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人教版 必修2

Unit 4 Wildlife protection
Period 2 Language points

1. threaten vt. 1) 恐吓;威胁

threaten +n.+with+n.以...恐吓...
The robber threatened me with a gun. threaten to do 恐吓说要... He threatened to make the photo public. 2) 迫近 A typhoon was threatening. threat n. threatening adj. 恐吓的,威胁的

2. decrease vt./vi. n. 减少, 使变小或变少 The membership decreased to 150.

He decreased the speed of his car.
on the decrease 在减少中 decrease to 减少到 decrease by 减少了 decreasing adj. 减少中的,在递减的

3. die out: 1) Elephants would die out soon if men were allowed to shoot as many as they wish. 灭绝,绝种

Many old customs are dying out.
3)The fire died out in the end.

逐渐消失 熄灭

die away: (光、声音)慢慢消失;(风)停下来
He hid behind the door until the footsteps had died away. The wind died away, and the leaves became silent. die off: 一一死去;先后死去 The members of the family had all died off for no reason.

die from一般指除了疾病,情感,饥寒以外的原因而造成的死亡, 指死于外因。die of 常指由于疾病, 情感,饥寒等原因而造成的 死亡,指死于内因。

He died from drinking / smoking / overwork.
His father died of cold and hunger before liberation.

The old man _________ died from drinking dirty water. The old man ______ died of cancer.

be dying for 很想要,渴望 be dying to do 很想做某事

1. Whales will die out ___, if we don’t protect them. for fair skin. 2. Nowadays every woman is dying ___

3. The trees are dying __ off because of the drought.

4. The weak light is dying _____. away

5. His anger died down _____ after being given some money. of cancer every year. 6. About 10 million people die __

7. Some people die from ____ the lack of water in the dry areas.

4. loss (n.) Have you reported the loss of the technical papers about the new product to the police? 丢失,遗失

2) His unfortunate death was a great loss to the company . 损失 3)That company suffered heavy loss in business last year.


be at a loss adj. 困惑,不知所措,

I was at a complete loss as to find the money in time.
She was at a loss for an answer. that’s your/their loss 口语 那是你们的/他们的损失 Well, if he doesn’t want to come it’s his loss. 好吧,如果他不愿


5. reserve n: 1) nature reserve


2) We have large reserve of oil.

vt: 1) You’d better reserve some money for future need . 保留 2) I’d like to reserve a table for two. 预定

6. hunt
He likes hunting very much. 打猎 搜索 We’ve been hunting for the lost boy all over. 4) He is on the hunt for a better job. 搜寻

3) It was an exciting hunt, but the fox escaped. 打猎

hunter 猎人 huntress 女猎人 a hunting dog 猎狗 a hunting ground go hunting 去打猎 狩猎场 hunt for/after 追逐,寻找

7. zone: 指具有某些特殊性而被称为“ 地带,特区”等。 the Special Economic Zone of Shenzhen a war/danger zone a residential zone This is a no-smoking zone. a nuclear-free zone 无核区

district: 一个国家或城市的行政管理区 the Hongkou District of Shanghai a postal district region:指较大的行政区域或地理上有某种特色的自然地域单位

the Hongkong Special Administrative Region
the Arctic region

a green belt a snow belt

a country’s cotton /industrial belt
area: 应用范围最广 Do you like the area where you are living?

8. in peace 平静的;安静的 at peace 休战,和睦相处

I live in peace in the country .
The two nations are now at peace. Live in peace with one’s neighbours be at peace with other countries make peace (with) 讲和;重新和好

The two countries are ___now, but they used to be at war . A. in peace B. at peace


9. endanger 使……遭受危害 Smoking endangers health.

in danger


The patient is in danger. be in danger of 有…… 危险 be out of danger 脱离危险 endangered adj. 濒危的

dangerous 危险的
in+ n. in turn in return in vain in time in trouble in need

I hear Tim once was ___ A of losing his life, but now he is ___. A. in danger, out of danger danger C. in danger , out of dangerous D. in danger, out of the danger B. in the danger, out of

10. long 热望,渴望

long for + n.
We’re all longing for peace. Children are always longing for holidays. long to do We’re longing to go home.

