people all over the world want to learn English? 3.Will Chinese English become one of the world English?

Two important persons

Samuel Johnson
Born: September 18, 1709

One of the English language’s most profound influences.

Noah Webster Born: October 16, 1758 Died: May 28, 1843 When Noah was 43, he started writing the first American dictionary. He did this because Americans in different parts of the country spelled, pronounced and used words differently.

True (T) or false (F). 1. Chinese English has become one of the world Englishes. F 2. Between about AD 450 and 1150, English was less like German, and more like French. F 3. It is The American Dictionary of the English Language that gives American English spelling its own identity. T 4. English is spoken as the first language in Singapore and Malaysia. F

Some people say that Chinese is a

much more elegant language, so it is
more important for us to master it and it is not so necessary to master foreign language. Do you agree with this opinion and why?

The differences between British English and American English.
BrE autumn typhoon I think colour centre traveller AmE fall tornado I guess color center traveler

vocabulary spelling

Match the words that have the same meaning. petrol eraser gas flat apartment color elevator lift honour rubber colour honor movies pictures subway underground

When you hear two native speakers of English, they may still not speak the same kind of English.

? This unit seeks to give us a better understanding of how English developed and how it is spoken in the world. do you think is the most Which language
widely used language in the world? Do you think Chinese can be a world language? Why? Do you know the meaning of “Englishes”?

Development of English people
today the end of the 16th century the next century More people speak in more countries


Many other countries


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