I’m longing to see you again.

11. respond vi.回答,响应,做出反应 (与 介词to 连用)

He didn’t respond to my question.
His illness didn’t respond to treatment by drugs. 他的疾病对药物治疗没反应。

response n. in response to 作为对...的反应
He smiled in response to my suggestion. =He responded to my suggestion with a smile.

12. beneath our stomachs I have a pain in my stomach = I have a stomachache.我肚子痛

have a stomach for 对…有胃口
I have no stomach for this heavy food. on a full stomach吃饱时

on an empty stomach空腹时
turn sb’s stomach想呕吐

13. in relief 如释重负;松了口气

Hearing that he has passed the
exam, in relief he went to play basketball.

relief (焦虑、恐惧、痛苦等的)减轻;
缓解;宽慰;减轻痛苦的事物;救 济品 relief from sth. 减轻…… The drug gives some relief from pain.


It was a great relief to find they were safe. The government sent relief to people who lost their homes in the earthquake.

(much) to one’s relief=to one’s (great) relief
使某人(很) 宽慰/放心的是 eg. To my relief, they arrived safely.

14. burst into laughter =burst out laughing burst into tears/song =burst out crying/singing

Much to my surprise, Ben suddenly burst into song.
When they heard the news, they burst out crying. burst in on 突然闯入,插嘴,打扰 I burst in on the meeting thinking that the room was empty.

15. mercy n. 仁慈;慈悲;宽恕;怜悯 show mercy to sb/have mercy on sb 对某人怜悯、仁慈

They showed mercy to their enemies.
他们对敌人很仁慈。 at the mercy of

The ship was at the mercy of the storm. 那只船在暴风雨中失去控制。 without mercy 毫不留情地,残忍地

16. suggest 提议; 建议 ①+ sth 我建议周末去野餐。

I suggest a picnic on this weekend.
If this is not convenient, please suggest another date.

② + doing sth. I suggest going on a picnic on this weekend. He suggested going together in one car. ③ + sb’s doing sth.

I suggest your going on a picnic on this weekend.

④ + sth. to sb. 他向我们提议了一个新方案 He suggests a new plan to us. ⑤ + that sb. ( should ) do sth. 我建议我们用另一种方式来处理这个难题。

I suggest that we (should) deal with this difficult problem in a
different way.

⑥ It’s suggested that sb. ( should ) do sth. 有人提议立即下课。 It’s suggested that the class should be over at once.

当suggest解为“暗示,表明”时,从句要用一般陈述语气,不用虚拟语气。 他的表情表明他很生气。

His expression suggested that he was very angry.
Her pale face suggests that she is ill.


1. Recently quite a lot of experts ___ B that another law on

wildlife protection ___as soon as possible.
A. suggested; must be passed B. have suggested; be passed C. were suggesting; was passed D. suggested; being passed

2. His pale face suggested that he was ___ ill, so his parents suggested (should) go (go) to see a doctor. They suggested _____ going that he ___________ (go) to the hospital as soon as possible.

17. protect …from 保护…..免受….危害 He is wearing sunglasses to protect his eyes from the strong

他戴着太阳镜以遮挡强烈的阳光 阻止某人干某事的词组

keep sb from doing sth
stop sb from doing sth prevent sb from doing sth The school stopped the students from playing computer games

18. It contains a powerful drug which affects mosquitoes。
它含有一种强效的药物可以防止蚊虫叮咬。 powerful是以-ful结尾的形容词,该词 的反义词为powerless(无能为力的),即去-ful加-less。以-ful结尾 的形容词的反义词形式基本上遵照这一变化规则。例如:

careful / careless

fearful / fearless
helpful / helpless hopeful / hopeless useful / useless …

affect v. 影响 The change in climate may affect your health. His opinion will not affect my decision..

effect n.
have a effect on 对...有影响 The film had a great effect on him. Did the medicine have any effects?


pay attention to be used to

注意 习惯于 盼望 投身于;致力于 认真对付,处理 求助于 导致 涉及;提到 坚持

look forward to
devote oneself to

get down to
turn to

lead to
refer to

stick to


1.Finish Ex1, Ex2 and Ex3 in your workbook on page 63. 2.学海导航写到73页.



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